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January 13, 2009

Anderson 4 – Round 22: ‘Sledgehammer, End’

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Roman Anderson has been up to no good lately and he’s beginning to wish he’d thought things through a little better.  Cara is oblivious and Gregory is still a bit too young to notice anything amiss.

When Roman suggested a vacation, Cara was quite thrilled.  She hadn’t been back to the islands since she left and returning, successful and wealthy, certainly sat well with her.  She didn’t bother questioning his motives.  Roman, meanwhile, was trying to put some distance between himself, his family, and Gordon Saunders.  He also wanted to hide his involvement with Patricia Moreno.  He was saddened by her death, but it never should have happened in the first place.  He had been weak and given a second chance.  He wouldn’t blow it this time.

“Can I swim?” Gregory asked impatiently, though politely.

“Go ahead, but stay where I can see you,” Cara warned, giving him a look.

“Yes, mother,” he said before bounding off and jumping into the surf.

When he was out of earshot, Roman said, “I hope you’re kidding.”

“I don’t know, I didn’t get a chance to properly check… but it’s a possibility.”

Gregory was completely oblivious to his parent’s worries.  He was having way too much fun exploring the island.  Of course, he couldn’t go too far.  He was a dutiful and obedient child and he did everything his mother and father said.  He remained where they could see him at all times and never ran off or ignored them when it was time to go.  Roman had done well with Gregory, this much was sure, but would it carry over to when he became a teen?  Only time would tell.  His birthday was fast approaching.

“It was a false alarm,” Cara sighed, visibly relieved.  Having a ‘late in life’ baby was not really something Cara wanted.  She was completely happy with Gregory.

Roman completely agreed and resumed being affectionate.  When she had mentioned being pregnant, part of him wondered briefly it would even be his.  He knew about her little tryst with Shang.  It had been a piece of information Gordon had given in during their days of peace.  He didn’t bother with retaliation.  Cara had punished herself quite fitfully on her own.

On their last night at the beach, they all gathered and watched the waves.  Gregory was especially unhappy to be leaving, but he was excited about his birthday.  Once he was a true teenager, he could really start helping Roman out.  He couldn’t wait to see the businesses!

Gregory grew up well and found he liked being rich and popular.  He was still subdued and obedient, but he spoke more now, and found some confidence hidden beneath it all.  He was an Anderson, after all, he had no business lacking confidence.  He was a little sad to be progressing before his best friend, Lydia, though.  She was a year behind him.  He definitely missed her.


Note from Mao: Okay, I’ll admit it, the vacation was my way to test the new lot I had built.  I completely bulldozed that crappy bungalow lot.  I couldn’t stand it.  It was cheap and tacky, yet supposedly ‘high price’?  Puh-lease.  So now my rich sims really have a place to ‘live it up’.  Trust me.  Each little unit has a kitchen.  The places cost over 1k a night, LOL.  As for Gregory boy, he’s a popularity sim.  Not too bad.  Thankfully, not romance!  Also, Cara and Roman are rolling wants for one another again and are up to 3 bolts again.  Phew.  No more affairs, plz.  The pregnancy scare was not fun, her needs kept plummeting, but it turns out, she’s not pregnant!  Yay.

December 31, 2008

Anderson – Round 22: ‘Sledgehammer, Pt. 3′

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Alyssa Anderson is trying to keep her family together, even at the end of her days.  Her son, Nevio, isn’t making it easy.  Thankfully she has Adora to add some sanity to the mix.  She loves Isolde, too, but worries for her.

Roman came in while Alyssa was at work.  Behind him was Patricia Moreno.  Nevio had seen her working at the store, she had been pretty hot before the whole pregnancy thing.  He wasn’t sure why he was agreeing to this, especially since Patricia seemed so disraught about it.

“It has to look completely sincere,” Roman warned.

“It will, I’ve done this before, remember?  Lacie…”

Roman tried not to cringe, “right.  Of course.”

Roman left the two to get acquainted before the wedding, which would happen at the end of the weekend.  As soon as the door closed behind him, Patricia lit into Nevio.

“You are sick,” she snapped.  “I can’t believe you’re agreeing to this!”

Nevio gave her a look, “you obviously agreed, too.”

“Out of love!  For my child,” Patricia replied morosely, looking off to the side. “The alternative… was hardly a better option.”

Nevio didn’t even want to know what the other option had been.

Despite the tensions and animosity between the two, the wedding continued without a hitch.  Nevio had to be sure that Alyssa was none the wiser to their jest.  It had been harder than he thought, living under the same roof.  Roman, Cara, and even Gregory were there.  Why wouldn’t they be?  It would have seemed peculiar if they hadn’t been.  Despite his best efforts, Roman found himself too busy with his thoughts to pay attention.

It was anyone’s guess what happened next.

Patricia had hardly been married ten minutes before she stepped off the platform and toppled over.  Alyssa was quick to come to her aid, as she’d heard the girl coughing profusely since she arrived.  Sickness and pregnancy usually don’t go hand-in-hand.  An ambulance was called to no avail.  She was pronounced dead on the scene.  It was truly a dismal day for all, for a death is one thing, but the death of a pregnant woman newly wed?  It’s too horrible to consider.

There was no investigation, for too many witnesses had seen it happen.  There was no foul-play, except on nature’s part.

It took some time for things to resume as normal in the manor.  The only thing that brought the cheer back was Adora’s birthday.  She was turning into a lovely young woman and Alyssa was determined to mold her into a true family matriarch.  It would take much, as Adora yearned to have children of her own.  Little did she know that along with those children would come an entire family to manage.

Unfortunately, Alyssa’s time came not long after.  Both Isolde and Adora were beside themselves with grief.  Nevio mourned inwardly, obvious only in that he no longer brought women home.  The house was a somber place, and the ripples of Alyssa’s death moved through the family and its branches.  She was not only the matriarch of a powerful family, but also the Mayor.  Many holes were left to fill when she died.

Isolde was not so good at handling her grief.  All she could see was death surrounding her.  It was a bit much for her fragile mind to handle and so she began to lash out.  She threw horrible tantrums and fits, refused to see Timothy, and would lock herself in her room, whispering into the phone receiver.  She spoke only to Lilith Yu and the mysterious friend she had met through the old woman.

Adora, meanwhile, made friends.  She knew that her grandmother wanted her to be in her own image, and so she did her best to be popular.  Maggie O`Hanlon and her got along great, even though Maggie was a little older.  They were both level-headed individuals and their attractiveness didn’t hurt the bond, either.

Adora was definitely happy to have a friend in her time of need.

Isolde had a friend, too.  Before she snuck off to University, she called her and requested what she had wanted for so long.  It was a shame that Lilith couldn’t be there to witness it.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to sate Isolde’s grief.  There was too much temptation, too much begging her to get lost, to go further in and innundate herself in its power.

It would have to wait until she reached Boreal Summit University.


Note from Mao: Apparently teens CAN be witches… yay!  So Isolde was a witch before she left.  I’ve never had a witch before, so I’m experimenting.  As for Patricia’s death, you cannot imagine the face I made.  I was truly and completely SHOCKED!  She literally just dropped over.  She’s been sick for awhile, but I thought she’d make it through the pregnancy.  Not so.  I have the illness hack from MATY that makes them fatal if not cared for.  She and her baby were my first casualties.

Last update of the year!  Happy New Year, everyone!

December 18, 2008

Anderson 4 – Round 21: ‘Sledgehammer, Pt. 2′

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Roman and Cara are having some difficulities with their marriage, but are too preoccupied with their careers to really take notice.  Little Gregory is growing quickly and is finding he has his own personality quite different from that of his parents.

Roman found himself in the midst of an affair with his store manager, Patricia Moreno.  He’s already put her up in a swanky condo dangerously close to Patrick O`Hanlon (a detail he didn’t realize until it was too late), now she had taken to publicly showing her affection.  If Roman wasn’t careful, he’d find his misdeed plastered all over tomorrow’s tabloids.

He did care for Patricia, especially since he was sure Cara had done something, but it wasn’t so deep he’d ruin everything he built.

It was getting increasingly harder to hide his activities from his family at home.  Gregory was old enough to know that Roman was often gone very late into the night and had taken to questioning him.  Of course, Roman could still blame such things on his businesses, but soon?  Gregory would be old enough to see the signs and then there would be trouble.  Gregory would go to Cara’s side and the walls would be erected.  Roman would not lose his protege.

Of course, the world doesn’t necessarily revolve around Roman’s plans.  Karma would always come to collect.  He received a phone call one pleasant midday, directly in front of Cara, from Patricia.  He moved out of earshot and proceeded to chide her quite sternly for calling his home.

‘I’m sorry, but we need to meet.  Soon,’ Patricia’s voice pleaded from the receiver.

“I can’t, it’s not convenient,” Roman snapped back, looking over his shoulder at Cara.

‘If you don’t meet me, I’ll come there.  This is important, Roman.  I have to see you now.’

Roman sighed and relented.  They’d meet somewhere discrete.  Roman left under the guise of going to check on a business, saying something had happened and they needed him.

What he was greeted with he hardly expected.  Patricia was pregnant.  How long, he couldn’t know.  He could have sworn he had been careful, but he’d never thought to question Patricia.  Roman thought she understood their arrangement.  Apparently, she hadn’t.  Now he was faced with a bastard child his family could never know about.  If the child looked anything like him, it’d be impossible to hide.  He needed a plan and fast.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Patricia asked, waiting for some reaction past the mild annoyance that crossed Roman’s face.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Roman muttered, glancing around, seeing River Yu behind them.  She wasn’t one for gossip.  Still, he pulled Patricia away from her vantage and continued, “this is a mistake.  A mess.  I’ll clean it up.”

“But Roman–”

His grip on her tightened and her eyes widened, “Listen to me, Patricia.  How stupid do you think people are?  That child could take me down and I won’t have it.  Don’t call, I’ll contact you.  I’ll clean this up.  You’ll do what I say is best.”

Patricia nodded, a little frightened.  She knew it wasn’t good but she truly had thought it was this bad either.

Meanwhile, Gregory was making friends.  He brought Lydia Anderson home from school and while they shared a last name, they shared no true relation.  They quickly became best friends and even though they got yelled at for playing catch indoors, they spent a lot of time at Gregory’s.  Lydia was a little sheepish to bring him to her house, seeing as he was loaded and well, her family was not.

Much to Roman’s chagrin, Gregory also made friends with Emma Davis.  She was Elena Davis’ daughter, Gordon’s adoptive daughter.  It was well-known that Emma and Elena were both very favored by Gordon.  Roman had already set his plan into motion involving getting Gordon back for his trickery, but he really didn’t want Gregory caught in the middle.

Of course, before Roman could truly proceed with his other plans, he had to first take care of his little mess involving Patricia.  As much as he was loathe to do so, he contacted Nevio.  Nevio, of course, had much to say about Roman’s little… accident.

“I knew you were up to something,” Nevio grinned, eyes narrowed.  “But I didn’t think it was that.”

Roman rolled his eyes, “All right, you’ve had your laugh.  Are you done?  Good.  Because now I need to ask you a favor.”

At this, Nevio’s eyebrows quirked upwards, “Me?  Seriously?  This should be good.”

“You’re going to make sure no one ties together the fact that Patricia’s child is mine.

“Oh, right, and how am I going to do that?”

“By marrying her.”


Note from Mao: I really didn’t intend for Patricia to end up pregnant, woops.  Now that she is, I have to add her to the rotation… and well, the easiest way is to stick her with Nevio, LOL!  How convenient that Roman and Cara’s bolts went back to three.  Sheesh.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to update.  I finally got GTA IV running smoothly and well, between that and the crazy hours I’m working, yeah.

October 21, 2008

Anderson 4 – Round 20: ‘Sledgehammer, Pt. 1′

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Roman and Cara Anderson are very career-driven individuals, but will the recent birth of their son, Gregory, change their ways?

Cara was happy to finally have a child of her own, though she wasn’t completely keen on giving up her career.  She was certain she could balance each duty with ease.  She had come too far to give up now and as cute as little Gregory was, well, he’d grow up and be independent and not need her nearly as much anyway.

Roman, meanwhile, was unable to enjoy the birth of his son and heir.  His manager, Kenya, was quitting on him.  She said that she wanted to focus on her family.  She wanted more children and she knew that Roman didn’t want her missing all the time.  It was a great loss and while Roman wasn’t keen on it, he did his best to end their business relationship amiably.  She was kind of family now, if distant.

It didn’t take long for him to replace Kenya, though.  He didn’t have time to wait around, he had to find a manager fast.  He had too many businesses going and it would be difficult for him to focus on just one.  A perfect candidate came up–she was new to Aperture and while it was a considerable distance to travel, she was willing.  Her skills weren’t completely up to par and she wasn’t entirely qualified, but her winning smile and charisma convinced Roman she’d be a good replacement for Kenya.

Meanwhile, Gregory continued to grow.  The years seemed to melt away into nothing.  Cara was beginning to feel like she was getting old, having a toddler son and all.  She’d taken to checking daily for wrinkles in the mirror.  She was also becoming increasingly concerned about her husband’s knowledge of her little ‘indiscretion’ with Shang Yu.  It had been a short affair and though Cara still found herself wanting to see him, she managed to cut it off.  She had to think of Gregory.

Cara needn’t have worried, though.  Roman had more important things on his mind, namely his dealings with one Gordon Saunders.  He confronted the vampire, inviting him to his home.  A risky gamble, but Roman knew now that Gordon was hardly one to act hastily.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?”

Gordon gave him a look, “She’s gone, isn’t that all that matters?  I told you, I do things my way.”

“Well, your way was not what we agreed upon.  I’m going to have to recind my offer.”

“That’s a dangerous statement, Roman.  Do you really want me as an enemy?”

Roman gave him a pointed stare, “you were always my enemy, Gordon.  You murdered my grandfather.”

“That’s debatable and you know it.  So be it, Roman.  Just watch your back.”

After his confrontation with Gordon went sour, Roman found himself in need of a distraction.  He hadn’t expected to find it in his newest employee and manager.  She had worked out better than he ever could have anticipated and was far better than Kenya could have hoped to be.  Of course, there was more to her than that.  Roman found himself spending more and more time at the store and keeping later hours.

An affair was forming, one that Roman couldn’t have seen coming if he’d tried.  It was a messy business, having a mistress, especially when he had a young son at home… but Roman couldn’t deny what was between them.  He had chosen Cara to be the perfect ‘wife’ and she looked and played the part, but little emotion passed between them these days.  Not only that, he knew she had done something and had yet to find proof, but all he needed was the change in her demeanor.

Despite his affair and businesses, Roman still managed to find time to spend with Gregory.  He wanted Gregory to grow up with a fondness for him, to trust him as a son does his father.  Gregory would be his protege and he would teach him everything he possibly could.  He would have to be prepared to go up against Gordon, given the limitless lifespan of a vampire.


Note from Mao: Yes, I’m still on hiatus!  But I have a few rounds I played a few weeks ago… like at the beginning of the month, lol.  So I’ll slowly be posting them.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember the chick’s name that Roman is messing around with… d’oh!  And yes, their affair happened so suddenly I was shocked.  Wow.  But it makes for good drama, doesn’t it?  She will likely join the playables when I get back to actually playing…

September 4, 2008

Anderson 4 – Round 19: ‘Blood Money, End’

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Roman is intent on succeeding where his grandfather Thomas failed, but can he balance home and work or will he end up in the same way?  Cara enjoys her privileged life, but temptation is a difficult thing to resist…

Cara sat on the couch, bored.  She hadn’t felt well enough to go with Roman, who went to oversee the Grocery store progress.  She also found herself missing work at the magazine, which was frustrating.  How was she going to rise up the ranks if she kept calling off?  But she just didn’t feel well enough to go in.  She couldn’t concentrate on anything.

A visit to the doctor confirmed she was pregnant.  Cara went from being annoyed to pleased–she had wanted a baby for quite some time now and had finally convinced Roman it was the ‘right’ time.  Of course, Roman’s motivations weren’t quite as ‘sweet’ as Cara’s.  He was thinking about an heir which he could train to take his place and keep the family name out of the dirt.

Either way, both were quite happy with the news.

Roman’s happiness wasn’t to last, however.  He found out from one of his sources that Gordon may not have executed the plan the way that Roman had desired.  Lacie Anderson wasn’t dead, she was simply… removed from Boreal Springs.

This wasn’t good.  Gordon had openly slighted Roman, probably to show his superiority.  Roman kept his anger on a tight leash until he could be alone to properly vent it.  Gordon would get his for this, that much was certain…

Cara was too concerned with her ever-expanding waistline to notice her husband was skulking around like a common criminal.  Would she ever get her shape back?  She couldn’t go on television looking like this!  She called up a nutritionist and a personal trainer to ask for their advice and to accrue their services.

She wanted a baby, yes, but she certainly didn’t want to compromise her ambitions!

She had heard that women often ‘glowed’ when they were pregnant.  Cara certainly didn’t feel radiant and she sure didn’t feel glamorous, either.  Their cat, Adama, seemed to agree as she lounged on the couch and brusquely rubbed her nose with the back of her hand.

Finally, Gregory Anderson came into the world.  Cara was happy to have a little baby to hold and to also have her stomach back to a normal size.  He definitely looked like his mother, a distinguishing look to separate him from the other Andersons.


Note from Mao: I knew he wouldn’t get Roman’s eyes, but I was hoping.  I adore Janine’s eyes.  More sims need to have them, dang it!

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