Boreal Springs

April 19, 2008

Anderson – Round 12: ‘Family Business, Pt. 2′

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Thomas Anderson has a lot on his plate and he couldn’t be happier. Jun is feeling her end is near. Alyssa and Ryu seem to have recovered from their problems. Katarina is on the cusp of teenhood while her little brothers, Nevio and Roman, are about to become children.

Thomas wasn’t surprised to see Janine and Gordon walk through the door of his office, in fact, he had invited them. It was nearly 1 am in the morning and the entire house was asleep. Gordon had recently graduated from Boreal Summit University and was currently moving into his own house down the street. He had spent the last half of his teen years and the entirety of his college ones training to become the next big criminal mastermind.

Of course, he couldn’t take it yet, Janine was still alive and she refused to force him into the fray without preparation. So, he began doing small jobs and things under Thomas before he would move on to the more nefarious deeds with Janine.

After Gordon was excused, Janine pulled Thomas aside. At first, he was curious about this change. Janine had kept her distance from him for the past year, so for her to want to be alone with him? It was certainly questionable.

“Do you think he’s ready?” Janine asked suddenly, worried.

“Perhaps,” Thomas replied, shrugging. “We’ll see, won’t we?”

Janine looked off to the side, “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish… training him.”

“Whatever do you mean, Janine? Do you suddenly find yourself incompetent?” Thomas replied, smirking. He was kidding, of course.

“No, Thomas,” Janine replied gravely, shaking her head. “I’m dying.”

Katarina Anderson was a pretty girl; she was charismatic and easy-going. Unfortunately, Katarina Anderson was not smart by any means. She struggled quite heavily with her schoolwork as the years pressed on. She was behind in several subjects and her frustration was compounded by the fact that her mother was certainly above average intelligence-wise and her father wasn’t far behind.

It was hard not to feel like a complete failure. She tried, she really did, but it just never made any sense. Tutors were hired and fired, tests were done, teachers were talked with… but there was nothing truly wrong with Katarina… she just wasn’t, well, bright.

Thomas was definitely thankful that Nevio was his selected heir. Katarina was a sweet child, but he’d need someone with quite a brain to take his position. He hadn’t quite reacted to the news Janine had given him–he wasn’t exactly sure how. So, instead, he bought a cat named Caprica. Every evil genius needs a cat, right? Caprica hated Jun and Jun hated Caprica. It was a very amusing situation.

Thomas was also amused to find that Nevio was quite fond of Caprica. Of course, Caprica wasn’t quite pleased with the attentions of a toddler. Still, it was a good sign, Thomas estimated. Nevio was perfect. Now he’d just have to wait for him to grow up and help him along the way. It would take a long time for Nevio to be fit to take his place.

Alyssa, meanwhile, was completely oblivious to her father’s plans and even more oblivious to her mother’s fate. Instead, she focused on keeping her marriage from becoming like her parents. Things had slowed down for the task force so she was finally able to get Ryu away from his books and his computer. He was writing another book, but without the strain of work, Alyssa found ways of directing his attention back to her.

The twins had their birthdays and both developed in handsome little men. Nevio was the more outspoken of the two, thanks to Thomas. While he might look like Ryu, he certainly resembled his grandfather in his personality. Roman was a little more withdrawn, content to watch everything from a distance. No one was quite sure where his personality came from, only that it was different.

Katarina also had a birthday and became quite the lovely young lady. Unfortunately for her family, all she cared about were parties and boys. Marla O`Hanlon was her best friend (and also her relative, but the family tree was so convoluted they resigned to be BFFs, OMG!) She stopped doing her schoolwork entirely, finding it better to have others take care of it for her. Any ideas her parents had of her going to college flew out the window.

She was on the fast-track to becoming your stereotypical spoiled, rich kid. Thomas just hoped she wouldn’t hurt her mother’s re-election campaign.

Jun, meanwhile, felt death creeping up on her. Her time had come, she knew this. She had caused enough trouble–it’d likely last several generations. She was pleased with all that she had done, and was ready to move on to whatever was next. Before dying, she requested that nothing big be made of her death. That wasn’t hard, as she had more enemies than friends.


Note from Mao: And another generation 1 adult dies. Sheesh! They’re dropping like flies. Alyssa and Ryu’s kids are so cute. I love genetics.

April 8, 2008

Anderson – Round 11: ‘Dirty Dealings, Pt. 3′

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Thomas Anderson is currently the most powerful man in the area. This is made even more true by the fact that his daughter, Alyssa, is mayor. Of course, Thomas’ lover, Jun Yu, can’t seem to keep her nose out of other people’s business and his son-in-law Ryu is on the task force made specifically to bring his operation down. He’s hoping that Katarina will be strong enough to be heir.


A tense dinner

Dinners were tense affairs at the Anderson house. Ryu and Jun kept quiet while Thomas went on about politics, coaching Alyssa for her next speech or appearance. She would usually nod and chew quietly, though it was obviously she wasn’t listening. Her vision would drift off and at times she’d even kick Ryu under the table, shooting him a look that said, “help, please?”

At this point, Ryu would make a comment and Thomas would turn his attention away from Alyssa long enough for her to escape.

Ryu and Jun argue

It wasn’t easy for Ryu to be in the same house as his mother. She had left him as a child to come live here in luxury. His father, Henry, and Janine had raised Ryu and for that, he was grateful. He had no time for Jun now and wasn’t about to act like the past had never happened, which he let her know explicitly. Jun was startled, to say the least, when he attacked her after she made an off-hand comment about what a puppet Alyssa was.

There would be no nice resolution to this unfortunate situation, that much was sure.

Alyssa is pregnant

Alyssa had been feeling a little under the weather lately. She was suspicious as to her condition’s reasoning and phoned the doctor. Sure enough, she was pregnant again. It was very surprising, given how little time she had actually spent with her husband the past few months.

While she was happy, she knew that her father would have something to say about it.

Thomas talks to Alyssa

Sure enough, Thomas approached her not long after she arrived home. She was nearly three months along and not quite showing, but he still knew. It was Thomas’ way to know everything that happened, especially under his own roof.

“You’re pregnant again, aren’t you?”

She sighed, “yes, daddy, but I’m happy–”

“Excellent,” Thomas said with a sly grin. “This will be very good for your approval rating–mother of three and mayor! They won’t be able to deny your dedication–”

“Daddy!” Alyssa snapped, but quickly quieted her voice. “I’m sorry… but my children aren’t political stepping stones. Just stop, okay? I have to go lie down…”


Katarina is a child

Meanwhile, Katarina’s birthday had come and gone and she was now a beautiful little girl capable of individual thought. Her personality wasn’t quite definable–she enjoyed a vast array of things. She seemed particularly enthralled with Science, but the active side of her had a penchant for Sports activities. Her favorite thing to do was to watch movies with her father. He was a literary buff and while she wasn’t nearly on his level, she idolized him enough to want to emulate him.That’s right, Thomas had lost Katarina. She loved her family, but it was obvious who she seemed to trail after the most–Ryu. Anytime he was home, she was usually with him. The fact that Alyssa was pregnant made Thomas not feel the loss. There would be others…

Ryu talks to Alyssa about the baby

Ryu was also quite pleased by the news. He was Family-oriented, after all. All his work towards ridding the town of its criminal leanings was for the benefit of family welfare. Unfortunately, it took him away from his own, something he realized quite quickly after Katarina’s birthday and her insistence on following him everywhere.

He had nearly forgotten that Alyssa was still her father’s little puppet and felt badly. He would need to pay more attention and be a bit better at allocating himself in different areas of his life.

March 30, 2008

Anderson – Round 10: ‘Happy?, Pt. 1′

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Thomas Anderson still has everything in the palm of his hand, including his girlfriend Jun Yu and his daughter Alyssa. Will the arrival of Ryu and Alyssa’s first child cause an issue?


Ryu and Thomas argue

Tensions between Ryu and his father-in-law, Thomas, had been building since he moved in. It had only gotten worse with the arrival of Katarina. Thomas spent a lot of time with his granddaughter, though Ryu questioned his motives. Ryu was on the police force and was becoming more and more aware that Thomas’ business dealings were hardly what one would call legal.

“You’d best watch it, Ryu,” Thomas warned. “I’ve allowed you here only because my daughter seems to have grown fond of you… but I’m sure if something were to happen, she’d recover.”

“Are… are you threatening me?” Ryu said, quite surprised. “I thought you were smarter than that, Thomas.”

“We’ll see who is smarter,” Thomas said casually, turning towards the door. “Remember what I said.”

Ryu is fulfilled

Thomas’ threats couldn’t bring Ryu down. He reached the top of the heap. He was part of the secret crime fighting unit–the leader of the task force that had been formed to combat the recent upswing of organized criminal activity. He was certain Thomas was involved, though he didn’t have any proof.

If only he knew his step-mother, Janine, was in the same boat.

Jun is fulfilled

Jun, too, found that she was quite fulfilled in her life. Sure it had been a little rocky now and again, but then she found someone rich and now she didn’t have to worry about anything. She really didn’t care if he was doing shady dealing or screwing his ex-wife. What did it matter to her? As long as Jun had an elegant roof over her head and didn’t have to exert herself, she was quite content.

Alyssa plays with Katarina

Katarina’s birthday crept up on them and soon she was a mobile toddler ready to wreak havoc on the house. She was quite cute, though and seemed to favor Ryu when it came to her facial features. Alyssa was unsure about being a mother, but she did try. She meant well and spent time with Katarina when she wasn’t working on her campaign. She was so close to becoming mayor she could taste it. Once she reached her goal, she could take some time off and maybe enjoy life a little more.

Ryu teaches Katarina a nursery rhyme

Ryu was over the moon, of course. He was a bit more family-oriented than his wife. He spent as much time as he could with Katarina, trying to broaden her horizons. She didn’t care too much for nursery rhymes, though. Ryu was surprised that she much preferred when he read her books. Perhaps she took more after him than just her looks.

He tried to keep Thomas away from her, worried that he’d try and brainwash her like he seemingly did to poor Alyssa. Ryu was determined that Katarina wouldn’t become one Thomas’ subservient little puppets.

Alyssa is fulfilled

Alyssa returned home one afternoon walking on air. She was finally mayor! It felt good to be on top, though the only thing she could think of now was taking a vacation. She had missed out on a honeymoon, thanks to her father. She was completely oblivious to Thomas’ true motives.

March 25, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 9: ‘Every You, Every Me, Pt. 3′

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Florence Anderson is happily oblivious to the confusion her significant other of many years, Shaniqua Saunders, is experiencing. Of the twin aliens, Lilith finds herself having issue coping with both the death of her boyfriend and witnessing the entire sordid thing. Nathaniel is a little more easy-going, though admittedly, is worried about his sibling. Kate is about the only normal one in the family.


Florence and Shaniqua talk to Lilith

After the incident that occurred at the Saunders house resulting in the death of Chuck Saunders, Florence and Shaniqua sat Lilith down. She had spent a week at an institution an hour away in the city in hopes of helping her deal with the situation. It didn’t seem to work very well. When she returned, she didn’t say a word to anyone.

Florence and Shaniqua tried to be reassuring, but it was of no use. Lilith just looked at them. Every now and again, she’d nod. Eventually they gave up and let her go off to her room.

Sara hangs out with Nathaniel

Even Sara found that talking to Lilith was useless. She never talked back and she just looked annoyed. It was quite difficult for Sara, as Lilith was her best friend… her only real friend, actually. One day, as she left Lilith’s room defeated, Nathaniel stopped her. Apparently Lilith had been doing this to everyone and he told her not to take it too badly. It wasn’t personal, Lilith was just dealing.

He asked Sara to help him practice (Lilith usually did), and of course, she agreed.

Nathaniel and Sara talk

It became a daily thing after that, Sara coming over and helping Nathaniel out. She had gotten better and was actually able to block a few of his kicks and make him work for goals. Lilith still refused to talk, so Sara found she spent a lot of time with Nathaniel. While she didn’t fool herself into thinking he saw her as anything but ‘one of the guys’, she still enjoyed being around him.

He was nice to her, too. Well, more so than usual. Likely because she was helping him out. Nathaniel was never mean, no. But he paid more attention to Sara. It made it more difficult to deal with the fact that Nathaniel and Lilith would be going to University without her.

Lilith ponders

Meanwhile, Lilith spent a lot of time in quiet contemplation. What she had seen had really jarred her. How many people could say they stood face-to-face with death? No one, probably. It made Lilith think about things she’d never thought about before–life, death, the paranormal. What other things were out there, waiting to be discovered?

She also thought about Damien and what it might be like to lose your twin. While Nathaniel annoyed her, she couldn’t imagine being without him. He was her twin, they were two halves to the same whole. She felt bad for ignoring everyone, especially him and Sara, but she just needed time to think and ponder and question.

Lilith seeks the stars

When she was sure everyone was asleep, she would sneak outside and gaze up at the stars. She often wondered where she came from. She was an alien, after all, and not completely of this world. What was her true purpose? Maybe she saw things others didn’t because she was an alien. She wished Nathaniel took his differences a bit more seriously, so they could talk about it, but he didn’t. He preferred to be normal and blend in and not question.

Shaniqua is fulfilled

Shaniqua came home one day feeling completely fulfilled. She had completed her life’s goal and she couldn’t have felt better. It was almost as if she was walking on air. In fact, she felt so amazing that she dared to do what she had been thinking about for days.

March 21, 2008

Anderson – Round 9: ‘Misery Business, End’

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Thomas Anderson has the world at his finger tips, including his girlfriend, Jun Yu, and his daughter, Alyssa Anderson. Now that Alyssa has graduated and is preparing to marry Ryu Yu, can Thomas maintain his hold?


Alyssa and Ryu get married

Alyssa and Ryu were married immediately after graduation, as per Thomas’ orders. It was the only way he’d allow it to happen–Ryu would not live in their house otherwise. Oddly enough, during the ceremony, Thomas found himself seated next to Gordon Saunders. It was a bit odd, seeing his ex-wife’s spawn with his hated enemy. So much so, it nearly distracted him from the rest of the ceremony.

Alyssa and Ryu get married 2

As Thomas watched, he couldn’t help but think Alyssa hadn’t been so foolish after all. If Ryu really did care about her, he’d be less inclined to cause trouble. Everything had to be in perfect order for Alyssa’s political career to take off. She was on her way to becoming a judge right now, but that was only the beginning.

If Alyssa could keep Ryu in line, everything would be fine. Nevermind that Ryu’s mother, who left him as a child, was Thomas’ own live-in girlfriend.

Janine talks to Derek

The wedding party was huge and included Alyssa’s mother, Janine, and her step-siblings. Janine situated herself next to Derek. He’d been getting jumpy lately and it didn’t sit well with Janine. Wedding or not, he needed to be reminded that what happened to Katy could not be made public.

“Just keep quiet and everything will be fine,” Janine said through her teeth, smiling broadly.

Derek did the same, “I think Mary suspects something.”

“Nonsense,” Janine replied. “She’s busy with the twins. Just act normal and forget about it. Everything will be fine as long as you keep quiet.”

Ryu talks to Alyssa

There was no time for a honeymoon, Alyssa had to be sworn in as a judge the next day. Alyssa had wanted a nice few days on the beach, especially since Thomas had recently purchased a vacation house, but it wasn’t finished yet. They’d have to wait until Alyssa was secure in her seat as Mayor to take their belated honeymoon.

During his stay at the Anderson house, Ryu caught on quick to the ‘way of things’. Thomas ran everyone. He told them what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done. It was unnerving and Ryu couldn’t help but suspect Thomas’ motives for pushing Alyssa’s platform when it came to her career. He confided this to her one afternoon.

“Daddy just wants what is best for me,” Alyssa responded, brushing off his accusations. “Sure, he’s controlling, but it’s his way of showing he cares. It always has been–ask Florence!”

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Ryu countered, not falling for it. He didn’t trust Thomas, but he certainly feared him. “He’s up to something, Alyssa. Just be careful.”

Alyssa rolled her eyes, “just because you’re afraid of him doesn’t mean he’s a bad man, Ryu.”

Jun Yu is an elder

Meanwhile, Jun Yu found herself much older and not so much wiser. She certainly didn’t feel like an old granny, so she refused to dress like one. She dyed her hair and bought some new, flattering clothes. Why dress like an old biddy? She was still young at heart and certainly the best looking woman of her age group, to be sure.

Ryu is worried about Alyssa

Several months after the wedding, Ryu began to notice a change in Alyssa. She was taking frequent naps and would run off without explanation, only to emerge sometime later with a pale face and glassy eyes. To say he was worried would have been an understatement. When he heard her get up from her nap and stomp through the hall, he hurried up the stairs and caught her in the bathroom.

“Are you all right?”

She jumped, and turned to face him, clearly surprised, “wh-what are you doing?”

“I heard you get up and run, I just came to check on you,” he said, giving her an odd look. “Are you sick?”

“No, I’m fine. Just some bad lobster–that’s all.”

Thomas trains Alyssa

Truth be told, Alyssa had been feeling ill for nearly two weeks now. It made it hard to concentrate when he father ran her through her speeches. She was a senator now, only a step away from election. She really need to be on her best when it came to preparing, but she just couldn’t focus.

“Alyssa, what’s wrong with you? What has any of this got to do with violins?” Thomas said, his eyes narrowing.

Alyssa sighed heavily, “violins? Was I talking about violins?”

“Yes,” he replied, eyebrows raised. “You were.”

“Oh, I’m sorry–” Suddenly, her face paled. She ran off towards the bathroom without another word.

March 13, 2008

Anderson – Round 8: ‘Dirty Dealings, Pt. 1′

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Thomas Anderson has everything in the palm of his hands; his daughter, Jun Yu, and even his ex-wife. What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas and Janine talk

To say Janine was surprised when Thomas called her directly would have been an understatement. Worrying that something had gone awry with their questionable dealings, Janine hurried over only to find Thomas seated smugly behind his desk. The knowing look he gave her was unnerving.

“I never thought you a murderer, Janine.”

Janine was unmoved by his false sincerity, “it isn’t something I take pride in and I’m not about to take it up as a hobby, so if you’re–”

“Oh, no,” Thomas replied quickly. “I have no desire to get my hands dirty with any of that. Which is why I’ve called you here. Don’t do it again, or our deal is off. That’s risky business and it could ruin everything.”

Janine didn’t reply. Instead, she moved to leave the office.

Janine and Thomas

“Not a word, Janine? Not a single tear of remorse?” He said, stopping her. “You’ve become as cold as me.”

Janine rolled her eyes, “I did what was necessary, Thomas. I’m not about to deny it.”

“Necessary for that little family you hold so dear. Why don’t you tell them about what you do, hm? And where you go at night? Perhaps Henry would be interested–”

Janine pushed past him, “you’d best watch what you say to a murderess, Thomas.”

Thomas and Jun

The next morning, Jun was quite interested in knowing why Janine had come over. She was completely oblivious to Thomas’ real schemes and he planned to keep it that way. She was a nice little accessory and her fame definitely helped him pull some necessary strings. If she found out, though, he’d likely have to call in Janine’s little ‘murderess’ expertise.

“It was just about Alyssa,” Thomas lied. “Her University dealings and whatnot. Nothing terribly important.”

Jun quirked an inquisitive brow upward, “is Alyssa coming back here when she graduates? The house will be crowded.”

At this, Thomas’ jaw tightened, “she is my daughter, Jun. She’ll go wherever I go. Perhaps you’d best recheck your standing when it comes to importance.”

Thomas finds out

Unfortunately for Thomas, his little daughter was not being the good girl she was taught to be. When she visited, she brought Ryu Yu with her. Jun was his mother, true, but they hardly had a relationship. Instead, he came with Alyssa and for reasons Thomas did not like.

“I’m not marrying that old guy, daddy,” Alyssa said firmly, though with a smile. She tried to subtly cuff Ryu in the shoulder, but he just silenced the moue of pain and kept quiet. This gave Thomas a moment to speak.

“And why is that, Alyssa? He has more than enough money to fund your political campaign.”

Again, Alyssa hit Ryu. This time in the ankle. He jumped, calling attention to himself. Thomas stared at him, his eyes narrowed. This was a bad, bad idea. Why had he agreed to this? Though, it was better than eloping–Thomas surely would have killed him then.

“Er, because,” Ryu managed, finding his courage. “She’s already engaged–to me.”

Thomas and Alyssa talk

The door slammed so hard it nearly came off its hinges. Thomas had drug poor Alyssa into her old room and had planned a stern talking, but found she was ready for him.

“I don’t care what you’re going to say, daddy. It won’t change anything.”

Thomas was unable to bridle his anger, “how can you do something so stupid, Alyssa? Didn’t I teach you better than this? Ryu is hardly suitable to be your husband! He’s–”

“He does everything I say, daddy.” Alyssa shot back. “He always has and he always will! What could possibly be more suitable? An old man who will likely beat me? I’d sooner die, daddy. I’m marrying Ryu and that’s that.”

She stormed out of the room in a huff, leaving Thomas to wallow in his defeat. He knew letting Ryu near Alyssa was dangerous. Though Alyssa’s reasoning was somewhat good, he had to question if there wasn’t more she was hiding from him.

Jun makes a match

Meanwhile, Jun was making her own matches. She introduced Shaniqua to one of her friends from the studio. He was a nice guy, Shaniqua had to admit, and they got along quite well. Jun knew Shaniqua wasn’t completely happy with just women, so she decided to make her broaden her horizons.

At first, Shaniqua was extremely hesitant. She was with Florence, after all, and she loved her… in her own way. But when she started meeting men, she couldn’t help the way she felt. They were only friends and she hadn’t done anything wrong… yet.

Thomas is an elder

Thomas aged gracefully and couldn’t help but be happy with the way things were going. Sure, the Alyssa and Ryu thing was a setback… but perhaps he could find a way to make it work. Ryu was palpable enough, he guessed. He could be shaped. That’s what Thomas did, after all, he shaped people into greatness.

He shook the ants in their tiny house, grinning. This little suburb was his ant farm and the people were his obedient little ants.


Note from Mao: This was the first lot I played after installing Free Time! Given the drastic changes to the core programming of the game with FT, I figured the hacks would take forever. I replaced InTeen with risky WooHoo and am using the OBJ version of InSim. Supposedly, SimPE works with FT… but we’ll see. I am also now safely in WV/Ohio and all set up. This was a backlogged entry I forgot to write. From here on out, we’re up-to-date with my current playing!

March 3, 2008

Anderson – Round 7: ‘Unfortunate Ends, Pt. 4′

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Thomas Anderson has it all figured out and as long as his daughter, Alyssa, continues to be the ‘dutiful daughter’, everything should go smoothly. Jun Yu is just along for the ride.


Alyssa does her homework

Unfortunately for Alyssa, Thomas found out that she wasn’t doing her homework. From that point on, he would keep a very close eye on her and make sure she finished it herself. While he really didn’t care about the ‘poor’ boy who had been toiling extra hard to do her work as well as his own, he did care that his daughter have a mind in that pretty head of hers. He wouldn’t have her being vapid and shallow.

Haughty and intelligent, sure, but not brain dead! It wasn’t like she was Jun’s kid.

Alyssa sneaks out

Thomas never found out about his dutiful little daughter sneaking out on school nights to go to parties, however. She was the ‘it’ girl and it wasn’t a party unless she was there turning boys down! She didn’t really drink or do anything bad, she just made an appearance. She always had Ryu with her, so she was fine and safe. The boys would usually give up and hit on one of her posse. Their standards weren’t nearly as high and their fathers let them date.

Thomas talks to Jun

While his daughter was in ‘order’, Thomas tried to make sure Jun was also within her own boundaries. She was a major flake, to be sure, and Thomas wasn’t dumb enough to think she’d suddenly stop after dumping Henry. He was especially interested in the fact that she’d been seen with Shaniqua Saunders a lot lately. To this, Jun simply said:

“We’re birds of a feather, Tommy. She doesn’t care about what happened between Henry and I. She needs someone to talk to and I’m there. That’s it. You know I don’t go for girls.”

Thomas cringed at her shortening of his name, but decided to stick to the matter at hand, “she’s a Saunders in the end and she does ‘go for girls’, as you say.”

Jun rolled her eyes, “I think you need to worry more about your little darling daughter and less about me. Maybe you ought to ask her about Ryu, huh?”

Thomas fulfills his LTW

While Thomas had come home that night planning on grilling Alyssa about Ryu, he found he wasn’t in the mood. He felt fulfilled and on top of the world. Nothing could bring him down. It was about to get a lot better, too. His new position gave him very important intelligence on the recent crime activity. A rat in Janine’s syndicate had let him in on a little plot of hers.

He’d be ready and waiting, with a smile on his face. Nothing could bring him down now.

Janine enters

Thomas waited patiently in the dark, listening as the door opened without trouble. He’d left it unlocked, figuring she’d just try to pick it instead of doing something clumsy like climbing through a window. While he had been anticipating something criminal, he hadn’t expected what he saw when he flipped on the lights.

Despite the situation turning against her, Janine walked calmly to Thomas, her heels sounding against the hardwood floors. Everyone else was asleep–it was nearly 2am.

Thomas talks to Janine

“Surprised?” Thomas said simply, looking up at her. “Did you expect me to be asleep? What were you going to use… a knife, a gun, your hands?”

Janine’s eyes narrowed, “how did you–”

“You’re good, Janine,” he replied, smirking. “But I’m better. That was always the case, wasn’t it? I will commend you on the outfit, though. If I hadn’t been married to you for nearly twenty years, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

“What do you want, Thomas?”

Thomas propositions Janine

He stood up, smiling like a cat that had caught a mouse in a dead-end corner. Janine didn’t back down, she held her ground, trying her best to stand firm. She was a well-known criminal–she’d done things that others would cringe at. She couldn’t let herself be intimidated by Thomas.

“You know me too well. I suppose there’s no point continuing the small-talk. We have a history, Janine, that’s undeniable. While you may hate me for what I’ve done and I find your marriage to that Saunders cretin repulsive, I can’t help but think we’d do much better for ourselves if we worked together.”

At this, Janine scoffed, “are you joking? What could you have that I possibly want?”

“Intelligence that your little criminal syndicate could never acquire without risking life and limb. Also, your daughter… who with my tutelage, will be mayor.”

Janine is swayed

“A-Alyssa… you’re using her…”

“Using her?” He laughed. “She’s my daughter, too, Janine. I simply want her… to do well for herself, and perhaps help me while she’s at it. It isn’t using, it is merely taking advantage of what’s given. Tell me, you can’t deny how… resourceful having the mayor in your pocket would be, Janine.”

“I… I couldn’t, Alyssa–”

Thomas shook his head, “will never know. She’s a good girl, bright and charming… but hardly quick. She lives in a fog and sees what she wants to. She’d never know, Janine. Think of how much you could do–what you could become.”

As much as she wanted to deny it, Janine couldn’t. He was right. He had thought this out and planned it very carefully. She hated him for it, but she couldn’t deny the truth. She sighed, her shoulders slumping in defeat. Thomas saw this and was quite pleased.

Janine is confused

Janine left feeling very, very confused. They would meet and discuss details later, at a more secure location. But that’s not what Janine was thinking about at all. Instead, her mind was abuzz with feelings she thought she had dismissed a long time ago. She and Thomas had a long history… and seeing him as he was now–well, it was dangerous, and wrong… just like being a criminal.

She couldn’t say no to being a criminal and she wasn’t quite sure she could say no to Thomas, either. Now that they would be ‘working’ together, things were about to get a lot more complicated.

Thomas busts Alyssa

Later in the week, Thomas finally caught Alyssa with Ryu. He was carrying her books when they walked through the front door to find Thomas waiting for them. He was usually at work, so Alyssa was quite surprised. He wasted no time letting Alyssa know that this was unacceptable.

“But daddy,” Alyssa protested, stomping her small foot. “We’re not dating! He’s my um, cousin, or something…”

“He is not, Alyssa.” Thomas said firmly. “He’s not related to you at all! What did I tell you about boys? You have to focus!” He turned his attention to Ryu. “You need to leave right now and stay away from my daughter.”

Alyssa squealed angrily, “I do focus! And Ryu helps keep the boys away! You can’t tell him to go away–”

Ryu, who had kept quiet the entire time, suddenly found himself between two very angry Andersons. Suddenly, he wanted to go home. Fast. Unfortunately, Alyssa seized his arm and drug him away while Thomas screamed after them.

Alyssa kisses Ryu

Her cheeks flushed with rage, Alyssa slammed the door shut and turned to Ryu. He didn’t have a chance to say a word before she kissed him. When she pulled away, her fists balled at her sides and she glared at the door.

“Lets see how he likes that! If he wants to assume we’re dating, then so be it!”

Ryu just stared at her, completely oblivious to anything she was saying. It wasn’t until Thomas bodily removed him from the house that he realized what had happened. It was too late, of course. Alyssa was going to University the next morning and he wouldn’t see her until it was turn to go.

Suddenly early enrollment sounded like a very good idea.

Alyssa is punished

Before she left for University, Alyssa was tasked with many, many arduous chores as punishment. She took it all in stride, smiling proudly. She had gotten the upper-hand this time! Unfortunately, she didn’t quite realize that Ryu wasn’t in on the ‘scheme’. She’d have to inform him at University that it was just to make her dad angry. She had just been so upset…

Wait, upset? Why would she be upset? It was just Ryu… even if he was always around and always did everything she asked and was always, always there. Even when her stupid friends were too busy.

No, Ryu was just her minion. That was his purpose. He was supposed to be always there. Alyssa couldn’t possibly care about someone so low on the totem pole… could she? No, he was just Ryu. He’d probably look like the same meek little boy that followed her around even after they were at University! Alyssa could never like someone like that.


Note from Mao: Okay, so Janine’s plot for revenge didn’t go according to plan AT ALL. I don’t know WHAT happened there, but it makes for more drama and a much better story! As for Alyssa and Ryu… that was want driven. That and Ryu autonomously flirted with her last round and caused them both to crush on each other. Ahh, the attraction system… (they have two bolts, btw).

February 26, 2008

Anderson – Round 6: ‘Misery Business, Pt. 1′

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Anderson Family Round 6

Thomas Anderson successfully got away with his plan and now everything seems to be going his way. His lover, Jun Yu, is now under his roof and no longer screwing his enemy and his daughter, Alyssa, is the perfect little princess. But how does Alyssa feel about this?


Alyssa plays with Webster

Alyssa: I’m glad my mom left Webster here when she left. He’s about the only socialization I get outside of school! Daddy says, ‘you can have fun when you’re rich and powerful’… yeah, but when will that be? I wanna have fun now!

But, I don’t say that. Dad means well and he’s helped me out a lot. I just need to keep listening to him and I’m sure I’ll succeed. It was too bad mom didn’t do the same…

Alyssa practices for Thomas

Daddy also expects me to practice my communication regularly. He says that I’m going to be Mayor and then I’ll have all the friends in the world. I guess that makes sense and I am really charismatic! Plus, being mayor would mean I could have big, expensive parties!

Daddy doesn’t know it, but I’ve already got my own following at school. It’s really funny–guys are so stupid! I don’t even have to do my homework anymore… I just pretend to until daddy goes away. Some dork does it for me–I dunno his name. Not like it matters!

Alyssa calls for Janine

Speaking of dorks, when daddy and Jun are gone, I usually call my mom. I called one evening and some weirdo boy answered the phone! I don’t remember any boys being there–not aside from Derek and Henry. He sounded weird to, like he couldn’t talk or something. Whatever. I’ll have to be careful the next time I go over and visit… don’t want any creepy people following me home!

Thomas and Jun

I’m not sure what I think about daddy and Jun. I guess it’s good that mom and daddy are happy now… but Jun seems so young. I dunno, I guess it’s okay, though. She keeps daddy distracted and then I can watch TV or sneak a phone call or two.

Doesn’t daddy understand how hard it is to maintain your ‘it’ girl status? I have to be able to gossip!


Alyssa practices turning down boys

Daddy sometimes has me practice when he’s not watching. I like to practice my little ‘no way, you dork’ speeches! You’d be surprised how many of those I say in a day! I’ve got it down to a science.I also work on my other charms. Attractive guys like me too, obviously, but I have to tell them no. It’s so much more fun! They still do stuff for me and I don’t have to do anything!


Note From Mao: Ahh, Alyssa. You’re scaring me! I’m really interested in what’s going to happen as things keep developing. Poor Ryu.

February 21, 2008

Saunders – Round 5: ‘Unfortunate Ends, Pt. 2′

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Saunders Family Round 5

Henry Saunders has a crowded house, what with his fiancee Jun Yu, their son Ryu Yu, and his newly graduated son from his first wife, Derek Saunders, moving in with his fiancee, Katy Fuchs. Can they make it work? And will the news of Thomas and Jun’s affair spread to Henry?


Derek and Katy hug

Graduation was bittersweet for Derek Saunders. On one hand, he could finally pursue his career and make money. On the other hand, he lost Mary and was now engaged to his teenage love, Katy Fuchs. Derek liked Katy, but what they had was nothing compared to how he felt about Mary. She was in his every waking thought, making it incredibly difficult to be amiable with Katy.

Katy was surprisingly understanding and patient. To her, she had Derek and he wasn’t going anywhere. Mary was a respectable girl, after all, she wouldn’t be a ‘on the side fling’. She and Derek would get married and he’d eventually forget all about Mary O`Hanlon.

Henry sees for himself

Meanwhile, Henry found out for himself how troublesome relationships could be. Especially when your significant other is cheating on you with the enemy. Henry had taken a vacation day and apparently Jun hadn’t noticed he was still home. He nearly walked in on them in the kitchen. Instead of confronting them and kicking Thomas out of his house, he sat on his hands, waiting for the right moment.

Ryu sees for himself

Of course, Henry wasn’t the only one who knew. Ryu had seen it, as well. He had come home from school a day or two earlier and there it was, right before his young little eyes, his mother was embracing a stranger! He was torn up, but Jun nor Thomas seemed to notice him. He scrambled inside and tried to rationalize what he saw in his head.

Should he tell dad? But that would make them fight. Derek and Katy argued enough, the house didn’t need more fighting. He reasoned that maybe he saw wrong and kept quiet.

Derek and Ryu talk

Being quiet isn’t easy for a kid on the cusp of their teen years, though, and Ryu ended up confiding in his half-brother Derek.

“You should tell dad,” Derek said sternly. “Why didn’t you?”

“I knew she was no good,” Katy said quietly, muttering from behind her book. Suddenly, she looked apologetic, “Sorry, Ryu, but it’s true. Your mother is… well, maybe it’s best if your father knows.”

“I can’t tell him!” Ryu replied angrily. “He’d never believe me… I’m just a kid. Why don’t you do it, Derek?”

“No way, little dude. I didn’t see a thing.”

Henry confides in Janine

Fortunately for Ryu, he never had to say a word. That evening, Janine Anderson came over at Henry’s request. He had called her cell phone, as always, and was surprised to hear she wasn’t at home. When she arrived, he pulled her into the quietest place and told her everything.

“I know, Henry,” she said with a frown. “Thomas and I are divorced. It’s been a week. I had him followed and he was off on vacation with Jun.”

Why didn’t you tell me?” Henry was understandably hurt. “All this time…”

“I didn’t know how to,” she replied quickly and sadly. “I… I didn’t know if you’d believe me…”

Henry confesses to Janine

“Of course I would have believed you,” Henry responded, gently touching her face. “You’ve always been honest with me.”

“Henry…” she began carefully, but seeing the look on his face, found the confidence to continue. “I haven’t really. I mean, there’s things that–”

“It doesn’t matter. Where are you staying, are you all right?”

“He took everything, even Alyssa.” Janine sniffled. “I’ve been staying at a hotel, but my money is running out. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t trouble you with this.”

Henry shook his head and took her hand, “you can stay here… for as long as you like. It’s a little crowded, but there’s plenty of room.”

February 20, 2008

Anderson – Round 5: ‘Unfortunate Ends, Pt. 1′

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Anderson Family Round 5

Thomas Anderson is getting sloppy when it comes to hiding his affair with Jun Yu (or does he just not care anymore?) Will Janine finally catch him and what will become of Alyssa?


Janine sees Jun

One evening, when Janine had been heading to work (she claimed she was an extra in a crime drama), she ran into Jun Yu approaching the house. She looked surprised and tried to pretend she was just casually walking by. It would have been more convincing had she not been on their porch at the time.

“Nice outfit…” Jun said, giving her a look.

“Yes,” Janine replied coldly. “It is quite a comfortable uniform.”

If Janine hadn’t been suspicious before, she certainly was now.

Alyssa gets into private school

While Janine was at work and after Jun had left, Thomas worked on getting Alyssa accepted into the Private Academy that had recently opened near Boreal Springs. It accepted only the best of the best… which Alyssa was. She picked up things quickly and could memorize equations and phrases beyond her years. It didn’t take much talking to convince the headmaster that she was perfect.

She got her uniform and a one-way-pass to rub elbows with the snootiest kids that area had to offer.

Thomas and Alyssa spend time together

With her acceptance into the Academy, Alyssa found that she got everything she wanted. Before, her father had been nice to her, but now… she was even allowed to eat chips for breakfast! The more she excelled and did as he directed, the more things she got. Her room was overflowing with toys and things other kids wished they had. Of course, that would soon be irrelevant… she was coming up on her first teenage birthday.

That was when the fun of being spoiled would truly come in handy.

Janine and Thomas argue

Janine wasn’t nearly as thrilled about this as Alyssa was. She also wasn’t thrilled with catching Jun coming to the house when she just happened to be leaving for work. She confronted Thomas, but of course, it did nothing.

“You expect me to believe that Jun was just passing by? I’m not a complete idiot, Thomas!”

“I never said I expected you to believe anything. You’re the one assuming things.” He replied easily. “But I can’t talk about this now. As you know, I have a conference to attend.”

“How convenient.” Janine mumbled.

Janine checks the mail

Janine would not be so easily brushed aside, however. She had her ‘dear’ husband followed by an associate. It took a day or two for the package to arrive. When it did, Janine was hardly shocked. Why hadn’t she seen it before? How could she have been so blind? Conference, indeed.

She knew when Henry told her Jun was gone–for some work thing–that something was up. Now she had the proof. Could she bring herself to show it to Henry? They had a child together.


Thomas and Jun meet

Jun was hardly at ‘some work thing’ and the only conference Thomas had was with Jun. They met at the island, and Thomas knew that they were being followed. It didn’t matter much… Thomas had a plan. He always had a plan.”I hope this is a celebratory vacation,” Jun said with a slightly annoyed tone. “I’m sick of sneaking around and that house is so crowded!

“Oh, don’t worry,” Thomas assured her with a grin. “It is. But this is the only way I could ensure that despite the adultery, everything will still be mine.”

“Your wife is scary, Thomas.”

“Not nearly as scary as me.”

Jun talks to Henry while Thomas grins

“Yes, Ryu,” Jun said into the receiver with a sigh, “I’m sure it was great. Can you give the phone back to your daddy now?”

Jun had to keep the guise up, at least until they returned. She took calls and made sure to keep her lies straight–with the help of Thomas, of course. There was some satisfaction in sticking someone you disliked in the back with a knife. Thomas was enjoying this vacation quite a bit.

“…yeah, it’s raining. Really nasty weather…”

Alyssa is a teen

When Thomas returned, it was just in time for Alyssa’s birthday. She grew into a beautiful young lady and surprisingly, took after her father in features and retained her mother’s coloring. Of course, with her attitude and charisma, she was the newest ‘it’ girl at the academy.

She was harsh, cruel, and domineering. Nothing got in the way of what she wanted–she could have anything and everything! As long as she followed her father’s wishes, of course, and his first decree was no dating. That wouldn’t be too hard. She preferred torturing them to dating them, anyway.

Thomas tells Janine to beat it

Janine sat on her hands when it came to confronting Thomas. She wanted to, but if she did, it would cause a domino effect that would quickly reach Henry. He deserved to know, but she didn’t want him to find out like that. Unfortunately, Janine couldn’t have known that Thomas was plotting behind her back. He came home from work and approached her.

“I’m surprised you’ve kept quiet this long–I know you know, Janine. You had us followed. I also happen to know why you’ve got more gold than a bank.” He smiled cruelly. “You’re not the only one who can have someone followed.”

“What do you want?” Janine growled, her fists balling at her sides.

“Everything. We divorce ‘amiably’ in the eyes of the courts; irreconcilable differences–you’re a wanted criminal and I have Jun. The house, everything, it’s mine. You can go where and do as you please. But you won’t get a damned thing. If you don’t agree, you’ll find that these amenities won’t help you much behind bars.”

“You bastard,” Janine snarled. “This isn’t over!”

“Sure it is, good bye, Janine.”

Alyssa stays with Thomas

Janine woke Alyssa up hurriedly, telling her to pack her things. Alyssa looked at her oddly a minute before realization hit her. She frowned, but not entirely.

“I can choose who I stay with, can’t I?”

“Yes, you can. You’re old enough.” Janine said sadly. She knew where this was going and now all that time Thomas spent with her made sense. “Alyssa…”

“I want to stay with daddy.”

Janine leaves

As Janine left the house, a million thoughts ran through her mind. She narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists tightly. This was not over. Thomas was sneaky, but Janine was resourceful… and what did she have to lose? Nothing.

This was far from over.


Note from Mao: Okay, truth time… Thomas was caught by accident because I am an idiot. Janine was headed to work and Jun came over. I had Thomas greet her while Janine was in the carpool and well, yeah. But it was more interesting story wise this way.

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