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March 3, 2010

Just Letting You All Know…

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I had hoped to do another anniversary update, but to be honest, I’m out of ideas.  I thought about it until my brain threatened to leak out of my ears and came up with nothing.  So, unfortunately, that stuff is over and done with.  I hope you enjoyed what (little) I had to offer, though.

As for updates, I had intended to go back to updating this weekend… unfortunately, something has come up.  You can read more about it on my blog.

I’ll let you all know when regular updates are planned to continue.  Thanks for being so patient.

February 8, 2010

A Cry for Help… or Something Like That!

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So, I’m still at a loss as to how to celebrate this whole anniversary thing.  I’m actually a bit too busy to even think about it right now, but I have.  I’ve been thinking about it since January!  Even my husband was woefully unhelpful.  So, it’s down to you guys.  Is there anything you want to see or are curious about?  The floor is open!

If there is, let me know.  Otherwise… I’m beginning to realize why I didn’t do it last year!  I just don’t have it in me to do these celebrations anymore.  ;)

January 29, 2010

Tiny Announcement

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Sorry I haven’t posted the Anderson entry yet.  I’ve been seriously preoccupied with my job getting ready to start (working part-time for the state is like throwing darts at a dartboard to figure out your schedule) and Mass Effect 2.  I’m at the point where I can focus again on my blogging things… but now I’m kind of sick.  So, everything is temporarily in slow motion.

Anyway, Boreal Springs turns two years old in February.  We’re talking the beginning of February.  I wanted to do something for it, but I’m not sure what.  I’m sure there are some smart-alecs in the “audience” saying, “well, how about an update?!”  Pfft.  I had some ideas, but I wasn’t certain about them… suffice it to say, come February, I’ll do something.  It’ll be a surprise.

Until then, thanks for being patient!  I know BS hasn’t been frequently updated, except in spurts, lately… but this is the way of things.  I’m very much a gamer.  I play lots of stuff other than The Sims.  ;)

January 9, 2010

Sorry for the Slowness!

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This is just going to be a simpler version of my blog post, so if you’ve already read that, you know what I’m going to say.  I’m really sorry for not updating in a week!  I’ve played and I have an update waiting, but I can’t seem to write it or anything lately.  Hopefully I can get it out sometime next week.

In an effort to relax and step back from all the storytelling and whatnot, I’ve started another gameplay blog.  I finished a TS2 legacy early on and now I’m going to do a TS3 one.  A friend half-talked me into it and my husband wasn’t any help in keeping me from it, either.  If you’ve read my other challenge/gameplay blogs, then you know what to expect.  If you’re curious, you can find it over here.

For those of you waiting on BS to update, keep an eye on your feeds, it’s coming.  Until then, why don’t you take a gander at the front page?  I’ve updated the hood image.   Thanks for being patient!

November 2, 2009

NaNoWriMo Notice – Things Slow Down

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I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the third time.  If you’re curious, you can check out my livejournal for more details and whatnot!  As for Boreal Springs, things will be slowing down, but there will still be updates.  I have one update I need to write waiting on the backburner, actually.

June 12, 2009

New Layout

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Don’t panic, it’s just a new layout.  It may be changed/tweaked as time goes on and I decide I don’t like certain things.  I tend to be especially picky about fonts.  I get bored of them easily.  I am serious, too.  Fonts and me have issues.  I am font fickle.

But I’m excited about this new layout because I can finally have threaded comments!  Hooray.  I’ve wanted them with BS for awhile, but could never find a layout ‘big’ enough that suited and also had them.

Still no luck isolating the crash issue.  I’m afraid it might be a bad mesh… which is fine, if you’re organized.  With BS, I’m not.  I have about five or so gigs of unorganized downloads.  I’ve been updating my hacks, too.  So, hopefully something will come through.

If not, lots of saving and toiling with meshes…

June 11, 2009

My Game Hates Me

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Unfortunately, it seems that TS2 has decided it hates me, at least on this installation.  I was randomly (maybe once out of twenty play cycles) getting Application Crashes ever since I installed Mansions and Garden Stuff.  Now, unfortunately, I’m getting them several times during play… which is so annoying.  I obviously need to go through my CC/Hacks and see what I managed to futz up.  Unfortunately, I have neither the patience or really, the time.  When I go to play a game, it’s because I have a window of opportunity.

I’m hoping I can sit down and get to the heart of the problem before I leave for quite a bit in July to get married/etc.  It’s frustrating because I at least wanted to have this round finished before I have to take my break!  Worst comes to worst, I’ll just save ridiculously often and push through.

I’m not done with Boreal Springs and certainly not done with TS2.  At all.  So don’t worry!  I will fix the problem (this is NOT the first time it’s happened to BS, unfortunately, sigh) and everything will be back and ready to go.  Until then, things will be intermittent and remember, I will be gone for the first part of July and I’m getting married, so important stuff > sims, unfortunately.

I’ll try to get some updates done here.  I definitely want to finish the dang round!  But if you’re looking for more consistent updates, you can check out my attempt to play multiple houses in The Sims 3 over at Different Views.  Currently, it’s like driving sporks through my eyes, but JM’s Awesomemod helps.  You can also check out fiance’s TS3 fun here.  Yes, he actually plays The Sims and doesn’t just light people on fire.  It’s like having my own Pescado, only sans programming knowledge and beard.

Until then, keep an eye out for updates.  I have a kitten demanding attention and relatives to call, sigh.  (time = precious… who needs kids when you have a cat menagerie?!)

ETA – Don’t mind the mess, currently changing the layout.

March 28, 2009

A Small Pause

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Boreal Springs is going on a small hiatus.  I need to regain my interest and usually, that happens when I take a break and don’t feel pressured to play.  I still want to keep this thing going, I mean, it’s a been over a year!  Just need a small break.  Not sure how long, but probably not anything ridiculous.  Keep your eyes peeled (or your RSS feed, rather) and it’ll be back in no time.

If you’re thristing for some story action, check out Angel of Lies.  If you’re more the gameplay type, there’s always Ocean’s 10.

Until then, thanks for the support and patience!

November 25, 2008

No Inteen for AL

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If you haven’t heard already, there will be no AL version of InTeen. For more info, check TwoJeff’s site, Simbology. A direct link to the thread is here.

Seriously, guys. I have no idea what to do now. I have relied on this hack for my gameplay since, well, forever. I can’t remember when I didn’t use it. I think that was way, way back when I posted my first legacy. Wow. I don’t even care about teens, I never used that feature. It was the randomized pregnancy, the birth control, the fertility treatments, the infertility with age, etc. It was a magnificent hack. I will mourn its loss forever.

Worse yet, I can’t roll back from AL. I never should have installed it. Argh.  It truly isn’t that great.  Nowhere near the loss of Inteen.

I don’t want to end Boreal Springs, but I don’t know what to do. This is crippling, seriously. The hack was a centerpiece to my gameplay. How sad is that?

I need to think about this. Really think about it. I don’t even know how I’ll play the game now, lol. That sounds so melodramatic and retarded, but serious. I cannot stand default options. I haven’t seen “Try for Baby” in a LONG time and I never missed seeing it, either.

Sigh. That’s all I can say right now, sigh.

October 13, 2008


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Unfortunately, Boreal Springs is going on hiatus.  Again.  I know, I know, I apologize… but there’s no other way.  BS is not my serious project.  Whenever the strain gets too much or RL gets too demanding, it’s the first thing to get the axe.  Nevermind the fact that I haven’t actually, really played the game in like, two weeks.  I haven’t lost interest, I’ve just lost time.  Anytime I have goes into working on Wings of Steel and I’ve barely enough time for that now.

I have some updates I didn’t post.  Hopefully I can get around to writing them and posting them.  This hiatus is of an uncertain length–I can’t tell you when it’ll end.  I may post a bit, but you can guarantee that during NaNoWriMo in November, I likely won’t post at all.

Sorry again, but I have to do what I have to do to keep my other obligations going.  Hope you all understand.

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