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January 26, 2008


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This is my second attempt blogging a Prosperity Challenge. The first time, I wasn’t counting points. I won’t be counting here, either. I’m just using the methodology of the Prosperity Challenge to tune my gameplay. I plan on trying to do ‘gameplay stories’ again. However, I make no promises. It will change as I feel like it needs to. This is mostly for my own experimentation and fun.

This page was getting huge, so you can access the round archive by going to the Rounds page. You can find out more about the beginning families by visiting the introduction page. You can also view the comprehensive (and interactive!) family trees for the whole hood over here.

Comments are always welcome and you’re more than free to ask questions that aren’t answered on my Guidelines page. I always reply to comments and my responses can be easily identified as I use either bold, blockquotes (old layouts), or replies. You can keep up-to-date using the subscribe box over on the right side bar.

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