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February 15, 2008

Yu – Round 4: ‘Give and Take’

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Yu Family Round 4

Roger and Risa are finally able to enjoy their retirement… but is it too little, too late?


Risa is fired!

The Yu family wasn’t making out too well this week… Risa came home from work and was told not to return. She was fired! It wasn’t necessarily her fault–her mind had tricked her into making the wrong decision. She was just too old for this stuff.

She didn’t get another job. She spent the rest of her days enjoying the peace and quiet.

Ryu visits

It worked out to her benefit, as Henry brought Ryu over to visit not a day later. She had plenty of time to spend cooking a nice cake and getting to know her grandson. Roger was equally as pleased. While Ryu looked nothing like them, he had bits and pieces of their personalities… more than Jun had, at least. It was certainly a relief to know her influence wasn’t messing the kid up any.

They probably had Henry to thank for that…

Everyone has a chat

Risa was thankful to finally see her grandson, she couldn’t stop thanking Henry. He laughed it off and told them it would have happened sooner had he not been working. He also seemed surprised that Jun hadn’t brought him over–didn’t he know about the fight?

Then Risa remembered, of course not. Thomas was there and Jun was being a little more than friendly. She idly wondered if she should tell him, but thought against it. He was a nice man and while he deserved to know… Ryu didn’t deserve a broken home. Plus, Henry was actually willing to marry Jun… that opportunity wouldn’t come by again.

Risa talks to Sun-Tzu while Roger looks on

Henry and Ryu weren’t their only visitors; Sun-Tzu stopped by often, as well. He was regaling Risa with the sea chantey he’d picked up from the ‘ghost’ pirate when Risa started acting oddly. She clutched her chest and doubled over. Roger came over, worried, and the two older men rushed Risa off to the nearest hospital.

Unfortunately, it was Risa’s time. She died happily, having seen her grandson finally and knowing her daughter would be taken care of.

Risa's Funeral

They had her placed in the newly built cemetery by the ocean and the chapel. Am empty plot lay beside her, waiting for Roger. If he noticed it, he didn’t let on. He just stared at the tombstone, unable to believe it. They’d been together since they were adults and now she was gone.

Jun even came, trying to pretend she didn’t feel guilty for her treatment of her mother. She also tried to pretend that she hadn’t argued with Henry something terrible after Ryu told her he saw grandpa and grandma. Henry tried to offer a word of comfort, but Jun pulled away.

Eileen came with Sun-Tzu, though neither of them said anything. Eileen took his hand and he returned her motion with a gentle squeeze.

Risa Yu


Note from Mao: Poor Risa, but it was her time. Truth be told… it was Roger’s time, too! But he was in platinum when I loaded the lot so he hit the elixir that Sun-Tzu had left behind. Roger will likely go the next round… meaning I have to change how I’m doing Uni. Sigh.

Risa is the first death of Boreal Springs. It always took me longer to reach this point before… I never started out with elders. I got lucky with the platinum grave–they had a date just before she died.

Saunders – Round 4: ‘No Drama?’

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Saunders family Round 4

Henry Saunders was nice enough to let his girlfriend, Jun Yu, move in with him and his twin daughters–Shaniqua and Gina. Jun Yu eventually gave birth to Henry’s son, Ryu Yu. How long can Henry remain ignorant to the fact that Jun is seeing his enemy, Thomas Anderson, behind his back?


Shaniqua can't do it

Things for the Saunders had been going so well, it was only a matter of time before something ‘bad’ happened. To Shaniqua, it was the end of the world. A boy from school had been chatting her up and flirting. It was all in good fun… and then, well, as teens tend to want to do, they kissed–or well, tried.

‘What am I doing?’ Shaniqua’s inner-voice interrupted the moment before their lips touched. She pushed the boy away, “No. Stop.”

Shaniqua is confused

“I’m sorry,” Shaniqua apologized suddenly, seeing the look on his face. “It’s… not you, it’s me.”

He rolled his eyes, muttered something inappropriate under his breath, and quickly stalked out of the Anderson house. It was a good thing he did, as Gina was watching carefully from the kitchen doorway, eyes narrowed on the lecherous young male.

Shaniqua pushed past her and ran to their room, not wanting to see or speak with anyone.

Henry teaches Ryu to walk

Meanwhile, Ryu was growing up by the day. He was learning to walk, albeit it slowly. Henry tried his best to help him, but Ryu was different than his siblings. He was an independent little toddler and he was determined to stand up by himself. It amused Henry to no end.

Jun preoccupied herself with working on her next big promotion at work. She wasn’t much into babies and was thankful Henry was. It meant she really didn’t have to do anything.

Shaniqua cooks

Really, nothing at all. Henry took care of Ryu, Gina kept everyone fed, and when Henry was at work, both the girls took care of Ryu. It was Heaven, as far as Jun was concerned. Everyone was so oblivious–she could sneak off anytime she wished!

Of course, Gina wasn’t thinking about Jun’s happiness or ability to cheat on her beloved father. Instead, as she pounded the hamburger meat a tad too roughly, she was thinking about Shaniqua. She’d been acting so strange lately and Gina couldn’t understand it. College was around the corner! Shaniqua had even abandoned her high-profile lifestyle and started being a loner.

Ryu is a child

Of course, despite her ‘fall from grace’, Shaniqua always had time for her little brother. Ryu was a kid before anyone really knew it–time seemed to go by so fast. He fit in perfectly with the rest of the Saunders household. His last name may have been ‘Yu’, but everything about him screamed ‘Saunders’.

Jun talks to Thomas

Of course, if Henry knew what Jun was doing behind his back, Ryu wouldn’t be the only one ‘screaming’. But he was blissfully oblivious–both due to his refusal to hear gossip and his natural-born ability to be a little… dense. He certainly wasn’t stupid, but his first wife was a perfect example of his inability to see things as they truly were…

Like when everyone is eating, but Jun is sneaking around in the other room, talking into the phone with hushed tones. A little suspicious.

Jun is busted.  Again.

Henry also had no idea that Jun’s parents had stopped by while he was at work and Ryu was at school. They caught Jun with Thomas and it didn’t end well. They had come over to see Ryu, but upon seeing that, Risa read Jun the riot act. That never went over well.

Jun told her parents they’d be lucky if they ever saw Ryu and stormed into the house, dragging Thomas behind her.

Henry just misses Thomas...

Due to all that fuss, Thomas and Jun’s little ‘alone time’ ran longer than usual. Henry got off work before Ryu and twins had left for University. Thomas just barely managed to leave before Henry headed towards the house. It was a close call–they were getting sloppy.

If Henry had seen him… well, there would be more drama than one round could possibly handle. So it’s good he didn’t, because this is where we end. Heh.


Note from Mao: None of these pictures are ‘set up’. This is gameplay as it happens… or wants I am fulfilling at the behest of the silly, drama-lusting sims. That was definitely close… guh.

February 14, 2008

Anderson – Round 4: ‘The Easy Life’

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Round 4

Financially, the Anderson family is the most well-off in all of Boreal Springs. Beneath the wealth lies Thomas‘ affair with Jun Yu and Janine‘s meanderings into the crime world. Can Alyssa grow up into a well-adjusted adult, or will she fall victim to her parent’s vices?


Thomas plays with Alyssa

While Thomas might not have been the doting husband, he sure found enough time to pay attention to Alyssa. While she looked like Janine, her personality seemed more tuned towards Thomas. He had hoped for a boy, to pass on his knowledge and money to, but Alyssa was close enough.

He spent plenty of time playing with her. He enjoyed her–she was quite cute–but he also wanted to ensure where her loyalty would lie. Thomas was making plans in his head and Alyssa had a part to play.

Janine and Henry chat

Meanwhile, Janine was doing her ‘wifely duties’ and keeping up friendships with the neighbors. At least, that’s what she told Thomas. In reality… she was often chatting with Henry Saunders. He was her warm blanket of comfort amongst the disarry that was her life… and the news that he was getting married nearly had her choking on a meatball.

“Are you sure, Henry? Isn’t that a bit sudden?” Janine managed, trying not to sound as anguished as she felt. “Do you love her–it isn’t just for the baby is it? I mean, you can’t do that–”

“Janine, calm down,” Henry laughed, completely missing the reasoning behind her anxiety. He was a bit thick that way. “You’re worse than the girls! I’m a grown man, I can make my own decisions.”

Janine sighed, “I’m sorry, it just surprised me. I mean… Jun Yu, of all people… Henry you–”

He shook his head, “I don’t want to hear it, Janine. How is Alyssa?”

The immediate change of subject was a sign that no matter what Janine said, Henry was going to marry Jun. She shook off the wave of nausea and tried her best to sound happy as she talked about Alyssa.

Alyssa thinks about Janine

“She’s a little girl now–very beautiful. I’m worried about her, though. Thomas spends a lot of time with her, and for that, I’m glad… but… her attitude. I just don’t know what to do.”

“What do you mean?”

Janine sighed, “I sent her to her room after I got a call from the school saying she called another little girl ‘poor white trash’!”

Henry grimaced, “That’s… not good. Is it Thomas, do you think?”

“He’s many things, but not that. We’ve all be doing well lately… maybe we’ve been spoiling her. Whatever it is, it’s going to stop.”

Thomas and Jun

“I saw the paper the other day–Thomas is doing… very well for himself.” Henry said with some hesitation. He was careful to guard his face so his distaste didn’t show. “Is he still out at all hours?”

Janine frowned, “yes… he’s always working.”

“And you, too? How is your work going?” Henry glanced at the rings on her fingers. “You are sure a lot more… decorated lately.”

Thomas and Jun

Janine hid her hands under the table. “I work nights, but I don’t have to worry about poor Alyssa being alone. Thomas always seems to be able to get home in time for me to leave work and put her to bed. I guess it gives them some time to spend together. It’s better than a nanny.”

Henry chuckled, “I think I’d prefer the nanny to him.”

“Henry!” Janine scolded, though the grin on her lips betrayed her. “Be nice. He’s a workaholic, but he’s not an awful man. There’s much worse in the world.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry, Janine.” Henry glanced at his watch and stood up. “I have to go–Ryu will be home in twenty minutes.”

“That’s all right, I need to go to work. Thanks for coming over.”


Janine goes to work

Janine pulled the black cap over her mess of curls and gently tucked them in as she sat in the car. She took a deep breath, steeling herself for what was to come. It was a rush, to be sure, but there was always danger… a stray gunshot, a brave guardsman… but the money.

“Let’s go.” She said to the driver–they were always different and always without names or seemingly even faces. It was for the best. “So many banks and so little time…”


Note from Mao: I realize this was a weird way to narrate an entry, but I love Henry and Janine and they are always over at one another’s houses (3 bolts, anyone?); them chatting like old married ladies was coming sooner or later!!

February 13, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 4: ‘Finally, a Wedding!’

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O`Hanlon Round 4

Eileen O’Hanlon and her daughter, Mary, have made quite a life for themselves in Boreal Springs. With Mary headed to college, will Eileen finally tie the knot with Sun-Tzu Yu?


Mary chats with Derek about Uni

Mary O`Hanlon graduated High School with high honors and looked forward to spending her summer before University working on her bank account. She didn’t need to worry about her living accommodations–she’d be moving in with Derek, Katy, and Florence. Shaniqua and Gina would join them, as well.

Derek came over to discuss the overall arrangement with her. They knew each other only vaguely, but found a common bond now that they were closer in age. The formed a friendship over their money coveting.

Mary, Shaniqua, and Derek hang out

Shaniqua was weirded out to see Derek around at first, but she eventually got used to it. She missed her big bro and it was nice to see him. Though, she had to admit, she was a bit leery about how close he and Mary were getting. They had way too much in common.

One evening, while hanging out, Shaniqua zoned out and imagined them kissing. She nearly threw up all over the place. Her reaction startled them out of their talk of the SimStreet Market and financing options.

Eileen greets Sun-Tzu while Mary trains Lady

Sun-Tzu, of course, made many visits to the house. He and Eileen had a lot of planning to do. They had decided to change their vacation over to their honeymoon and were going to marry at the end of summer. Instead of moving immediately to the Yu house, they’d remain here until Mary returned from University.

Mary, meanwhile, spent the last bit of summer training Lady up for her next promotion.

Eileen and Jun talk

Jun also took the time to visit and gossip about her latest endeavors. Unfortunately, Eileen knew all about her little triangle with Henry Saunders and Thomas Anderson. It wasn’t much of a triangle–poor Henry. She had tried to urge Jun away from the marriage, but Jun wouldn’t budge. She wasn’t about to let her free-meal ticket slip away.

Jun though it was weird that Eileen was marrying her uncle, but she was too busy talking about herself to say anything.

Eileen and Sun-Tzu's Wedding

Sun-Tzu and Eileen married on the last day of summer. Eileen O`Hanlon become Eileen Yu. It had an odd ring to it, but it didn’t matter. They also did a silly ‘culture reversal’ for their wedding; Eileen wore something ethnic (and even let her hair down) and Sun-Tzu donned a traditional tuxedo. It was a nice, open-air ceremony. They opted out of booking the chapel.

Mary was certainly happy for her mother, even if her dress was a little itchy. It kept slipping, too. Where was double-sided tape when you needed it?

Eileen and Sun-Tzu's Wedding

Eileen and Sun-Tzu's Wedding

Of course, not everyone was thrilled about the union. Off in the background, unnoticed, Roger slipped off. He wasn’t jealous, per say, but he couldn’t help the twinge he felt seeing his brother with a younger woman. Especially when Sun-Tzu has spent all his years jet-setting around the world, never caring about female companionship. He had a bachelor’s beard and Roger thought he meant to kept it forever.

February 11, 2008

Yu – Round 3: ‘Unsupervised Elders’

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Yu Family Round 3

Roger Yu and his wife, Risa, came to Boreal Springs hoping to enjoy their retirement and calm their daughter. With Jun gone, now their only worry is Sun-Tzu, Roger’s immigrant brother.


Roger and Risa relax

While Roger and Risa were saddened to kick their only child out, they were also somewhat relieved. She was an adult, and had been for some time now. While they would always be her parents, there was only so much they could take. Chances upon chances had been given, but Jun always ignored them. Now it was time to face and see the world for what it was.

And, of course, now Roger and Risa could really enjoy retirement. They were old and they were tired. It was time to relax.

Sun-Tzu paints

Sun-Tzu, on the other hand, felt as if he was only just now getting his ‘second wind’. He was younger than Roger by several years and had only newly retired. It was a restless existence, he found. He’d spent the majority of his youth and middle-aged life traveling the globe and writing fantastic articles for well-known publishers. This sedentary lifestyle would surely kill him long before his time.

Thankfully, there was Eileen. Quite a bit his junior, but mature in a way beyond her own years. It was through her and her daughter that he found a new hobby–painting. It kept his mind busy and his hands, while also allowing for his creativity to blossom.

Roger and Risa discuss Ryu

“We have a grandson we’ll never see, Roger.” Risa said one day as they sat at the table.

“We’ll see him,” Roger assured her. They had heard about Ryu’s birth through the grapevine and also that the child’s father was Henry Saunders. This was a relief to both, as they knew of their daughter’s indiscretions with Thomas Anderson. “Henry is a family man… if anything, it is to our advantage Jun is with him.”

“They’re engaged, Roger. And still, nothing. I’m never going to see my grandson!”

Roger sighed, “you will, I promise. Just give it time.”

Sun-Tzu proposes to Eileen

That weekend, Sun-Tzu invited Eileen O`Hanlon over for a perfectly innocent visit. She was over quite often, so it was hardly out of the ordinary. They had some of Risa’s pie and discussed random subjects until Sun-Tzu quietly took her hand, a small smile hiding behind his beard.

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Well, what is it? Don’t keep me waiting.” She teased, smiling. She had anticipated another painting or something like that, but was surprised when he pulled out a little black box. “Is that…?”

“I could not wait until the trip. If you need some time to think–”

“No, I mean… er, yes. No to the time, yes to the ring!” Eileen took it out of the box and slipped it onto her finger. “How did you afford this?”

“Do you think they paid me in fortune cookies for traveling the country?” He smiled. “I am not poor, Eileen. Only humble.”

Eileen leaves

Sun-Tzu had warned his brother beforehand, but still, Roger couldn’t wrap his mind around it. He loved Risa dearly, but seeing your gray brother with a beautiful young lady as his fiancée was a little jarring. Sun-Tzu was a lucky bugger, that was sure. He had been born during a blessed year.

It was no question where the two would go when they got married–Eileen would move in here, allowing Mary to have the house after she graduated from University. Roger and Risa were more than happy with the arrangement.


Note from Mao: Having just elders can be a snore, but it was kept interesting with constant dates between Sun-Tzu and Eileen. I’ll likely never get her LTW, but it’s worth trying, right?  Next up… Uni!

February 10, 2008

Saunders – Round 3: ‘A Crowded House’

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Saunders Family Round 3

Henry Saunders has found himself in quite the situation; his girlfriend, Jun Yu, has just moved in after being kicked out of her home. Derek is on his way to University and the twins, Gina and Shaniqua, are enjoying their days as carefree teens. Will Jun’s little ‘secret’ disrupt their happiness?


The Saunders family has dinner

Henry: Okay, excuse me if this is a little awkward… I’m not really used to this sort of thing. In fact, I don’t really get the point, but I’ll give in. For now. Things around the house have changed drastically. Jun moved in–her family kicked her out–and I was worried that the kids would react badly.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It really surprised me how they all acted as if it was nothing. I suppose it helps that Jun acts more like a kid than an adult, but still. I suppose I’m just expecting it to blow up in my face. Most things tend to go that way…


Jun tells Henry she's pregnant

A month or two after moving in, Jun pulled me aside. She’d been acting oddly lately and I couldn’t help but notice she seemed a little… heavier. It wasn’t an insult! It’s just, she’s a small framed girl and you tend to notice those things really easily.

I hardly expected her to say that she was pregnant, though. We’d been really careful… or so I’d thought. Accidents happen, it seems. I felt horrible, bringing a child into the world under such… odd circumstances, but Jun ignored my attempts chivalry and said things were fine the way they were.

Jun meets with Thomas

Eventually, Jun had to take time off work. I wasn’t sure what she did all day or how she kept herself busy with everyone gone. She’s a very social person and I can’t see her being happily cooped up in the house all day. Not to mention she hardly enjoyed being pregnant. I could tell she wasn’t happy about it, even if she wouldn’t admit it.

Certain days were better than others. When I came home, she seemed oddly… happy. I didn’t question it–it was a thankful reprieve from crazy hormonal bouts of rage.

Shaniqua and Gina get A+ report cards

My girls are growing up so fast… but it isn’t so bad. So far, Shaniqua has managed to squelch out her need for boys in an attempt to join Gina and Mary O`Hanlon at University. For that, I’m thankful… until I realize how many hormonal boys there are at college campuses. At least Derek will be there to watch over them for a year or two.

Shaniqua and Gina were beaming when they brought me their report cards. They’d both earned straight A’s. It was all in thanks to their study plan that involved constantly doing all their schoolwork together. It worked, I’ll give them that.

Gina disapproves of Derek's lounging

Derek, however, wasn’t as concerned with his studies as he was his girlfriend Katy. Gina had tried to get him to join her and Shaniqua, but he always declined. I just hoped he could keep his GPA high enough to get accepted… time was not on his side.

Gina often commented that if there was a scholarship for hormones, Derek would have gotten it for sure. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about that…

Jun goes into labor

Jun went into labor late one evening when only the kids were around. Gina was sure to relate the tale to me while we waited in the hospital. I hoped she was joking and simply overemphasizing certain details.

“What are you doing?” Gina demanded, watching as Shaniqua hastily leafed through a tawdry romance novel.

“There has to be SOMETHING in here about this!” The twin squeaked in response, her eyes wide. Jun let out another wail.

“Put the stupid book down!” Gina scolded, watching as Shaniqua flung it on the floor in frustration. “All that’s in there is how to make babies… not what to do with them!”

“I’ll… go call dad.” Derek said finally, snapping out of his stupor. His face was white as a ghost.


Henry proposes to Jun

Jun gave birth to a little boy that she insisted be named ‘Ryu’. He had her family’s last name, but he looked more a Saunders than anything. I was disappointed that he didn’t have my name, but Jun had been so cranky I wasn’t about to approach her with a ring.

I waited until I was sure she was in a ‘decent’ mood. It wasn’t the most romantic thing and a little voice in my head kept asking me if I was sure… but it needed to be done. I’m a family guy and I won’t leave a woman hanging like that.

She said yes, of course, though I could see she was shocked. Her face turned as pale as Derek’s when I saw him at the hospital, after Jun had given birth. I didn’t pay much mind to it–maybe she was just nervous…

The twins build a snowman

Derek left for University not long after that. The house continued to run as normal, but his presence was missed. The twins kept themselves busy, off in their own little world. I watched them build a snowman together:

“There we go,” Gina said with a smile, hands proudly on her hips. “Do you have the carrot?”

“What?” Shaniqua replied, a guilty look crossing her face. “Um… no.”

“…what happened to it?”

“I got hungry! I ate it–I thought it was a snack…”

Gina sighed, “I guess we’ll just have a noseless snowman.”

“Doesn’t he need a head before a nose, anyway?”

Gina confronts her father

My girls were incredibly understanding about the situation with Jun. They were a great help in Ryu’s care, too. I really didn’t want to hire a nanny and it worked out so our schedules allowed for the girls to care for him while Jun and I were away at work. So, it was quite a surprise when Gina asked me: “are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

Despite being the adult in the situation, I couldn’t help but look at her dumbly. She completely blindsided me with that. When did my little girls become such grownups?

“Gina, I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”

“Do you love her, dad? You shouldn’t marry her if you don’t. Ryu would understand. He’d want you to be happy, like we do. You deserve it.”

“I am happy,” I countered, though a bit more forcedly than I expected. “You don’t need to concern yourself. This is for the best. Don’t worry about me–I want this.”

Gina was completely unconvinced, I could see it on her face, but she didn’t say a word about it again. Shaniqua sat quietly, aghast at her sister’s brashness. Gina always was the more serious of the two–the ‘little’ adult. Still, if my girls were worrying about my happiness… did that mean I wasn’t happy? I couldn’t realy tell and I hadn’t really thought about it.

Ryu becomes a toddler

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of changing diapers, Ryu had a birthday. He was finally ready to use the potty. Which was certainly a good thing–I had thought my diaper changing days ended a long time ago.

He looks almost exactly like me, much like Derek did at his age. He even has that mop of curly hair. My hair straightened as I got older, but Derek’s seems adamant to stay curly. We’ll have to wait and see how Ryu’s turns out.


Note from Mao: I got a lot of lucky shots in this, for which I was thankful. Wants were also all over the place! Henry feared having a baby, but wanted to get engaged/married to Jun. Jun feared getting engaged/married… it was crazy. This house is kinda crazy. Phew.

February 9, 2008

Anderson – Round 3: ‘Florence Fails’

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Ander Family Round 3

The Anderson Family have unwittingly found themselves in the midst of the neighborhood ‘drama storm’. Janine is completely ignorant of this fact, too busy being pregnant, while Florence has a suspicion as to her father, Thomas‘, involvement.


Florence is troubled by Alyssa

Florence: I’m going crazy! My grades are tanking–I’m close to failing… me! FAILING!–and my parents are two pod people from planet oblivious. But wait, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. Sorry, I’m just… ugh.

It all started with Alyssa. I hate to say it, but it’s true.

Janine goes into labor

Mom went into labor in the late evening… and of course, dad was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, being the responsible young woman that I am, I was able to get my mom to the hospital. She gave birth several hours later to a little girl–Alyssa. And that’s when all the trouble started… my trouble, at least.

Mom went back to work and dad acted like nothing had happened at all. I was stuck caring for her instead of having a nanny around… sigh. I’m a teenager! Does it look like I have time for babies? I have to study!

Thomas and Janine are indifferent

Of course, if my parents were total ‘pod people’, they’d get it. I have no idea what’s up with them. It’s been going on for a few years now and it just keeps getting worse. If they’re so unhappy, why don’t they get a divorce? I don’t even want to know how Alyssa came around… blegh.

I think dad is having some weirdo mid-life crisis and mom just doesn’t want to deal with it. She’s so secretive lately… and anytime you ask her about work, she gets this look in her eyes! Poor Alyssa, she’ll be all alone with only these pod people to ‘raise’ her.

Florence cares for Alyssa

She should be glad she has me around. As much as I want to get into University, I can’t ignore her crying. She’s just a baby, after all. Unfortunately, this the reasoning that got me an F and nearly ruined my chances at getting into Boreal Summit University…

But what was I supposed to do? Just leave her? Mom and dad were always at work.

Thomas has a phone call

I’m really certain dad is going through something. He gets weird phone calls and they’re always very ‘hush-hush’. If anyone walks into the room while he’s using the phone–for any reason–he gets livid! That, or he quickly hangs up and stalks off.

If mom is suspicious, she doesn’t show it. Ignorance is bliss. It’s so weird–I mean, what’s he doing? Shady business deals? My dad is a total workaholic freak. An affair really just doesn’t fit him at all. His only love is work.

Florence, Thomas, and Janine have a chat

We rarely, if ever, have ‘meals’ together. One morning, I managed to catch them both at the same time. I asked them to sit down. I was failing and my chances at going to B.S.U. were looking null and void. It was like talking to a brick wall, neither reacted. I could hear them chewing, it was just that silent.

Finally, mom spoke up. Her face was completely devoid of any emotion. She just stared down and said, “I’ll take care of it.”

I tried to ask her how, why, and what? But she ignored me. What does that even mean? Does it have to do with her job?

Alyssa becomes a toddler

Whatever she did do for a job, she wore normal enough outfits. She managed to come home early to see Alyssa’s second birthday. She’s really cute, I’ll admit it. She’s almost an exact copy of mom. That’s good, I guess, since I took a lot after dad…

After that, she was really active with Alyssa and I wasn’t stuck with her so much. I managed to pull my grades up, but I lost my scholarships. Even with all the work I had done, I still only had a D.

Thomas says 'hello' to Jun

Unfortunately, that’s when things went from bad to worse. Dad was all but absent from the house now. I heard him coming in really late at night, like around 1am! What kind of job keeps you out that late? I was beginning to think it wasn’t a job at all. Rumors had been going around and I’d tried to ignore them… but…

It just doesn’t make any sense. I guess I can’t really say anything until I see it with my own eyes. The rumor mill is usually full of crap.

Florence says goodbye to Alyssa

To be honest, I really didn’t have time to worry about it. I would be a high school graduate and my own life waited in front of me. I’d spent all my youth worrying about my weirdo parent’s problems. Let them do it for once.

Alyssa would miss me, I could tell. I told her ‘goodbye’ and she frowned and reached for me. She couldn’t talk much, so she just pulled on my hair. I’d miss her, too, but it’d be nice to be in a quiet place for once.

Florence leaves for University

Whatever mom did, it worked. I got my acceptance letter and before I knew it, I was off to University. I was a little late, though, so I’d be starting my first semester during the second. It was okay, I could get caught up.

While I appreciate what my mom did, she shouldn’t have had to. I’m a hardworking student and I had never, ever gotten a single mark below an A for my entire scholastic career. At least, not until now. I was going to prove my worth. I’d get a 4.0 or die trying. Look out, B.S.U…. here I come!


Note from Mao: Poor Florence’s grades really did suck! It was because of Alyssa, too. Poor girl! I hated to see her not go, so I used her mother’s career as sort of a ‘loophole’. Bad, I know, but she’s a Knowledge sim! She can’t go without Uni.

February 6, 2008

Yu – Round 2: ‘Dishonorable Intentions’

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Yu Family Round 2

Roger Yu and his wife, Risa, moved to Boreal Springs in an attempt to escape the problems their daughter, Jun Yu, had encountered. Tagging along is Roger’s newly immigrated brother, Sun-Tzu. So far, it doesn’t seem that the boondocks has calmed Jun any…


Jun Yu and Henry Saunders...

It had taken some time, but Jun Yu finally found some respite from the dull days of work and sleep. The answer to her boredom was none other than Henry Saunders. He’d been a hard one to reel in at first, but his resolve eventually crumbled. Men weren’t one to deny themselves for too long. Besides, that torch he held for the very married–and pregnant–Janine Anderson was beginning to dim.

Henry would turn out to be the answer to more than one of her problems…

Jun makes Henry an offer he can't refuse

Jun had found herself enjoying the various uniforms he was forced to wear while on duty. She told him not to change before their dates. Surprisingly, it took a little longer than Jun would have liked to make him the offer he couldn’t possibly refuse.

He was hesitant, but Jun knew exactly what to say. They were both consenting adults, what was the harm? Neither was attached. With logic like that, why was there cause for concern?

Henry regrets, Jun plots

Of course, quickly made decisions are often regretted. Jun seemed to be thinking the same thing as Henry, only with a different spin. Henry was concerned with what his friend, Janine would think. Jun was only plotting how she was going to get her claws into Thomas without Janine finding out.

Roger, Risa, and Sun-Tzu converse over cornflakes

Meanwhile, the elders of the house had an intense conversation over their cornflakes. While Jun may have thought her little indiscretions had gone unnoticed, she was very wrong. Roger and Risa had seen Henry Saunders leaving. They weren’t happy.

“What happens if she gets pregnant?” Risa sighed, shaking her head. “Who will pay for the doctor visits? Or the baby itself? Poor thing.”

“Risa, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Jun isn’t pregnant.”

“Yet, Roger… yet.”

“Her actions are without honor, Roger. You should have disciplined your daughter better.” Sun-Tzu offered. His English was getting leaps and bounds better with each passing day, though his old-country knowledge remained.

“If only it were so easy, brother.”

Eileen comforts Sun-Tzu

While his niece’s actions may have been dishonorable, Sun-Tzu’s were the exact opposite. He and Eileen got along famously, though neither would admit to being anything but ‘good friends’. Eileen often visited, sometimes to talk to Jun, but mostly to see Sun-Tzu.

“Jun is a burden on her family, Eileen.”

“She’s young, Sun-Tzu. I was like her once. She’ll grow out of it. She’s really not a bad person, I promise.”

“Let us hope what you say is true.”

Jun is caught flirting with Thomas

Unfortunately, Jun Yu was hardly Eileen. Jun Yu thought only of herself and what she wanted. Nothing else really mattered, especially not the sacred bond of marriage. Roger caught her speaking rather provocatively to Thomas Anderson, who swore he was just passing through.

Roger was unconvinced. He tried to follow them, but Jun led Thomas into her room and locked the door behind them.

Sun-Tzu rebuffs Thomas

Thomas eventually emerged to get something from the kitchen, only to encounter a less-than-pleased Sun-Tzu along the way. The elder regarded him with an accusatory stare.

“You dishonor your wife and child, Thomas Anderson.”

Thomas gave him a look, “things are different in this country. You’ll see that eventually.”

Sun-Tzu ignored him, turning his back and heading towards his own room.

Thomas and Jun have an affair

Thomas had no idea that Jun was also seeing Henry Saunders. If he had, that might have changed his reaction to Jun’s proposal later that evening. He wasn’t overly fond of the father of three, and surely wouldn’t be happy to know he was sharing anything with him.

Jun had her own reasonings for her relationship with Henry. She genuinely cared about Thomas, but he was married. Jun suspected her family was about to kick her out and Henry was divorced. Soon, his kids would be gone. He had plenty of room for Jun.

February 3, 2008

Yu – Round 1: ‘Unlikely Roles’

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Yu Family Round 1

Roger Yu moved his culturally-infused family to Boreal Springs hoping that a change of scenery would inflict some change elsewhere. Unfortunately, it seems to have backfired. Jun is just as wild as ever and Sun-Tzu is still baffled by the cultural differences.


Jun gets a job

Jun: Right, like moving out here in the middle of NOWHERE is going to slow me down! I don’t think so. So what, I had a little trouble with the law? Who hasn’t? If you’re going to party, you gotta go all the way… and Jun Yu goes all the way.

My parents should be glad I got a job. Sure, I’ve dated the owner of the Record store, but still. It’s a job, right? That’s all that matters. It isn’t like any of these other old geezers is pulling in any cash.

Roger and Risa have a chat

Why don’t they have a job? Because they’re too busy plotting. They’re trying to ruin my life, I swear. I’m a grown woman! I don’t need my parents nattering over me. I sure as heck don’t need them trying to marry me off! I’ve got too much love to give to restrict it to just one person.

If they wanted me to recognize their customs and all that, they never should have left the old country. But they did. So they better deal!

Jun starts a fire

Okay, so maybe I started a fire… so what? Who hasn’t? Fires happen. At least I wasn’t the only one screaming like a little girl! My father and weirdo Uncle Sun-Tzu were screaming right along with me! It was my mother that called the fire station.

Crazy old coots…

Roger and Sun-Tzu enjoy retirement

What right do they have to rag on my life choices when all they do is sit around in their underwear eating burnt pastries all day? Sure, it’s easy to talk about money, but to actually earn it? Retirement my foot! Does it look like we can afford retirement?

I sure wish they would have thought things through before they moved me out here. Blegh. I can’t even get downtown!

Roger and Sun-Tzu have a pillow fight

Sure wish I could enjoy myself. Unfortunately, pillow fights don’t quite do it for me. Well, not unless I’m naked and with another consenting adult. Heh. Now that’s what I call fun.

I’m really getting sick of burnt food, too. If they’re going to lay at home all day while I’m working hard they can at least learn to cook!

Jun gets fired

Guess I spoke too quickly about working hard. Truth be told, it wasn’t my fault. Some jerk with his stupid piano had it out for me. Sorry, dude, but Jun Yu doesn’t date fat guys. I do have standards!

I got my Record Store gig back, though. So that’s good. See why it’s nice to date your manager? And my mother says it’s ‘dishonorable’! Pfft, what’s honor ever gotten me? This isn’t Feudal Japan!

Jun and Eileen hang out

At least one person in this neighborhood isn’t completely nuts. Eileen O`Hanlon is pretty cool. Turns out we met awhile back while she was DJing at some hot-spot. We’ve become best friends–it’s nice to have a like-minded individual. Sure, she’s tamed down a lot because of her kid, but she’s still got it in her heart.

She’s a heck of a lot more understanding than those old bones back at the house!

Eileen and Sun-Tzu meet

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed that Eileen’s pretty cool. I think I saw my Uncle Sun-Tzu giving her weird eyes. That’s so gross! He’s old! Eileen would never go for it, she isn’t into that…

Besides, how could he even flirt with her? In broken English? Oh, that’s sexy. Right. Pffft.


Note from Mao: Sun-Tzu and Eileen automatically flirted. I was a little disturbed… but given Eileen’s turn ons and Sun-Tzu’s turn ons… it was inevitable. We’ll see!

February 1, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 1: ‘Settling In’

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Header image for O`hanlon, round 1

Eileen O`Hanlon moved to Boreal Springs looking for a new start and a better life for her young daughter, Mary. Little Mary is content with the move, as she never had many friends in their old place. They’re both hoping for something better out of this tiny and still-growing suburb.


Mary boarding the bus

Despite the fact they had just moved, Mary’s education refused to take second fiddle. Eileen quickly helped Mary get ready and watched her off as she boarded the bus to her new school. There were several other children Mary’s age in the neighborhood, so Eileen hoped she’d click with at least one of them.

In the meantime, Eileen found a job ad in the paper that seemed simple enough and didn’t require any extensive education or experience. She was now a ‘N00b’ in the gaming field. It couldn’t be that bad, right? How hard is playing video games for eight hours?

Eileen meets the neighbors

Eileen was thankful when some of the other newly moved in neighbors came over to say ‘hi’. She had the day off and without Mary around, Eileen really didn’t know what to do with herself. She used to sleep during the day and wake when Mary got home.

The neighbors were a colorful assortment. One in particular stuck out immediately–Jun Yu. In fact, Eileen could have sworn she recognized the ethnic woman. Eileen had DJ’d for several years in some high-profile hot spots, so it wasn’t unlikely that she had met the party girl at some point. She wanted desperately to ask, but found it hard to interrupt the… discussion she was having with Thomas Anderson.

Jun stays for dinner

Once Eileen finally managed to corner Jun, they had a nice chat and realized they’d seen one another several times. Jun admired her skill at the DJ booth and Eileen countered with an appreciative note about Jun’s dancing ability. Jun stayed for dinner and Eileen felt that she had her first friend in Boreal Springs.

She was a little worried about Jun’s impact on Mary, though. Mary seemed to take it all in stride, asking silly questions and being generally childish when the topics turned ‘adult’.

Eileen and Mary play with leaves

The next few days went on and Eileen and Mary set into a schedule. While the gaming job wasn’t as simple as Eileen had initially thought, she was thankful for the easy hours. She went to work when Mary went to school and got home an hour after Mary got off the bus. It was nice and allowed some ‘together time’, something they didn’t have much of when Eileen was a DJ.

Eileen was also more relaxed. Instead of scolding Mary for throwing her newly-raked leaves all around, Eileen joined her and soon they were both picking leaves out of their hair and clothing.

Mary helps out

Mary did her best to be the helpful child and helped with chores. Even nasty ones, like trying to file off all the scuzzy stuff from their toilet. She couldn’t begin to understand how it had gotten so dirty! She resolved that until it was all gone, she was using the bathrooms at school. How sad is it when you’re opting for public restrooms over your own home’s offerings?

“This is so gross,” she cringed through closed lips. She wasn’t dumb enough to open them! The scuzzy film would get in her mouth and she’d probably lose all her teeth. “Mom needs to take her own advice on ‘bathroom etiquette’…”

The good and bad

Despite her toilet duties, Mary was excelling in school. She brought home an A+ and couldn’t have been happier. Unfortunately, Eileen’s own accomplishments weren’t so glowing. She got demoted for being, well, a ‘noob’ and if it happened again, she’d probably be fired. Who knew gamers could be so… harsh?

Still, she put on a good face for Mary and did her best to encourage her. Then, when Mary was inside, she took her frustration out on the leaves. Darn nerds, calling her a ‘n00b’!

‘They probably just like the word because it rhymes with ‘boob’–something they probably won’t ever see.’ She muttered to herself as she attacked the wayward leaves with a rake.

Shaniqua stays for dinner

Eileen couldn’t be frustrated for long, as the next day her wish had been fulfilled. Mary brought home a friend, a girl from down the street named Shaniqua Saunders. She was a little odd and enjoyed talking about strange things. Mary said it just added to her ‘mystique’ and that she was actually really nice. Eileen decided to take her daughter’s word for it.

As she watched Mary listening intently to Shaniqua’s ravings against The Gypsy, Eileen couldn’t help but think that the move was the best idea she’d had in a long time. She could only hope that the collective neighbor’s eccentricities allowed for growth and understanding and not a major meltdown.


Note from Mao: Just a note to say that I’ll be switching between 1st person narrative and a 3rd person narrative. It all depends on the story, the entry, and how the week goes. Right now things are slow and still coming together. I’m also working on something that may help ease the ‘people confusion’ that comes as Prosperities grow larger.

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