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September 23, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 20: ‘Sade’s Diary, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are successful and quite happy, unfortunately, their children seem intent on causing them great worry.  With Patrick out of the house and Sade preparing for University, they are left hoping Cole will manage to be relatively normal.

From Sade’s Online Diary, pulled from

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write, mostly because my brother is annoying and hogs the computer constantly! Anyway, mom is a big wig lawyer now and I guess that’s all right.  I mean, when I hit it big, it means I’ll have legal backup and that is necessary to any gorgeous starlet.  Who else will sue those creepy stalkers when they dig through my trash?!

I’ve been spending most of my time staying gorgeous, of course.  It isn’t like I have to try, but in order to make it seem like I have to work for it like everyone else, I exercise frequently.  University won’t know what hit it when I walk on the scene!

Ugh!  I just wish my parents weren’t so gross sometimes.  Who wants to see old people kiss?  Yuck!  Take that somewhere else!  This is not a geriatic Soap Opera!  My delicate sensibilities cannot handle such… nasty images!

I guess I should mention that my little brother Cole is an even more annoying teenager now.  He’s such a dork.  Why does he insist on staring at me while I’m on the phone with Kit?  Can’t he see we’re talking about important girl stuff?  What would a guy like him know about being gorgeous, anyway.

Mom has started lecturing me about University.  Come on, what is there to know?  She keeps telling me that “my looks won’t do anything for me there”.  Says who? When you’re this gorgeous, your looks always work!  That’s common knowledge!  But don’t think of me as some sort of easy Romance sim, because I’m not.  Only those deemed worthy get to partake in this aura of gorgeous that is me!

As I was leaving for University, I saw my brother talking to Isolde Anderson! Ewww, can you say social faux paus?  Is he trying to destroy his reputation before he even has one?  That unfortunate wreck looks like a twenty-four seven version of Halloween!

Sigh.  But what can I do?  Let him destroy himself.  It isn’t my problem.  I’m off to University!


Note from Mao: Sade is too much sometimes, even for me, LOL!  Let’s see if she changes a little in college.  Can you say ‘reality check’?  She’ll be there with Claude and Kit.  Also, SimPE isn’t updated for AL yet and I got impatient and installed it anyway… so I can’t update the DB or the family pictures until it is.  :(

August 31, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 19: ‘Moving On, End’

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Ryu and Tracey Yu are happy with their twins and thankful that they are now old enough to take care of themselves.  Will the twins prosper or join the rest of the current generation in chaos?

As with most twins at a young age, Shelly and Marcus enjoyed doing things together.  Unfortunately for Marcus, Shelly knew her twin well enough to cheat at most of the things she did.  She didn’t mean any harm by it, but she wasn’t about to lose to a boy.  Marcus was none-the-wiser.

Tracey, meanwhile, was feeling her age.  She looked into the mirror and tried to pinpoint the wrinkles and lines.  She was surprisingly youthful, but her inability to stop dyeing her hair helped with that.  At least she hadn’t changed too much.  From a distance, she still looked like her old self.  Unfortunately, her body felt differently about that fact.  She just hoped she could keep it together long enough to fulfill her dream.

Shelly was trying to make friends, but her inherent nature for pointing out the obvious made it difficult.  Cole O`Hanlon wasn’t very happy when she began teasing him about being an alien.  The two got into quite the little tiff, with Shelly feeling badly as Cole stormed off.  He was proud of his uniqueness and he wasn’t going to have anyone tell him otherwise.

Especially not a girl whose family was clearly deranged.

August 30, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 19: ‘Sade’s Diary, Pt. 1′

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Nathaniel and Sara are happily married, but their children give them cause for worry. Sade has grown into a lovely young lady, but she seems a little too aware of it. Cole, too, is older, but still a bit… odd.

From Sade’s Online Diary, pulled from

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you know I’m a teenager now and fully independent in the most awesome of ways. That’s right, world, you better watch out… because one look at me and you’ll drop dead! I’m just that gorgeous.

Unfortunately, gorgeous people like myself have problems, too… like my parents…

They are all… old now. Like, really old. They look like they should be grandparents! I doubt that will ever happen. My big brother Patrick is a total jerk when it comes to women. But I guess not having grandchildren doesn’t keep you from looking like an old person. Ew. I hope they don’t like, suddenly starting going to bingo or anything now. That’s just… ew.

Enough about them, though. Back to ME! Of course, all the boys at school are dying to take me out, and why shouldn’t they? But I have no interest in high school boys. They’re such losers, seriously. I’m not your average teenage girl, I’ve got class… more than most of my peers will ever have in their lifetimes! So, yeah, no thanks. And stop staring, seriously, you’re drooling and that’s disgusting.

I’m not an idiot, I know it’s totally wrong but Michael Saunders is just so… I don’t know. Not hot, that’s just… that’s like calling me hot, and I’m not hot, I’m drop dead gorgeous. He’s just… well, he’s the only one who matches me, you know? We’re too pretty for everyone else. He came home with Patrick one evening and… I haven’t seen him since we found out we were related.

He’s a couple of years older than me, but age isn’t anything but a number! Look at him! I mean, are second cousins really that related? Don’t give me that look! You’d feel the same way, too, if you such a hot second cousin. His half-brother Claude is just the same way… but not like Michael. College guys are so much more appealing.

I hate my life. Why am I related to all the pretty guys?!

Enough about that, I guess. I mentioned it once to mom and she got this horrified look on her face. Then she gave me this long lecture on incest and what it is and bla bla. I KNOW what it is, gosh. Anyway, she is all upset because Patrick is spending his days at college sleeping with all the girls. What did she expect? I told you he was a jerk!

Cole isn’t a jerk like Patrick, but he sure is annoying! All he talks about are video games and silly kid stuff. Does he seriously think I’m interested? Please. He and Patrick think they are just so special because they have the purple skin, but special isn’t nearly as good as gorgeous, which is what I am. I would change my name to that if it weren’t so cheesy.

At least I have my cousin Kit to keep me sane. Like I said, I am related to all the pretty people. Kit and I are on the same level, we understand one another, and what our status in this place entitles us to. Of course, she’s a bit of a tomboy and I totally do not understand why. I’ve tried to help her, but it’s just so hopeless. Oh well, maybe she can get married and have babies! Haha, and I’ll be living the life of starlet!

Cole is being such a brat! He keeps reading over my shoulder, so it looks like have to go. Ugh! My parents need to just give me a computer in my room. Like I would be so crass as to post stupid videos of me dancing half naked to hip hop music. Like I said, I have class. Oh well. Until next time.



Note from Mao: Sade cracks me up so much and yes, Michael and Patrick came over for a visit. I completely forgot that Sade and Michael still had the crush flag (they flirted and kissed as teens before I realized they were related). Such a shame!

August 17, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 18: ‘Fiery Red, Pt. 3′

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Nathaniel and Sara have been successful in staying together despite not being married. Will they continue on this path, or will the impending birth of their third child and their own elder age drawing near cause them to change their course?

Nathaniel and Sara had never really pushed marriage. If it happened, it happened. They had a busy life and neither of them quite seemed to be on the same page when it came to the subject, so it was always dismissed in favor of focusing on other things. With Nathaniel’s age catching up with him and Sara’s lagging not far behind, the two decided to get married on a whim, much to the delight of Sara’s mother, Mary.

Aside from Sara taking Nathaniel’s name and some legal differences, nothing really changed afterwards. Winter was in full swing and Sade was obsessed with making ‘pretty snowmen’. Worst yet, she preferred to enlist her father as opposed to her mother. When questioned why, Sade simply said that Nathaniel had more time on his hands.

Which, well, was true… but it didn’t help his masculinity any to be stuck doing all the things women usually did. Especially making girly snowmen with his daughter. Sara just laughed at him when he complained, asking if it was his idea or Sade’s to add the bow.

Their third and final child was a boy they named Cole. He had Nathaniel’s skin, much to their surprise, and Sara’s eyes. He was the only child to inherit the black hair. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer nearly as much as Patrick had at his age and was much easier to care for in the normal sense of the word.

Little Cole was the only one who had a birthday, though…

Nathaniel was feeling his age, to be sure. It was now suddenly obvious that Sara was just a tad bit younger than he was. It had been years since either of them thought of the days in high school and college when Sara had tried desperately to get his attention–even going so far as to wear a dress–only to decide he wasn’t worth the change.

Now he was the old coot trying to keep his young wife from checking out all the eligible bachelors. Wouldn’t be hard, Sara had no interest and well, they were all pretty much related to her.

Sade also matured just before Patrick was preparing to leave for University. She was a lovely young lady, and not in the typical sense, there was an old fashioned beauty about her–classical and timeless. Neither Nathaniel or Sara could begin to guess where she’d gotten it, but weren’t about to say anything to her.

She was bright and happy, but her mean streak was a mile long. Heaven help whoever dared to get on her bad side.

With Patrick gone, it was up to Sade to help care for Cole. He wasn’t much trouble and she actually enjoyed it, though she would never admit that to her teenage friends. Cole had become a toddler and looked quite different than both his siblings at that age. He definitely had Sara’s nose, Nathaniel joked, only to watch as a well-aimed newspaper narrowly missed his head.

Sade missed her brother, but Cole was definitely enough to keep her occupied.


Note from Mao: I was waiting for both Nathaniel and Sara to spin up the marriage want. They finally did! And so they are married. Cole has Nathaniel’s last name. Sade is really quite pretty–I was shocked. I don’t know who she looks like at all. Patrick is finally off to Uni, too, which frightens me… LOL.  In case you’re wondering, Patrick is an EXACT copy of Nathaniel in the face… it’s scary.

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