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July 16, 2009

Anderson – Round 26: ‘It’s My Life, End’

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Nevio Anderson is enjoying his golden years while his youngest, Adora, is struggling to figure out just what she wants out of life.  Will she finally choose between Ocean and Simon?

Adora kept herself busy redecorating the entire house.  It certainly needed it, the place hadn’t changed since Thomas and Janine Anderson had built on to it so very long ago.  It definitely needed a revamp and Adora was just the person to do it.  It was classier now, more elegant and befitting of the Anderson name.  Nevio found it a bit too stuffy, but wasn’t about to discourage his daughter.  The place did need a pick-me-up after everything.  Maybe it would change the Anderson curse when it came to love and marriage.

Despite her busy schedule with contractors and designers, Adora kept in touch with her two favorite guys.  Ocean was sweet over the phone, playing to her ego, and for that, she was definitely thankful.  Still, she couldn’t write off Simon.  As charismatic as Ocean was, Simon’s quiet and subtle nature just seemed to play her heart strings in ways that boisterious declarations of beauty and wealth could not.

In fact, Adora was pretty sure she was in love.  Not the fickle kind of love where you can’t decide between two people, but the kind where you don’t get a choice, it simply is and that’s that.  Adora had pretty much made her decision.  She wanted Simon.  Ocean was sweet and handsome, but he was too much like her father and everyone knew how tired of cleaning up his messes Adora was!  Simon was mature and stable, calm and assured in that subtle way where he didn’t have to be showy and loud.

Of course, that didn’t mean he didn’t have fun.  On the flipside, Adora could enjoy acting like a complete child with him, even so far as to heckling him during video games!  He took it all in stride, a quiet smile and nothing more.  He didn’t accost her back nor did he act as if his ego were bruised.  She had definitely made the right choice.  Picking Ocean would have landed her down the same road as all of her ancestors.

Adora definitely didn’t want that.

She kind of wished she had more privacy with Simon, though.  Nevio always seemed to be in the background, watching her every move carefully.  She knew he was worried, but it was a bit much.  Wasn’t it kind of late to play the role of the overprotective father?  Why didn’t he bug Isolde this much when she was dating Timothy?  They were only teens, for crying out loud!  She was a grown woman and she didn’t need her father doing play-by-plays of her romantic endeavors.

Thankfully, Nevio soon found his stride once more and began having ladies over to the house.  He respected his daughter’s wishes, though, and kept them out in the hot tub.  Adora wasn’t quite sure how Simon would take her very amorous father and was trying to introduce him to it slowly.  They had a whirlwind engagement and now Simon was all moved in.  Adora was trying very hard to build a bridge between the two very different men.

Unfortunately, Simon just could not understand his soon-to-be father-in-law.  Especially when he burnt the pancakes and then tried to say that a little beer and they’d taste fine.  Beer?  In the morning?  Was this really Adora’s father or was she adopted?  Truth be told, he really didn’t know much about her family or their history, he wasn’t from the area, but he was beginning to wonder.

“Do you drink?” Nevio asked jovially.

“Er, no,” Simon responded carefully.  “I mean, it’s not something I seek out.”

“I guess that’s good.  Adora will like that.  Can’t say I do, though.  Don’t be so stiff.  We’re all family here, or soon to be, at least.  Would you mind getting me a beer?  These pancakes are downright putrid without a little something to take off the edge.”

Simon blinked, completely baffled, but found himself scooting away from the table and up out of his chair.  He fetched Nevio’s beverage and quickly left the kitchen.  It may have been five o’clock somewhere, but it was still six am here!

Adora and Simon were wed the next morning in a private, intimate ceremony.  They wanted to recite their vows while the sun rose and they weren’t about to ask family and friends to get up before the crack of dawn to join them.  It was a lovely ceremony, the ocean at their backs and the sun rising over the distant hills to the other side of them.  Adora truly hoped that she would be luckier than the others who had tread this path before her.  She wasn’t sure she could handle all the drama and intrigue her family name seemed to stir up.


Note from Mao: Adora wanted to invite Simon over, so I fulfilled her wish and bam, love.  Finally!  I have JM Pescado’s hack that makes crushes/love a little more difficult to obtain, so it makes it a bit more interesting when you let sims pick their mates.  Here’s hoping Adora’s luck pans out, lol.

Also!  My first cuddling sims, YAY!  It’s only taken me how long to see the dang animation in my game, sigh.  I was kind of hoping it would happen with Sade and Michael.  :P

June 15, 2009

Anderson 5 – Round 25: ‘Only Slightly Awkward’

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James Anderson invited Maggie O`Hanlon, his friend and his best friend’s little sister, to stay with him as opposed to moving into the already cramped O`Hanlon house.  Katarina remains with her son through his trying time of dealing with the whole ‘Kit disaster’.

James loves his mother, he does, but he seriously wishes she’d put a tie on the door or perhaps conduct her amorous activities before he was due home from work.  He was used to this, unfortunately, but he feared what would happen if Maggie happened to walk in on such a scene.  Surely they weren’t as ‘open’ in the O`Hanlon household.  All he needed to do was scar her for life.

Despite Katarina’s little escapades, everything seems to be going smoothly… though there is some obvious tension.  Maggie has had a crush on James since she was young.  He had always been under Kit’s little spell, though, and completely oblivious to her puppy love.  Of course, there was also the dangerous thing of he being Timothy’s little sister.

Still, she was an adult now and no one’s little sister.  Kit was gone and as far as James was concerned, completely nonexistant.  Maggie found it hard to be completely platonic, despite her wish not to complicate things.

Unfortunately, the apartment they had been staying in had been overrun by termites and they were forced to relocate immediately.  Luckily, one of Katarina’s lovers had a spare apartment that was fully furnished and uninhabited for them to take over.  Sometimes it was good to have a mother with connections… unfortunately, the decor in the place could definitely use some work.

“It’s a bit stuffy, but better than living in a box, right?” Katarina told her son, glancing around the room.  Maggie was at work, she was a Science teacher at the Boreal Springs high school.  “Now, this girl you have living with us… Maggie?  She likes you, James.  A lot.”

“She’s Timothy’s little sister.”

Katarina rolled her eyes, “everyone is someone’s sister, brother, daughter, uncle, aunt… doesn’t seem to stop the way the world works, now does it?  Stop making excuses to sit and mourn something that never had a chance anyway.”

James was loathe to admit his mother’s logic made sense, but it did.  Still, he couldn’t hurt his friend or possibly Maggie if his head wasn’t completely in the right place.

To take their minds off of all the drama, Maggie and James met up with Timothy and Isolde downtown on a Friday night.  Isolde and Timothy hadn’t really had a chance to go out since the twins were born.  Of course, upon meeting up, James just had to make a joke about Isolde’s ‘sparkly’ countenance.

“You look radioactive!”

Isolde made a face, “I have a broom, James, and I won’t hesitate to use it.”

Timothy and Maggie watched in amusement.  Finally, Timothy spoke up, “you’d better listen to her, dude.  She’s brutal with that thing.”

Once they got inside, they had a couple of drinks at the bar… and of course, what’s drinks without some drunken karoake?  Isolde and Maggie were the first to go, the ‘lightweights’ when it came to drinking, they were already laughing obnoxiously.  Maggie swayed and sang questionably while Isolde belted out the lyrics like a would-be Diva.  The mixture of the two created a very… interesting sound.

James, thankfully, had inherited the patented Yu talent for all things musical and lyrical, and was quite a capable singer.  Isolde and Timothy somehow managed to make dancing into making out and Maggie was having a hard time keeping upright in her heels.  It felt nice to cut loose and have a little fun.

June 1, 2009

Anderson 4 – Round 25: ‘Steady Business’

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Roman and Cara Anderson live a very comfortable life.  Will their son follow in his father’s footsteps or is his love interest a misstep?

Roman Anderson is doing incredibly well with his businesses.  He’s been kicking around the idea of starting another one, but is waiting to see how his heir, Gregory, will act during college.  He’s a little afraid that his preoccupation with Lydia Anderson will cause some issues.  Until then, he’s happy to check in on his already thriving businesses.

Now with a bit more age and experience under his belt, Roman kind of realizes that maybe his brother got a bit of a raw deal.  Roman has always looked out for the family’s best interests, but perhaps he didn’t focus enough on the people within the family.  Still, there’s not much he can do to help his brother now.  Three wives later and he’s just a bit tired of the whole rigmarole.  Nevio does visit the businesses frequently, though, and congratulates his brother on his successes.

Gregory also visits on weekends, when he’s able.  He chats his father up amiably and acts as if everything is going well.  Roman has connections and keeps a very careful look on Gregory’s grades and class performance.  He’s doing well, but Roman isn’t quite ready to accept that Gregory to manage both Lydia and college.  Cara tries to get him to back off a little, but Roman is indignant.  He won’t have his family name sullied by laziness.  Gregory wasn’t raised that way and some silly girl wasn’t going to change it.

“You’re with her, aren’t you?” Cara asks as Gregory is leaving.  Roman is out of ear shot.  She sighs, but smiles a little, “your father will come around, but just keep your mind on your grades, all right?  Young love isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…”

“I don’t understand why you’re both so against this.  It isn’t as if she’s after money.”

“That’s not what this is about at all, Gregory.  Your father just wants to make sure you don’t end up like, well, your uncle Nevio.  He’s a bit controlling, yes, but he has your best interests at heart.  If you love her and this is serious, then your father will come around.  Just give him time…”

Gregory nodded and left.  Cara watched him.  She wanted to believe that Lydia would come through, but she doubted it.  Gregory and Lydia had been friends a long time and the girl had always been a bit of a flake.  It seemed to run in that branch of the family.


Note from Mao: I KNOW I took more pictures.  Unfortunately, Snag-It disagrees.  I think it’s angry because I’m using FRAPS for TS3.  Sigh.  But at least I got to address the big issue here…

May 20, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 25: ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger, End’

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Nathaniel is still mourning the loss of his wife, Sara, while Cole and Shelly are settling into their married life together.

Shelly wasn’t really surprised when she found out she was pregnant.  It was a little inconvenient, given that her campaign was going strong, but life has a way of sneaking up on you.  She could still rally the polls, she’d just do so with a little extra weight.  Maybe being in ‘a family way’ would even bolster her popularity a bit.

Nathaniel was quite pleased to learn about the new addition coming to the house, but he wasn’t sure if he’d actually get to see it.  He was older than Sara and his time was quickly coming to an end.  It was hard to believe he’d been around so long already… it seemed like only yesterday he was a teenager, with his twin sister Lilith, living in their house across the street.

Despite her pregnant belly, Shelly was as aggressive as ever.  Her determination to become mayor was increased by the fact that soon, she’d have a child.  She wanted that child to feel entitled to greatness and power.  Being mayor was, of course, quite prestigious… so it was time to step it up a notch.  She didn’t care if she had to give birth at the debate podium, she was going to be mayor.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel’s calculation of his own lifespan had been correct.  He had his last drink at the bar and death came calling.  He was saddened that he wouldn’t get to see his grandchild, but happy to be joining his sister, wife, and friends.

Not long after, Shelly gave birth to twin girls, Catelyn and Renee.  They resembled Cole’s mother Sara and Shelly’s father Ryu quite a bit, though they had the O`Hanlon green eyes.  It was easy to tell the twins apart, especially, since Renee had black hair and Catelyn’s was brown.

Of course, because Cole and Shelly were very busy with their careers and their parents were both dead, they had to hire extra help for the babies while they were away at work.  Shelly didn’t mind, but Cole found it a bit strange.  He wasn’t sure he could trust a nanny that insisted on wearing a hairstyle suited only for a teen.


Note from Mao: NO MORE TWINS!  Seriously.  No more, game.  I’m telling you right now… this is not rare.  I have way too many twins!  Agh.  Also, I may have mixed up Catelyn and Renee, so if next update, Catelyn is the one with black hair and Renee with brown, uh… you saw nothing.  ;)

May 19, 2009

Anderson 2 – Round 25: ‘Growing Pains’

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(Sorry for the lack of teen Rosa.  SimPE did the “no portrait thing” again.  Sigh.)

Rosa Anderson is not exactly your average teen.  She doesn’t always get along with her parents, but she also doesn’t cringe or look disgusted when they’re being “gross” around her.  Instead she laughs and takes it in stride.  That’s the type of person Rosa is, easy-going and very laid back.  Her parents would say perhaps a bit too much.

Most of Rosa’s friends are older than her and preparing to head off to college.  One last pool party of the summer before they’re gone to campus.  Rosa isn’t envious, she doesn’t even want to go to college!  She’s quite content staying at home and painting.  Of course, her parents have other ideas…

Nothing is a downer on a pool party like a pet dying.  Poor Iorek took his last nibble of kibble before Death came calling.

Contrary to her daughter’s nature, Kenya is not that easygoing.  She’s rather worried, actually.  She wants to know who the heck keeps kicking over their trash can!  Once she finds out, she’ll wring their neck.  She bets that it’s Hugh’s coworker.  She’s never very happy when Kenya shoos her off after she follows Hugh home from work.

Perhaps Kenya should worry more about her daughter, though, who is prone to sneaking out with her older friends.  No one would think that Sage Saunders could be a bad influence, but it seems that maybe she is.  Luckily for Rosa, she manages to get home unscathed and slips under the covers just before either of her parents wakes.  Sneaking out is so much easier now that it’s just the three of them in the house.

With her friends all gone to college, Rosa is forced to make new friends.  Fujin Yu is a year younger than her, but they still hang out.  He’s strange and eccentric, too.  They get along well, even if he’s not much into painting.


Note from Mao: Fujin and Rosa have two bolts, but are both heirs to their houses.  So yeah.  They’re just friends.  Rosa brought him home from school.  Kenya won’t be getting her LTW–graduate three kids from college.  I was really hoping they’d have another kid, but no luck.  So Rosa won’t be going next round, she’ll inherit the house.

May 16, 2009

Anderson – Round 25: ‘It’s My Life, Pt. 3′

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Nevio Anderson seems to have given up on love due to recent circumstances (and the continual loss of wives) while Adora is finally trying to find her one and only.  Will she be as unlucky as her father?

Adora spent a lot of time out on dates.  Some were casual, others were more intimate, but they always ended up with the same goal–she wanted to find someone to spend her life with.  Unlike most in Boreal Springs, she didn’t have a teen romance, so she was starting adulthood fresh.  She got lucky on her first blind date, Simon was really sweet and they seemed to connect on several levels.  Adora wasn’t ready to eliminate all her options, though.

Unfortunately, not all men seemed to be as courteous and mild-mannered as Simon.  This guy thought that dancing meant ‘grinding all over one another’.  Adora didn’t hesitate to set him straight.  She’d never see him again, that’s for sure.

Others, well, were just a bit… too old.  Adora was still on the cusp of her youth.  She was sure that the man was very nice, but his ad had been a bit on the deceiving side.  She certainly didn’t see the man before her as ‘young, strapping, and the very image of virility’.  Instead, he looked kind of crotchety… and scary.

Adora did finally meet another who struck her fancy, but by accident.  After another failed date, she wandered into the bowling alley.  Ocean was there and he cheered her up with some playful banter and dancing.  He wasn’t so bad on the eyes and he was obviously nice.  Adora found herself in a new, difficult position.  Which one did she like more–Simon or Ocean?

Simon was quiet, mild-mannered, and very sweet.  He and Adora shared almost nearly all the same life goals, putting family first and foremost.  Adora loved spending time with him and found herself able to talk to him about anything.  Dates with him were always very mellow and comfortable.

Ocean, on the other hand, was outgoing and playful.  He was more focused on being a people-person, but families were cool, he guessed.  He had priorities, but most of them involved the day after and not necessarily the distant future.  Still, Adora loved spending time with him.  She was always laughing and there was just something about him that demanded her attention.

She was truly torn.  She went to Maggie for advice, but realized all too late that it wasn’t such a great idea.  Maggie was a great friend, but her track record with love hadn’t been stellar.  Maggie didn’t offer any helpful advice.  She just told Adora to follow her heart and that she didn’t think it was necessarily possible to love two people at once.

Other people had strong opinions as to which of the men Adora should choose.  Adora wasn’t too sure if she trusted her father’s instinct, though.  She’d seen where that had gotten him.  No, this would have to be Adora’s decision entirely.  It wasn’t going to be easy.


Note from Mao: I’m waiting for Adora to roll up a commitment one for either Simon or Ocean.  Simon and Adora have three bolts, Ocean and Adora have two.  Hopefully she’ll make a decision by next round!

Random funny:

Apparently the Diva digs chicks.

March 16, 2009

B.S.U. Campus – Round 24: ‘Slow Ride’

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Maggie O`Hanlon is preparing to finish her years at University while Gregory Anderson and Lydia Anderson are just getting started.

Lydia and Gregory arrived together.  It was a little surprising for them to see how quickly they had each grown in such a little amount of time.  Lydia had decided her braids were a bit too childish for the stylings of a young adult.  Gregory spent most of his time studying, trying to please his father.  If Lydia noticed the distance, she didn’t say anything.

Maggie, meanwhile, was hanging out with James.  Maggie had always been fond of James.  That didn’t mean they were hanging out because he had recently divorced Kit Knight.  No, they were friends.  They’d been friends since James started hanging out with Maggie’s older brother, Timothy.  She had drug him out in an effort to cheer him up.  Losing your love because she gave birth to the guy you hate’s children isn’t an easy thing to get over.

Maggie, with her playful ways and consistently upbeat demeanor, did manage to bring James out of his funk.  They had fun.  She even conned him into some karaoke, which he was good at.  His father had been Shang Yu, after all.  Maggie would be lying if she had said she wasn’t hoping that he’d finally see her, though.  She was.  She was so much better for him than Kit, she had always thought so.  She had no interest in Claude freakin’ Saunders.

Lydia still enjoyed fitness.  She especially enjoyed jogging around campus.  It was a good way to clear her mind and she was doing tons of thinking lately.  She felt strange about the way things had gone with Gregory.  Ever since arriving at University, he’d been a little distant.  They’d always been best friends–talking, enjoying one another’s company, everything… but now, things were just awkward.  She hated it.  She especially hated that she had grown kind of used to being even closer to him.

She finally managed to drag him away from his studies long enough to explain what was going on.  It was a relief to hear that it wasn’t anything to do with her, but with his father, Roman.

“I have to keep my grades up, any hint of distraction…”

“You think he’d pull you out?  Really?” Lydia was a little startled.

“No, but he’d probably keep me from seeing you.  Best friends or not.  Whatever else or not.  I really don’t want that to happen.”

Lydia nodded, “I didn’t realize…”

Meanwhile, Maggie was having a discussion with her older brother Timothy.  It wasn’t one she particularly looked forward to.  He wasn’t very pleased to find out she’d been hanging out rather closely with James so soon after his break-up with Kit.

“Don’t be a rebound girl, Maggie.  You’re better than that,” he advised.  She could hear Isolde in the background, trying to take the phone from him.

“I won’t, I told you.  I’m fine.  And tell Isolde that, too.  You guys worry too much.”

Timothy sighed, “I spoke to James.  I know what you’re planning, Mags.  It isn’t–” there was static and the Isolde’s voice broke through, “If you need a place to stay, you can always stay with us!”  More static as Timothy stole back the phone.  “Yeah, what she said.”

Maggie laughed, “you guys are expecting.  And you’ll need the room.  It’ll be fine, I promise.”

Maggie was elated when James came to see her the night before her graduation.  He hadn’t called in advance or anything, just popped up.

“We have an extra room, if you need it,” James offered.  He was fond of Maggie, she was pretty, defintiely, and her personality opposite of Kit’s… but he knew better than to make any moves.  It was too soon and she was Timothy’s little sister.  He was offering her as a friend.

“That would be nice.  Isolde wants me to stay with them, but with the baby and all…”

He nodded, “yeah, I was just there yesterday.  It’s a little hectic.”

She took his hand and smiled, “thanks, James.  I see you in a few days.”


Note from Mao: Ahh, Maggie and James have almost three bolts, lol.  Lydia and Gregory were also quite amorous this update…

What’s with the mascots and cheering woohoos?  Seriously!  This was at the end of the round, too… dundundun.

March 14, 2009

Knight 2 – Round 24: ‘Addicted to Love, End’

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James Anderson has pined after Kit Knight since adolescence.  The two are finally engaged, but Kit has a terrible secret.  Will the addition of Katarina, James’ mom, add more friction?

Katarina: I think it’s only fitting that I start this off.  I mean, by all circumstances, I am an uninvolved party.  Sure, James is my son, but his choices are his own.  Shang and I always sort of stood by the fact that he was a smart boy.  Just kind of stupid when it came to girls.  One girl in particular–Kit Knight.  That girl, she’s like me… but she’s in denial.  Lying to herself, like her mother, Marla does.

Things were tense when I moved in.  There’s no love lost between Kit and I.  I mean, she blames me for her dysfunction.  Which is completely ridiculous.  Never mind that I hooked up with Travis recently.  I was trying to prove a point.  But whatever, that’s not what this is about.

Against my advice, James was in a hurry to get hitched.  I still don’t see what the big deal is.  I’ve never been married and you won’t see me crying over it.  Still, my son has always had high values, despite his taste in women.  Being married to Kit made him happy and I am a mom.  I want to see my kid happy.  Shang is probably rolling over in his grave, but he did the whole divorce thing and had an aversion to marriage ever since.

I knew something was up when Kit was sneaking around.  Turns out she’s knocked up.  The landlord revealed it with James right there.  She wasn’t even going to tell him!  The look on her face was priceless! I swore she was going to faint!  James was a little upset that she tried to hide it from him, but he got over it quickly.  He had always wanted to be a dad.  Poor boy.  I had an inkling that this little one wasn’t his… call it maternal instinct.

That and the fact that during the entirety of her pregnancy, Kit would sit around looking pensive.  Some women radiate with light when they’re pregnant and others grouse around the house in sweats… but Kit?  She slunk around almost as if she was hoping to be an invisible, waddling ninja.  She was worried about something and I think I know what…

She gave birth to twins, Nadia and Dominic.  At first, everything looked normal.  Dominic resembled his grandma Marla while Nadia seemed to favor my side of the family.  Or so it seemed… Kit didn’t seem at all relieved.  Which really put things into perspective.  She would never let James or I too close to the infants.  James wrote it off as being a new mother and her nerves… but I knew better.

While Kit was off doing something, I went in to see the little ones.  I picked Nadia up and thought of James when he was that small.  Had so many years really passed?  Were these old, wrinkled hands really mine?  The vanity of youth is seriously cruel.  But I digress.  Nadia isn’t my granddaughter.  I’d know those eyes anywhere… those are Saunders eyes, Henry’s to be exact… and that face?  It isn’t an Anderson at all.

It’s a Saunders.  Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Go figure.

I may not be the best friend or the best wife or girlfriend or any of that.  You may even question my mothering abilities.  But James is my kid, and I’ll be old and dead and in the ground before I let someone use him.  I’ve never lied about who I am or what I’ve done… but this girl?  She’s in so much denial it’s ridiculous.  She’s not taking my boy down with her, he won’t pay for kids that aren’t his!

I confronted her and she feigned ignorance at first, but she broke down in tears.  Seems she did feel bad about it after all.  Good.  I can’t believe she’d drag him through this.  James is a good boy, a sweet boy.  He’s given her more chances than a cat has lives.

When James came home, they went to their room to talk.  I’ll admit it, I was outside, waiting.  They argued.  I heard James saying Claude freakin’ Saunders in disbelief and I heard Kit crying.  It was a mess, but cathartic.  James needed this.  He never got angry at Kit, he took it all in stride, but this?  This was ridiculous.  By the time it was over, Kit was packing her things and calling her parents.

My heart wrenched for my boy, it really did, but he needed this.  He needed to be rid of her.  She wasn’t good enough for him… she needed to get a clue and accept herself.  What a mess.  At least Marla will take care of those kids–she was always a great mother, despite her trip down the river denial.  I don’t know why Kit is so messed up, maybe it was me.  But I’ve fixed it.  She won’t take my boy with her, that’s for sure.


Note from Mao: It seemed only fitting for Katarina to narrate this.  The twins are indeed Claude’s and the Anderson side related to Henry rarely ever expresses his eyes.  It’s mostly Gordon’s side that does.  Weirdly enough.  Anyway, so we have it.  Kit and James are done.  Poor James… but I’ll bet Maggie is happy to hear the news, LOL!

This lot will change to Anderson 5 next round.

March 8, 2009

Anderson 4 – Round 24: ‘Run’

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Gregory and Cara Anderson are nearing their twilight years while Gregory is on the cusp of becoming a young adult.

Roman isn’t quite sure what convinced Gordon to back off, but he was thankful.  He wasn’t about to go running headlong into anymore schemes.  He would spend his time tailoring Gregory to be the best heir he could.  Perhaps Gregory could achieve greatness without dirtying his hands.  Cara seemed pleased with her husband’s new found dedication to their son.

Of course, Roman wasn’t at all pleased to see that Gordon’s grandchild, Emma, seemed rather intent on Gregory.  Gregory was unmoved, though.  He hung out with Emma, but that was it.  He didn’t have any real interest in her past friendship.  Sure, she was pretty and girly, but… well, she knew she had money.  Gregory was a bit more humble.

“How can you hang out with Lydia?” Emma asked him, completely bewildered by their friendship.  “She doesn’t even have an inheritance!”

Gregory sighed, “money isn’t everything, Emma.”

“Says who?  Have you looked at your house recently, Gregory?  Sheesh,” she laughed, small and prettily, “you’d think you would be happy poor or something.”


She rolled her eyes, “I doubt it.”

Despite Emma’s attempts, Gregory’s interest in Lydia was unfaltering.  She was the one that made him smile just by dropping by or noticing him when they both happened to be in the same room.  They had been friends forever and natural progression dictated that they move onto something more.  Unfortunately, Lydia didn’t seem to agree.  She was still kind of put-off by the whole ‘relationship’ thing.  Gregory was her friend.  Can you really date your friend–the one you threw mud at?  Seriously.

Roman and Cara entered old age gracefully.  They’d built a good life for their son, that was certain.  Both were happy and satisfied with their particular careers.  Their marriage hadn’t been without its hills to climb, but they were still together.  Old age had softened Roman some, but not completely.  He was livid when he found out Gregory had lost one of his college scholarships.  He knew it was because of those girls constantly clamoring after him!

He lectured Gregory long and hard before he left for University.  If his grades slipped in University, he’d have to face Roman.  Gregory was suitably humbled by his father’s disapproval.  He had never really brought forth his wrath before and didn’t look forward to more of it.  Maybe Roman was right, he had been spending too much time focusing on girls… he had his future to think of.  If Lydia came around, she came around, otherwise?  He had to keep an eye on himself.


Note from Mao: Both Lydia and Roman are now in University with Maggie.  Roman and Cara aged quite well, too!  Emma has a big crush on Gregory, but he doesn’t seem interested.

February 24, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 24: ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are happy to welcome their youngest son and heir, Cole, back home.  Shelly Yu also awaits him.

“You haven’t been engaged that long,” Nathaniel Anderson reasoned as he sat with his son at the table, “I don’t see what the rush is.”

Sara scoffed at him, “not everyone wants to wait forever, Nathaniel.  Leave him be.  At least he won’t be another Patrick!”

Nathaniel sighed, his displeasure evident on his face, “that’s true.  Have you talked to him yet?”

Cole winced, awaiting his mother’s response.  Instead, she simply shrugged, any animosity she had for her eldest was veiled to them both.  Regardless, they both felt a pang of sympathy for Patrick when his mother confronted him about his transgressions against his wife and child.

Cole and Shelly were married one a warm spring day.  Despite Shelly’s high position and political power, they had a small wedding that included only their closest relatives and friends.  Of course, it was hard to miss that Patrick and his family were absent.  Viola had wanted to come, but Patrick was avoiding his mother as assiduously as a one does when they know what’s coming to them.

Despite that, Cole and Shelly made the best of the day.

The aggressor was obvious from the start, Shelly always had a bit more fire in her than Cole did.  She reached out and took what she wanted… well, except Timothy O`Hanlon.  But she was young and naive.  That didn’t matter now.  Cole was much more pliable to her will and Shelly had grown fond of him.

Living with one’s parents isn’t exactly conductive to the newly web vibe, so Cole and Shelly went on a honeymoon to the faraway place known only as ‘The Orient’.  It seemed an odd name, but the place was such a mish-mash of obscure cultures, neither questioned it.  Shelly vaguely recalled that her father’s side of the family came from this place.

They bought a small rental house and stayed there, enjoying the open, but private backyard and it’s natural hot spring.

It was a relaxing type of honeymoon, one filled with sipping dark, bitter tea that seemed to energize and discussing the odd culture they were surrounded by.  Neither really understood why grown (perhaps, a bit too grown) men would wear diapers and wrestle one another out of a circle.

C0le found considerable luck at one of the shrines that littered the area.  Unfortunately, he had hardly expected the rain of actual coins that followed his little bit of luck.

Shelly usually slept quite fitfully, but Cole was an early-riser.  He would often be up and dressed, ready for the day and simply waiting for Shelly to roll out of bed.  It was a funny notion, that the ambitious and driven one of the two could be so lazy in the mornings…

Shelly soon embraced the culture that surrounded her and indulged in a little play of dress-up.  She enjoyed the elaborate nature of their dress and tried to encourage Cole to do the same.  He managed to decline politely, in his own way.  There was no way he was wearing a dress, no way.

Of course, not all of their vacation was spent embracing the culture and the vivid landscapes… they made plenty of use of their private time together.  Once they returned home, they’d be thrust into their individual careers and under the constant eye of Cole’s parents.  He loved his parents, but perhaps inheriting the house wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

He needn’t have worried about his mother’s prying ways, for no sooner did they return from their trip did Sara pass on.  She had been on the phone with Patrick.  None could say what transpired spare those two, and Patrick wasn’t talking.  Mostly because his family wasn’t talking to him.  Both Sade and Cole were quite grieved over their mother’s loss and blamed Patrick for putting so much stress on her old heart.  Nathaniel was older than Sara and yet she was the first to go…


Note from Mao: I was totally not expecting Sara to die!  And yes, she was on the phone with Patrick.  Good bye, Sara!  You will be missed…

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