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July 22, 2008

Anderson – Round 16: ‘Happy?, End’

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Alyssa and Ryu’s marriage has been on the rocks for awhile now. Can they settle their differences or is it time to call in the lawyers?

Alyssa found herself at a loss. She had confessed to Florence, but she really didn’t feel any better. In fact, she felt worse. Her guilt was transposing itself into anger and she found herself frequently lashing out at the wrong people. She had to bite her tongue when Roman called to report that Nevio was bringing his gold-digging girlfriend Laci to dinner.

“How can you be so sure, Roman? Maybe you are misunderstanding her..”

“No, I’m not, mother. She’s even gone so far as to hit on me. She’s disgusting and she needs ejected as soon as possible.”

Alyssa sighed heavily, “you know we can’t do that, Roman. If Nevio loves her…”

“Grandfather would have. You know it, too, just as well as I do.” There was shuffling on the other end of the line. “I’ve got to go. We’ll see you Sunday.”

Talking to Ryu was as awkward as it had ever been. They mostly kept their distance, though Ryu had made attempts to build bridges, Alyssa always declined. She just couldn’t get over her own guilt. She knew she had to tell him, but it would have to wait until after the kids visited. No need to make things messy for them, too.

“You need to tell me what’s going on, Alyssa.”

“No, not yet. After the kids have come and gone, I’ll tell you. But no sooner than that. It’s for the best.”

And so Sunday came and Alyssa finally met Laci. She had to admit, Laci certainly looked the part. Was Nevio serious about this girl? Alyssa couldn’t help but notice how much makeup Laci wore. That really wasn’t appropriate. She tried her best to make nice, though, for her son’s sake. She also needed to have a talk with Roman. If there was anyway to remove this woman from Nevio’s life, it needed to be done. She wasn’t fit to be an heir’s wife.

Alyssa went downstairs to see where Ryu had gone to only to find him talking to Tracey Saunders. Inwardly, she bristled. The mere sight of Tracey was enough to set her off. She glared angrily at Ryu and walked into the kitchen, ignoring the fact that Tracey seemed frightened.

“Hold on a minute, Tracey. I’ll be right back,” Ryu assured, patting her on the shoulder.

“A…All right…” she replied, visibly shaken.

Ryu entered the kitchen only to be met with a shower of water. He pushed it out of his face and looked at Alyssa, his own anger flaring.

“What the hell is she doing in the house, Ryu? When the children are here, no less!”

Ryu shook off the water, “what are you trying to say, Alyssa? Tracey just came by because of work. She found something–”

“I’m sure she did!”

“That’s it!” Ryu yelled back, getting in her face. “What is your problem? Why don’t you just tell me so we can stop this stupid charade and get it all over with. Just say it, Alyssa.”

“You act like you already know,” she huffed back, crossing her arms over her chest. Inwardly, she felt as if she might faint.

“Maybe I do,” Ryu retorted, not backing down. “Maybe I figured it out myself and despite that, tried to make this work. But you’ve killed that. So just say it!”

“Fine! I slept with Shang,” she shot back, eyes narrowing. “Are you happy now? But it wouldn’t have happened were it not for that stupid wench in the livingroom!”

“Don’t blame Tracey for your own weaknesses, Alyssa.” Ryu replied, his tone low and full of warning. “I don’t think we need to discuss this any further, do you? I tried, I did, and you threw it in my face.”

“I never should have married you!” Alyssa raged, fists forming at her sides. “Father was right! It’s a shame he won’t be here to see the divorce.”

Ryu shook his head and exited, “I should have known you’d go crazy without your puppet master here to rule your every move.”


  1. Aww, it’s sad that they’re splitting up. I always hoped they would work through it somehow. :( Yeah, Tracey should be very afraid…Gordon will NOT be happy about all of this. Oh dear!

    I would not want to be Tracey right now. She’s between a rock and a hard place. that’s for sure. I had hoped, too, but sims are sims…

    Comment by Cassie — July 22, 2008 @ 11:09 am

  2. Oh no they divorced… :(

    I think Tracey will have a hard time coming up. As Cassie said, Gordon will not be pleased. Never cross the criminal…

    It’ll be interesting, to say the least…

    Comment by Kyri — July 22, 2008 @ 11:28 am

  3. That’s sad for sure. But they were never really totally in love, at least it didn’t seem that way. Maybe they can both move on and find true happiness!

    Haha, maybe, but given the situation… well, there could be some problems.

    Comment by Mandie — July 22, 2008 @ 12:11 pm

  4. Aw. I was hoping those two would work things out but…guess not. And now Tracey knows? This is gonna spell trouble. Even moreso now that she is seeking comfort in Ryu. Tsk tsk tsk. I, as everyone else, want to see Gordon’s reaction. I mean, he doesn’t seem to care alot about Tracey but we all know he does. That, or he could be the type of guy who hates other people messing with what is his. xD

    Me too, but you can’t tell sims what to do… well, you can, but that’s not nearly as interesting. This is a fine mess indeed. I’m a little worried about the outcome myself!

    Comment by Elecy — July 22, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

  5. sniff…so sad :(

    I guess the only good thing is that money-hungry Laci might rethink her plan.

    Haha, I doubt it. Laci has her claws in Nevio…

    Comment by starrsim — July 22, 2008 @ 6:46 pm

  6. Aw… =( I was hoping they could work it out. Ah well.

    Tracey better watch her back around Gordon now. No telling what’s going to happen to her.

    Indeed. He has a reputation to maintain. A ‘soft’ criminal mastermind is a dead one.

    Comment by Helen — July 22, 2008 @ 7:46 pm

  7. Alysaa, can’t you do something about Laci?! Sheesh, you are Thomas’ daughter! lol

    Wow, leave it to Shang to be the cause of a divorce and be completely unconcerned.

    It doesn’t seem like Gordon to care too much about Tracey leaving (though that is a slap in the face) but he would care about his child…look out Tracey.

    Alyssa has never had the same sort of strength as Thomas. Poor Roman is going to have to step up to the plate. Hahahaha, of course, how very Shang-like! Gordon will care because it will make him look bad, so he has to save face. Of course, Tracey has no chance in simhell of getting Michael. Poor girl.

    Comment by Ann — July 22, 2008 @ 9:02 pm

  8. Oh my, this is sad. I remember these two back when Alyssa was the spoiled little bitchy ‘it-girl’, and Ryu was the lovesick little boy who did her homework and carried her schoolthings. It’s sort of hard to believe that they’re really over. I just hope this is for the best and their lives don’t suck as bad from now on.

    I, too, was nostalgic for days long gone. It seems like forever ago! I never anticipated this would happen. Sheesh.

    Comment by Monika — July 23, 2008 @ 6:46 pm

  9. D: I’m sad they divorced- they were the long standing G2 couple. :(

    As for Tracey- Mao, SERIOUSLY, WHY ARE ALL YOUR SIMS SO FRESH? I cannot handle this freshness! Every single update, someone is cheating, being fresh… Your Sims need to attend some Purity Classes or something, sheesh. :P

    Me too, Josh, me too. :( HAHA, oh my goodness, Josh! I think that’s the most you’ve ever said “fresh” in a comment before. That kills me everytime, haha. And now you see why I do NOT install ACR.

    Comment by Josh — July 23, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

  10. OMG!!!! your sims have major issues. I would love to see the family tree. Lines must be going every which way.

    Haha, I can assure you, it would be almost impossible to do reasonably and in a way that is understandable. xb

    Comment by Monique — July 31, 2008 @ 5:00 pm

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