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March 8, 2009

Anderson 4 – Round 24: ‘Run’

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Gregory and Cara Anderson are nearing their twilight years while Gregory is on the cusp of becoming a young adult.

Roman isn’t quite sure what convinced Gordon to back off, but he was thankful.  He wasn’t about to go running headlong into anymore schemes.  He would spend his time tailoring Gregory to be the best heir he could.  Perhaps Gregory could achieve greatness without dirtying his hands.  Cara seemed pleased with her husband’s new found dedication to their son.

Of course, Roman wasn’t at all pleased to see that Gordon’s grandchild, Emma, seemed rather intent on Gregory.  Gregory was unmoved, though.  He hung out with Emma, but that was it.  He didn’t have any real interest in her past friendship.  Sure, she was pretty and girly, but… well, she knew she had money.  Gregory was a bit more humble.

“How can you hang out with Lydia?” Emma asked him, completely bewildered by their friendship.  “She doesn’t even have an inheritance!”

Gregory sighed, “money isn’t everything, Emma.”

“Says who?  Have you looked at your house recently, Gregory?  Sheesh,” she laughed, small and prettily, “you’d think you would be happy poor or something.”


She rolled her eyes, “I doubt it.”

Despite Emma’s attempts, Gregory’s interest in Lydia was unfaltering.  She was the one that made him smile just by dropping by or noticing him when they both happened to be in the same room.  They had been friends forever and natural progression dictated that they move onto something more.  Unfortunately, Lydia didn’t seem to agree.  She was still kind of put-off by the whole ‘relationship’ thing.  Gregory was her friend.  Can you really date your friend–the one you threw mud at?  Seriously.

Roman and Cara entered old age gracefully.  They’d built a good life for their son, that was certain.  Both were happy and satisfied with their particular careers.  Their marriage hadn’t been without its hills to climb, but they were still together.  Old age had softened Roman some, but not completely.  He was livid when he found out Gregory had lost one of his college scholarships.  He knew it was because of those girls constantly clamoring after him!

He lectured Gregory long and hard before he left for University.  If his grades slipped in University, he’d have to face Roman.  Gregory was suitably humbled by his father’s disapproval.  He had never really brought forth his wrath before and didn’t look forward to more of it.  Maybe Roman was right, he had been spending too much time focusing on girls… he had his future to think of.  If Lydia came around, she came around, otherwise?  He had to keep an eye on himself.


Note from Mao: Both Lydia and Roman are now in University with Maggie.  Roman and Cara aged quite well, too!  Emma has a big crush on Gregory, but he doesn’t seem interested.


  1. Stop the presses! Roman has finally seen the light, and there is temporary peace in Boreal Springs! Too long for a headline, though… From what I can see, they did age well. Greg will have quite a battle when he gets back, if he hasn’t found a wife by then. He should enjoy being away from the pressure of his parents while he can.

    Amazing, isn’t it? It only took the entirety of his adult life! Gregory shouldn’t need to worry about a wife, LOL. Unless something goes wrong in Uni… which it could.

    Comment by Fini — March 8, 2009 @ 9:41 pm

  2. It’s nice to see Roman and Cara reconnect, even if their relationship is rather unhealthy. You know, Emma…I don’t care how much money you have. You’re still known as an accident baby so don’t go talkin’ trash about mah girl, Lydia D< At least Gregory knows what’s important in life.

    Not nearly as dysfunctional as some others, LOL! Emma is such a silly girl.

    Comment by Elecy — March 9, 2009 @ 4:00 pm

  3. Roman and Cara make nice looking elders!

    Oooh, an unrequited love triangle! I wonder what will happen there.

    They really turned out well. :D Lydia is slowly warming up to Gregory, I think, LOL!

    Comment by Carla — March 9, 2009 @ 6:54 pm

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