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February 6, 2008

Yu – Round 2: ‘Dishonorable Intentions’

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Yu Family Round 2

Roger Yu and his wife, Risa, moved to Boreal Springs in an attempt to escape the problems their daughter, Jun Yu, had encountered. Tagging along is Roger’s newly immigrated brother, Sun-Tzu. So far, it doesn’t seem that the boondocks has calmed Jun any…


Jun Yu and Henry Saunders...

It had taken some time, but Jun Yu finally found some respite from the dull days of work and sleep. The answer to her boredom was none other than Henry Saunders. He’d been a hard one to reel in at first, but his resolve eventually crumbled. Men weren’t one to deny themselves for too long. Besides, that torch he held for the very married–and pregnant–Janine Anderson was beginning to dim.

Henry would turn out to be the answer to more than one of her problems…

Jun makes Henry an offer he can't refuse

Jun had found herself enjoying the various uniforms he was forced to wear while on duty. She told him not to change before their dates. Surprisingly, it took a little longer than Jun would have liked to make him the offer he couldn’t possibly refuse.

He was hesitant, but Jun knew exactly what to say. They were both consenting adults, what was the harm? Neither was attached. With logic like that, why was there cause for concern?

Henry regrets, Jun plots

Of course, quickly made decisions are often regretted. Jun seemed to be thinking the same thing as Henry, only with a different spin. Henry was concerned with what his friend, Janine would think. Jun was only plotting how she was going to get her claws into Thomas without Janine finding out.

Roger, Risa, and Sun-Tzu converse over cornflakes

Meanwhile, the elders of the house had an intense conversation over their cornflakes. While Jun may have thought her little indiscretions had gone unnoticed, she was very wrong. Roger and Risa had seen Henry Saunders leaving. They weren’t happy.

“What happens if she gets pregnant?” Risa sighed, shaking her head. “Who will pay for the doctor visits? Or the baby itself? Poor thing.”

“Risa, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Jun isn’t pregnant.”

“Yet, Roger… yet.”

“Her actions are without honor, Roger. You should have disciplined your daughter better.” Sun-Tzu offered. His English was getting leaps and bounds better with each passing day, though his old-country knowledge remained.

“If only it were so easy, brother.”

Eileen comforts Sun-Tzu

While his niece’s actions may have been dishonorable, Sun-Tzu’s were the exact opposite. He and Eileen got along famously, though neither would admit to being anything but ‘good friends’. Eileen often visited, sometimes to talk to Jun, but mostly to see Sun-Tzu.

“Jun is a burden on her family, Eileen.”

“She’s young, Sun-Tzu. I was like her once. She’ll grow out of it. She’s really not a bad person, I promise.”

“Let us hope what you say is true.”

Jun is caught flirting with Thomas

Unfortunately, Jun Yu was hardly Eileen. Jun Yu thought only of herself and what she wanted. Nothing else really mattered, especially not the sacred bond of marriage. Roger caught her speaking rather provocatively to Thomas Anderson, who swore he was just passing through.

Roger was unconvinced. He tried to follow them, but Jun led Thomas into her room and locked the door behind them.

Sun-Tzu rebuffs Thomas

Thomas eventually emerged to get something from the kitchen, only to encounter a less-than-pleased Sun-Tzu along the way. The elder regarded him with an accusatory stare.

“You dishonor your wife and child, Thomas Anderson.”

Thomas gave him a look, “things are different in this country. You’ll see that eventually.”

Sun-Tzu ignored him, turning his back and heading towards his own room.

Thomas and Jun have an affair

Thomas had no idea that Jun was also seeing Henry Saunders. If he had, that might have changed his reaction to Jun’s proposal later that evening. He wasn’t overly fond of the father of three, and surely wouldn’t be happy to know he was sharing anything with him.

Jun had her own reasonings for her relationship with Henry. She genuinely cared about Thomas, but he was married. Jun suspected her family was about to kick her out and Henry was divorced. Soon, his kids would be gone. He had plenty of room for Jun.


  1. OMG didn’t take long for the affairs to start rolling! didn’t think Jun was that bad, but i was mistaken!

    Mao edit: She’s not bad, just careless. And yeah, things are about to get seriously messed up. My poor family tree.

    Comment by L3w1s — February 7, 2008 @ 12:39 pm

  2. WoW I’m almost starting to thhink that Jun is goign to own the town if she keeps things the way there going. That poor baby she’s going have. I hope the kid won’t be anything like Jun if so ya better watch out lol

    Mao edit: Haha, you’re telling me! She’s breaking my hood before it really starts. :P

    Comment by Brian — February 7, 2008 @ 4:43 pm

  3. Poor, poor Henry. He has no idea what he is in for! And I thought Thomas moved here to get his family back together, what is this man doing?! :D

    Mao edit: Thomas came for the new career… Janine kinda forced the issue. ;) And yes, poor Henry!

    Comment by Ann — February 7, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

  4. Holy cow! I wonder which one is the father?! If she’s living with Henry and that baby is born with bright red hair…I wonder what Henry will do! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

    Mao edit: Luckily, I didn’t have to find out… ;)

    Comment by Mandie — February 15, 2008 @ 11:12 am

  5. Ha! Jun is trouble!!!

    She is BIG trouble!

    Comment by arcadata — February 9, 2009 @ 7:55 pm

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