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May 23, 2008

Saunders – Round 14: ‘A Family Way, Pt. 2′

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Damien Saunders is quickly on his way to becoming Education Minister. Unfortunately, he has no idea that his wife, Aiyana, is quickly on her way to going crazy. River ignores her weird parents and prefers to spend time with her ants.

Aiyana gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Basil Saunders and was happy to be home, until she realized she was surrounded by children again. It was impossible to have time for herself with Basil crying late into the night and River needing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Two was more than she can handle–she barely managed to raise one!

It was even worse when River brought home a friend from school.

River and Zhou Yu were about the same age, so they shared a class. While River was seen as a big nerd, Zhao was seen as a bit of smart-mouth. Together, they found unity into their forced obscurity. River helped Zhao with his studies and Zhao tried to help River be more outspoken. She rarely stood up for herself when kids teased her about her glasses.

River did well in school because she had a natural aptitude for logic and scientific thought. She also got a lot of help from Damien when it came to her studies. He was determined that she capitalize on the smarts gifted to her. She could definitely make something of herself, even if she wouldn’t be heir to the house. Of course, River had no desire for that. Everyone that lived here seemed to have babies, babies, and more babies. It wasn’t necessarily something River found herself desiring at the age of eight.

Family dinners were tense enough as it was. Every now and then Aiyana would make a plea that perhaps she could get a job once Basil started school. Damien was adamant. His grandfather had been very family-oriented and this was imprinted on him. He wanted his children to be happy and well-adjusted and they needed a proper mother for that. Aiyana would love to stay home and study, but it was impossible with the children! She needed a break.

Tracey was her only saving grace. She would often come over during the day and visit. She always showed such skill with the kids, especially when they were babies. Aiyana was wowed that she didn’t have any of her own. Whenever she inquired, Tracey simply shrugged and said:

“It just hasn’t happened. I’m happy just being around any child, though. They’re just fantastic.”

“Until they wake you up at 3am…” Aiyana groused.

Eventually, Basil became even more of a handful, growing into a toddler. He definitely had his grandmother Katy’s eyes and he looked quite a bit like Chuck, right down to his curly mop of hair. That was a Saunders trademark for males, though. Damien tried to help out, but with his career on the upswing, a lot of his time was spent at work or focusing on increasing his position.

He wasn’t able to get up at 3am with Basil and hold him and feed him. Damien had to be at work in the morning, after all. Aiyana sighed. She barely got any sleep anymore–she probably looked like the walking dead! She was tempted to chop off her hair, as Basil seemed obsessed with grabbing onto it and pulling as hard as he could. Even their cat, Bosco, could sense her exhaustion.

One night, Aiyana was just too tired and couldn’t bring herself to get out of bed. When she finally managed, she realized that Basil had stopped crying. River’s room was right next to the nursery and she had heard his cries. She got out of bed and let him out of the crib. She was even soothing him with smiles and silly faces when Katy came in.

Perhaps River would be even more help when she became a teenager…


Note from Mao: River interacts a lot with Basil on her own, which I rarely see sim kids do with toddlers! It’s very cute. Anytime I can’t find her, I know to check the nursery. Also, Tracey does visit a lot and the first thing she did was pick up a baby. Everytime. I get it, Tracey, okay? Seriously. Sheesh.

May 15, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 13: ‘Family Business, Pt. 4′

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Gordon Saunders married Tracey to cover up his acquisition of his mother’s criminal empire. Tracey married Gordon to escape her island hell, but finds herself caught between falling in love and falling into a trap.

Thanks to Sara O`Hanlon, Tracey was introduced to Aiyana Saunders. Aiyana was also new to Boreal Springs and so they started out with some common ground. It wasn’t long before the two were good friends, calling and visiting as much as possible. Aiyana finally had someone to confide in and Tracey was just happy to have some female company. Her former fling with Shang Yu left a sour taste in most female’s mouths.

Gordon was pleased with the distraction Aiyana provided. He knew that Sara was a good bet and she was already helping him out without even knowing it. Tracey was so caught up in her friendship she failed to notice the odd hours Gordon kept. The less suspicion, the better. He was so close to regaining complete control–there were only a few final steps before he could call himself his mother’s true successor.

He tried not to think about the hassle that Thomas Anderson provided. He’d be taken care of soon enough.

Of course, the distraction didn’t last long. Aiyana began to question Tracey about what she did and the conversation turned to Gordon. Tracey was at a loss–he never specifically stated what he did.

“I… I’m not–”

“You don’t know?” Aiyana was too shocked to mind her manners. “How is that possible?”

Tracey looked sheepish, “I guess I never asked.”

Aiyana quirked an eyebrow at this, “what aren’t you telling me, Tracey? You two are the strangest married couple I’ve ever seen–and I’ve seen some weird things.”

“I guess it won’t hurt to tell you, but you have to keep it quiet, all right?”

“Sure, you have no idea how good I am at the whole secret keeping gambit…”

After her chat with Aiyana, Tracey was determined to not be made a fool of again. She was going to go get a straight answer from Gordon once and for all. At least, that’s what she claimed. As per usual, Gordon had the upper hand and Tracey was easily swayed away from her questions. Any person outside of the situation would see the manipulation easily, but Tracey preferred the ‘ignorance is bliss’ notion and denied any hints she saw.

He was just too nice to be manipulative. Ask anyone! Except Lilith, but Lilith hated everyone…

Gordon was elated when she finally took complete control of his mother’s empire. Every minion was his to boss around, the money from all the laundering operations and crooked businesses was his to spend, and even better… the notoriety and fear was finally at his finger tips.

There was just one nagging little problem–Thomas Anderson. Janine had worked out a deal with Thomas, but Gordon had decided awhile back he preferred to work alone. Thomas had all the politicians in his pocket and were it not for sticking his own neck out there, would have exposed Gordon. If Gordon wanted political power, Thomas had to go.

Tracey was surprised when Gordon suggested a vacation. He hadn’t spoken of any desires to leave Boreal Springs prior, but she wasn’t about to argue. They decided on somewhere far away, even further than the islands. Tracey was definitely thankful for that. Even better, they weren’t staying in a hotel; Gordon had purchased a fully-furnished house for them to occupy. Tracey didn’t bother asking where the money came from.

May 5, 2008

Saunders – Round 13: ‘A Family Way, Pt. 1′

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Damien Saunders married Aiyana and couldn’t be happier.  Unfortunately, neither of them are very keen when it comes to children.  Here’s hoping their baby River will make it to childhood…

Aiyana found that she missed Janine’s help quite a bit, especially when River became a precocious toddler.  She was curious and into everything.  It seemed Aiyana couldn’t move fast enough to keep an eye on her.  All the toddler-chasing kept her from her pursuit of knowledge and her creative endeavors.  She had to admit, she felt a little depressed without her hobbies to keep her balanced.  She’d never been very skilled with children, even reading the parenting magazines and books hadn’t helped.

Worse yet, with Janine and Henry gone, they were living off of Damien’s inheritance.  It was plentiful, but he felt it would be best if they both got jobs.  Aiyana was more than happy with that arrangement–she’d be able to get out of the house and have some time to her self.  They’d need a nanny for River, sure, but that wouldn’t be so bad.  Everyone had nannies these days!

Damien went out and immediately got a position with the school board.  Aiyana wasn’t so hasty, she looked around carefully, trying to find just the right job to suit her.

One afternoon, Lilith called after Damien.  She posed a rather peculiar question:

“Do you still have any of Chuck’s things?”

“What?  What kind of question is that?” Damien sighed.  “Lilith, you need to let it go.”

“Stop it, Damien.  Just answer the question.”

He refused, “why can’t you just be happy?  I’ve got Aiyana and I miss Chuck, but it’s over, okay?  You have Tsung and a son.  You’d think you would be over it, too.”

Lilith simply sighed, thanked him for nothing, and hung up.

Aiyana hadn’t found a job yet, she was feeling too tired and exhausted to go out looking.  Damien noticed, too, it was hard not to.  She even fell asleep at the dinner table!  When he questioned her, she simply brushed it off, citing that she was just exhausted from running after River all day.  Since Damien worked during the day, Aiyana was stuck all alone with River for hours upon hours.  It was tiring to someone who wasn’t exactly ‘geared’ towards childcare.

To make matters worse, Damien had brought home a kitten named Bosco*.  River adored the small kitten, but Aiyana saw it as just another hassle.  She had to clean the litter and fill its bowl.  Damien just went off to work–he didn’t have to deal with any of it.  It wasn’t fair.

She was just glad that River was finally potty-trained.  No more diaper changes for her!

Aiyana eventually found out that she was pregnant, again.  Damien advised that maybe she shouldn’t get a job after all, that it would be better if she was home with the kids.  They had plenty of money to support that kind of lifestyle and he didn’t want the children to feel alone or too responsible too young.

Halfheartedly, Aiyana agreed.  Inwardly, though, she felt suffocated.  Another baby?  She could barely care for the one they had now!  Goodness only knows what would have happened if Janine hadn’t been here to help them start!

Her second pregnancy was rough on Aiyana.  She had to care for River and wake up in the middle of the night to tend to her, as Damien had to sleep so he was ready for work in the morning.  Her stomach felt huge, bulbous, and in the way.  Even holding poor River was an awkward endeavor.  Aiyana wasn’t sure how much more she could take before she cracked under the weight.  Her mental stability was declining and rapidly.

Who knew that it wouldn’t be all the family secrets that did her in, but the sheer weight of having children?

It wasn’t long before River became self-sufficient.  Aiyana was relieved, but she knew it wouldn’t last.  She’d give birth soon and it’d start all over again.  At least River was extremely mature for her age.  She spent more time with her ants or her head in a book than she did making messes or harassing her mother.  She kept mostly to herself, too, which gave Aiyana a much-needed break.


Note from Mao: Poor Aiyana, she really is an inept parent!  As for River, not only does she have NO playful points, her destined hobby is Science.  Oh yes, a hippy nerd girl!  I love it.  She’s adorable.

*Bosco is a character from the Sam & Max series.

April 20, 2008

Saunders – Round 12: ‘Family Business, Pt. 3′

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Henry Saunders is nearing the end of his life and his wife, Janine, isn’t too far behind. Damien has taken over the house, but he and his wife, Aiyana, have had trouble producing an heir. Will Henry live to see his name carried on or will Damien fail to pass on his namesake?

Aiyana Saunders awoke to a strange feeling that gurgled in the pit of her stomach. Before she knew it, she launched out of bed and ran for the nearest toilet. After paying homage to the porcelain gods with last night’s supper, Aiyana decided that perhaps it would be wise to invest in a pregnancy test.

While her granddaughter-in-law was puking, Janine was busy at the computer. Her life was nearing its end, this much was certain. Her last physical had revealed some unpleasant growths. Janine felt old and tired, so she didn’t bother furthering the diagnosis. She was ready to move on and tired of living a constant lie. Unfortunately, in order to do so, she had to pass the burden onto her son, Gordon.

She wouldn’t be able to teach him everything and she was certain Thomas had his own motives, so Janine devised a plan. She began typing up a ‘manual’ of sorts for Gordon. She spent every waking hour at the computer, typing until her finger tips felt numb.

Aiyana, meanwhile, had scheduled a doctor’s visit after her test came out positive. She returned home with happy news–she was indeed pregnant. Damien, of course, was relieved. He knew that Henry was getting old and he wanted desperately for him to see the child born. While Derek was Damien’s real father, Henry had been more of a father-figure to him than anyone else. He and Janine had been there with him every step after Chuck’s unfortunate passing.

Aiyana was happy, too, but very nervous. She’d never been very good with babies. Perhaps she should study up?

One night, while Aiyana was browsing various parenting websites, she came across a strange file on the computer. She wasn’t very computer literate, having grown up in a commune, so when she accidentally minimized her browser, she began frantically clicking in an effort to get it back. She ended up opening a folder on the desktop that Janine had forgotten to lock. Laid out before her in text was a manual of crime. Aiyana blinked and panicked, closing the window.

Damien, who was washing the windows, gave her a strange look, “are you all right?”

Aiyana froze, unsure of what to say. Was her pregnancy making her crazy? Maybe her hormones were acting up, that’s all. She hadn’t seen that! “Y-Yeah… just spooked. A pop-up ad. Annoying, huh?”

He shrugged and continued scrubbing. Aiyana shut down the computer. That was enough oddities for one night.

Janine eventually finished her manual, unaware that Aiyana had seen it. She invited Gordon over one day and pulled him into an empty room. As the book left her hands, she knew that it was indicative of passing on her weight to her son. He smiled.

“What’s this? Don’t trust Thomas?”

“He’s my ex-husband, sweetie,” Janine replied, shaking her head. “Never trust an ex.”

“Of course, I knew better… but thanks.”

Janine gave him a look, “don’t go into this thinking you know everything, Gordon. Even you can’t prepare or weasel your way out of everything. You have to be careful. No one can ever know about this… about you…”

“What about you?”

“It won’t matter,” Janine smiled sadly. “I’ll be gone soon. The trail will hopefully end with me. Just promise me you’ll be careful.”

“I will, I promise.”

April 9, 2008

Saunders – Round 11: ‘The Next Generation’

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Henry Saunders has led a tumultuous life, but he’s got plenty of children and even more grandchildren, so he’s happy. Janine is still struggling with her life of crime, but her time is short. Damien returns from University with his fiance, Aiyana Lam, to take over the house in his father, Derek’s, stead.


Damien and Aiyana's wedding

Damien and Aiyana were married in an outside ceremony. A great majority of the neighborhood attended, but their minds weren’t all on the wedding playing out before them. Gathering so many people into a large group is sure to bring about problems. Sara had to make sure to avoid Nathaniel and did so by making Gordon sit with her. Tsung gave Lilith no space, taking the seat beside her. Derek nearly jumped out of his skin when Ryu sat next to him.

The entire ceremony was riddled with tension, but the happy newlyweds hardly noticed.

Damien and Aiyana's wedding 2

They were oblivious to the problems that surrounded them, too lost in their own wedded bliss to care. They were truly a ‘power couple’, completely enveloped in one another. It was a rare thing these days, especially in Boreal Springs, and so it was rightfully celebrated. Everyone pooled together their collective composures and applauded the union.

Aiyana sews

Aiyana kept herself busy with sewing. She was quite skilled at it and even found herself working on custom tailored suits and gowns for Alyssa Anderson to wear during her functions. This little deal was struck during her own wedding! It turned out to be a very lucrative day.

Neither Damien nor Aiyana took jobs. They had enough money to stay afloat and were much too busy with their own endeavors to really hold down a job.

Janine works with Gordon

Janine spent her time tutoring Gordon on the finer points of being a criminal. He had a lot to learn and little time. Janine could feel her age creeping up on her. The end was near. She was too old for this, too old for the sneaking and the lying. She only hoped she could die as Janine Saunders and not the criminal personal and moniker she had come to hate. She just had to continue being careful and hope, pray, that Derek didn’t do anything hasty.

Janine and Henry

While she had spent a good part of her marriage having a strange affair with her ex-husband Thomas, there was no denying where Janine’s heart lie. It was with Henry–she loved him. Thomas was something different and dangerous, but Henry was her safety, her true love. She hated lying to him and she hated being unfaithful, but it wasn’t in her to fight it. She led two separate lives and it just started to make sense that what her criminal side did had no reflection on what Janine felt or thought.

Damien and Aiyana

Damien and Aiyana shared the same type of love, though there was no adultery or twisted affairs involved. Aiyana found Damien’s family history puzzling and troubling, but decided it had no reflection on Damien. Besides, she was weird, too. Who wasn’t? It was their awkwardness oddness that made them so perfect.

Unfortunately for Aiyana, she had no idea that her step-mother-in-law was the leader of the dreaded crime syndicate. Damien was just as clueless.

Damien and Aiyana are troubled

Despite being busy with their own hobbies and quests for knowledge… Damien and Aiyana had been trying to have children. Henry had been dropping hints since the wedding that he wanted to see grandchildren before her died. They had no problem trying, who does? But it just didn’t seem to be working.

Perhaps it was stress or just the fact of trying too hard. They decided to stop focusing so hard on it and just let be what would be.


Note from Mao: I’m thankful Aiyana isn’t pregnant yet, but I’m surprised. With Inteen back, I can’t force pregnancies, my ‘Try For Baby’ is gone and only ‘WooHoo’ remains. It is randomly risky woohoo or try for baby. So, we’ll see. I really want Henry to be around for the birth–it’ll be his tenth grandchild!

April 6, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 10: ‘Something Different, Pt. 3′

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Damien has Aiyana to keep his mind off Chuck’s death, but Lilith’s still struggling. This isn’t helped by Tsung’s bizarre behavior, Nathaniel’s flock of female followers, and her best friend’s sudden change of personality. Gordon’s arrived, but he’s keeping quiet and well away from the drama.


Sara greets Nathaniel

Sara had decided that she was going to shock everyone when she arrived at Boreal Summit University. She let her hair down, bought a dress, and squeezed her feet into a pair of casual heels. The result was an unimpressed Lilith, a shocked Damien, and a receptive Nathaniel. Gordon, who she had traveled the long distance with, just sat down with the paper.

“I heard you’re doing really well on the team, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel shrugged, “I guess. We’ll see how it goes when I’m a senior. What happened to you?”

“What are you talking about?” She smiled, taking her leave. “I’m not any different than before.”

Gordon rigs the computer

When he was sure no one was watching, Gordon crept into the room with the computer. Pulling out a tool kit his mother had gifted him, he began modifying the computer. He was too busy to bother with term papers and all that. It would be much easier just to hack his grades. He also had to drive the length between Boreal Springs and Boreal Summit University to see Thomas for his ‘mental training’. There was no time for studying.

Four in a hot tub

While Gordon was scheming, Lilith, Tsung, Nathaniel, and Sara hung out in the hot tub. It was a cool autumn night, perfect for lounging in the hot water and talking about nothing in particular. Lilith was slowly coming out of her shell, though it wasn’t for a good reason. She kept staring at Sara, her eyes squinted in distaste. She couldn’t believe Sara had actually done it. Even worse, she couldn’t believe it was actually working.

Tsung noticed her preoccupation with her best friend and realized that while it may bring Lilith out, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Gordon and Tsung chat

Despite their glaring differences and the distance that had been between them, Tsung Yu and Gordon Saunders were still best friends. Tsung was studying early into the morning when Gordon woke up for breakfast.

“It’s always been obvious, you know,” Gordon said suddenly, grinning. “So what’s holding you back?”

Tsung didn’t bother looking up from his book, “I’ve been meaning to ask, Gordon… where did you get all that hair?”

“I’ll tell you when you finally confront Lilith,” Gordon replied, taking a bite of his cereal.

Tsung talks to Lilith

Tsung tried to take Gordon’s advice, he really did, but it was difficult. He approached her later that afternoon to no effect.

“What do you want, Tsung?” Lilith snapped, glaring at him. “Can’t you see I’m busy trying to save Sara from the pod people that stole her brain?”

Tsung sighed, muttering under his breath as she breezed past, “yes, but who will save you from that stick you’ve got rammed so far up your–”

“What?!” She snapped, turning to face him again.

“Nothing,” he replied, walking off. “Go save Sara from herself.”

March 27, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 9: ‘Lilith’s Choice, Pt. 1′

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Damien Saunders is still trying to deal with the death of his twin Chuck. Can his newest love interest, Aiyana Lam, help close the wound? Nathaniel Anderson is the star of B.S.U. University’s soccer team–will all the fame and women go to his head? Lilith Anderson still isn’t talking to anyone but Tsung Yu and the questions she asks him are getting progressively more odd.


Damien meets Aiyana

Lilith: It’s odd for me to be doing this, isn’t it? But here I am. When we first got to University, we realized that the addition of Tsung wasn’t enough to cover rent. Damien put an ad in the paper and Aiyana Lam showed up. She’s a hippie chick–you know the type, totally bohemian and whatever.

I think Damien accepted her into the house just because he thought she was hot. At least we didn’t have to worry about the rent anymore… not that I voiced any concern in the first place.

Lilith watches Tsung play

I thought it would be weird living with a bunch of guys, but it isn’t so bad. Everyone kinda leaves me alone and that’s cool. I can do what I want and not worry about people patting me on the shoulder. I guess Damien has it worse, but he didn’t see it happen, you know? That makes it a different story.

I caught Tsung practicing with his violin thing on the balcony. When Nathaniel told me he was ‘really good’, I brushed it off. Who cares about that stuff? Let’s see him be good at something substantial! But I guess it isn’t so bad. It’s kind of soothing. He didn’t really notice I was sitting there until he finished. I think it embarrassed him, which was completely hilarious.

Damien and Aiyana get closer

Of course, I totally called the whole ‘Damien and Aiyana hook-up’ thing… not aloud, but still. It was me who saw it first. They’re ‘kinda’ dating now. Whatever. They think it’s weird because they’re always around one another and they don’t want to put too much pressure of the ‘blossoming relationship’ or some hippie crap like that. Listening to that girl talk is like cramming flowers down your throat and vomiting up perfume. Blegh.

Lilith talks to Tsung

Tsung is completely obsessed with the hot tub. If you ever want to find him, that’s where you go. Tsung and I were rivals for like, our entire lives, but I guess in the end… he won. I’ll admit it (not aloud, though) that he knows more than me. That’s why I talk to him–he can answer my questions about death and ghosts and stuff. Damien slipped up one time and told me he saw his dead mother before he left for B.S.U…. I wonder if Chuck is lurking around there, too?

Of course, Tsung was hesitant to answer me. I guess he doesn’t think much of the whole paranormal thing. He’s too logical–too constrained by math and science. Whatever. I’ll figure it out myself, then. We’ll see who is right!

Nathaniel shoots hoops

I guess I am a little worried about Nathaniel. In High School, he was a total sports jock and it’s the same thing here, too. But there’s a difference… High School girls… well, they’re not the same carnivorous creatures as University ones! Besides, I scared all the HS girls away by scowling at them. I can’t do that here, they’re like a swarm of hormones. It’s really annoying. I’d feel bad for Nathaniel, but I doubt he minds at all. Men are such pigs.

I just hope he is using the right head or we’re in trouble. Sara will be joining us in a year and even if it’s futile, she has it beyond bad for him. Which is totally gross, but what can you do?

Lilith watches Damien and Aiyana

Damien and the flower child reject are getting really heavy lately. What happened to strangling the burgeoning blossom and all that crap? Seriously, I don’t want to see this stuff. Go somewhere private, why don’t you? Though, I have noticed Aiyana doesn’t stay in her own room anymore. Sheesh. It’s like University charges your hormones and puts them in hyper-drive. At least I’ve still got my head on my shoulders.

Nathaniel has a fan club

Speaking of which, I really wish girls would stop following Nathaniel home. It’s really, really annoying. The house suddenly becomes a party zone and it’s impossible to hear yourself think. What? I know I used to be a bit of a slacker, but I’ve changed and I am really worried about Nathaniel. All these women are vultures.

I hope Sara gets here with some boobs and makeup. I’d rather see my brother with her than any of these vapid chuckle heads! One more cheer from that pom-pom waver and I’m gonna go crazy…


Note from Mao: Sorry this took so long! I haven’t had a chance to really play and Uni was dragging with so many people. Too much to do, so little time. As for Lilith, she did the Uni Reroll and is now Family… haha. Talk about a complete flip-flop. And yes, women are following Nathaniel around and it is creeping me out. He hasn’t had any bolts with them yet, but who knows.

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