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September 11, 2008

Things might be a little slow…

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If you’re insanely interested, you know then that I have not been feeling well for the better part of a month now.  I have an appointment tomorrow that will hopefully shed light on the situation.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the will nor the drive to play my sims lately.  So things around here might be slow as I am also woefully behind on Wings of Steel and that comes first.

It shouldn’t be too long, and I may post intermittently, but the daily posts for the time being are no more.  They’ll be back, I promise.  Just give me some time to recover.  Thanks!

July 14, 2008

Back in Action

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Okay, so the hiatus is pretty much over.  I’m working on re-installing the entirety of my Sims 2 collection onto my fiance’s computer and moving it over there.  I simply cannot play the game with GunMod’s radiance lighting… and if you’ve read my blog, you know I had to install it to continue Wings of Steel.  So, hopefully, everything will transition smoothly and in the next few days you’ll see updates resume.  Thanks for being patient!

June 22, 2008

Slight Hiatus

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Boreal Springs is currently on a semi-hiatus.  If I post updates, they will be sporadic.  There will be NO updates through July 4th to the 15th, as I will be in Key West.  For more info on the hiatus and computer situation, please check my blog entry here.

Thanks for your support and patience!

June 16, 2008

Dead Computer

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My computer died on Saturday.  Just posting this for people who read this blog and not WoS.  For more info, check my blog at  It isn’t some big fiasco, but updates WILL be delayed until I have a fully functional system.  I DID NOT lose any of my info.  ALL my HDs are still functional.

Sorry and thanks ahead for the understanding/patience.

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