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July 17, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 15: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 3′

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Gordon Saunders is the new Criminal Mastermind, but he’s also leading a dangerous double-life. Tracey is completely oblivious to her husband’s other woman, too busy with their new son Michael.

Tracey smiled, pushing back the stray hair from Michael’s face. He was a toddler now and his hair was getting out of control. Everytime she tried to cut it, though, he screamed and cried. She blamed Gordon, as his hair was longer than any female’s in Boreal Springs.

For once in her life, Tracey was happy. She finally had the family she so desperately desired. It was too bad she had no idea of who Gordon was and what he did when she and Michael were sleeping. It was also a shame she didn’t realize how the job she loved was a betrayal of that family.

Luckily for Tracey, Gordon was much too busy to put the pieces together. He knew better than to use his home phone to conduct business, though, and so he had many phones and many numbers. One phone he kept on him was a dangerous link to that double life he led down in Aperture. He had been busy working with Tsung on getting a home built. When Tsung inquired if he was moving, Gordon simply said he wanted somewhere to stay when he was doing business downtown.

It wasn’t like he could tell his best friend that it was his mistress’ home. Nevermind the fact that she was the infamous Katy Saunders. That was lost in government tape. She was Lauren Davis now.

Tracey was enjoying Michael so much that she thought it might be nice to have another. Michael wasn’t exactly planned, but now that he was here, she couldn’t see living any other way. She didn’t want a big family, but having a girl or at least a sibling for little Michael would be nice. Unfortunately, bringing this up to Gordon was like regressing back to the age of sixteen when she asked her parents for her first car.

He had much the same reaction as they had, too–”no.”

“What do you mean no?” Tracey was flabbergasted. She had never really questioned Gordon before, but this was one of those times that his response just didn’t make sense. Couldn’t he have at least thought of an excuse? “You can just say ‘no’ and then that be the end–”

“Yes, I can. And I just did.” He replied simply, standing up. He really, really wasn’t in the mood to deal with this right now.

“Hey! You can’t just leave!”

“What more do you need? No means no. And I have to go to work.”

Tracey refused to give up so easily. She just couldn’t understand how he could enjoy Michael so much and yet just say “no”, without even considering it, to having another child. It wasn’t like they were worried about money, or space, or anything logical. And really, what was he losing? She was the one who had to get fat and waddle around for nine months… and then try to squeeze out a baby the size of a water melon!

Michael grew quickly into a quiet and reserved child. His nature wasn’t for a lack of love, both his mother and father paid plenty of attention to him. He simply carried a piece of Gordon with him and expressed it differently. He was an old soul locked up into a tiny body. Sometimes Tracey worried about him and his odd ways. He rarely spoke and when he did, his voice was calm and without emotion. His hair was nearly as long as Gordon’s now and he refused to get more than an inch cut off at a time. He insisted that his hair be neatly tied back and when his mother wasn’t around to do it, he learned how to do it himself.

Gordon dismissed Tracey’s worries, knowing full well how Michael felt. He only hoped that his son wasn’t forced to follow in his footsteps and he hated thinking how perfectly suited Michael was to be his successor.

If all of Gordon’s plans came to fruition, he wouldn’t need a successor…


Note from Mao: Tracey has a want for another baby. They are halfway through adulthood, so we’ll see how Inteen handles that one! Michael is quite literally a little clone of Gordon, only with Henry’s eyes and Janine’s jet black hair. He shares Janine’s love for tinkering, too.


  1. You can’t cut his hair, Tracey! For he is…SAMSON! Mmyes. I feel so bad for poor Tsung, helping out a cheating crook…tsk. And he’s cold too, ain’t he? But man, Michael is an adorable child. Wait…maybe he is Janine reincarnated! Gasp.

    Hahaha! Tsung and Gordon are best friends, so even if he found out, he’d probably still help. Tsung isn’t doing anything illegal. Michael is quite cute! Poor Gordon isn’t cold, he’s just reserved. You can’t have your emotions on your sleeve while you rule the underworld of crime!

    Comment by Elecy — July 17, 2008 @ 10:56 pm

  2. Michael really looks a lot like his father. I wonder if he will succeed Gordon.

    He really does! If all goes according to plan, perhaps not… Gordon doesn’t want him to, simply because he’d rather Michael be able to live his life.

    Comment by Kyri — July 18, 2008 @ 6:03 am

  3. He looks SO much like Gordon, I was hoping to see some Tracey in him! I do want them to have another baby- do you play with ACR? I know you use InTeen, but I don’t remember if you said you did.

    Poor Tracey. Nope, I don’t care too much for ACR and it takes too much time to customize it to a level where I can tolerate it.

    Comment by Josh — July 18, 2008 @ 1:46 pm

  4. What a cutie and almost all Janine and Gordon, hopefully he’s more Tracey and Henry on the inside :)

    “If all of Gordon’s plans came to fruition, he wouldn’t need a successor…” has me suspicious…Gordon with a plan scares me :o

    Haha, we shall see. So far, he seems to take mostly after Gordon. The personality points don’t lie! ;) As for Gordon’s plan, well… only time will tell.

    Comment by Ann — July 19, 2008 @ 12:56 pm

  5. Yeah, it would be nice if they had another baby with more of Tracey’s features…she’s oh so pretty. (And I see she’s knowledge – she must be a closeted family sim or something!) I have had knowledge sims like that, though, especially once they reach the top of their careers. They can become total breeders, haha.
    I do like Gordon. He’s an interesting character…and there’s something so “efficient” about him that I rather enjoy.

    She’s actually Knowledge/Family. The dual aspirations is probably one of my most favorite features. Seriously. I adore it! I enjoy Gordon, too. :D

    Comment by Cassie — July 19, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

  6. I shudder at the thought of Gordon’s plan…living forever does he want to? A little Yoddish for all lol!

    You might be onto something there… ;)

    Comment by Hucklekree — July 20, 2008 @ 1:02 am

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