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November 27, 2008

O`Hanlon 2 – Round 20: ‘Womanizer, Pt. 1′

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Patrick O`Hanlon is finally free from University and is starting his life out on the fast track to fame.  Can he keep it all together or will his meddlesome family continue to cause problems?

Everyone who knows Patrick O`Hanlon will agree that he’s quite full of himself.  His new position in the fame industry hasn’t helped that matter any.  He spends much of his time romancing his own reflection.  This isn’t to say he’s stupid, hardly so.  His manipulative and deceptive ways show he’s quite the mastermind.  He just hides it beneath his attractive exterior.

Patrick moved downtown to get away from his family once and for all.  While he loves his mother and father, he tires of their lectures.  He plans to live his life the way he wishes and knows best when it comes down to how to accomplish things.

The privacy certainly helps, of course.  His accomplishments are plenty and diverse, but he can’t deny that one of them is winning the attention of the ladies.  Shang may have lived the rockstar’s life, but Patrick prefers the more refined women and chooses his targets carefully and meticulously.  He won’t just woo any girl, he’s much too good for that.

A favorite of his was the well-traveled Viola Kalson.  She, too, was in the acting business, though she mostly danced on broadway shows.  That was how they had originally met.  She visited frequently, completely fine with their casual arrangement.

Unfortunately, Sade didn’t quite get the hint when Patrick moved downtown.  In fact, she was at his place more than she was on campus.  It was really annoying.  If their parents found out, they’d both be threatened with a lynching.  It was becoming very obvious Sade had every intention of flaking out on college, she just needed a good scapegoat.

“It sucks,” Sade whined, poking her fork violently through a leaf of lettuce.  “There isn’t anything to do there and it’s all about books and stuff.  I don’t care about any of that.”

Patrick rolled his eyes, “What did you think college was, Sade?  It’s the next step in your education.”

“I don’t need an education, Patrick,” she huffed, meeting his eyes.  “Look at me!  I can do anything I want.”

“Then why are you hiding out here and inconveniencing me?”

At this, she paused, her lips moving into a pout, “well, because, our parents don’t really see it that way…”

As if Sade busting in wasn’t enough, his mother, Sara, started doing the same.  She’d heard rumors about his rumors and also Sade staying there, so she came to put her foot down.  Unfortunately, during their visit, Viola also stopped in.  Patrick made quick work of his mother and her conversing.  He sighed.  This was more stressful than he’d ever imagined it’d be.  What happened to his carefree, worry free life?

To make matters even worse it seemed as if his neighbor was never alone.  He’d only seen the woman a few times, but never actually spoken to her.  Whoever she was, she had a gentleman caller quite frequently.  He was privy to the noises, thanks to his kitchen being right next to her bedroom.  He found that one out the hard way.

Just as Patrick was getting into a routine, Viola stopped by and threw a wrench in his plans.  He hadn’t been expecting her and that did not bode well.

“Patrick, I need your help,” she began slowly, her hesitance obvious.  “I, uh, I need somewhere to stay.”

“What happened to your place?”

She sighed, her face dropping, “I… I lost it, Patrick.  I lost everything.  Didn’t you hear?  They sued me, Patrick.  They tried to say I was all drugged up and I fell and… when I took the test, well, I mean.  I’ve had some vicadin, we all have, right?  Well, it showed up and… I’m screwed.  Please, Patrick, only for a little while.  I don’t care what you do, I know our situation… I just, I don’t have anyone else.  At least not anyone who will believe me.  I mean, you know who it was, it was that bitch Carol.  She wanted my part and now she’s got it.  She tripped me during a live show!”

“Calm down, Viola,” Patrick said once he managed to get a word in, “You can stay here.  There’s an extra room.”

Her face lit up and she moved to hug him, “Thank you!  I promise it won’t be for long.”

Now Patrick truly would have to kick Sade to the curb.  Maybe Michael and Fou-lu could deal with her for awhile?


Note from Mao: So I’ve installed ACR and am testing it out, trying to figure out how it works, and basically just trying to see how I want it to work.  I just wish I could turn off couch woohoo, because well, poor Michael’s nearly blind.  Poor guy can’t walk out of his bedroom without seeing, well, you’ll see…  As for Patrick, Sade and Sara literally dropped by every day.  It was a bit ridiculous…

September 9, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 19: ‘You Turn the Screws, Pt. 3′

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Patrick O`Hanlon is womanizing his way through University while Michael Saunders hits the books and keeps to himself. Elena Davis and Fou-Lu are no longer an item, but Elena is still uncertain about her decisions and Fou-Lu is hoping she reconsiders.

Patrick decided to call Elena out on her dealings with Shang Yu, “what are you thinking? I know you’ve got some semblance of a brain up there… you’re one of the few girls I know who does.”

“Gee, thanks, Patrick,” Elena replied, rolling her eyes. “And what’s it matter to you?”

“Shang and I are cut of the same cloth, Elena. Anything you two do isn’t special or serious or anything. He’s got Kat for that, he just wants you for, well, the obvious.”

“You think I don’t know that? I don’t want anything serious with him,” Elena replied, giving her nephew a pointed look. “Anyway, here’s a question for you… I’m almost afraid to ask. Are you wearing pants?”

He grinned, “what do you think?”


Fou-Lu decided to try and corner Michael into helping him get Elena back. Unfortunately, the stoic and quiet half-sibling was a little less than willing.

“Elena is a big girl, she makes her own decisions.” Michael said, barely looking up from his dinner. “Besides, I’m not so sure you’re ready to get her back.”

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” Fou-Lu was a little shocked by Michael’s outright bluntness.

Michael looked up, startling Fou-Lu, “you’re immature, Fou-Lu. Grow up a little and I’m sure Elena will notice. I’m only telling you this in an effort to steer you in the right direction.”

“That’s harsh, dude,” Fou-Lu replied, wounded. “Real harsh…”

Meanwhile, Michael wasn’t having much luck with dating. There was a pretty blonde girl at the house one day that Michael thought was okay looking, but he spoke to her only to find out she was one of Patrick’s many… well, ‘visitors’. He sighed and walked away. How Patrick did it, he’d never know. Michael just didn’t feel any great attraction or attachment to these women.

He kept comparing them to someone else.

Patrick was naturally smart, in fact, he was downright intelligent. But it never showed, because he used his smarts for evil and manipulation. He didn’t have to try with his grades, all his professors were female. He just smooth talked his way into an A+ everytime. He could have easily done it the proper way, but it was so much more satisfying knowing that he had enough power to influence his way to straight A’s.

Elena, knowing his fondness for red heads, set Michael up with a girl from her class. They had plenty in common and she wasn’t awful looking, but Michael just didn’t feel that spark. She had red hair, sure, but she wasn’t, well. And it just wasn’t the same.

The date went well, but afterwards, Michael felt nothing.

Meanwhile, Elena had given a lot of thought about what Patrick had said. It was silly to mess around with Shang Yu in an effort to ignore her problems. She was glad when Fou-Lu happened to be in the hot tub. She joined him and decided they needed to talk about their situation.

Fou-Lu clearly wanted Elena back and while Elena was undecided, she couldn’t deny they had a solid history.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get much of a chance to talk. Add together a hot tub, bathing suits, and two young adults and well, you don’t usually get a heartfelt conversation…

Patrick, meanwhile, was doing some ‘conversing’ of his own with quite as few of the available co-eds. They were at the last of their classes and ready to graduate, so he wanted to score with as many chicks as he could before he left. It was a personal goal he set for himself. He wouldn’t have enough time once he was signed to an agency and working on his acting skills.

Not that he hadn’t been improving those with every line and charm he’d done in the past four years.


Note from Mao: This one is all over the place, sorry. I’ve played it intermittently for a week. Anyway, they’re graduated, yay. Too bad I can’t install AL yet. Anyway, if you don’t believe me, Michael really does suck at dating. He’s nice, just shy. But that doesn’t stop him from making girls cry. Note his total disinterest in her obvious distress. Cold, Michael, cold!

August 30, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 19: ‘Sade’s Diary, Pt. 1′

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Nathaniel and Sara are happily married, but their children give them cause for worry. Sade has grown into a lovely young lady, but she seems a little too aware of it. Cole, too, is older, but still a bit… odd.

From Sade’s Online Diary, pulled from

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you know I’m a teenager now and fully independent in the most awesome of ways. That’s right, world, you better watch out… because one look at me and you’ll drop dead! I’m just that gorgeous.

Unfortunately, gorgeous people like myself have problems, too… like my parents…

They are all… old now. Like, really old. They look like they should be grandparents! I doubt that will ever happen. My big brother Patrick is a total jerk when it comes to women. But I guess not having grandchildren doesn’t keep you from looking like an old person. Ew. I hope they don’t like, suddenly starting going to bingo or anything now. That’s just… ew.

Enough about them, though. Back to ME! Of course, all the boys at school are dying to take me out, and why shouldn’t they? But I have no interest in high school boys. They’re such losers, seriously. I’m not your average teenage girl, I’ve got class… more than most of my peers will ever have in their lifetimes! So, yeah, no thanks. And stop staring, seriously, you’re drooling and that’s disgusting.

I’m not an idiot, I know it’s totally wrong but Michael Saunders is just so… I don’t know. Not hot, that’s just… that’s like calling me hot, and I’m not hot, I’m drop dead gorgeous. He’s just… well, he’s the only one who matches me, you know? We’re too pretty for everyone else. He came home with Patrick one evening and… I haven’t seen him since we found out we were related.

He’s a couple of years older than me, but age isn’t anything but a number! Look at him! I mean, are second cousins really that related? Don’t give me that look! You’d feel the same way, too, if you such a hot second cousin. His half-brother Claude is just the same way… but not like Michael. College guys are so much more appealing.

I hate my life. Why am I related to all the pretty guys?!

Enough about that, I guess. I mentioned it once to mom and she got this horrified look on her face. Then she gave me this long lecture on incest and what it is and bla bla. I KNOW what it is, gosh. Anyway, she is all upset because Patrick is spending his days at college sleeping with all the girls. What did she expect? I told you he was a jerk!

Cole isn’t a jerk like Patrick, but he sure is annoying! All he talks about are video games and silly kid stuff. Does he seriously think I’m interested? Please. He and Patrick think they are just so special because they have the purple skin, but special isn’t nearly as good as gorgeous, which is what I am. I would change my name to that if it weren’t so cheesy.

At least I have my cousin Kit to keep me sane. Like I said, I am related to all the pretty people. Kit and I are on the same level, we understand one another, and what our status in this place entitles us to. Of course, she’s a bit of a tomboy and I totally do not understand why. I’ve tried to help her, but it’s just so hopeless. Oh well, maybe she can get married and have babies! Haha, and I’ll be living the life of starlet!

Cole is being such a brat! He keeps reading over my shoulder, so it looks like have to go. Ugh! My parents need to just give me a computer in my room. Like I would be so crass as to post stupid videos of me dancing half naked to hip hop music. Like I said, I have class. Oh well. Until next time.



Note from Mao: Sade cracks me up so much and yes, Michael and Patrick came over for a visit. I completely forgot that Sade and Michael still had the crush flag (they flirted and kissed as teens before I realized they were related). Such a shame!

August 23, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 18: ‘You Turn the Screws, Pt. 2′

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Zhou Yu and River Saunders have an awkward relationship, but with the addition of four others, their lives are about to get more interesting. Patrick O`Hanlon is happy to finally be free and explore his… options. Michael Saunders just wants to survive college; Elena Davis has her goal in mind, but her boyfriend Fou-Lu Yu doesn’t seem to have any ambition at all.

Elena, Michael, and Fou-Lu all traveled to University together. Michael had got stuck driving, while Elena and Fou-Lu often forgot he was in the front seat. It was a little weird to have to be in the same with car with your sister who is making out with someone you’ve known since childhood.

He was happy to be free of the confines of the car, while Elena was happy to finally be in college. Fou-Lu was just impressed with how hot Elena turned out to be.

Patrick arrived later that evening, having hitched a ride with a hot chick. Why he was so late was never put to question, as it went without asking. Patrick was pleased with his roommates, though he had wished desperately to have his own place. Still, having people to talk to was pretty cool, and he was related to some of these people, too, so meeting relatives was interesting.

It turned out Zhou wasn’t upset about Falco “flying the coop”, so to speak, and just bought about bird. It was this that brought their relationship into more official territory.

“It’s just a bird, babe,” Zhou had said, laughing. “He’s probably teaching his bird friends to swear, too. That’s cool with me.”

River chose to ignore the fact that the bird was quite possibly teaching other birds to swear and instead focus on Zhou’s unfaltering ability to be sweet.

Elena had done a lot of thinking during her time stuck in the house before coming to University. She decided to pursue her dream of being a world-famous dancer. As usual, Michael lingered in the background doing something boring and nerdy while she practiced.

It wasn’t long before Fou-Lu located her and extracted her from her practicing.

Michael had left in favor of less ‘intimate’ places while Fou-Lu pulled Elena into a hug.

“This dancing stuff isn’t so bad,” he said jokingly. “You look good in spandex.”

“Lu, stop it,” Elena scolded, though she made no move to pull away. “I have to do my exercises.”

“There are other ways of exercising if you’re that worried about it…”

She sighed, and smacked him hard on the arm, causing him to pull away. He gave her a look and broke out into laughter. She hit him again, lighter this time. He was such a joker and that worried her. Would he ever take life seriously?

As the first year came to a close, everyone fell into a routine. Michael and River had an art class together, despite their complete lack of creative skills. They found solace in one another’s company and general inepitude, muttering under their breath about the unfairness of college gen-ed courses as they hastily smeared gobs of paint on empty canvases.

Patrick and Zhou often studied together, though Zhou was horrified when his books got confused with Patrick’s. His mouth dropped when he opened the book to find a questionable picture of a co’ed… and upon dropping it, several more falling out and littering the floor.

“Dude!” Zhou said, gesticulating feverishly with his hands, unable to say anything else.

Patrick looked stunned as well, picking up a picture and admiring it, “I forgot I had this one.”

“Is that ou… our literature professor?”

Patrick grinned, snapping Zhou’s book closed and handing it over, “nice, huh?”


August 17, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 18: ‘Fiery Red, Pt. 3′

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Nathaniel and Sara have been successful in staying together despite not being married. Will they continue on this path, or will the impending birth of their third child and their own elder age drawing near cause them to change their course?

Nathaniel and Sara had never really pushed marriage. If it happened, it happened. They had a busy life and neither of them quite seemed to be on the same page when it came to the subject, so it was always dismissed in favor of focusing on other things. With Nathaniel’s age catching up with him and Sara’s lagging not far behind, the two decided to get married on a whim, much to the delight of Sara’s mother, Mary.

Aside from Sara taking Nathaniel’s name and some legal differences, nothing really changed afterwards. Winter was in full swing and Sade was obsessed with making ‘pretty snowmen’. Worst yet, she preferred to enlist her father as opposed to her mother. When questioned why, Sade simply said that Nathaniel had more time on his hands.

Which, well, was true… but it didn’t help his masculinity any to be stuck doing all the things women usually did. Especially making girly snowmen with his daughter. Sara just laughed at him when he complained, asking if it was his idea or Sade’s to add the bow.

Their third and final child was a boy they named Cole. He had Nathaniel’s skin, much to their surprise, and Sara’s eyes. He was the only child to inherit the black hair. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer nearly as much as Patrick had at his age and was much easier to care for in the normal sense of the word.

Little Cole was the only one who had a birthday, though…

Nathaniel was feeling his age, to be sure. It was now suddenly obvious that Sara was just a tad bit younger than he was. It had been years since either of them thought of the days in high school and college when Sara had tried desperately to get his attention–even going so far as to wear a dress–only to decide he wasn’t worth the change.

Now he was the old coot trying to keep his young wife from checking out all the eligible bachelors. Wouldn’t be hard, Sara had no interest and well, they were all pretty much related to her.

Sade also matured just before Patrick was preparing to leave for University. She was a lovely young lady, and not in the typical sense, there was an old fashioned beauty about her–classical and timeless. Neither Nathaniel or Sara could begin to guess where she’d gotten it, but weren’t about to say anything to her.

She was bright and happy, but her mean streak was a mile long. Heaven help whoever dared to get on her bad side.

With Patrick gone, it was up to Sade to help care for Cole. He wasn’t much trouble and she actually enjoyed it, though she would never admit that to her teenage friends. Cole had become a toddler and looked quite different than both his siblings at that age. He definitely had Sara’s nose, Nathaniel joked, only to watch as a well-aimed newspaper narrowly missed his head.

Sade missed her brother, but Cole was definitely enough to keep her occupied.


Note from Mao: I was waiting for both Nathaniel and Sara to spin up the marriage want. They finally did! And so they are married. Cole has Nathaniel’s last name. Sade is really quite pretty–I was shocked. I don’t know who she looks like at all. Patrick is finally off to Uni, too, which frightens me… LOL.  In case you’re wondering, Patrick is an EXACT copy of Nathaniel in the face… it’s scary.

August 4, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 17: ‘Fiery Red, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel Anderson and Sara O`Hanlon enjoy their unwedded bliss and their two children, even if they don’t understand them. Patrick is fast becoming an egocentric misogynist while Sade can’t pass a mirror without admiring herself in it. To make matters worse… Sara’s been feel a little ill lately.

Sara was distraught over the loss of her father, Derek O`Hanlon. Along with that, she was dealing with the astronomical amount of divorces currently taking place in Boreal Springs. She needed a break, that much was certain. Nathaniel took some time off work and the kids had a break in school coming up, so they were set to head off to the mountains for some R&R.

Sade and Patrick weren’t too keen on being surrounded by burly lumberjacks and towering pines.

Before heading to the shuttle, Patrick had to admire himself in the mirror. While most would remark that his collection of features was odd… it was also unique. That uniqueness would help him achieve his ultimate dream–stardom. He could use his smarts and his good looks to skyrocket himself to fame unknown. As long as he was making money and being admired, it was all good.

They arrived at their resort hotel without a hitch and the two kids realized they’d be living in the lap of luxury for the better part of a week. Warming up to the idea of the outdoors, they accompanied their parents to a nearby logging area. Patrick was sure he could throw axes without an issue, but was proven wrong when only one hit the bull’s eye. Sade claimed she could do better, if only they’d let her actually throw an axe!

Sara decided to show her son how it was done and landed each axe perfectly within the bull’s eye, much to Patrick’s humiliation and Nathaniel’s fear. Where Sara had picked up her logging prowess, none could say, but she could certainly throw an axe with the best of them.

Despite feeling ill the entire trip, Sara still managed to beat Nathaniel several times at log rolling. Of course, Nathaniel claimed she was quite obviously cheating. Sara just laughed and beat him again. She was definitely more athletically geared than her male counterpart, even if she did spend a lot of time in the court room.

Patrick decided that it might be fun to fish. Nathaniel wasn’t too keen on the idea, being a nautically minded man. Patrick was overjoyed when he caught a huge catfish, but grumbled incoherently when Nathaniel insisted he that apologize and put it back. Fish had feelings too.

Sara was feeling even worse during the last leg of the vacation, so she spent a lot of time lounging around. Sade mostly stayed with her, content to sit and watch people walk by. It was surprisingly calm, despite being in the middle of winter, and strangely warm, too. It only flurried once, though it didn’t accumulate. They didn’t even have rain. They couldn’t have picked a better time to come.

The night before they were set to leave, Nathaniel decided to voice his concerns about Sara’s state of health. Of course, being a male, he wasn’t exactly tactful about it.

“You’re looking a little bit like a beachball, Sara,” he said, eyes falling on her stomach. She hadn’t gained much weight, but her normally flat abdomen had puffed out a bit. “Are you pregnant?”

“I think so,” Sara said. “I don’t want to believe it, but it would make sense.”

When they returned home, Sara scheduled an appointment immediately with her physician. Sure enough, she was pregnant. The doctor told her to be careful, since she was older, she was more fragile. Nathaniel wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of another child–he would be an elder soon–but he supported Sara. It wasn’t like she did it all by herself.

He just hoped the baby didn’t turn out like their other two kids… which worried him immensely. Patrick the evil, egocentric genius and little Sade, the budding beauty queen.


Note from Mao: Nathaniel and Sara woohoo’d ONCE before they went on vacation. ONCE! I thought it was safe because they were both getting up in years and InTeen puts a drop in fertiliy the older a sim gets. Gah. At least Sara is a little younger than Nathaniel… and I definitely won’t bemoan their genetics spreading.  Pointy ears, yay!

July 25, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 16: ‘Fiery Red, Pt. 1′

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Nathaniel Anderson and Sara O`Hanlon are finding that all children are not the same. While Patrick was a well-behaved little angel, Sade is a bit more of a… trial.

Sara found herself up late again, trying desperately to get little Sade to go to sleep. She was so unlike Patrick as a baby that it was almost unbelievable. Sade cried often, demanding Sara or Nathaniel’s constant attention. It was often hard to keep up with her, as they both led very busy lives.

Sara was even busier now, thanks to the mess the whole Anderson divorce had caused. As one of Gordon’s trusted people, Sara was very much involved in his the legal proceedings leading up to his divorce. It helped that Mary’s mother was also involved. He had a legal team and a half to ensure that Michael was his. It was daunting work, though, and with Sade being such a fussy baby, Sara found herself quite exhausted.

Finally, Sade became a toddler, much to relief of both her parents. They were surprised by her pointed ears. Given that she did not have the purple skin, they hadn’t really expected her to take on any other traits. Unfortunately, Sade’s transition into a toddler didn’t make her any less needy. She still clung to her parents and cried when they dared leave her alone. It was tiring business, to be certain.

There was no reasoning for Sade’s lack of independence… she was incredibly demanding of their time and attention.

Luckily, Patrick was the opposite and was quite all right taking care of himself. The fact that Sade took all the attention didn’t bother him in the least. He was doing well at school and meeting various people. In fact, one day, he brought home Elena Davis, who was a striking likeness of his own mother.

Sara saw the similarities instantly and it all clicked together. Gordon had told her about Katy being Lauren, but he hadn’t said anything about her being pregnant. Sara knew to keep her mouth shut, but she couldn’t help but feel a slight pang everytime she looked at the child. They were almost twins in their appearance. It was a little disturbing.

Patrick became a teenager and was a great help to his parents with Sade. Unfortunately, Patrick’s normally clear head was clouded by the surge of teenage hormones. He still had deep thoughts and plenty of theories, but he was applying them to the opposite sex more than anything. Sara was a little concerned with her son’s obvious interest in girls, but Nathaniel assured her it was just a thing most males go through… which quickly earned him a hard smack upside the head and a glare.

Sade herself moved onto childhood.  She was quite the pretty little thing and while she still wanted attention, she found that there were other ways of getting it.  Even as a young girl, she took great care in her appearance, wanting her curly red hair bound up and elegant always.  It worked, of course.  Anywhere she went, she was complimented and fawned over.

Sade could definitely get used to this kind of attention.


Note from Mao: Sade was an impossible baby and toddler.  I haven’t had so much trouble in ages.  Wow.  Both these kids are scaring me!  Patrick rolled Romance… arghh!  But at least there are secondary aspirations, right, RIGHT?  TOO MUCH ROMANCE! Oh and how creepy are Elena and Sara?  I never realized it until I saw them in the same room.  WOW.

July 16, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 15: ‘Purple Progeny, End’

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Nathaniel Anderson and Sara O`Hanlon are happily unwed, much to Mary’s chagrin.  Their son, Patrick, has recently become a child and is slowly finding his way in the world.  Will Sara and Nathaniel’s abundant attention give him a good head start or will it cause him more trouble than its worth?

Derek O`Hanlon was happy to finally meet his grandson, Patrick.  Patrick was equally pleased, knowing that his grandfather was famous for several reasons.  None of the reasons really mattered all that much, though.  All that mattered was he was well-known and that was something Patrick admired.

In recent years, Patrick had formulated all sorts of opinions on the world around him.  Even Derek was stunned when Patrick began to discuss the pros and cons of robotic advances in recent years.  He even mentioned that you could download certain schematics online, though the microchips that ran them were behind closed doors.

Nathaniel and Sara weren’t really sure what to say when Patrick went off on his intellectual tangents.  They were more geared towards physical activity.  Nathaniel had hoped Patrick would follow in suit, and while he enjoyed playing around, his true passion involved crazy mathematics and probability theorems.

Even smart little Patrick couldn’t be prepared for what happened next.  Sara was pregnant again.  While they hadn’t really planned on having anymore children, it was a pleasant surprise.  It wasn’t like they were strapped for cash, not with Nathaniel’s job and Sara’s recent employment with Gordon Saunders.

Lilith dropped by frequently to visit her brother and to check in on Patrick.  She was intrigued by his odd coloring and the side-effects of such.  Neither she nor Nathaniel had experienced them and so it was an oddity.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew how much Lilith Yu enjoyed a good oddity.

“So, knocked up again, eh?” Lilith said casually, grinning.

“Lilith, don’t say it like that.  You make it sound so awful!”

“Well, if your pregnancies are anything like mine were, it probably is.  Walking around like a big blimp…” she shuddered and continued, “so do you think it’ll be purple like Patrick?”

“No,” Sara shook her head.  “The doctor said that it was a rarity and this child would likely be as normal as they come.  There were no odd readings on any of the tests like there were with Patrick.”

Despite the impending baby hanging over his head, Patrick continued to excel at everything he did.  He tried not to worry about the new baby by pouring himself into his studies.  It certainly paid off.  Even better, he had been accepted into the prestigious academy and was one of the few children there by merit.  Most parents just paid the headmaster off.

When it came time for Sara to give birth, Patrick kept a cool head.  Little Sade was deceptively cute and normal looking, but Patrick knew better.  Depending on how he played his cards, her addition to the family could be a good or a bad thing.  He planned to make it work towards his benefit.  So he hammed it up for his parents, pretending to enjoy the new baby and cooing at her as they did.  It worked.

He spent a lot of his time in Sade’s room; he was the very picture of a good big brother.  Of course, it wasn’t without gain.  If he was present for Sade, she’d trust him as she grew up.  Instead of being a bratty little sister, she’d be an obedient and loyal sister.  Instead of trashing his stuff, she’d respect it.

While he wouldn’t admit it, she was growing on him.  He was certain when she became a toddler that would wear off.  Everyone knew how annoying toddlers were.


Note from Mao: Sara must have been pregnant the last time I played!  I completely forgot.  What a nice surprise.  I was hoping they’d have another baby.  I’m surprised how normal-looking she is.  She’s got everything from Eileen except her eyes, which are brown like Nathaniel’s.  Patrick is adorable, I hope he continues the attractive trend through his pixelated life.

July 15, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 15: ‘Polyamorous, Pt. 4′

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Kate and Shang are now legally wed, which should please Florence, but she just can’t get over Shang’s inherent stupidity and lack of commitment.  Shaniqua is trying to protect Hugh from the possible trauma that a feuding father and grandmother could cause.

Florence loved Hugh dearly and that was why she couldn’t stand Shang.  Hugh had so many opportunities, but with Shang’s influence, it was possible he’d end up an ignorant, womanizing fool like his father.  Florence wasn’t about to sit idly by and let that happen.  She made sure to impress the importance of education on her young grandson, hoping to build the cornerstone of what would hopefully become a long, academic career leading to a fantastic job.

Hugh, while not completely dumb, was hardly any academic scholar.  He tried hard to please his grandma, but he really didn’t care all that much about school.

Seeing Hugh growing so fast made Kate long for another child.  When she voiced her desire to Shang, she was met with a rather unenthusiastic response.

“You’re kidding, right?” Shang replied.  He tried to smile but it came out as more of a nervous twitch at the edge of his lip.  Inside, he was screaming.

“No, why would I?  We’re both doing fine at work and Hugh could benefit from it–”

Shang shook his head, “you’re talking crazy and you know how I feel about crazy chicks, Kate.  Just be content and happy with Hugh.  He’s a good kid.”

Shaniqua knew that she had messed up a few times in her life, but she planned to do right by Hugh.  She didn’t want to see him scarred by her transgressions.  That was the only reason Florence was in such a horrible mood and why she refused to tolerate Shang’s ways.  Shaniqua knew he would never change and she wished that Kate would see that… but Kate was in love and love is blind.

So she made it her purpose to ensure that Hugh was loved and unable to see the tension that surrounded him.  She especially wanted to protect him from Shang’s nature.  Shaniqua knew how hard of an urge it was to fight… she wished only for Hugh not to suffer the same torment.

Being married didn’t slow Shang down any.  When he was home everyone else was usually at work and Hugh was off at school.  Shang didn’t waste any time welcoming Katarina back from college.  She’d grown a bit, but she hadn’t outgrown him.  Maybe if they weren’t so promiscuous, perhaps if they weren’t so caught up in the fleeting moments, they’d be good together.

But they were and so they were only happy with one another until the deed was done.  Then it was a quick kiss, a sly wink, and a closing door.

One evening, Hugh brought home in report card and stunned both his parents with all the A’s.  It seemed that Florence’s stalwart dedication was paying off.  Of course, Shang had to ruin the moment.

“That’s good, you little genius,” Shang’s face skewed up as he leaned down closer to his son, “but remember, chicks don’t dig nerds until they’re rich.”

“Shang!” Kate yelled angrily from over her book, brows set in a hard line.  “Don’t say things like that to him!”

“I’m only speaking the truth, babe.”

Hugh was growing like a weed everyday.  The years seemed to be slipping away and while Kate knew she was much younger than other mothers with children Hugh’s age, she couldn’t stop herself from feeling depressed.  She had promised Lilith that she’d leave the lamp alone, but desperate times called for desperate measures.  She tried the conventional way and it hadn’t worked… it was time to go back to unconventional methods.  At least that had proved itself before.

“Do you understand the repercussions of your request?” The genie asked, as he had before.

Kate waved him off.  She hadn’t seen any repercussions yet and she wasn’t like to anytime soon.  “Yes, yes, now can you do it or not?”

“We shall see… it is a troublesome task you ask.  It will take… time.”

“As long as it happens, I don’t care.”

“As you wish it, so then it shall be.”

Meanwhile, unaware of her daughter’s dabbling into the paranormal, Florence met with her younger sister Alyssa outside.  Alyssa was acting weird, even for her.  She insisted they go around the back to talk.  Florence was baffled.

“I did something stupid,” Alyssa said suddenly, her voice wavering.  “Really, really stupid… and I have to tell someone.  You’re the only one, Florence.  Dad is gone and you’re all I’ve got left.  So you have to listen, all right?  And you can’t get angry… not until I’ve said what I need to say.”

At this, Florence was instantly on edge.  She tried to play it off, but her tension was evident in her face, “well, say it then.”

“I slept with Shang.  It was a mistake, it was before the wedding, and it was–it was stupid.  I don’t know what happened.  I know it was wrong, and I wish I could go back and undo.  Thank everything that there wasn’t a child…”

“You what?!” Florence shouted, fists balling at her sides.  Had she ever been so angry?  Yes, and it was the same thing, over and over again.  Was it human nature to be promiscuous?  “Not only did you do something to wrong your family, your own damned niece, but you… you have children, Alyssa.  You have have a husband!  What were you thinking?  Of all the people… that idiot, that jabbering fool!  What could have possessed you to do something so stupid?”

Alyssa crossed her arms defensively, “I… I don’t know!  I was just so angry and he kept pressing and he was there… and I thought, I mean I was completely convinced Ryu was having an affair… with Tracey Saunders.  I know that sounds stupid, but at the time, it was completely reasonable.  I just… I needed to tell someone… you can’t tell Kate, though.  You can’t, Florence.  I couldn’t bear it!”

“You should be telling Ryu, not me!  I swear, am I the only one with a working brain around here?  Sleeping with Shang Yu!  Of all people!  Nevermind he’s Kate’s husband… I thought you had a better opinion of yourself, Alyssa.  I guess I was wrong.”

Thankfully, the next evening, Nathaniel dropped by with Sara and Patrick for a visit.  Hugh wasn’t quite sure what to make of his cousin Patrick.  They really didn’t have too much in common.  Patrick seemed a little too self-involved to bother talking about anything that he wasn’t particularly interested in.

Hugh had always thought his aunt and uncle were extremely strange and this was only solidified during their visit.  They were always hugging and being affectionate.  It was creepy.


Note from Mao: And after so long… Boreal Springs is back, yay!  Unfortunately, in the transition from my PC to my fiance’s… some things were lost.  Don’t ask me how, I don’t know, but a few hairstyles and clothing options went AWOL.  So, until I recover them, please ignore slight changes in well-known looks and styles of certain characters.  Thanks!

May 28, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 14: ‘Purple Progeny, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel Anderson and Sara O`Hanlon have their first child who also bears the alien skin tone that Nathaniel inherited from his otherworldly father. Can little Patrick grow up happy and healthy?

For a long time, Sara had desired a pet. It had been difficult to convince Nathaniel that a pet was worth it; all he saw was puddles on the floor and destroyed furniture. With the arrival of Patrick, however, Nathaniel’s resolve softened and Sara was able to adopt a little puppy she named Starbuck*.

Starbuck was meant to be an outdoor dog, but the winter chill hadn’t ended and so Starbuck remained inside until spring finally sprung.

The arrival of spring was a happy occasion for both Nathaniel and Sara. Most of their favorite things in life required them to be outside and the snow only served to hamper them. Spring meant they could once again get into silly shouting matches over games of shootout–where Sara insisted that Nathaniel was obviously cheating.

It also meant that Patrick’s birthday was drawing near and soon he’d be a fully-functional toddler, ready to cause chaos where ever he roamed.

Nathaniel was incredibly pleased to see that his small son had also inherited his unique, pointed ears. Lilith had always been jealous of Nathaniel because hers were normal. It served to make Patrick stand out even more as the unique little guy he truly was.

Of course, he was spoiled. Sara and Nathaniel doted on him and anything he wanted, he received. It likely wasn’t good planning for the future; Patrick was already showing signs of thinking he was overly entitled and he refused to share with anything or anyone. But he always put on an angel face for his parents, so they really didn’t see it.

He adored Starbuck and would spend more time playing with her than his toys. His interest seemed to be science and at a young age, he showed a startling amount of aptitude. Nathaniel attributed it to the alien part of him. Poor Nathaniel never claimed to be incredibly intelligent, but he did know what he knew to a startling degree. Lilith was the same way, though her stubbornness definitely got in the way of her intelligence.

Patrick seemed to be without both of those faults and his intelligence shone through.

After spending a month away from Sara and Patrick, Nathaniel returned happy and fulfilled. He couldn’t exactly explain what he did or what he had saw, all he could say was he answered to nature now and his job was more important than ever. He wanted to relocate near the beach, but Sara didn’t want to move poor little Patrick. So they remained, but Nathaniel did not abandon his plans.

Tracey Saunders stopped by now and again to visit with Sara. She was incredibly thankful for the introduction to Aiyana Saunders, who had quickly become her best friend. Sara had done it only to quiet her husband, but she was finding her vast connections to everyone throughout the neighborhood was an alarmingly good resource. She knew everyone and was good friends with most.

Nathaniel was busy talking over his awards appearance for his work on cleaning up the local ocean.

Time progressed and soon, little Patrick wasn’t so little anymore. He stilled enjoyed Starbuck, but he spent a lot of time on his little ‘experiments’, too. Sara wasn’t as sure about them as Nathaniel. He encouraged Patrick’s curious mind while Sara worried he was going to blow something up.

Note from Mao: Patrick is acting like my fiance as a child. Scary. Oh, and updates may be sporadic or nonexistent for I’m not sure how long. My fiance’s connection is satellite (we’re out in the BOONIES) and we went over our dl/ul limit, so they cut our connection back hardcore. It’s impossible for me to upload ANYTHING, I’m glad I had these uploaded before hand. It’ll expire and we’ll go back to normal speed… just not sure when. Gah.

*Starbuck is a character from Battlestar Galatica.

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