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March 20, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 9: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 5′

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Mary O`Hanlon and Derek are finally together. Can they help their daughter Sara deal with the two siblings she’s about to receive and how will this affect Gina Saunders?


Sara’s discomfort regarding the impending birth of her twin siblings did not go unnoticed by her parents. Both Mary and Derek had spoken at length over what to do with Sara. It wasn’t until she got accepted onto the girl’s basketball team that they had an idea.

“Are you serious? That’s great!” Sara chirped happily, clapping her hands together.

“It’ll take a few days to install, Sara, but you’ll be able to practice anytime you want.” Derek smiled.

“My own personal basketball ‘court’! How awesome!”

Mary talks to Sara

Mary sat with Sara sometime before the twins were due. She had wanted to have a talk with her daughter and make sure everything was all right. It was true, the twins would be a lot of work and she wanted to make sure Sara understood it didn’t mean they would forget all about her.

“I’m not twelve,” Sara sighed, rolling her eyes.

“No, you’re not,” Mary replied, turning a page in her book. “But it’s obvious you’re not happy. I want you to enjoy being an older sister.”

Sara shrugged, “I just don’t get the whole ‘baby thing’.”

“Someday, hopefully, you will. Until then… just know that your father and I still love you and we won’t stop just because you have to share us. They’re going to be your family, too, Sara. Maybe you’ll find it fun to have some younger siblings.”

“Babies, crying, diaper changing… blegh. I can’t wait to go to University.”

Gina finishes her novel

Amidst all the chaos, Gina managed to finish her first novel. The first copy arrived at her door and she spent a long time looking over the finished product. It had been a labor of love, an entire book dedicated to the twisted drama that sprouted from a seemingly normal suburb. There was mystery, suspense, murder, and all the sorts of things that sold a book.

Mary gardens

Mary spent the last part of her pregnancy gardening. She hated not being able to go to work and found herself bored by sitting around the house all day. It was a small garden, but enough to keep her occupied. Having a fresh supply of strawberries for cakes and desserts was certainly a plus, too.

In fact, she even went into labor out in her garden. Luckily, Derek was off work and was able to take her to the hospital.

Julie O`Hanlon


Marla O`Hanlon

Julie and Marla were born several hours later, both healthy and hearty. It was surprising to have two more girls, but Derek had two boys already, so he wasn’t disappointed. Perhaps even more surprising was how different the twins looked. Marla had her father’s coloring and Mary’s eyes while Julie had her mother’s coloring and her grandfather, Henry’s, eyes.

Sara talks to Lilith

Sara tried her best to adjust to being a big sister. Thankfully, her parents respected her wishes and didn’t try to make her change diapers. She was expected to help with the feedings, though. That wasn’t so bad. The babies were even kind of cute… in a weird, squishy way. When she wasn’t caring for her siblings, she was hanging out with Lilith.

“I could never wear heels,” Sara protested, frowning. “Isn’t there another way?”

Lilith shrugged, “sure, just accept who you are and deal with it. What’s so bad about that?”

“You don’t understand, Lilith! No one confuses you with ‘one of the guys’… you have guys hitting on you while I just have guys hitting me. You know? That stupid knuckle to the arm thing they do?”

“Maybe you’ll be like a swan or something,” Lilith laughed. “You can sprout pretty, girly wings at University!”

“That’s not funny, Lilith.” Sara sighed, feeling defeated. “This is hopeless…”

Marla and Julie are toddlers

Julie and Marla soon left behind their diapers and became precocious toddlers. They looked even more different, though they shared the same brunette locks of hair. They were adorable and demanded the attention of everyone in the house, even Sara.

Sara found they were a bit more enjoyable now that they didn’t require diaper changes and didn’t have squishy heads.


Note from Mao: I’m so glad Julie got the O`Hanlon skintone! Now I have my successor for this house. It’s a shame that Sara can’t join Lilith at Uni, but technically, Lilith is older.

March 11, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 8: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 4′

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Mary O`Hanlon is finally set to marry Derek Saunders. Will Gina Saunders remain and how will Sara handle her family finally coming together?


Derek and Mary's wedding

Derek and Mary didn’t waste much time preparing for their nuptials. When the time came, nearly the entire neighborhood was in attendance–due to the fact the Saunders line is spread far and wide. Even Eileen Yu, Mary’s mother, came out of her widowing sorrow to see her daughter married. Unfortunately, she’s missing from her seat in this picture. (she’s off to the side with a lampshade on her head, sigh)

Derek and Mary's wedding 2

It had certainly been a long time coming, and while Mary was happy to finally be with Derek, she couldn’t help but feel something tugging at the back of her mind. The situation was just too ideal. She was a logical minded woman and she found it incredibly hard to believe Katy would just ‘drop over’. Something was definitely strange.

However, she also couldn’t convince herself that Derek would ever do something like that. Maybe it was just nervousness that caused these thoughts.

Derek and Mary leave for honeymoon

After the festivities, Derek and Mary headed off for their short honeymoon in the islands. With all the snow that had accumulated, it would definitely be a nice break. Sara was left to the care of her aunt Gina and both Derek and Mary were convinced to take off work long enough to enjoy newly-wedded bliss. While Derek had moved into Mary’s house, the twin boys hadn’t come with them.

It had been Henry’s decision to keep them there. One of them would eventually inherit the house, since Derek forfeited this when he married Mary. The twins were closer to Henry than their own father, so it wasn’t much of a sad separation.

Mary gets sunburned

Derek and Mary’s honeymoon went on like most honeymoons. Unfortunately, Mary managed to turn into a human tomato while trying to bronze her skin a little. This made certain newly-wedded activities a bit difficult, but she tried not to let it ruin their get away.

Business as usual

When they returned, it was business as usual. Mary was working a little later now and Derek had more time off, so he spent it with Sara. While he likely wasn’t the best candidate to help with her homework, he obliged. Gina was kept constantly busy by her new job as editor for the magazine she had been writing for. She still worked on her column, but was now also working on a book that was inspired by it.

The house was definitely filled with successful people–a magazine editor, a sport’s star, and a big-wig lawyer.

Mary tells Derek

While the sunburn may have hampered their honeymoon a little, it didn’t prevent… certain things. Mary had been feeling ill lately and went to see the doctor. She wanted to be sure before she told anyone.

“I just got the results back today,” she said, trying to decide whether to smile or faint.

Derek paused, “…results? For what? Are you sick?”

“No, no,” Mary said, waving her hand in the air. “I’m… pregnant. With twins.”

Derek wasn’t quite sure what to say. He was definitely happy, yes, but his financially-driven mind immediately began to calculate the cost of tearing down walls and building new ones. He could see Mary was thinking the same thing. Twins… again.

Mary is showing, Sara's a teen

Sara’s birthday came not long after the news. She was dubious about the new would-be family member. She didn’t really have much experience with babies and she wasn’t sure she had that maternal instinct that her mother said existed within all females. Sara was a ‘bit’ of a tomboy and enjoyed sports and rough-housing more than doing her hair or thinking about babies.

She tried to keep her own concerns quiet, though, as Mary and Derek were quite happy. Even Gina didn’t mind the thought of changing more dirty diapers.

Sara talks to Lilith

Sara and Lilith were closer than ever as teens. Lilith wasn’t very girly either and while she was definitely domineering, Sara liked that. She needed some direction and Lilith was always more than happy to give it. They definitely weren’t in the ‘popular’ crowd, but they didn’t really care. As long as they were together, they didn’t need anyone else.

Lilith was the only one Sara confided in about her worries when it came to the new baby. Florence, Lilith’s mother, had just given birth to little Kate, so Lilith could relate. She tried to ease Sara’s fears, but found she wasn’t able to… because they were true. Babies did demand a lot of attention.

Sara plays with Derek

It worried Sara because she finally had a father. They really bonded, especially over sports, and Sara was worried the baby would take that away. Derek hadn’t been around for the majority of Sara’s childhood, so maybe he’d have more of a connection to the new baby and toss her aside. It was a depressing thought and Sara tried not to think about it as the months passed and Mary’s belly grew larger and she eventually went on maternity leave.

For now, Sara would just have to enjoy their nightly sessions of catch and hope the baby wasn’t a boy.


Note from Mao: Derek and Mary are finally together, but I have a feeling the bliss won’t last. ;) Poor Sara. She really does seem standoffish about the baby! Anytime someone talks about it, she has an ‘X’ over her reply! Also, a little note: I’m going to WV/Ohio with my fiance and while I have one update left… I may not get to play for a few days until we’re all settled. So don’t panic if I go a few days without updating–I haven’t abandoned the drama!

March 1, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 7: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 2′

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Mary O`Hanlon and Gina Saunders have been successful so far, but can they keep the secret of Mary’s illegitimate child from reaching the rest of the neighborhood?


Mary looks at Sara

Mary pretended to be reading her paper, but she was really looking at Sara. Her birthday and come and gone and now it was even more obvious she was a Saunders. Jokingly, Gina had said that Sara looked more like her kid than Mary’s. Of course, that wasn’t entirely true, as Sara had Mary’s blonde hair and green eyes.

She was almost a carbon-copy of her father when it came to her facial features, however.

Florence visits

Even when Florence dropped by for a surprise visit with the twins, all Mary could think about was Sara. Florence had briefed the twins prior to visiting, so it was safe. It was surprising how much Florence had changed since University–she could still be serious, but she had lightened up considerably. Lately, it seemed like Shaniqua was the one always on edge.

Of course, this was never discussed. It was just easier to let things go and pretend they didn’t exist. Shaniqua was not with Florence when she visited–she was at work… supposedly.

Gina talks to Florence

“Lookin’ big there,” Gina greeted with a smile. “How long now?”

“Too long,” Florence replied with a heavy sigh. “When did I take a turn down Family lane, Gina? This is nuts.”

“You’re the one who signed up for the testing. Speaking of which, how did Shaniqua take it? I see she’s not with you.”

Florence shook her head, “lets just say… she doesn’t remember signing the documents. I know I should have talked to her before I had it done, but we really needed the money and the success rate was dismally low.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Gina said, guiding Florence over to the couch. “Have a seat and relax while we preoccupy your rugrats!” As if on cue, Nathaniel ran past chasing Lady out the door.

Mary tells Lilith about Sara

Mary found Lilith in Sara’s room playing with her. While she trusted Florence to inform the twins of the situation, she wanted to make sure Lilith completely understood. As she chatted with the young girl, Sara made her escape. Hearing the door creak behind her, Mary cut off her lecture and ran off after the toddler.

Mary debates calling Derek

After Florence’s visit, Mary found herself exceedingly worried. She would often stare at the phone, wondering what would happen if she made the call. Sometimes she even went over and picked it up. She always set it back down before she could dial the numbers, though. Calling would be a disaster. Sara’s birthday was fast-approaching and she’d be a child.

It just felt like it was too late and that Mary had gone this far with the ruse, so why not continue? She also didn’t want to disrupt the life of the little boys she knew Katy had. It would be wrong to tear them apart. Of course, Mary hadn’t anticipated that once Sara was a child, she could also use the phone.

Sara talks to Derek

“What? Auntie G is at work.” Sara cried into the receiver, her green eyes narrowing. “No, mommy is busy.” She rolled her eyes. “Yeah–busy. Who’s this, anyway? Huh? I don’t know you. Mommy says I shouldn’t talk to strangers.” Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Saunders? Derek Saunders? Well, even if you are my Uncle, I can’t let you talk to mommy. She’s sleepin’. Call later. Bye bye.”

February 24, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 6: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 1′

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O`Hanlon Family Round 6

Mary O`Hanlon and Gina Saunders make quite the team, but can their teamwork help Mary through her ‘little problem’?


Mary tends her trees

In an effort to make some more cash on the side, Mary decided to start a tiny orchard in her yard. It was very relaxing, though she didn’t enjoy the bug spray at all. There was no other option, though, and the bugs were relentless.

Gina works on her article

Gina continued working on her article. It was a big success and she was even getting ‘fan mail’. It didn’t go to her head, but it did fuel her need to get bigger and better. Thankfully, there was plenty of drama surrounding her to write about! She made sure to change the names and the situations enough that it wouldn’t come back and haunt her friends and family.

It never ceased to amaze her how readily people ate up suburban drama. Maybe she should start writing books?

Gina questions Mary

Of course, when she wasn’t working on her article, Gina was worrying about Mary. Mary had become more and more distant as time passed. When Gina tried to question her, she would always make an excuse or quickly flee.

It became glaringly obvious that something was wrong when Mary stopped going to work. She hadn’t quit, Gina found out, but she was on ‘maternity leave’. Mary was pregnant.

Gina confronts Mary

It took a bit of tact to confront Mary, finally. Gina stewed it over until she was sure she could do it in a way that wouldn’t provoke even more drama. Mary was definitely showing and Gina caught her at a time when she couldn’t possibly hide it.

“It’s Derek’s, isn’t it?”

“Yes…” Mary replied hesitantly. “He’s the only one.”

Gina sighed, “he’s married now, Mary. What are you going to do?”

“Nothing and you won’t, either. He can’t know. It would… it would ruin everything. You can’t tell him, Gina.”

“I’ll do my best, but he’ll find out eventually, Mary.”

Mary rakes leaves

Mary was bored being cooped up in the house all the time. She couldn’t leave the lot for fear someone would see her, so she was stuck. She spent her days raking leaves and tidying up. As she moved the leaves with the rake, she couldn’t help but think back to when she was just a child.

Her mother and her would rake the leaves and play in them. Eileen had been a single mother and now Mary would be, too. She hoped she could do a good job–as good as her mother had. Soon, she’d have her own little boy or girl to help rake with her.

Mary goes into labor

“GIIIINA!” Mary shrieked one evening, her voice laced with pain.

“I’m up, I’m up,” Gina said groggily, raising up from the couch. She had been taking a nap. “It’s time? But you’ve got two weeks yet–”

“It doesn’t CARE, Gina! It wants out now! We have to go!!”

Sara O`Hanlon

Despite being a little early, Sara O`Hanlon was a healthy baby and soon Mary was back and home and ready to go back to work. Unfortunately, it would be almost impossible to hide the baby’s parentage. She had her mother’s coloring, except she had inherited the Saunders skintone.

Gina said she could always claim Sara was hers, but Mary shook her off and said she’d never abandon the claim to her own child. Besides, her eyes were green and she had blonde hair! No, Mary would just have to wait and hope that Sara was a quiet and inconspicuous child.

Gina feeds Sara

Gina wasn’t nearly as maternal as most–she was a career woman, after all–but she did love little Sara. It was her little niece, of course! And unlike the twin boys, she saw Sara everyday. Little baby girls were always cuter, in Gina’s opinion.

She offered to watch Sara while Mary was off at work, trying to get a promotion.

Mary cuddles Sara

Despite her career-oriented ways, Mary was overjoyed to have Sara. Her own little girl! She wasn’t sure who she would take after in the end, but she certainly was cute. There would be no lack of love for little Sara, not with her doting mother and aunt catering to her every need.

They just had to hope no one came snooping around, asking why Mary suddenly had a baby.


Note from Mao: When I saw Sara’s skintone, I shouted ‘No!!’ I wanted her to have the O`Hanlon skin, since she’ll be taking the family name. Those Saunders are taking over my hood! Gonna be a lot of blondes this round, it seems. I’ve also been trying to label entries according to storylines they’re following via parts… which should make it easier. Hopefully.

February 21, 2008

Saunders – Round 5: ‘Unfortunate Ends, Pt. 2′

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Saunders Family Round 5

Henry Saunders has a crowded house, what with his fiancee Jun Yu, their son Ryu Yu, and his newly graduated son from his first wife, Derek Saunders, moving in with his fiancee, Katy Fuchs. Can they make it work? And will the news of Thomas and Jun’s affair spread to Henry?


Derek and Katy hug

Graduation was bittersweet for Derek Saunders. On one hand, he could finally pursue his career and make money. On the other hand, he lost Mary and was now engaged to his teenage love, Katy Fuchs. Derek liked Katy, but what they had was nothing compared to how he felt about Mary. She was in his every waking thought, making it incredibly difficult to be amiable with Katy.

Katy was surprisingly understanding and patient. To her, she had Derek and he wasn’t going anywhere. Mary was a respectable girl, after all, she wouldn’t be a ‘on the side fling’. She and Derek would get married and he’d eventually forget all about Mary O`Hanlon.

Henry sees for himself

Meanwhile, Henry found out for himself how troublesome relationships could be. Especially when your significant other is cheating on you with the enemy. Henry had taken a vacation day and apparently Jun hadn’t noticed he was still home. He nearly walked in on them in the kitchen. Instead of confronting them and kicking Thomas out of his house, he sat on his hands, waiting for the right moment.

Ryu sees for himself

Of course, Henry wasn’t the only one who knew. Ryu had seen it, as well. He had come home from school a day or two earlier and there it was, right before his young little eyes, his mother was embracing a stranger! He was torn up, but Jun nor Thomas seemed to notice him. He scrambled inside and tried to rationalize what he saw in his head.

Should he tell dad? But that would make them fight. Derek and Katy argued enough, the house didn’t need more fighting. He reasoned that maybe he saw wrong and kept quiet.

Derek and Ryu talk

Being quiet isn’t easy for a kid on the cusp of their teen years, though, and Ryu ended up confiding in his half-brother Derek.

“You should tell dad,” Derek said sternly. “Why didn’t you?”

“I knew she was no good,” Katy said quietly, muttering from behind her book. Suddenly, she looked apologetic, “Sorry, Ryu, but it’s true. Your mother is… well, maybe it’s best if your father knows.”

“I can’t tell him!” Ryu replied angrily. “He’d never believe me… I’m just a kid. Why don’t you do it, Derek?”

“No way, little dude. I didn’t see a thing.”

Henry confides in Janine

Fortunately for Ryu, he never had to say a word. That evening, Janine Anderson came over at Henry’s request. He had called her cell phone, as always, and was surprised to hear she wasn’t at home. When she arrived, he pulled her into the quietest place and told her everything.

“I know, Henry,” she said with a frown. “Thomas and I are divorced. It’s been a week. I had him followed and he was off on vacation with Jun.”

Why didn’t you tell me?” Henry was understandably hurt. “All this time…”

“I didn’t know how to,” she replied quickly and sadly. “I… I didn’t know if you’d believe me…”

Henry confesses to Janine

“Of course I would have believed you,” Henry responded, gently touching her face. “You’ve always been honest with me.”

“Henry…” she began carefully, but seeing the look on his face, found the confidence to continue. “I haven’t really. I mean, there’s things that–”

“It doesn’t matter. Where are you staying, are you all right?”

“He took everything, even Alyssa.” Janine sniffled. “I’ve been staying at a hotel, but my money is running out. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t trouble you with this.”

Henry shook his head and took her hand, “you can stay here… for as long as you like. It’s a little crowded, but there’s plenty of room.”

February 19, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 5: ‘Saying Goodbye’

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O`Hanlon Family Round 5

Mary O`Hanlon moved into her old house and offered her friend, Gina Saunders, a place to stay until she gets settled. Can these two Fortune sims help each other climb the career ladder to success?


Mary is horrified

Mary and Gina had left their bags at the doors, anxious to sit down after the long ride from campus. Eileen and Sun-Tzu had cleared out earlier in the morning, leaving the house empty except for Lady. Mary went to the bathroom and let out a horrified shriek, causing Gina to come rushing to her aid.

“What did mom and Sun-Tzu do to this house?!”

They hired a maid immediately.

Derek visits Mary

Aside from the bathroom mishap, the two young women quickly set into a routine. Mary took a job at the law firm she worked at as a teen and Gina was trying to break into journalism (but got stuck writing obituaries). One day, when Mary had off and Gina was at work, an unexpected visitor came by.

“Derek, what are you doing here?” Mary tried to sound firm, but it just came out as frightened.

“I was just looking for Gina,” he said carefully. “I’ll leave.”

“No, wait, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be cruel. H-how are things with Katy?”

Derek explains

“Miserable,” he said easily. “You really shouldn’t have done that, Mary. Why did you tell her it was you? I–”

“It wasn’t right and it wasn’t just your fault. I had a part in it, too. I didn’t… want to be some ‘on the side’ fling or some sort of relationship destroyer.” She gave him a stern look. “My mother raised me to have better opinion of myself than that.”

Derek looked angry all of the sudden, “and you think I would do that to you? You should have spoke to me instead of avoiding me. I was going to break up with Katy, Mary. But I had to find the right time. I didn’t and don’t want to be with her. I wanted to be with you, but that apparently doesn’t matter nor mean anything.”

“Derek, I’m sorry… I didn’t… I didn’t know…”

Gina catches Derek and Mary

Gina stepped out of her carpool, sighing heavily. The Grim Reaper sure had been busy this week. She smoothed down her suit and walked forward, only to see her brother and her roommate making out on the lawn. Her brows furrowed.

“Derek? What are you doing here?”

They jumped apart and looked quite abashed. It was Derek who spoke first, “Er, I had come to find you…”

“Why?” She asked pointedly. “You’ve found me, now what is it?”

“I.. I can’t remember,” he grumbled. “I should go.”

“You should.”

Mary and Gina talk

“What’s going on, Mary? I thought you two decided against that back at University.”

Mary frowned, “I hadn’t meant for that to happen. It just… did. I tried getting him back with Katy and I tried avoiding him and nothing works, Gina. I don’t know what to do. I’m at the point where I just wish I had told Katy it was him and then we would be together… but she would be so hurt.”

“You can’t protect everyone, Mary,” Gina said sagely, pointing at her with her fork. “You can’t force Derek to love Katy, just as she can’t force him to love her. You also can’t force yourself not to love him, if you do. Though, I don’t know why you would. My brother is a blockhead.”

“I guess you’re right,” Mary replied, but quickly added: “about the love stuff, not the blockhead stuff.”

“So talk to him… without the kissing this time. He’s my brother, you’re my friend, and that’s just gross.”

Derek meets with Mary

Mary followed Gina’s advice and invited Derek over one evening after she got home from work. Gina promised she’d give them space–she had recently been promoted, but kept her new job rather secretive–and would be holed up in her room at her computer all night. Mary kind of wished she’d been around to supervise.

“Is Gina here?” Derek asked, looking around.

“Yes, she’s in her room, and don’t act like you’re sneaking around. This is a friendly visit, Derek.”

Derek and Mary 'talk'

“This is hardly what I’d call friendly, Derek.”

“What? This is friendly. We haven’t done anything.” He grinned, “Katy is driving me crazy–I should be angry at you for sticking me with her. The house is chaos, you have no idea.”

Mary frowned, “I wish you had told me what you meant to do.”

“We’re not married yet, I can still–”

“No, Derek. I called you here tonight to tell you that we can’t see each other… friendly or otherwise. I’m sorry, I really am… but there’s nothing else that can be done. You’re engaged. You can’t back out now. This… this has to be,” she frowned, closing her eyes. “This has to be goodbye.”

Gina types away

Gina sat hunched over her laptop, her fingers moving deftly over the tiny keys. Her mind was a flurry of activity and she found no issue getting the right words. Her promotion landed her a job writing articles–about life. Right now she was writing about the situation unfolding before her–love that simply couldn’t be due to bad decision making.

Mary’s dog, Lady, sat dozing on her bed. Lady always slept with Mary and the fact that she was in Gina’s room now didn’t bode well. Gina saved her article and closed the window, giving a heavy sigh. She hoped Mary had finally made the right decision.

Mary talks with Gina

Gina groggily got out of bed and stumbled into the hallway. The smell of pancakes woke her up and she hurried to the table. Mary was already seated.

“Good morning,” Mary said, though her usual cheer was missing. “I have off today so I thought I’d make something good to eat.”

“I’m not going to complain,” Gina replied, popping a tasty piece into her mouth. “How did it go?”

“I… I don’t… we–” Mary frowned, her eyes watering, “I-is it wrong, Gina? To say g-goodbye?”

“No,” Gina abandoned her food and gently placed her hand over Mary’s, “it isn’t.”


Note from Mao: I just had to say ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I could practice writing romance/drama crap? I really suck at that’ didn’t I? Thanks, Prosperity Hood, for becoming Days of Our Lives in just two rounds. Buh. Anyway, yeah, Derek and Mary got busy and I have Risky WooHoo. Do the math. It always kicks in when I don’t want it to.

February 18, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 4: ‘Visitation’

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Anderson family 2 at round 4

Florence Anderson just graduated and now has a house of her own. Will she succeed where her parents failed?


Florence gets a pizza

Florence was the first to graduate and the only one to move into a brand new house. She bought a plot next to her parents and quickly began to pursue her dream job. It wasn’t hard to get into the gaming field, but she found that a love for pizza was almost a requirement. Her job certainly helped the time pass while she waited for Shaniqua to graduate.

Florence makes money

Being a gamer had its perks, of course. She found that she could simply make money by just having fun. It was certainly a welcome thing as Florence had hit the books hard in University and was looking forward to some relaxation. She had achieved her flawless 4.0 and proved herself. Now it was time to enjoy life.

Not that she was about to give up her lust for knowledge, just that it wouldn’t consume her every waking hour.

Shaniqua visits

There were certainly other things to pay attention to. Shaniqua visited often and was quite happy with how the place was shaping up. Florence had never thought she’d end up with a girl, but she had never been interested in relationships, so she really had no expectations. At first, Shaniqua had drove her crazy… now being without her felt like a crime. It was strange how opposites could attract.

Florence’s family hadn’t really reacted to the news. Her father wasn’t concerned, he had Alyssa set to inherit everything and Janine had just said, with a vacant look, “as long as you’re happy.” At least they weren’t freaking out–that was a plus.

Florence is abducted

Unfortunately, things aren’t always meant to go smoothly. One night, Florence was perusing the stars while she waited for Shaniqua to arrive. Shaniqua came up to the house just in time to see Florence whisked away by a bright, blue light. She ran back to her car and returned to her house at B.S.U. immediately, gathering up the remaining residents and forcing them to come back with her.

To say it was a frightening experience would have been an understatement.

Florence is okay

By the time they got back, Florence was safely in her house. She looked surprised to see them all gathered outside her doorway, worried expressions on their faces. She let them in and assured them all, especially Shaniqua, that she was fine. They asked what had happened, but Florence couldn’t tell them–she hardly remembered.

After Florence finally managed to shoo them all out of her house and back to college, she decided she wasn’t going to talk about it again. Unfortunately, a sick feeling in her stomach sent her reeling over the toilet not a moment later. It didn’t appear she was going to get the chance to ever forget about it.


Note from Mao: Ahhh… yes, Florence is abducted. Haha, that figures. And I’ve got the equal-opportunity alien pregnancy hack, too. My first abduction in this hood, woo. I’d be excited, but I’ve never had trouble getting sims abducted and it always happens when I don’t want it to. I guess this is one way for lesbians to have kids in The Sims 2…

February 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 4: ‘Drama-RAMA!’

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B.S.U. Attendees Round 4

Florence Anderson, Derek Saunders, and Katy Fuchs have had an easy go at campus so far. Will the newest additions–Mary O`Hanlon, Gina Saunders, and Shaniqua Saunders–have the same luck?


Florence meets Shaniqua

Florence made no attempt to hide her distaste for her newest roomies. The house was now very crowded and she was being forced to share her room with none other than Shaniqua Saunders. The very thought of Shaniqua’s lifestyle intruding on her study plans made her vocalize her anger when Shaniqua greeted her.

“Great, nice, that’s fantastic,” Florence said with a glare, dismissing Shaniqua’s offering for a handshake. “Just remember that some of us here actually care about their grades and future.” With that, she stalked off.

Shaniqua was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Shaniqua is confused

Sharing a room with Florence was just plain weird. Not because Florence was so abrasive and standoffish, but because for the first time, Shaniqua was sharing a room with a girl who wasn’t her sister. Florence went to bed early, so she was always asleep when Shaniqua retired to her own bed.

She often caught herself glancing across the room at Florence, who was sleeping soundly and quietly. She was very pretty. Shaniqua shook her head violently and quickly shuffled off into her own bed. Where did that come from?

Derek is nervous, Katy is suspicious

“So, you’re Mary,” Katy said, sizing up the young blonde girl in front of her. “Derek’s told me a lot about you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Katy,” Derek replied quickly, looking like a deer caught in headlights. He rose up from the couch to greet his old friend. “I told you one thing.”

Mary just laughed, missing the tension in the air, “I hope it wasn’t anything bad.”

Katy gave a small, though secretive, smile, “no… nothing bad. Nothing bad at all. Hmm.”

Derek is tempted

Despite the various tensions that existed within the house, life at Boreal Summit University continued normally. Well, as normally as it could. A particularly dysfunctional time was when they were all home for dinner. Mary often cooked and would clean up the dishes, too. Katy took particular notice of Derek’s rigid posture and the way he forced himself to look forward when Mary innocently bent over near him to take his dish.

If Gina noticed, she didn’t say anything and Shaniqua was too lost in her own confusion to notice her brother and friend’s dilemma.

“Is something wrong, Derek?” Mary asked, completely oblivious. “You look like you swallowed something bad.”

“Yes, Derek,” Katy said from the couch, closing her book. “Why don’t you tell us what’s on your mind?”

“N-Nothing.” He said quickly, scooting out of the chair and fleeing. Mary just watched him in confusion while Katy’s eyes narrowed.

Derek approaches Mary

Mary found him an hour later, still hiding in his room. She knocked on the door tentatively before entering. She closed it behind her and approached him.

“Is everything okay? You’ve been acting weird since I got here. Did I upset you or something?”

He shook his head and moved from the bed. A very bad move, he knew, because it forced him closer to Mary. He’d known her since she was a little girl and while it was completely wrong to feel the way he currently did, his brain nor body would hear none of it.

“Nothing’s wrong, Mary,” he assured her, though he was unable to meet her eyes. “I’m sorry, things are… just weird. With Katy. I dunno.”

She laughed, “you know, when I found out Katy was going to University with you… I was a little upset. I had a crush on you when I was a little kid! Creepy, huh?” She laughed again, her face turning red. “Okay, well, I’m gonna go.”

Derek was tempted to grab her arm and keep her from leaving, but his rationality took over and he watched her leave.

Shaniqua and Florence talk

Shaniqua and Florence had been sharing the room for over a semester now. They formed a tenuous friendship, mostly for the sake of peace, though there was a tension there that neither of them could identify. Florence dealt with it by being unnecessarily snappy and Shaniqua just tried to avoid her.

They ran into one another in the kitchen. It was late and they were the only two still awake. Shaniqua spun around only to bump directly into Florence, who had approached her, but not yet spoke.

“Sorry,” Shaniqua managed, her hand accidentally brushing Florence’s. She looked sheepish. “Sorry, again.”

“It’s okay…”

Shaniqua and Florence kiss

A few awkward words later and suddenly, they kissed. It was a bizarre change of events that initially made zero sense to either of them. When the moment ended, they stared at one another, eyes wide as saucers.

“Uh… I need to go.” Florence said quickly, running off to her room.

Shaniqua just stood there, completely shocked. “I’m not gay.” She said in a low voice, shaking her head. “I’m not… so what was that?”

Unbeknown to both of them, someone else had been awake and saw the whole thing.

February 15, 2008

Saunders – Round 4: ‘No Drama?’

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Saunders family Round 4

Henry Saunders was nice enough to let his girlfriend, Jun Yu, move in with him and his twin daughters–Shaniqua and Gina. Jun Yu eventually gave birth to Henry’s son, Ryu Yu. How long can Henry remain ignorant to the fact that Jun is seeing his enemy, Thomas Anderson, behind his back?


Shaniqua can't do it

Things for the Saunders had been going so well, it was only a matter of time before something ‘bad’ happened. To Shaniqua, it was the end of the world. A boy from school had been chatting her up and flirting. It was all in good fun… and then, well, as teens tend to want to do, they kissed–or well, tried.

‘What am I doing?’ Shaniqua’s inner-voice interrupted the moment before their lips touched. She pushed the boy away, “No. Stop.”

Shaniqua is confused

“I’m sorry,” Shaniqua apologized suddenly, seeing the look on his face. “It’s… not you, it’s me.”

He rolled his eyes, muttered something inappropriate under his breath, and quickly stalked out of the Anderson house. It was a good thing he did, as Gina was watching carefully from the kitchen doorway, eyes narrowed on the lecherous young male.

Shaniqua pushed past her and ran to their room, not wanting to see or speak with anyone.

Henry teaches Ryu to walk

Meanwhile, Ryu was growing up by the day. He was learning to walk, albeit it slowly. Henry tried his best to help him, but Ryu was different than his siblings. He was an independent little toddler and he was determined to stand up by himself. It amused Henry to no end.

Jun preoccupied herself with working on her next big promotion at work. She wasn’t much into babies and was thankful Henry was. It meant she really didn’t have to do anything.

Shaniqua cooks

Really, nothing at all. Henry took care of Ryu, Gina kept everyone fed, and when Henry was at work, both the girls took care of Ryu. It was Heaven, as far as Jun was concerned. Everyone was so oblivious–she could sneak off anytime she wished!

Of course, Gina wasn’t thinking about Jun’s happiness or ability to cheat on her beloved father. Instead, as she pounded the hamburger meat a tad too roughly, she was thinking about Shaniqua. She’d been acting so strange lately and Gina couldn’t understand it. College was around the corner! Shaniqua had even abandoned her high-profile lifestyle and started being a loner.

Ryu is a child

Of course, despite her ‘fall from grace’, Shaniqua always had time for her little brother. Ryu was a kid before anyone really knew it–time seemed to go by so fast. He fit in perfectly with the rest of the Saunders household. His last name may have been ‘Yu’, but everything about him screamed ‘Saunders’.

Jun talks to Thomas

Of course, if Henry knew what Jun was doing behind his back, Ryu wouldn’t be the only one ‘screaming’. But he was blissfully oblivious–both due to his refusal to hear gossip and his natural-born ability to be a little… dense. He certainly wasn’t stupid, but his first wife was a perfect example of his inability to see things as they truly were…

Like when everyone is eating, but Jun is sneaking around in the other room, talking into the phone with hushed tones. A little suspicious.

Jun is busted.  Again.

Henry also had no idea that Jun’s parents had stopped by while he was at work and Ryu was at school. They caught Jun with Thomas and it didn’t end well. They had come over to see Ryu, but upon seeing that, Risa read Jun the riot act. That never went over well.

Jun told her parents they’d be lucky if they ever saw Ryu and stormed into the house, dragging Thomas behind her.

Henry just misses Thomas...

Due to all that fuss, Thomas and Jun’s little ‘alone time’ ran longer than usual. Henry got off work before Ryu and twins had left for University. Thomas just barely managed to leave before Henry headed towards the house. It was a close call–they were getting sloppy.

If Henry had seen him… well, there would be more drama than one round could possibly handle. So it’s good he didn’t, because this is where we end. Heh.


Note from Mao: None of these pictures are ‘set up’. This is gameplay as it happens… or wants I am fulfilling at the behest of the silly, drama-lusting sims. That was definitely close… guh.

February 10, 2008

Saunders – Round 3: ‘A Crowded House’

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Saunders Family Round 3

Henry Saunders has found himself in quite the situation; his girlfriend, Jun Yu, has just moved in after being kicked out of her home. Derek is on his way to University and the twins, Gina and Shaniqua, are enjoying their days as carefree teens. Will Jun’s little ‘secret’ disrupt their happiness?


The Saunders family has dinner

Henry: Okay, excuse me if this is a little awkward… I’m not really used to this sort of thing. In fact, I don’t really get the point, but I’ll give in. For now. Things around the house have changed drastically. Jun moved in–her family kicked her out–and I was worried that the kids would react badly.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It really surprised me how they all acted as if it was nothing. I suppose it helps that Jun acts more like a kid than an adult, but still. I suppose I’m just expecting it to blow up in my face. Most things tend to go that way…


Jun tells Henry she's pregnant

A month or two after moving in, Jun pulled me aside. She’d been acting oddly lately and I couldn’t help but notice she seemed a little… heavier. It wasn’t an insult! It’s just, she’s a small framed girl and you tend to notice those things really easily.

I hardly expected her to say that she was pregnant, though. We’d been really careful… or so I’d thought. Accidents happen, it seems. I felt horrible, bringing a child into the world under such… odd circumstances, but Jun ignored my attempts chivalry and said things were fine the way they were.

Jun meets with Thomas

Eventually, Jun had to take time off work. I wasn’t sure what she did all day or how she kept herself busy with everyone gone. She’s a very social person and I can’t see her being happily cooped up in the house all day. Not to mention she hardly enjoyed being pregnant. I could tell she wasn’t happy about it, even if she wouldn’t admit it.

Certain days were better than others. When I came home, she seemed oddly… happy. I didn’t question it–it was a thankful reprieve from crazy hormonal bouts of rage.

Shaniqua and Gina get A+ report cards

My girls are growing up so fast… but it isn’t so bad. So far, Shaniqua has managed to squelch out her need for boys in an attempt to join Gina and Mary O`Hanlon at University. For that, I’m thankful… until I realize how many hormonal boys there are at college campuses. At least Derek will be there to watch over them for a year or two.

Shaniqua and Gina were beaming when they brought me their report cards. They’d both earned straight A’s. It was all in thanks to their study plan that involved constantly doing all their schoolwork together. It worked, I’ll give them that.

Gina disapproves of Derek's lounging

Derek, however, wasn’t as concerned with his studies as he was his girlfriend Katy. Gina had tried to get him to join her and Shaniqua, but he always declined. I just hoped he could keep his GPA high enough to get accepted… time was not on his side.

Gina often commented that if there was a scholarship for hormones, Derek would have gotten it for sure. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about that…

Jun goes into labor

Jun went into labor late one evening when only the kids were around. Gina was sure to relate the tale to me while we waited in the hospital. I hoped she was joking and simply overemphasizing certain details.

“What are you doing?” Gina demanded, watching as Shaniqua hastily leafed through a tawdry romance novel.

“There has to be SOMETHING in here about this!” The twin squeaked in response, her eyes wide. Jun let out another wail.

“Put the stupid book down!” Gina scolded, watching as Shaniqua flung it on the floor in frustration. “All that’s in there is how to make babies… not what to do with them!”

“I’ll… go call dad.” Derek said finally, snapping out of his stupor. His face was white as a ghost.


Henry proposes to Jun

Jun gave birth to a little boy that she insisted be named ‘Ryu’. He had her family’s last name, but he looked more a Saunders than anything. I was disappointed that he didn’t have my name, but Jun had been so cranky I wasn’t about to approach her with a ring.

I waited until I was sure she was in a ‘decent’ mood. It wasn’t the most romantic thing and a little voice in my head kept asking me if I was sure… but it needed to be done. I’m a family guy and I won’t leave a woman hanging like that.

She said yes, of course, though I could see she was shocked. Her face turned as pale as Derek’s when I saw him at the hospital, after Jun had given birth. I didn’t pay much mind to it–maybe she was just nervous…

The twins build a snowman

Derek left for University not long after that. The house continued to run as normal, but his presence was missed. The twins kept themselves busy, off in their own little world. I watched them build a snowman together:

“There we go,” Gina said with a smile, hands proudly on her hips. “Do you have the carrot?”

“What?” Shaniqua replied, a guilty look crossing her face. “Um… no.”

“…what happened to it?”

“I got hungry! I ate it–I thought it was a snack…”

Gina sighed, “I guess we’ll just have a noseless snowman.”

“Doesn’t he need a head before a nose, anyway?”

Gina confronts her father

My girls were incredibly understanding about the situation with Jun. They were a great help in Ryu’s care, too. I really didn’t want to hire a nanny and it worked out so our schedules allowed for the girls to care for him while Jun and I were away at work. So, it was quite a surprise when Gina asked me: “are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

Despite being the adult in the situation, I couldn’t help but look at her dumbly. She completely blindsided me with that. When did my little girls become such grownups?

“Gina, I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”

“Do you love her, dad? You shouldn’t marry her if you don’t. Ryu would understand. He’d want you to be happy, like we do. You deserve it.”

“I am happy,” I countered, though a bit more forcedly than I expected. “You don’t need to concern yourself. This is for the best. Don’t worry about me–I want this.”

Gina was completely unconvinced, I could see it on her face, but she didn’t say a word about it again. Shaniqua sat quietly, aghast at her sister’s brashness. Gina always was the more serious of the two–the ‘little’ adult. Still, if my girls were worrying about my happiness… did that mean I wasn’t happy? I couldn’t realy tell and I hadn’t really thought about it.

Ryu becomes a toddler

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of changing diapers, Ryu had a birthday. He was finally ready to use the potty. Which was certainly a good thing–I had thought my diaper changing days ended a long time ago.

He looks almost exactly like me, much like Derek did at his age. He even has that mop of curly hair. My hair straightened as I got older, but Derek’s seems adamant to stay curly. We’ll have to wait and see how Ryu’s turns out.


Note from Mao: I got a lot of lucky shots in this, for which I was thankful. Wants were also all over the place! Henry feared having a baby, but wanted to get engaged/married to Jun. Jun feared getting engaged/married… it was crazy. This house is kinda crazy. Phew.

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