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March 2, 2009

Yu 2 – Round 24: ‘Karma Chameleon, Pt. 2′

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Tracey Yu is hoping that her son, Marcus, can eventually settle down with a ‘nice’ girl… and stay away from Kit Knight.

Tracey is very concerned for her son’s future.  Sure, he’s gotten away from Kit Knight, but his habitual dating isn’t really something Tracey enjoys enduring.  She wants to see her son prosper and find love.  Marcus is just a bit too easy-going for marriage and commitment, though.  He isn’t like Shelly, who jumped at the chance to join a family with money.  He’d rather sit back and relax, following the general flow of life.

To please his mother, he introduced her to his casual girlfriend, Valerie Alioto.  They had dated briefly as teens, but moved too fast and made things awkward.  They reunited at the end of University and Valerie even went with Marcus to his sister, Shelly’s, wedding to Cole Anderson.  Now she was meeting his mother.  It wasn’t that Marcus didn’t like Valerie, he just liked the slow, plodding pace of their relationship.  No demands, no requirements, just fun and companionship.

Eventually, Valerie ended up moving in, not to put pressure on Marcus… not at all.  She felt the same way about things as he did, but simply to put his mother’s mind at ease.  Marcus wasn’t running around, dating random women, he was just taking it slow with Valerie.

Valerie was thankful, because she wasn’t much of a ‘house frau’.  She burned everything she touched.

It was, however, very nice to be always at one another’s beck and call.  They especially enjoyed the times that Tracey was at work.  Neither felt any pressure to go beyond simply boyfriend and girlfriend.  Marcus worked as a lazy photographer while Valerie was still looking around.  Truth be told, she couldn’t tell Marcus what she really wanted in life.

Instead, she opened a gaming hall that was really a front of illegal betting and gambling.  High-stakes card games were all the rage behind the hidden doors of the neon lights and pinball machines.  The business made good money on its own, but Valerie was hoping to attract some… other attention.  She wanted to meet with the illusive Gordon Saunders and offer her skills to him–she was quite adept at running fronts and even some extortion.

When Sade Saunders dropped by, needing to blow off some steam, Valerie invited her into the private rooms.  It was daylight and nothing was going down.  Still, Sade was Michael’s wife and Michael was Gordon’s eldest… a good way to get in.

Unfortunately, Valerie couldn’t have foreseen what came next.  She began to feel sick and weak, then came the afternoon naps.  She found herself unable to run the night games and instead had one of her trusted people on the job.  She sat down with Marcus and tried to explain what had happened.  That she was expecting an addition to their nonexistant family.  Marcus was quite stunned.

The worst happened after that.  Tracey Yu’s time was up.  Marcus was bereft and Valerie was speechless.  She felt for Marcus, but somehow, it seemed to work in her favor.  Tracey would have been a wedge, a wall in her path to try and get to Gordon.  It was well-known what had happened there.  So, he wouldn’t see her kindly if Tracey were still around…

It was unfortunate Tracey did not know Valerie was expecting.


Note from Mao: Sorry for the impromptu hiatus.  RL is insane right now and I’ve been very ill.  Feeling better now, but I haven’t played since I finished this update.  So they may be sparse.  We’ll see.  Valerie wants to be a criminal, but to do so, must somehow befriend Gordon.  ;)   I think she and Marcus were a victim of ACR’s risky woohoo.


  1. Aww, I was wondering when Tracey would go. Hmm, this Valerie woman interests me. I’m glad you brought her in. I really don’t understand the world beating a path to Gordon’s door. Don’t get involved with him and there’s a high chance of staying alive.

    Gordon isn’t a bad guy, but he does what he does to survive. I have it as a rule, if anyone wants to be a criminal they MUST do so through Gordon or attempt to start their own enterprise. If they do, they are subject to a wrath roll, LOL.

    Comment by Fini — March 2, 2009 @ 1:30 pm

  2. Ooh, you’ve got to be careful with that risky woohoo! I’m looking forward to how this baby might throw a spanner in the works for Valerie’s plan.

    Another elder gone! Dropping like flies, they are!

    I kind of hoped this would happen, so I’m not too upset. ;)

    Comment by Carla — March 3, 2009 @ 4:56 am

  3. I guess I’d be worried a bit if I were Tracey too. Marcus was a good boy who somehow strayed from his path. But considering all the bad things he could’ve done, I’d say he’s still fine. Yay, another person who can’t cook! xD Their relationship is rather low-key…like Sara and Nathaniel. I bet it will take like…3 kids before they get married too xD But oooh my. Valerie wants to get involved with Gordon. That ain’t such a good idea, sweet pea. Awww, Tracey D: Everyone is just dropping like flies.

    Marcus isn’t bad, you’re right, but Tracey idealizes perfect families. Which isn’t very healthy, either. I think it stemmed from her own messed up situation, LOL! I hope they don’t have a ton of kids, yikes.

    Comment by Elecy — March 3, 2009 @ 1:56 pm

  4. Hmm..I’m not sure what to think of Valerie. Getting involved with Gordon’s line of work may not be the best idea. (Though I like how you have it set up that they have to go through him or set up a competing enterprise!) Aw, too bad Tracey didn’t get to see her grandchild. :(

    I’m not sure Gordon is to keen to take on anyone else. We’ll see how it goes…

    Comment by Shana — March 3, 2009 @ 4:17 pm

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