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April 17, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 12: ‘Teen Ambitions’

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Marla cooks a meal

Marla, meanwhile, preferred to stay in the kitchen. She was finally old enough to use the stove, and she sure went to work at it. She prepared scrumptious dinners and delightful appetizers. Her desserts would even bring Julie out of the garage. She dreamed of having her own show and if her skill at such a young age was anything to gauge it on, she was well on her way.

Derek plays with Agent Superball

After the death of Lady, Derek found he missed having a dog around. He talked to the rest of the household and everyone decided it had been long enough. They went to the pound and adopted a playful dog named Agent Superball*. He was larger than Lady and Derek found that he could spent hours just throwing the stick for him.

There was talk of a park being built for such activities and for this, Derek was thankful. He didn’t enjoy the glares Thomas Anderson shot him when he threw the stick too far.

Julie is exhausted

Julie was very stubborn and had a very one-track mind. She spent almost every spare moment she had working on her car. It was exhausting work, to be sure, and her schoolwork was suffering. Mary was hardly pleased and even Derek was becoming worried. Julie wasn’t giving up, though. If she could just finish this one car… maybe someday she could do something with a bunch of cars, or something, at least. Anything to escape the humdrum life of the suburbs.

Mary is an elder

Mary’s birthday came last and she aged gracefully. Her hair lightened, but it didn’t turn completely white. Neither had Eileen’s, so it wasn’t exactly bizarre. She still spent a lot of time helping Ryu in an effort to track down the crime ring. They were getting closer, especially now that they knew Katy’s death wasn’t an accident. What did that mean, though? Derek couldn’t have done it… so who? Not Henry, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was a big old pushover…

Could that mean Janine? No, that was ridiculous. Janine was a sweet old lady. It just didn’t seem to make sense. They were running out of leads fast.

Sara drops by

Sara dropped by after moving in down the street with Nathaniel Anderson. She had recently graduated from Boreal Summit University and wanted to say hi to her parents and siblings. Mary was pleasant surprised, both by her visit and the thing on her finger.

“Is that an engagement ring?” Mary asked, trying to grab hold of Sara’s arm.

Sara skillfully moved out of her mother’s range, “mom, stop. Yes.”

“When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me?” Mary pouted, pulling the mom guilt trip. She seized Sara’s hand and observed the ring carefully. “When were you going to tell me, if ever?”

“Mom, come on,” Sara replied, embarrassed, “stop. It isn’t like we’re getting married anytime soon. It was just a random thing…”

Mary shook her head, “you kids. Just be careful, okay? I want grandchildren, but I want legitimate ones.”

“Moooom,” Sara groaned.


Note from Mao: First and foremost, the naming theme with pets in this hood is random characters from games, books, TV, etc. If you don’t get the Agent Superball reference, he’s from the new string of Sam & Max games. Oh, and the car you can restore is really cool. I love the animations!


  1. I know! I love having my Sims restore that car, its so cool! I like Jules, she is pretty. She’s the heir for the house right? It makes me a bit side that Gina never found love, but, whatever.

    In response to your comment on my blog, I know, but still. A lot of the perks annoy me. :) I love Knowledge Sims, I actually always max their skills as teens, then have them work on badges/hobbies as YA’s and adults. They are never miserable! :D

    Julie is the heir of the house, yup. Gina was never really supposed to. Not all my sims will match up–especially if they show zero interest. It’s my own way of keeping the population down. :) As for Knowledge sims… buuuuh. No thanks, LOL!

    Comment by Josh — April 17, 2008 @ 6:43 pm

  2. Awww…poor Lady. She was so cute. But Agent Superball is adorable too xD

    Why does it seem like all of Mary’s kids end up tom boys? xD Sara, Julie…geez.

    Julie is a bit different from Sara, though. I’m a little dubious about how well she’ll make it as the founder. I mean, one of her turn ons is makeup…

    Comment by Elecy — April 17, 2008 @ 7:02 pm

  3. Cute update. I love seeing all the kids grow up. I can’t believe Mary, Derek, and Gina are all elders now. That is too crazy. Where has the time gone? I was super excited to hear that Sara is engaged! At first I thought Mary was examining a baby bump on Sara, but then I noticed the ring!

    Haha, yeah, I know! I can’t believe Mary is an elder… sheesh. No baby bump, haven’t had a chance to play them, Sara just graduated. ;)

    Comment by Mandie — April 17, 2008 @ 8:10 pm

  4. I hate when pets die :( but Agent S. is a cutie too :)

    The kids are growing up, Julie’s looking to escape already, Derek and crew are elders, Sara’s engaged (ooo, the mom guilt trip, yikes) time sure flies when you’re having fun!

    I know, time really flies… sheesh! And the hood is really growing. Eek.

    Comment by Ann — April 18, 2008 @ 12:03 am

  5. great update :) The O’hanolan has always been my favourite family of the neighbourhood.

    Haha, they used to be drama-free… not anymore!

    Comment by Brit — April 18, 2008 @ 5:24 am

  6. My sims are restoring cars all the time. I love the idea of making your own car. I wonder if Mary will ever find out who killed Katy.

    It is a really cool object! I love how it gradually changes. :D

    Comment by Kyri — April 18, 2008 @ 7:04 am

  7. Having read this update, and what you said one of her turn ons are, is it too strange to assume that Julie will be, how shall i put it, batting for the other team? ;)

    We’ll have to wait and see, but with a turn on like makeup… yeah… it doesn’t bode well!

    Comment by L3w1s — April 19, 2008 @ 5:50 pm

  8. Ooow, I just love the car restoring! I haven’t tried that out in my game yet. Julie and Marla really make cute teen twins, it’s fun to see their character is so different.

    They certainly are quite different. Surprisingly, they get along well. I figured they’d argue a lot.

    Comment by brittybe — April 20, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

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