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December 30, 2009

Anderson 5 – Round 27: ‘Hysteria’

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James Anderson and Maggie O`Hanlon have an easy relationship, it’s just a shame that it’s sort of put a bit of a clamp on James’ friendship with Maggie’s older brother, Timothy; especially now that she’s pregnant.  Katarina Anderson is still alive and kicking, but for how much longer?

“So,” Katarina began, looking Maggie dead in the eye.  “This is actually my son’s, right?  I mean, I’m not sure if we can do the baby switcheroo again.”

Maggie blinked, unsure of what to say, “I… what… what kind of question is that?  Of course it is!”

“Just checking.  You think it’s abnormal until it actually happens, then it’s an everyday concern.”

“…that’s just insane.  What’s wrong with you?”

Katarina smiled, all teeth, “too much to name.  When you’ve lived as long as I have, you’ve seen it all!”

Maggie had been concerned about telling James, but she shouldn’t have been.  They may not have been married,  but he couldn’t have been happier.  Not only could he be completely certain the baby was actually his this time, but he couldn’t think of a better person to have a family with.  Given that his parents had never married, James and Maggie were in no rush.  They didn’t want to run off and get married just because of the baby.

Things around the apartment mostly revolved around Maggie’s pregnancy.  She was off work on maternity leave and so far along she was waddling around more than actually walking.  Katarina had no desire to pander to a pregnant woman.  She’d done it and she’d been pregnant with a married guy’s baby!

“Hey, you know what pregnant women don’t make?  Good windows.  You’re blocking the TV!”

James sighed, “mom, seriously, be nice.”

“This is nice.  Refuse to move and you’ll see mean!  When you’re old like me, your shows are everything!”

Timothy finally made his way over after promising Isolde, on his dead mother’s grave, that he wouldn’t pulverize the father of his sister’s baby.  Maggie was happy to see her brother after so long, but a little anxious about his reunion with James.  James seemed to share her feelings.

“Before you start throwing punches–”

Timothy interrupted him, “I’m not going to hit you, I promised Isolde I wouldn’t.  It’s the only way she’d let me leave!  That witchy stuff is serious business.”

Maggie took a deep breath, “then does that mean you’re not mad?”

“Oh, I’m still plenty mad, Mags.  Mostly because you didn’t tell me and I had to find out by accident!”

Maggie, unable to come up with a response and feeling a little guilty, made her exit, “um, I’ll be over here…”

“And you, dude, not cool.  You knocked up my baby sister.  Do you remember when we were teens?  Yeah, she was a kid.  Gross, huh?”  Timothy said, shaking his head.  “But what’s done is done, I guess.  Just know, you hurt my sister?  I’ll turn you into whale bait.  They’ll need your dental records to identify the mangled corpse.”

James cringed, “pleasant, Timothy.  I’m so glad you’re willing to let bygones be bygones.”

“Yeah, I’m real generous like that,” he said, making a motion with his two fingers, pointing to his own eyes and then at James.  “She’s my baby sister, dude.  Remember that.”

Of course, no sooner had the threat of Timothy’s fist left their minds, Katarina had to add extra weight.  While she’d never done the whole marriage thing herself, she was curious about their dedication to doing this ‘cohabitation thing’, especially since neither of them planned on keeping things open.

“I just don’t see the point.  Why not just run off and get hitched like all the other normal people?”

Maggie shrugged, “it’ll happen when it feels right.  There’s no standardization, no law that says people with kids have to get married.”

“Psh, should be.  Separate the weak from the strong.  You don’t know strength ’til you walk in on your boyfriend with three chicks, all covered in Jell-O.”

Maggie, rendered speechless, just gaped at her.

“I mean, of course I got in on that, I love a good Jell-O romp, but still…”

Baby Katherine O`Hanlon entered the world with little trouble.  Maggie’s due date came and they went to the hospital as they’d worked out.  When they returned, Maggie tried working from home, making sure to keep Katherine close by at all times.  Katarina, surprisingly, was a big help with the newborn.

Of course, no one spent more time with Baby Katherine than James.  He couldn’t have been happier.  In fact, all his thoughts revolved around her and other baby things.  Maggie just shook her head anytime he gave her ‘that look’.  One little accident was enough for her.  She loved Katherine, but the whole baby thing had really thrown her for a loop.

Of course, with birth often comes death.  Katarina was sitting in the living area with baby Katherine, watching her shows, when she dozed off.  She never woke up.  Maggie came downstairs after her shower to find Katarina stone cold on the couch, baby Katherine slumbering quietly in her chair.  She took the baby upstairs, called 911, and then James.  It was not a pretty situation, he came home immediately from work, completely torn up.  He’d always been insanely close with his mother.

Time went on and James channeled his sadness into playing with Katherine.  Maggie busied herself redoing the apartment, tired of the old, drab furnishings and wallpaper.  They’d gotten the apartment from one of Katarina’s rich flings and his stuff had been there.  Now it was in a moving truck, replaced with items more fitting of the family that now resided there.


Notes from Mao: Awww, poor Katarina!  You will be missed, you lived a long, crazy life.  I’m sure Shang is waiting in the afterlife hottub for you.

James was really torn up by Katarina’s passing, constantly stopping what he was doing and crying.  I haven’t had a sim grieve this bad in awhile!  Even poor Katherine was sad about her grandma’s passing.

The picture below is hilarious because both James and Katherine are crying over Katarina’s demise while Maggie looks frustrated that their cries are disrupting her game, LOL!

I’m waiting for Maggie or James to spin up a want to get married before I do anything.  I like having some non-married couples.  My parents never got married, LOL!  James immediately rolled a want for a baby when Katherine aged, but uh, yeah.  Population control!

How awesome is it that Katherine got Jun Yu’s eyes AND skintone, though??  Woo!

Normally this is where we’d move on to Uni, but we have a new lotsto play!  Emma and Jennifer’s before Uni!


  1. LOL. Katarina never ceases to amaze with what comes out of her mouth. I got nervous when I saw Timothy, sure he was going to knock someone’s lights out! I was a bit shocked when Katherine appeared, wondering how she got so light. So she got Jun Yu’s genetics? Interesting. She looks so pretty. Bye-bye Katarina. And to think, I thought when she was little she would be in the background, since she wasn’t quite as smart as her little brother.

    Comment by Fini — December 30, 2009 @ 10:24 pm

  2. Timothy is something serious, huh? Is he always that violent, or just when it comes to his sister?

    Katrina is a hoot-a good Jello romp-umm, thanks for sharing :P

    Comment by starrsim — December 31, 2009 @ 9:49 am

  3. Isolde also randomly got Jun Yu’s skintone, too! I’m pretty happy about it, it hasn’t popped up since, well, Jun Yu, LOL!

    Ahh, all the drama Katarina caused! In fact, they all have… sigh. Those Andersons. ;)

    Comment by Mao — December 31, 2009 @ 10:33 am

  4. James and Timothy were best friends and then James goes and dates AND knocks up his little sister. According to the bro code, Timothy should pulverize James. Usually Timothy is very laid-back, but this is his sister.

    Comment by Mao — December 31, 2009 @ 10:34 am

  5. I don’t see what’s the big rush in getting married either. My fiance and I have twin daughters and people are always asking when are we going to get married. I’m like “We just got engaged three days ago. Can’t we wait six years before tying the knot?”

    I find it funny that James has a lip ring and a nose piercing. It looks good on him but I always see it as something that he got done on a drunken dare.

    Katherine is so cute! I just want to pinch her cheeks.

    Aww, I’m sad to Katarina go. She was one of my favorites but now I’m sure the afterlife hot tub will be put into good use!

    Comment by Victoria — December 31, 2009 @ 3:34 pm

  6. Haha, as someone who is married, I don’t see the rush, either. We were engaged almost two years before we got married.

    James’ piercings are mostly just because it’s to his style. His father was Shang, after all.

    I will miss writing Katarina’s outlandish dialogue!

    Comment by Mao — December 31, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

  7. “Hey, you know what pregnant women don’t make? Good windows. You’re blocking the TV!”

    Classic! I loved Katarina. RIP, I’m going to miss her!

    James got off lightly with Timothy. I think James might owe Isolde big time!

    But I’m so glad James has a child of his own now. I felt so awful for him during the whole Kit debacle.

    Comment by Carla — December 31, 2009 @ 7:44 pm

  8. I will definitely miss writing her quirky dialogue! Me, too. Poor James!

    Comment by Mao — January 1, 2010 @ 12:17 am

  9. Man, it seems like Katarina has been around FOR-EV-ER. Not that I’m happy to see her go…things will be less interesting for lack of her in the ‘hood, that’s for sure. I’ll miss her catty comments. :)

    Katherine is going to be beautiful, I think. What a pretty little girl she turned out to be!

    Comment by Shannon — January 1, 2010 @ 8:02 pm

  10. I know! I will definitely miss writing her.

    Comment by Mao — January 1, 2010 @ 8:29 pm

  11. LOL, Katarina! She reminds me of my grandma with her shows. Sad to see her go :(

    I find it quite notable when Sims *don’t* roll marriage wants, so I usually let them remain unmarried too.

    Timothy is funny! I’m glad the guys are talking again though. And welcome Katherine! Named (kind of) after her grandmother? I love keeping names in the family like that. And that is a lovely skintone.

    Comment by laura — January 2, 2010 @ 11:24 pm

  12. I will miss Katarina!

    If sims have the personality to want marriage, I let them even if they just roll it up as a date tree want. Otherwise, I kind of wait for some sort of sign, LOL!

    My husband names my sims so I hadn’t realized how similar they sounded until it was too late, LOL!

    Comment by Mao — January 3, 2010 @ 11:54 am

  13. I’m glad that the situation with Maggie and James is working out, I seriously had my doubts when they first hooked up. RIP Katrina, I’m definitely sad that she won’t appear in any more entries, she was one of your more entertaining sims. Katherine is a cutie, and YAY for the Yu genes coming through 4 generations later :)

    Comment by Liz — January 4, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

  14. So far, so good. I’m pretty sure James is over Kit, he hasn’t spun up any wants or communicated with her since she left. ;)

    Comment by Mao — January 4, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

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