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May 22, 2008

Anderson – Round 14: ‘Happy?, Pt. 3′

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Shang was home from one of his tours long enough to drop by the Anderson house.  He was well-aware that Katarina was nowhere to be seen.  That’s precisely why he stopped by.  Katarina was open-minded, but if she found out his was going after her mother, she’d have a fit.

“Shang, you need to stop,” Alyssa scolded him, shaking her head.  “You’re going to marry my niece.”

“Not if I can help it,” Shang replied easily, shrugging.  “I’m not the marrying type.  Besides, Florence won’t let me anywhere near Hugh, so what’s the point?”

Alyssa made a face, “that’s an awful attitude!  You need to leave–you know where the door is.”

Shang didn’t leave, instead he followed her to the other end of the room.  When she turned around to shout at him, he quieted her by putting his hand on her face.  She was older, sure, but she was hot!  That trumped the fact that she had three children and a husband.

“I can’t leave a lady in distress, it’s part of the ‘Shang Code’…”

Alyssa gave him an odd look, unimpressed, “Shang, I’m not a little college girl.  You need some new material.” She removed his hand from her face.  “The twins will be home soon–you really do need to go.”

Instead of leaving, Shang tried some new material–in the form of kissing.  Alyssa was so taken back she didn’t react and when she did, it wasn’t in the negative.  It had been awhile and her body had gotten the better of her.

Shang was triumphant.  He left the house after she made a shooing motion without another word.  He had succeeded!  Even married women weren’t invulnerable to his charms.  Hell, they were probably more vulnerable!  And, they were other things, too.  Shang would be hard-pressed not to go up to Katarina and say, “why can’t you do that?  Your MOM can!”

Alyssa, meanwhile, felt horribly guilty.  Cheating was not easy nor was it fun.  How could anyone do it without crumbling under the weight?  She spent the next few days feeling completely miserable and keeping clear of Ryu.

Thomas, meanwhile, was incredibly impressed with Roman’s resolve.  He was so studious and determined.  He reminded Thomas of a younger version of himself.  He had made the wrong choice in choosing Nevio.  Roman didn’t look like an Anderson, but he sure had the spirit!  He decided to spend more time with his grandson in an effort to see rewriting the will was in the future.

Nevio could’ve cared less.  He was more preoccupied with the fact that their mother was acting bizarre, even for her.  He confided in his twin, hoping that Roman’s level head could put things into perspective.

“She’s been a little quiet lately, but there is virtue in that,” Roman responded sagely, nodding.

“That’s not just it, though, Ro,” Nevio persisted.  “She’s avoiding dad like the plague, didn’t you see?  Last night, he came in the room and she practically tripped over the lamp trying to get outta there ASAP!  What’s going on?  Are they getting a divorce?”

“I don’t know, but I doubt it,” Roman said with a shrug.  “They would have told us and it isn’t like they’ve done anything past mild arguing.  Mom wouldn’t end their marriage over her dead mother’s name being slandered.  She’s probably just going through a womanly phase or something–who knows.”

“I hope you’re right, ’cause I’m getting worried.  Broken home land?  Don’t wanna go there.”

“Don’t worry so much,” Roman comforted, smiling.  “It’ll be fine.  It isn’t like they’ve been messing around, haha.”

Of course, no sooner had Roman said that did they hear a loud commotion coming from the entry hall.  Nevio wandered out to see what the fuss was about and saw Ryu and Alyssa arguing.  At least they were finally talking again.  They didn’t even notice him.

“What do you mean ‘what the hell is my problem?’?!” Alyssa snapped, her guilt fueling her defensiveness.  “Like you have any right to ask that!”

Ryu wasn’t backing down, “you’ve been avoiding me for a week, Alyssa!  As soon as I walked through the door you were running up the stairs.  What the hell is your problem now?”

Of course, Alyssa couldn’t answer him.  Her problem was that she had slept with Shang on impulse and might be pregnant–likely not, but it could happen–and now she felt horrible.  Instead, all she could do was act angrier.

“Just leave me alone,” Alyssa shot back, heading for the stairs.  “Go talk to Tracey or Lilith.”


Note from Mao: NO Alyssa is NOT pregnant.  Trust me, I checked.  I thought she was and then went all “oooh noo it’s getting’ all Springer up in here!”  Because that would make Shang Hugh’s father and great uncle or something twisted like that, LOL!  As for Shang and Alyssa, he had a ton of wants for her, she had a want to kiss and woohoo in bed.  Ryu shared none of those wants.  And there you have it!  As for Nevio rolling Romance, I was dismayed at first, but now it makes sense.


  1. I’m curious to know what plans Thomas has for poor Roman. Poor, poor Roman. :(

    He doesn’t have anything evil planned–he’s just looking for an heir.

    Comment by Monique — May 22, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

  2. Stupid Alyssa. Stupid Ryu. Stupid Thomas. DAMN IT THEY’RE ALL STUPID EXCEPT FOR THE NEW GEN! OK… I’m calm…

    Haha, all ‘humans’ are inherently stupid and prone to mistakes. ;)

    Comment by L3w1s — May 22, 2008 @ 2:10 pm

  3. Poor Ryu! He’s just doing his job and now everything is falling apart! Wow. Nevio is Romance, but he’s still the heir right? :)

    Haha, Ryu isn’t completely blameless in this. As for Nevio, we’ll see. Given his fear of commitment, though…

    Comment by Josh — May 22, 2008 @ 2:34 pm

  4. Aww, I was hoping to see another murder in Boreal Springs! I really hope Gordon gets rid of Thomas. It would serve the ol’ man right. Pay back is a beach! Heehee. And I totally knew Alyssa was going to give in to Shang eventually!

    Haha, Mandie! I didn’t think it was possible for you to be so vindictive. ;) Don’t worry, Thomas will get his. Shang gets all the ladies, despite the fact he isn’t even a Romance sim…

    Comment by Mandie — May 22, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

  5. Three words: Oh My Gosh. Alyssa what have you DONE?!

    I don’t think she quite knows herself…

    Comment by Mohohon — May 22, 2008 @ 7:20 pm

  6. “He felt bad, but Tracey had dug her own grave, really”. You’re cold, Ryu. Cold. To think I liked you xD The twins grew up! Yay! Now they can be ‘well-adjusted’ hormonal wrecks!

    The Shang Code, eh? I am intrigued. I want to know more about it. xD

    Nevio, definitely! But Roman is too level-headed to be hormonal. ;) Perhaps Shang will enlighten us with more tidbits from his supposed ‘code’!

    Comment by Elecy — May 22, 2008 @ 8:35 pm

  7. No wonder Shang gets all the ladies – he’s HAWT (and persistent)!

    I’m surprised that Ryu and Alyssa argued though if he didn’t know anything about the affair…

    Haha, Shang appreciates your adoration. ;) As for Ryu and Alyssa, they’ve been arguing for awhile now, over anything and everything. Sigh. Those two!!

    Comment by theangelofdarkness — May 23, 2008 @ 2:37 am

  8. Oh no, Alyssa! Not with Shang, he’s no good for her! She really has a taste for disaster.
    Nevio turned out really cute by the way. Romance does suit him very well.

    Haha, Nevio is going to be a handful! Alyssa wasn’t thinking, silly girl.

    Comment by brittybe — May 23, 2008 @ 4:39 pm

  9. wow so much drama for such a small community.

    Haha, yeah, but it’s about to spread out a little. ;)

    Comment by Monique — May 24, 2008 @ 11:00 am

  10. Nevio seems too sensitive and caring to be a criminal mastermind, I think Thomas is right to consider other options.

    Alyssa *shakes head* Shang’s charms really are irresistible :)

    “a womanly phase” rofl

    Haha, Thomas isn’t a criminal mastermind. That was Janine. He was just a control-freak who liked money. A lot. ;)

    Comment by Ann — May 27, 2008 @ 11:03 am

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