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January 17, 2009

Saunders 3 – Round 22: ‘Haunting Me, Pt. 2′

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Michael Saunders has finally accepted Sade O`Hanlon’s advances.  Talk about an ‘odd couple’–quiet, reserved, and intellectual meets vain, outgoing, and brash.

Of course, as soon as Fou-Lu vacated the premises, Sade was finally able to convince Michael to convert his room for better use and let her stay with him.  Her motives were questionable, but nevertheless, she got her way.  Still, the poor couch.  What can you expect?  Young couple, apartment, and alone time.  The couch will have to deal.

Michael gave up his former job that had him going all over and instead accepted a position his stepmother, Lauren, had offered him.  He was a principal at the local high school.  It didn’t exactly make use of his mental faculties, but he was hoping to move up to the collegiate level.  Sade, meanwhile, was busy either modeling or dancing.  Regardless, she was obsessive about being ‘thin’ to the point of demanding Fou-Lu’s former room be her little workout area.

The routine was quickly ended when Michael told her, before heading off to work early one morning, that they were going downtown and to look nice.  Not that she didn’t now, but well, formally nice.

As soon as he was gone from the apartment building, Sade called Kit and demanded she come over right now.  Kit obliged, not having anything better to do, and found Sade near hyperventilation.  She couldn’t tell if it because she was upset or happy.


“I think he’s going to propose to me!”

Kit gave her a look.  Sade, married.  It was a scary thought.  Sade married to Michael, scarier.  Michael was attractive, terribly so–smart, quiet, all of that.  Shame Kit hadn’t noticed earlier.  “Are you sure?”

“He told me to wear something nice because we are going out tonight,” Sade rambled quickly, dragging Kit into the workout room.  “I need your help.”

“What do you think?” Sade asked, having changed into her proposed ‘formal wear’.  “Too much?”

Kit blinked, “no, it looks nice, Sade, but… do you want him to propose or jump you in the restaurant?”

Sade smiled, “you think?  Nah, you know he wouldn’t.  Come on, seriously.  Is it bad?”

“No, no, it looks good.”

“Now I’m really glad I’ve been in that show where I interpratively dance wearing nothing but two ribbons.  My body is tight!”

“Does Michael know about that?”

“Okay, Kit, time to go!” Sade replied, pushing her best friend out the door, failing to answer her question.

Michael arrived home not long after and was happy to see that Sade had obliged him without question.  He knew she probably had a vague idea as to why he had thrown the hint out there, but hoped it would still be a slight surprise.  For once, Sade was relatively calm and tame.  There were no outbursts or fits and she didn’t even complain or threaten to maim the waiter when he nearly spilled water all over her.  She was entirely focused on Michael, almost too focused.  He was beginning to worry.  Bottled up Sade rage aimed at him was not something he particularly wanted.

When he finally got to proposing, she toyed with him.  She couldn’t hide the excitement that crossed her face first, but she quickly tried to push it aside.  She held up the ring, as if inspecting it.  Very nice.  But she kept her face neutral.  She slipped it onto her hand and looked at it, holding it under the light.  It was almost as if she were a jeweller scaling a diamond.  Finally, the guise dropped–along with Michael’s stomach–and she said yes, but not before nearly jumping him in the restaurant.

Michael had to practically pry her off so they could leave.  PDA of this level was not within his comfort zone, especially not when this creepy old guy at another table kept staring at Sade in an inappropriate way.

They were married outdoors, at a newly build park in Boreal Springs, with both of their family, and extended family attending.  It was one of the few times anyone would ever see evidence that Sade truly was Nathaniel’s daughter, for her pointed ears were definitely on display, even if hidden a bit by the veil.  Thankfully, the wedding was fairly quick and therefore, the awkwardness of Michael’s two mothers, was avoided.  Gordon and Claude were not present for obvious reasons.

A few months later, Sade stopped Michael before she was supposed to go to work.  Instead of being dressed in the newest couture–Kit had slipped about the ribbon job to Michael and Sade had found herself looking for another job—she was still wearing her pajamas.

“Am I getting fat?” She asked, looking down.  She looked the same as ever, though there was some weight on her stomach.  Nothing atrocious.

“Is this a trick question?” Michael asked dubiously.  “Is this one of the questions where, no matter what I say, you end up yelling at me?  I don’t like those questions, Sade.”

She growled, throwing her arms into the air and headed back into the bedroom to change, “You’re not help at all!”

Michael shuddered and quickly realized he had to go visit his stepmother.  Dealing with Sade lately had been like putting your hand in a box full of cacti.

Shortly after Michael left, Sade found she was unable to change, too overcome by the urge to, well, vomit.  She continued to do so for an hour before calling off work.  Did she have food poisoning?  Worse yet, was she puling because she was fat? She’d have to ask Kit if that was a side effect of not being incredibly thin and gorgeous…

Michael had no idea Sade was ill, nor did he know she hadn’t gone to work.  He came home to an empty house, one of his subordinates following behind.  Viola O`Hanlon was technically his sister-in-law.  He wanted to give her some help before he left to go to Boreal Summet University administration, so he had invited her so they could talk it over.

Viola, on the other hand, was wishing she had seen Michael before Patrick.  She had grown to love Patrick, but Michael was the kind of attractive where he had no idea.  And that was attractive.  Not to mention they both had the same minds when it came to education and children.

Michael was gone for a weekend, visiting Boreal Summit University and going over the finalities of his application process.  He happily accepted the job as a College Professor–with hopes of moving up to Dean of Students–and returned home only to find the TV was broke.  He wasn’t quite sure where Sade was, as she should have been home when he got there.  She finally came in sometime later, standing behind him.  He didn’t turn to look, too absorbed in trying to fix the stupid TV.  His father had a way with electronics, he had tried to teach Michael, but well, Michael wasn’t his father.

“Michael,” Sade said timidly, as startling way for her to speak after so many outbursts.

“Where were you?” He asked, still focusing on the TV.  “I’ve been home for two hours.”

“I had an appointment at the hospital,” Sade replied, hands resting suddenly on her stomach.  “I’m pregnant.”


Note from Mao: Sorry this one is so long.  I had more pictures.  :b  It’s like the Patrick and Viola update.  Too much happened, but I tried to slim it down.  I really enjoy playing these two, because Sade?  Is a horrible pregnant person to deal with.  Poor Michael.  Anytime he tries to talk to her or be all romantic she gets mad and shoos him away, LOL.  Sade does not like ‘being fat’ at all.  Viola also kept following Michael home AND Kit kept coming over when Sade wasn’t home.  They both have three bolts for him.  I also had NOT planned on Sade getting knocked up so early on ((glares at Michael)).  I even had them scheduled to go on vacation, I had to cancel it. Their wedding was also me testing a very modified King’s Park to be used for weddings.  I had to cut to one picture for length.  Tracey and Lauren shared many glares.


  1. Yay they got married! I totally forgot she had the ears. This is great. I must say I love Sade’s dress. That did it. Michael could not resist the dress. And when did you change his aspiration? I’m entirely not surprised that he already has an entourage. Only Sade would think nausea comes from gaining weight. The ribbons, LOL!

    I never changed Michael’s aspiration, I just seriously suck at remembering it! He’s Knowledge/Family, not Family/Knowledge. My silly fault, LOL! It just seemed fitting for Sade to do something involving nudity and ribbons, LOL. I cannot wait to see their kid.

    Comment by Fini — January 17, 2009 @ 10:41 pm

  2. HEE Michael and Sade together! I love her crazy ways. Poor thing, “AM I FAT?!” Yes, bb. It’s called baby weight. :P

    I love the way you used the restaurant to your advantage, with the poses! I loved it. :D

    Sade is so silly. I figured that’d be her first reaction to being pregnant, LOL! I actually hadn’t planned on Sade trying to jump down Michael’s throat. I just wanted a more ‘formal’ proposal.

    Comment by Josh — January 17, 2009 @ 11:03 pm

  3. Waaaah! Waaaaah! They’re married. Talk about odd couple but…it works xD those two kids are cute together. Oh, if puking was a side effect of not being thin and gorgeous, I’d be glued to the toilet. xD STAY AWAY FROM THE MICHAEL, VIOLA. Step away from him and his super sperm. It can be bebe tiemz nao?

    They are an odd-couple and I have no idea how in the world they have Three Bolts, but they do. Sade is so silly. No worries, Michael has no interest in anyone but Sade. Neither of them have so much as flirted with or swooned over anyone else. Sade is one of the few people who doesn’t swoon over Claude.

    Comment by Elecy — January 17, 2009 @ 11:04 pm

  4. Aw, I love them. But, I guess, I say that about most of the residents of BS. I’ve always loved Michael, from the beginning. I’m sooo happy for them, they’re married and now they’re having KIDS!! SADE A MOM! This will be interesting. I can’t wait till their next update, I hope ACR doesn’t mess this up, because Viola and Kit can’t be anywhere near Sade’s man…she’d kill them. LOL

    I am ridiculously happy about the whole kid thing. As much as I want to control population, these two could have a litter and I’d be thrilled. :P

    Comment by jacqueline — January 18, 2009 @ 12:13 am

  5. Hey, I only just noticed that they’re a knowledge/popularity couple! Like my Dallas and Lucy, those two aspirations are not supposedly compatible, but I think they work so well together. IMO, family Sims are way too demanding for knowledge Sims – knowledge/popularity couples make a better balance… but anyway… ;)

    Yay! And wow! Proposal, wedding, and baby, all at once! That’s a busy update! Good luck to these two, they’re a cute pair. I hope the baby gets Sade’s ears :)

    And LOL @ Sade and her ribbons!

    I’m really glad everyone liked the ribbons thing. ;) To make matters worse, Laura… Michael is Knowledge/Family and Sade is Popularity/Romance, LOL! Sade acts NOTHING like a Romance sim, though. And Michael is a good balance of both, though he’s wanted to get engaged to Sade since accepting her advances. Old-fashioned, much?

    Comment by laura — January 18, 2009 @ 12:34 am

  6. My my, they are a weird couple. Noisy and quiet get married? I wonder how their kids going to end up like? Probably split personality, noisy one moment and quiet the other moment, lousy joke here, haha.

    You know, I hadn’t thought about it! Only time will tell. ;)

    Comment by karen — January 18, 2009 @ 12:47 am

  7. I keep forgetting to leave comments, but I had to say YAYAYAYAYAYYY. I have always been a big Sade/Michael fan, so to see it finally fulfilled, well, YAY!

    It was inevitable. Those two just wouldn’t let up, especially Sade!

    Comment by Laura — January 18, 2009 @ 2:32 pm

  8. Hmmm, Sade as a mom, I can’t wait to see this. I was in tears when she wondered if throwing up came from being fat!!! ROFL I hope they have a beautiful baby. You know I worry sometimes with my sims like in RL. You know the two beauties cancel each other out and they end up having a fugly kid. I hope not!

    LOL! Sade as a mum will be very, very interesting indeed. Their kids will be gorgeous, I know it. Gordon’s genes never fail, LOL!

    Comment by GoldenBuffy — January 18, 2009 @ 7:09 pm

  9. I wonder if Sade will get the urge to change her style when she becomes a mom. Sade, in mom pants that is a funny thought.

    I hate it when I have so many great pics and have to decided what to keep and what to leave out. It sucks.

    It was really hard to choose for this update! I doubt Sade will change her style, LOL.

    Comment by Monique — January 18, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

  10. I saw in the comments for today’s entry that Goldenbuffy missed this one and then I realised I must have too! I’m glad I went back and read it, because it was a funny one.

    I had completely forgotten that Sade had pointy ears. I had to go back and look at pics of her as a kid to remember. I laughed so much at “Now I’m really glad I’ve been in that show where I interpratively dance wearing nothing but two ribbons. My body is tight!” and then Sade quickly changing the subject when Kit asked if Michael knew!

    Hahahaha, the ribbons thing was a completely random insert. I just thought it fit. xb I’m surprised some people missed this entry… but then again, my updating schedule is kinda crazy right now.

    Comment by Carla — January 18, 2009 @ 9:50 pm

  11. Aw, I love Sade and Michael and I’m glad to see they got married! They’re a cute couple. Opposites seem to work somehow. ;) I can’t wait to see Sade as a mom!

    Hahaha, they are definitely a peculiar pair, that’s for sure! Sade as a mum, I’m scared.

    Comment by Shana — January 19, 2009 @ 9:52 am

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