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March 4, 2008

Saunders – Round 7: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 3′

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Henry Saunders and Janine Saunders are finally married and though, late in life, they have a child together named Gordon. Unfortunately, Henry’s eldest son, Derek, isn’t nearly as happy with his wife, Katy. They have twin boys, Chuck and Damien, but with Derek’s newest discovery, he isn’t really thinking about their well-being. Ryu is thankful to be off to University ASAP.


Ryu wasted no time working on his early application to Boreal Summit University. He wasn’t a genius, but he was ridiculously determined. Determination had won the day and Ryu got his acceptance. While he would miss his father and the others he had grown up with and he hated that he’d never live within the house again, he couldn’t wait to be off. The tension was unnerving and he couldn’t wait to see Alyssa.

Henry saw him off. There wasn’t a single trait of Jun evident in Ryu and for that, Henry was certainly thankful.

Henry plays with Sara

Henry couldn’t say the same for his eldest son, Derek. He was quite surprised when Mary appeared with a little blonde haired girl in toe, especially when he got a closer look. Sara was unmistakably a Saunders, and a little older than the twins. He wasn’t sure when it had happened and he didn’t bother asking. He let them in–Katy was at work–and got to know his latest grandchild while Mary went to talk to Derek.

Sara may have looked like a Saunders, but she was her mother’s daughter–quick and sharp as a tack. Henry never made any claims to being a terribly smart man, and so he wasn’t ashamed when she obliterated him at chess.

Mary talks to Derek

Mary found Derek upstairs in the room they used for pretty much everything. An awkward silence hung between them before Mary finally said:

“She’s downstairs, Derek. We’ll wait for you to get cleaned up.”

Derek simply nodded. It was a strange feeling–for him to be angry at Mary. Perhaps it wasn’t so much anger as it was just pure hurt. She hadn’t told him–why?

Sara meets Derek

Derek was surprised when he saw Sara–she looked almost exactly like the twins, only with Mary’s green eyes. Of course, she was a bit more talkative and articulate. That probably came from both Mary and Gina’s influence–they were intelligent, high-earning women. It wasn’t as awkward as Derek had thought it would be, Sara seemed more interested in asking him all sorts of questions than discussing why he had ignored her for eight years.

While Mary had dreaded this moment since finding out she was pregnant, she couldn’t help but smile. She hated keeping the two apart and it was good to finally stop lying.

Sara meets her half-brothers

Sara mingled with her half-brothers perfectly, as if she had been raised with them from birth. She looked like them, so Chuck and Damien really didn’t think much of it. She was their sister, right? So what was the big problem? Damien liked her because she watched sports with him and actually knew what was going on. Chuck liked her because he could ask her what the difficult words in the book he was reading were.

Sara liked them simply because she had been an only child for eight years and the thought of having brothers was really cool. That, and she was older than them. That was cool, too.

Derek and Sara talk

Unfortunately, once they were alone, Derek and Sara weren’t mingling nearly as well. Mary had thought Derek would see Sara, be happy, and then explain to Katy what had happened. Hopefully Katy would be all right with Derek visiting Sara. She hadn’t expected him to want to leave Katy.

“You can’t do that, Derek,” she said angrily. “What about the twins? They need you, they’re your sons!”

“I didn’t say I’d leave them behind, Mary. They like Sara and they would like you, too. They’re very agreeable–”

“No, Derek. NO.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest. “What’s wrong with you? I won’t be a home wrecker. Why do you want this so badly, anyway? Katy is beautiful and perfect–she always has been. I’m, well, I’m just not, okay? Next to her, I’m that frumpy kid in glasses that people can’t seem to peg for a boy or a girl.”

Derek shook his head and moved closer to her, “to me, that’s not true. To me, you are perfect.”

Katy comes home

Katy sighed. It had been a long, long day at the hospital. Some cranky old bat had spent the past four hours insisting that Katy was too young and she demanded a different doctor. She was thankful to be home, but when she walked into the livingroom, she suddenly felt very ill at ease. Damien was seated on the couch, and next to him, a little girl who could have been his sister–they looked that much alike.

“Hi, sweetie,” Katy said, trying to hide her worry. “Who is your friend?”

“This is Sara, mommy! She’s my sister.”

Katy swallowed hard. “Where’s your father?”

“In your room, mommy.”

Katy catches Mary and Derek

Katy wasn’t surprised when she walked in and saw Derek and Mary. How could she have been? The only thing she could think of was how long had it been going? Sara looked a bit older than the boys–had they been at this since before Katy and Derek were married?

They saw her, of course, and quickly parted. Derek didn’t look terribly apologetic, but Mary seemed mortified. For this, Katy hated her. Were it not for their children being right outside, she would have tore into her.

Katy corners Mary

You!” Katy seethed, shutting the door behind her and moving in on Mary. “Get your child and get out of my house, right now. I swear, if I see you around again–”


“Shut up, Derek. Just shut up,” she shot back, never taking her eyes off the frightened blonde. “Get out. Now!”

Mary silently left the room and gathered Sara. They were gone in mere minutes.

Derek and Katy

That night, Derek sat up waiting for Katy. He figured she’d scream at him and demand a divorce–in fact, he hoped for it. Instead, she acted as if nothing happened and quietly moved to go to bed. Derek gave her an incredulous look.

“You don’t want to talk about it?”

“No,” Katy said firmly. “I’m pregnant, Derek. I won’t have children from a broken home. You can stay with the boys until I’m ready to look at you again.”

Derek grumbled, moving off the bed. Before he left, he said, “I don’t love you, Katy.”

Katy sighed and looked at the door that closed behind him, “you did before she came along and ruined everything.”


  1. LOVED the update and yay Katy died (no offense but i never really liked her) and poor Janine, i didn’t know you could lose a baby on The Sims 2? Also i can see some more drama surfacing here but i cant quite put my finger on where yet.

    Mao edit: Inteen allows for many pregnancy ‘enhancements’–fertility lessens with age, risky woohoo, birth control, miscarriages, etc. I like the randomness and the risk, hehe.

    Comment by Sanna — March 4, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

  2. Oh Mao, I know this house is the hardest for you to play…but it is my absolute favorite house!!! I love all the drama, and sometimes I even scream at the computer if the sims do something I don’t like (like Janine sleeping with Thomas again) or clapping if something happens that makes me happy (like Derek and Mary getting together finally!). So, I hope this house does NOT calm down, but keeps up all the neighborhood gossip! Long live the Saunders!

    Mao edit: It won’t be nearly as bad once I figure out who is moving out/etc. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Comment by Mandie — March 4, 2008 @ 1:55 pm

  3. Awwz! Poor Janine, I feel bad for her. ARGH, Derek, why must you be an asshole! I understand that he didn’t love her anymore, but gosh, thats just cruel. I’m not so sure I like Mary much anymore either. :\

    Mao edit: It’s funny that you sympathize with Janine, the one who is actively doing bad things she can control and not Derek and Mary, who have no control over the bad things that happen in regards to them. Sorry, I just find different views/etc interesting… especially when they are unusual.

    Comment by Josh — March 4, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

  4. WTF indeed! That was the spazziest most messed up update in the whole freakin’ world! And lol Gordon barely got mention at all. Seriously though, Janine is messed up now. Although to be honest i hope Jun finds out and goes mental so she gets kicked out to live in a barn! [/rant]

    Mao edit: Poor Gordon, he’s a child now! You’ll see him in the Yu update. Janine has quite an issue on her hands, to be sure.

    Comment by L3w1s — March 4, 2008 @ 3:36 pm

  5. Katy died? FINALLY. All she did was put Derek down from real happiness, so HA!
    Poor Janine, so confused. I seriously need to watch lil’ Tommy die. She’s sleeping with him behind Henrys back? KILL HER. sorry, but i don’t like people cheating on one another anymore (Theres wayyy too much of it in my game)
    Random note: I LOVE Sarah!

    Mao edit: There’s a whole lotta cheatin’ going on in Boreal Springs, too, haha. It’s insane! Bad sims, very bad sims! I like Sara, too. :)

    Comment by Tammy — March 4, 2008 @ 5:34 pm

  6. Katy died? Well, that’s one way for Mary and Derek to be together. Though it is awful of him that he wasn’t even a little bit upset about it.
    And wow, Janine really is messed up. I would feel sorry for her except she’s really to blame for all of it.

    Mao edit: Haha, that’s what I thought… and there’s a reason he didn’t appear upset. ;)

    Comment by Amy — March 4, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

  7. Poor Katy. I know she wasn’t the most sympathetic character, but… seeing your husband fall in love with someone else can’t be easy.
    I used to like Derek very much, but all the unhappiness seems to have made him a bit sour. Maybe Mary will sweeten him up again.

    Mao edit: Yeah, poor Katy, indeed! But she knew beforehand that it was a bad idea to marry Derek, she was just too stubborn, lol.

    Comment by Claire — March 4, 2008 @ 9:50 pm

  8. YEAH!!! Katy died I really did not like her and i’m happy that Mary and Derek are getting together but i am also kind of happy that Janine lost the baby because it could have been Tommys and that would have broken her and Henry up.:(

    (Hopefully he dosen’t find out)

    Mao edit: Yeeeah, but things have a way of getting exposed in Boreal Springs, it seems. Maybe she’ll eventually come clean…

    Comment by monica — March 4, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

  9. you know, reading these updates make me very tempted to do a similar project, allowing free will to take its course. :P

    on the other hand…not sad to see Katy go. WTF? as if she took out her rage on Mary. yes, she did fool around with Derek and made a baby but MY GOD, why do women always get mad at the other woman? um, what, Derek isn’t at fault at all? [/rant] haha

    so much drama. <3 haha

    Mao edit: Hahaha, it’s a lot of fun… it isn’t so much Prosperity as me playing like I normally do, only without doing every single thing for my sims! :D Yeah, Katy should have been going after Derek, but really, she blames Mary. Katy and Derek were happy and fine, and then Mary pops up and suddenly it isn’t. Despite Mary trying NOT to be ‘the other woman’, the homewrecker, or the seducer… Katy saw her as that.

    Comment by Riot — March 5, 2008 @ 6:17 pm

  10. Wow, this was a great update. Bring on the drama!
    What ghost scared Katy to death? I didn’t remember a teen dying.
    And whose baby was it really? Was Janine preggers by Thomas or Henry?
    Oh I feel so bad for Mary. This will “haunt” her forever. Pun intended lol. To gain happiness from another’s misery, especially when you didn’t mean for it to happen. That’s gotta suck. ;)


    Mao edit: A random teen keeled over and died during Katy and Derek’s Wedding–it’s shown at the bottom of the entry. As for the baby… I have no idea. I usually try not to check their status and let it be a surprise (InSim will give you a read-out of their current info and preggo status if you click a certain thing). As for Mary and Derek, don’t worry… not everyone is convinced it was an accident!

    Comment by Tiffany — March 5, 2008 @ 7:05 pm

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