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March 3, 2008

Anderson – Round 7: ‘Unfortunate Ends, Pt. 4′

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Thomas Anderson has it all figured out and as long as his daughter, Alyssa, continues to be the ‘dutiful daughter’, everything should go smoothly. Jun Yu is just along for the ride.


Alyssa does her homework

Unfortunately for Alyssa, Thomas found out that she wasn’t doing her homework. From that point on, he would keep a very close eye on her and make sure she finished it herself. While he really didn’t care about the ‘poor’ boy who had been toiling extra hard to do her work as well as his own, he did care that his daughter have a mind in that pretty head of hers. He wouldn’t have her being vapid and shallow.

Haughty and intelligent, sure, but not brain dead! It wasn’t like she was Jun’s kid.

Alyssa sneaks out

Thomas never found out about his dutiful little daughter sneaking out on school nights to go to parties, however. She was the ‘it’ girl and it wasn’t a party unless she was there turning boys down! She didn’t really drink or do anything bad, she just made an appearance. She always had Ryu with her, so she was fine and safe. The boys would usually give up and hit on one of her posse. Their standards weren’t nearly as high and their fathers let them date.

Thomas talks to Jun

While his daughter was in ‘order’, Thomas tried to make sure Jun was also within her own boundaries. She was a major flake, to be sure, and Thomas wasn’t dumb enough to think she’d suddenly stop after dumping Henry. He was especially interested in the fact that she’d been seen with Shaniqua Saunders a lot lately. To this, Jun simply said:

“We’re birds of a feather, Tommy. She doesn’t care about what happened between Henry and I. She needs someone to talk to and I’m there. That’s it. You know I don’t go for girls.”

Thomas cringed at her shortening of his name, but decided to stick to the matter at hand, “she’s a Saunders in the end and she does ‘go for girls’, as you say.”

Jun rolled her eyes, “I think you need to worry more about your little darling daughter and less about me. Maybe you ought to ask her about Ryu, huh?”

Thomas fulfills his LTW

While Thomas had come home that night planning on grilling Alyssa about Ryu, he found he wasn’t in the mood. He felt fulfilled and on top of the world. Nothing could bring him down. It was about to get a lot better, too. His new position gave him very important intelligence on the recent crime activity. A rat in Janine’s syndicate had let him in on a little plot of hers.

He’d be ready and waiting, with a smile on his face. Nothing could bring him down now.

Janine enters

Thomas waited patiently in the dark, listening as the door opened without trouble. He’d left it unlocked, figuring she’d just try to pick it instead of doing something clumsy like climbing through a window. While he had been anticipating something criminal, he hadn’t expected what he saw when he flipped on the lights.

Despite the situation turning against her, Janine walked calmly to Thomas, her heels sounding against the hardwood floors. Everyone else was asleep–it was nearly 2am.

Thomas talks to Janine

“Surprised?” Thomas said simply, looking up at her. “Did you expect me to be asleep? What were you going to use… a knife, a gun, your hands?”

Janine’s eyes narrowed, “how did you–”

“You’re good, Janine,” he replied, smirking. “But I’m better. That was always the case, wasn’t it? I will commend you on the outfit, though. If I hadn’t been married to you for nearly twenty years, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

“What do you want, Thomas?”

Thomas propositions Janine

He stood up, smiling like a cat that had caught a mouse in a dead-end corner. Janine didn’t back down, she held her ground, trying her best to stand firm. She was a well-known criminal–she’d done things that others would cringe at. She couldn’t let herself be intimidated by Thomas.

“You know me too well. I suppose there’s no point continuing the small-talk. We have a history, Janine, that’s undeniable. While you may hate me for what I’ve done and I find your marriage to that Saunders cretin repulsive, I can’t help but think we’d do much better for ourselves if we worked together.”

At this, Janine scoffed, “are you joking? What could you have that I possibly want?”

“Intelligence that your little criminal syndicate could never acquire without risking life and limb. Also, your daughter… who with my tutelage, will be mayor.”

Janine is swayed

“A-Alyssa… you’re using her…”

“Using her?” He laughed. “She’s my daughter, too, Janine. I simply want her… to do well for herself, and perhaps help me while she’s at it. It isn’t using, it is merely taking advantage of what’s given. Tell me, you can’t deny how… resourceful having the mayor in your pocket would be, Janine.”

“I… I couldn’t, Alyssa–”

Thomas shook his head, “will never know. She’s a good girl, bright and charming… but hardly quick. She lives in a fog and sees what she wants to. She’d never know, Janine. Think of how much you could do–what you could become.”

As much as she wanted to deny it, Janine couldn’t. He was right. He had thought this out and planned it very carefully. She hated him for it, but she couldn’t deny the truth. She sighed, her shoulders slumping in defeat. Thomas saw this and was quite pleased.

Janine is confused

Janine left feeling very, very confused. They would meet and discuss details later, at a more secure location. But that’s not what Janine was thinking about at all. Instead, her mind was abuzz with feelings she thought she had dismissed a long time ago. She and Thomas had a long history… and seeing him as he was now–well, it was dangerous, and wrong… just like being a criminal.

She couldn’t say no to being a criminal and she wasn’t quite sure she could say no to Thomas, either. Now that they would be ‘working’ together, things were about to get a lot more complicated.

Thomas busts Alyssa

Later in the week, Thomas finally caught Alyssa with Ryu. He was carrying her books when they walked through the front door to find Thomas waiting for them. He was usually at work, so Alyssa was quite surprised. He wasted no time letting Alyssa know that this was unacceptable.

“But daddy,” Alyssa protested, stomping her small foot. “We’re not dating! He’s my um, cousin, or something…”

“He is not, Alyssa.” Thomas said firmly. “He’s not related to you at all! What did I tell you about boys? You have to focus!” He turned his attention to Ryu. “You need to leave right now and stay away from my daughter.”

Alyssa squealed angrily, “I do focus! And Ryu helps keep the boys away! You can’t tell him to go away–”

Ryu, who had kept quiet the entire time, suddenly found himself between two very angry Andersons. Suddenly, he wanted to go home. Fast. Unfortunately, Alyssa seized his arm and drug him away while Thomas screamed after them.

Alyssa kisses Ryu

Her cheeks flushed with rage, Alyssa slammed the door shut and turned to Ryu. He didn’t have a chance to say a word before she kissed him. When she pulled away, her fists balled at her sides and she glared at the door.

“Lets see how he likes that! If he wants to assume we’re dating, then so be it!”

Ryu just stared at her, completely oblivious to anything she was saying. It wasn’t until Thomas bodily removed him from the house that he realized what had happened. It was too late, of course. Alyssa was going to University the next morning and he wouldn’t see her until it was turn to go.

Suddenly early enrollment sounded like a very good idea.

Alyssa is punished

Before she left for University, Alyssa was tasked with many, many arduous chores as punishment. She took it all in stride, smiling proudly. She had gotten the upper-hand this time! Unfortunately, she didn’t quite realize that Ryu wasn’t in on the ‘scheme’. She’d have to inform him at University that it was just to make her dad angry. She had just been so upset…

Wait, upset? Why would she be upset? It was just Ryu… even if he was always around and always did everything she asked and was always, always there. Even when her stupid friends were too busy.

No, Ryu was just her minion. That was his purpose. He was supposed to be always there. Alyssa couldn’t possibly care about someone so low on the totem pole… could she? No, he was just Ryu. He’d probably look like the same meek little boy that followed her around even after they were at University! Alyssa could never like someone like that.


Note from Mao: Okay, so Janine’s plot for revenge didn’t go according to plan AT ALL. I don’t know WHAT happened there, but it makes for more drama and a much better story! As for Alyssa and Ryu… that was want driven. That and Ryu autonomously flirted with her last round and caused them both to crush on each other. Ahh, the attraction system… (they have two bolts, btw).


  1. Poor Janine, she almost got him. And ohhhhh does Alyssa has something for Ryu i wonder. University should be interesting!

    Mao edit: Oh, just wait. ‘Poor’ Janine is a very confused woman. As for Alyssa and Ryu… we’ll see at Uni, I guess. ;)

    Comment by Sanna — March 3, 2008 @ 11:34 am

  2. What was Janine going to do if everything had gone according to plan? Kill Tommy? Oooh I hope so. She should double cross him in the end. Uni this round will be very interesting with Ryu &Alyssa.
    And is Shaniqua cheating on Florence?

    Mao edit: That was her intention, but as you can see, Thomas is a bit too smart. That is the big question, actually. Is she? Hehe, you’ll have to wait and see. :P

    Comment by Tammy — March 3, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

  3. Tommy, I mean Thomas, is just plain evil. I knew he was controlling but I never saw this coming. Janine looks crazy, I hope whatever she had planned to do didn’t involve her going unnoticed. lol

    Alyssa may be softening toward Ryu? Awww, I thought she might have a heart in there somewhere.

    Mao edit: Oh, he is. Pure evil, LOL! Janine can’t be recognized, so she has to look ridiculous. ;) I don’t think Alyssa realizes what she’s feeling. Hopefully she’ll figure it out!

    Comment by Ann — March 4, 2008 @ 1:39 am

  4. Great update from the Andersons. I am very surprised that Alyssa fell for Ryu..even if she won’t admit it yet. I can’t wait to see them in college together. And to see what Thomas and Janine are planning. I really hope she doesn’t get romantic again with him. He’s such a creep and poor Henry doesn’t deserve that!

    Mao edit: Alyssa hasn’t fallen for Ryu, but she’s so used to having him around… who knows what’ll happen! As for Janine and Thomas, they’re just doing their illegal stuff behind the scenes. ;)

    Comment by Mandie — March 4, 2008 @ 1:45 pm

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