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March 29, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 10: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 6′

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Derek and Mary O`Hanlon finally have their happy little family, but how long until Mary realizes what it took to get it? Sara is ready to go off to University, Gina is busy with her novels, and the twins, Marla and Julie, just like causing trouble. Can this busy house keep its head above water?


Mary and Derek care for Marla and Julie

Marla and Julie were truly a handful. They had their poor parents up at all hours, trying to care for them. It was especially hard because Mary and Derek were so close to the tops of their careers, they could nearly taste it. Being as Fortune-minded as they were, they sometimes asked Gina to step in. She was sitting pretty on her new job as Media Magnate and spent most of her time writing novels.

They hated leaving their children in the care of someone else, but one last promotion! Then they could spend all the time in the world with them.

Sara holds Marla

Surprisingly, Sara helped out quite often. She’d gotten over her whole ‘I want to be an only child’ phase and accepted that the twins weren’t going anywhere. They were kinda cute, too, and she could play with them! She wasn’t quite sure if she ever wanted her own kids, though. All the messes and the feeding and the waking up… blegh!

Gina reads her newest novel

Gina was quite pleased with her life. She was a successful owner of a magazine and she was becoming quite the prolific author. Her series, Dramatica: Life in the Suburbs, was such a hit she wrote a second one and deemed it would be a series. Deals were flying all over the place–people wanted to put it into TV form and even make a movie out of it.

Yes, Gina was very pleased. Now if only she could get rid of the nagging sensation that something was wrong with her brother, Derek.

Sara talks to Damien

Sara often called University and spoke to her half-brother, Damien. She couldn’t talk to Lilith because Lilith wasn’t talking, and she wasn’t about to ask for Nathaniel. Damien kept her up-to-date on all the latest. She was happy she had found someone to take his mind off Chuck’s unfortunate death, but she was worried about what he said in regards to Nathaniel. Several times he had mentioned his annoyance at the girls that refused to leave or followed the alien boy home.

It made Sara feel incredibly ill at ease.

Derek reads the paper

Derek’s daughter wasn’t the only one feeling ill. He had taken to reading the paper every morning, mostly out of fear. There were numerous police reports about the criminal organization that had taken hold of the nearby city. He knew exactly who was at the helm. In fact, all he had to do was visit his father to see the mastermind.

If anyone were to ask Derek why he got involved in it now, he would say he didn’t know. He really wasn’t a cruel person… but Katy hadn’t really given him a choice. She downright refused to give him a divorce and she tricked him into the whole ‘marriage’ as it was. Out of her own love, yes, but still.

Sara goes to University

Sara graduated high school and was fully prepared to join her friends at University. Mary was a bit skeptical, as Sara proposed that she would go early instead of relaxing during summer break.

“But mom,” Sara protested. “The house is so full now… and Aunt G is here to help with the twins!”

Mary sighed, “Sara, are you sure you’re ready? I don’t want you rushing for a boy–”

“Oh, whatever,” Sara stormed off to pack her bags. “I’m going! I’m eighteen now, I can make my own decisions.”

Sara had never yelled at Mary. It was incredibly worrying. Her moods had been especially erratic lately. Mary was worried that she would go off to University, realize it wasn’t the happy world she imagined, and then find herself broken. She desperately hoped Lilith snapped out of her trance soon–she was the only one who could get through to Sara.

The twins are children

Julie and Marla quickly grew into self-sufficient children, much to their parents pleasure. They were quite cute, but they couldn’t have looked anymore different. Marla had a love for cuisine while Julie enjoyed tinkering around. Mary was worried Julie was going to be another tomboy, so she made sure to put her in a cute dress in an effort to dissuade her. It wasn’t that Mary didn’t like tomboys, it just had caused her poor daughter Sara too much trouble as it was.

Derek is fulfilled

Derek finally hammered his way to the top and he was quite pleased about bit. Mary had beat him when it came to reaching the top of their respective careers, but she didn’t get the same joy from it that Derek did. Now he could sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Well, provided that Mary never found out about his connection to Katy’s death.


Note from Mao: For those of you curious, I moved Sara into Uni and she grew up into a dress. Wow. Okay, so maybe she’s thinking of going girly now? ;) The twins are adorable.

Oh, and Samantha, Lilith’s Teen Outfit didn’t have a tooltip on it… so I don’t know where it is from. I tried looking around for it, but I didn’t have any luck. Sorry!


  1. Aww! The twins are cute. And, wow, they look so different. I hope Sara gets what she wants. :)

    Mao edit: Me too… this is when it’s hard to follow what the sims want!

    Comment by Josh — March 29, 2008 @ 12:13 pm

  2. Ok, just wondering…
    In the last picture, the little pop-up says that Derek brought home $-28,171, and got a bonus of $-22,010. What’s up with that?? lol
    But that was an awesome update!! Keep up the good work!

    Mao edit: That’s from having InSim installed. It hasn’t been updated for Free Time yet, so I’m using the OBJ version.

    Comment by elise — March 29, 2008 @ 3:35 pm

  3. Derek is in major debt lol :P
    He’s gonna get hit hard by life in the face soon, i have a feeling…

    Mao edit: Ah, yes… karma can be a cruel thing…

    Comment by L3w1s — March 29, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

  4. Poor Gina gets so little press ’cause she leads a boring life. Just wondering.. Does Gina have any wants with regards to marrying or just hooking up with someone?

    Mao edit: She does plenty, she is just never fully involved in the storylines. I’m having fun making her an author. She actually hasn’t ever shown interest in anyone. Gina is a lone wolf!

    Comment by Emplousos — March 30, 2008 @ 7:19 am

  5. The twins are definitely cute. And Sara finally goes to college. I wonder how she will fare!

    Mao edit: Me, too. I can’t wait to get to the college round now!

    Comment by Kyri — March 30, 2008 @ 7:33 am

  6. Awww know i really wanna find out about katy :)
    I hope Sara really wow the Uni Crowd..
    Specially Nathanial XD
    i’m sure Julie and Marla will be fine their really cute :)

    Mao edit: We shall see, but she did transition to a YA in a dress…

    Comment by Ingrid — March 30, 2008 @ 8:20 am

  7. Awww the twins are cute, i can’t wait for the uni round, it shall be interesting. Also bad Derrick, he could have publicly said to divorce her or something, or blackmailed her into it, he didn’t have to kill her!

    Mao edit: Derek is like Henry… cunning and wit isn’t his strong suit. ;)

    Comment by Sanna — March 30, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

  8. Great update! I always love seeing this family! Mary and Derek are still totally my favorite couple, even though he had to kill Katy to make it happen! All of their kids are beautiful, and I can’t wait to see Sara in a dress!

    Mao edit: Hahaha, we’ll see what happens when Mary finally figures things out. ;) Derek didn’t kill Katy, Janine did… we’ll hear more about it soon enough.

    Comment by Mandie — March 30, 2008 @ 9:09 pm

  9. “Dramatica: Life in the Suburbs” lol How appropriate! The twins are adorable but what’s up with Sara’s change in attitude? Teen angst? :)

    Mao edit: Pretty much. Hormones and whatnot are unstable at that age. ;)

    Comment by Ann — April 1, 2008 @ 3:43 pm

  10. That’s alright. Thanks for trying to look though, I appreciate it! Anyways, Julie and Marla grew up very nicely.

    Mao edit: Thanks–they are quite cute kids. :D

    Comment by Samantha — April 2, 2008 @ 9:18 pm

  11. Yeah, i was a bit weirded out by that pop-up!

    Comment by arcadata — February 24, 2009 @ 11:14 pm

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