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August 6, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 17: ‘Family Business, End’

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Gordon Saunders is Boreal Spring’s resident criminal mastermind and entrepreneur, Lauren was formerly Katy Saunders and quite dead. These two already make an odd couple, but will Gordon’s newest… interest only prove to heighten the strangeness? Michael misses his mother Tracey, but he’s happy to be with his dad. Elena wants to prove her worth, but she isn’t sure to who or why. Claude is just trying to keep his head above water amidst this busy and crazy family.

Lilith had been coming over to check up on Gordon for awhile now. Gordon wasn’t a trusting sort of individual, but he did trust Tsung and therefore, by default, trusted Lilith. He had to. She was the only one who knew anything about his new ‘condition’.

“Your vulnerability to the sun light will fade,” Lilith assured him. “You just have to give it time.”

“It’s hard to do business when I can’t go out in the daytime.”

“Sheesh, you’re a workaholic. Just don’t overdo it. The changes are still going through their cycles. It isn’t instantaneous. You might want to tell your family, though. I mean, not to be rude, but you’re pasty as hell and the fangs? They show, trust me.”

Meanwhile, Lauren was frustrated. She had been trying to teach Claude to talk for awhile now with no success. She knew that he wanted to see Gordon, but that wasn’t possible right now. He wasn’t home. She sighed and took a break. Leaving her in a house with three children? Not cool.

Of course, Elena was enjoying her freedom. Gordon probably would not have taken a particular liking to the fact that she had Fou-Lu Yu in her room. She wasn’t untrustworthy, but everyone knew that teenage hormones turned good-natured children into beasts from hell.

Elena wasn’t sure why she liked Fou-Lu. They had been friends forever, but he was a little too lazy and carefree for Elena’s usual tastes. So why did she feel the way she did? It didn’t make any rational sense.

He had his moments, though. He would play her violin while she worked on backlogged homework. He was better than her, music was a natural talent with the Yu family. Fou-Lu’s own uncle Shang is a rock musician and Tsung had dabbled a bit in the violin professionally. She wasn’t envious, though. It calmed her and helped her get through the work quicker.

For being so driven to succeed, Elena sure did end up falling behind on a lot of things.

Gordon popped up at night, nearly scaring Tracey to death. The change in him was immediately noticeable, dark tan skin suddenly pasty white and the way he moved was completely unnatural. He explained to her his plan quickly as he could, as he could see she was ready to pass out.

“It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me,” Lauren lamented, unable to wrap her mind around what exactly Gordon was plotting. “How does not being able to see your family during the day help?”

“That will change with time,” Gordon said, completely confident. “Don’t question my plans, Lauren. I warned you before you even started talking about marriage.”

Lauren sighed, “I know, it’s just… I can’t understand how you could ever want to outlive your children.”

“Perhaps not… which is why it is better we stick to things we have a common understanding in.” He said suggestively.

Michael’s birthday came soon after and as he grew up, they realized that there were hints of Tracey there. Especially with his proclaimed desire to have a family. Michael was quiet still, that didn’t change at all, but he was more jovial when he spoke. After Gordon had revealed himself, Michael wasn’t sure what to think or what to say. A vampire? He hadn’t even thought they were real until that moment.

He and Elena managed to work through their own confusion together. They were more like siblings than most siblings with their close bond and eerie understanding.

Claude was very similar Michael, except where Michael was shy, Claude was the most friendly and talkative person you could ever hope to meet. He was also intensely curious. He constantly followed Gordon around, asking him questions. While Gordon wanted to be annoyed, he couldn’t. Claude was still a child and his questions were harmless. He entertained them until Claude got bored and wandered off.

Lord Snow and Princess had three puppies; Rob, Sansa, and Arya. While they remained in the basement, they definitely made the house more lively. Gordon made sure that no one got attached to the puppies, as they would leaving as soon as they were old enough. It was up to them to find good homes for them. Claude wasn’t pleased with this, he enjoyed running around and chasing the hyperactive puppies.


Note from Mao: Yay, my first litter of puppies in this hood! And yes, Gordon is a Vampire, now referred to as ‘Vampire Gordon’ anytime I talk to my fiance or Christina on Xfire. Mostly because Vampire Gordon insists of visiting all my community lots with his vampire buddies and trying to get protection money, LOL! That or he’s meeting Roman Anderson in shady places. My sims are so strange.

July 28, 2008

Davis – Round 16: ‘Dearly Departed, End’

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Gordon has relocated to the house he gave Lauren, along with his son, Michael. With Elena already firmly rooted in the belief that Gordon didn’t have another wife or an actual son, can this family get along and adjust?

Gordon had finally finished setting up the basement as was needed for his ‘job’. To be honest, the relocation couldn’t have worked out better. Living in Aperture was the best thing he could have done, as now he was able to keep an eye on his people at all times… and they certainly needed it. A few were getting lax, some were murmuring, and others, well. Let’s just say Gordon wasn’t taking any chances. Unfortunately, his biggest battle of the day would be Lauren’s own ambitions.

“I just thought that maybe you’d want the baby to have your last name,” Lauren was curbing her own aggressiveness in favor of a more subtle approach.

Gordon sighed, “I just got divorced, Lauren. The last thing on my mind is getting re-married.”

“Yes, but I know you’re a criminal and I don’t care.” She began desperately, squeezing his hand. “And I’m risen from the dead, for goodness sakes! If anything, we’ve both got something to hide and we both know what that is. What problem could there be?”

Gordon relented, standing up from the couch and sighing again, “fine, fine. But it’ll be quick and quiet. You’ll have to get the rings yourself, I’m not going through that again. What do I know about jewelry? I already had Tracey’s pawned off for some jobs I’m planning.”

Despite his lackluster response, Lauren was jubilant. She nearly bowled him over, leaping into is arms–she’s quite agile, even when pregnant–and hugging him tightly. Suddenly a thought came to mind and she pulled back, her features inquistive.

“Is there a budget on my rings?”


She leapt at him again, “yay!”

Elena wasn’t quite sure what to think about having a brother, or better yet, that Gordon had a child of his own. At first, she was angry. Gordon was supposed to be her father and hers only, but then… she met Michael. She waited for him to get off the bus. He was younger than her and unlike her, he looked exactly like Gordon.

Michael hadn’t had any preconceived notions about Elena. In fact, he still wasn’t sure what to think about his dad seemingly having a second family. He knew Elena wasn’t really his sister, but he wasn’t about to say anything about it, either. She looked an awful lot like his ‘Aunt’ Sara.

Being newly remarried did not hamper Gordon’s plans any. Lilith came to the house, late at night, and met with him on the porch. While she didn’t enjoy working with a criminal, she had to admit, it was nice to have someone interested in her work as opposed to berating it. Tsung would never understand, so she hadn’t made it a point to tell him and neither had Gordon.

“I have the information,” Lilith began, hesitance lingering in her voice. “But… I need more time. This isn’t something you just do, Gordon. They’ve been hiding for millenia. It’s going to take some work.”

“As long as it is in progress, that’s all that matters.”

“I’ll let you know when I’ve made contact.”

“Good, let’s hope it doesn’t take until the end our lives.”

“Ha! You’ve never seen me work,” Lilith boasted, eyes shining. “I’d make your two-bit lackeys beg for mercy in a heartbeat. Just watch and see, Gordon. I never fail.”

Unknowing of her new husband’s plans, Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Claude. He had all the same features as Michael, except his hair was brown, like Gordon’s. Lauren was happy to have another boy of her own, though she was fast considering Michael to be the same. He didn’t look anything like Tracey. In fact, he looked and acted like a copy of Gordon. Sometimes it was disturbing, but most of the time, it was charming and cute.

July 18, 2008

Davis – Round 15: ‘Dearly Departed, Pt. 2′

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Lauren Davis (formerly Katy Saunders) hasn’t had it easy, but with the help of Gordon, life is certainly starting to look up for her and Elena…

“It’s amazing,” Lauren began, taking a look around the room. When Gordon had called her and told her to pack up her clothing and necessities, she was a little confused. She hadn’t expected him to take her to what would be her new home in the finer area of Aperture. “H-How…I mean–”

“Thank Tsung, it was mostly him. I just gave him the money,” Gordon replied easily, shrugging. “You should be all right here, although it’ll take some time to furnish the place fully. Can’t move too much money or people get suspicious. Still, it’s better than where you were.”

“It’s better than anything I’ve ever dreamed. Thank you,” Lauren was still unable to fathom that this is where she would be living, “I’m so happy… and I’m sure Elena will enjoy it, too, once she’s older.”

“Speaking of which, I have something for her, as well.”

Elena squealed with delight, hugging the fuzzy dog tightly. She insisted on naming her Princess and so it was that Princess joined them at their new home. Gordon had definitely gone above and beyond the call. Lauren had just assumed he’d move them to a small apartment somewhere. No where in the very reaches of her mind did she think she’d be living in a house grander than his own.

Of course, he couldn’t really flourish his own wealth… thus was the crux of being a criminal.

Time passes quickly and Elena matured into a young little girl. She had a wit that wasn’t common in the Saunders line and if Lauren had known Gina, she might think that’s what Elena was like. Still, Elena developed well for not having a father. In fact, much to Lauren’s surprise, Elena never asked and just made Gordon her defacto father. She didn’t know he had a wife and a child of his own. Lauren tried to discourage Gordon from spoiling her, but men tend to dote on little girls and so it was that Elena often got whatever she wished for.

Gordon was in Aperture quite frequently and while he claimed to be staying at a hotel, he was really just staying with Lauren. Tsung was also spending a lot of time in the city, but was completely oblivious to his best friend’s indiscretions. It was during one of these mornings when Gordon was preparing to head back home that Lauren caught him in an embrace and voiced her desire for Elena to have a better education.

“She’s very intelligent, I think she’d benefit from the environment,” Lauren urged, trying to soothe the immediate tension she felt in Gordon’s shoulders.

“Michael goes there, Lauren. It’s a bad idea. Elena is happy where she is. She wouldn’t enjoy the Academy’s atmosphere… it’s very cutting.”

Lauren sighed, clearly disappointed, “I just don’t want her to miss out…”

“She won’t, I’m taking care of her University fund, remember? But the Academy is out of the question. It is just too risky. You know that.”

Elena was oblivious to her mother’s desire for her to attend the prestigious academy. Instead, she was too preoccupied with the new ‘toy’ Gordon had bought her. It was a beautifully crafted violin and while Elena had never taken lessons, Lauren had mentioned her creative aptitude several times.

Gordon surprised the both of them with his ability to play. It was then that Elena was determined to be just as good as he was.

And so Elena tried and tried and tried. She practiced until the screeching of a misplaced bow strokes made her head ache. She was getting better, but better wasn’t good enough. Since she could remember, Elena had felt this inherent need to prove herself worthy. She wasn’t quite sure of what, but the drive to do so was impossible to resist. And so everything Elena did, she mastered… even if it took her days, weeks, months of hard work. Elena Davis was driven at the tender age of seven.

Meanwhile, Lauren was experiencing her own kind of troubles. She woke late at night to fix herself a meal. She had felt this way twice before and knew the feeling well. She was pregnant. The reality hadn’t fully sunk in until she noticed the weight gain and the slight protruding tummy. In the morning, she’d have her first visit to the doctor. Then, she’d have to do the most difficult thing of all… she’d have to tell Gordon.

She knew he wasn’t going to be happy. He complained frequently about his wife, Tracey, wanting another child.

Lauren was hesitant to call, but she knew if she didn’t he’d just drop by and see her stomach anyway. As the phone rang, she glanced down at her ring finger. She’d been content with being just a mistress for the first few years. She didn’t have the same worries a wife suffers, but she also didn’t have all the perks, either. Anytime Gordon stayed over, he was usually gone before she woke and anything they did together had to be a well-kept secret.

Now that she was pregnant with his child, Lauren felt a certain entitlement that she knew wasn’t right for her position in Gordon’s life. He had a wife and a son who came before her, but in her mind, that didn’t make sense. He didn’t love Tracey… and Michael, well, Michael could have easily been one of her own. Suddenly, a thought came to her… something she hadn’t thought of in many, many years. Is this how Derek had felt when he was separated from Mary? A sickness rose inside her that had nothing to do with her pregnancy.

Finally, Gordon answered and Lauren said hurriedly, “I’m pregnant.”


Note from Mao: Lauren was NOT supposed to get pregnant. That means that Gordon is going to be the future-child’s Uncle-Daddy. WTF? Man, this hood is so twisted it isn’t even funny. Wow. Elena is definitely turning into an interesting young lady, though.

June 3, 2008

Davis – Round 14: ‘Dearly Departed, Pt. 1′

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Formerly known as ‘Katy Saunders’, Lauren is given a new name and records, thanks to Ryu Anderson and the government for her help in the trial. Unfortunately, they failed to realize their witness had been tampered with.

“So… what now?” Katy asked, visibly saddened. “I’m here in this ‘new’ house with a new name… but what am I supposed to do now?”

“It isn’t completely done yet, Ka–er, Lauren,” Ryu corrected himself. He had spent a lot of time with Katy over the past few months and so the name change was jarring to him, as well. “Your appearance–you look exactly the same. We need to modify that.”

“You don’t mean… plastic surgery?”

“Nothing that drastic… just different hair and clothing–you’ve been dead a long while. The only one to remember you would be your son and former husband, both of which you are never to see.”

“See? That isn’t so bad, is it? A fresh look for a fresh start.” Ryu attempted to be comforting, but it wasn’t easy. This was the last time he would see her. To say he had grown attached would have been an understatement. “How… do you feel?”

“The same,” Lauren frowned, looking at herself in the mirror. “I’m sorry, Ryu. I mean, about the trial. I know… how disappointed you must be.”

He shook his head, letting the unspoken words pass by, “no, it’s fine. You did your best… I’m just glad the mystery is over.”

Lauren found herself in a very difficult place. She could feel Ryu staring at her and while she wanted desperately to ask him to stay, she knew he couldn’t. He was married, he had a family, and he had to go home. “Goodbye, Ryu. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He said with considerable difficulty.

Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby girl with her hair and her grandfather Henry’s eyes. Little Elena was definitely a Saunders by all appearances, but Lauren would have to keep that fact a secret, even to the little baby nestled in her arms. She was Lauren Davis and this was Elena Davis, their former lives no longer mattered.

Besides, things were going to look up soon. Lauren felt awful for lying to Ryu, for lying to everyone in court… but she didn’t know what else to do. He had offered her something none of them could. What was one little lie? Janine was dead, there was no reason to get revenge on her innocent family.

He visited her after the birth of Elena, to make sure she was all right and adjusting well. He was sure to time his visits so not to run into Lilith, who still insisted on visiting. Lauren didn’t mind, but she didn’t want Gordon getting busted. That would have them both in jail–her for purgery and him for witness tampering.

Lauren hardly remembered Gordon, but he certainly looked like Janine. It didn’t make her angry. It was almost as if he was Janine’s offering for peace and forgiveness. He came offering her money and a better life for her daughter. Lauren had a job as a teacher, but she’d be stuck in this tiny house with that salary. Gordon had plenty of hidden funds to throw around.

Not to mention the fact that she had somehow managed to become romantically involved with him. It was bizarre and wrong, he was her children’s techncial uncle… but then again, so was Ryu and she had nearly fallen for him, too. Lauren definitely had a soft spot for taken Saunders men. Gordon was easier, though. His marriage was mostly a facade and he would definitely make sure she was well taken care of.

Being the mistress of a criminal hasn’t always ended well, but it definitely came with its perks. Besides, the police had to leave her alone now that everything was over. They’d never suspect she’d been on Gordon’s side all along.

As Elena’s third birthday came and went, Lauren was secure in her decision. She wanted the best for her child to make up for the fact that she could never do anything for Damien and Chuck. Chuck had died early because she wasn’t there to save him and Damien had grown up. She could never contact him, but she could take care of and provide for Elena.

“Don’t worry, baby girl,” Lauren cooed, cuddling Elena. “Mommy isn’t going anywhere. I’ll make sure you have the best life I possibly can.”


Note from Mao: Bahaha, did you see this coming? Neither did I until Gordon walked by the damn house three times. I finally had Katy greet him and viola, two bolts instantly. She had the same with Ryu, but she flirted with Gordon. Hilarious. This is seriously a Soap opera now. There’s just no sense in denying it, I am defeated…

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