Boreal Springs

April 20, 2008

Saunders – Round 12: ‘Family Business, Pt. 3′

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Henry Saunders is nearing the end of his life and his wife, Janine, isn’t too far behind. Damien has taken over the house, but he and his wife, Aiyana, have had trouble producing an heir. Will Henry live to see his name carried on or will Damien fail to pass on his namesake?

Aiyana Saunders awoke to a strange feeling that gurgled in the pit of her stomach. Before she knew it, she launched out of bed and ran for the nearest toilet. After paying homage to the porcelain gods with last night’s supper, Aiyana decided that perhaps it would be wise to invest in a pregnancy test.

While her granddaughter-in-law was puking, Janine was busy at the computer. Her life was nearing its end, this much was certain. Her last physical had revealed some unpleasant growths. Janine felt old and tired, so she didn’t bother furthering the diagnosis. She was ready to move on and tired of living a constant lie. Unfortunately, in order to do so, she had to pass the burden onto her son, Gordon.

She wouldn’t be able to teach him everything and she was certain Thomas had his own motives, so Janine devised a plan. She began typing up a ‘manual’ of sorts for Gordon. She spent every waking hour at the computer, typing until her finger tips felt numb.

Aiyana, meanwhile, had scheduled a doctor’s visit after her test came out positive. She returned home with happy news–she was indeed pregnant. Damien, of course, was relieved. He knew that Henry was getting old and he wanted desperately for him to see the child born. While Derek was Damien’s real father, Henry had been more of a father-figure to him than anyone else. He and Janine had been there with him every step after Chuck’s unfortunate passing.

Aiyana was happy, too, but very nervous. She’d never been very good with babies. Perhaps she should study up?

One night, while Aiyana was browsing various parenting websites, she came across a strange file on the computer. She wasn’t very computer literate, having grown up in a commune, so when she accidentally minimized her browser, she began frantically clicking in an effort to get it back. She ended up opening a folder on the desktop that Janine had forgotten to lock. Laid out before her in text was a manual of crime. Aiyana blinked and panicked, closing the window.

Damien, who was washing the windows, gave her a strange look, “are you all right?”

Aiyana froze, unsure of what to say. Was her pregnancy making her crazy? Maybe her hormones were acting up, that’s all. She hadn’t seen that! “Y-Yeah… just spooked. A pop-up ad. Annoying, huh?”

He shrugged and continued scrubbing. Aiyana shut down the computer. That was enough oddities for one night.

Janine eventually finished her manual, unaware that Aiyana had seen it. She invited Gordon over one day and pulled him into an empty room. As the book left her hands, she knew that it was indicative of passing on her weight to her son. He smiled.

“What’s this? Don’t trust Thomas?”

“He’s my ex-husband, sweetie,” Janine replied, shaking her head. “Never trust an ex.”

“Of course, I knew better… but thanks.”

Janine gave him a look, “don’t go into this thinking you know everything, Gordon. Even you can’t prepare or weasel your way out of everything. You have to be careful. No one can ever know about this… about you…”

“What about you?”

“It won’t matter,” Janine smiled sadly. “I’ll be gone soon. The trail will hopefully end with me. Just promise me you’ll be careful.”

“I will, I promise.”

April 19, 2008

Anderson – Round 12: ‘Family Business, Pt. 2′

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Thomas Anderson has a lot on his plate and he couldn’t be happier. Jun is feeling her end is near. Alyssa and Ryu seem to have recovered from their problems. Katarina is on the cusp of teenhood while her little brothers, Nevio and Roman, are about to become children.

Thomas wasn’t surprised to see Janine and Gordon walk through the door of his office, in fact, he had invited them. It was nearly 1 am in the morning and the entire house was asleep. Gordon had recently graduated from Boreal Summit University and was currently moving into his own house down the street. He had spent the last half of his teen years and the entirety of his college ones training to become the next big criminal mastermind.

Of course, he couldn’t take it yet, Janine was still alive and she refused to force him into the fray without preparation. So, he began doing small jobs and things under Thomas before he would move on to the more nefarious deeds with Janine.

After Gordon was excused, Janine pulled Thomas aside. At first, he was curious about this change. Janine had kept her distance from him for the past year, so for her to want to be alone with him? It was certainly questionable.

“Do you think he’s ready?” Janine asked suddenly, worried.

“Perhaps,” Thomas replied, shrugging. “We’ll see, won’t we?”

Janine looked off to the side, “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish… training him.”

“Whatever do you mean, Janine? Do you suddenly find yourself incompetent?” Thomas replied, smirking. He was kidding, of course.

“No, Thomas,” Janine replied gravely, shaking her head. “I’m dying.”

Katarina Anderson was a pretty girl; she was charismatic and easy-going. Unfortunately, Katarina Anderson was not smart by any means. She struggled quite heavily with her schoolwork as the years pressed on. She was behind in several subjects and her frustration was compounded by the fact that her mother was certainly above average intelligence-wise and her father wasn’t far behind.

It was hard not to feel like a complete failure. She tried, she really did, but it just never made any sense. Tutors were hired and fired, tests were done, teachers were talked with… but there was nothing truly wrong with Katarina… she just wasn’t, well, bright.

Thomas was definitely thankful that Nevio was his selected heir. Katarina was a sweet child, but he’d need someone with quite a brain to take his position. He hadn’t quite reacted to the news Janine had given him–he wasn’t exactly sure how. So, instead, he bought a cat named Caprica. Every evil genius needs a cat, right? Caprica hated Jun and Jun hated Caprica. It was a very amusing situation.

Thomas was also amused to find that Nevio was quite fond of Caprica. Of course, Caprica wasn’t quite pleased with the attentions of a toddler. Still, it was a good sign, Thomas estimated. Nevio was perfect. Now he’d just have to wait for him to grow up and help him along the way. It would take a long time for Nevio to be fit to take his place.

Alyssa, meanwhile, was completely oblivious to her father’s plans and even more oblivious to her mother’s fate. Instead, she focused on keeping her marriage from becoming like her parents. Things had slowed down for the task force so she was finally able to get Ryu away from his books and his computer. He was writing another book, but without the strain of work, Alyssa found ways of directing his attention back to her.

The twins had their birthdays and both developed in handsome little men. Nevio was the more outspoken of the two, thanks to Thomas. While he might look like Ryu, he certainly resembled his grandfather in his personality. Roman was a little more withdrawn, content to watch everything from a distance. No one was quite sure where his personality came from, only that it was different.

Katarina also had a birthday and became quite the lovely young lady. Unfortunately for her family, all she cared about were parties and boys. Marla O`Hanlon was her best friend (and also her relative, but the family tree was so convoluted they resigned to be BFFs, OMG!) She stopped doing her schoolwork entirely, finding it better to have others take care of it for her. Any ideas her parents had of her going to college flew out the window.

She was on the fast-track to becoming your stereotypical spoiled, rich kid. Thomas just hoped she wouldn’t hurt her mother’s re-election campaign.

Jun, meanwhile, felt death creeping up on her. Her time had come, she knew this. She had caused enough trouble–it’d likely last several generations. She was pleased with all that she had done, and was ready to move on to whatever was next. Before dying, she requested that nothing big be made of her death. That wasn’t hard, as she had more enemies than friends.


Note from Mao: And another generation 1 adult dies. Sheesh! They’re dropping like flies. Alyssa and Ryu’s kids are so cute. I love genetics.

April 9, 2008

Saunders – Round 11: ‘The Next Generation’

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Henry Saunders has led a tumultuous life, but he’s got plenty of children and even more grandchildren, so he’s happy. Janine is still struggling with her life of crime, but her time is short. Damien returns from University with his fiance, Aiyana Lam, to take over the house in his father, Derek’s, stead.


Damien and Aiyana's wedding

Damien and Aiyana were married in an outside ceremony. A great majority of the neighborhood attended, but their minds weren’t all on the wedding playing out before them. Gathering so many people into a large group is sure to bring about problems. Sara had to make sure to avoid Nathaniel and did so by making Gordon sit with her. Tsung gave Lilith no space, taking the seat beside her. Derek nearly jumped out of his skin when Ryu sat next to him.

The entire ceremony was riddled with tension, but the happy newlyweds hardly noticed.

Damien and Aiyana's wedding 2

They were oblivious to the problems that surrounded them, too lost in their own wedded bliss to care. They were truly a ‘power couple’, completely enveloped in one another. It was a rare thing these days, especially in Boreal Springs, and so it was rightfully celebrated. Everyone pooled together their collective composures and applauded the union.

Aiyana sews

Aiyana kept herself busy with sewing. She was quite skilled at it and even found herself working on custom tailored suits and gowns for Alyssa Anderson to wear during her functions. This little deal was struck during her own wedding! It turned out to be a very lucrative day.

Neither Damien nor Aiyana took jobs. They had enough money to stay afloat and were much too busy with their own endeavors to really hold down a job.

Janine works with Gordon

Janine spent her time tutoring Gordon on the finer points of being a criminal. He had a lot to learn and little time. Janine could feel her age creeping up on her. The end was near. She was too old for this, too old for the sneaking and the lying. She only hoped she could die as Janine Saunders and not the criminal personal and moniker she had come to hate. She just had to continue being careful and hope, pray, that Derek didn’t do anything hasty.

Janine and Henry

While she had spent a good part of her marriage having a strange affair with her ex-husband Thomas, there was no denying where Janine’s heart lie. It was with Henry–she loved him. Thomas was something different and dangerous, but Henry was her safety, her true love. She hated lying to him and she hated being unfaithful, but it wasn’t in her to fight it. She led two separate lives and it just started to make sense that what her criminal side did had no reflection on what Janine felt or thought.

Damien and Aiyana

Damien and Aiyana shared the same type of love, though there was no adultery or twisted affairs involved. Aiyana found Damien’s family history puzzling and troubling, but decided it had no reflection on Damien. Besides, she was weird, too. Who wasn’t? It was their awkwardness oddness that made them so perfect.

Unfortunately for Aiyana, she had no idea that her step-mother-in-law was the leader of the dreaded crime syndicate. Damien was just as clueless.

Damien and Aiyana are troubled

Despite being busy with their own hobbies and quests for knowledge… Damien and Aiyana had been trying to have children. Henry had been dropping hints since the wedding that he wanted to see grandchildren before her died. They had no problem trying, who does? But it just didn’t seem to be working.

Perhaps it was stress or just the fact of trying too hard. They decided to stop focusing so hard on it and just let be what would be.


Note from Mao: I’m thankful Aiyana isn’t pregnant yet, but I’m surprised. With Inteen back, I can’t force pregnancies, my ‘Try For Baby’ is gone and only ‘WooHoo’ remains. It is randomly risky woohoo or try for baby. So, we’ll see. I really want Henry to be around for the birth–it’ll be his tenth grandchild!

April 7, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 11: ‘Little Secrets, End’

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Mary O`Hanlon has no idea that Derek is involved in the very criminal organization she’s trying to out. Gina Saunders is becoming quite the prolific author, while Marla and Julie are enjoying their oblivious years as children.


Mary talks to Derek

“I don’t understand what the big deal is,” Mary said, giving her husband a look. “I’m doing this to protect our children.”

Derek sighed, “it’s too dangerous, Mary. You should just let the task force do their job and stay out of it.”

“I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to, which I don’t. I’m the District Attorney, I need to support the task force and make sure that everything is according to the books. I can’t just sit by idly and wait for something to happen.”

“It isn’t worth talking about it now, especially not in front of Julie.”

Mary talks to Ryu

Later that day, Ryu Anderson turned up. Of course, they met in secret. It wasn’t the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. They stood in the garage, Mary making sure the door was locked. Ryu was at the head of the task force and they had been working together for months.

“You’re not going to like this,” Ryu began, giving her a sympathetic look. “Even I’m having trouble believing it.”

“What? Have you found out the identity of the crime lord?”

Ryu shook his head, “not exactly… we’ve just found some sketchy evidence involving the Katy Saunders case.”

“Excuse me?”

“It wasn’t an accident, Mary,” Ryu began somberly. “She was murdered.”

Mary confronts Derek

Mary took some time to let what Ryu told her sink in. Katy Saunders was murdered. Her husband’s ex-wife was killed in cold blood, in her own home, while she was four months pregnant. It was a sickening thought. She couldn’t help but question Derek’s involvement, despite better reasoning. She pulled him aside in an attempt to confront him.

“What’s going on, Mary? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Did you know?” Mary began, ignoring his questions. “Did you know that Katy was murdered?”

He blinked, clearly stunned, “wh-what?”

“The case was re-examined for any possible ties to the criminal syndicate we’re investigating… and it’s been found that Katy was murdered, she didn’t die accidentally.”

Before Derek could respond, Marla came bounding into the room. Derek and Mary shared a quiet look before addressing their daughter, who insisted that one of them help her with her homework.

Mary asks Gina

Mary just couldn’t get the idea of Derek being involved off her mind. She went to Gina, hoping to find some answers. Unfortunately, Gina wasn’t nearly as receptive to Mary pegging her brother as a murder as she thought.

“Are you crazy? What kind of question is that?” Gina replied, clearly offended. “Derek wouldn’t do something like that.”

Mary looked sheepish, “I… I know… it’s just… everything is so crazy. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No,” Gina replied, softening, “it’s okay… I understand. What happened to Katy was tragic, but Derek could never do something like that.”

Mary nodded, heading towards the door, “you’re right. I’m just being silly.”

Derek calls Janine

That evening, when he was sure everyone was asleep, Derek snuck out of bed and went for the phone. He quickly dialed Janine’s cell phone and waited for her to pick up.

“Derek, I told you not to call from your house!” Janine scolded, her voice a quiet whisper. “What is it?”

“She knows, about Katy,” Derek said hastily. “They know it wasn’t an accident.”

Janine took a deep breath, “damn it, Derek. Where is your head? Hang up the phone!”

Derek did as he was told, not noticing that Gina had woken up and was headed for the bathroom. Upon seeing her brother, she quickly moved back into her door and waited for him to return to his room.

March 31, 2008

Saunders – Round 10: ‘Family Business, Pt. 1′

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Henry Saunders is blissfully oblivious as to the nature of his wife, Janine’s, job. He’s also completely unaware that their son, Gordon, wants desperately to follow in her shoes.


Janine talks to Florence

Florence had stopped by to visit her mother, completely oblivious as to what awaited her. Janine had phoned her an hour earlier, telling her to stop by, that they needed to have a talk. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but Janine couldn’t stand to let Florence continue living a lie. Of course, Florence didn’t believe her.

“That’s ridiculous,” Florence scoffed. “Shaniqua wouldn’t do that.”

“I’m sure you want to believe that,” Janine pressed on cautiously. “I just thought you should know.”

“Thanks, mom, but you’re wrong. She wouldn’t do that.”

Gordon is determined

Gordon, meanwhile, hadn’t given up on his hopes of taking over the ‘family business’. He was quite into fitness and spent most of his days working on his flexibility. Sitting on top of the heap allowed you to send minions to do your bidding, but Gordon knew how dangerous it was. He wanted to be able to dispose of anyone who would dare try to cause him harm.

He wasn’t aware that his mother had an edge because of her ex-husband, Thomas.

Gordon gets an A+

Gordon was beyond pleased when he received his straight A report card. He quickly showed it off to Janine, trumpeting his ability to keep in tip-top-shape while maintaining his grade average. She was suitably impressed.

“Can you see I’m serious now?”

Janine sighed, “Gordon, you don’t know what you’re saying–”

“Yes, I do and I won’t stop until I prove that to you!”

Gordon proves his worth

And prove it he did. Janine decided to play along, figuring he’d drop out the harder she pressed him, but he didn’t. In fact, he excelled at every task put upon him. He scaled the obstacle course like it was nothing at all, scarcely losing a breath all the while. He was a born natural, flexible and agile as a monkey and cunning, too. Her sweet little boy wasn’t quite as sweet and innocent as he claimed to be.

Janine had no choice now. Gordon was her son, and she would never wish him harm… but he was perfect. There was no other option.

Gordon hangs out with Shang

When he wasn’t training to be the next criminal mastermind, Gordon hung out with Tsung’s younger brother Shang. While Tsung and Gordon were best friends, Tsung had left for University early, leaving him alone. Shang wasn’t too bad, they would often just sit around watching TV. Shang wanted desperately to be a rock star and spent a lot of time concentrating on music videos and trends.

Gordon, meanwhile, wondered if it would be to his benefit to extend his mother’s influence into the music business. Just think of how much power that would add to their arsenal…

March 23, 2008

Saunders – Round 9: ‘The Mystery of Chuck, Pt. 1′

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Henry and Janine are elders now, but while Henry may have retired, Janine hasn’t. Will her second life keep them from enjoying their final years? And what of their son, Gordon? How will it effect him? The twins Chuck and Damien still aren’t sure who will come back and take over, but they are sure they want to head to University!


Chuck kisses Lilith

Chuck had spent a tremendous amount of time and effort on Lilith Anderson. So much so, that she was even starting to come around a little. Well, as around as a girl like Lilith could ever come, that is. So it wasn’t any big surprise that he finally made his move when she came over one day to beat Damien at a new game he’d bought.

To say Lilith was surprised would have been a drastic understatement.

Lilith punches Chuck

Lilith hooked him hard on the arm and sneered angrily, “what are you doing?!”

“How long are you gonna keep up the tough girl act?” Chuck retorted, surprisingly calm in the face of Lilith’s anger. “You know you like me.”

“Give me a break,” Lilith shot back. “You’re a jerk.”

“Sure, if you think so. But doesn’t that make us perfect?”

Lilith and Chuck are busy

For the next few weeks, Damien lost his gaming partner. Gordon tried to pick up the slack, but he wasn’t terribly good at video games. He much preferred to be doing something active. Lilith was too preoccupied to bother and Chuck was more than happy about the situation.

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end…

Chuck is ignited

Chuck was showing off the train set that Janine had helped him with as a kid when suddenly, it exploded into flames. Lilith cried out and jumped back, but Chuck had nowhere to run. The flames engulfed him and Lilith was forced to watch as he died a slow and agonizing death.

Lilith wasn’t quite sure what came over her, but watching someone die was hardly pleasant. It was sort of like an ‘out of body’ experience–like she was watching herself watch Chuck.

Lilith meets Death

Lilith was surprised when she saw an ethereal figure appear with a large scythe in hand. It was most certainly Death, though Lilith could swear that mortals weren’t supposed to see him. He seemed just as surprised, though he continued with his duty. There was no pleading for Chuck, as Lilith could scarcely move. She could only watch. Death had put the fire out on the train set in the midst of the confusion. Before he left, he looked at Lilith and said:

“It isn’t your time.”

When Henry finally managed to get upstairs, he was shocked to find Lilith comatose and Chuck very much burnt alive. There was nothing anyone can do to save him, he was already gone. Lilith was quite traumatized, however.

Damien is distraught

Damien was inconsolable. He lost his brother, his twin, his ‘other half’. It was like someone had taken a piece of him away. It was difficult to rationalize what had happened, as it just didn’t make any sense. Why would the train set ignite? What had he done?

First their mother had died, now Chuck was gone. It was almost as if the family was cursed. At least Katy’s death was explainable, but Chuck’s? They’d never really know what happened. Lilith had been taken away to spend a week at a facility that would hopefully help her recover from the trauma. They had been advised never to mention the incident to her again.

March 21, 2008

Anderson – Round 9: ‘Misery Business, End’

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Thomas Anderson has the world at his finger tips, including his girlfriend, Jun Yu, and his daughter, Alyssa Anderson. Now that Alyssa has graduated and is preparing to marry Ryu Yu, can Thomas maintain his hold?


Alyssa and Ryu get married

Alyssa and Ryu were married immediately after graduation, as per Thomas’ orders. It was the only way he’d allow it to happen–Ryu would not live in their house otherwise. Oddly enough, during the ceremony, Thomas found himself seated next to Gordon Saunders. It was a bit odd, seeing his ex-wife’s spawn with his hated enemy. So much so, it nearly distracted him from the rest of the ceremony.

Alyssa and Ryu get married 2

As Thomas watched, he couldn’t help but think Alyssa hadn’t been so foolish after all. If Ryu really did care about her, he’d be less inclined to cause trouble. Everything had to be in perfect order for Alyssa’s political career to take off. She was on her way to becoming a judge right now, but that was only the beginning.

If Alyssa could keep Ryu in line, everything would be fine. Nevermind that Ryu’s mother, who left him as a child, was Thomas’ own live-in girlfriend.

Janine talks to Derek

The wedding party was huge and included Alyssa’s mother, Janine, and her step-siblings. Janine situated herself next to Derek. He’d been getting jumpy lately and it didn’t sit well with Janine. Wedding or not, he needed to be reminded that what happened to Katy could not be made public.

“Just keep quiet and everything will be fine,” Janine said through her teeth, smiling broadly.

Derek did the same, “I think Mary suspects something.”

“Nonsense,” Janine replied. “She’s busy with the twins. Just act normal and forget about it. Everything will be fine as long as you keep quiet.”

Ryu talks to Alyssa

There was no time for a honeymoon, Alyssa had to be sworn in as a judge the next day. Alyssa had wanted a nice few days on the beach, especially since Thomas had recently purchased a vacation house, but it wasn’t finished yet. They’d have to wait until Alyssa was secure in her seat as Mayor to take their belated honeymoon.

During his stay at the Anderson house, Ryu caught on quick to the ‘way of things’. Thomas ran everyone. He told them what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done. It was unnerving and Ryu couldn’t help but suspect Thomas’ motives for pushing Alyssa’s platform when it came to her career. He confided this to her one afternoon.

“Daddy just wants what is best for me,” Alyssa responded, brushing off his accusations. “Sure, he’s controlling, but it’s his way of showing he cares. It always has been–ask Florence!”

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Ryu countered, not falling for it. He didn’t trust Thomas, but he certainly feared him. “He’s up to something, Alyssa. Just be careful.”

Alyssa rolled her eyes, “just because you’re afraid of him doesn’t mean he’s a bad man, Ryu.”

Jun Yu is an elder

Meanwhile, Jun Yu found herself much older and not so much wiser. She certainly didn’t feel like an old granny, so she refused to dress like one. She dyed her hair and bought some new, flattering clothes. Why dress like an old biddy? She was still young at heart and certainly the best looking woman of her age group, to be sure.

Ryu is worried about Alyssa

Several months after the wedding, Ryu began to notice a change in Alyssa. She was taking frequent naps and would run off without explanation, only to emerge sometime later with a pale face and glassy eyes. To say he was worried would have been an understatement. When he heard her get up from her nap and stomp through the hall, he hurried up the stairs and caught her in the bathroom.

“Are you all right?”

She jumped, and turned to face him, clearly surprised, “wh-what are you doing?”

“I heard you get up and run, I just came to check on you,” he said, giving her an odd look. “Are you sick?”

“No, I’m fine. Just some bad lobster–that’s all.”

Thomas trains Alyssa

Truth be told, Alyssa had been feeling ill for nearly two weeks now. It made it hard to concentrate when he father ran her through her speeches. She was a senator now, only a step away from election. She really need to be on her best when it came to preparing, but she just couldn’t focus.

“Alyssa, what’s wrong with you? What has any of this got to do with violins?” Thomas said, his eyes narrowing.

Alyssa sighed heavily, “violins? Was I talking about violins?”

“Yes,” he replied, eyebrows raised. “You were.”

“Oh, I’m sorry–” Suddenly, her face paled. She ran off towards the bathroom without another word.

March 14, 2008

Saunders – Round 8: ‘Dirty Dealings, Pt. 2′

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Henry and Janine have reached the end of their adult lives. Can they make the best of their elder years or will the lies and mystery pass down to their son, Gordon? Chuck and Damien remained behind when Derek Saunders left to become Derek O`Hanlon. Will they grow up to be well-adjusted or just plain weird?


Janine plays with Chuck

Janine had to admit that it was a little odd the twins stayed behind. Henry explained that one of the twins would take over the house, so it was important that they stay. Truth be told, he felt more like the twins were his own sons instead of grandchildren. They certainly acted the part!

Chuck shared Janine’s interest in tinkering with electronics, so she brought home an old, unfinished train set. They bonded over fixing it.

Gordon plays with Tsung

Gordon, meanwhile, was too busy with his best friend Tsung Yu. The two were inseparable–especially since Nathaniel Anderson had his birthday and was off to a different school. Tsung wasn’t terribly athletic, but he did have a want to know everything, so Gordon taught him about basketball (which he learned from Henry).

While Tsung’s interest in everything was understandable, one couldn’t help but question his sudden want to know about sports. It was well-known that Lilith was a secret athlete (as was her best friend Sara)… and it was also known that Tsung and Lilith had a bit of a rivalry.

Shang plays with the twins

While his brother Tsung was too serious for the twins, Shang found them to be great company. Damien was especially gifted at video games and Shang had fun trying to keep up. Sure, the twins were older, but they befriended Shang all the same. He was ‘cool, for a little kid’, they said.

Chuck wasn’t nearly as good at the games they played, so he just watched and kept score.

Janine talks to Thomas

Janine may have crossed over to the next part of her life, but she certainly wasn’t too old for her job. In fact, she felt invigorated by her gray hairs and wizened face. She had climbed to the top and even had a task force the local authorities had made dedicated to stopping her operations. That was impossible, as Janine was too good. Her double-life allowed her the comfort of an alternate identity to hide in when the cops came sniffing around. Who would ever suspect a sweet old grandmother?

“It’s fine, Derek, I promise,” Janine assured her step-son. “Stop worrying. I took care of everything. Just keep quiet and it’ll all blow over. Yes, I’m sure. No, I don’t think Mary knows and she won’t if you act normal. Okay, all right. I’ll see you. Bye.”

Henry and Janine

Henry also entered the land of gray hair and was quite happy about it. He could now fully enjoy his status as ‘grandpa’. Unfortunately, he was still worried about Janine. He knew for certain she was hiding something–military training had given him that much sense. He just wasn’t sure how to broach the subject without upsetting her.

“Was that Derek on the phone?”

Janine smiled, taking his hand, “yes. If I had known you were home, I would have given you the phone.”

“He seems to be doing well, despite what happened to Katy.”

“He’s happy with Mary,” Janine replied, giving his hand a squeeze. “It’s what he wanted from the beginning. Katy wasn’t as nice as she let on. But it’s over, so let’s not concern ourselves with it, okay?”

“Yes, I guess you’re right…”

Janine talks to Gordon

Gordon woke up from a late nap to find Janine laying on one of the unoccupied beds. She didn’t seem to notice him at first, so he stood their quietly until she finally said:

“Gordon, you know mommy loves you, right?”

“Yes,” he nodded, a little confused. He was young, but a quiet maturity lurked beneath his innocence. “Are you okay, mommy?”

Janine nodded, a half-smile forming on her lips, “yes, just a little tired. Mommy picked a hectic life and she worries a lot. About you, your sisters, Henry…” she stopped, and looked at him. “Just remember, Gordon… that no matter what, mommy loves you, okay?”

“Yes, mommy.” He said, noting the sad look in her eyes. Instead of saying anything, he changed the subject. “Is it dinnertime yet? I’m hungry.”

“Close enough, sweetie. Come on.” Janine moved from the bed and led him downstairs.

Damien and Chuck are teens

The twins had their birthdays and grew up to be more different than ever. Damien mellowed out a little and decided that knowledge was a pretty cool way to expand on his gaming. If he learned everything there was to learn, than he’d surely be the best! Chuck, meanwhile, decided that his ‘refined’ mind was best suited at wooing the ladies–all the ladies. It was something Chuck and Damien just couldn’t agree on.

“Dude, c’mon, you know aliens are totally hot.”

Damien made a face, “you’re talking about Lilith Anderson? She’s crazy!”

“You’re just mad because she kicked your butt online,” Chuck retorted, rolling his eyes. “Those hard-balling chicks are the thing these days, you know? Like Sara!”

“Oh, gross!” Damien was horrified. “She’s like, our… um… sister? Half-sister–yeah, that–half-sister! Stick to the aliens, you weirdo.”

Chuck made a face, “I didn’t say I wanted to date her, Mr. Uptight. Sheesh. But Lilith? That could be… interesting.”

“Yeah, if you don’t enjoy having balls. Whatever, dude. You’re crazy.”

Janine fulfills her LTW

Finally, for the first time in her life, Janine felt fulfilled. She was literally the top of the top when it came to crime. Not only did the local government want her gone, but the bigger agencies as well. It was a bittersweet victory. Now her double-life was necessary and she could never expose who she really was.

She would live out the lie for the rest of her days. If she were to tell, she’d put her family in danger.

Chuck meets Lilith

Using his charisma (and Sara), Chuck got Lilith to come over. Sara wandered into the living room to play video games with Damien while Chuck kept Lilith out in the kitchen. His charming compliments and ways had no effect on the tough-as-nails Lilith Anderson. She snorted derisively and called him names.

By the end of the visit, Chuck was certain he’d get Lilith–one way or another. Meanwhile, Lilith had to admit she was intrigued by his persistence. Most guys either backed off and ran away crying to their mommies. Chuck had courage.


Note from Mao: All my Gen1 adults are becoming elders! It’s amazing, haha. I’m still having a lot of fun with this, so it’s all good. As for Lilith and Chuck? Chuck’s FIRST convo after becoming a teen was, literally, about aliens. That’s all he talked about and then he brought Lilith Anderson home. Say it with me folks… three bolts. We’ll see how it goes. I had planned on having Lilith reroll in college.

March 13, 2008

Anderson – Round 8: ‘Dirty Dealings, Pt. 1′

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Thomas Anderson has everything in the palm of his hands; his daughter, Jun Yu, and even his ex-wife. What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas and Janine talk

To say Janine was surprised when Thomas called her directly would have been an understatement. Worrying that something had gone awry with their questionable dealings, Janine hurried over only to find Thomas seated smugly behind his desk. The knowing look he gave her was unnerving.

“I never thought you a murderer, Janine.”

Janine was unmoved by his false sincerity, “it isn’t something I take pride in and I’m not about to take it up as a hobby, so if you’re–”

“Oh, no,” Thomas replied quickly. “I have no desire to get my hands dirty with any of that. Which is why I’ve called you here. Don’t do it again, or our deal is off. That’s risky business and it could ruin everything.”

Janine didn’t reply. Instead, she moved to leave the office.

Janine and Thomas

“Not a word, Janine? Not a single tear of remorse?” He said, stopping her. “You’ve become as cold as me.”

Janine rolled her eyes, “I did what was necessary, Thomas. I’m not about to deny it.”

“Necessary for that little family you hold so dear. Why don’t you tell them about what you do, hm? And where you go at night? Perhaps Henry would be interested–”

Janine pushed past him, “you’d best watch what you say to a murderess, Thomas.”

Thomas and Jun

The next morning, Jun was quite interested in knowing why Janine had come over. She was completely oblivious to Thomas’ real schemes and he planned to keep it that way. She was a nice little accessory and her fame definitely helped him pull some necessary strings. If she found out, though, he’d likely have to call in Janine’s little ‘murderess’ expertise.

“It was just about Alyssa,” Thomas lied. “Her University dealings and whatnot. Nothing terribly important.”

Jun quirked an inquisitive brow upward, “is Alyssa coming back here when she graduates? The house will be crowded.”

At this, Thomas’ jaw tightened, “she is my daughter, Jun. She’ll go wherever I go. Perhaps you’d best recheck your standing when it comes to importance.”

Thomas finds out

Unfortunately for Thomas, his little daughter was not being the good girl she was taught to be. When she visited, she brought Ryu Yu with her. Jun was his mother, true, but they hardly had a relationship. Instead, he came with Alyssa and for reasons Thomas did not like.

“I’m not marrying that old guy, daddy,” Alyssa said firmly, though with a smile. She tried to subtly cuff Ryu in the shoulder, but he just silenced the moue of pain and kept quiet. This gave Thomas a moment to speak.

“And why is that, Alyssa? He has more than enough money to fund your political campaign.”

Again, Alyssa hit Ryu. This time in the ankle. He jumped, calling attention to himself. Thomas stared at him, his eyes narrowed. This was a bad, bad idea. Why had he agreed to this? Though, it was better than eloping–Thomas surely would have killed him then.

“Er, because,” Ryu managed, finding his courage. “She’s already engaged–to me.”

Thomas and Alyssa talk

The door slammed so hard it nearly came off its hinges. Thomas had drug poor Alyssa into her old room and had planned a stern talking, but found she was ready for him.

“I don’t care what you’re going to say, daddy. It won’t change anything.”

Thomas was unable to bridle his anger, “how can you do something so stupid, Alyssa? Didn’t I teach you better than this? Ryu is hardly suitable to be your husband! He’s–”

“He does everything I say, daddy.” Alyssa shot back. “He always has and he always will! What could possibly be more suitable? An old man who will likely beat me? I’d sooner die, daddy. I’m marrying Ryu and that’s that.”

She stormed out of the room in a huff, leaving Thomas to wallow in his defeat. He knew letting Ryu near Alyssa was dangerous. Though Alyssa’s reasoning was somewhat good, he had to question if there wasn’t more she was hiding from him.

Jun makes a match

Meanwhile, Jun was making her own matches. She introduced Shaniqua to one of her friends from the studio. He was a nice guy, Shaniqua had to admit, and they got along quite well. Jun knew Shaniqua wasn’t completely happy with just women, so she decided to make her broaden her horizons.

At first, Shaniqua was extremely hesitant. She was with Florence, after all, and she loved her… in her own way. But when she started meeting men, she couldn’t help the way she felt. They were only friends and she hadn’t done anything wrong… yet.

Thomas is an elder

Thomas aged gracefully and couldn’t help but be happy with the way things were going. Sure, the Alyssa and Ryu thing was a setback… but perhaps he could find a way to make it work. Ryu was palpable enough, he guessed. He could be shaped. That’s what Thomas did, after all, he shaped people into greatness.

He shook the ants in their tiny house, grinning. This little suburb was his ant farm and the people were his obedient little ants.


Note from Mao: This was the first lot I played after installing Free Time! Given the drastic changes to the core programming of the game with FT, I figured the hacks would take forever. I replaced InTeen with risky WooHoo and am using the OBJ version of InSim. Supposedly, SimPE works with FT… but we’ll see. I am also now safely in WV/Ohio and all set up. This was a backlogged entry I forgot to write. From here on out, we’re up-to-date with my current playing!

March 4, 2008

Saunders – Round 7: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 3′

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Henry Saunders and Janine Saunders are finally married and though, late in life, they have a child together named Gordon. Unfortunately, Henry’s eldest son, Derek, isn’t nearly as happy with his wife, Katy. They have twin boys, Chuck and Damien, but with Derek’s newest discovery, he isn’t really thinking about their well-being. Ryu is thankful to be off to University ASAP.


Ryu wasted no time working on his early application to Boreal Summit University. He wasn’t a genius, but he was ridiculously determined. Determination had won the day and Ryu got his acceptance. While he would miss his father and the others he had grown up with and he hated that he’d never live within the house again, he couldn’t wait to be off. The tension was unnerving and he couldn’t wait to see Alyssa.

Henry saw him off. There wasn’t a single trait of Jun evident in Ryu and for that, Henry was certainly thankful.

Henry plays with Sara

Henry couldn’t say the same for his eldest son, Derek. He was quite surprised when Mary appeared with a little blonde haired girl in toe, especially when he got a closer look. Sara was unmistakably a Saunders, and a little older than the twins. He wasn’t sure when it had happened and he didn’t bother asking. He let them in–Katy was at work–and got to know his latest grandchild while Mary went to talk to Derek.

Sara may have looked like a Saunders, but she was her mother’s daughter–quick and sharp as a tack. Henry never made any claims to being a terribly smart man, and so he wasn’t ashamed when she obliterated him at chess.

Mary talks to Derek

Mary found Derek upstairs in the room they used for pretty much everything. An awkward silence hung between them before Mary finally said:

“She’s downstairs, Derek. We’ll wait for you to get cleaned up.”

Derek simply nodded. It was a strange feeling–for him to be angry at Mary. Perhaps it wasn’t so much anger as it was just pure hurt. She hadn’t told him–why?

Sara meets Derek

Derek was surprised when he saw Sara–she looked almost exactly like the twins, only with Mary’s green eyes. Of course, she was a bit more talkative and articulate. That probably came from both Mary and Gina’s influence–they were intelligent, high-earning women. It wasn’t as awkward as Derek had thought it would be, Sara seemed more interested in asking him all sorts of questions than discussing why he had ignored her for eight years.

While Mary had dreaded this moment since finding out she was pregnant, she couldn’t help but smile. She hated keeping the two apart and it was good to finally stop lying.

Sara meets her half-brothers

Sara mingled with her half-brothers perfectly, as if she had been raised with them from birth. She looked like them, so Chuck and Damien really didn’t think much of it. She was their sister, right? So what was the big problem? Damien liked her because she watched sports with him and actually knew what was going on. Chuck liked her because he could ask her what the difficult words in the book he was reading were.

Sara liked them simply because she had been an only child for eight years and the thought of having brothers was really cool. That, and she was older than them. That was cool, too.

Derek and Sara talk

Unfortunately, once they were alone, Derek and Sara weren’t mingling nearly as well. Mary had thought Derek would see Sara, be happy, and then explain to Katy what had happened. Hopefully Katy would be all right with Derek visiting Sara. She hadn’t expected him to want to leave Katy.

“You can’t do that, Derek,” she said angrily. “What about the twins? They need you, they’re your sons!”

“I didn’t say I’d leave them behind, Mary. They like Sara and they would like you, too. They’re very agreeable–”

“No, Derek. NO.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest. “What’s wrong with you? I won’t be a home wrecker. Why do you want this so badly, anyway? Katy is beautiful and perfect–she always has been. I’m, well, I’m just not, okay? Next to her, I’m that frumpy kid in glasses that people can’t seem to peg for a boy or a girl.”

Derek shook his head and moved closer to her, “to me, that’s not true. To me, you are perfect.”

Katy comes home

Katy sighed. It had been a long, long day at the hospital. Some cranky old bat had spent the past four hours insisting that Katy was too young and she demanded a different doctor. She was thankful to be home, but when she walked into the livingroom, she suddenly felt very ill at ease. Damien was seated on the couch, and next to him, a little girl who could have been his sister–they looked that much alike.

“Hi, sweetie,” Katy said, trying to hide her worry. “Who is your friend?”

“This is Sara, mommy! She’s my sister.”

Katy swallowed hard. “Where’s your father?”

“In your room, mommy.”

Katy catches Mary and Derek

Katy wasn’t surprised when she walked in and saw Derek and Mary. How could she have been? The only thing she could think of was how long had it been going? Sara looked a bit older than the boys–had they been at this since before Katy and Derek were married?

They saw her, of course, and quickly parted. Derek didn’t look terribly apologetic, but Mary seemed mortified. For this, Katy hated her. Were it not for their children being right outside, she would have tore into her.

Katy corners Mary

You!” Katy seethed, shutting the door behind her and moving in on Mary. “Get your child and get out of my house, right now. I swear, if I see you around again–”


“Shut up, Derek. Just shut up,” she shot back, never taking her eyes off the frightened blonde. “Get out. Now!”

Mary silently left the room and gathered Sara. They were gone in mere minutes.

Derek and Katy

That night, Derek sat up waiting for Katy. He figured she’d scream at him and demand a divorce–in fact, he hoped for it. Instead, she acted as if nothing happened and quietly moved to go to bed. Derek gave her an incredulous look.

“You don’t want to talk about it?”

“No,” Katy said firmly. “I’m pregnant, Derek. I won’t have children from a broken home. You can stay with the boys until I’m ready to look at you again.”

Derek grumbled, moving off the bed. Before he left, he said, “I don’t love you, Katy.”

Katy sighed and looked at the door that closed behind him, “you did before she came along and ruined everything.”

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