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December 13, 2008

Knight – Round 21: ‘Passing Days’

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Travis and Marla Knight have been surprised with a very late baby.  Will this interfere with their current plans?

While neither Marla nor Travis really wanted to have another child, they still lavished Jennifer with attention.  The worst part of it was that she was a ‘late in life’ baby and soon, her parents would be graying.  Marla wasn’t quite sure how she felt about having a child and also waiting to be a grandma.  It was a little strange.

Travis, on the other hand, was mostly concerned about going gray.

Anticipating troublesome toddler days, Marla started to get in shape.  Running around the restaurant and the bakery were certainly exercise, but doing some work at home couldn’t hurt, either.  Even if Jennifer turned out to be a fairly untroublesome toddler, Marla would still be ready for anything.  Bosco supported her, in spirit, from his cat bed where he dozed lazily.

Travis was older than Marla, so he went gray first.  It wasn’t as bad as he had originally thought, he still looked good.  In fact, the gray had added to it.  His position as the DA was made for this type of appearance.  Upon seeing Travis’ transition, Marla was becoming less and less certain about her own.  Gray hair, really?  But she still had so much to do…

Thankfully, Jennifer turned out to be a well-behaved toddler.  Whenever Marla got the chance, she spent some time with her youngest daughter.  Kit even came in from Boreal Summit University a few times to see her.  Marla had heard rumors as to what was happening there and preferred not to think them true.  As tempting as it was to ask Kit about them, she resisted.

When she wasn’t at home, she was working.  Her restaurant’s ratings were soaring through the roof and it was definitely pleasing to read all the wonderful reviews.  She tried to really get in with her customers, greet them, ask them how their meal was, all of that good stuff.  Sade’s face was indifference really didn’t help Marla’s confidence, but she hadn’t ordered yet.

Of course, with popularity comes creepy perverts who only come to see women dressed in kimonos, serving him food.  Marla had to deal with several of these men, who loudly declared their love for their waitress and scared her back into the kitchen where she fetched Marla.  Chasing them out was easy, there were several large pans at Marla’s disposal back there.

She was beginning to wonder if she should hire a guy onto her staff, just to prevent these issues.


Note from Mao: Things are pretty standard here again.  I mostly played with Marla’s restaurant, trying to get it to 10 stars.  Only one away, yay!

October 4, 2008

Knight – Round 20: ‘And She Was, End’

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Marla and Travis Knight have survived a slight “snag” in their marriage and have a lovely and brilliant daughter, Kit, who is ready to go to University.

Kit had spent many late nights working on her latest obsession–the stars and space.  She couldn’t quite explain the thrill to anyone else, but she certainly felt it when she gazed up at the endless sky.  It was just inconceivable to think that there wasn’t life out there.  She was determined to find out.

She made a makeshift “beacon” out of the large and expensive telescope her parents had gifted her.  She spent many late nights trying to contact “outside life.”

Travis, meanwhile, was enjoying his new job as DA.  Mary O’Hanlon left some big shoes to fill, but he was determined to do just that.  He had clawed his way to the top and he was intent to keep himself king of the hill.  There was some messy business involving a crime organization that weighed heavily on his mind, but somehow, he wasn’t too concerned with it.

Kit was surprised when she finally met her visitors from the endless beyond.  She was lifted off the ground and floated weightlessly into what looked like a gigantic metal plate with flashing lights.  It was unfortunate that when she returned, she remembered nothing of what happened after that.

She did manage to earn a scholarship for it, though.  Sure, they deemed her story ‘creative writing’, but thought it was so well done that she certainly deserved some money.  Kit was determined to prove it wasn’t fiction.

Marla was in for her own surprise.  She and Travis had never planned on having anymore kids, but life has a funny way of surprising you.  Marla was pregnant.  She hadn’t even realized it until late.  She was older and so, she had to be more careful, but she was happy.  Kit was a wonderful child and she’d miss her.  Now she had something to keep her occupied.

Travis was too busy to really react.  He was hoping for a boy, but that’s about as much time as he could invest in the new baby.  It would seem that the criminal organization was a bigger threat and problem that he previously realized.  It was becoming time consuming and annoying to deal with.  Travis was a man of means and he really didn’t see any real way to topple this behemoth.  No, there had to be another way to deal with it…

Kit was in her senior year when she befriended James Yu.  He was a nice kid and he shared her interest for the ‘visitors’.  Unfortunately, he seemed to take their relationship has something more.  Kit was several years older and generally uninterested.  She tried to let him down kindly, but he insisted that age was just a number.

That may be true, but University was not a number and it was quite a distance.  She bid her friend farewell and hopped into a cab with Sade O`Hanlon.

Before Kit even got settled at Boreal Summit University, little Jennifer Knight was born.  Marla was overjoyed to have another girl.  She followed the same pattern of looks as her sister, but she had Marla’s brown hair.


Note from Mao: I didn’t anticipate them having another kid at all.  Curse you, risky woohoo!  I miss InTeen, LOL.  Oh, and a bonus shot of Kit, post-abduction.  Hilarious!  Bosco ran out after she landed and proceeded to give that UFO what for.

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