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February 23, 2008

Round Five Summary

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Four Changes:

  • Janine Anderson and Thomas Anderson are divorced.
  • Jun Yu and Henry Anderson broke off engagement.
  • Janine Anderson now lives at Saunders lot.
  • Jun Yu now lives at Anderson lot.

No Engagements.

One Marriage:

  • Derek Saunders & Katy Saunders (formerly Fuchs).

Two Pregnancies:

  • Mary O`Hanlon (Derek Saunders)
  • Eileen Yu (Sun-Tzu Yu)

Two Births:

  • Damien & Chuck Saunders (Twin boys)
  • Nathaniel & Lilith Anderson (Twins)
  • Tsung Yu

No LTWs achieved.

No sims going to Uni in round 5.

No New Residents.

One Death:

  • Roger Yu (Old Age)

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