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January 13, 2009

Knight – Round 22: ‘Moving On Up’

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Travis and Marla Knight have entered their elder years, but instead of relaxing and being grandparents, they’re still parents.  Little Jennifer is just now on the cusp of childhood.

Travis had been extremely apprehensive about being  dad to a young girl with gray hair, but the more he did it, the less of an issue it became.  Jennifer was sweet and quiet, almost as if she knew her parents couldn’t quite keep up with a rambunctious toddler.  It could also be because the house was quite small and there wasn’t much room to run around.  With his new position and a ‘security deposit’ from an unnamed source, Travis had been looking around at houses.  Marla was eager to move back to the neighborhood she grew up in–Boreal Springs.

Kit came over with Sade for one last gander at the house she grew up in.  Of course, Sade was much too busy playing with the cats to bother feeling the nostalgia.  Her response was that it was a good move for them.  After all, this was the same place Travis had cheated on Marla with Katarina.  Kit had always known about that, but she would have preferred it if her best friend kept a tighter lip about it.

They were also over for Jennifer’s birthday.  She was a big girl now, able to do things on her own.  She also seemed to have a burst of energy, running around the house, terrorizing the cats and her parents.  It was a good thing the house they had contracted to be built in Boreal Springs was ready.  Marla wasn’t sure how much longer this tiny house could hold the tornado of youth that was Jennifer.

She also admired her older, gorgeous sister quite a bit.  She told her mother often she wanted to have as many ‘best friends’ as Kit did.  Marla sighed.  She didn’t have the heart to tell Jennifer that her older sister slept around to ‘attain’ those best friends…

The new house was gorgeous and roomy.  Marla had never lived in anything like it before.  She was quite ecstatic.  Travis, too, was happy.  Finally, he had a home to reflect his wealth.  Everyone knew that the rich people moved to Boreal Springs to build big houses.  Well, except select few… those who lived in Aperture were usually tied to crime.  Travis needed to distance himself, for the sake of his family and his reputation.  Dealing with Gordon was lucrative indeed, but he needed to keep a low profile or he’d get an unpleasant night visit.

After all the furniture and everything was situated, things settled down for the family.  Jennifer had more than ample room to run around, and she had a backyard.  There were also children everywhere for her to play with.  All in all, it was a good choice.  Marla tried not to think where all the money had come from, nor how the construction had been completed so… quickly.  She just sat back and enjoyed the luxury.

Besides, she was too preoccupied trying to sort out her eldest daughter, Kit.  Kit was an anomoly.  She had a great mind, very sharp, yet she degraded herself continually by just sleeping around.  Marla worried it was the fued she had with Katarina Anderson coming back to haunt her.  Recently, she’d heard that Kit was involved with no less than three people–Claude Saunders, James Yu, and Marcus Yu.

“You need to sort out your life, Kit,” Marla warned her one evening.  “I’m worried about you.  James is a good boy, he really likes you, he always has.  Do you think he’ll stand for you dating around?  He could easily go and find someone else.”

Kit sighed.  She wasn’t in the mood.  She had just seen Claude and the fact he was a vampire still… bothered her.  “Mom, please.  I’m fine, okay?”

“But I heard you were messing with Marcus Yu now, too!  What are you thinking, Kit?”

“That was… I don’t know, but it isn’t serious.  It only happened once.  Look, mom, I’m fine, okay?  If you need anymore help with the stores, let me know, but I gotta go.  It’s a long drive back to Aperture.  Love you, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

And with that, she exited.  Marla sighed.


Note from Mao: Kit is INSANE.  I’ve never had a Knowledge sim like her.  She brought Marcus Yu with her and just, BAM.  Within seconds, steamy makeouts… WHAT?  Seriously, WHAT?  Oh boy.  This girl, I tell you.  Poor James.  And yes, I moved Marla and co to a new, extravagant house!  They needed it–they had tons of cash and that townhouse was way, way too cramped.  Jennifer scares me.  She jumps on the bed constantly.


  1. Wowzers, Kit is freaky O_O I can’t believe that she’s a knowledge sim =/ What’s her secondary aspiration?
    Hmmm, is Travis somehow dealing with Gordon now? Oh, he better watch out. That could be dodgy…
    Jennifer is too cute :D Have you discovered her hobby yet? And it’s good that they’re back in Boreal Springs now. Maybe Marla can finally catch up with her sister? Despite being twins, it’s almost like they’ve lost contact with each other :(

    Haha, after all that’s happened, Kit’s secondary is Romance. Way too many Romance sims! Jennifer’s OTH is… I think, fitness? I forgot. D’oh. Julie and Marla have grown apart, but they were never extremely close. Katarina and Marla were.

    Comment by Alise — January 13, 2009 @ 7:35 pm

  2. Geez, Marcus too? Man, Mao. You’d think Kit was a primary Romance sim. I thin Jennifer’s cute. She seems like a good fit for the fitness hobby.

    I know. Kit is freaking me out. Just wait ’til you see her on her own!!

    Comment by Fini — January 13, 2009 @ 11:26 pm

  3. LOL, I want to know how everybody and their brother knows so much about Kit’s love life? She needs to be a little more discreet maybe ;)

    Knowledge Sims have been surprising me lately! She’s just eager to learn – nothing wrong with a grown woman indulging with a little “anatomy study” ;)

    LOL, Kit really isn’t being discreet. She made out with Marcus right in front of Claude. I was like, SHEESH. And she’s been caught by others, too. Plus she lives across from Sade and well, you can imagine what Sade sees/hears. ;)

    Comment by laura — January 14, 2009 @ 11:42 am

  4. Awww, poor James! Does he know Kit is sleeping around on him?

    Romance seems to always be trying to exert its dominance, even when it’s the secondary aspiration. I have a few Sims who are Something/Romance and they never let me forget it!

    James has an idea. It’s hard to not know when you’re rooming with one of the guys she’s sleeping with, LOL. But he’s hoping she gets over it and its just a phase…

    Comment by Carla — January 14, 2009 @ 5:34 pm

  5. So Sade is a cat person. Go figure. xD I seriously love Kit’s outfit. The red version is just as pretty. Awww…Jennifer is adorable. But let’s hope she learns to make friends in a more…normal way than her sister. xD “Well, except select few… those who lived in Aperture were usually tied to crime.” Really? I can’t think of any *eyeroll* That’s such a pretty house, though. I suck at designing houses D:

    Sade loves kitties, despite being raised with dogs. Very surprising. I wanted Kit to have something sexy, but not, well, Romance sim sexy. It seemed to fit! Yeah, I am hoping that Jennifer DOES NOT roll Romance. I’ve had enough Romance sims. They are taking over. This house took forever, but I’m happy with it. I always build them too big.

    Comment by Elecy — January 16, 2009 @ 1:35 pm

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