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January 30, 2008


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Okay, so I’m not doing a ‘full prosperity’, meaning I haven’t looked up the latest rules. I really just want to do the ‘keep everyone in sync’ and ‘randomize your founders’ stuff. I’ll keep randomizing aspirations, etc… but restricting myself to all the crazy rules that have come up will just kill gameplay for me. I’m not even keeping points!

So here are some guidelines for my gameplay that might interest you, or help you better understand the flow of things!

  • Rounds will consist of four days, with each round ending at 6:00 PM. I’ve found this is the easiest to manage. A week is just far too long and children and teens never get a chance to meet, really. Also, with seasons, it’ll be a bit more cohesive, hopefully.
  • Not everyone will go to college. In order to get into college, the sim must have three skills at 5 or higher and the want to go. They must also keep a B or higher average.
  • Population will be kept tight. Neighborhoods that grow too quickly for me to make personalities or stories bore me very quickly. I love genetics, but they don’t keep my interest. Most families will be restricted to one or two children for this purpose. We’ll see how it goes, I have InTeen and Risky WooHoo…
  • I’m going to try and stay true to aspirations, wants, and attractions. I’m a control-freak and normally will plan who is going with who as soon as they’re born. I’m going to try and curb that.
  • This is a ‘gameplay’ story, so there will be some gameplay tidbits amidst the story. I’m hoping the families can maintain an interwoven story throughout, with their own little isolated subplots in their homes. We’ll see how it goes.
  • I’ll try and do a ‘summary’ of sorts at the end of each round. It will probably be a purely gameplay thing, just to keep myself on track with the population, etc.
  • I’ve grown disillusioned with my custom content, for the most part, and am trying to make more EA-type choices in clothing. I can’t let go of my CC hair, but I do like some of the wacky clothing EA has added with recent stuff packs!
  • Each founding family has unique genetics; they’re all CC. This is my own experiment to see how long it will last and to give everyone a ‘unique’ look that will help myself and others quickly identify who is from what family.

Hacks I’m Using:

  • ACR – At first, I was seriously apprehensive about this mod, but after Inteen went down for a long time, Laura at Lakeside Heights convinced me to go for it.  So I did.  After customizing the options, I’ve found I love it.  Sims will really keep you on your toes with this one!
  • Inteenimator – I use it for the pregnancy options, not for teen pregnancies. It makes keeping your sim’s motives high during pregnancy a necessity, otherwise they’ll run risk of a miscarriage. It decreases fertility as sims age, and also has the option for birth control. The flavor packs offer up a variety of things too, and you can pick and choose what features you want.
  • Insimenator – The ultimate hack for The Sims 2 (in my humble opinion), it offers up pretty much everything boolprop testingcheatsenabled does and then some. I use it to easily change the appearance of sims, as well as to prevent traffic jams with teleport. For weddings, I use the summoner.
  • Monique’s Computer for AL – Random things like paying for private school and whatnot.
  • Fixes by J.M. Pescado – If you don’t know of Pescado, your game probably either sucks or is horribly broken. Go forth to MATY and rejoice. The most notable ones I use are:
    • No 20k Handout – Removes automatic 20k for anyone that isn’t a CAS sim.
    • College Clock – Allows you to accelerate to 2 hours before final exam.
    • Money Order – Allows a resident to mail money to another sim using the money they have on their lot.
    • Business Runs You! – Required for having businesses and not wanting to kill yourself from all the rampant stupid.
    • Macrotastics – Makes redundant tasks like cleaning, skilling, etc less annoying by automating it.
    • More to come as I remember…


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