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December 24, 2009

Saunders 3 – Round 27: ‘What’s On Your Mind’

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Michael and Sade Saunders have a stable family life, despite their differences.  Their eldest daughter Grace, while gifted with seemingly endless intellect, prefers bullying her peers over games of chess.  Alexander and Charity, thankfully, are a bit nicer than their sibling.

“I know you went downtown, Grace,” Michael scolds, forcing Grace to sit next to him.  “You’re too young to be going downtown alone.”

“I am not,” Grace huffed, arms crossed over her chest.  “Stop treating me like a baby.”

“When you stop acting like one, I will.  Until that time, don’t go running to your grandfather.  You think I’m hard on you because I like it?  He was no easier on me–he once grounded Elena for two whole years of high school.”

Grace was indignant, “you’re lying.”

“Call her and ask her yourself.  What I’m doing with you now is lenient, realize that and appreciate it.”

Of course, the reality eventually settled in.  Gordon was a giving and loving grandfather, but his hammer of justice knew no mercy.  Everyone had heard of Emma’s fate and that was something Grace did not desire for herself.  Money was important to her, too important to let slip away over something stupid.  She’d stop running to her grandfather’s… but hanging out with her annoying siblings wasn’t really a good alternative.  Especially when they asked her stupid questions.

“Are you going to be a tennis star?”  Charity asked.

“What?  Why?  That’s a stupid question.”

Alexander piped in, adding, “well, you’ve got those beefy arms, like that one… lady… thing… person.  She’s… kind of scary.”

Grace said nothing, she only sighed loudly and left the room.

As if her siblings weren’t bad enough, there was the case of her parents and their incessant need to try and make her vomit.  She should be happy her parents were still in love, but being a teenager, all she could do was gag at the thought.  Their little displays of affection were truly quite sickening.

Sade had begun to worry about getting older, what with the important five zero birthday coming up for Michael.  Her time wasn’t far behind, there was an age gap, but in the later years, it seems to catch up pretty quickly.

“I can’t believe I found a gray hair!”  Sade lamented dramatically, almost to the point of sobbing.  “Next it will be wrinkles that won’t go away and sagging and urrrgh!  Can’t I just be a vampire, Michael?”

“No, you can’t.  Remember, vampires drink blood–you hate blood,”  He squeezed her hand, pulling her closer.  “Besides, I think you’re beautiful and I’ll think the same even when we’re five seconds from death.  I’d think it even if all your hair fell out and never came back.”

She smiled, “really?  You’re not lying?”

“I don’t lie, Sade.  To me, you’ll always be beautiful.”

“And gorgeous?”

He sighed, adding quickly, “and gorgeous.”

She hugged him tightly, “see?  This is why, no matter what, you were going to be stuck with me.  Even if it took me until you were old and gray.”

“Which, unfortunately, seems to have come faster than I anticipated.  Is it wrong that I’m a little disturbed by the fact my own father looks younger than me?”

“Hmm, no.  But I think it will suit you.  And it will make me look younger in comparison!”

Needing an escape, Grace made her way downtown again.  It wasn’t hard, what with her parents wrapped up in their amorous ways and the twins too busy with their twin things.  Getting cash wasn’t hard and calling up a taxi took practically no effort at all.  She was relieved when she saw the lights, comforted when she stepped into the crowd, nameless and faceless.  All of that came to a quick, abrupt halt when she saw the familiar figure of one Fujin Yu, however.

“You know, this stalking thing is getting a little creepy,” he said without turning around.

“I’m not stalking you,” Grace snapped.  “Fate has a way of raining on my parade.  You just happen to be the rain.”

“Lucky me,” he grabbed a pool cue, gesturing towards her with it, “want to play?”

“Only if we can make it interesting,” she replied snappily, snatching the pool cue from him.

He laughed, “oh, great, now I’m getting hustled.  Fine, all right.  Let’s see what you’ve got, little girl.”

“You are so dead now.  I hope you’ve thought ahead and already made your funeral preparations.”

“Yeah, yeah… less talking, more action.  This isn’t my first time getting hustled.”

“I wouldn’t imagine,” she smirked, tapping her cue against the floor.  She watched as he missed, the cue ball bouncing uselessly against the side, just narrowly missing his target.  “Ooh, is this skill?  Should I be taking notes.”

Fujin grumbled, taking a step back, “just a tiny setback.  I’ll recover.  And anyway, what are you doing downtown?  Shouldn’t you be at home or something–I mean, isn’t it dangerous for you to just wander around alone?”

“Really, nerdboy, after all this time… I thought you’d pick up a thing or two.  My grandfather is a vampire crime boss.  What part of that screams ‘helpless little lamb’ to you?  Even without that, I can handle my own.”

“Must be nice to be so fearless.”

“I eat fear for breakfast, right after I choke hold it into submission.”

“Ouch… you know, for being a little girl, you’re kind of scary sometimes.”

She sunk all of her stripes without making a mistake and nailed the eight ball without a single slip-up.  She stepped back, basking in her own glory, “be afraid.  Be very afraid.”

Fujin was forced to watch as all it came to one quick, final end.  He sighed, shaking his head.

“Oh, I am.  Definitely.  My wallet is crying.”

“Tell it to stop it’s sniveling–there’s debt to be paid.”


“Nice doing business with you,” Grace said, pocketing the cash.

Fujin couldn’t help but laugh, “I can’t believe I just got shook down by a little girl.  Are you sure you’re not a criminal?”

“No, and I’m not a little girl, either.  I’m off to University in a few months.  You know, that place people go to not fail at life.  I hear it’s pretty nice, the whole higher education thing.  I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“You really go for the gullet don’t you?”

“I’m a take no prisoners kind of girl.  Just be glad I’m saving you the added shame of being noogied by a little girl.”

“You sure you’re all right out there?” Fujin asked, feeling suddenly guilty.  She may not have been little, but she was still a girl.  Perhaps not a fragile, delicate girl, but a girl nonetheles and girls shouldn’t be wandering the city streets, alone, at night.

“Don’t patronize me, it’s agitating,” she said, turning to leave.  She gave a small wave, a few bills tucked between her fingers.  “Thanks for the cab fair, sucker.”

Fujin shook his head.  He remembered stories about his grandmother Lilith’s antics as a teen and young adult.  He couldn’t help but wonder if Grace was some kind of successor to the throne of female tyrants.  He wasn’t sure he really wanted to find out, either.  She really was scary, even without the vampire crime boss for a grandfather.

Michael’s birthday came and went.  The only thing that changed was his hair, which was now completely gray.  He’d stopped dyeing it, preferring to go au naturale.  Plus, Sade insisted it made him look distinguished and again, made her look younger by comparison.  Grace enjoyed her final moments with her family before the big step to college.

She was around yet for the twins’ birthdays, too.  They were kind of thankful their big sister was off to university.  They weren’t nearly as aggressive and really didn’t want the stigma attached to Grace also put on them.

Alexander, looking quite a bit like his father, preferred books and learning to most everything else.  He was shy, but not nearly so reclusive as Michael.  He liked people, but he also liked knowing he was smarter than most of them.

Charity was the odd one out, following more in her mother’s footsteps.  She wanted to be hot, so hot it burned when people looked at her.  Having inherited her mother’s naturally gorgeous genes, this was no problem at all.  It also helped that her cousin Deidre O`Hanlon, an already established ‘it girl’, was only a grade ahead.

Of course, even though they were in high school now, that didn’t really get them out of a goodbye noogie from Grace before she left.

“You brats better behave while I’m gone,” she warned.

“Yes, yes, just… stop,” Alexander pleaded, worried for the state of his hair.  “The hair!”

Grace wouldn’t miss the chaos, the lovey-doveyness, or the annoyance of her siblings… but she would miss giving them noogies.  A pastime she’d remember forever, to be certain.


Note from Mao: I love Grace.  I think we are like, sim soul sisters.  No, seriously.  I don’t have beefy arms, but uh… I’m finding that I borrow more and more from personal experience/etc for her scenes… LOL!  Good thing she isn’t a scrapper like I was, though.  I’m not fond of sim fights, lol.

Moving on… I think Michael was a little confused at the beginning of this rotation!  Sorry, buddy.  I’d love for you guys to just endlessly spit out spawn, but I’ve got to encourage some form of population control here.

A picture that got left out.  I just think it’s hilarious because of the context  I associate with it.  Grace has won, but it seems her beatin’ hand has got to twitchin’.  Poor Fujin looks a bit worried about his chances of survival, LOL.

For those of you wondering if OMGROMANCE is possible, it is… but uh, would you really want that for poor Fujin?  If Grace ends up feeling something other than annoyance towards him… I think I’ll actually kinda feel bad for the poor guy.  :lol:

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!  I probably won’t post again until after Christmas, so I hope everyone has a great holiday!


  1. LOL, Alexander and his hair! I guess he gets that from his father… or his mother, I suppose, lol!

    I love Grace! She kicks ass! Literally :) But wow, what a handful! I feel for her poor parents, lol! I hope she really can take care of herself, because that kind of thing is usually begging to be proven eventually… but the whole pool scene with Fujin was just hilarious!

    Awww, Michael and Sade! I love it when couples stay in love :)

    Comment by laura — December 24, 2009 @ 8:21 am

  2. LOL, poor Fujin! I liked the scene with them together and was wondering if maybe something might develop some day, but yeah, I think I’d feel bad for him too if that ever happened! LOL!

    Sade and Michael made gorgeous kids! Too bad you can’t have an entire neighborhood of Sade/Michael spawn. ;) And LOL at Sade’s comment that Michael getting old makes her look younger!

    Comment by Shana — December 24, 2009 @ 9:38 am

  3. I can see your point about Grace and Fujin. I suppose their relationship would parellel Shelly and Cole. Grace intrigues me, I can’t wait to see her develop into more.

    Comment by starrsim — December 24, 2009 @ 9:54 am

  4. LOL, his mother, likely. Michael isn’t as fussy, as long as no one tries to cut it. ;)

    Grace is just hilarious. I love writing for her.

    Comment by Mao — December 24, 2009 @ 10:00 am

  5. LOL! I think if it did, Grace wouldn’t be as terrible. Lilith was nice to Tsung, after all. ;) He’d just have to deal with a good ribbing and the female being the stronger of the two.

    I KNOW! I have them packaged. I had to do it!

    Comment by Mao — December 24, 2009 @ 10:01 am

  6. It wouldn’t be that bad. Shelly is just plain mean whereas Grace is just a “strong” female. She’s just sassy. I don’t think she’d ever be outright mean to Fujin. Shelly did say Cole being alien was bad, that’s kind of, yeah. I don’t think anyone can top that one, LOL!

    Comment by Mao — December 24, 2009 @ 10:02 am

  7. This was an awesome update. Wow. Seeing Michael old is scary. It really makes you think about how old the hood is. Good to see Sade is still her vain self. I love Grace too; reminds me of myself when I was little. At least the kids’ heads will be spared. I thought it would be quiet once Grace left, but sounds like Charity will be enough to keep the drama up.

    Comment by Fini — December 24, 2009 @ 11:11 am

  8. I know! I was so sad and also kind of in shock that I’ve been at it this long. The hood hasn’t blown up yet? Amazing!

    Charity will definitely fill the drama quotient.

    Comment by Mao — December 24, 2009 @ 11:40 am

  9. Happy Christmas Eve to you too! I’m so glad that I checked this blog to see if there were any updates before I left for the airport. Now I can suffer through an incredibly long flight without wondering what happened to my favorie family.

    I really liked the closeups of Grace. I drool over the beauty of your default eyes everytime.
    Whoa!It is unfair that your school system gets to be populate my attractive people? Charity is… is a supermodel in training.

    Alexander really reminds me of someone from Knock It Down. I forgot the guy’s name but his hair was pretty similar to Alexander’s.

    Comment by Victoria — December 24, 2009 @ 12:31 pm

  10. Merry Christmas, Mao!

    “And it will make me look younger in comparison!” Ha, classic Sade! She’s awesome. I like that the Awesome Tan is still in effect too.

    “For those of you wondering if OMGROMANCE is possible, it is… but uh, would you really want that for poor Fujin?”

    Um, let me think…YES! I would feel bad for Fujin for a short time but that would be outweighed by how entertaining that relationship would be. LOL!

    Comment by Carla — December 24, 2009 @ 5:59 pm

  11. Hope you had a safe flight, Victoria! Do you mean Nicolas? Before I used the hair, I thought the same thing, LOL! Thankfully, Nicolas is a bit paler and has a smaller nose…

    Grace actually isn’t using any default eyes. The only sims with default eyes are NPCs. She has Henry Saunder’s eyes. :)

    Charity looks a lot like Sade did as a teen. :D

    Comment by Mao — December 25, 2009 @ 9:17 am

  12. You too, Carla!

    Of course, Sade will never change… LOL! And you’re right, it would be pretty funny. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. ;)

    Comment by Mao — December 25, 2009 @ 9:17 am

  13. I agree with Fini, both on the count of this update being awesome, and old!Michael being scary. I can’t believe how fast you go through your generations, even with all the brakes you take from playing. I guess this means Sade isn’t far away from becoming old!Sade either… now that’s a truly scary thought :D I can’t wait to see her as an elder xD
    As for the Grace and Fujin thing, I’m 100% in favour of OMGROMANCE :) Having a new Lilith & Tsung would totally be worth letting poor Fujin suffer a little :D

    Comment by Monika — December 25, 2009 @ 10:54 am

  14. Grace’s name is just so ironic.

    Comment by Emma — December 26, 2009 @ 1:46 pm

  15. It’s actually slowed down a lot–I feel so sluggish! But I don’t have as much time as I used to. D’oh… ;)

    LOL, poor Fujin.

    Comment by Mao — December 26, 2009 @ 9:45 pm

  16. It really is.

    Comment by Mao — December 26, 2009 @ 9:45 pm

  17. It would be weird outgrowing your parents! Michael seems to take it well though. Man, do they have their hand full with Grace! She’s a scrappy girl!

    The twins aged up nicely, and they are such opposites of each other.

    Comment by maisie — December 27, 2009 @ 9:14 pm

  18. Oh, I know! What a strange thing.

    Comment by Mao — December 28, 2009 @ 10:55 am

  19. I love when this lot rolls around on your playlist! This family just cracks me up. I have a feeling that the chip on Grace’s shoulder is going to wear down a little once she goes to Uni and has some freedom. My theory is that she’s just lashing out at Fujin because she likes him, kind of like how elementary school kids chase their crushes around the playground. I totally vote yes for a Grace/Fujin relationship! Michael makes a really great elder, I’m excited to see how Sade ages. The twins are definitely going to be heartbreakers too.

    Comment by Liz — December 30, 2009 @ 4:18 pm

  20. Haha, that’s a good theory. But I think Grace’s emotions are too complicated for her to understand just yet and Fujin is an easy target. If he fought back, it’d probably be different!

    Comment by Mao — December 30, 2009 @ 7:32 pm

  21. You have some of the best looking sims.

    Grace is so scary to me. I would not wish her on Fujin he needs someone a little bit smother around the edges.

    Comment by Monique — January 8, 2010 @ 9:43 pm

  22. Haha, thanks! Selective breeding, I guess. ;)

    Comment by Mao — January 9, 2010 @ 12:05 pm

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