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March 5, 2009

Saunders 2 – Round 24: ‘Carpe Diem, Baby, Pt. 5′

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Gordon Saunders is realizing his immortality as the people he knew in his youth slowly give in to a peaceful death.  Lauren is up next.  Claude is bumbling through being a vampire while Emily is quite pleased with the immunity afforded to her by Gordon.

Claude isn’t quite sure what came over him, but he suddenly had the urge to propose to Emily.  She hadn’t dropped hints or anything, but cutting it off with Kit had been pretty serious business, so why stop there?  He felt bad about what happened with Kit, but hopefully she’d realize that it would never be that way between them.  He loved Emily, which he proved by going against his nature and promising to eventually make her his wife.

Lauren wasn’t quite sure how she felt about the nuptials, but she had little say.  Gordon had bigger news–they were moving.  They had outgrown this place and would be moving to a house more… fitting of their situation.  Lauren was really worried now.  It was bad enough being surrounded by vampires, but now it seemed she’d be stuck in a vampire lair, too!  Gordon promised her he had no such intentions.

The new house was quite luxurious, with accommodations to please everyone.  There was a grand piano for those who were musically inclined and a larger-than-life LCD television for the more discerning viewer.  Claude, of course, nearly watched himself into a stasis, marveling at the huge television, while Emily recaptured her youth on the piano.

Gordon hadn’t missed the news about Tracey’s death.  He saw her obituary in the paper.  It didn’t move him, though he knew Michael would be upset.  Not nearly as upset as most children, seeing as Tracey hadn’t raised him–Lauren did.  It was partially Gordon’s fault, but leaving him with Tracey hadn’t been an option.  Gordon did what he had to in order to protect his family.  Tracey was erratic and untrustworthy.  Who knew how Michael might have turned out if she’d gotten her claws in him too far.

Emily, meanwhile, was trying to integrate herself into the family.  She made friends with Lauren and made her an offer.  Lauren wholeheartedly refused, giving her a look of complete disapproval.

“Stop that,” she hissed, batting Emily away forcefully, “what do you think you’re doing?  You think Gordon and I haven’t already had this talk?  I know what death is like better than anyone.  I got a second chance.  That’s enough for me.  Besides, who wants to be an old and wrinkly vampire?!”

Emily sighed, “I can’t understand why you would want to die.”

“Of course you can’t,” Lauren softened, suddenly sympathetic, “few ever will… but I’m ready.  I won’t fight it.”

Emma came over frequently to see Gordon and make use of the grand piano.  Lauren tried to talk some sense into her, involving the new baby and her responsibilities as an older sister, but her advice fell on deaf ears.  Lauren tried to remember if she had ever been so young and stupid… of course she had.  Everyone had.  She sighed.  What would be would be.

Michael was there when Lauren died.  He had come home from work with her.  They were going to discuss her retirement and his taking of her position.  He didn’t want it, but she insisted with a kind smile and motherly hug.  He had two mothers die on him now, one he scarcely knew and now the one who had raised him.  It seemed wrong, to be forced into grieving twice… but it was the price.  His father would never die and so he would experience this.


Note from Mao: Emily kept trying to vamp Lauren and Lauren refused her everytime!  They are friends, but Lauren’s got high skills.  Who knows.  She really just wanted to die in peace.  Poor Michael.  LOL he’s had two aspiration failures now…


  1. First off, Emily’s profile picture is scaaaary but pretty in a dark way.

    Claude, marrying someone? THE WORLD IS ENDING D: But seriously, it is a bit shocking. He does not seem like the marrying type. Poor Michael, though. Poor baby lost both his mommys. He needs a hug D: Sade, get to it!

    I know! I was so shocked when he spun up the want outside of a Date scenario. I was like, WTF??

    Comment by Elecy — March 5, 2009 @ 4:24 pm

  2. Aww, goodbye Lauren!

    Wow, I didn’t even know Sims *could* refuse vampire bites but then again, I haven’t played with vampires much. Being able to do that would certainly change the outcome of every vampire movie/TV show I’ve ever seen.

    She had a good life. ;) I think it is rare for them to refuse, LOL! Yeah, it would definitely change the outcomes…

    Comment by Carla — March 5, 2009 @ 7:26 pm

  3. Aw … Lauren. You’ll be missed. She’s been around since the single digits of rounds. Poor girl, she’s gone through a lot.

    Yeah, she has been around a long time…

    Comment by Aryanna — March 5, 2009 @ 7:26 pm

  4. I love it when they do something unexpected, like a romance sim wanting to marry and a sim refusing a vampire. I always wonder about those kinds of things, if they are the interplay of the choices the player has made from the wants that have rolled up, or if its a bit of randomizing programmed in.

    It definitely adds to the fun! I love it when they surprise me. :D I think it’s just the way the code works out in the end, but I love being able to put my own explanation to it.

    Comment by Shannon — March 7, 2009 @ 10:32 am

  5. Ouch Gordon! I know you and tracey parted on less-than-amiable terms, but… ow. Anyway. Interesting; I haven’t seen many people refuse a vampire. It’s rather funny. Poor Michael. I wanna give him a hug.

    Haha, Gordon can be cold at times. ;) I was amused and the refusal, too!

    Comment by Fini — March 8, 2009 @ 9:20 pm

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