Boreal Springs

January 2, 2009

Saunders – Round 22: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 7′

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Damien and Aiyana Saunders are happy to have two grandchildren, but they’re not so pleased with the way they’re being raised.  Basil is too busy ‘creating’ and Virginia, well, she’s got her own things to do…

Damien continued to help with the care of the twins, even though they were becoming more self-sufficient.  He hoped that his son and daughter-in-law would spend more time with them now.  They weren’t babies and dirty diapers were few and far between, especially since he and Aiyana had potty trained them.  Unfortunately, Virginia and Basil were too busy gossiping about the quick engagement and marriage of Nevio Anderson that ended in death.

Aiyana seemed to be suspicious of Virginia’s motives with Nevio Anderson.  She’d seen her daughter-in-law spending a little too much time over there and decided to confront her directly.  Well, in the most direct way that Aiyana was capable of.  She made mention of Nevio being a bachelor again and that the ladies often found him attractive.  She watched Virginia’s face carefully.

“He even has affairs with married women!” She added for effect.

Basil butted in, “affairs with married women?  Not nearly as much as Shang Yu.  I still remember the fallout from that disaster.”

“What are you trying to say, anyway?” Virginia said, ignoring Basil’s interruption.

“Nothing, nothing at all…” Aiyana sighed, disappointed in her boy’s lack of common sense.

Unfortunately, Aiyana would never get the chance to clue Basil in.  She shuffled off the mortal coil not long after.  She had a long and happy life and while everything may not have gone well, she had salvaged what she could.  She only hoped Damien remained long enough to care for the twins as they deserved, instead of being left to the neglect and apathy of their parents.

Damien and Basil were beside themselves with grief.

Virginia, on the other hand, was quite pleased.  Aiyana had known something about Virginia’s little ‘on the side affairs’ and now that she was gone, there was no chance of it getting out or to Basil.  Virginia had never really been a one woman kind of man and certainly not mother of the year material.  She left the children to Damien and Basil’s care and spent most of her time upstairs on the balcony, inhaling smoke, or out enjoying her youth.

Daisy and Sage grew into children before long.  They missed their grandma, but their grandpa was still around.  They were closer to him than their own parents.  When they weren’t following Damien around, they enjoyed being competitive with one another.  Sage was a bit more serious about it than Daisy was.  Then again, Sage always seemed to be serious about everything whereas Daisy was a bit more easy-going.

Their delinquent mother was too busy checking out the very illegal paperboy to tell the girls not to play in the middle of the street while they waited for the bus.  The only reason she was out there was because she was going for ‘a walk’.  The girls had gotten used to her snubbing of them and so they ignored her just as she did them.

It was Damien’s job to make sure they did well in school.  He taught them how to do their homework and helped them with it anytime they needed it.  Basil was too busy, locked up in his pottery room.  Virginia, well, Damien wasn’t completely sure he trusted her to be responsible for the girls.  He just hoped he would make it until they became teenagers who could care completely for themselves and be independent of their parents.


Note from Mao: Virginia really is a horrible mother.  She never does anything with the twins, at all.  She never fed them, held them, etc.  It was all Damien and Aiyana, and sometimes Basil.  He’s usually too busy making stuff, though.  The picture of Virginia and girls playing on the street cracked me up too much not to add it!

December 6, 2008

Saunders – Round 21: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 6′

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Damien and Aiyana did not have an easy beginning, but they’re happy now.  Unfortunately, they don’t have much time to themselves, being forced to take care of Basil and his new wife, as well as their children.

Virginia wasn’t exactly pleased to find out she was expecting.  She became even less enamored with the idea as time pressed onward and her stomach continued to grow.  She felt like a fat cow and that wasn’t something Virginia was used to.  She was used to being hot and sexy, spending her nights at the club and ignoring cat calls from perverted and drunken males.  Now she was stuck barfing, eating, and feeling generally bloated.

Worse yet was what the pregnancy resulted in–twin girls, Sage and Daisy.  Virginia and Basil were not prepared at all with what faced them.  Damien and Aiyana did their best to pick up the slack, to try and show the two hapless youths how to properly care for their newborn babies… unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work.

Virginia really had no maternal instinct.  She was more content to sit by and let someone else do the ‘child rearing’.  Basil was too busy doing his crafts.  It all fell on Aiyana and Damien.

Damien was overjoyed to have grandchildren.  River, though the older of the two, had yet to give them any and it didn’t seem like it would be happening anytime soon.  Sure, she was more responsible, but Damien was more concerned with the fact that here, he could cuddle them and care for them directly.  It was a shame that Virginia and Basil didn’t want to have more to do with their babies.

He was happy, however, that Basil had turned his hobby into a business venture.  Damien often helped him sell his wares in Aiyana’s old massage building.  She’d given it up with her increasing age, the arthritis in her hands making it difficult to continue her craft.  She did help Basil sometimes, though, with his pottery.

River visited often and was none-too-pleased with how her younger brother was treating their aging parents.  She read him the riot act regularly, though it fell on deaf ears.

“You can’t just use our parents as servants, Basil!  Take some responsibility!”

Basil would simply laugh her off and go about his business.  He didn’t see what he did as using his parents, he saw it as them helping.  If they had a problem with it, wouldn’t they say something?  River just needed to mind her own business.

Thanks to their grandparents, Daisy and Sage became toddlers and were quite happy and healthy little ones.  They were mischievous, though the two couldn’t be anymore different.  They seemed to come from completely different spectrum, and not just by their looks, but their personalities.  Only time will tell how they make out once their grandparents are gone.


Note from Mao: Sorry there’s no individual shot of the twins.  This house was nuts.  The twins crack me up, though.  Could they look anymore different, seriously?  Daisy doesn’t even have her father or mother’s skintone–she has Aiyana’s, as well as her face template.  Sage seems to have Virginia’s.  River really did come over frequently and yell at River.  It was pretty funny.

September 20, 2008

Saunders – Round 20: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 5′

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Damien and Aiyana Saunders are happy with their noses in their books, but they still worry about their son, Basil.  Will he able to choose the proper girl or will his decision fail to meet his parents expectations?

Basil decided that Virginia was the one for him.  Forget rational thought and the fact she couldn’t stand to hear him talk about Grilled Cheese, the passion and the fire was definitely there.  He wanted more illicit meetings in hot tubs and heavy make out sessions in the public.

Virginia, on the other hand, wasn’t quite sure what she was thinking when she said “yes”.  She should have turned and ran, but something kept her tethered.

There was a freedom that came with leaving her life of leisure and living pay check to pay check.  She cared about Basil, sure, but Virginia wasn’t necessarily the type to narrow down who exactly she cared about.  They were married quietly and hurriedly, not wanting a big ceremony.

Aiyana and Damien agreed to this, just happy that their son was finally showing that he was not the wrong choice when they picked an heir.

Meanwhile, Aiyana fulfilled her lifetime want and Damien was not far behind her.  They both knew everything they could possibly hope to know.  At first, it was fulfilling, but after the excitement waned, they weren’t quite sure what to do with themselves.  What else was there out there for them to enjoy?  And so, they began to think of grandchildren…

Basil wasn’t concerned with children of his own yet, though.  He hadn’t even gotten a job.  He found his time was much better spent mucking around in the craft room, playing around with his mother’s old tools.  Sculpting was his favorite, perhaps he could make a trade of that.  Jobs were too rigid, too strict.  Everyone had them and Basil desired something vastly different from the norm.

Unfortunately, he and Virginia hadn’t really taken the precautions necessary to prevent a little bundle of joy from joining the house.  Virginia was extremely surprised when she found herself pregnant and a panic filled her.  What would she do now?  She still had hopes and dreams!  A little, wiggling kid would just tie her down!  All of the sudden, she felt that great urge to run, to flee… but it was too late.

This would set back her chances of going into sports greatly.

Damien decided that with this news of an impending child, he needed to have a talk with his son.  Unfortunately, it was easier said than done.  Basil had no interest in changing his lifestyle and was insistent that he would make a trade of selling his wares, he just needed more time.  But a growing child needs money and while they had some in the bank, eventually, he’d need an income.

Basil wasn’t concerned about the future, he was only worried about the here and now.  Damien hoped his son’s lack of foresight wouldn’t come back to bite him.


Note from Mao: I really hadn’t intended for Virginia to end up pregnant so quickly, in fact, I had no idea she was pregnant until her belly pop!  I was quite stunned.  It’s been awhile since it’s surprised me like that!  Still not 100% better, but I can function.  I will be leaving to rejoin my fiance in about a week’s time, though, and going back to work… so I definitely need to get some playing in!

August 27, 2008

Saunders – Round 19: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 4′

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Damien and Aiyana have dedicated their life to their children and the pursuit of knowledge.  Will Basil successfully carry on his family name or will his reckless and carefree ways sink everything?

Basil enjoyed caring for the kittens.  It was the only thing semi-responsible that his parents found he would do on his own.  They were both considerably shocked, but also knew that attachment was bad.  The kittens would have to go as soon as they were grown as there just simply wasn’t enough room for all of them.

Tsung Yu was a good friend to both Damien and Aiyana and was more than happy to take one of the kittens off their hands.  Basil had recently aged into an adult and so he understood that it simply wasn’t reasonable to keep all the kittens.  At least they were all going to good homes within the neighborhood.

Besides, these days, Basil was too busy hitting the dating scene to worry about kitten care.  He spent a lot of time with the ladies, partying and having fun, but never quite going as far as Shang had.  It was the thrill of the date that captured him and held tight.  Plus, he was determined he couldn’t seriously be with someone who could not at least stand to hear him talk about his love of grilled cheese.

Virginia Shahan was top on his list of dates.  They were completely compatiable in just about everyway and always had fun on their dates.  Neither had to try hard to please the other, as their whims and fancies seemed to be perfectly entwined.  Virginia was always happy to see Basil when he stopped by the club she was DJing at.

Unfortunately, as compatiable as they were, Virginia just didn’t understand Basil’s fascination with Grilled Cheese.  Anytime he so much as mentioned it, their conversation devolved into an argument and eventually, the date would end.  Basil felt deeply for Virginia, but there was no way they had any kind of future if she couldn’t even tolerate his love for Grilled Cheese!

Renee Johnson, however, had no issue in discussing Basil’s favorite cuisine.  She was another one of his dates, one that he had been with in his teenhood, as well.  A sweet girl, but maybe too sweet for Basil’s tastes.  His parents adored her, but while Basil enjoyed their dates and the fact that she encouraged his love of Grilled Cheese… he just didn’t feel the same spark he felt with Virginia.

It was a difficult situation to be in, to be sure.  His parents were really laying on the pressure about completely inheriting the family name… which meant settling down.

To help calm his mind, Basil spent time trying to perfectly put his love of Grilled Cheese to canvas.  It wasn’t perfect yet, but it would be, he was certain.  Until then, he had time to think about what he would do next.


Note from Mao: Basil likes to autonomously flirt on community lots.  His flirt with the Diva was his own doing!  Virginia and Basil have 100/100 relationship, both love and crush, and she simply will hear none of this crap about Grilled Cheese.  They also have three bolts.  Renee, on the other hand, barely has a bolt with him and is only on crush level, but will happily discuss it with him.  Must be Aspirational differences.  I made it a rule that Basil wouldn’t marry anyone who couldn’t talk about Grilled Cheese, but I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do with this one.

August 15, 2008

Yu – Round 18: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 3′

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Tsung and Lilith, despite their differences, have had a happy marriage. With Tsung gone off to college, Fou-Lu is left to his own devices. His brother may have been a bit of a bully, but at least he was never arrested…

Fou-Lu felt horrible sitting in the back of the police cruiser as it pulled up in front of his house. He was just thankful Gordon had been around (though he wasn’t sure where he’d come from, and so late at night, too) to save his teenaged behind. Fou-Lu wasn’t sure what he said to the officer, but it was enough for him to not press charges and give Fou-Lu a ride home. He wasn’t able to thank Gordon, as he was gone as quickly as he’d come.

He just hoped he wouldn’t tell his father. He would kill him!

Not wanting to get into trouble again, Fou-Lu opted to hang out with his cousin Hugh as opposed to Basil. It was Basil’s fault he had gotten caught, just because Basil could run faster. That jerk. He couldn’t remember whose idea it was to sneak out past curfew and tag a building, but he was sure he wouldn’t be caught dead doing it again. Thankfully, Gordon hadn’t told his father (who would tell his mom!) and Fou-Lu’s head was still firmly attached to his body.

Tsung came back from college to attend his parents anniversary party. It was quite the little gala, with Lilith’s twin brother, Nathaniel, his fiance Sara O`Hanlon, good friends Damien and Aiyana Saunders, and Gordon all present. Shang was unable to attend because he was off on tour, and Kate was hesitant to come, unsure if Shang would be there or not.

Gordon didn’t tell Tsung what he had caught his son doing, because that would involve explaining to Tsung how he got Fou-Lu out of it. Gordon wasn’t yet ready to tell his friend what he did for a living.

He did, however, have to explain his current condition and the fact that Lilith had been coming to check on him. At this, Tsung was relieved. He wasn’t sure what to think when Lilith had begun to sneak out late at night–he thought the worst.

“Don’t be stupid,” Gordon said, laughing, “no one else could handle Lilith. You know that.”

“That’s true,” Tsung admitted with a shrug. “It’s weird seeing you young, and unfair. What made you make this choice, Gordon? You’ll outlive us all.”

“Always with the bad,” Gordon said, uncharacteristically jubliant. “Why don’t you focus on your good for once, Tsung? With all the divorces going on, you two should be basking in this moment.”

Tsung laughed, “lady troubles, Gordon?”

“What do you think?” Gordon replied, shaking his head.

“You really have made quite a name for yourself,” Tsung said to Lilith later as they danced, amusement written on his face. “You’re the resident paranormal guru.”

“Oh, please,” she snorted derisively, rolling her eyes in that dramatic way only she could manage. “Just wait until I have my own cult. Then you’ll all see how awesome I am.”

He was a little worried until she laughed and reassured him she was kidding.

Fou-Lu was nowhere to be found during the Anniversary party. He had snuck out to meet Elena. They were being your typical irresponsible teen, meeting in dimly lit places to makeout and otherwise rebel in their own ways. Unfortunately for them both, they failed to realize that Gordon didn’t need to necessarily see things to know them and the fact that his adopted daughter was getting more and more adventurous was sure to get back to him.


Note from Mao: Lilith’s LTW is fulfilled, yay. I had fun with the Anniversary party, I should do more of those. Fou-Lu actually did get busted sneaking out with Basil, but he glitched and Tsung and Lilith never got memories/etc despite being awake. He just popped out of the car and it disappeared. So I had to find a way to explain it, haha. Fou-Lu is an odd one, I don’t know what to make of him yet, he’s just your typical teen…

August 14, 2008

Saunders – Round 18: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 2′

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Damien and Aiyana are finally happy, but Basil isn’t quite living up to their expectations.  Can Basil come through and prove his parents wrong?

Damien had a hard time understanding his bizarre son.  Between his carefree ways and his peculiar love of Grilled Cheese, it wasn’t easy to identify with him.  Damien was worried that perhaps Basil wouldn’t be a responsible heir, but it was much too late for anymore children (plus the fact Aiyana said two was final).  He would just have to hope that his son would grow out of it and become a man.

Damien himself did quite a bit of growing.  He was an elder now and happy, despite a few minor setbacks in his life.  Due to his recent promotion to being the College Dean of Boreal Summit University, he went for a more mature look in his later years.  He found the beret made him look distinguished, but the cat didn’t seem to agree.  Daenarys just gave him a funny look and a meow.

Aiyana was too busy to celebrate her step into the final phase of life.  Instead, she was busying herself learning everything she possibly could.  It had always been a dream they shared, but had been lax in pusuing throughout their adult life.  Aiyana wasn’t about to let it fade away and chased it with admirable gumption.  Even Damien felt swept up in the fervor and would often join her.

Basil, unfortunately, did not share his family’s zeal for knowledge.  He was rather adverse to it.  It was a waste of time.  Why do homework when he could be out having fun and experiencing life?  Books couldn’t teach you half the stuff life could!  Still, his father insisted that no son of his would be a high school dropout.  It was bad enough he wasn’t going to University, the least he could dow as keep up with his studies.

Basil begrudingly did as he was told, though with considerable reluctance, secure in the knowledge that when he was his own man, he could do as he wished.

Daenarys, meanwhile, gave birth to three kittens named Roslin, Tigh, and Adama.  Aiyana and Damien weren’t quite sure what they’d do with the kittens, but spent time training them and caring for them all the same.  Basil enjoyed playing with the kittens, though he couldn’t be bothered to actually discipline them.

He was much too busy pursuing other interests.  He’d been on several dates and had yet to find a woman to match his own mind.  Somewhere out there was a girl who shared his love of being carefree and eating grilled cheese.


Note from Mao: Basil cracks me up, he is such a Pleasure/Grilled Cheese sim, seriously.  He’s been on several dates, but no sparks.  Damien and Aiyana are close to fulfilling their LTWs.  I’m sure some of you will recognize the kitten’s names…

August 1, 2008

Saunders – Round 17: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 1′

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Damien and Aiyana Saunders are finally both happy in their situation. Unfortunately, River isn’t quite so happy and buries herself in knowledge in an effort to make up for all the confusion she feels. Basil prefers to grab life by the horns and take breaks to enjoy a good grilled cheese.

Aiyana found herself extremely busy. There were a lot of stresses hanging around in the air of Boreal Springs. A frequent customer of hers was her best friend, Tracey Yu. She had survived a bizarre divorce and now was raising two twins and feeling the strain. Aiyana was always happy to help her work out the stress and give her someone to talk to.

Basil was an extremely active teen. He enjoyed video games, messing around, and avoiding his schoolwork. When asked about his college ambitions, he simply laughed. Both Damien and Aiyana were concerned… Basil was to be their heir and he certainly didn’t seem responsible enough. Perhaps he’d grow into it? Until then, they’d just have to wait and hope for the best.

River, meanwhile, buried herself in books and studies. She was determined to get as many scholarships as she could to pay her way through Boreal Summit University. She was certainly doing a good job at it, too. She kept her grades up, worked hard, and didn’t let anything distract her. It was a little worrying, her unending dedication to her books, but what could anyone do? Aiyana had only inquired once about what had caused the change and the look River gave her in response was enough for her to never ask again.

Basil was a lot better at helping Aiyana out than River was, anyway. He was charming and all his words seemed to be etched in gold. Aiyana worried about how easily he got along with her female customers, though. He seemed to be particularly interest in one reoccuring customer. She was a freshman in college and worked as a DJ part-time in Aperture. Aiyana tried to keep Basil away from her, but she didn’t have eyes in the back of her head.

She didn’t need to worry about River. Any boys that showed interest in her eccentric daughter were quickly rebuffed by a very horrified River. She wasn’t entirely sure why she was horrified, just that she was. It only made her dive further into her books.

Basil enjoyed hanging out at the newly opened pool until the late hours. It was the final days of warmth and soon the pool would be closed. He often found himself marveling at Shang Yu’s animal-magnetism. Anytime he went, Shang was in the hot tub, surrounded by women. It was a little ridiculous.

After River left for Boreal Summit University, Bosco was considerably saddened. Damien brought home a kitten that soon grew into a very lovely cat named Daenerys. Bosco and Daenerys got along famously and Aiyana hinted that maybe there would be some kittens on the way and that Damien was in charge of finding a home for them!


Note from Mao: Basil cracks me up! He’s Pleasure/Grilled Cheese. He looks so much like Chuck, it isn’t even funny. Poor River. I don’t know what to do with her, all she wants to do is studystudystudy. Yawwwn. Daenerys is the prettiest cat I have ever had in the game and I didn’t even make her!

July 23, 2008

Saunders – Round 15: ‘A Family Way, End’

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Damien and Aiyana have managed to work out their differences. River is ungrounded and enjoying her freedom while Basil is just hanging out in the background.

River wasn’t quite sure how to respond to her parents new-found fervor for one another. While she was certainly pleased they were getting along again, she rather wished they’d keep the PDA to a minimum. River was nearly a woman grown, but poor Basil would be scarred for life if his innocent little eyes somehow glimpsed at such wanton displays of affection.

Seriously, what were they, teenagers?

At least she wasn’t grounded anymore. That meant that she could get away from them and better yet, talk to Zhou through something less archaic than a letter and more personal than an IM. She was sure to explain just how burly the lumberjacks really were and especially how passionate they were about their flapjacks.

It took Zhou a moment or two to realize what exactly River meant by “fur shirts”. Being as he was, he wasn’t privy to the nature of extremely hairy men. For this, he was most surely thankful.

Aiyana was quite happy about the arrangement she had worked out with Damien. She began a home business with the intent of working out all the kinks of the residents of Boreal Springs. This way, she would always be home and yet have something to keep her from going stir-crazy. It worked out for the best and she found she greatly enjoyed bringing in some income of her own.

River tried to help her mother out as much as she could, unfortunately, River wasn’t much of a saleswoman. She even had trouble convincing Julie O`Hanlon to take the plunge. Of course, that may have been because Julie already had an appointment and was just amusing herself by messing with poor River. River would never understand why everyone felt the need to pick on her when she was down!

Adults were so cruel.

The new arrangement certainly made life around the house a lot better for all. Aiyana was happy, which made Damien happy, which in turn, made the children happy. It was a strange hierarchy, happiness, but somehow the Saunders brood managed to achieve it. River was still upset about being shoved into the stuffy Academy, though, especially since Damien had left the school system and moved over to the University.

River hoped he transferred out before she attended. She really didn’t want her dad cramping her style on campus.

Despite her claims at nearly being an adult, River found herself indulging her inner-child quite often, a fact Zhou Yu wasn’t about to let her forget.

“You’re such a kid, River,” Zhou laughed, watching his friend play in the leaves. “Only kids enjoy that.”

“Shut up, you,” River snarled, pelting the taller of the two with a faceful of crisp, musty leaves. “We’re the same age. You can’t call me a ‘kid’.”

“I can if you’re being childish,” Zhou replied, trying to remove the taste the stale leaves had left. “And you always are so I can always say it.”

Angered for real now, River stood straight and glowered, “I am not a kid and I’ll prove it!”

Before Zhou could so much as laugh, River was not only directly in front of him, but her lips were against his own and engaged in a very, very awkward sort of kiss. When he was able to think again, River gave him a very aghast look and rushed off into the house, unable to speak.

Zhou blinked. He had just been teasing her, where had that come from?


Note from Mao: Yay, first business in BS. Oh, and if you’re wondering… the thing with Zhou and River? Completely autonomous. I was paying attention to Aiyana and her business and I saw Zhou and River playing with leaves. I never see sims do that unless I direct them too. Anyhoo, next thing I know, bam! Smoochfest! Geeze! Neither even had their first kiss yet. They have three bolts, but wow. Seriously.

June 10, 2008

Saunders – Round 15: ‘To Zhou, From River’

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Damien’s idea of family differs from Aiyana’s, but so far, they’re making it work. River, now a teenager, finds herself facing more problems than just scientific road blocks. Basil is a curious child, but his likeness to Damien’s dead twin, Chuck, is uncanny.

River: Zhou,

It sucks being grounded, but I should have known better than to try and make a more impressive volcano with household cleaning products. Since I’m banned from everything, the only way we can communicate is through letters. Old school, I know. You wouldn’t recognize Basil now. He’s a big kid, or so he thinks, but I swear, he still acts like he’s three.

You’ve probably noticed by now, but dad is the new principal of the public school us kids in Boreal Springs are forced to endure. That’s why you haven’t seen me around school. I didn’t get a chance to tell you beforehand… sorry. It was a ‘conflict of interest’ that dad have his own kids under his tuteledge, so we were moved to that prep academy. It isn’t so bad, I like the classes… but the kids? It sucks, Zhou. You need to go with me, seriously. They’re so stuck up in the clouds, a jet liner is going to take them out one of these days.

I got the present you sent me–thanks! It sucks that my grounding went all the way through my fifteenth birthday, but what can you do? Dad claims it was lenient. I tried to “blow up the house”… I did not! Besides, who doesn’t childproof their kitchen? Seriously.

Anyway, with the new lense I can see even further! How awesome is that? I know you think it’s nerdy, but planets are cool.

Anyway, back to the academy junk. You know that Roman Anderson actually followed me home one day? I swear, it was just to put down my family. I tore into him. That’s right, I actually went off! You would have been so proud. I didn’t use any of those words you do, though, I’m still a lady, you know? But he didn’t even seem shocked. In fact, he just smiled.

I have to admit, it wasn’t my first altercation with him. We’ve met a few times at the Academy. He’s graduated by now, I’m sure, off to some prissy college. Good riddance. Stuffy rich guys think they’ve got the world in their hands…

Dad had the brilliant idea to use up the week break from school to haul us all out into the wilderness. Seriously, do I looke like a girl who enjoys the great out doors? I’m not into that organic stuff. We went and stayed in this cabin and there were lumberjacks and wood and axes EVERYWHERE! It was cold, too. Really cold.

June 2, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 14: ‘Family Business, Pt. 5′

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Gordon Saunders is secure in his position as the new master of criminals… but will he be able to keep the heat off now that Katy is back?  Tracey has her own news to share with her husband, as well.


Tracey Saunders awoke with an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach.  She ran for the bathroom as quick as her legs could carry her and found herself paying homage to the porcelian throne.  She had always been extremely healthy–one of the perks of living on the tropical island–so it wasn’t that she was sick.  No, it was something Tracey had been hoping would happen for some time now.  She was pregnant.

The only issue would be telling Gordon the news.  They really hadn’t discussed children, not that there was ever a chance.  He was busier than ever now and gone most of the time she was home.

One morning, she tried to sweeten him up with breakfast, but her newfound condition caused her to forget any culinary skills she previously had.  It was then, over charred pancakes, that she informed Gordon that she thought she was pregnant and would be visiting the doctor to make certain her claims.

“That explains this, then,” was his only reply, his eyes cautiously falling on the burnt pancake hardly concealed beneath syrup. 

Tracey wasn’t quite sure how to gauge his reaction and decided that she would just be happy enough for the both of them.

It wasn’t that Gordon wasn’t happy.  Having an heir was very important to him.  It was just that bigger things had arisen and they needed his immediate attention.  Most troubling of all was the fact that Katy Saunders had returned.  Gordon knew what his mother, Janine, had done and he also knew Katy.  He had only been small when she died, but he remembered her.  She wouldn’t hesitate to pin it all on Janine and that would lead to Gordon.  He couldn’t let that happen.

Rousing his contacts in the city of Aperture, Gordon tried to find the freshly risen Katy Saunders.  He glanced idly at his wedding ring as his contact rattled off on the other end of the receiver.  In order to ensure that Katy Saunders didn’t point Janine as her murderer, Gordon would have to make his life very, very complicated.

In preperation for this, he made sure to pay plenty of attention to his pregnant wife.  The less suspicious she was, the better.  He had no intention of disrupting his home life.  He wasn’t necessarily in love with Tracey, but she was about to be the mother of his child and that put her at a higher place in his mind.  He wouldn’t have her worrying about affairs or criminal activity.  He wanted his child to grow up well-adjusted, unlike Nevio Anderson, who was already known for his mental shortcomings.

Thankfully for Gordon, Tracey still spent a lot of time with her good friend Aiyana Saunders.  Tracey was overjoyed to share her news with her friend, though Aiyana was skeptical.

“Are you going to be able to work after it’s born?”

“Sure,” Tracey replied, smiling.  “In fact, I’m set for a promotion!  Big things are working and they really need me now.”

Aiyana couldn’t hide her jealous, “you certainly are lucky, Tracey.  Don’t mess it up.”

Tracey had an effortless birthing with Michael.  He came out easily and caused his mother little trouble.  Already he had endeared himself to his father, who spent a considerable amount of time with him.  Michael had Henry’s eyes and Gordon found that whenever he looked into them, he felt guilty.  He had found Katy and the plan was in action.  Thomas would soon be gone, too.  Everything he had done was necessary, but under the scrutinizing and altrusitic eyes of Henry Saunders, it seemed to be for naught.

Gordon muttered a silent apology to little Michael and set him back down in his crib.  He left Michael with the nanny and headed off to Aperture once again.


Note from Mao: I am loving Gordon so much it isn’t even funny.  How IRONIC is it that Michael has Henry’s eyes?  I LOVE IT!  Poor Gordon.  He’s all over the place now, heh heh.  Internet is still crappy as hell, but I managed to get this one up.  Yay me.

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