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February 17, 2010

Anniversary – Pivotal Moments

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A lot can happen in two years.  I played and updated daily for a long while, too, meaning that a lot did happen in two years.  My playtime has since decreased due to multiple reasons and lifestyle changes, but I thought it would be fun to go over the big events that have taken place… starting from the very beginning!  I’m only counting the big ones; it’s tempting to include relationship woes and everything else, but this is more of a hood-wide thing, something that’s impacted everyone or multiple families.

This will read like a bad soap opera script.  I don’t play for realism, I play to play and my sims’ whims don’t always make logical sense!  Those of you who have been reading for awhile already know this, but I’m just warning the unprepared.

Clicking on the links will bring up the relevant entries explaining in detail what’s going on.  For those with browsers with tabs, I recommend CTRL+Clicking links for easy browsing.  ;)

Moment #1 – Thomas/Jun/Henry/Janine Love Square

This was a big one and it continued on for quite awhile.  When Henry Saunders and Janine Anderson met, they had instant chemistry, whereas Thomas and Janine always seemed to be on the rocks about something.  Jun Yu wasn’t looking for anything serious when she got tangled up with Henry, but her pregnancy (Ryu Yu) caused Henry to propose.  Of course, during all of this, she was also seeing Thomas Anderson, who was still married to Janine.

Eventually, Henry found out about her cheating and Janine found out about Thomas.  Thomas kicked Janine out when they divorced, citing his knowledge of her criminal activities.  Their second daughter, Alyssa, chose to stay with her father.  Janine eventually went to Henry, they married, and she had Gordon Saunders.  Jun and Thomas had no children and never married.

Mentioned very little, though very much relevant to the story, Janine never truly made her up her mind.  She loved Henry, but continued to have wants and dealings with Thomas.  At first, it was simply criminal interest… but old flames don’t extinguish so easily.  So, Janine and Thomas were also messing around behind Henry and Jun’s backs.  Amusing how that worked out, isn’t it?

This is also notable for being the beginning of my very screwed family trees.  Thanks, guys, so much.

Moment #2 – The Death and Resurrection of Katy Saunders

The death of Katy Saunders, Derek Saunder’s first wife, was a huge event in Boreal Springs.  It seemed pretty innocent at first, but it went on to be one of the longer arcs I’ve had while playing this neighborhood.  It’s notable to remember that Katy died in the game of fright while pregnant.  She was scared by the nameless teen townie that died during their wedding.  I, however, did not see it that way as I rarely have such deaths and there were more interesting things afoot…

The issue of Katy’s death being murder isn’t brought up until Thomas mentions it to Janine.  Of course, Katy’s death allowed Derek to be with his true love, Mary O`Hanlon… which was the intention all along and is what led to him being a huge suspect.  It’s mentioned that Derek knew what happened, but never fully revealed whether he was a part of it or not.

Things didn’t really pick up until Ryu Yu got involved, mostly through the task force organized to take Janine’s little criminal empire down.  Of course, things get even worse when Derek’s own wife and DA, Mary, gets involved, too!  Ryu takes his involvement to the next level, going so far as to have crazy dreams of talking to Katy.  He eventually goes so far as to bring in Lilith Yu to resurrect Katy with her occult powers, hoping to use her as a witness.

We find out that Henry knew all along about Janine’s criminal activities when he sends his son, Ryu Yu, documents about Janine and the Katy Saunders case.  Derek is eventually cleared of the charges, but can’t quite shake the criminal element out of his life.  He claimed innocence even in his last moments.

Katy Saunders was given a new name and identity by Ryu, but turned away from his side by a very shady Gordon Saunders.  They eventually fell in love, married, and had a child, Claude Saunders.  Katy raised Michael Saunders as her own, and Gordon raised Elena Davis (his technical niece) as his own.  She has no idea what really happened to this day.  The biggest irony is that Katy (now Lauren) fell in love with her murderer’s child and heir.

It’s notable that my husband named Lauren’s daughter she carried with her through death, Elena, after Maria ‘Elena’ Milagro de Hoyos.  We’re creepy like that.

Moment #3 – Gordon Saunders Takes Over

If there is any character known in this hood, it’s Gordon Saunders.  His birth and childhood were both pretty uneventful, even if his mum was a crime boss and his technical nephew died in a model train fire.  His interest in the criminal, however, took little to no time at all to develop.  He was determined to take over for Janine.  Gordon didn’t waste time at college dating or hanging out, he trained with Thomas and Janine until he was ready.  Janine did what she could for him before she died.  He married a girl that he thought would be simple and oblivious to his actions to cover his tracks, that girl was Tracey.  He took care of Thomas as a gift to his mother and his father, sealing his takeover of both Janine and Thomas’ operations.

Ryu Yu tried to get to him by using his wife, Tracey.  He was still hot after Janine’s escape from the law through death.  Unfortunately, for Ryu, he failed to see how cunning and cold Gordon really was.  Gordon took his son, Michael, and moved his operations to Aperture, where he still resides.  He enlisted the help of his best friend’s wife, Lilith, to become a vampire and ensure that none of his children have to suffer his fate.

Gordon continues to run his criminal empire, despite his youngest son’s bumbling attempts to mess everything up.  He’s butted heads with Roman Anderson and others and always came out the victor.  Half the fun is trying to figure how long he can make it work, especially now that his children are becoming elders and his wife, Lauren/Katy, is dead.  There’s also the loose end of his most recent recruit dangling out there, too…

It’s notable that my husband, who usually names my sims, named Gordon after the main character in Half-Life and Half-Life 2.  Go figure.

Moment #4 – Lacie Anderson Goes Missing

Lacie was always a bit of a nusiance to Roman Anderson, who saw her as a gold digging whore out for their money.  He was right, of course, and his brother, Nevio, was a blockhead for ignoring it.  The curse seems to stem from this, so I’m considering it pivotal!

Lacie knew Roman had her number, so she purpously got knocked up and Nevio proposed.  Roman wasn’t happy about this at all, and even after Nevio and Lacie were married, he began scheming.  His plan was to pull one over on Gordon, but Gordon foiled that.  Eventually, Gordon agreed due to his slight grudge against the Anderson bunch for his mother’s slight.  He contacted another criminal from afar and took care of Lacie.

While her children somewhat mourned her loss, Nevio was the one hit worst by it.  It seems he’s cursed now and it’s moved onto his heir, Adora.

It’s notable that I sent Lacie to live with my friend, Christina.  I needed her gone and we came up with that crackpot solution late into the night, lol.

Moment #5 Lilith Yu Finds the Occult

Lilith’s interest in the occult began when she witnessed the death of her teenage boyfriend, Chuck Saunders.  Seeing the death as unfair, Lilith was determined to make it right.  She enlisted help from her husband, Tsung Yu, with designing the very thing that would later bring back Katy Saunders.  At the time, though, she was still thinking about Chuck.

It wasn’t until Ryu learned of her skills that he came to ask her about possibly bringing back Katy.  It was at this moment that Lilith began to rethink her plans.  So much time had passed.  She was married, with children, even.  What good would bringing Chuck back do?  She eventually resurrected and monitored Katy.  She also helped Gordon become a vampire, despite her previous dislike of him, mostly out of curiosity and interest.  She would go on to train Isolde Anderson in the ways of the occult.

It is notable to mention that Lilith is the reason that so many supernatural things are now present in Boreal Springs.  She’s the root of it all, thus this being a “pivotal” moment.  She’s passed the helm onto Isolde, who works for Gordon.  I’m not sure Lilith would be entirely thrilled with that!

Moment #6 – Roman Anderson Wants Too Much

Roman Anderson was Thomas’ spiritual successor.  Nevio was too emotional, but Roman was perfect.  Thomas didn’t have time to teach him much, but Roman didn’t need it.  It came to him naturally.  He wanted the Anderson name to continue to be one of status and wealth and built himself quite the mansion to accomodate his desires.  He tried to keep his family in check, but it rarely worked out.  He didn’t have Thomas’ manipulative abilities.

His biggest mistake was getting involved with Gordon Saunders.  After their deal did not turn out to his liking, he stepped up his game, targeting Gordon’s youngest and most gullible son, Claude.  During this time, he managed to have an affair that resulted in pregnancy.  The threat of his family name being sullied by a bastard weighing heavily on him, he conned his brother into marrying her and passing the child off as his own.  This, of course, led to her untimely death due to unknown circumstances.  The threat gone, Roman refocused his efforts on Claude.  While Gordon was displeased, things did not turn out as Roman had planned.  His agent was in love with Claude and accepted, begrudgingly, by Gordon.

The threat of Gordon’s retribution still weighs heavily on his mind.  Gordon knows Roman’s son, Gregory, and has been sighted near him.  He has yet, however, to do anything.  Roman’s paranoia is becoming worse as he grows older and more vulnerable while Gordon only grows stronger.

It’s notable to mention that my husband named Roman after the character, Roman Grant, from the TV series, Big Love.  Fitting, again, because Roman is trying to manipulate and control his family.

Notable Moments That Missed The Cut…

  • Shang’s ridiculous affairs. This guy broke up marriages!  He’s a big part of why Ryu and Alyssa divorced, not to mention messing around on Kate.  He’s slept with quite a few notable women, including Cara Anderson!  Probably a good thing Roman didn’t find out about that one…
  • Kit’s indecision. She had fits all throughout young adulthood and adulthood.  She dated three different guys, fell in love with Claude, and lost him to a Countess.  She married James, who loved her since they were teens, and tried to pass Claude’s babies off as his!  Now she’s got Gordon hot on her trail, wanting to see his grandchildren.
  • A Moment Yet to Occur… something I hadn’t expected has popped up and I only know about it because I figured it out while I was taking house tour pictures!  I debated on including it here, but I’ve decided to wait.  Nevertheless, it’s relatively small compared to the first two… but it’s ripple effect will prove interesting!

There’s been plenty of small level events that have happened, but those are for another time.  For now, I hope you enjoyed this little “look back” on the dysfunction!

Is there something on here that didn’t make it but you feel was pivotal?  If so, let me know.  I’m always curious as to what you guys are thinking!


  1. Moment #2 and Elena’s name…wow, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you two discuss baby names ;P Thanks for including those moments in the hood’s history and providing a little trip down memory lane.

    Comment by starrsim — February 17, 2010 @ 7:21 pm

  2. Haha! If and when we ever have children, their names are already decided. All husband got to do was pick the middle name of the male child name. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed!

    Comment by Mao — February 17, 2010 @ 7:30 pm

  3. I am very curious about this moment yet to occur. But until then, I vaguely remember that yes, Janine was kinda still messing with Thomas even after she married Henry. And amazing the effect of those six moments…

    Comment by Fini — February 18, 2010 @ 11:16 am

  4. Hehe! I still have to play it, so I’m kind of curious about it, too. ;)

    It’s really weird to think that just this many moments changed quite a bit.

    Comment by Mao — February 18, 2010 @ 11:18 am

  5. This is fascinating, and I totally agree, it’s amazing how one single moment can completely alter the course of many storylines! I’ve seen this happen in my own hood too.

    Wow, that’s a very long and complex history! I love how your Sims screwed up your family trees right from the start, lol! But the funniest thing is to note how many Sims died during weddings in this hood! :)

    I can’t wait to find out the moment yet to occur!

    Just curious, what generation are your families on now?

    Comment by laura — February 18, 2010 @ 11:45 am

  6. They just wanted to make things super difficult from the get-go, LOL! :P And yes, for some reason, random sims LOVE to die at my weddings. Now you know why I rarely do big ones… or, at least, that’s my excuse I’m stickin’ to it!

    As for the generation, according to the family tree… we’re on the cusp of the fifth generation. There’s a fourth generation adult that’s pregnant. :D

    Comment by Mao — February 18, 2010 @ 11:51 am

  7. Wow, I knew Boreal Springs had a lot of drama and weird twists and turns but it’s really amazing to see it all laid out like that!

    When I saw the title, I wondered if Shang and all his affairs would make the cut but the ones that made the list were better choices I think. Gordon (just Gordon in general, LOL!) was the first one I would have thought of.

    I still remember Jun and Henry and Janine and Thomas! Blast from the past! I was commenting very rarely then (everywhere, not just here) but I still remember the early days of BS pretty clearly.

    Comment by Carla — February 18, 2010 @ 5:33 pm

  8. I was quite surprised myself, seeing it all laid out so plain and clear. The Soap Opera thing is undeniable. I had to resist the urge to /facepalm! I don’t even watch Soap Operas!

    I was really curious to see the different reactions. There are some folks who have been through it all and others who started in the middle or just recently. I wondered if those who have been around would remember the details of these! Glad to see most do. :D

    Comment by Mao — February 18, 2010 @ 5:48 pm

  9. I found your blog about a month and a half ago and I just got caught up. It is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the Anniversary/Behind the Scenes additions. I’m kinda sad that I am caught up because now I’ll actually have to work during the day instead of read about your Sims! But I just wanted to say great job and I can’t wait for the next update!

    Comment by Janelle — February 18, 2010 @ 7:25 pm

  10. Hi there, Janelle! I’m always so happy to hear from new readers. :D I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed! All of this looking back has really rekindled my playing spirit, so hopefully once I’ve finished with all this pomp and ceremony, updates will resume.

    Comment by Mao — February 18, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

  11. Oh man, I remember poor Patricia and her death at the altar. I have a soft-spot for that particular “model”, I must admit. I’m always marrying her into families!

    Re: Kit’s indecision – when you told us the three potential fathers I kind of wanted her to have an alien baby, it would have been hilarious. But I guess the current way brings us more Gordon drama (and Valerie drama too…)

    Comment by Zoë — February 19, 2010 @ 7:57 pm

  12. Haha, I was somewhat happy when Patricia died. Less kids and less family tree fugging… but also curious about what the kid would have looked like!

    Oh, man. I had no idea who the kid belonged to and that’s rare. Very hilarious!

    Comment by Mao — February 20, 2010 @ 10:48 am

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