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August 9, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 17: ‘Crushcrushcrush, Pt. 2′

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Zhou Yu and River Saunders haven’t spoken much since the impromptu kiss when they were teenagers. Will the next two years be incredibly awkward or eye-opening?

Zhou and River knew what to expect when they arrived at campus. Everyone in Boreal Springs got the same scholarship and that scholarship led them all to the same housing arrangement. After unpacking and getting settled, they prepared their own food and sat down.

“Don’t you think this is kind of… awkward?” Zhou said finally, surprising River. She had been trying to avoid looking at him since she arrived. It was eaiser now that she saw the silver jutting out of his eyebrow and lip.

“No,” River replied, giving him a look, “though I am surprised. With as much as you deny being like your mother, you sure look like her.”

Zhou took the comment in stride and let it slide off, “I could say the same for you, River.”

This was going to be an interesting two years.

River hadn’t realized how much she missed Zhou’s ridiculously aggressive ways until the cow mascot came by and tried to start trouble. Zhou put an end to that real quick, grabbing hold of its foam hoof and twisting it. The person inside cried out, cringing backwards in horror.

Zhou shouted a few obscenties after the fleeing mascot, causing River to cringe. She certainly hadn’t missed his horrible mouth.

Of course, the shouting he had done at the cow was nothing in comparison to the match he had with the sink. Zhou was so much like Lilith it wasn’t even funny and instead of actually trying to rationally think through fixing the sink, he smacked at it with a wrench and yelled obscenities.

River eventually had to shut off the water and fix it herself. It took her a moment or two to pry the wrench out of Zhou’s clenched fist.

River was incredibly surprised when she came home from class to find a large bird cage standing in her way. She watched as Zhou gently held a bird of considerable size on his arm, talking animatedly to it.

“Zhou, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it cool? It’s a bird,” Zhou replied, not bothering to turn around. “His name is Falco.”

River resisted the urge to roll her eyes and instead said, “Falco’s cage is blocking the phone… are we even allowed to have pets?”

“Falco’s a bird, River! What’s he gonna do?”

River really, really wasn’t fond of Falco and Falco didn’t care much for River, either. What annoyed her the most was when Zhou would walk around with Falco on his shoulder. He’d tried to teach the bird to speak, but all it could say was a rather inappropriate word River would have preferred not to hear every ten seconds.

“Zhou, put the bird away, we have to go to class.”

“I’m taking him with me,” Zhou replied happily. “It’s part of my experiment for my animal psychology class.”

“But all he does is swears!”

At this, he got really excited, “I know! Isn’t it awesome? That means it worked!

River simply blinked and followed him out of the house. She couldn’t understand how some part of her was infinitely attracted to this seemingly barbaric individual.

But then he did things to remind her why that part of her refused to let go and continued to nag at her every moment. Lately students had been trying to start greek houses and a would-be frat boy stormed into the house, naked and very proud of that fact. River was clearly horrified, especially given the fact that she hadn’t even had anatomy class yet and the one she had in high school certainly didn’t cover the basics of what he was currently putting on display.

One black eye, a nearly broken leg, and probably a fractured rib later, the frat boy was running full tilt back to his home base with Zhou easily able to keep up with him. River remained horrified for several days, unable to look at males the same way again. Euuugh!

One afternoon, after they had both arrived home from their individual classes, Zhou stopped River. He had been good about giving her space (well, as much space as was possible given how prone he was to beating the crap out of anyone who came too close…), but was unable to gauge how she was feeling. So he decided to voice his worries.

“Did you turn gay or something after that? I mean, that’s okay, if you did–”

River was horrified, “I’m not gay, Zhou!” She practically shouted it and was suddenly very, very embarassed. “That guy just startled me, that’s all.”

“So come out with me then,” he suggested, taking her hand. “I promise, there will be no naked idiots or annoying cows. I’ll even leave Falco here.”

She laughed, “all right, but it’s just as friends, okay?”

River was lying to herself if she thought she could win the war inside her head. Regardless of Zhou’s questionable personality traits and penchant for violence, River was in love. River knew Zhou better than anyone else. It was unfortunate, then, when she walked in the door after coming home from class only to see Falco fly past her head and out the door.

Zhou had begged her to clean Falco’s cage because he had an overnight sleep lab class of some sort. River had done so, but apparently forgot to close Falco’s cage. Falco was now looong gone. River was in trouble.


Note from Mao: These two were so boring in Uni. They had like NO wants for one another, but would autonomously flirt and make out. Zhou had a want to buy a bird and so I indulged him. They kept having the same wants, day in, day out. I’m wondering if it’s because I installed JM’s want/fear sanity hack. We’ll see. I may end up removing it if this continues! They did have a want to go on a date and so I did that, but no pictures. I hate how all dates must end in WooHoo, so when they rolled those wants, I ignored them. Sorry, but having no wants for one another outside the date and suddenly wanting to WooHoo? That’s careless and River isn’t that way. xb


  1. Yes. Yes. Y-E-S. These two stuck in a house together. Bwahahaha. Yay, piercings for Zhou! Methinks River doesn’t approve? Ah well, she’ll get over it. Man, he’s alot like his mom…it’s creepy. I look at him and see Tsung but..he’s definitely Lilith. Beating the crap out of cows, sinks and crazy frat guys. But still, I love him with River even if she doesn’t. xD Let’s hope the loss of Falco won’t put a damper on their relationship.

    Hahaha, they are such an odd couple. Zhou has always been his mum, he’s just in vehement denial! River just doesn’t understand her own attraction… but it seemed like she was beginning to. Until she let Falco loose, that is!

    Comment by Elecy — August 9, 2008 @ 7:08 am

  2. Lilith’s legacy of being the legendary ice queen continues!

    Hehehe, Zhou isn’t an ice queen, though. That would be River. ;)

    Comment by Mohohon — August 9, 2008 @ 8:43 am

  3. LOL! great update-poor River, how is she going to break the news about the bird?

    Haha, yeeeah, we’ll have to see how that goes…

    Comment by starrsim — August 9, 2008 @ 9:09 am

  4. “But all he does is swears!”
    “I know! Isn’t it awesome?”
    LOL this is why I love Zhou!
    And I am loving River and Zhou stuck in a house together, They are my two favorite characters besides Sara and Lilith.
    And you should’ve let them WooHoo! xD.

    LOL, they crack me up, too. Such an odd couple.

    Comment by Tammy — August 9, 2008 @ 11:11 am

  5. Oh, River…I do get such a kick out of her. What an odd couple these two are…almost like Tsung and Lilith all over again. (Zhou is a lot like Lilith though, for sure.) I have a couple like that currently – they never have ANY wants for each other but are autonomously all over each other. It’s so weird. Crazy sims!

    They really are crazy! Sometimes it is so hard to ‘understand’ what they want, lol.

    Comment by Cassie — August 9, 2008 @ 11:21 am

  6. I love the way Zhou beat the crap out of everything LOL.
    They are so silly, GOSH. They need to hook up ans stfu.

    Hahaha, it isn’t always that easy.

    Comment by Josh — August 9, 2008 @ 2:39 pm

  7. I just want Zhou to teach Falco to say “hands off my bread.” That’s all I really want!
    Or “Hey, Einstein! I’m on your side, remember?!”
    Or even “do a barrel roll”! I’m not picky!

    LOL, some odd suggestions. It’s too bad Falco flew the coop (literally!)

    Comment by Blu — August 9, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

  8. I love that he taught Falco to swear, it’s so him! These two make such an odd couple, I can’t decide if I want them to end up together or not.

    Zhou cracks me up. I am so glad to have another quirky/weird sim. I was worried there’d be no one to take up Lilith’s mantle.

    Comment by Ann — August 11, 2008 @ 12:16 pm

  9. Oh no! What is she going to do??? Hope he’s not too mad.

    These two are so funny. Love them! :)

    Hehe, we shall see…

    Comment by laura — August 16, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

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