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February 1, 2010

Anderson – Round 28: ‘Human’

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Nevio’s bad luck seems to have rubbed off on his daughter, Adora.  Can she get her memories back in time or is her marriage to Simon doomed?

Things in the house hadn’t improved.  Nevio was stuck playing referee to his daughter and son-in-law’s frequent ‘disagreements’.  To his own merit, Simon hadn’t instigated any of them.  He’d simply been there and giving her “a look” and she got annoyed enough to poke him.  He never fought back.  Nevio thought he looked a bit like a wounded puppy in those moments.  He felt bad for him.

Unfortunately, Nevio didn’t have enough time left to feel bad for long.  He went out in his favorite way, with one of his favorite girls.  When the ambulance arrived, he was well past dead and his former love, grief-stricken and mildly horrified, was forced into therapy to deal with her unusual loss.  Nevio’s family was left to mourn him quietly.  The way he had gone was rarely discussed, though Nevio’s ways weren’t exactly a mystery to the rest of the neighborhood.

He’d gone out with a smile on his face, that much was certain.

In the wake of her father’s death, Adora found herself feeling even more hollow.  She could almost feel the gaps in her memory, their open, empty expanses gnawing at her soul.  Would she ever get her memories back?  She looked down at her son, she barely knew him, barely felt the maternal connection, but even so, something told her that he was hers and he was Simon’s.  She was bereft, both with grief for her father and for her lost life and memories.

Things changed in the house, but perhaps not for the immediate better.  Adora’s weakness after Nevio’s death and her loss of memories left her in a delicate place.  She sought momentary comfort in Simon.  For Simon, it was a regretable action.  He wanted his wife back, not a meaningless ‘fling’ with the shadow of her former self.  At least she’d stopped mentioning Ocean.  Maybe that was a step in the right direction…

Eric was growing, despite the distance between his parents.  He didn’t seem to notice, usually happy and content, a goofy smile plastered on his mostly toothless face.

Isolde and Adora found comfort in one another during their time of loss.  Even before Nevio’s death, Isolde had been visiting frequently in ana ttempt to get her sister to remember.  She felt bad, causing all this mess.  She sometimes wondered if perhaps she should have left it all alone… but the thought of being without her sister was a hard one to bear.

“You just have to let it come to you naturally,” Isolde advised softly.  “You can’t force it.  It’ll come to you… just have faith that it’s not gone forever.”

Adora sighed, “that’s easier said than done.  I’ve got a son to think about.  I just feel so confused…”

“Sometimes, I think I can remember.  I have dreams that almost seem real… but when I wake up, I can barely recall them.  I’m just so tired of all this up and down.  I just want it to be over with.”

“It will be, soon,” Isolde said, taking her sister’s hand.  “You just… you need to be strong, Adora.  And you need to go at this with a clear head.  You can’t be distracted.”

“I want this to work,” Adora confided.  “At first, I wasn’t sure… but now, I know.  This is right, something deep down inside of me wants this… I just have to find it again.  I have to start all over.”

Adora met with Ocean for a casual dinner.  It wasn’t as it seemed, she’d snuck out, but not for a romantic affair.  Quite the opposite, actually.  She was going to stop it before it’d even had the change to begin.

“Look, Ocean… I have to be honest, I asked you here for selfish reasons,” Adora began.

Ocean moved to interrupt her, thinking he knew where this was going, “I knew you’d come around–”

“No, ocean, you don’t understand.  I… I want my marriage to work.  I’m going to fight for my memories, for my life.”

It was hard to miss the look that passed over his face.  He reached across the table and took her hand before she could snatch it away.

“It should have been me, Adora.  This was our second chance…”

Adora watched his hand on her arm, fingers clutching desperately to what they could, “…I made my choice a long time ago, Ocean.  I can’t tell you know why, but I know… deep down, it was the choice I wanted.  I wanted to be with Simon.”

The words were hard to say and as she said them, Adora felt her resolve faltering.  She looked at Ocean for a good, long minute before pulling her arm away.  The waitress came with their food, platter perched precariously on her nimble hand.

It was almost as if the universe itself had heard Adora’s doubts, because at that moment, the skilled waitress fumbled and the platter slipped.  It fellt towards Adora, showering her in salad greens.

The universe clearly did not favor her doubts.

Her resolved bolstered, Adora ended the meal before it could truly begin.  Smelling of salad and unknown flavorings, Adora said her final goodbye to Ocean.

“I really wish you’d reconsider, Adora.”

“I can’t, Ocean.  This is the way it is, the way… the way I want it.  I hope you find happiness.”

With that, she turned and left, proud of herself despite her sullied clothing.

Adora returned home to find Simon passing by the doorway.  She didn’t waste a single second.  She approached him, taking his hand into hers.  He was visibly startled.  His nose twitched and his eyes narrowed a bit–not out of anger, but curiosity.

“Why do you smell like salad?”

“Long story,” Adora said, her voice quick like fire.  “Nevermind that.  I just, I want this to work.  I want to remember, I want to remember everything… I want my life back… with you, with Eric.  It… it won’t be easy, but I hope that you’ll understand and you’ll support me.”

Simon smiled, squeezing her hand, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since Isolde brought you back.  Anything you need, I’m here.  I’ve always been here, Adora.”

Life resumed a normal pace, though daily tasks were somewhat burdened by Adora’s missing memories.  She didn’t dwell on it, however.  They would come as they wished, as Isolde had told her time and time again.  For now, she would just make an effort to see what she had seen before, what she had loved about her life before this incident had changed everything.  She focused on Eric’s smile and his laughter, on the way Simon looked at her when she walked into the room.

It would be a slow progression forward, but at least she was on the right track, finally.


Note from Mao: And so we have the Anderson update!  Sorry if the writing is a bit odd.  I usually keep things moderately light with this.  It’s still gameplay driven in every aspect.  I’m just a bit out of practice, unfortunately.

I’m still planning to do something for February, so keep your eyes peeled.  I’m still not sure what to do, though.  I’m horrible at honoring anniversaries!  God save me when my wedding one comes up, yikes.

Anyway, Adora had zero wants for Ocean and she autonomously kept flirting/etc with Simon.  She even intiated woohoo with him, so I took that as her wanting to move forward.  Nevio’s death caught me by surprise, so I had to improvise a death picture, lol.

October 28, 2009

Anderson – Round 27: ‘Fortress Around You’

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Nevio Anderson is convinced his family is cursed, so he’s given up on finding just one lady.  Adora and Simon are newlyweds hoping to start a family.  The curse only affects Nevio, right?

Nevio continues his womanizing ways.  He’s tried to change, but the world has proved to him that it just isn’t an option.  This is what he’s meant to be, a man of many women, even at his age.  It’s been a long time, but sometimes, he wonders where Lacie went.  This whole mess started with her.  Maybe she’s a witch?

Adora wasn’t having much luck.  She’d been taking cooking courses, but they did very little to help her culinary skills.  She seemed almost determined to burn everything she tried cooking.  One day, she accidentally set the oven on fire.  The fire department was quick to respond.  Good thing, too, as she was home alone that day…

Adora’s inability to focus was revealed to be a side-effect of her pregnancy.  She had no idea she was expecting, she and Simon had been trying, but nothing had happened.  It was definitely a surprise.  By the time she found out, she was already showing.  Simon was estatic and Adora was pretty excited, too.

Unfortunately, Nevio did not share their enthusiasm.  He was worried.  His past experiences had made him a bit superstitious.

“You need to be careful and take good care of yourself,” he warned Adora at breakfast.

“Dad, I’ll be fine.  Those were just freak coincidences.”

“There’s no need to scare her, Nevio,” Simon cautioned, not understanding his father-in-law’s hang-up on pregnant women ending up dead.

“I’m just worried.  Promise me you’ll take it easy.”

“Okay, daddy,” Adora said, squeezing her father’s hand.  “I’ll be careful.”

Of course, careful didn’t exclude enjoying one another’s company, did it?  Adora’s pregnancy did nothing to put a damper on their amorous relations.  Simon and Adora got along perfectly, like two puzzle pieces.  They weren’t your typical married couple, neither had doubts or reservations.  Adora was certain she made the right choice and Simon was deeply in love.  He’d always been, since they had met.

It would seem Nevio’s warning wasn’t without merit.  Adora was trying to make herself a snack and somehow, caught her dress on fire.  It was late at night, both Nevio and Simon were sound asleep in their beds.  Thankfully, the fire alarm woke them and alerted the fire department, which came running.

Again, Adora was saved from a close call.  Unfortunately, she suffered some burns.  She was hospitalized and when released, put on bed rest and told to let her wounds heal.

Adora did her best to rest, but laying in bed all day was terribly boring.  Simon and Nevio kept a careful eye on her and wouldn’t allow her to do anything without their help.  It was frustrating.  She scrambled out of bed one evening, despite Simon’s protests.

“I just need to use the bathroom,” she replied wearily.  “I can make it on my own.”

Simon and Nevio couldn’t lord over her all day, though, they had jobs to go to.  During the day, Isolde walked over and checked on her sister.  Unfortunately, one day she came in to a very disturbing scene.  Adora was on the ground and she wasn’t responding.  The maid walked in shortly after Isolde and it was all she could do not to flee in terror.  Isolde phoned 911, but it was too late.

Adora had suffered complications from her wounds.  The pregnancy had exhausted her already wearied body and it wasn’t able to heal as it should have.  Isolde was beside herself with grief.

Nevio and Simon hurried home as soon as they heard the news.  Simon collapsed on the walkway, unable to face reality while Nevio was overcome with his own grief.  He had been right, the family was cursed.  Now the curse had taken his daughter.

Isolde was waiting for them inside.  She had something that would help bring Adora back.  Given her workings in the occult, she had managed to secure a rare artifact that supposedly gave whoever rubbed it the chance to bring a loved one back.  It was a risky process, this much Isolde knew from her mentor Lilith Yu’s notes.

Still, they were all willing to risk it.  They wanted Adora back.

October 22, 2009

Anderson 5 – Round 26: ‘Borderline’

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James Anderson seems to have recovered from Kit Knight’s betrayal with the help of Maggie O`Hanlon.  Unfortunately, dating your best friend’s younger sister is tricky business.  Katarina just hopes this one isn’t as messed up in the head as Kit.

James and Maggie’s relationship began rather abruptly, but despite that, they seemed to make it work.  There was one small hitch though, Maggie’s older brother, Timothy, didn’t know.  He wouldn’t look too kindly on James “taking advantage” of his younger sister, not at all.  So they had to keep their relationship quiet, which was rather easy, because Timothy rarely came into Aperture.

Katarina didn’t seem to mind the change in the house.  She knew Maggie had a thing for James, anyway, and that it was bound to happen.  She took her chance to pass on sage advice learned over her many years.

“They say you lose it once you get older,” Katarina began, her lips quirking into a smirk as she looked at Maggie.  “Not true, that’s when you really know what you’re doing!”

James sighed, “mom, come on.  We’re trying to eat.”

“Wow, that’s… how is that even possible?”  Maggie pondered aloud, unable to quell her curiosity.  “Don’t your bones and stuff hurt?”

“Sure, but like they say… what’s worth doing is gonna hurt afterwards!”

Maggie had avoided Boreal Springs since she and James had begun dating.  She hated lying to her family and it was hard to look Timothy in the eye now.  She felt so deceptive!  She wanted to tell him, but she knew he’d throw a fit and be dramatic.  She drove to Boreal Springs one afternoon on a whim, with the intent to tell him, but chickened out and had lunch with Adora and Isolde instead.

“Maybe he won’t freak out, you might be surprised,” Adora said.

“No, he’ll freak out,” Isolde corrected.  “But you have to tell him.  He’s your brother, Maggie.”

“He’ll just throw a fit and treat me like I’m twelve all over again.  No way.”

Isolde sighed, “he’s just concerned about you.  That thing with Kit was a big mess, you know that.  You can’t just get over something like that.”

Desperate for a change of subject, Maggie pulled Adora back into the conversation, asking after her political ambitions.

“Yeah, sis, what about those political ambitions?  Grandma Alyssa is probably rolling around in her grave!”

Adora frowned, “I just don’t have any interest.  It’s not in me.  I want a family and besides, Shelly is our political genius.  The family name has had enough political scandal, don’t you think?”

“Rolling, sis.  She’s rolling and screaming,” Isolde replied, smirking.  “I know this because of my witchy learnings.”

“Then let her scream.  She’s the one who messed it all up, anyway.  Dad is a wreck.”

“Speaking of which, Maggie, what’s up with your outfit?”

“W-what?  What’s wrong with it?” She replied self-consciously, looking down at her floral pattern shirt.  It was hip, the outfit was trendy right down to her ridiculous sling-back heels.  “I love this outfit!”

Adora shook her head, “no, I mean.  You’re… all big.  Look at your boobs!  Where did those come from?”

“She’s just jealous, Maggie, ignore her,” Isolde said, giving her younger sister a reproachful look.

Their lunch continued on with idle conversation passing back and forth.  It had been too long since Maggie had a chance to sit down with girls and talk, it felt good.  Of course, the longer they sat, the more scandalous their chatter became.  Isolde decided to draw the line when Maggie asked her a rather personal question.

“Was it really with Timothy?  I mean, come on, you can tell us!”

Isolde sipped her drink meaningfully, “I’m not having this discussion with my husband’s younger sister!”

“It was,” Adora supplied.  “It totally was.  I’ve slept with more men than my sister!”

Maggie turned towards Adora, “wow, really?  Who?”

After their meal was finished, Adora had to hurry back home to run some errands.  Isolde stayed behind, unable to hide her worry.  There was something off about Maggie, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.  She cornered her before she could leave.

“Is there something wrong, Maggie?  Something you need to tell me?”

“What?  No, I’m fine, everything’s fine.  I’ll have to grow some more courage, for Timothy, I mean.  It isn’t happening today.”

“You know you can tell me, I won’t tell Timothy.”

“It’s all right, really, Isolde.  I’m fine.  I’ll give you a call later.”

“All right,” Isolde said, watching her walk to her car, “be careful.”

A few weeks later, Maggie found herself holed up in the bathroom at 5am.  She hadn’t been feeling well at all lately and it only seemed to get worse.  She sprinted to the bathroom so fast she nearly ripped the covers off the bed.  She barely managed to make it in time.  She flushed the toilet, trying not to stare at what swirled downwards.

“That’s just gross,” Maggie lamented, closing her eyes.  “Gross.”

She could hear James outside, gathering things for work.  He always left really early, it was probably 5:30 by now.  He probably needed in the bathroom.  Maggie just couldn’t get her head straight.  She splashed hot water over her face in an attempt to bring herself back.  It helped, if only a little.

She heard a small knock on the door followed by James’ voice, “are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” she replied, muffled behind another cascade of water enveloping her face.  “I’ll be out in a sec.”

She let the water drip off her face, onto her tanktop, not bothering with the towel that hung from the sink rack.  It was all she could do to stand upright.  She put her arm over her eyes, the room was too bright, too white.  She felt like she was spinning.


She braced herself on the sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror.  It was hard to ignore the small bit of weight she had gained in her midsection.  It was becoming ever more obvious with each passing day.  She closed her eyes and pushed off the sink.

“I’m coming.”


Note from Mao: Sorry it took me a little longer to update BS.  I seem to have come down with something that, hopefully, is NOT Swine Flu.  So I’ve been off my feet for a bit, watching series on Netflix.  Husband’s computer is hooked up to our 50″ Samsung plasma because we have yet to get satellite, LOL.  I’m all moved into the new apartment and everything, so that’s good.  Updates will continue at whatever speed I can manage.

As for Maggie’s unexpected little pregnancy… it was only a matter of time.  When I loaded the lot, James had rolled the “Have a Baby” want, so I locked it and allowed unmarried Try for Baby.  Maggie has yet to roll up any such want.  Poor girl, LOL!  Timothy is going to have a fit.

July 16, 2009

Anderson – Round 26: ‘It’s My Life, End’

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Nevio Anderson is enjoying his golden years while his youngest, Adora, is struggling to figure out just what she wants out of life.  Will she finally choose between Ocean and Simon?

Adora kept herself busy redecorating the entire house.  It certainly needed it, the place hadn’t changed since Thomas and Janine Anderson had built on to it so very long ago.  It definitely needed a revamp and Adora was just the person to do it.  It was classier now, more elegant and befitting of the Anderson name.  Nevio found it a bit too stuffy, but wasn’t about to discourage his daughter.  The place did need a pick-me-up after everything.  Maybe it would change the Anderson curse when it came to love and marriage.

Despite her busy schedule with contractors and designers, Adora kept in touch with her two favorite guys.  Ocean was sweet over the phone, playing to her ego, and for that, she was definitely thankful.  Still, she couldn’t write off Simon.  As charismatic as Ocean was, Simon’s quiet and subtle nature just seemed to play her heart strings in ways that boisterious declarations of beauty and wealth could not.

In fact, Adora was pretty sure she was in love.  Not the fickle kind of love where you can’t decide between two people, but the kind where you don’t get a choice, it simply is and that’s that.  Adora had pretty much made her decision.  She wanted Simon.  Ocean was sweet and handsome, but he was too much like her father and everyone knew how tired of cleaning up his messes Adora was!  Simon was mature and stable, calm and assured in that subtle way where he didn’t have to be showy and loud.

Of course, that didn’t mean he didn’t have fun.  On the flipside, Adora could enjoy acting like a complete child with him, even so far as to heckling him during video games!  He took it all in stride, a quiet smile and nothing more.  He didn’t accost her back nor did he act as if his ego were bruised.  She had definitely made the right choice.  Picking Ocean would have landed her down the same road as all of her ancestors.

Adora definitely didn’t want that.

She kind of wished she had more privacy with Simon, though.  Nevio always seemed to be in the background, watching her every move carefully.  She knew he was worried, but it was a bit much.  Wasn’t it kind of late to play the role of the overprotective father?  Why didn’t he bug Isolde this much when she was dating Timothy?  They were only teens, for crying out loud!  She was a grown woman and she didn’t need her father doing play-by-plays of her romantic endeavors.

Thankfully, Nevio soon found his stride once more and began having ladies over to the house.  He respected his daughter’s wishes, though, and kept them out in the hot tub.  Adora wasn’t quite sure how Simon would take her very amorous father and was trying to introduce him to it slowly.  They had a whirlwind engagement and now Simon was all moved in.  Adora was trying very hard to build a bridge between the two very different men.

Unfortunately, Simon just could not understand his soon-to-be father-in-law.  Especially when he burnt the pancakes and then tried to say that a little beer and they’d taste fine.  Beer?  In the morning?  Was this really Adora’s father or was she adopted?  Truth be told, he really didn’t know much about her family or their history, he wasn’t from the area, but he was beginning to wonder.

“Do you drink?” Nevio asked jovially.

“Er, no,” Simon responded carefully.  “I mean, it’s not something I seek out.”

“I guess that’s good.  Adora will like that.  Can’t say I do, though.  Don’t be so stiff.  We’re all family here, or soon to be, at least.  Would you mind getting me a beer?  These pancakes are downright putrid without a little something to take off the edge.”

Simon blinked, completely baffled, but found himself scooting away from the table and up out of his chair.  He fetched Nevio’s beverage and quickly left the kitchen.  It may have been five o’clock somewhere, but it was still six am here!

Adora and Simon were wed the next morning in a private, intimate ceremony.  They wanted to recite their vows while the sun rose and they weren’t about to ask family and friends to get up before the crack of dawn to join them.  It was a lovely ceremony, the ocean at their backs and the sun rising over the distant hills to the other side of them.  Adora truly hoped that she would be luckier than the others who had tread this path before her.  She wasn’t sure she could handle all the drama and intrigue her family name seemed to stir up.


Note from Mao: Adora wanted to invite Simon over, so I fulfilled her wish and bam, love.  Finally!  I have JM Pescado’s hack that makes crushes/love a little more difficult to obtain, so it makes it a bit more interesting when you let sims pick their mates.  Here’s hoping Adora’s luck pans out, lol.

Also!  My first cuddling sims, YAY!  It’s only taken me how long to see the dang animation in my game, sigh.  I was kind of hoping it would happen with Sade and Michael.  :P

May 16, 2009

Anderson – Round 25: ‘It’s My Life, Pt. 3′

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Nevio Anderson seems to have given up on love due to recent circumstances (and the continual loss of wives) while Adora is finally trying to find her one and only.  Will she be as unlucky as her father?

Adora spent a lot of time out on dates.  Some were casual, others were more intimate, but they always ended up with the same goal–she wanted to find someone to spend her life with.  Unlike most in Boreal Springs, she didn’t have a teen romance, so she was starting adulthood fresh.  She got lucky on her first blind date, Simon was really sweet and they seemed to connect on several levels.  Adora wasn’t ready to eliminate all her options, though.

Unfortunately, not all men seemed to be as courteous and mild-mannered as Simon.  This guy thought that dancing meant ‘grinding all over one another’.  Adora didn’t hesitate to set him straight.  She’d never see him again, that’s for sure.

Others, well, were just a bit… too old.  Adora was still on the cusp of her youth.  She was sure that the man was very nice, but his ad had been a bit on the deceiving side.  She certainly didn’t see the man before her as ‘young, strapping, and the very image of virility’.  Instead, he looked kind of crotchety… and scary.

Adora did finally meet another who struck her fancy, but by accident.  After another failed date, she wandered into the bowling alley.  Ocean was there and he cheered her up with some playful banter and dancing.  He wasn’t so bad on the eyes and he was obviously nice.  Adora found herself in a new, difficult position.  Which one did she like more–Simon or Ocean?

Simon was quiet, mild-mannered, and very sweet.  He and Adora shared almost nearly all the same life goals, putting family first and foremost.  Adora loved spending time with him and found herself able to talk to him about anything.  Dates with him were always very mellow and comfortable.

Ocean, on the other hand, was outgoing and playful.  He was more focused on being a people-person, but families were cool, he guessed.  He had priorities, but most of them involved the day after and not necessarily the distant future.  Still, Adora loved spending time with him.  She was always laughing and there was just something about him that demanded her attention.

She was truly torn.  She went to Maggie for advice, but realized all too late that it wasn’t such a great idea.  Maggie was a great friend, but her track record with love hadn’t been stellar.  Maggie didn’t offer any helpful advice.  She just told Adora to follow her heart and that she didn’t think it was necessarily possible to love two people at once.

Other people had strong opinions as to which of the men Adora should choose.  Adora wasn’t too sure if she trusted her father’s instinct, though.  She’d seen where that had gotten him.  No, this would have to be Adora’s decision entirely.  It wasn’t going to be easy.


Note from Mao: I’m waiting for Adora to roll up a commitment one for either Simon or Ocean.  Simon and Adora have three bolts, Ocean and Adora have two.  Hopefully she’ll make a decision by next round!

Random funny:

Apparently the Diva digs chicks.

February 13, 2009

Anderson – Round 24: ‘It’s My Life, Pt. 2′

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Nevio Anderson has spent his life losing wives and gaining lovers.  Adora doesn’t follow her father’s example–she wants a stable, functional family.

Despite the fact that Maggie was far off at Boreal Summit University, she and Adora still spoke often.  Adora felt for her old friend, she was so terribly unlucky in love that it was borderline ridiculous.  She listened to her woes and worries and convinced her against trying insane things like magic or silly gypsies.  Love will find her, Adora soothed.  She just needed to stop looking so hard.  What was the rush?

Meanwhile, Nevio was getting to know Kit Knight better.  They had met at his daughter, Isolde’s, wedding to Timothy O`Hanlon.  It didn’t take long for them to move to the bedroom.  He was surprised, Kit was the instigator.  She was even engaged!  He wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, though.  His birthday was fast approaching and Kit was still plenty young and plenty feisty.  How much longer could he hope to catch young ones like her?

Nevio’s big life change came upon him almost too fast.  His hair grayed and his wrinkles became pronounced.  Still, he thought as he looked in the mirror, I’m quite a dapper old man.  And he was.  None of his charm had left him and the gray hair gave him a more pronounced charisma.  He still had it.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure if his old heart still did.  He hadn’t always been this way… a long time ago, he had loved and lost.  Lacie.  He had loved her, even if she was horrible, contemptible, and a complete gold digger.  Roman had been right, but Nevio didn’t care.  He truly loved Lacie.

He was beginning to think that he might want to try again, to settle down in his golden years and find someone to do that with.  He had his two daughters and they were more than enough for him.  He wasn’t looking for more children, but true, faithful companionship.  He called over one of his long-time flings.  She wasn’t like him, she was sweet and caring and down-to-earth… and blonde.  Very blonde.  She also wasn’t young enough to be stupid and foolish.  She didn’t seem to care about his money.

Adora was happy to see her father turning over a new leaf.  The last time he considered marriage, well, everyone still whispered about how that ended.  This time would be different, this time it would be for love, not to help his cheating twin brother!  Audrey moved in and was happy to see that sticking with Nevio all this time was paying off.  They decided to make it quick and dirty, to save themselves the stress.  This would be Nevio’s third time down the aisle, it had pretty much lost all its pomp and cirsumstance.  Audrey also didn’t want to deal with the fuss.

So they were married, quietly, at night, with the ocean hitting against the shoreline behind them.  It was peaceful and very tranquil, lowkey, like Audrey, like Nevio was hoping to eventually become.

Adora liked Audrey, she was nice and not too young, plus she was very grounded.  She didn’t worry about silly things and she didn’t run around the house, wasting their money or redecorating or anything.  She just sort of settled into their routinue as if she’d always been there, in the background.  They all got along great.  Adora was happy to have another woman in the house again!

Especially since Adora was now an adult.  She had bypassed college in favor of pursuing her dream of being the ultimate matriarch, like her grandmother Alyssa, and also having a family.  She didn’t have any prospects yet, but that would come with time.  Until then, she’d grill her new step-mom on the interesting asides of being an adult female sim in the big, bad world.

Audrey soon had her own news to share, she was pregnant.  Panic rose in Nevio, he hadn’t really anticipated having another child.  Was he too old to raise a toddler?  But Audrey seemed happy and so her happiness spread to him.  Adora was also quite pleased, that meant she could practice her baby care on her little half-brother!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.  It would seem Nevio was cursed, never to keep a wife for any long amount of time… poor Nevio.

Adora felt horrible.  She had been out getting groceries and Nevio had been at work.  When she arrived home, Audrey was already dead.  The coroner said that she’d been sick too long and fell to the flu.  Her pregnant state had weakened her considerably.  Neither Nevio nor Adora had noticed!  They both felt a great loss.  Poor Nevio, he was truly cursed.


Note from Mao: Nevio is TOTALLY the Black Widower.  I swear, he IS!  This guy is either cursed or subconsciously sinister.  I even joked to my fiance that Audrey made it past the wedding, that she’d surely last.  Nope.  She made it to the first trimester of her pregnancy and just dropped dead.  She was barely even sick!  Adora had chicken soup waiting for her when she awoke.  Augh.  I think that hack makes pregnant women have like, a 90% of death daily or something.  Poor Audrey.

The only reason Nevio got married was because the dang want would NOT go away after he aged.  It was annoying.  I didn’t even lock it.  Audrey was the only non-Romance lover he had.  I even aged her halfway through adulthood.  Oh well, LOL!

January 24, 2009

Anderson – Round 23: ‘It’s My Life, Pt. 1′

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Nevio Anderson lives the carefree life of a bachelor, but his daughter, Adora, doesn’t seem to find it fitting and worries about him.

After mourning the loss of his late mother, Nevio quickly gets his feet wet again in the dating scene.  The disaster of a plan Roman had set up to hide his mistress backfired horribly, but not in the way either of them thought it would.  Poor Patricia Moreno lie dead and six feet under at the local cemetery.  She carried the Anderson name to the grave, leaving Nevio to openly pursue his romantic ways.  Calista Fuchs was more than willing to cooperate.

Adora, meanwhile, was more family minded.  She kept in touch with her older sister, Isolde, while she was away at University.  They had never been terribly close, but as the future matriarch of the family, Adora felt it was her responsibility to keep her family ties tight as could be.  Alyssa had taught her well, though Adora began to question some expectations.  Like University, for instance.  For Isolde, it was fine.  Her future husband was there (they weren’t engaged, but they’d been inseperable since puberty, it was inevitable) and she desired knowledge.  Adora, on the other hand… not so much.

She discussed the possibility of not attending University with her father.  Nevio wasn’t exactly as receptive as she had hoped.  He was concerned for her future.  Sure, he was an easygoing lout with women, but with his daughters?  He was serious as a heart attack.  Alyssa had wanted Adora to follow in her footsteps, not stay at home and languish without a proper education.  What was she planning to do with her life.

Adora sighed, “I’m not interested in politics and besides, I think Shelly would be better at it.  Come on, dad.  It’s my life.  This is what I want.”

“You’re just doing this because you’re worried about me, aren’t you?  I’m an adult, Adora.  Much older than you, and though you might question it, wiser.  I am what I am, nothing will change that, especially not you giving up your chance at an education.”

“I know, but it just doesn’t feel like what I want.”

In the meantime, Adora spent a lot of time pursuing her favorite hobby–dancing.  She spent a lot of time entering dance contests and while she had started out losing, now she was on top.  She even beat the instructor, who was quite mollified by it!

As of now, Adora didn’t really have any particular interest in boys.  She was too busy corraling her father and keeping an eye on her sister.  Besides, most boys at school didn’t really strike her fancy.  After winning the latest contest, a peculiar looking boy approached her.  Adora was not interested.  He was very obviously one of those guys who just tries to get girls so he can look ‘cool’.  Not really Adora’s game.


Note from Mao: Adora really wants her first kiss, but there are no suitable teen boys!  She was going to Uni, but she hasn’t rolled up the want.  It’s rare for me to have a sim that doesn’t roll that want.  She had it immediately after growing up, but I didn’t lock it.  Too easy, every sim has it.  We’ll see.

January 10, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 22: ‘Womanizer, Pt. 3′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are happy their kids are finally accomplishing something, but, not quite so happy that something seems to be getting girls pregnant or going after questionable relations.  There’s still Cole, though, right?

Cole met his distant cousin, Adora Anderson, and heir to the Anderson estate one day at school.  He knew instantly that Shelly would hate her as much as she hated Maggie.  There was no attraction there, Cole simply enjoyed knowing the important people in Boreal Springs.  He was still fully intent on getting Shelly to re-evaluate their little ‘deal’ only this time, sans Timothy O`Hanlon.

Sara, meanwhile, had Patrick come over with his impregnated woman friend.  Patrick had come only because he knew that if he didn’t, the repercussions would be much, much worse than if he did.  So he came, sat down on the couch and tried to work his charm on his sweet old mother.

“Don’t give me that charm, Patrick O`Hanlon.  That won’t help you here!  What were you thinking, getting a girl pregnant?! I thought you had a better head on your shoulders than that…”

“Did you bring me here just to lecture me?  You could’ve done that over the phone…”

“Oh, no, my boy.  You’re not getting off that easy…”

Dinner was a tenuous affair that Cole enjoyed very much.  Seeing his older siblings get in trouble was always a good thrill.  He also couldn’t help but notice just how very pregnant Viola was.  Wow.  Sara wasted no time getting down to the dirt on things–Patrick would have to do the right thing get hitched.  Nathaniel was so shocked by the blunt statement that he accidentally burned dinner.

Patrick and Viola both were not entirely sure what to say, but Sara was adamant.  Marriage or nothing.  Patrick tried to counter with the fact that Sara and Nathaniel hadn’t married at first, but Sara was ready for it.  She got pregnant of her own volition.  Patrick is a womanizer who obviously doesn’t respect women.

Nathaniel saw them out, looking just as wearied as poor Viola.  She was definitely ready to leave–the stress of Sara’s constant prodding was almost too much.

“She’s just trying to do what’s best for the baby,” Nathaniel offered with a sigh.  “I think… she’s right, but it’s your decision.”

“Do you know how hard it is to be a married actor, dad?  Really?” Patrick tried to smile, but found it difficult.  “I can’t change who I am.  Not just because someone’s… pregnant.”

Nathaniel gave him a look, “someone, Patrick?  She’s obviously means something, because you’ve allowed her to live with you, despite your absolute need for a ‘bachelor pad’.  I think you’re in denial.”

Patrick laughed and headed to the car, calling back, “and I think you’re going senile!”

Inside, Cole was getting lectured by Sara.

“Now, remember Cole, no getting girls pregnant unless you’re married or in a relationship and decide you both, mutually, want kids, okay?”

“Yes, mom,” Cole replied mechanically, sighing.

“And no cousins!”

He rolled his eyes, “mom, come on.  You’re worse than the kids at school…”

“I’m just saying, Cole.  I’m telling you because obviously, my not telling Patrick or Sade has resulted in them doing it!”

Speaking of cousins, Michael and Sade came over to see Cole off to college.  Once again, Nathaniel burned dinner.  He claimed that all the stress of these situations was too much.  He’d rather be with his dolphins or training others how to properly feed the seals.  Not this insanity met for family sitcoms.

It wasn’t that Sara didn’t like Michael, she did, a lot.  He was Gordon’s child and therefore, she knew him better than he thought.  Heck, Sara knew Gordon better than Nathaniel knew.  She was his legal advice and she’d come to know what he actually did for a living.  Made things interesting, that’s for sure.  Michael was a good kid, Sara was just worried being with Sade would mess him up.  Not vice versa.  She loved her little girl, but Sade was something else.

The dinner went well until Sade couldn’t take it anymore.  Burnt food!  It was like when she was trying to cook.  She looked at her father and without skipping a beat, said, “dad, seriously.  Are you going senile or something?  You’re cooking like me now!”

Michael was quick to add, “no, Sade.  This is actually recognizable as food.”

Which resulted in a glare and laughter around the table.  Cole would miss his dysfunctional siblings, but University awaits.


Note from Mao: Whew, what a round.  Sara had some issues to address with her children!  Poor Nathaniel, I think he’s getting too old to cook, he kept burning everything, LOL.  The mesh that makes H&M outfits and others pregnancy morphed makes them look like whales.  Wow.

December 31, 2008

Anderson – Round 22: ‘Sledgehammer, Pt. 3′

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Alyssa Anderson is trying to keep her family together, even at the end of her days.  Her son, Nevio, isn’t making it easy.  Thankfully she has Adora to add some sanity to the mix.  She loves Isolde, too, but worries for her.

Roman came in while Alyssa was at work.  Behind him was Patricia Moreno.  Nevio had seen her working at the store, she had been pretty hot before the whole pregnancy thing.  He wasn’t sure why he was agreeing to this, especially since Patricia seemed so disraught about it.

“It has to look completely sincere,” Roman warned.

“It will, I’ve done this before, remember?  Lacie…”

Roman tried not to cringe, “right.  Of course.”

Roman left the two to get acquainted before the wedding, which would happen at the end of the weekend.  As soon as the door closed behind him, Patricia lit into Nevio.

“You are sick,” she snapped.  “I can’t believe you’re agreeing to this!”

Nevio gave her a look, “you obviously agreed, too.”

“Out of love!  For my child,” Patricia replied morosely, looking off to the side. “The alternative… was hardly a better option.”

Nevio didn’t even want to know what the other option had been.

Despite the tensions and animosity between the two, the wedding continued without a hitch.  Nevio had to be sure that Alyssa was none the wiser to their jest.  It had been harder than he thought, living under the same roof.  Roman, Cara, and even Gregory were there.  Why wouldn’t they be?  It would have seemed peculiar if they hadn’t been.  Despite his best efforts, Roman found himself too busy with his thoughts to pay attention.

It was anyone’s guess what happened next.

Patricia had hardly been married ten minutes before she stepped off the platform and toppled over.  Alyssa was quick to come to her aid, as she’d heard the girl coughing profusely since she arrived.  Sickness and pregnancy usually don’t go hand-in-hand.  An ambulance was called to no avail.  She was pronounced dead on the scene.  It was truly a dismal day for all, for a death is one thing, but the death of a pregnant woman newly wed?  It’s too horrible to consider.

There was no investigation, for too many witnesses had seen it happen.  There was no foul-play, except on nature’s part.

It took some time for things to resume as normal in the manor.  The only thing that brought the cheer back was Adora’s birthday.  She was turning into a lovely young woman and Alyssa was determined to mold her into a true family matriarch.  It would take much, as Adora yearned to have children of her own.  Little did she know that along with those children would come an entire family to manage.

Unfortunately, Alyssa’s time came not long after.  Both Isolde and Adora were beside themselves with grief.  Nevio mourned inwardly, obvious only in that he no longer brought women home.  The house was a somber place, and the ripples of Alyssa’s death moved through the family and its branches.  She was not only the matriarch of a powerful family, but also the Mayor.  Many holes were left to fill when she died.

Isolde was not so good at handling her grief.  All she could see was death surrounding her.  It was a bit much for her fragile mind to handle and so she began to lash out.  She threw horrible tantrums and fits, refused to see Timothy, and would lock herself in her room, whispering into the phone receiver.  She spoke only to Lilith Yu and the mysterious friend she had met through the old woman.

Adora, meanwhile, made friends.  She knew that her grandmother wanted her to be in her own image, and so she did her best to be popular.  Maggie O`Hanlon and her got along great, even though Maggie was a little older.  They were both level-headed individuals and their attractiveness didn’t hurt the bond, either.

Adora was definitely happy to have a friend in her time of need.

Isolde had a friend, too.  Before she snuck off to University, she called her and requested what she had wanted for so long.  It was a shame that Lilith couldn’t be there to witness it.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to sate Isolde’s grief.  There was too much temptation, too much begging her to get lost, to go further in and innundate herself in its power.

It would have to wait until she reached Boreal Summit University.


Note from Mao: Apparently teens CAN be witches… yay!  So Isolde was a witch before she left.  I’ve never had a witch before, so I’m experimenting.  As for Patricia’s death, you cannot imagine the face I made.  I was truly and completely SHOCKED!  She literally just dropped over.  She’s been sick for awhile, but I thought she’d make it through the pregnancy.  Not so.  I have the illness hack from MATY that makes them fatal if not cared for.  She and her baby were my first casualties.

Last update of the year!  Happy New Year, everyone!

December 5, 2008

Anderson – Round 21: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 5′

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Alyssa Anderson is trying her best to make sure her family name prevails, despite her careless son Nevio’s attempts otherwise.  Isolde seems to be a lost cause, but Adora is turning out to be more of an Anderson than anyone expected.

Isolde’s family may think she’s a ‘lost cause’, but she thinks otherwise.  She wants nothing to do with their silly familial ceremonies and rites of passage.  She’s more interested in her teenage love, Timothy, and her interests in the paranormal.  Thanks to Lilith Yu, she’s finding out a ton about the world beyond.  Thankfully, Timothy is respectful of her interests.

Nevio is making his own kind of friendships, much to Alyssa’s chagrin.  It was one thing to mess around with random women from Aperture, but to form relationships with married women from the same street?  Alyssa nearly had a heart attack when she found her son laughing with Virginia Saunders, who is also very pregnant and near her due date!

It was hard to believe she had raised a son with so little tact.

Alyssa certainly hadn’t been an angel herself.  She had ruined her marriage by cheating with Shang Yu, but she had made peace with her past mistakes and she hadn’t seen Shang in a long time.  Unfortunately, while she had meant to focus on her family, she had gotten sidetracked by another–Patrick O`Hanlon.  He was young, way too young, but he wasn’t like the other casanovas.  He was intelligent and skilled in things other than smooth talking.

It was during one of her events that she met up with him again.  He had come to see if there was anything she could do for his friend, Viola.  Alyssa was saddened that she could not, for she had pulled too many strings to get him where he was.

There had been a time, before this, that Patrick had inquired about seriously being with Alyssa.  She was intelligent and interesting, all the things the other women in his life were not.  She was older, but that came with power and position.  Unfortunately, Alyssa had declined and said she was much too old to be someone’s keeper and she had to focus on her family.  It was his first break in showbiz that had been her parting gift to him.  She was only mayor, but she had many, many friends.

It was a bittersweet farewell, for Alyssa knew it would likely be the last time she saw Patrick.  She wished him well.  If she had been younger, maybe, but she knew it was senseless to think such things.

While Alyssa was away for her event, Nevio was causing even more trouble.  Cara had been jogging by one day while he was going out to get the mail.  He stopped and asked after her, noting how she’d managed to get her figure back so quickly after giving birth.  Cara asked after Roman, wondering where he was and if Nevio knew.  Nevio did not.

As she ran off, Nevio began to wonder what his brother was up to that his wife didn’t know where he was…

Isolde knew better than to think Shelly wanted to make peace when she got off the bus with her, but she ignored her instincts and went along with it.  What she got in return was Shelly going over how Timothy and Isolde were from two different worlds and how it would never last, because Isolde was obviously a freak.  Isolde hated the fact that Shelly was technically her aunt and so she couldn’t kick her out.  She had to wait until Shelly left.

Adora, meanwhile, was doing extremely well thanks to Alyssa’s tuteledge.  She brought home straight A’s and her teachers were always beaming about her progress.  Nevio was certainly impressed with his daughter, though he knew it was mostly thanks to Alyssa and not his own awesome parenting.


Note from Mao: Poor Isolde.  Shelly really did come home with her and lecture her.  Alyssa and Patrick really did have a relationship at one point, but it never made it to the blog because Alyssa treated it casually and Patrick did not.  They dated while Patrick was in University and a little afterwards.

Every time he sees her, he rolls up that want, and then sometimes will fear it, too.  But he never wants to marry anyone else.  They went on one last date because I was sure Alyssa would be gone by the end of this round.  Seems she’s got a few hours left.

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