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January 26, 2009

Yu – Round 23: ‘Still Waiting, End’

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Tsung and Lilith are happy to finally have a grandchild!  Zhou and River seem to be adapting well to their new roles as parents.

River was finding that being a mom wasn’t nearly as hard as she thought.  Of course, she had plenty of support, maybe too much support.  Lilith and Tsung were there every step of the way, almost as if they feared little Fujin might just disappear if they turned their backs.  It was a bit suffocating, but River also knew they meant well.  Besides, their help was necessary if she wanted to keep her career going.

Chairman Mao wasn’t quite sure what to make of the new tot.  It ate, slept a lot, and cried a lot.  Kittens were cuter.

River wasn’t entirely responsible for Fujin’s care, Zhou helped out quite a bit, too.  He enjoyed the little bundle, even if it was hard to curb his penchant for foul words.  It certainly helped that being a father seemed to up River’s attraction level to him even more.  Another good reason Lilith and Tsung were always around to watch Fujin…

Things all seemed to settle into a pattern, and everyone was happy.  Of course, Lilith still shouted at Zhou to move his lousy butt before he caused her to lose her game.  It wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t.  It also wouldn’t be the same if Zhou actually listened to her, instead of just cooing over the cat and making his mother so angry her face became an uncomely shade of dark purple, almost like a grape.

Lilith was incredibly surprised when her time was up.  She could have sworn she still had more life left in her, but Grim disagreed.  It was her time to go.  Tsung was distraught.  Lilith moved on without much of a fight, but she definitely gave Grim quite a bit of lip.  She wasn’t one to go down without a bit of sass.  It was a shame she wouldn’t get to see Fujin grow up!

Tsung retired immediately after Lilith’s death, determined to immortalize his late wife the same way his father had.  It was a mad goal–Tsung had never painted, and yet he seemed to take to it like a fish to water.  Isolde Anderson stopped by after the funeral to pick something up.  Tsung didn’t pay it any mind.  He knew Isolde and Lilith had been involved in a world he wanted no part of.  Whatever it was, Isolde could handle it… Lilith had taught her well.

Fujin soon became old enough to toddle around on his own and so it was a good thing Tsung had retired.  When he finished his painting, he hung it up and felt some sort of peace wash over him.  He could enjoy his final years now, with his family.  Both boys had made out fairly well, even if Fou-Lu had some bumps along the way.  It wouldn’t be long for Tsung to remain, though, Lilith was waiting and everyone knew how patient she’d been living…


Note from Mao: I was so sad when grim came to collect Lilith!  Her age bar said she still had more time.  :(   Bye bye, Lilith.  You will definitely be missed!  In order to help you with your grief, I give you a totally random picture of Zhou.  It made me crack up.

‘Why so seeerious, Zhou?’


  1. Mao! I was so happy, about Fujin and everything, and then Lilith dies, and I’m sad, and not even a toddler Fujin, which is infinitely cuter, cheers me up! Oh well… Like you said back when Alyssa died, they all start dropping like flies. Hey, I wanna see Lilith’s portrait!

    Haha, you’ll probably see it in the background at some point. ;) I was quite upset to lose Lilith…

    Comment by Fini — January 26, 2009 @ 7:51 pm

  2. NOOOO LILIIIITHHH!!! =( I will miss her sass.. she was one of my favourites.. well at least we have Zhou to continue his mother’s sass… and is it me or does Zhou look contemplative of his place in the nursery going, “exactly why am I here…?”

    Lilith will definitely be missed! Oh, no worries, the sass shall continue. Hahaha, Zhou was potty training Fujin… but the face he made was just hilarious.

    Comment by Mohohon — January 26, 2009 @ 11:35 pm

  3. Lilith and Tsung as overbearing grandparents = lawl. xD But I would be too. You wait FOREVER for a kid and it shows up, you are going to be cautious. Kittens are cute but he’s a Yu. I’m sure he will be fine, General Mao <3 River is like me...guys taking care of kids is SEXY. The guy can be a huge douchebag but the minute you find out he is a single dad or something, he is suddenly more appealing.

    OH NO D: LILITH, NO. SHE CAN'T DIE. NO. Damn you, Grim. You're just mad because Lilith is a better reaper than you. GASP, and this means...NO. TSUNG CAN'T DIE EITHER D:

    Fujin did turn out rather adorable. <3

    Hahaha, it cracked me up so much when River did that while Zhou was taking care of Fujin. Sims are silly. xD There’s no “holding a baby” turn on! Tsung is next. :( It’s hard to imagine these guys are all at the end of the line!

    Comment by Elecy — January 27, 2009 @ 8:55 am

  4. Goodbye Lilith! RIP.

    Fujin is unbelievably adorable. I love that picture of Isolde with Tsung in the foreground – it almost looks like she’s trying to sneak by.

    The scary thing is Isolde and Tsung have chemistry, LOL!

    Comment by Carla — January 27, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

  5. Goodbye Lilith! You will be missed.

    I already miss her, LOL!

    Comment by Monique — January 28, 2009 @ 7:38 am

  6. LOL, they fart hearts at the funniest moments sometimes :)

    Awww, RIP Lilith! I didn’t see that coming. How sad :(

    Me either. It was definitely a surprise…

    Comment by laura — January 28, 2009 @ 7:56 am

  7. NOOOOOOO!! not lilith. She was one of my favorites sims.

    Alas, Lilith is no more. :(

    Comment by Lorna — January 28, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

  8. Nooooo, not Lilith. *cries* I will miss her so much. I was not looking forward to her death. *is sad* But the random pic did make up for it. Made me LOL, lol.

    She will definitely be missed. Glad you found the picture funny!

    Comment by GoldenBuffy — January 29, 2009 @ 7:18 pm

  9. Aw man, I am soooooo sad to see Lilith go! I’ve been reading through from the beginning, and she was my favorite in your hood, hands down. :’( No more pretty purple goth girl. I still look forward to reading through to the present time though. This blog is great!

    Comment by Shannon — July 6, 2009 @ 3:41 pm

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