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February 20, 2010

Anniversary – Love is a Battlefield

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I know a lot of people did “top couples” for Valentine’s Day… but I wanted to do something different.   There’s plenty of couples that could be considered “hot” or “good” together, but that’s not always the fun or interesting part.  What about those couples that didn’t fall hopelessly in love from day one or struggled to find some common ground ?  What about the ones who fought, tooth and nail, to find a way to bridge the gap and come together?  I’m more about the conflict than the resolution, so that’s why I figured it’d be fun to rehash some difficult couplings and how they eventually turned out.

Note that not all couples are still together and I’m going way back, to the beginning, so everyone is included in this, not just recent happenings.  They are also in no particular order, but likely from oldest to latest given the nature of how I went to gather the couples.  ;)

Just a warning–this is a long one!

Derek Saunders & Mary O`Hanlon

My first difficult couple.  Derek was originally with Katy, who he’d been dating since they were teens.  Mary, who was younger than Derek and friends with his younger sisters, always had a bit of a crush.  When they all arrived at college, things got complicated.  Mary, always sweet and unassuming, had never wanted to cause trouble and tried to fix the situation.  Katy and Derek graduated and moved in together, but what happened in college never seemed to leave his mind.

Derek continued to seek Mary out until she finally met with him.  They had one final moment as a ‘goodbye’ and then Derek returned home, begrudingly, to his family.  He had originally intended to try and break things off with Katy, but she told him she was pregnant, with twins.  They were married not long after.

Mary, meanwhile, was pregnant and kept quiet about her child.  Sara was undeniably Derek’s, with every Saunder feature one could possibly have except her mother’s eyes.  Everything went on as normal until, one day, Derek called for his sister, Gina, and Sara picked up.  Mary finally relented and brought Sara to Derek’s house so she could meet her other grandparents and father, she made sure do it while Katy was at work.  Katy came home and caught Derek embracing Mary, chased her out, and told Derek she was pregnant again.  Unfortunately for Katy, her attempted shackling of Derek would be her undoing...

Derek had wanted to marry Mary as soon as he possibly could, but she refused.  Katy’s death was still fresh in her mind and some part of her probably questioned the convenience of it all.  Finally, she wore down and they were married.  They went on to have twin girls and some difficulties once Derek’s involvement with Katy’s death came into question.  Nevertheless, they were happily married and very much in love throughout their lives together.

Ryu Yu & Alyssa Anderson

Ryu Yu was the bastard son of Jun Yu and Henry Saunders.  He watched his mother leave in a taxi and wouldn’t see her again until adulthood.  Alyssa was the heir to the Anderson fortune and Thomas’ perfect, pretty puppet.  It began young, but didn’t culminate until they were teens and ready for college.  While Ryu was definitely in love with Alyssa, despite her mean and caustic ways, Alyssa seemed to be content just using him.  It never led to anything romantic, though… until Alyssa realized they were going to graduate and separate.  She came up with the idea that they should get married and was quite happy to tell her father, who she secretly liked disobeying.  Ryu was, of course, hesitant.  He didn’t want to just be a ploy, he wanted an actual relationship.

The ice queen Alyssa seemed to melt a bit and they were married.  Things were going well, they settled into a routinue and eventually, Alyssa gave birth to Katarina.  Of course, it was after this that the problems began.  Ryu got his promotion and began feverently working on the Katy Saunders case.  Alyssa, who had finally relented to her feelings for Ryu, was left unattended and felt unwanted.  This changed, for a small amount of time, when Alyssa realized she was pregnant.  Ryu backed off on his casework and spent more time with his family.  Alyssa gave birth to Nevio and Roman and things were good… for awhile.  Then Ryu went back to work with Tracey and Shang Yu started sniffing around

Alyssa ignored his advances until she started getting the idea that maybe Ryu was cheating with Tracey.  Shang caught her at a vulnerable time and they engaged in a brief affair.  Things were tense for awhile and only got worse with Thomas’ death.  Ryu and Alyssa fought constantly, her guilt at what she’d done eating away and Ryu’s inability to separate work and home making him irritable.  In the end, they called it quits and Alyssa was left alone while Ryu ‘rescued’ Tracey from her lonely fate.  Alyssa never remarried, though she had a notable fling with Patrick O`Hanlon.  Had she been younger, something definitely could have developed there.  Ryu went on to marry and Tracey had twins, Shelly and Marcus.

Ryu and Alyssa had always been rocky, but I truly thought they’d last.  I didn’t want them to divorce, but it was their wants that drove me to it.  Alyssa had no wants for Ryu, only Shang and Ryu and Tracey had coninciding wants.  This one still makes me sad.  I wanted them to work!

Tsung Yu & Lilith Anderson

Tsung Yu and Lilith Anderson weren’t immediately in love, in fact, in the beginning… they were rivals.  Even as children, they were constantly arguing over who was smarter.  This, of course, continued on into their teenage years.  They were in the same circle, but always seemed to be battling one another.  Lilith was too caught up with her boyfriend, Chuck Saunders’ death, to notice that Tsung’s teasing had lessened into good-natured curiosity.  It wasn’t until university came around that Tsung actually admitted to himself that he might actually like Lilith.  He tried subtle hints, but those had failed, so he did the last thing he ever thought he’d do… he acted.

Graduation left Lilith terribly confused and Tsung somewhat comforted by his plan of action.  It took some time before she confronted him, which led to a bit more than either had anticipated… things only got worse when Tsung told her he loved her.  Lilith continued to brush him off and stayed within the comfort of her childhood home.  Eventually, she relented and after some serious bickering, they were married.  They didn’t have much choice to adjust, as Lilith found out pretty quickly that she was pregnant.  The weight of being a wife and a new mother wore her down quite a bit, not to mention all of the paranormal stuff, but she managed.

She found that motherhood wasn’t so bad and that maybe, she had always liked Tsung a little bit, too.  The two maintained their completely different personalities, but found a way to work it out and eventually had two sons, Zhou and Fou-Lu.  These two are one of my favorite couples.  It was always a rocky road, but they made it work and Lilith loved Tsung a bit more than she’d like to admit, if her wants were anything to go by.  ;)   When Lilith died, Tsung painted a picture of her.  It hangs next to one of his mother, Eileen O`Hanlon in the hallway.

Nathaniel Anderson & Sara O`Hanlon

Sara O`Hanlon was Lilith Anderson’s best friend, who just happened to be Nathaniel’s twin sister.  It’s no wonder Sara had plenty of time to develop a crush on the sports-oriented traditional boy.  It was an unlikely match, Sara was a tomboy and Nathaniel only seemed to notice girly girls.  Not to mention the fact they were constantly around one another and he probably saw her as a sister.  It certainly didn’t help matters when Nathaniel went to university before her and had no issues getting attention from the ladies.  Sara, left behind, was not feeling confident about her chances.

Against Lilith’s advice, Sara arrived at university looking very different and Nathaniel definitely noticed.  While Sara definitely made a beautiful, normal girl, it just wasn’t her and she changed back before he graduated.  The results were mixed.  They parted ways.

Nathaniel’s career in sports came to an abrupt halt when he was injured and he found himself re-evaluating his life.  He cared for Sara, but it was hard for him to realize until then.  Lilith did her best to get them back together, unable to tolerate Sara’s whining any longer.  They continued to date while Sara was at university.  When she graduated, she hesitantly moved in with Nathaniel.  They were happily unmarried, even when Sara became pregnant, there was no talk of it.  Of course, Sara’s mother, Mary, had plenty to say about it.

It took the impending birth of their third child to push them into finally tying the knot and making things official.  If you were to ask them why it took them so long, they’d simply say that it just wasn’t that important to them–they were happy as they were.  Despite the difficult and rocky beginning of their relationship and Sara’s trust issues (did he want her because his career went kaput?), the two had a long and fulfilling life together.  Not to mention some great looking kids!

Shang Yu & Katarina Anderson

A more unconventional couple you’d be hard-pressed to find.  These two were pure fire together and they knew it, which is why they really didn’t bother with the silly things like “monogamy” or “matrimony.”  Katarina was young when she met Shang and smitten when she did.  She even fell into bed with him not long after, despite their obvious age gap.  Of course, she had no idea he’d also slept with her mother.  Shang got around and eventually, Katarina did, too.  She even went so far as to sleep with her best friend, Marla O`Hanlon’s husband, Travis Knight.  Shang, meanwhile, had knocked Kate Anderson up during university and was forced into marrying her.  They had a son, Hugh.

Despite his marriage to Kate, Shang and Katarina continued to see one another.  All of this fooling around led to an accident… Katarina found out she was pregnant.  At the same time, Marla found out about Katarina messing with her husband, Travis, and kicked her out.  She returned home.  Shang eventually caught up to her and expressed his joy at her conditionKate and Shang divorced and he moved down to Aperture with Katarina with their son, James.

While they were in a relationship, neither had any qualms about stepping outside of it.  They had plenty of flings and weren’t really ones to get jealous of one another.  At the end of the day, they always knew who they’d come back to and while it may not have been the best environment for their son, it worked for them.  They continued their escapades well into elder years until finally, Shang said goodbye and Katarina left the house and moved in with their son, James.

Surprisingly, these two made a great couple.  It’s weird how that works, isn’t it?  They had plenty of flings, but they were three bolts and always the others’ number one pick!

Fou-Lu Yu & Elena Davis

The good, determined to achieve girl and the slacker boy who just wants to hang out… quite the common coupling, unfortunately.  Elena Davis and Fou-Lu Yu were an accident.  They met, they had chemistry, they had fun… but when did it turn serious?  It’s hard to say, actually.  Fou-Lu was subservient to Elena from the start.  She was the high-achiever, the one who would go places and he was just there for the ride.  He wasn’t the best choice for Elena and the fact that their fathers were best friends certainly didn’t helped matters.  Fou-Lu found himself in trouble quite a lot, which didn’t elevate him much in Gordon’s eyes.  It wasn’t until both he and Elena got caught that Elena began to think that maybe their relationship wasn’t meant to be.

This worry carried over into university, where Elena finally broke it off.  She loved Fou-Lu, but he had no ambition, no drive and he was dragging her down with him.  Fou-Lu was crushed and tried his best to win her back.  They had a brief fling before graduation, but it only led to Elena avoiding him even more.  The real reason Elena was avoiding him was because she was pregnant.  She didn’t trust him to be a father, so she planned to raise Elena on her own.  Michael eventually convinced Elena to give Fou-Lu a chance and he was able to not only learn about his daughter, but meet her.  Elena still wasn’t convinced, however, and was determined to do it on her own.

It took some serious time and talking, but eventually, Elena and Fou-Lu stopped just sleeping together and became a couple again.  They moved to townhouse in Aperture with their daughter, Emma.  Things weren’t always easy between them, especially when Elena fell pregnant again in the middle of her big career opportunity.  Fou-Lu continued to just drift in his job, which he acquired thanks to his brother’s connections.  They never had any intention of marrying.  Elena loved Fou-Lu, but she knew he’d never be the perfect one for her.  Love isn’t always what we think it ought to be.

They’re still together and now they’re elders.  These two have been on and off, hot and cold, together and apart more than any couple I’ve ever had before!  Still, they seem to be working and I don’t see them parting anytime soon.  They now have another daughter, Emily.  Fou-Lu spun up a marriage want once, but Elena never has for Fou-Lu.

James Anderson & Kit Knight

James Anderson was intelligent, well-rounded, and had a good sense of what he wanted out of life.  Unfortunately, he set his sights on Kit Knight fairly early on.  Kit was equally as intelligent, if not a bit more, and had plenty of looks.  She, however, didn’t see James the way he saw her (he was younger, to boot) and fell into bed with Claude Saunders during university.  Despite knowing this, James persevered and tried to get her to see Claude for what he really was.

Despite building a relationship with James during her years at university, Kit went wild once she left.  James, knew of course, how could he not?  His determination refused to let go, though.  He’d wait it out and seize her up once he graduated.  They moved in together once he left university, but she continued to see Claude until he broke it off.  This prompted her to agree to marry James, despite still being in love with Claude.

They were married rather quickly once they realized Kit was pregnant.  Poor James had no idea that Kit really didn’t know who the father was!  When the babies were born, it was obvious they were not James’.  Katarina made this known and James kicked Kit out, filing for divorce.  Kit, defeated and without anywhere else to go, returned home.

This couple was a mess from day one.  Is it sad that I never really wanted them to succeed?  I guess it was Kit’s love of Claude.  She always, always had wants for him and still does.  I felt bad for James, but he really cared about her and wanted her despite the stupid things she’d done.  It’s karma, I think.  Kit has definitely learned her lesson… not all love works out!

Michael Saunders & Sade O`Hanlon

For Sade, it was ‘love at first sight’ but for Michael, it was only red flags about their distant relation.  To this day, I’m not sure what attracted Sade to Michael, her polar opposite in every way but looks.  I knew when they met that I was in for trouble.  There was the age gap, however.  Michael was several years older than Sade and already through university when she arrived.  This did little to discourage Sade, however, and she tried several very unsubtle tactics to gain his affections.

It wasn’t until Sade was kicked out of university and pleaded to move in that she got her chance.  She was being too pushy, too obvious.  Michael was reserved and his conscience was telling him not to fall under her sway.  Their relationship seemed to happen fast, even though it took over a year or so for him to propose.  Michael was methodical and his affections for Sade did not cloud his judgment, she was flaky and impetuous.  He wasn’t about to sign any deals with her that he wasn’t sure of.

Despite their drastic differences, the two have gone on to have a very successful life together.  Sade wasn’t sure if she was up for motherhood, but found herself sliding into the role fairly easily.  And despite the random encounters with Michael’s strange father, the two have managed to make things work and live a normal life.

It’s kind of surprising to think that now, these two might not have happened.  In fact, if Sade hadn’t pressed the issue so much, it wouldn’t have.  Their relation to one another is quite distant and halved, but their age gap was also a big worry.  They proved me wrong, though, and are one of happier, more stable couples for all the fuss it took to get them together.  Such an odd coupling, but I love them!

Gregory Anderson & Lydia Anderson

Gregory Anderson knew he loved Lydia from day one, even if she didn’t realize it at the time.  They had always been the best of friends, but were from very different worlds.  Gregory was persistent, however, and refused to back down.  It was unfortunate that Lydia still wasn’t convinced.  There was also the issue of her competition, Emma Davis, who was from the same rich people group as Gregory and had quite an interest in him.  Gregory had no interest, however, he wanted Lydia and persisted this right into university.

Lydia finally seemed to be melting under his resolve.  They had been best friends, what harm would the transition into more cause?  She worried they would shatter their friendship and part ways, but Gregory’s confidence helped her along and they became engaged.  It’s unfortunate that Emma had plans of her own.  Lydia fled after graduation and returned home, lost in her sadness and confusion at what had taken place.  Gregory was unable to resolve the situation from a distance, but he couldn’t seem to get close enough to her to explain it.  It wasn’t until he got a bit of a ‘pep talk’ from his father’s enemy, Gordon Saunders, that he got Lydia back for good.

Still a bit frightened and uncertain, Lydia forgave Gregory.  Their marriage plans continued and the two finally made things official in a very big and lavish ceremony.  So far, things seem to be working, especially with Emma officially out of the picture!

Don’t let their identical last names fool you, they’re less related than Michael and Sade.  As far as sickeningly sweet couples go, these two are it.  Their entire relationship reads like a romantic comedy or novel.  It was almost painful at times!  You all know I’m not that kind of gal.  Anyway, I’m disclosing this here, because it’s the anniversary and all… Lydia is pregnant.  She’s my fourth gen who is expecting!

Whew, that was long!  There’s a few that didn’t make the cut, but I wanted couples with actual meat to them.  Lydia and Gregory just barely made it, having had enough history behind them to document!  I would have liked to see how things progressed for them, but seeing how infatuated they are now, I don’t see any speed bumps along the way.

Those Who Missed Out Were…

  • Francis O`Hanlon & Rosa Anderson - I wanted to include these two, but as of yet, they are still “on and off” so it’s hard to say what the future holds for them, really.
  • Francis O`Hanlon & Emma - These two may not have the same history, but when it comes to natural chemistry and just plain clicking?  They do.  I haven’t heard a click this loud in forever.  I’m interested to see if Emma will get out of her downward spiral and if Francis can stick to one girl.
  • Cole Anderson & Shelly Yu – Ahh, the pain, the agony!  I thought about it and then decided this was for a list of people in love, not in hate.  I’m so curious to see where these two end up.
  • Kit Knight & Claude Saunders  -  James may have been in love with her, but Claude got ten times more from her than he ever did.  And I don’t mean that entirely in a dirty way!  She still has it in for him, hard.  They were a train wreck.  It was painful and amusing.  I think Countess Emily would eat Kit if she dared go near Claude now.
  • Patrick O`Hanlon & Viola Kalson – These two were tempting, given the messed up nature of their relationship!  But again, I’m not entirely certain there’s the right kind of love in this one to be included.  I should have done “totally messed up and dysfunctional couples”… but that’s kind of BS in a nutshell, isn’t it?  Ha!
  • Henry Saunders & Janine Anderson – How messed up can it be to know your love is a criminal mastermind?  If only Henry knew what she was still doing with Thomas!  These two were dysfunctional but in love, however didn’t make the cut because it just didn’t seem to fit.  It would have been all over the place!

Hope you all enjoyed!  Sorry this was so long, but my intent was to give background and recap of the overall relationship.  Do you guys have any favorite couples, past or present?

February 17, 2010

Anniversary – Pivotal Moments

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A lot can happen in two years.  I played and updated daily for a long while, too, meaning that a lot did happen in two years.  My playtime has since decreased due to multiple reasons and lifestyle changes, but I thought it would be fun to go over the big events that have taken place… starting from the very beginning!  I’m only counting the big ones; it’s tempting to include relationship woes and everything else, but this is more of a hood-wide thing, something that’s impacted everyone or multiple families.

This will read like a bad soap opera script.  I don’t play for realism, I play to play and my sims’ whims don’t always make logical sense!  Those of you who have been reading for awhile already know this, but I’m just warning the unprepared.

Clicking on the links will bring up the relevant entries explaining in detail what’s going on.  For those with browsers with tabs, I recommend CTRL+Clicking links for easy browsing.  ;)

Moment #1 – Thomas/Jun/Henry/Janine Love Square

This was a big one and it continued on for quite awhile.  When Henry Saunders and Janine Anderson met, they had instant chemistry, whereas Thomas and Janine always seemed to be on the rocks about something.  Jun Yu wasn’t looking for anything serious when she got tangled up with Henry, but her pregnancy (Ryu Yu) caused Henry to propose.  Of course, during all of this, she was also seeing Thomas Anderson, who was still married to Janine.

Eventually, Henry found out about her cheating and Janine found out about Thomas.  Thomas kicked Janine out when they divorced, citing his knowledge of her criminal activities.  Their second daughter, Alyssa, chose to stay with her father.  Janine eventually went to Henry, they married, and she had Gordon Saunders.  Jun and Thomas had no children and never married.

Mentioned very little, though very much relevant to the story, Janine never truly made her up her mind.  She loved Henry, but continued to have wants and dealings with Thomas.  At first, it was simply criminal interest… but old flames don’t extinguish so easily.  So, Janine and Thomas were also messing around behind Henry and Jun’s backs.  Amusing how that worked out, isn’t it?

This is also notable for being the beginning of my very screwed family trees.  Thanks, guys, so much.

Moment #2 – The Death and Resurrection of Katy Saunders

The death of Katy Saunders, Derek Saunder’s first wife, was a huge event in Boreal Springs.  It seemed pretty innocent at first, but it went on to be one of the longer arcs I’ve had while playing this neighborhood.  It’s notable to remember that Katy died in the game of fright while pregnant.  She was scared by the nameless teen townie that died during their wedding.  I, however, did not see it that way as I rarely have such deaths and there were more interesting things afoot…

The issue of Katy’s death being murder isn’t brought up until Thomas mentions it to Janine.  Of course, Katy’s death allowed Derek to be with his true love, Mary O`Hanlon… which was the intention all along and is what led to him being a huge suspect.  It’s mentioned that Derek knew what happened, but never fully revealed whether he was a part of it or not.

Things didn’t really pick up until Ryu Yu got involved, mostly through the task force organized to take Janine’s little criminal empire down.  Of course, things get even worse when Derek’s own wife and DA, Mary, gets involved, too!  Ryu takes his involvement to the next level, going so far as to have crazy dreams of talking to Katy.  He eventually goes so far as to bring in Lilith Yu to resurrect Katy with her occult powers, hoping to use her as a witness.

We find out that Henry knew all along about Janine’s criminal activities when he sends his son, Ryu Yu, documents about Janine and the Katy Saunders case.  Derek is eventually cleared of the charges, but can’t quite shake the criminal element out of his life.  He claimed innocence even in his last moments.

Katy Saunders was given a new name and identity by Ryu, but turned away from his side by a very shady Gordon Saunders.  They eventually fell in love, married, and had a child, Claude Saunders.  Katy raised Michael Saunders as her own, and Gordon raised Elena Davis (his technical niece) as his own.  She has no idea what really happened to this day.  The biggest irony is that Katy (now Lauren) fell in love with her murderer’s child and heir.

It’s notable that my husband named Lauren’s daughter she carried with her through death, Elena, after Maria ‘Elena’ Milagro de Hoyos.  We’re creepy like that.

Moment #3 – Gordon Saunders Takes Over

If there is any character known in this hood, it’s Gordon Saunders.  His birth and childhood were both pretty uneventful, even if his mum was a crime boss and his technical nephew died in a model train fire.  His interest in the criminal, however, took little to no time at all to develop.  He was determined to take over for Janine.  Gordon didn’t waste time at college dating or hanging out, he trained with Thomas and Janine until he was ready.  Janine did what she could for him before she died.  He married a girl that he thought would be simple and oblivious to his actions to cover his tracks, that girl was Tracey.  He took care of Thomas as a gift to his mother and his father, sealing his takeover of both Janine and Thomas’ operations.

Ryu Yu tried to get to him by using his wife, Tracey.  He was still hot after Janine’s escape from the law through death.  Unfortunately, for Ryu, he failed to see how cunning and cold Gordon really was.  Gordon took his son, Michael, and moved his operations to Aperture, where he still resides.  He enlisted the help of his best friend’s wife, Lilith, to become a vampire and ensure that none of his children have to suffer his fate.

Gordon continues to run his criminal empire, despite his youngest son’s bumbling attempts to mess everything up.  He’s butted heads with Roman Anderson and others and always came out the victor.  Half the fun is trying to figure how long he can make it work, especially now that his children are becoming elders and his wife, Lauren/Katy, is dead.  There’s also the loose end of his most recent recruit dangling out there, too…

It’s notable that my husband, who usually names my sims, named Gordon after the main character in Half-Life and Half-Life 2.  Go figure.

Moment #4 – Lacie Anderson Goes Missing

Lacie was always a bit of a nusiance to Roman Anderson, who saw her as a gold digging whore out for their money.  He was right, of course, and his brother, Nevio, was a blockhead for ignoring it.  The curse seems to stem from this, so I’m considering it pivotal!

Lacie knew Roman had her number, so she purpously got knocked up and Nevio proposed.  Roman wasn’t happy about this at all, and even after Nevio and Lacie were married, he began scheming.  His plan was to pull one over on Gordon, but Gordon foiled that.  Eventually, Gordon agreed due to his slight grudge against the Anderson bunch for his mother’s slight.  He contacted another criminal from afar and took care of Lacie.

While her children somewhat mourned her loss, Nevio was the one hit worst by it.  It seems he’s cursed now and it’s moved onto his heir, Adora.

It’s notable that I sent Lacie to live with my friend, Christina.  I needed her gone and we came up with that crackpot solution late into the night, lol.

Moment #5 Lilith Yu Finds the Occult

Lilith’s interest in the occult began when she witnessed the death of her teenage boyfriend, Chuck Saunders.  Seeing the death as unfair, Lilith was determined to make it right.  She enlisted help from her husband, Tsung Yu, with designing the very thing that would later bring back Katy Saunders.  At the time, though, she was still thinking about Chuck.

It wasn’t until Ryu learned of her skills that he came to ask her about possibly bringing back Katy.  It was at this moment that Lilith began to rethink her plans.  So much time had passed.  She was married, with children, even.  What good would bringing Chuck back do?  She eventually resurrected and monitored Katy.  She also helped Gordon become a vampire, despite her previous dislike of him, mostly out of curiosity and interest.  She would go on to train Isolde Anderson in the ways of the occult.

It is notable to mention that Lilith is the reason that so many supernatural things are now present in Boreal Springs.  She’s the root of it all, thus this being a “pivotal” moment.  She’s passed the helm onto Isolde, who works for Gordon.  I’m not sure Lilith would be entirely thrilled with that!

Moment #6 – Roman Anderson Wants Too Much

Roman Anderson was Thomas’ spiritual successor.  Nevio was too emotional, but Roman was perfect.  Thomas didn’t have time to teach him much, but Roman didn’t need it.  It came to him naturally.  He wanted the Anderson name to continue to be one of status and wealth and built himself quite the mansion to accomodate his desires.  He tried to keep his family in check, but it rarely worked out.  He didn’t have Thomas’ manipulative abilities.

His biggest mistake was getting involved with Gordon Saunders.  After their deal did not turn out to his liking, he stepped up his game, targeting Gordon’s youngest and most gullible son, Claude.  During this time, he managed to have an affair that resulted in pregnancy.  The threat of his family name being sullied by a bastard weighing heavily on him, he conned his brother into marrying her and passing the child off as his own.  This, of course, led to her untimely death due to unknown circumstances.  The threat gone, Roman refocused his efforts on Claude.  While Gordon was displeased, things did not turn out as Roman had planned.  His agent was in love with Claude and accepted, begrudgingly, by Gordon.

The threat of Gordon’s retribution still weighs heavily on his mind.  Gordon knows Roman’s son, Gregory, and has been sighted near him.  He has yet, however, to do anything.  Roman’s paranoia is becoming worse as he grows older and more vulnerable while Gordon only grows stronger.

It’s notable to mention that my husband named Roman after the character, Roman Grant, from the TV series, Big Love.  Fitting, again, because Roman is trying to manipulate and control his family.

Notable Moments That Missed The Cut…

  • Shang’s ridiculous affairs. This guy broke up marriages!  He’s a big part of why Ryu and Alyssa divorced, not to mention messing around on Kate.  He’s slept with quite a few notable women, including Cara Anderson!  Probably a good thing Roman didn’t find out about that one…
  • Kit’s indecision. She had fits all throughout young adulthood and adulthood.  She dated three different guys, fell in love with Claude, and lost him to a Countess.  She married James, who loved her since they were teens, and tried to pass Claude’s babies off as his!  Now she’s got Gordon hot on her trail, wanting to see his grandchildren.
  • A Moment Yet to Occur… something I hadn’t expected has popped up and I only know about it because I figured it out while I was taking house tour pictures!  I debated on including it here, but I’ve decided to wait.  Nevertheless, it’s relatively small compared to the first two… but it’s ripple effect will prove interesting!

There’s been plenty of small level events that have happened, but those are for another time.  For now, I hope you enjoyed this little “look back” on the dysfunction!

Is there something on here that didn’t make it but you feel was pivotal?  If so, let me know.  I’m always curious as to what you guys are thinking!

February 14, 2010

Anniversary – House Tours

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Someone mentioned on the suggestions post that they might like to see the homes of Boreal Springs.  I’ll preface this by saying I’ve built all of the homes that the sims are currently residing in, aside from apartments.  I’m not much of a builder, but I hate downloading lots due to their ability to completely render your neighborhood into a pile of burning rubble.  Building all the lots myself also added a new challenge and made things interesting.

The first four lots all began as starter structures, meaning I built them with somewhat of an idea… but given that I’m not a builder?  Yeah, how they ended up isn’t quite that great.  In fact, there are only two houses I’m remotely happy with!  But, this is Anniversary stuff and as such, a look behind Oz’s curtain, so come along… it’s sure to be a laugh!

I should note that I would be a lot more detail oriented if this were my only blog/etc.  I started out that way, decorating the homes meticulously… now?  Not so much!  I try to add some homey touches here and then when the mood strikes, though.  Since a normal houses tour would be boring, given my inept building and decorating, I’ll give some insight and random facts where I can.

Some of the pictures fluctuate between night and day, this is mostly because of the random times I took the pictures.  These were taken over the course of a few days.  This is also why some exterior shots are missing.  :(

The O`Hanlon House

The O`Hanlon house is relatively simple.  I wanted a ranch style house and while these guys have a considerable amount of cash, I prefer to keep things white picket fence and single floor simple.  I see this family has the type that puts family before possessions and I want their home to just feel small, but cozy.  The layout drives me nuts, I’ll admit.  I had to add a bedroom behind the garage and an extra bathroom when Mary and Derek had children.  I would rid of the garage, but that would ruin the exterior look, so it stays and we get a very disjointed bedroom.  I also hate that they ALWAYS go through the front door, they never use the back door.  Ugh.  I built Isolde a little witchery room on the back.

This house has undergone some huge changes on the inside.  The entire layout was scrapped and redone.  You’ll see a difference between older pictures and newer ones.  The kitchen was once closed off and tiny.  Now the living space is nice and open.

The Anderson House

For the Anderson house, it’s pretty similar to what I had envisioned in the beginning.  I wanted a house with stately columns and 2 floors of large rooms.  The Andersons, at the time, were the “it” family in the hood… so of course, they had the biggest, most status-conscious house of all!  The layout doesn’t bother me as much as other houses, but I wish I could make better use of the space.  The hottub area was added for Nevio and the greenhouse hasn’t been touched in a very, very long time.

I had originally envisioned a grand staircase, but this was long before they were available and now?  There’s just no space!

The living room recently underwent a huge overhaul in looks.  I was planning to hit the kitchen, too, but didn’t get around to it yet.  The living room had been the same since Thomas Anderson was an adult!

I’m not entirely pleased with how huge the rooms upstairs are.  I’m planning on doing a layout overhaul at some point, I just have to be in the mood.  For now, things are thrown everywhere and I have to be careful with how I frame my shots.  Katarina’s room hasn’t changed since she’s been there and Alyssa’s old room still has photos of her in it!

The only room that’s had a slight change would be the “office” area that once belonged to Thomas Anderson.  It’s changed a tiny bit, lookswise, since then.

The Saunders House

I never had any intention on the Saunders house being huge, but Henry’s super sperm forced me to make it bigger.  The first floor kitchen and living room have had their looks changed, but prior to this recent development, they hadn’t been touched since Henry was alive.  Yeah, scary.

The bedrooms have been the same since the first few rounds and are in dire need of a remodel.  Things in this house are just thrown about willy-nilly… mostly in the rooms you never see, heh.  Behind Oz’s curtain, things are messy!  The layout doesn’t bother me here, it seems to work pretty well.

You can see the forgotten home business started by Aiyana off to the side.  I’ve since decided I hate home businesses.  It’s been years since I had one and yeah, not digging it.  So, it’s forgotten…

The second floor layout drives me insane!  Everything was thrown together so crazily and quickly and it just built on and on, like a ramshackle of huts that became the Forgotten City.  Anyway, the art room hasn’t been used since Damien and Aiyana’s days in the house… the nursery was added specifically for River and Basil, as was the small room with two beds.

When Gordon was a child in the house, his bedroom was in the area that the train set and the computer now occupy.  Just a fun fact.

The Yu House

For the Yu house, from day one, I wanted an Asian-themed house.  I had never had one before and I wanted to make use of all the neat new decorations.  Anyway, the main house was once very small, but grew.  I had thought about putting a second floor, but instead just added an addition.  They’re connected by a pathway that’s covered by a roof.

The house has undergone some minor cosmetic changes here and there, mostly as the layout changed, but it remains true to the original theme and intent.  The cluttered room in the main house with all the browns was Lilith’s summoning room where Katy Saunders (now Lauren Davis) rejoined the story.  It’s now just a cluttered, forgotten room.

The house still has the paintings done by Sun-Tzu of Eileen and their children hanging randomly around the house.  You’ve probably seen them in update pictures.

The Anderson 2 House

The second Anderson house was originally started by Florence Anderson, the CAS daughter of Thomas and Janine Anderson.  She had alien babies and then hooked up with Shaniqua Saunders.  The house has undergone some huge changes since then.  The changes only recently took place, though.  I’ve been slowly revamping the houses as this generation takes the helm.  Anyway, the kitchen used to be a nursery with patio doors that lead back to the enclosed pool area.  The kitchen was once in the open, but crowded, living area.

Lydia and Rosa’s childhood room is just a recolored version of the room Hugh, and even before that, Lilith and Nathaniel stayed in.  Not much there has changed furniture wise!

The upstairs is pretty simple and straight forward.  It hasn’t really been changed much since Hugh’s birth.  Katie’s childhood room was what the hallway now is and her bed was where the desk now resides.  Not a whole lot more to say about it.

It’s worth mentioning that I keep their house relatively small for a reason.  It’s the same thing as with the O`Hanlon house, I don’t want everyone to have some epic, huge house.  Not everyone is like that!  The families in this house are usually a simple bunch… Hugh and Kenya are family sims and so is Rosa.  Status isn’t a big deal to them and Florence, the originator, left her house to escape her father’s status craving ways.

The Anderson 3 House

For the third Anderson house, I wanted a very modern looking home.  It was started by Nathaniel, who was a start-up sports star turned injured seaman.  The house was intended to be very bachelor pad like and not very child friendly.  It was the first house to feature spiral stairs.  It started out very muted and black and minimal, but as Nathaniel and Sara had children, it became a bit more of a family home.  Now in the care of their son, Cole and the current mayor, Shelly, it still has its sleek look with the homey bits tucked away.

The upstairs is woefully sparse, but it’s mostly just bedrooms.  The bedroom on the bottom right was added with Cole and Shelly’s engagement.  The skilling room was once Sade’s bedroom when she was a teen, with Cole staying in the downstairs room.

You can see I have the lot sync timer and the romance thingy isolated off by themselves.  I rarely get a chance to do this, so you see them all over the place in other houses!

The Yu 2 House

The second Yu house was started by Gordon (as Saunders 2), but certain parts are barely recognizable when compared to when he lived here.  The living room and kitchen/dining areas haven’t changed much, but the bedroom area is completely different.  What was once just a large bedroom with stairs to the basement has been divided into two bedrooms and a hallway.

The layout of this house doesn’t bother too much, though the openness of the dining room annoys me.  The patio was added on during Ryu and Tracey’s marriage and the hottub gets used quite a bit by Marcus and Valerie.

February 13, 2010

Anniversary – Outtakes You Haven’t Seen

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So, I thought it’d be fun to try and find some outtakes that maybe I didn’t include at the end of updates.  I’m not in the practice of taking amusing pictures.  I keep all my pictures and taking too many unnecessary pictures can just clutter things up, fast.  I’m more of a “practical” picture taker.  I do the same with storytelling, only take what I need… but there are some here that I’m not sure if you’ve seen or not.  It’s hard to say what propelled me to take them!

The first couple were taken with my xfire account, so the quality might be iffy.

This is hilarious for obvious reasons. One from the way-back machine. Derek thinks preggo Janine is pretty smokin'!

Ah, envy... it's a terrible thing! Looks like Roger Yu wishes he could cut off a piece of that Eileen O`Hanlon instead of Sun-Tzu!

This disturbed me on so many levels. Ryu is completely oblivious, waving happily, and Henry seems not to notice, either. This was all an accident. It must be nice living in a bubble!

Janine flips things around and this time, she makes inappropriate gestures at Ryu. Sheesh!

Damien makes it pretty obvious what he values in a woman.

Really, Janine? Your wants were so random!

Annnnd the Ryu thing is explained... three bolts? Yeow!

The nanny is quite obviously trying to get Lady killed and in front of the children, no less!

Kate and Tracey went at it a few times, I didn't put this in updates. Kate just didn't seem the type in text.

Or how about the time Florence let her dislike of Shang fully known? They went at it in the livingroom! Of course, Shaniqua cheers for her romance counterpart.

River made this hilarious face and I can't at all remember why. It was just funny!

See that text box? That's xfire. My friend, Christina, is infamous for ruining my shots! Don't even get me started about when I'm taking pictures for Angel of Lies. This is usually followed by "OMG CHRISTINA!" Love you, Christina, LOL! <3 <3

Lacie gives me the, "I'll be back!" look. No, no you won't. See ya, sister!

The Sims 2 are much like British television, they don't balk at a little T&A. Seriously, ladies, how can you miss what's going on behind you?!

Claude's daftness reaches new levels as he makes a goofy face prior to being turned! You'd think he'd know better. Sigh.

I'm pretty sure this is simlish for "freak'um dress"... rofl.

Poor Charity gets burned thanks to her twin brother, Alexander's, love for pranks!

The Unsavory Charlatan is none too pleased at Zhou's apparent copying of his own tailored outfit!

Poor Claude, no wonder he's so daft... he's spent his life going, "I don't see this, I don't see this..."

A picture of the hood as it grew from 4/28/08. That seems like forever ago!

I hope you enjoyed–I wish I had more to offer.  I went through all my old photos and some of the new ones, too.  I tried to find ones I was sure I hadn’t shown, but given how long it’s been and how many updates I’ve done… I probably did show you some repeats.  Sorry about that!

I’m still going to do something else, because to me, this isn’t enough.  I wish I wasn’t terrible at this stuff.  Anyway, there’s more stuff coming throughout the month.  I’m trying to take the suggestions given and spin them in a way that works for me.  If you have anything you’d like to see, please feel free to say so in commments.  I’m still open to suggestions.  You guys are what make this fun!  So feel free to be demanding.  ;)

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