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January 11, 2009

Yu 2 – Round 22: ‘Carpe Diem, Baby, Pt. 2′

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Tracey Yu is home alone.  The twins, Shelly and Marcus, at finishing their last two years at University while her late husband, Ryu Yu, shuffled off the mortal coil last round.

Ryu’s death hit Tracey hard.  She had loved him quite dearly, even if they had met late in both their lives.  They had children together and the life they shared had been everything Tracey had always desired.  It may have been tainted by Gordon’s threat, but Tracey was happy.  Losing Ryu was hard, especially when she knew she had so much time to go before she could join him.  At least she’d feel better once Marcus came home.  Shelly had already stated quite clearly she’d be embarking on her own.

Meanwhile, Toph gave birth to a single pup named Roku.  It was a bit comforting to Tracey to have a puppy in the house, with its cute puppy face and puppy whimpers.  It seemed to make Toph happy, too, since Rob had run away.  Thankfully, the police found him shortly after and returned him safe and sound at home.  Ryu dying and the twins leaving had even affected the dogs!

Tracey was very surprised when her stepson, Roman Anderson, stopped by.  It was purely business.  Roman had always been very calculating, Tracey saw little of Ryu there.  Roman was definitely an Anderson.  He had come to question her about Gordon, her first husband and very, very bad subject to mention, especially in her home.

“Why are you asking about Gordon, Roman?  Are you in trouble?”

“No,” Roman answered quickly, “I just thought that you might know a bit about him.  You were married for several years, you have a son together, don’t you?  Michael Saunders.  I thought that perhaps you might know a weakness, a penchant, anything–”

“Roman, what’s this about?  What have you done?  I know I’m not your mother, I know… that she’s died.  And I’m sorry, but… I don’t think she’d want you messed up in this.  I don’t think Ryu would, either.  As your stepmother, I’m worried.  Gordon is… he’s not a man you want to mess with.”

“I’m a big boy, Tracey and my father has nothing to do with this,” his remark was a bit harsh and Tracey saw that he still bore the scars of the breakup.  “This was a mistake.  I shouldn’t have come.”

“Roman, please, wait a minute,” Tracey pleaded as he rose to leave.  “Gordon is… you shouldn’t mess with him, Roman.  I know he seems harmless, I know you think he’s just some pushover… but I was married to him.  I know him… what he’s capable of.”  Suddenly, a thought came to her, something she’d heard from Shelly… Claude.  “Roman, you didn’t.”

He saw the look on her face and was instantly defensive, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, Roman, you idiot,” Tracey said, near tears.  Roman was Ryu’s son, he looked so similar to him and now he was surely marked for death.  “Gordon is not the pushover you think he is.  He had your father, myself, even Thomas.. everyone in a vice grip, he still does.  There’s nothing any of us can do for fear of what he’ll do… and now you’ve gone and messed with his family, his son.  Oh, Roman!  You need to leave, right now.  Now.  He probably already knows you’ve come…”

Roman was defintiely startled when she started hurrying him out the door, “I don’t see why you’re so scared.”

“And that’s what makes you so blind, Roman Anderson.  Go home and get out of here, if you value your life.  You’ve just made the wrong man your enemy.”

Tracey wasn’t surprised when the phone rang shortly after Roman’s forced departure.  Her hand shook as she lifted it off the receiver and brought it to her ear.  A baratone she hadn’t heard in years filtered through, marred only slightly by the fangs hidden behind the lips.

‘You shouldn’t talk to Roman, Tracey.  It isn’t safe.’

“Gordon,” Tracey took a breath, her anger bubbling to the surface, “you have a lot of nerve, calling my home!  Don’t you dare threaten me.  I’ve kept our deal and now you should keep yours.  I said nothing to Roman, I simply warned him.”

‘It’s a bit late for that.  I didn’t want it to come to this.  Roman threw the first stone.’

“Why are you telling me this?  Why should I care?”

‘I just wanted you to know the truth, so you don’t overreact when I retaliate and go do something stupid that might endanger your own family…’

Goodbye, Gordon.”

She hung up the phone abruptly, trying to stop the rapid beating of her heart in her chest.  Roman… how could he have been so foolish?!


Note from Mao: Tracey didn’t do much gameplay-wise, but Roman did randomly visit and Gordon DID call after he left, LOL.  Which I thought was hilarious.  This was just my own interpretation of the events.  It fits in with the story!


  1. So weird. Now I’m wondering what he would do that could endanger one of her children. I assume that Michael is safe, but what would he do that could put Marcus or Shelly in danger? If he’d said something like that to me, I’d have tried to press for more info… and then changed my pants. We tried to warn Roman, but he’s such a hard-headed brat.

    Gordon won’t hurt Shelly or Marcus–Tracey thinks he would, but he won’t, because he knows a threat works with her. Roman, however, crossed the line with Claude. We’ll find out more about that in the next update. So there will be repercussions. Gordon has eyes everywhere. :P

    Comment by Fini — January 11, 2009 @ 1:02 am

  2. I’m suddenly worried about Tracey’s kids! Gordon wouldn’t… right?

    I am a bit confused though, what’s Roman’s problem? Does he REALLY want Gordon coming after him?

    No, he wouldn’t. Remember, Roman and Gordon had a deal. Gordon did it his way, which ticked Roman off. So Roman got back at him…

    Comment by Josh — January 11, 2009 @ 2:26 pm

  3. WOAH…juicy, can’t wait for the next update. Good Round. I know Gordon can be a push-over but that’s a no no for anyone, don’t mess with family. Besides, I happen to like Gordon despite his ways…he’s Hot. =P

    Haha, yeah, you do not mess with Gordon’s family!

    Comment by jacqueline — January 11, 2009 @ 4:23 pm

  4. Uh-oh! I’m afraid for Roman now. I guess it was already too late when Tracey warned him.

    Oh, definitely. Claude is already a vampire…

    Comment by Carla — January 11, 2009 @ 6:05 pm

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