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December 8, 2008

Yu – Round 21: ‘Still Waiting, Pt. 1′

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Tsung and Lilith Yu continue to be happily married, but are beginning to worry about the prospects of their son and new daughter-in-law’s future children.  With not even a hint of a possibility on the horizon, they are beginning to worry that Fou-Lu’s illegitimate daughter, Emma Davis, will be the only blood tie they have left.

Secure in their careers, Zhou and River head off for a belated honeymoon to the islands.  It’s mostly so they can spend some time together, away from work, but also to get away from the nagging stares of Zhou’s parents.  If he’d known being the heir would be filled with this much pressure, he would have given it over to Fou-Lu readily.

While it was meant to be a romantic getaway, Zhou couldn’t help himself and indulged his prankster side.  Unfortunately, it resulted in River getting a nasty burn on her hand.  After seeking medical attention and finding out it wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought, they resumed their vacation.  River made sure to stay far away from any fountains, however.

All was quickly forgiven and forgotten once they found the wrecked, old pirate ship on the coast.  River had to admit, playing captain was quite fun.  It fulfilled her inner-need to dominate.  She gave a hearty laugh and inhaled deeply only to nearly choke on the salty air.

During their little pirate adventure, they happened upon a ghost of the former captain.  Zhou was beginning to think he’d never escape his mother’s penchant for the paranormal.  He mused that perhaps they should have brought them along after all.  River just thought it was a joke and played along.  Ignorance is bliss, as they say…

While they were away on their trip, Chairman Mao gave birth to four kittens named Gaius, Gaeta, Six, and Apollo.  The addition of the kittens certainly kept Tsung and Lilith busy.  They were also trying to find them homes, as there was no way their house could possibly contain them all once they were fully grown.

When she wasn’t cleaning up after the kittens, Lilith was trying her best to lecture her wayward son, Fou-Lu.  She had hoped that he would settle down after University, but was quite surprised to find he had done the opposite.  His girlfriend at that time, Elena, had ended up pregnant and now he was a father.  It was a difficult situation.  Lilith insisted that he find a way for Elena to take him back so he could do the right thing and take care of them, but Fou-Lu knew better.  Elena was far too independent and stubborn for that.

Fou-Lu didn’t just come to listen to his mother’s lecture, he also came to pick up a cat.  He ended up taking Six back with him.  He wasn’t quite sure how Michael would react, or Sade, for that matter… but he wanted to help his parents out and he also really liked cats.  His original intent was to give Six to Emma, but that would have to wait.


Note from Mao: River and Zhou are driving me insane.  Still no babies.  ARGH!  Bad sims!  ACR makes it worse because their chance to try for a baby is only like 30%.  Buh. Fou-Lu visited all by himself and bonded quickly with Six, so I let him take her.


  1. Well, if you kids would just sprout some babies, you wouldn’t need to escape via late honeymoon! GET ON IT, DARN YOU. Can’t let the Yu die out. No. Nevaaaar. D:

    River’s supposed to be smart right? Then WHY would she, in the first place, sit near a fountain with Zhou near her as well? That’s asking for trouble. xD

    Kitttties! As far as the eye can see! See, you kids? The cats can have oodles of kids. Why can’t you!? Blah…Lilith isn’t really good at lecturing people, is she? xD Kinda hard to when…you know…she is known for doing crazy things like bringing back the dead and giving magical lamps to love-sick puppies…Fou-Lu does look awfully cute with Six <3

    Hopefully they have a kid or at least River ends up pregnant the next round. They woohoo’d enough! I have no idea what the issue is. xb The annoying thing with the honeymoon was they couldn’t woohoo via ACR. It kept telling them they didn’t ‘own’ the bed. Stupid hotels…

    Comment by Elecy — December 8, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

  2. LOL at River’s inner need to dominate. Oh no. Did they learn the sea chantey? If so, expect it to infect your entire neighborhood really soon. It gets old fast.
    River! Zhou! You were supposed to come back from the honeymoon with a baby! Sigh. Get with the program! Oooh, 30%? Ouch. Yeah, if you see one kid before they hit 40, you’ll be lucky.

    Oh, gosh, I know. Eileen and Sun-Tzu learned it way, way back in the day. It was EVERYWHERE! It’s like a plague, but I wanted to accumulate vacation memories. I am seriously hoping they get with the baby making soon…

    Comment by Fini — December 8, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

  3. I demand Yu babies from River! It’d be nice to see how the genetics mix! OoOoOoo now I’m excited to see their children…

    Me, too! Darn them.

    Comment by Mohohon — December 8, 2008 @ 5:06 pm

  4. Ten bucks says there will be no baby making whatsoever. Why? Because that’s how it goes: If you want it to happen, it won’t… and if you don’t want it to happen, it will. ROFL!

    But, but, but…..KITTIES!! They can carry on the Yu family name. Have a family of kitties! LOL I <3 Kitties.

    Hehe, I love kittens, too. The noises are so adorable!

    Comment by JMW — December 8, 2008 @ 6:54 pm

  5. That decreased fertility thing does make it difficult to get babies out of older Sims. What I do if I see they’re consistently trying and are unsuccessful is I just use the Maxis default try for baby option. That’s what I had to do with Steffi and Anton when they had Mina – Steffi had only 12 days to elder and there was no way ACR was going to give her babies.

    I used to use the fertility treatment option on Inteen and that worked pretty well (realistic, too). Of course, we don’t have that any more. :(

    Oh, I know. I really miss that option! Sigh. RIP, Inteen…

    Comment by Carla — December 8, 2008 @ 7:04 pm

  6. That darn ACR. I have set mine according to each sim I play. But I do have one couple who have been married for two playing cycles and still no babies. But I had them woohoo like crazy and I think it finally took. Won’t know until I play my winter round. I hope so. Both set of parents want grand babies, lol

    I set mine according to aspiration. I’m way too lazy to do it for each individual sim! I have no idea why they refuse to Try for Baby…

    Comment by Riverdale — December 8, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

  7. Well, you got kitties ;) (adorable kittens, btw)

    I know a way you can get babies out of them, without feeling like you’re cheating… Send them on a bunch of dates, and they’ll likely roll a woohoo want (I sometimes get two woohoo wants per date), and when they do, use the Auto Woo option (which will bring up the try for baby roll) and since they wanted it, you’re technically not cheating. At 30%, maybe two or three dates and you should get a baby out of it ;)

    That’s a good idea, Laura. I’ll have to try that!

    Comment by laura — December 9, 2008 @ 10:01 am

  8. Oh, and do you have the try for baby dialogue turned on? Do you get the pop-ups showing you what they rolled each time? Even if they choose not to try for a baby one particular time, you should still get the pop-up telling you that they chose not to, and what number they rolled. If you have that turned off, they might be trying and you just can’t see it. If they’re trying for a baby, it will say so in their queue – if they’re just woohoo’ing, it will say that.

    There’s supposed to be a pop up? I never get any pop up. Weird. I’ll look around for that, but I’m pretty sure it’s off. I like it off, so it’s a surprise, but now I want to see it just to see it LOL!

    Comment by laura — December 9, 2008 @ 10:07 am

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