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December 31, 2008

Anderson – Round 22: ‘Sledgehammer, Pt. 3′

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Alyssa Anderson is trying to keep her family together, even at the end of her days.  Her son, Nevio, isn’t making it easy.  Thankfully she has Adora to add some sanity to the mix.  She loves Isolde, too, but worries for her.

Roman came in while Alyssa was at work.  Behind him was Patricia Moreno.  Nevio had seen her working at the store, she had been pretty hot before the whole pregnancy thing.  He wasn’t sure why he was agreeing to this, especially since Patricia seemed so disraught about it.

“It has to look completely sincere,” Roman warned.

“It will, I’ve done this before, remember?  Lacie…”

Roman tried not to cringe, “right.  Of course.”

Roman left the two to get acquainted before the wedding, which would happen at the end of the weekend.  As soon as the door closed behind him, Patricia lit into Nevio.

“You are sick,” she snapped.  “I can’t believe you’re agreeing to this!”

Nevio gave her a look, “you obviously agreed, too.”

“Out of love!  For my child,” Patricia replied morosely, looking off to the side. “The alternative… was hardly a better option.”

Nevio didn’t even want to know what the other option had been.

Despite the tensions and animosity between the two, the wedding continued without a hitch.  Nevio had to be sure that Alyssa was none the wiser to their jest.  It had been harder than he thought, living under the same roof.  Roman, Cara, and even Gregory were there.  Why wouldn’t they be?  It would have seemed peculiar if they hadn’t been.  Despite his best efforts, Roman found himself too busy with his thoughts to pay attention.

It was anyone’s guess what happened next.

Patricia had hardly been married ten minutes before she stepped off the platform and toppled over.  Alyssa was quick to come to her aid, as she’d heard the girl coughing profusely since she arrived.  Sickness and pregnancy usually don’t go hand-in-hand.  An ambulance was called to no avail.  She was pronounced dead on the scene.  It was truly a dismal day for all, for a death is one thing, but the death of a pregnant woman newly wed?  It’s too horrible to consider.

There was no investigation, for too many witnesses had seen it happen.  There was no foul-play, except on nature’s part.

It took some time for things to resume as normal in the manor.  The only thing that brought the cheer back was Adora’s birthday.  She was turning into a lovely young woman and Alyssa was determined to mold her into a true family matriarch.  It would take much, as Adora yearned to have children of her own.  Little did she know that along with those children would come an entire family to manage.

Unfortunately, Alyssa’s time came not long after.  Both Isolde and Adora were beside themselves with grief.  Nevio mourned inwardly, obvious only in that he no longer brought women home.  The house was a somber place, and the ripples of Alyssa’s death moved through the family and its branches.  She was not only the matriarch of a powerful family, but also the Mayor.  Many holes were left to fill when she died.

Isolde was not so good at handling her grief.  All she could see was death surrounding her.  It was a bit much for her fragile mind to handle and so she began to lash out.  She threw horrible tantrums and fits, refused to see Timothy, and would lock herself in her room, whispering into the phone receiver.  She spoke only to Lilith Yu and the mysterious friend she had met through the old woman.

Adora, meanwhile, made friends.  She knew that her grandmother wanted her to be in her own image, and so she did her best to be popular.  Maggie O`Hanlon and her got along great, even though Maggie was a little older.  They were both level-headed individuals and their attractiveness didn’t hurt the bond, either.

Adora was definitely happy to have a friend in her time of need.

Isolde had a friend, too.  Before she snuck off to University, she called her and requested what she had wanted for so long.  It was a shame that Lilith couldn’t be there to witness it.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to sate Isolde’s grief.  There was too much temptation, too much begging her to get lost, to go further in and innundate herself in its power.

It would have to wait until she reached Boreal Summit University.


Note from Mao: Apparently teens CAN be witches… yay!  So Isolde was a witch before she left.  I’ve never had a witch before, so I’m experimenting.  As for Patricia’s death, you cannot imagine the face I made.  I was truly and completely SHOCKED!  She literally just dropped over.  She’s been sick for awhile, but I thought she’d make it through the pregnancy.  Not so.  I have the illness hack from MATY that makes them fatal if not cared for.  She and her baby were my first casualties.

Last update of the year!  Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Happy new year, Mao!

    I’ll be watching to see what Isolde gets up to with her witchy powers. I don’t use anything supernatural in my hood, so it’s all very foreign to me.

    Poor Patricia – she didn’t die very happy, did she? Right after a forced/arranged marriage.

    Thanks! I usually only mess with vampires, but since Isolde and Lilith are so caught up in the paranormal, witches are a normal progression. I still feel bad about Patricia… what’s with me and pregnant chicks dying?

    Comment by Carla — December 31, 2008 @ 8:18 pm

  2. That is nuts! I know you don’t intentionally kill them, but many of your… “problem” sims tend to leave Boreal Springs in various ways. I feel really bad about Patricia. That royally sucks.
    I was wondering why you hadn’t made Isolde a witch earlier… I didn’t know you didn’t know teens could be witches. I worry for her, but then I worried for Lilith, and she turned out fine. I guess we’ll see what happens when they get to Uni.

    Haha, Lacie wasn’t killed, but shipped off. The rest, though, you’re right… they’ve got a habit of dying! I did bring Katy back, though. Wow, it seems like so long ago… as for Isolde, yeah, I had no idea. I’ve never messed with witches before. Isolde, though, I’m worried about her. Her aspiration has been full red since Alyssa died and she keeps fighting with everyone.

    Comment by Fini — December 31, 2008 @ 11:02 pm

  3. Whoa! I totally did not see that coming. Patricia’s death, I mean. I did sort of see Isolde becoming a witch. I am so glad you helped that part happen!

    I didn’t see it, either! Yikes.

    Comment by Beverly — January 1, 2009 @ 10:36 am

  4. I’ll miss Alyssa. I have the same hack but for some reason my sims never die from illness(they heal much faster than i would like). Anyway I can almost imagine Isolde became a witch who can’t control her emotion and cause irreparable damage to people around her, that would be scary.

    I’ll miss Alyssa, too. :( I was really shocked when she dropped over! As for Isolde, only time will tell…

    Comment by karen — January 1, 2009 @ 11:37 am

  5. OMG! Well, there’s one problem solved, lol! That sickness hack is dangerous!

    Poor Isolde! Maybe she’ll feel better once she gets to Uni. I can’t wait to see the witch stuff. I’m not planning on having witches in Lakeside Heights, so I’ll be living vicariously through you and Isolde :)

    It really is! Haha, no problems. I was never really big on them to begin with (and never got Makin Magic for the original Sims), but I’m feeling experimental.

    Comment by laura — January 1, 2009 @ 12:29 pm

  6. NOOOOO!!!!!! ALYSSA!!!!!!!!! I’ll miss her she was one of my favourite sims..and Patricia? Convenient no? Less of a population boom, Roman keeps his secret affair a secret, and Nevio’s bachelor life remains. Sounds like a good deal to eveyone except Patricia!

    Alyssa will definitely be missed! Yeah, everyone made out except poor Patricia.

    Comment by Mohohon — January 1, 2009 @ 12:29 pm

  7. Er. I just thought you’d be interested to know that apparently there is, in fact, Inteen for Apartment Life

    Haha, I should put up an announcement or something. I know about it and have known since the beginning of Dec, but won’t be downloading it until it’s completely stable. It isn’t the original creator doing it, so I’m being cautious. Thanks, though.

    Comment by Ri — January 1, 2009 @ 2:57 pm

  8. Oh, Patricia, you poor thing! Will you bring her back, Mao? Or would that be just way too inconvenient? For Nevio and Roman, that is. I feel so sorry for her…Wow. Adora is quite pretty…what is her LTW per se? And how exactly did you go about figuring out that Lilith and Isolde were into the paranormal? Just curious. I JUST got AL, haven’t installed yet…for Christmas, you know. Is there anything I should know particularly?

    Adora’s LTW is Golden Anniversary. All Isolde did as a child was talk to people about paranormal. You can see that in the updates prior. As for Lilith, she turned to the paranormal in hopes of bringing back her teen boyfriend, Chuck, but was swayed to instead bring back Katy. I can’t think of anything, but there is a patch out for AL.

    Comment by Talims_sister — January 1, 2009 @ 3:13 pm

  9. OMG OMG OMG! You weren’t kidding about this update being a whooper! I cannot believe Patricia died on her wedding day! And pregnant, to boot! How’s Nevio & Roman taking it? That’s the biggest shocker I’ve seen in the game so far. Man….
    Then of course another Death follows. Ugh, poor Isolde. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned evil after everything… Unless Tim will help her deal with everything. YAY for being a witch, though! It’s cool to see Maggie and Adora getting along.

    Nevio is taking it as one would expect. He’s more distraught over Alyssa’s death. :( I haven’t gotten to Roman’s house, so I can’t tell you there. ;)

    Comment by JMW — January 1, 2009 @ 3:54 pm

  10. Oh, poor Patricia and her baby! I have that sickness hack too, but none of my Sims manage to get sick! I wanted to try it out once and see what the sickness was like with the hack so I tried to get someone sick from stomping on cockroaches, but he never did.

    And it’s sad to see Alyssa go too. :( Seems like she’s been around for a long time!

    She really has. :( Oh gosh, once they get sick, everyone AROUND them gets sick. I am really thankful for that grandma’s soup thing that family sims get.

    Comment by Shana — January 2, 2009 @ 9:39 am

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