Boreal Springs

May 1, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 12: ‘Polyamorous, Pt. 1′

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Shang Yu enjoys being a swinging bachelor while Kate seems to think they have an exclusive ‘relationship’. Unfortunately for Shang, he doesn’t quite know how far Kate is willing to go to ensure that her belief is made truth.

Alyssa Anderson and her daughter, Katarina, stopped by the house during their tour of the University. Alyssa was trying to get Katarina interested in furthering her education. Sure, she wasn’t the brightest, but anyone could get into college with the right amount of money. Alyssa was determined that Katarina have a bright future ahead of her.

Shang was more than happy to welcome to the two women. Kate was out, much to Alyssa’s chagrin, but Katarina could have cared less. She was much more interested in Shang.

Alyssa, having been a previous resident of the house, went upstairs to revisit one of her favorite spots–the hot tub. Shang took this as his opportunity to make nice with the mayor of Boreal Springs. Alyssa was older, yes, but she was hot. Her marriage was on the rocks, too, so that meant she was vulnerable. Vulnerable women are always easy to jump up on. Unfortunately for Shang, Alyssa didn’t seem to be as weak and timid as he expected.

“Are you hitting on me, Shang?” She said, her voice tinged with motherly reproach.

“Hey, if that’s what you’re seeing–”

She shook her head, “no. Just no. Don’t think I don’t know about you, Shang Yu. You can take your supposed ‘charm’ and go elsewhere. I’m not some stupid little college girl.”

Shang shrugged and gave her a sheepish look, “who said I thought you were? Maybe I like them older and smart.”

She rolled her eyes, “thanks, but no thanks.”

Shang wasn’t giving up on Alyssa, he was incredibly persistent. However, Katarina was all kinds of hot, too, so he couldn’t resist making some moves on her. Sure, she was young–hell, she was illegal–but it wasn’t like it would lead to anything. Teenage girls were all big teases. When she went to University, though, all bets would be off.

Surprisingly, Katarina didn’t brush him off. She flirted right back, putting forth her own innuendo. The resident campus casanova was pleasantly stunned.

Meanwhile, Kate pondered over the item that Lilith had given her. She was hesitant to use it, but after hearing about Alyssa and Katarina’s visit and the way Shang spoke about them… she knew she didn’t have a choice. He was just confused and needed guidance. Kate was sure this would work. She rubbed the lamp and stifled her scream as the room was engulfed in purple smoke.

“You have need of me, master?”

Kate blinked, still startled, “um… y-yes…”

“I can see what your heart desires…” He grinned, his eyes narrowing. “What do you wish for, master?”

Without asking what the catch was, Kate blurted out, “I want Shang just for me, no one else!”

“As you wish it, master.”

It worked like a charm. Suddenly, all of Shang’s attentions fell on Kate and any outside interests seemed to fade away. It was almost like a dream. Kate never really thought about the repercussions of her actions, nor did she consider that there would be any consequences. She soaked up the attention, unknowing of the battle going on in Shang’s own mind. He felt like he was being controlled and was very much aware of how… out-of-character his actions were.

It eventually faded and Shang was back to his old tricks. Kate was depressed. Wasn’t it supposed to last forever? She contemplated getting the lamp out again.

April 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 11: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 1′

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Shang Yu enjoys the ladies, though he’s finding that a little difficult to do with Kate Anderson constantly ‘cramping’ his style. Sara O`Hanlon is back with Nathaniel Anderson and happy. Gordon Saunders is too busy plotting his future to concern himself with the drama in the house.

Kate likes Shang

Time hadn’t caused any of Kate’s feelings for Shang to lessen. As soon as she saw him, she was instantly in love again. Shang, of course, was completely oblivious… more happy to look at himself in the mirror than notice a former flame’s adoring glances. He was used to it. The ladies loved him, and why shouldn’t they? He was all kinds of awesome, this much was true. His awesomeness was sure to aid in his quest to become a supremely famous rock star.

Shang and Kate

Of course, Shang would bid his time while he waited for the fame and fortune. There were plenty of ladies at University ready and will to adore him, as well they should. Kate was always at the front of the line, as usual. While Shang tried to make it clear he wasn’t a ‘one girl kinda guy’, she didn’t seem to buy it. Whatever. He let her know and if she wanted to ride down the river of denial, that was her choice. No one can fault him for reaping the benefits!

Sara and Nathaniel

Sara and Nathaniel, thankfully, were a lot more stable than Shang and his crazy relationships. They didn’t have any big plans–neither of them were necessarily family-oriented. Sara would graduate soon and likely join Nathaniel. Scandalous, to be sure, unwed and not even engaged!

Neither of them really cared. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t do it eventually… maybe. Sara was just happy to be accepted, finally.

Shang and Tracy

Shang wasn’t just messing around with University girls–he also called up some old acquaintances from the distant island. He even had Tracy come and stay as a ‘friend’. Right, a friend. If anything, she was a friend with benefits. Tracy had her own reasons for going along with Shang’s little charade. She knew he was seeing other people, it didn’t concern her. She didn’t necessarily like him all that much.

She just wanted off that miserable, sweltering island. She wanted to wear real clothes instead of ones made with grass! If she had to grin and bare Shang’s ridiculous ego to do it, then so be it.

Kate attacks Tracy

Unfortunately for Tracy, she didn’t know that Kate had her eyes on Shang long before she had. Kate wasn’t giving up her hold, either. She would go down fighting. She let Tracy know this one afternoon after she had come home from her yoga class. Tracy was shocked, to say the least. She knew absolutely nothing about Kate–she thought all of Shang’s women were… well, not exclusive.

This could be a problem.

Tracy meets Gordon

Tracy snuck upstairs to get in the hot tub while everyone else was asleep. She only had a few more days before she had to return to the island and her anxiety was growing. Shang had another two years before he graduated, while Sara and the other mysterious person living there graduated within the next few days. Tracy was shocked to find the hot tub was already occupied.

Shang had mentioned Gordon, Tracy remembered. He was really Tsung’s, Shang’s older brother, best friend, but Shang and Gordon were good buddies as well. Gordon was a little… strange, Tracy would admit that much. But he was certainly more agreeable than Shang… and better looking, too. Definitely. Why hadn’t she seen him before? Did he only come out at night?

Kate attacks Tracy again

After Kate attacked her again, Tracy decided that Shang was out of the question. It was apparent Kate wasn’t going anywhere. So Tracy would need a new plan. She couldn’t help but think back to Gordon–they had gotten along quite well, in fact, they had a lot in common… if she could just convince him to support her visa, she might just have a way out off that darn island.


Note from Mao: You’re probably wondering about Tracy. She appeared in the Yu update ‘Risky Business’. Her story has been slowing evolving in my mind as I watched her interact with everyone. She doesn’t have any chemistry with Shang and when she met Gordon? Two bolts, no tampering. She also spent a lot of time seeking him out, despite his reclusive nature. So, this should be interesting. And yes, Kate kept slapping Tracy around, though Tracy won more than she lost. Another side note… thinking about changing the layout, so don’t panic if things are… weird.

Oh, and apparently this is where the lamp comes from? I keep getting them now, it’s annoying.

the lamp

April 6, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 10: ‘Something Different, Pt. 3′

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Damien has Aiyana to keep his mind off Chuck’s death, but Lilith’s still struggling. This isn’t helped by Tsung’s bizarre behavior, Nathaniel’s flock of female followers, and her best friend’s sudden change of personality. Gordon’s arrived, but he’s keeping quiet and well away from the drama.


Sara greets Nathaniel

Sara had decided that she was going to shock everyone when she arrived at Boreal Summit University. She let her hair down, bought a dress, and squeezed her feet into a pair of casual heels. The result was an unimpressed Lilith, a shocked Damien, and a receptive Nathaniel. Gordon, who she had traveled the long distance with, just sat down with the paper.

“I heard you’re doing really well on the team, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel shrugged, “I guess. We’ll see how it goes when I’m a senior. What happened to you?”

“What are you talking about?” She smiled, taking her leave. “I’m not any different than before.”

Gordon rigs the computer

When he was sure no one was watching, Gordon crept into the room with the computer. Pulling out a tool kit his mother had gifted him, he began modifying the computer. He was too busy to bother with term papers and all that. It would be much easier just to hack his grades. He also had to drive the length between Boreal Springs and Boreal Summit University to see Thomas for his ‘mental training’. There was no time for studying.

Four in a hot tub

While Gordon was scheming, Lilith, Tsung, Nathaniel, and Sara hung out in the hot tub. It was a cool autumn night, perfect for lounging in the hot water and talking about nothing in particular. Lilith was slowly coming out of her shell, though it wasn’t for a good reason. She kept staring at Sara, her eyes squinted in distaste. She couldn’t believe Sara had actually done it. Even worse, she couldn’t believe it was actually working.

Tsung noticed her preoccupation with her best friend and realized that while it may bring Lilith out, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Gordon and Tsung chat

Despite their glaring differences and the distance that had been between them, Tsung Yu and Gordon Saunders were still best friends. Tsung was studying early into the morning when Gordon woke up for breakfast.

“It’s always been obvious, you know,” Gordon said suddenly, grinning. “So what’s holding you back?”

Tsung didn’t bother looking up from his book, “I’ve been meaning to ask, Gordon… where did you get all that hair?”

“I’ll tell you when you finally confront Lilith,” Gordon replied, taking a bite of his cereal.

Tsung talks to Lilith

Tsung tried to take Gordon’s advice, he really did, but it was difficult. He approached her later that afternoon to no effect.

“What do you want, Tsung?” Lilith snapped, glaring at him. “Can’t you see I’m busy trying to save Sara from the pod people that stole her brain?”

Tsung sighed, muttering under his breath as she breezed past, “yes, but who will save you from that stick you’ve got rammed so far up your–”

“What?!” She snapped, turning to face him again.

“Nothing,” he replied, walking off. “Go save Sara from herself.”

March 27, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 9: ‘Lilith’s Choice, Pt. 1′

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Damien Saunders is still trying to deal with the death of his twin Chuck. Can his newest love interest, Aiyana Lam, help close the wound? Nathaniel Anderson is the star of B.S.U. University’s soccer team–will all the fame and women go to his head? Lilith Anderson still isn’t talking to anyone but Tsung Yu and the questions she asks him are getting progressively more odd.


Damien meets Aiyana

Lilith: It’s odd for me to be doing this, isn’t it? But here I am. When we first got to University, we realized that the addition of Tsung wasn’t enough to cover rent. Damien put an ad in the paper and Aiyana Lam showed up. She’s a hippie chick–you know the type, totally bohemian and whatever.

I think Damien accepted her into the house just because he thought she was hot. At least we didn’t have to worry about the rent anymore… not that I voiced any concern in the first place.

Lilith watches Tsung play

I thought it would be weird living with a bunch of guys, but it isn’t so bad. Everyone kinda leaves me alone and that’s cool. I can do what I want and not worry about people patting me on the shoulder. I guess Damien has it worse, but he didn’t see it happen, you know? That makes it a different story.

I caught Tsung practicing with his violin thing on the balcony. When Nathaniel told me he was ‘really good’, I brushed it off. Who cares about that stuff? Let’s see him be good at something substantial! But I guess it isn’t so bad. It’s kind of soothing. He didn’t really notice I was sitting there until he finished. I think it embarrassed him, which was completely hilarious.

Damien and Aiyana get closer

Of course, I totally called the whole ‘Damien and Aiyana hook-up’ thing… not aloud, but still. It was me who saw it first. They’re ‘kinda’ dating now. Whatever. They think it’s weird because they’re always around one another and they don’t want to put too much pressure of the ‘blossoming relationship’ or some hippie crap like that. Listening to that girl talk is like cramming flowers down your throat and vomiting up perfume. Blegh.

Lilith talks to Tsung

Tsung is completely obsessed with the hot tub. If you ever want to find him, that’s where you go. Tsung and I were rivals for like, our entire lives, but I guess in the end… he won. I’ll admit it (not aloud, though) that he knows more than me. That’s why I talk to him–he can answer my questions about death and ghosts and stuff. Damien slipped up one time and told me he saw his dead mother before he left for B.S.U…. I wonder if Chuck is lurking around there, too?

Of course, Tsung was hesitant to answer me. I guess he doesn’t think much of the whole paranormal thing. He’s too logical–too constrained by math and science. Whatever. I’ll figure it out myself, then. We’ll see who is right!

Nathaniel shoots hoops

I guess I am a little worried about Nathaniel. In High School, he was a total sports jock and it’s the same thing here, too. But there’s a difference… High School girls… well, they’re not the same carnivorous creatures as University ones! Besides, I scared all the HS girls away by scowling at them. I can’t do that here, they’re like a swarm of hormones. It’s really annoying. I’d feel bad for Nathaniel, but I doubt he minds at all. Men are such pigs.

I just hope he is using the right head or we’re in trouble. Sara will be joining us in a year and even if it’s futile, she has it beyond bad for him. Which is totally gross, but what can you do?

Lilith watches Damien and Aiyana

Damien and the flower child reject are getting really heavy lately. What happened to strangling the burgeoning blossom and all that crap? Seriously, I don’t want to see this stuff. Go somewhere private, why don’t you? Though, I have noticed Aiyana doesn’t stay in her own room anymore. Sheesh. It’s like University charges your hormones and puts them in hyper-drive. At least I’ve still got my head on my shoulders.

Nathaniel has a fan club

Speaking of which, I really wish girls would stop following Nathaniel home. It’s really, really annoying. The house suddenly becomes a party zone and it’s impossible to hear yourself think. What? I know I used to be a bit of a slacker, but I’ve changed and I am really worried about Nathaniel. All these women are vultures.

I hope Sara gets here with some boobs and makeup. I’d rather see my brother with her than any of these vapid chuckle heads! One more cheer from that pom-pom waver and I’m gonna go crazy…


Note from Mao: Sorry this took so long! I haven’t had a chance to really play and Uni was dragging with so many people. Too much to do, so little time. As for Lilith, she did the Uni Reroll and is now Family… haha. Talk about a complete flip-flop. And yes, women are following Nathaniel around and it is creeping me out. He hasn’t had any bolts with them yet, but who knows.

March 17, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 8: ‘Misery Business, Pt. 3′

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Alyssa Anderson and Ryu Yu are engaged, but is the whole thing a farce or is there actually some spark there?


Ryu confronts Alyssa

While Ryu knew, despite his own hopes, that Alyssa’s little plan of their engagement and eventual marriage wasn’t completely genuine, he was still disturbed when he heard certain rumors. Those rumors involved Alyssa and her professors ‘tutoring’ her in unsavory ways. He was even more disturbed when Alyssa laughed after he questioned her.

“Are you kidding?” She said, her laughter tapering off. “That’s gross, Ryu. I blackmailed them into writing my term papers because they’re creepy perverts.”

Ryu shook his head, “are you aware of the rumors?”

“Sure, but that’ll change,” she smiled. “I’m going to report them once I’ve graduated with my 4.0! I’ve got all the evidence I need. Daddy taught me well, Ryu. I’m not a complete flake, you know.”

Ryu reads while Alyssa eats

Their third year as college students continued without much fanfare. As per usual, Ryu was sitting with Alyssa while she was eating. Unfortunately for his companion, Ryu had a midterm coming up and spent the moment studying.

“Why are you reading? You’re supposed to make eating less boring, Ryu. Watching you read isn’t entertaining.” Alyssa whined, her eyes narrowing.

“If you’d like me to continue to accompany you to every meal of every day, Lyss, you’ll want me to pass my classes.” He replied without looking up from the book. “We aren’t all able to learn by osmosis.”

Alyssa made a face, “it isn’t osmosis, Ryu! I just learn quick. And it isn’t that great, ’cause everyone expects me to be a big dork… like you.” She poked her pancakes with her fork and sighed. “Books aren’t that great.”

Ryu questions Alyssa

After finishing up their final exams and entering into their Senior year, Alyssa dropped a bomb on Ryu. While they had been engaged for two years, the fact that it was pretty much a joke had kept Ryu from dwelling on it. Unfortunately, Thomas meant to see it through and so, while she was eating, Alyssa said:

“Daddy called today, he says I need to start making preparations.”

Ryu gave her a funny look, “for what? You can’t graduate college and skip to mayor, Lyss.”

“The wedding, Ryu! Duh. There’s dresses and all that girly stuff to take care of.”

“You’re serious?” He said, surprised. “I thought it was just a ploy to get out of marrying that rich old guy. You do realize what marriage means, right, Alyssa? I mean–”

“Don’t treat me like I’m five, Ryu.” She snapped, scooting out of her chair and storming off.

Alyssa explains to Ryu

The next morning, after her early class, Alyssa returned home feeling a little more ready to talk. She found Ryu finishing up his breakfast. Though he was finished, he habitually remained behind for Alyssa while she prepared hers. When she sat down, she didn’t wait for him to speak.

“I know what marriage means, Ryu. I’m not completely ignorant to the outside world, okay?”

“Then you’ll understand when I tell you that I can’t do it, Lyss.”

She blinked, “wh-what? What are you talking about?”

“I’m not marrying you just so you can make your dad angry or avoid dealing with actual feelings. If you thought I was going to agree and go along being your little puppet boy for the rest of my life, you’re wrong. I do care about you, Alyssa, but I won’t subject myself to that.”

Alyssa didn’t get a chance to respond. Ryu simply stood up and excused himself.

Alyssa and Ryu graduate

Ryu was relaxing in the new hot tub that had been installed in celebration of their graduation. He hadn’t really spoke to Alyssa since their last conversation and was surprised when she hopped in and sat down beside him.

“Are you still going to act all self-righteous and angry?” Alyssa said, though her smile showed she was only teasing.

Ryu shrugged, “I haven’t changed my mind, Lyss. You’ll have to find someone else to be your patsy.”

“See, that’s the problem. There isn’t anyone else!” She said, splashing him. “You’re going to marry me and you’re going to like it, Ryu Yu! Although, you’ll have to give up your last name… because I need to keep mine for my platform, of course.”

She continued to talk, though Ryu wasn’t listening. Alyssa’s statement had not gone unnoticed. Was it her own little way of returning his affection or was she just baiting him? It was hard to tell and as much as he hated to admit it, there was no way out now. Thomas would surely kill him if he dared back out now… and he really didn’t like the thought of Alyssa marrying anyone else.


Note from Mao: For those of your curious, these two have an odd relationship. Ryu, of course, spins up wants to play/hug/etc Alyssa… but Alyssa’s are more infrequent. I’m sure she’ll come around. Neither of them, throughout the course of their Uni career, have wanted to WooHoo. Even though they’re in love and engaged, not a single want. Wow!

March 9, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 7: ‘Misery Business, Pt. 2′

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Alyssa Anderson and Ryu Yu are finally free of their family, and more importantly, Alyssa’s father Thomas. Will Ryu continue to follow Alyssa’s every waking command, or will he wise up and demand proper treatment?


Ryu fixes computer for Alyssa

“Ryuuu, aren’t you done yet?” Alyssa said with an exasperated sigh. Florence had left the only functioning computer broken when she left and Alyssa had a term paper due. “It’s been forever!”

“It’s been ten minutes,” Ryu replied, shaking his head. “Why don’t you just go to the library?”

“Ew, do you know how many people touch those computers? That’s gross, besides,” she smiled, looking at him. “I was hoping you’d–”

At this, Ryu’s voice became firm, “no, Lyss–the only reason I’m even allowed within five feet of you is because of Janine… but if you dad finds out I did your work for you? Sorry, no.”

“You’re such a wimp,” Alyssa huffed, sticking her nose in the air. “Just hurry up.”

Alyssa and the Professor

Doing the term paper had been far more work than Alyssa anticipated. Even worse, she broke two of her nails! That was unacceptable. If Ryu wouldn’t do her work for her, she had to find an alternative. She had heard some girls talking on campus about how… ‘nice’ the professors were. These were total bimbos from Planet Clueless getting straight A’s! If they could do it, so could Alyssa. So she invited her professor over.

Alyssa waits

“Aren’t you done yet?” Alyssa grumbled from the nearby bed over the frantic sound of fingers hitting keys. “Ryu will be back soon!”

“You know, this isn’t really what I anticipated when you told me to come over.” The professor grumbled in response. Why was he doing this again? He should have just left.

At this, Alyssa’s pretty little voice became cold as ice, “can it, creep, or I’ll make sure the entire University Board knows why you’ve got such a high record of passing students!”

The professor fell silent and continued typing. This little girl looked a lot more daft than she was, truly. She’d caught him in her net–he’d have to be more careful in the future.

“And if you want to continue being employed, I’d suggest you get used to writing term papers.” She smiled prettily. “`Kay?”

The professor mumbled, “…little witch.”

Alyssa wakes Ryu

For the most part, Ryu and Alyssa got along fine when it came to sharing a living area. Alyssa had claimed the biggest and most spacious bedroom upstairs while Ryu took the the second largest downstairs. However, in his adoration of the young woman, Ryu somehow missed all the… odd quirks she had. Like the time he was woke up at 5a.m. to the sounds of hula music outside his door.

“What are you doing?” He asked, unable to hide his confusion.

She just smiled, “what? It clears my head and it’s fun exercise!”

“…who exercises at five in the morning?!”

“I do, silly! And while you’re up, will you look for my history book? I can’t find it.”

Ryu sighed and gave up any hopes of getting any sleep. He spent most nights up studying and trying to maintain his 4.0. He wasn’t quite sure how Alyssa managed it so effortlessly.

Ryu tries Yoga with Alyssa

“You’re such a wimp,” Alyssa said, easily hoisting herself up into a ridiculous Yoga pose. “This is easy!”

Ryu did not share this sentiment, “…I can always just drop the cla–”

“No!” Alyssa said forcefully, balancing herself on one hand. “I mean, it’s not so bad, right? It’s just a few weeks… though it’s weird you need this for a class. What class is it, anyway?”

“…don’t ask, really,” he sighed. “That’ll teach me to wait until the last minute to fill my credits…”

“Less complaining, more breathing!”

Ryu shocks Alyssa

Ryu watched as Alyssa daintily ate her food–it was a little strange, truth be told. His childish adoration seemed to have faded some over the past two years. Maybe it was maturity finally setting in, or perhaps the realization that Alyssa was just… unobtainable. He’d become comfortable in his position as her constant, platonic companion. She even had him sit with her while she ate simply because she wanted someone to talk to.

“What are you going to do when we graduate, Lyss? Hire someone to sit and watch you eat?”

Alyssa gave him a puzzled look, “what are you talking about? You’ll–”

“–be somewhere else, Lyss. Once we graduate, you go back to your house and I find my own place. That’s it, you know. We go on and have lives. Isn’t your dad trying to set you up with that old guy that has the political ties? So, there you go–”

“No, no, no–you don’t get it, Ryu,” she huffed indignantly, spearing her meatball in a very unladylike fashion. “You’re going to help me get out of that sticky little situation. I’m not going to marry any guy who has more hair in his ears than on his head!”

“But your father–”

At this, Alyssa smiled that pretty, conspiratorial little smile of hers, “will be upset to find out that that I secretly eloped after graduation… with you.”


Note from Mao: Ahhh, these two crack me up so much. It’s like a princess and her fumbling retainer. Hate on Alyssa all you want, I love her. Her personality cracks me up. I can’t wait until they are adults. And incase you’re wondering, Alyssa DOES have a want to get engaged to Ryu and that’s my explanation as to why, hehe… heart attack for Thomas, anyone? xD

February 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 4: ‘Drama-RAMA!’

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B.S.U. Attendees Round 4

Florence Anderson, Derek Saunders, and Katy Fuchs have had an easy go at campus so far. Will the newest additions–Mary O`Hanlon, Gina Saunders, and Shaniqua Saunders–have the same luck?


Florence meets Shaniqua

Florence made no attempt to hide her distaste for her newest roomies. The house was now very crowded and she was being forced to share her room with none other than Shaniqua Saunders. The very thought of Shaniqua’s lifestyle intruding on her study plans made her vocalize her anger when Shaniqua greeted her.

“Great, nice, that’s fantastic,” Florence said with a glare, dismissing Shaniqua’s offering for a handshake. “Just remember that some of us here actually care about their grades and future.” With that, she stalked off.

Shaniqua was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Shaniqua is confused

Sharing a room with Florence was just plain weird. Not because Florence was so abrasive and standoffish, but because for the first time, Shaniqua was sharing a room with a girl who wasn’t her sister. Florence went to bed early, so she was always asleep when Shaniqua retired to her own bed.

She often caught herself glancing across the room at Florence, who was sleeping soundly and quietly. She was very pretty. Shaniqua shook her head violently and quickly shuffled off into her own bed. Where did that come from?

Derek is nervous, Katy is suspicious

“So, you’re Mary,” Katy said, sizing up the young blonde girl in front of her. “Derek’s told me a lot about you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Katy,” Derek replied quickly, looking like a deer caught in headlights. He rose up from the couch to greet his old friend. “I told you one thing.”

Mary just laughed, missing the tension in the air, “I hope it wasn’t anything bad.”

Katy gave a small, though secretive, smile, “no… nothing bad. Nothing bad at all. Hmm.”

Derek is tempted

Despite the various tensions that existed within the house, life at Boreal Summit University continued normally. Well, as normally as it could. A particularly dysfunctional time was when they were all home for dinner. Mary often cooked and would clean up the dishes, too. Katy took particular notice of Derek’s rigid posture and the way he forced himself to look forward when Mary innocently bent over near him to take his dish.

If Gina noticed, she didn’t say anything and Shaniqua was too lost in her own confusion to notice her brother and friend’s dilemma.

“Is something wrong, Derek?” Mary asked, completely oblivious. “You look like you swallowed something bad.”

“Yes, Derek,” Katy said from the couch, closing her book. “Why don’t you tell us what’s on your mind?”

“N-Nothing.” He said quickly, scooting out of the chair and fleeing. Mary just watched him in confusion while Katy’s eyes narrowed.

Derek approaches Mary

Mary found him an hour later, still hiding in his room. She knocked on the door tentatively before entering. She closed it behind her and approached him.

“Is everything okay? You’ve been acting weird since I got here. Did I upset you or something?”

He shook his head and moved from the bed. A very bad move, he knew, because it forced him closer to Mary. He’d known her since she was a little girl and while it was completely wrong to feel the way he currently did, his brain nor body would hear none of it.

“Nothing’s wrong, Mary,” he assured her, though he was unable to meet her eyes. “I’m sorry, things are… just weird. With Katy. I dunno.”

She laughed, “you know, when I found out Katy was going to University with you… I was a little upset. I had a crush on you when I was a little kid! Creepy, huh?” She laughed again, her face turning red. “Okay, well, I’m gonna go.”

Derek was tempted to grab her arm and keep her from leaving, but his rationality took over and he watched her leave.

Shaniqua and Florence talk

Shaniqua and Florence had been sharing the room for over a semester now. They formed a tenuous friendship, mostly for the sake of peace, though there was a tension there that neither of them could identify. Florence dealt with it by being unnecessarily snappy and Shaniqua just tried to avoid her.

They ran into one another in the kitchen. It was late and they were the only two still awake. Shaniqua spun around only to bump directly into Florence, who had approached her, but not yet spoke.

“Sorry,” Shaniqua managed, her hand accidentally brushing Florence’s. She looked sheepish. “Sorry, again.”

“It’s okay…”

Shaniqua and Florence kiss

A few awkward words later and suddenly, they kissed. It was a bizarre change of events that initially made zero sense to either of them. When the moment ended, they stared at one another, eyes wide as saucers.

“Uh… I need to go.” Florence said quickly, running off to her room.

Shaniqua just stood there, completely shocked. “I’m not gay.” She said in a low voice, shaking her head. “I’m not… so what was that?”

Unbeknown to both of them, someone else had been awake and saw the whole thing.

February 12, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 3: ‘Dorms Suck’

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Round 3

Florence Anderson got into University thanks to her mother’s ‘influence’; Derek Saunders and his girlfriend, Katy Fuchs, got in on merit. Can the three coexist better than their families back at Boreal Springs?


The three settle in

Derek: Hey there, Derek Saunders here. That’s right, I finally get a chance to talk. Though, according to Katy, I could talk the head off a rattlesnake… what the hell does that even mean, anyway? She says some weird stuff.

Anyway, so we’re all settled in a small dorm here at Boreal Summit University (go B.S.U., woo!). We’re joined by Florence–the Anderson kid–I hadn’t met her until now, really. She’s all right, but she’s quiet and always studying. Kinda weird, but whatever.

Derek and Florence play chess

At least I have someone to play chess with. I used to do it all the time with either Shaniqua or Gina back home. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. I always lose to Florence! Disappointing, you know? But she’s a smart cookie, it seems. And… crazy, too. All she thinks or talks about are grades.

Makes me wonder if those rumors are true–you know, about her getting in ’cause her mum is in with a ‘popular’ crowd. I dunno, it’s weird.

Katy and Florence gossip

Katy really seems to like her–they’re even friends now. I’m sure Katy will get her living life in no time. My Katy is quite awesome that way. It’s kinda weird to see her buddying up with a bookworm, but opposites attract in the weirdest of ways, you know?

Maybe Katy can convince Florence that she needs to do my term paper…

The three rent a house

After our freshman year, Katy and I had it with dorms. They were so… I don’t know. Just annoying. There was a small rental place for pretty cheap, but we didn’t quite have enough. So, Katy got Florence to come with us. With her hard cash, we got it no problem!

Still waiting for that term paper, Flo!

Florence: Don’t call me ‘Flo’–do I look like a motion to you? And do your own term paper.

Derek: Aw, that’s harsh, Flo!

Florence: …I’ll do it if you stop calling me ‘Flo’.

Derek: Deal!

Derek and Katy get closer

Of course, dorms also don’t allow the cohabitation of opposite genders. Heh, cohabitation–I heard Flo say that, it sounded nice. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that double beds are awesome. It took a little coaxing–Katy is a shy thing, you know, but yeah. Really digging the house.

We even extended so we’ll have enough room when my two sisters, Shaniqua and Gina, and their friend, Mary, can join us!

Florence writes a term paper

Florence: Did he call me ‘Flo’ again? Argh! It’s Flo-rence… not ‘Flo’, ‘Rency’, or ‘Flor’. Why is that so hard? I should make him eat this term paper.

And don’t think I can’t hear you guys over there at night. Sheesh. Have a little curteousy! Some of us are trying to graduate here.

Derek: Aww, lighten up, would ya? College isn’t all about books and stuff.

Florence: It sure isn’t all about that either!

Three's a crowd

Katy: Can’t you two get along for five minutes? Let’s just relax and have a nice night. Derek, stop picking on Florence.

Derek: Aw, but I wasn’t picking on Flo!

Florence: My name is F-L-O-R-E-N-C-E! You’ve got three out of eight… try for all eight now!

Derek: See, this is why I shorten it, ’cause F-L-O-R-E-N-C-E is too long!

Katy: Honestly, you two…


Note from Mao: Hehehe, putting Florence together with the rest of the hood’s kids is proving very interesting. Poor Florence! I can’t wait until next round–that’ll be interesting… Derek and Mary have chemistry, even if they don’t know it yet!

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