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June 17, 2009

B.S.U. Campus – Round 25: ‘Head Over Heels’

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“This had better be good,” Lydia joked as they stood outside of the unnecessarily fancy and expensive restaurant, heels pinching her toes.  “I’m wearing heels, Gregory.  Heels.”

He laughed, moving to touch her face.  He loved her regardless of what she wore, but she did look amazing, even if she complained about it.  Beneath all her bravado and tomboyish nature lied a very lovely young woman.

“It is,” he assured her, taking her hand and leading her inside, “at least, I hope you’ll think so…”

Gregory truly hadn’t anticipated being so nervous when it came down to it, but he really was.  She could say no, she could not only humiliate him, but crush him totally and completely.  His parents would be right, everyone would tell him “I told you so” and he’d never live it down… worst yet, he’d have to go without her.  He’d have to watch her with someone else and that idea just sucked.

Fortunately, Lydia had come to a realization over her years in college.  She did love Gregory.  It had taken a long time, too long, but it was there and she hadn’t realized it until faced with being without him and having to go back to being distanced from him when they graduated.  She accepted, uncertainty and fear certainly present in her mind, but overshadowed by what they shared.

They didn’t immediately return to campus, instead taking to the streets and exploring Aperture.  It was early morning when they fell back on the park grass, staring up at the stars.  They had been friends for so long, a constant in each other’s lives for what seemed like forever.  It would all change, but certainly for the better.

Unfortunately, Gregory was unknowing of another’s plot to ruin his happy time.  Emma waited for him when he returned from graduation, his head shoved in a book as usual.  He barely noticed her until he stepped into the room and she was there, directly in front of him, barely dressed and in his room.

“What are you doing?” He demanded, apprehensive.

Emma approached him, touching his arm, “marrying Lydia is a mistake, Gregory.  She’s not like us, she won’t fit in, and she’ll be miserable.  Besides, if it took her this long to love you, who knows how long it’ll last?  Maybe she’ll decide she doesn’t love you after all and ruin you for anyone else.”

She moved to kiss him only to be forcibly pushed back.

“What the hell is your problem, Emma?” Gregory snapped.  He rarely got angry, in fact, Emma had never actually seen him angry, but he certainly was now; he looked and sounded like Roman.  It was scary.  “This stops, now.  I’ve always been your friend, Emma.  I’ve tolerated your slurs and insults against Lydia, but not anymore.  I don’t like you like that and I never will, even if Lydia won’t have me, do you understand?  Let it go.  It’s never going to happen.”

Emma was crushed, but a fleeing figure gave her new hope.  Lydia had seen them and she’d left before she’d heard Gregory’s speech or seen him push her away.

Gregory hadn’t noticed until it was too late, until he heard the front door slam furiously.  He ran to find her, but she was gone.  He looked all over campus until finally, he broke down and called her house.  Kenya answered and was incredibly hesitant to speak with him.  Lydia was home, with her family, and she didn’t want to speak to Gregory.

He could come by and pick up the ring, Kenya had said.  But he had to call first.


Note from Mao: Sorry this is so long.  University update will be broken into two parts, this being the first one.  The next one will detail Sage, Daisy, and Jennifer… who live in a different house.  I hate packing all the sims into this single house, so I’m going to start using multiple lots from now on.   I’ll have to work on the formatting as I go.

Lydia FINALLY fell in love with Gregory, FINALLY.  She was actually the first one to spin up the engagement want.  It seemed as if everything would go fine until Emma decided to flirt with Gregory.  He wasn’t very accepting, but it still pissed Lydia off.  Thus, this explanation.  It’s more dramatic than a slap fest.


  1. I was so happy when Gregory proposed to Lydia… now this? Aw, Emma, you just had to go and ruin everything. I’m still rooting for Greg and Lydia- hopefully he’ll be able to explain everything to her.

    Comment by Helen — June 17, 2009 @ 7:37 am

  2. Stella! I mean, Lydia! Darn Emma for going and complicating things. They’d just gotten on solid ground, and she had to go and ruin it all. Pleeeeeease talk to him Lydia! You’ll see it was just her and he totally rebuffed her.
    You’re right, dramatic. What a soap opera.

    Comment by Fini — June 17, 2009 @ 7:46 am

  3. ouch-I can’t wait to see the aftermath

    Comment by starrsim — June 17, 2009 @ 9:15 am

  4. We all knew Emma was going to do something stupid, it was only a matter of time. Elena tried to tell her…

    Comment by Mao — June 17, 2009 @ 10:34 am

  5. Haha! Yep, Emma picked the perfect time. Soap Opera, perhaps, but at least there aren’t any aliens–… oh, there are. Carry on, then. ;)

    Comment by Mao — June 17, 2009 @ 10:35 am

  6. This will not be easy to patch up, that’s for sure!

    Comment by Mao — June 17, 2009 @ 10:35 am

  7. Silly Mao, that wasn’t long ;)

    Shame, shame, Emma! I hope Lydia isn’t too mad at him – he rejected her! But I find it hilarious that she still has hope after what he said to her! Now that’s delusion, lol!

    *sigh* What a sweet moment they had before Emma messed it up. Crossing my fingers for forgiveness…

    I love the way you told this! Yes, much better than a slap-fest :)

    Comment by laura — June 17, 2009 @ 1:32 pm

  8. Well I almost felt bad for Emma (almost being the operative word) and her unrequited love of Gregory then she had to go and be a homewrecker. Even if Gregory did want Emma I doubt grandpa Gordon would approve of his little princess being with his arch enemy’s son. I hope Lydia will forgive Gregory especially since it wasn’t his fault.

    Comment by Liz — June 17, 2009 @ 1:34 pm

  9. Haha, I usually like to keep my gameplay blogs a little shorter than my actual storytelling ones. But I also hate that I have to split up the University updates. x_x Sometimes, though, I get carried away and enjoy writing contemporary stuff now and again. So these updates happen!

    The situation with Lydia and Gregory will be fun, lol.

    Comment by Mao — June 17, 2009 @ 1:57 pm

  10. Very true, but it would be Roman who would have the fit, not Gordon. Gordon is very much in control whereas Roman grasps at straws. ;)

    Comment by Mao — June 17, 2009 @ 1:57 pm

  11. Oh, Emma! I could have felt sorry for you if you hadn’t pulled your little lingerie trick! Poor Lydia. I hope she’ll let Gregory explain.

    Comment by Carla — June 17, 2009 @ 8:47 pm

  12. Emma definitely made things complicated, that’s for sure!

    Comment by Mao — June 17, 2009 @ 8:52 pm

  13. WHY EMMA? WHYYYY? You were one of my favourites and now, what have you done?! Poor Lydia, getting her heart broken, what is with the Andersons and marriages though? Nevio can’t seem to tie a woman down because she dies every single time, Roman had an affair, Katarina… didn’t even get MARRIED, even way back to Alyssa and Thomas! They had affairs too! And now, Gregory, one of the more SANE ones proposes, has a fiancee for a total of maybe two hours, and is not single once again, because of the drama. Ironic, Emma with the Saunders (well and a Yu) blood running through her veins messes things up for an Anderson.. some things just never change!

    Comment by Mohohon — June 18, 2009 @ 11:17 am

  14. Haha, Emma really messed up this time! She’s being silly if she thinks this will bring her any closer to Gregory. ;) It’s hilarious that you compare him to the rest of the Andersons. I really think he’ll break the mold. Also, Roman didn’t have the affair first, Cara did. With Shang! So they both kinda messed that one up.

    It will be interesting to see how things develop…

    Comment by Mao — June 18, 2009 @ 10:17 pm

  15. sorry i know this is really random and has nothing to do with the story but do you know where to find a pregnacy wear any clothing hack? i can’t find one, they all say that you’ve got to downland clothes which i don’t want do =)

    Comment by Lorna — June 23, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

  16. A lot of people make the mistake and think I use that hack… I don’t. I just use InSim to change them into everyday clothing. So, I have no idea where to find it/etc. Sorry. :(

    Comment by Mao — June 23, 2009 @ 6:48 pm

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