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December 11, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 21: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 7′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu have both come a long way.  Ryu’s days are quickly coming to an end and he only hopes that Tracey will be able to manage once he’s gone.  Marcus and Shelly, meanwhile, are finding their own bits of trouble to get in.

Marcus was sick of being trapped in his sister’s unnecessary web of intrigue.  He decided it was time to branch out and find his own sort of fun.  He met Valerie at school and they seemed to hit it off so well that she even got off the bus with him.  While Marcus hadn’t yet perfected his skills with women–thus frightening poor Valerie with tales of cops and robbers–he and Valerie had enough in common that they went on a date that ended dreamily.

Shelly, meanwhile, decided to put her frustrations into cooking.  Mostly, it was prove that she still had something on Maggie O`Hanlon.  Shelly sure was glad she was off to University, because Maggie was really stealing her thunder at school.  To think, a freshman, of all things!  To say that Shelly was appalled was an understatement.

Ryu and Tracey enjoyed quiet time together, ignoring their children’s teenage plights and focusing on their last moments.  It was no secret that Ryu was quite a bit older than Tracey and so he could feel his time coming to an end.  He didn’t outright say anything, but the way he acted was enough of a hint.  They were both intent on enjoying every moment they could.

Unfortunately, such a blind focus left them ignorant of what mischief their kids were up to…

Marcus and Valerie got along so well that they decided that perhaps it was time to see what television and movies were talking about when it came to behind-the-doors action.  It wasn’t quite what either of them expected, unfortunately, and was certainly nothing like the movies!  After it was all said and done they both felt kind of disappointed and confused.

Of course, Shelly knew what her brother had been up to and she certainly wasn’t impressed.  He had taken to lecturing her on her devious plot to wrest Timothy O`Hanlon from Isolde Anderson.

“Don’t even get all moralistic on me,” Shelly snapped, knocking over one of his pieces with her rook.  “I’m not the one trying to get myself stuck with a teen pregnancy!

Marcus was mortified, “don’t be so loud!  Our parents are in the kitchen.”  He lowered his voice to a whisper, “It was a mistake, okay?  Things happen.”

“Sure they do,” she sniffed, taking his piece.  “Don’t bother me again about it or I’ll tell them.”

When Shelly wasn’t tormenting her brother or trying to get Cole to take action, she was blogging about her woes on the internet.  She was beginning to think that it was never going to happen.  She’d be leaving for University soon, as the school year was nearly over, and as such, leaving Timothy behind.  They were all a year behind her.  It was a sad loss and not one she was happy taking, but what more could she do?  That darn freak show had him hook, line, and sinker…

Marcus, meanwhile, was on damage control.  Things with Valerie just weren’t the same.  They could barely speak to one another now, everything was awkward and confusing.  He was heading to University, too.  They decided to end it.  Valerie was sad to see it end, but Marcus just didn’t want the guilt anymore.  He just wanted to leave it all behind and start college with a fresh, clean slate.  Silly teenage hormones…

Shelly seemed to have the same idea.  She called Cole over and told him that the plan was done.  He tried to hide his disappointment, but he had trouble hiding his sadness.

“What’s wrong with you?  You looked like someone just kicked your puppy,” Shelly laughed, eying him.  “You’re not the only one who lost something here.”

“Yeah, okay,” Cole relented, not really paying attention.  “I guess I’ll see you next year, then?”

“Maybe.  If you can even get in,” she offered, turning on her heel and heading back inside.  She really didn’t think it had meant that much.  It had all been a ruse, anyway.  Her focus was Timothy, she really hadn’t given Cole much notice.

Just as the twins were ready to head off to Boreal Summit University, Ryu’s time ran out.  He died peacefully and happily in his home, though the same can’t be said for those he left behind.  Poor Tracey is all alone in the house now.


Note from Mao: Looks like Alyssa gets the final word!  She outlived Ryu, lol.  Poor dude, I didn’t realize his time was up.  I can’t believe so much time has passed!  Also, sorry if the shots are ‘weird’.  I’m still trying to get used to my new 22″ widescreen monitor.  It’s insane.

Anyway, onto more interesting things.  Did you know teens could woohoo in ACR without any hacks/etc?  I sure as heck didn’t!  Imagine my complete horror and surprise when Marcus phoned his new girlfriend Valerie up for a booty call.  WTF???  I let it go through just to see what would happen.  I kept thinking it was a bug or something and they wouldn’t actually woohoo.  Uh, yeah.  They did.  You can see it via my lovely madden-esque screenshots…

So, uh, yeah…keep an eye on your teens.  Sorry, but I do NOT like teen woohoo.  I will have to find a way to prevent this in the future, lol.  Ewwwww.


  1. lol @ Marcus and his girlfriend!

    if you don’t like teen wohoo there is a way to disable it if you click on a playable sim and choose Adjust… then spawn casual romance adjuster and a pile of books will appear, click on it and somewhere there should be an option to disable teen wohoo. I can’t remeber how to find it so you’ll need to search around a bit.

    Yeah, thanks! I’ll try and figure it out. I am just not a big teen woohoo person, especially not with pregnancy, but I dunno, I like my teens to be prudes, LOL!

    Comment by Alice — December 11, 2008 @ 6:16 am

  2. Poor Cole. Shelly seems a bit mean and heartless!

    Yep, ACR lets them woohoo, but thankfully it doesn’t have teen pregnancy worked into it! (Unless you have a teen pregnancy hack in addition to ACR. But I don’t. I can handle the occasional teen woohoo in my game, I just don’t want to deal with teen pregnancy.) That’s how my shy, serious Julie Craig ended up woohooing with William Lloyd when they were teens. Completely on their own. Although surprisingly, her romance Sim sister never woohooed with anyone as a teen!

    I haven’t looked through ACR’s documentation to see exactly how to do it, but ACR’s website does say that teen interactions can be turned off.

    Geeze, I never realized! I’m glad they can’t get pregnant, though. REALLY not into that, LOL. I’ve lived it, thanks, don’t need to simulate it. xb I may let it in, but I’ll probably find a way to stop it. I mean, I’m glad they won’t get pregnant, but teens woohooing still freaks me out, LOL. This is not a BBS story!

    Comment by Shana — December 11, 2008 @ 9:14 am

  3. Oooh, that Shelly is so nasty! Threatening to rat out her brother and being so cold to Cole!

    I don’t mind teen woohoo or pregnancy but it freaks me out a little when they try to do it 5 seconds after aging to teen. I cancel that – they’re like 13!

    Hands down creepiest ACR moment was one of my newly aged teens lying down naked on the bed only to be joined by her *stepfather*! Eww, eww, eww! I cancelled that quick smart and I disabled teen-adult interactions. Yuck!

    Haha, she is quite evil. ;) Oh man, that would just be super creepy, LOL. Her stepfather?! It’s like a Lifetime movie!

    Comment by Carla — December 11, 2008 @ 8:16 pm

  4. Oh…ACR. You naughty hack you.

    I’m glad Valarie (who has enough make up on to drown a puppy) didn’t get pregnant or nothing. Poor Marcus…HE WAS ONLY CURIOUS D: It’s cute to see Tracey and Ryu together one last time. *sniff* Ryuuuu! You will be missed.

    Shelly is very cold, isn’t she? xD

    BTW, love the new layout on the portal page. <3

    Haha, it is quite naughty, I’m finding! Valerie does have a lot of makeup on. That should’ve been my first indication of trouble. ;) Thanks!

    Comment by Elecy — December 11, 2008 @ 10:01 pm

  5. OMG! Yes, teens shouldn’t be booty calling, lol! I have seen that before in my game, with Beau Jackson when he was like 12! I canceled that really quick!

    But you know, teenagers are known for making mistakes. Poor Marcus, and his stolen innocence ;) Hopefully the next time is more meaningful for him!

    Shelly is a riot! She’s got it all figured out and calculated in her little diabolical plan, doesn’t she? :)

    Poor Marcus? I’m the one who had to see that, LOL!! But yeah, shocking. Booty Call, really? FOR TEENS? I like realism, but not that much. Shelly really does think she’s got the world in the palm of her hand.

    Comment by laura — December 12, 2008 @ 9:24 am

  6. YLOL, they are SO FRESH! How dare they! (You can turn it of by going into the Adjuster, then the Global Overrides and clicking Teen Woohoo Off, and if you want, turn off Teen?Adult interactions. They work by neighborhood, so be sure to do it for more than BS.)

    I feel bad for Cole. Did he end up having real feelings for her? Poor thing.

    Thanks, Josh! Whoa, teen/adult interactions are enabled by default?! GAH. Will fix that ASAP. Scary. I don’t want any step-parent/child action. x_X And yes, poor Cole. They have three bolts. He realizes, she doesn’t. Silly Shelly.

    Comment by Josh — December 12, 2008 @ 11:38 am

  7. *falls out of chair, laughing* I did not KNOW that!!! And I’ve had my share of TEENS too, and not ONE of them did a BOOTY call! A booty call!? *Falls out of chair again* Okay, so I am not really into Teenage woohooing, kind of- sort of because I was a teen woohooer back in the day (I regretted it BIG time later on, but ah… the memories). Definitely NOT into teen pregnancy, or wild and sexual teens, but one or two times with SLIM chance is okay… kind of. Depends on the teen. Anywho, is it bad that I could SEE Marcus being that kind of teen? LOL I really do think he’d be the experimental type. But man oh man.

    Shelly… I’m starting to dislike her big time. Maybe cause she doesn’t like my ship. LOL

    Teens get busy, I get that, but a booty call? LOL, that’s just a step too far for me, haha. Very, very strange and weird. As for Marcus, I dunno what he was thinking. Maybe because he’s Fortune/Pleasure.

    Comment by JMW — December 12, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

  8. Another think I noticed with ACR there is a morning after pill, so if any of my teens find themselves knocked they have an out, lol. I guess I have no problem with them woohooing, I mean I didn’t as a teen but my friends did. A whole bunch. I just roll my dice and see which sims will and which won’t.

    Poor Marcus, at least he can start over in college. And it’s good to see a boy regreating what he’s done. Normally it’s just the girl.

    Morning after pill? I don’t think I’ve run across that. I didn’t think ACR had built-in teen pregnancy functionality. I thought you needed an add-in for it. Marcus really did regret it, he was mopey afterward and wasn’t interacting well with others.

    Comment by GoldenBuffy — December 12, 2008 @ 9:46 pm

  9. Interesting. I remember hearing about that, but I was sure the Booty Call interaction was limited to adults. LOL at the screens! Ayayay Shelly. Blackmailing a sibling is only fun if you’re getting money or less chores out of it. Uh, I mean, that’s just wrong. Maybe a year in college will help her get over trying to break up Tim and Isolde. Cole is her age? That might be even better!
    Marcus will be just fine. Considering that he hasn’t been expressly set-up, I’m assuming he’ll find his girl in college. I can’t wait to see!

    I was definitely surprised, to say the least. Yikes! Shelly just likes having the upper-hand. Cole is actually behind Shelly. He’ll go to Uni next round with Timothy and Isolde.

    Comment by Fini — December 16, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

  10. I’m not a proponent of Teen Woohoo either, but I left it enabled in my game. Sadly, it’s more realistic. I was still shocked (and a little scarred) by Dustin and Angela woohooing. I don’t have any teen pregnacy hacks, though. Realistic or not, that’s one issue I don’t want to deal with.

    Loved your Madden screens, Mao! They were LOL funny.

    Bye, Ryu. You’ll be missed. *sniff*

    Comment by Temesha — February 19, 2009 @ 11:34 am

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