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March 9, 2009

O`Hanlon 2 – Round 24: ‘Womanizer, End’

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Patrick O`Hanlon has been caught in the act by his wife, Viola and even his young son, Francis witnessed it all.  Can this family bounce back?

Patrick hadn’t quite anticipated the guilt that would accompany his being caught cheating.  It didn’t help that his son had seen it all, too.  He couldn’t believe he’d been so careless.  To make matters worse, his entire family was still angry at him over his mother’s untimely death.  Finding out that Viola was pregnant again was the nail in the coffin.  She had to forgive him–a tense household was a bad environment for a baby.  Viola didn’t seem to share his sentiments.

“You’re right, I knew what I was getting myself into,” Viola agreed, though her eyes remained narrowed.  “But that doesn’t mean I want to see it and worse!  Francis saw it all, Patrick.  Good luck explaining to him why his father is such a jerk.”

Reasoning with a pregnant woman?  Ha!  Right.

Francis was curious about his mother’s condition, especially with the recent incident.  He knew, vaguely, where babies came from.  He was an intelligent youth.  But he wasn’t very good at phrasing his thoughts.  He ended up comparing his mother’s pregnant state with that of an elephant.

“Not quite that big,” Viola said, trying not to take offense.  “I’m getting bigger because of the baby.  It’s a strange process, Francis.  Maybe in a few more years, we can talk about it more.  Until then, all you need to know is you’re going to be a big brother.”

As the days progressed, Viola got bigger, much to Francis’ amazement.  She was still on ‘slightly civil’ terms with Patrick, who was finding that their expensive couch, while lovely to watch TV on, was hardly the best of beds.  He attempted to regain Viola’s approval by capitalizing on the impending birth.

“You can’t enjoy going through this alone, Viola,” Patrick reasoned.  “And you can’t stay angry at me forever.  You’re obviously not going anywhere.  This continual fighting is only reflecting badly on Patrick.”

She sighed, “I wish you were being sincere, but I know better.  You’re just saying all of this so I’ll stop being angry.  What you did was incredibly stupid!  You hurt Francis a lot.  If you want me to stop badgering you, then make it up to him.”

Patrick had always been close with Francis, until the incident.  Now Francis kept his distance and when Patrick tried to engage him, he was sullen and distant.  It seemed to Patrick that he had truly been in the wrong and regardless as to who he may have been before Francis, he was a father now.  He certainly had a duty to his son.  He did everything he could to make it up to him and eventually, Francis accepted that.  He made Patrick promise never to hurt either of them again like that.

Viola was apprehensive about Patrick’s supposed ‘change’ and not at all pleased that he had promised their son something she thought to be impossible.  Patrick was adamant, however.  He had years of womanizing and he had enjoyed them thoroughly.  The urge was still there, but not nearly as it had been.  Seeing the pain he put his mother through and basically being ostracized by his own family was enough to set him straight, it seemed.

“You’re the only one talking to me anymore, Viola,” Patrick began, trying to reassure her, “the rest of my family seems to think I killed our mother.  I don’t think so, mother always was too concerned with my business… but nevertheless.  I’ve been a jerk, and on that account, my family was right.”

“I’d like to believe you, but this isn’t a movie, Patrick,” she stood up, moving to leave.  “Things don’t just ‘get better’ and people can’t just ‘change’.  We are who we are.  And that’s all we can be, in the end.”

Viola eventually gave birth to little Deirdre, who had an even more unique look than her older brother.  She had her mother’s fair skin and hair, but shared her brother’s dark, pupil less eyes.  It was certainly a shock and surprise to all those who witnessed the birth.  Still, she was a normal little baby girl and completely healthy, too.

Even if Viola had little faith in his decision, Patrick felt his dedication grow all the more when he held Deirdre.  There’s just something about a daughter that makes a father want to be better.  Maybe it’s the thought of her growing up and going for a man like her father?  He certainly didn’t want anyone treating her the way he’d treated Viola.

Days seemed to melt into weeks and weeks into years.  Deirdre grew like a weed and with every passing day, all the more lovely.  She’d be a heartbreaker for sure, a thought that made both her parents extremely nervous.  Francis seemed fascinated with his younger sister and as he was growing close to being a teen, became concerned for her welfare and was determined to be a truly great big brother.


Note from Mao: Poor Patrick seems to want to turn over a new leaf, but we’ll see how it goes.  Deirdre is ADORABLE! I’ve never had a completely normal sim with alien eyes before.  Eeee! I also have no idea what’s up with Patrick and alien eyes, either.  I changed my default alien eyes to Rensim’s, so if they look different in the last few pictures, that’s why.

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