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November 23, 2009

Yu – Round 27: ‘Edge of Seventeen’

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Zhou and River Yu have their only son to inherit the house.  Fujin feels the press of the weight, but still seems intent on finding a way to do what he wishes.

It had always been assumed that with Fujin’s natural capabilities, he would go to University.  It was the natural progression of things.  Fujin, however, was having second thoughts.  He was smart, yes, but he was so much more than that.  He didn’t want to be one of those people pigeon-holed into some old stereotype.  He wanted to be who he was, Fujin, without any binds or confines forcing him into some little, rigid box.

He had contemplated many ways of telling his parents.  So far, he was still too chicken.

Fujin knew that passing up on University would really slim down his chances of meeting that one, special person.  His parents had gotten together in college, after all.  A long, rough road paved with stubbornness and adversity.  Still, they seemed pretty happy now, something that further fueled Fujin’s own desire to have that someday.

Fujin sat alone at the old playground, lost in his thoughts.  Rain poured down around him, tapping against the plastic roof over his head.  He was much too old to play on the equipment, but he often came here for some quiet when the kids were all still in school.  He was surprised, then, when he heard someone climbing the other side.

“Hey,” a female voice said rather rudely, “you’re in my spot.”

“It doesn’t have your name on it,” Fujin joked.

Grace Saunders climbed the rest of the way up and sat down on the plastic floor.  She looked over at Fujin, regarding him apprehensively.

“You’re Fujin Yu.  I give you noogies all the time.”

“Yes, yes you do,” Fujin replied, giving her a wary look.  “You’re not going to try it in here, right?  It’s a little cramped.”

“No,” she replied, leaning against the plastic wall behind her.  “You’re safe, for now.”

“Great, I’m relieved.”

“You’re not your usual annoying and cheery self,” Grace noted, eyes closed.  She leaned forward on her legs, toned arms still slightly slick from the rain.  All that noogie giving really gave the girl a good work out.  “Shouldn’t you be home with your happy, empty house?”

Fujin quirked a curious eyebrow, “I’m not sure my parents would be to happy if they found out I didn’t want to go to University.”

“Oh, please.  It’s not like you’re all that smart, anyway,” Grace shook her head, waving her hand dismissively in the air.  “Big deal.  You don’t want to go be a stupid frat boy.  Whatever.  At least your house is quiet and your not constantly compared to your statuesque mother who refuses to get old, wrinkle, or do anything normal like normal parents.”

“I’m plenty smart,” Fujin quickly replied, slightly offended.

“You’re more weird than smart.  I’m smarter than you.  I’m two grades behind you and not only can I beat you up, I’m in one of your AP classes.”

Fujin was pressed to argue, but there was no point.  She was right.  He sighed, “it’s just expected of me, that’s all.  Can’t you understand that?”

“Sure I can, but can you?  People can expect all they want, doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Look, you should go home.  This is my spot and my house sucks more than yours.  I deserve this spot, you don’t.  It’s for meaningful moping, not your… silly moping.”

“The rain’s stopped, I guess I can go,” he said, rising from his spot slowly.  He glanced at her as he moved to the edge.  “You’re not going to follow me down and noogie me, are you?”

“Not today.  I just want you out of my spot.”

“Good, and hey, Grace?”


“That’s a nice tan,” he said, pausing at the ladder.  She looked up at him a smiled, a genuine combination of lips and eyes.  “See you.”

She watched him climb away, her voice barely audible as she spoke, “…thanks.”

Fujin returned home, determined.  He was going to sit down and talk to his parents, he just needed to figure out what he was going to say.  It was on the eve of his high school graduation before he decided to come out with it.  He had sent out University papers, just in case, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t going anywhere.

“So, I was thinking…”

River looked up from her plate, “what’s on your mind?  Are you nervous about university?”

“Er, not exactly,” he fumbled.  “I don’t really want to go.”

River nearly choked.  She put down her fork and stared at her son in complete horror, “w-what?!”

“I… I don’t want to go to university.”

Zhou was quick to mediate, stepping into the middle of the fray, “now, hold on, River.  Let him speak.”

“Speak?  Are you insane, Zhou?  He doesn’t want to go university!”

“It’s not because I’m lazy,” Fujin offered, his voice quiet and careful.  “I… I just, I don’t think it fits me.”

“Fits you?  Do you realize what kind of opportunity you’re passing up?  You won’t get the chance to even remotely follow in your grandfather’s footsteps with a decision like this!”

That hurt, but Fujin was adamant.  He wasn’t giving in, this is what he wanted and he’d thought long and hard about it, “I… I know.  I’ll figure something out, I will.  I just, I’m not going.  I’m not going to University.”

After the travesty that was his “university” speech, things settled down.  His mother eventually resumed speaking to him and his father was sure to reassure him.  Zhou had never really cared for University, he only went for River.  At first, Fujin had been uncomfortable about his decision, but as time passed and his birthday approached, it felt right.

Rosa still came over.  She didn’t talk about what had happened with Francis or Emma, but Fujin was sure it wasn’t good.  She just seemed down, but he wasn’t going to press the issue.  Dealing her all emotional and angry wasn’t exactly something he enjoyed.

“You’re cheating!”  Rosa snapped, shaking her controller in an angry fit.

“I don’t cheat,” Fujin replied calmly.  “You just need to focus.”

“You’re such a cheat, Fujin.  I’ll catch you someday.”

He sighed, “maybe you’ll pick up how to be calm and focus in the process?”

She smacked him on the arm, causing him to recoil in pain, followed by a laugh.  Even as an adult, Rosa was the same.  She would never change.

Fujin may not have been able to follow in his grandfather Tsung’s footsteps, but he was still able to mess around with drafting and architectual ideas on his downtime.  The room with Tsung’s old drafting room was his favorite and he spent countless hours in there.  He knew he should be trying to find a special lady, but Fujin moved at his own pace.  Right now, his mistress was the drafting board and that was just fine with him.


Note from Mao: Another update, yay.  Fujin is so laid-back, he’s a nice breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the hood.  I had him relaxing at the playground when Grace popped up, prompting that scene.  Grace is the type to get moodier as she gets older, she takes after her father, after all.  Rosa came over on her own, just as she used to come home with Fujin from school when they were teens.  She always seems to get angry when they play video games, lol.

If you didn’t get the noogie comment Grace made, it’s mentioned at the end of the Saunders, Round 26 entry.

July 20, 2009

Yu – Round 26: ‘Ordinary’

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Zhou and River Yu are elders now while their son, Fujin, is just really starting his life as a teenager.

Fujin, despite his penchant for the nerdy and obscure, is amazingly good with people.  He likely inherited it from somewhere down the line.  Some would argue that Zhou had his own ‘brand’ of charm, but Fujin shared very little with his father.  The same could be said about his mother.  He was an oddball, a nerdy but social creature who thrived of the laughter of others and poking fun at his own geekery.

He was a merry spirit indeed.

Unfortunately, even good humor wouldn’t stop the Grim Reaper from coming to collect.  Chairman Mao’s time was up, she’d lived a long and fruitful cat life.  She passed to the chorus of yowling cats and the frantic sobbing of her owners.

In an effort to cheer everyone up, they adopted a new cat named Murphy.  She and Apollo got on quite well and now the family was anticipating kittens.  River was especially attentive of the expecting cat.

Fujin got a visit from his older friend, Rosa Anderson, who was quite upset about her older sister’s recent homecoming.  Rosa wasn’t known for her terribly understanding nature.

“It’s such a mess!  Her moping and just annoying attitude in general has caused me to break out… that’s just not fair!”

Fujin tried to be the voice of reason, “shouldn’t you cut her some slack?  I mean, given what happened–”

“Nothing happened!” She roared, her frustration mounting.  “That’s just it.  My sister is an indecisive idiot.  Everyone says I’m a flake, but Lydia takes that cake and leaves none for me.  It just makes me so mad!”

Fujin eventually managed to calm Rosa down enough so she could vent her rage on video games.  After mashing buttons and screaming at the pixels on the screen, Rosa took a calming breath and sat back, tossing the controller aside.

“Feel better?”

“Yeah, kinda,” she mumbled.  “I just wish she’d stop making her problems everyone else’s.”

“If nothing happened then I’m sure it’ll fix itself soon enough and she’ll be out of your hair.”

She rolled her eyes, “she’d better.  That’s my house.  She’s not pulling what Kit did to Jennifer and taking over!  Dad promised me the house, it’s mine!

Fujin laughed, “boy am I glad I don’t have any siblings…”

Murphy had two kittens, Dresden and Molly.  It had been quite some time since there had been kittens in the house and it began to dawn on River and Zhou that maybe their house was in need of a little rennovation…


Note from Mao: Nothing exciting here, just the same old, same old.  I was sad to see Chairman Mao go!  Here’s hoping Murphy and Apollo make cute babies.  Zhou kept bringing home red heads (he brought three, excluding Rosa)… yet his turn on is blonde.  I think he’s trying to tell me something?  LOL!

May 18, 2009

Yu – Round 25: ‘Last Rites’

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Tsung has outlived his younger brother, Shang, and his wife, Lilith, but he knows his time has finally come.  Zhou and River are nearing their twilight years while their only son, Fujin, is enjoying his childhood.

Tsung Yu knew his final days were upon him.  He’d outlived pretty much everyone, except his once best friend Gordon.  But Gordon would outlive them all with his… ‘unique’ condition.  Tsung was ready to move on, though.  He’d lived a good, long life; married the woman he loved; birthed two wonderful boys and enjoyed their own children.  He was ready.

Fujin, meanwhile, was just really starting to begin his life.  He’d made friends with Francis O`Hanlon and they would often have chats.  They were around the same age, but Francis lived in Aperture, so they didn’t get to hang out very often.  When they did, they spoke of traveling and nature.  Sometimes even science came up.  Francis loved coming over because Fujin had a backyard, grass, and quiet.

Tsung died quietly and painlessly.  His family was quite rocked by the event.  They all knew it had been coming, but no one wanted to face the loss.

Things were tense and quiet for awhile.  No one really knew what to say or do.  Zhou and River were about to end their lives as adults and embrace their elderly years.  It seemed strange to face mortality, to realize that someday, they would be like Tsung.  Would they be as ready?  Death was the farthest thing from Fujin’s mind.  He was looking forward to his teen birthday.  He missed his grandfather dearly, but knew how much Tsung had missed Lilith.

Fujin was overjoyed when he could finally go to highschool and be ‘cool’ like all the other teens.  Of course, Fujin’s idea of ‘cool’ wasn’t exactly on par with the general consensus.  He enjoyed being obscure and eccentric.  It suited him.  He was intelligent and witty, but very grounded.  He wanted a family someday, but for now?  He was content to make friends and focus on learning.

Zhou and River became older seemingly overnight.  River swore the wrinkles weren’t there the day before.  Her hair turned gray, fast, and instead of dyeing it, she embraced it.  Why bother?  Zhou was a little more vain, but his job forced him to be.  He was a TV personality by now and so, image was still very important.  The two looked as different as they always had, but over the years, had grown even closer.  It seemed eons ago that they were awkward teens, bumbling around their friendship turned relationship.


Note from Mao: TSUUUNG!  I was so sad.  :(   But he’s with Lilith now… Fujin is such a sweet kid.  I really enjoy him.

February 19, 2009

Yu – Round 24: ‘Togetherness’

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Tsung Yu is still mourning the loss of his dearly-departed wife, Lilith.  Zhou and River are enjoying their roles are parents to young Fujin.

While Tsung was certainly despondent over the loss of his wife, he was still a doting grandfather.  He whittled away his sorrows by immersing himself in the burgeoning family he’d built.  Even his sons seemed to be swept up in the current, also mourning the loss of her eccentric mother.  Lilith was odd, but she had been the keystone on which the foundation of the family had been built.

Fou-Lu visited often and took to teasing his older brother.  It was all in good fun and Zhou easily got him back.  Many a noogie Fou-Lu had suffered at the hands of the more capable and physically strong Zhou.  Still, they were brothers and though their differences were obvious, they got along, especially in the wake of their mother’s death.  It made their father’s imminent demise all the more palapable.

Fujin didn’t remain small for long.  He was soon a child and doing child-like things.  He was smart, much like his mother, with a keen sense for science and bugs and nature.  He loved playing with his ants and would wave to them when it was time to go to school.  Zhou would never say it aloud, but his son’s… geekery bothered him.  Tsung had been a bit of a nerd, and River, too… but both of them had protection.  Tsung had Lilith, while River had Zhou.  Fujin was on his own.  What would he do if he was bullied?

Zhou was, however, thankful for Fujin showed absolutely no interest in the paranormal.  He thought it was silly and scientifically impossible.  River agreed, and Zhou said the same, just so his son wouldn’t go sneaking into grandma Lilith’s old room and play with her things.  Tsung remained quiet, not saying anything at all.  He hadn’t believed in it, either… but after living with Lilith and seeing his former best friend turned vampire?  He couldn’t deny it.

Tsung seemed to share the same worries as his son and so he tried to have a talk with Fujin one afternoon.  Tsung had never truly been bullied, but smart kids were always subject to scrutiny from their peers.  Fujin just laughed off his grandpa’s silly worries.

“Fights?  I’m not that big of a dork, grandpa!’

It was true.  As much as Fujin emulated his mother, he still had a bit of the family spunk in him, too.

Still, Fujin’s absolute favorite thing to do was collect bugs.  When he wasn’t doing his homework or attending school, he was rooting around in the dirt and grass looking for bugs to add to his collection.  He was a bit OCD about collecting, insisting that he needed to “catch ‘em all” in the real sense of the word.  Well, at least he wasn’t getting dirty from the kids pushing him in the mud…


Note from Mao: Fujin is hilarious.  His OTH is Science, but he loves nature, too.  He’s an odd little guy.  I am determined to finish a bug collection and Fujin will be my guy!  Also, Fou-Lu keeps coming over.  CONSTANTLY.  Geeze.  That’s a lot of miles you’re putting on your car, Lu.

Now, funny pictures.  This update had plenty, but I picked two choice ones:

Is Tsung lecturing River about public woohoo?  Zhou seems to think Tsung should lecture Fou-Lu.  Fou-Lu thinks he should go home.  River thinks they’re all crazy.

Uh, guys?  GUYS!  HE’S RIGHT THERE.  Creepy.  As.  Hell.  WTF?

January 26, 2009

Yu – Round 23: ‘Still Waiting, End’

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Tsung and Lilith are happy to finally have a grandchild!  Zhou and River seem to be adapting well to their new roles as parents.

River was finding that being a mom wasn’t nearly as hard as she thought.  Of course, she had plenty of support, maybe too much support.  Lilith and Tsung were there every step of the way, almost as if they feared little Fujin might just disappear if they turned their backs.  It was a bit suffocating, but River also knew they meant well.  Besides, their help was necessary if she wanted to keep her career going.

Chairman Mao wasn’t quite sure what to make of the new tot.  It ate, slept a lot, and cried a lot.  Kittens were cuter.

River wasn’t entirely responsible for Fujin’s care, Zhou helped out quite a bit, too.  He enjoyed the little bundle, even if it was hard to curb his penchant for foul words.  It certainly helped that being a father seemed to up River’s attraction level to him even more.  Another good reason Lilith and Tsung were always around to watch Fujin…

Things all seemed to settle into a pattern, and everyone was happy.  Of course, Lilith still shouted at Zhou to move his lousy butt before he caused her to lose her game.  It wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t.  It also wouldn’t be the same if Zhou actually listened to her, instead of just cooing over the cat and making his mother so angry her face became an uncomely shade of dark purple, almost like a grape.

Lilith was incredibly surprised when her time was up.  She could have sworn she still had more life left in her, but Grim disagreed.  It was her time to go.  Tsung was distraught.  Lilith moved on without much of a fight, but she definitely gave Grim quite a bit of lip.  She wasn’t one to go down without a bit of sass.  It was a shame she wouldn’t get to see Fujin grow up!

Tsung retired immediately after Lilith’s death, determined to immortalize his late wife the same way his father had.  It was a mad goal–Tsung had never painted, and yet he seemed to take to it like a fish to water.  Isolde Anderson stopped by after the funeral to pick something up.  Tsung didn’t pay it any mind.  He knew Isolde and Lilith had been involved in a world he wanted no part of.  Whatever it was, Isolde could handle it… Lilith had taught her well.

Fujin soon became old enough to toddle around on his own and so it was a good thing Tsung had retired.  When he finished his painting, he hung it up and felt some sort of peace wash over him.  He could enjoy his final years now, with his family.  Both boys had made out fairly well, even if Fou-Lu had some bumps along the way.  It wouldn’t be long for Tsung to remain, though, Lilith was waiting and everyone knew how patient she’d been living…


Note from Mao: I was so sad when grim came to collect Lilith!  Her age bar said she still had more time.  :(   Bye bye, Lilith.  You will definitely be missed!  In order to help you with your grief, I give you a totally random picture of Zhou.  It made me crack up.

‘Why so seeerious, Zhou?’

January 8, 2009

Yu – Round 22: ‘Still Waiting, Pt. 2′

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Tsung and Lilith Yu have been married a long time.  They’ve survived their youngest son getting his girlfriend pregnant during university, but aren’t sure they can survive going without an heir.  Zhou and River seem a bit too easy-going to really care much for traditional values.

Lilith had heard about the mishap at the Anderson manor firsthand from her friend and protege, Isolde Anderson.  Isolde was off at Uni now and she called Lilith frequently to try and get a handle on her new… abilities.  Lilith was doing her best to keep her from going entirely over to the dark side.

“Just be careful, don’t do anything hasty,” Lilith said into the receiver in a low voice, “especially anything involving dead people.  Trust me… it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”

Tsung overheard the conversation and confronted his wife.  Lilith was about as receptive as ever.

“I know what I’m doing, Tsung.”

“Do you really?” He insisted.  “The last time you messed with this stuff, someone dead was suddenly alive and my best friend grew fangs.”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “technicalities!  I’ve got this under control.”

River, meanwhile, was spending a lot of time in bed.  At first, she thought that she might have the flu that had been going around.  It soon seemed apparent that wasn’t the case.  Vaguely, she thought that she might be pregnant.  It seemed weird to think about–pregnancy.  Was she ready to be a mother, would she ever be?  She would certainly be older than most mothers of young children.

She thought of her own mother, who was now dead, and felt a little guilty.  She loved her mom, but she’d always grew up knowing she was unhappy caring for them and so… she wasn’t sure she could be a good mom, either.

As she began feeling worse, she decided to go to the doctor, without telling anyone why, past the simple fact she felt sick.  It was set in stone there–River was pregnant.  She came home and waited for Zhou to get back from work to tell him.  She wasn’t entirely sure how he’d take the news, especially since she sprung it on him in the midst of their time together.  But when she had to run to the bathroom and throw up, she decided he needed to know.

“I kind of figured,” he said casually.  “Mom, actually, was the first one to mention it.  I was just waiting for you to say something.  I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it.”

“I’m happy, just a little scared.”

“It’ll be fine, River.  You’re not your brother or your mother.  We can handle this.”

Thanks to the flu epidemic that was quickly spreading, Fou-Lu brought Elena and Emma over for some chicken soup.  It was also a good time for everyone to see how much Emma had grown.  Lilith was glad to see her granddaughter and hoped, that finally, her other son would be able to not screw up this time.

Emma wasn’t shy, despite being surrounded by virtual strangers.  She’d always seen her mother’s side as her family, but meeting her father’s side was fun, too.  She saw that her personality was more geared towards them than her grandma and grandpa Saunders.

It was also a good time to announce, officially that River was pregnant.  Not that there was much announcement required–she was already showing.

Tsung hadn’t been present for the dinner, but when he arrived home for work, he was sure to speak with Emma privately.  He wanted to be sure she wasn’t going to be another Lilith.  He loved his eccentric wife dearly, but what she did was dangerous.

“Don’t worry, grandpa.  I’m not really into that stuff.  Besides, you’re a little late.  You know my grandpa Gordon, right?”

Tsung sighed, nodding his head.  He’d nearly forgotten.  Now they shared a relation.  “Yes, Emma, he’s a–”

“Vampire!” She added enthusiastically, turning on her heel and heading off to find her mother.

Tsung didn’t have long to let it sink in that his little granddaughter already had the concept of vampires down.  Fou-Lu found him in the kitchen and cornered him.  Of course, he should have known the visit didn’t come without strings.  Fou-Lu wanted his part of the estate, in cash.  Not for anything shady, but for Elena and Emma.

“Wouldn’t you rather wait?  It will be there when you retire and you have a good job, Fou-Lu,” Tsung advised.

“Working nights and going out of town all the time–it’s okay now, but not forever.  Dad, please?  Let me worry about the future.”

Tsung sighed, “I don’t know, Fou-Lu.  It’s never been one of your strongsuits…”

The snow really started coming down, so Fou-Lu, Elena, and Emma had to leave before the roads got bad.  It was a long drive back to Aperture.  Lilith walked them out the door and gave her son and embarassingly close hug.

“Don’t worry, sweetie.  You’ll get your money–just don’t screw up this time, okay?”

Lilith had such a way with maternal endearments…

Meanwhile, River’s stomach continued to grow and so did the baby inside.  The more she thought about it, the more comfortable she became with the idea.  It was just one baby.  She could handle that.  Her job involved more thought than most normal people were capable of–surely she could care for a little infant.  And, she had the support of Zhou and her in-laws.  Lilith was quirky, but she knew her stuff, and Tsung was plenty level-headed.  It was Zhou she had to worry about.

“Remember, Zhou, it’s not a bird,” she said everytime he insisted on talking to her stomach.

“Why do you keep thinking I’m going to teach it to swear?” He said, mock-offended, before adding, “That’s a few years away!”

Finally, little Fujin Yu entered the world.  Another baby boy–the Yu tradition still kept going strong, complete with the skintone and the almond brown eyes.


Note from Mao: Whew!  Long update.  Sorry about that and for the wait.  GTA IV kind of absorbed my soul, but that’s been going on awhile now.  ;)   I’m planning on doing some simming today, so hopefully I’ll have some updates throughout the weekend.

I’m so glad their child has the Yu traits!  I was worried they’d have an alien baby, LOL.  I should note that while I say that skintone is Yu, it isn’t.  But it’s what all the friggin’ Yus end up with because of Eileen O`Hanlon marrying into the brood way-back-when. ;)

December 8, 2008

Yu – Round 21: ‘Still Waiting, Pt. 1′

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Tsung and Lilith Yu continue to be happily married, but are beginning to worry about the prospects of their son and new daughter-in-law’s future children.  With not even a hint of a possibility on the horizon, they are beginning to worry that Fou-Lu’s illegitimate daughter, Emma Davis, will be the only blood tie they have left.

Secure in their careers, Zhou and River head off for a belated honeymoon to the islands.  It’s mostly so they can spend some time together, away from work, but also to get away from the nagging stares of Zhou’s parents.  If he’d known being the heir would be filled with this much pressure, he would have given it over to Fou-Lu readily.

While it was meant to be a romantic getaway, Zhou couldn’t help himself and indulged his prankster side.  Unfortunately, it resulted in River getting a nasty burn on her hand.  After seeking medical attention and finding out it wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought, they resumed their vacation.  River made sure to stay far away from any fountains, however.

All was quickly forgiven and forgotten once they found the wrecked, old pirate ship on the coast.  River had to admit, playing captain was quite fun.  It fulfilled her inner-need to dominate.  She gave a hearty laugh and inhaled deeply only to nearly choke on the salty air.

During their little pirate adventure, they happened upon a ghost of the former captain.  Zhou was beginning to think he’d never escape his mother’s penchant for the paranormal.  He mused that perhaps they should have brought them along after all.  River just thought it was a joke and played along.  Ignorance is bliss, as they say…

While they were away on their trip, Chairman Mao gave birth to four kittens named Gaius, Gaeta, Six, and Apollo.  The addition of the kittens certainly kept Tsung and Lilith busy.  They were also trying to find them homes, as there was no way their house could possibly contain them all once they were fully grown.

When she wasn’t cleaning up after the kittens, Lilith was trying her best to lecture her wayward son, Fou-Lu.  She had hoped that he would settle down after University, but was quite surprised to find he had done the opposite.  His girlfriend at that time, Elena, had ended up pregnant and now he was a father.  It was a difficult situation.  Lilith insisted that he find a way for Elena to take him back so he could do the right thing and take care of them, but Fou-Lu knew better.  Elena was far too independent and stubborn for that.

Fou-Lu didn’t just come to listen to his mother’s lecture, he also came to pick up a cat.  He ended up taking Six back with him.  He wasn’t quite sure how Michael would react, or Sade, for that matter… but he wanted to help his parents out and he also really liked cats.  His original intent was to give Six to Emma, but that would have to wait.


Note from Mao: River and Zhou are driving me insane.  Still no babies.  ARGH!  Bad sims!  ACR makes it worse because their chance to try for a baby is only like 30%.  Buh. Fou-Lu visited all by himself and bonded quickly with Six, so I let him take her.

December 6, 2008

Saunders – Round 21: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 6′

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Damien and Aiyana did not have an easy beginning, but they’re happy now.  Unfortunately, they don’t have much time to themselves, being forced to take care of Basil and his new wife, as well as their children.

Virginia wasn’t exactly pleased to find out she was expecting.  She became even less enamored with the idea as time pressed onward and her stomach continued to grow.  She felt like a fat cow and that wasn’t something Virginia was used to.  She was used to being hot and sexy, spending her nights at the club and ignoring cat calls from perverted and drunken males.  Now she was stuck barfing, eating, and feeling generally bloated.

Worse yet was what the pregnancy resulted in–twin girls, Sage and Daisy.  Virginia and Basil were not prepared at all with what faced them.  Damien and Aiyana did their best to pick up the slack, to try and show the two hapless youths how to properly care for their newborn babies… unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work.

Virginia really had no maternal instinct.  She was more content to sit by and let someone else do the ‘child rearing’.  Basil was too busy doing his crafts.  It all fell on Aiyana and Damien.

Damien was overjoyed to have grandchildren.  River, though the older of the two, had yet to give them any and it didn’t seem like it would be happening anytime soon.  Sure, she was more responsible, but Damien was more concerned with the fact that here, he could cuddle them and care for them directly.  It was a shame that Virginia and Basil didn’t want to have more to do with their babies.

He was happy, however, that Basil had turned his hobby into a business venture.  Damien often helped him sell his wares in Aiyana’s old massage building.  She’d given it up with her increasing age, the arthritis in her hands making it difficult to continue her craft.  She did help Basil sometimes, though, with his pottery.

River visited often and was none-too-pleased with how her younger brother was treating their aging parents.  She read him the riot act regularly, though it fell on deaf ears.

“You can’t just use our parents as servants, Basil!  Take some responsibility!”

Basil would simply laugh her off and go about his business.  He didn’t see what he did as using his parents, he saw it as them helping.  If they had a problem with it, wouldn’t they say something?  River just needed to mind her own business.

Thanks to their grandparents, Daisy and Sage became toddlers and were quite happy and healthy little ones.  They were mischievous, though the two couldn’t be anymore different.  They seemed to come from completely different spectrum, and not just by their looks, but their personalities.  Only time will tell how they make out once their grandparents are gone.


Note from Mao: Sorry there’s no individual shot of the twins.  This house was nuts.  The twins crack me up, though.  Could they look anymore different, seriously?  Daisy doesn’t even have her father or mother’s skintone–she has Aiyana’s, as well as her face template.  Sage seems to have Virginia’s.  River really did come over frequently and yell at River.  It was pretty funny.

September 21, 2008

Yu – Round 20: ‘Crushcrushcrush, End’

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Tsung and Lilith Yu have been happily married for many years, now they welcome their eldest son Zhou and his love, River, into their home.

Zhou and River were married in an intimate ceremony held in their backyard near the pond and trees that Sun-Tzu had ordered many years before.  Family and friends were in attendance and the day was clear with not a cloud nor a even the slightest hint of rain.

A childhood crush and a troublesome courtship had ended in happy nupituals.

River was understandably nervous, she had never really seen herself as the “marrying type”, especially not with Zhou, but what they had was beyond denial.  Why should she deny happiness, even if it was a little odd?  Being around Tsung and Lilith had shown her that such odd couples truly can work.

They were oblivious to the dissension amongst the wedding guests.  In bringing together family and friends, they brought tension.  But they were too busy being newlyweds to pay attention.

Elena and Fou-Lu weren’t officially ‘back together’, but it was hard to say otherwise with the way they acted after the wedding.  Elena was living back home until she got onto her feet while Fou-Lu and the other men were looking into apartments that were being built in Aperture.

Zhou took the time to advise his brother to tread softly, so not to scare Elena away.  He knew his brother wasn’t the most reliable and steady of men, but he knew how much he loved Elena.  He just hoped Fou-Lu could pull his act together long enough to become a respectable adult.  Responsibility had never been something the younger sibling wore very well.

The newlyweds weren’t the only ones in love, Tsung and Lilith were still very much aware of one another.  They enjoyed their quiet years as elders and looked forward to the possibility of grandchildren.  Her advancing age hadn’t stopped Lilith from pursuing her paranormal interests and Tsung hadn’t yet retired, either.  He was in charge of the apartment and town house plans.

Lilith was pleased to have an apprentice to pass on all her knowledge to.  Isolde Anderson had come to her sheepish, but adamant and so Lilith took her in.  It would take awhile for Isolde to truly grasp the very nature of what she believed in, but Lilith was sure she would reach the same level as she, if not even higher.

She just hoped the girl was prepared for the ridicule and everything that came with being such an ‘odd’ character.


Note from Mao: Zhou and River are finally married, yay.  And Inteen needs to hurry up, I need Apartments for my recently graduated young adults!

August 28, 2008

Yu – Round 19: ‘Crushcrushcrush, Pt. 3′

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Tsung and Lilith Yu are enjoying their elder years, but are happy to have Zhou back home to take his place as heir.  Even more delightful is the fact that he and his childhood friend, River Saunders, are now officially dating.

Tsung and Lilith were happy to welcome River into their home.  They were very good friends with her parents and knew that Tsung couldn’t have picked a better girl.  River felt instantly at ease, having been in the house so much in her earlier years.  It was hard to think that she lived here now.

Of course, the fact that they were adults did not keep Tsung from talking about the embarassing times when they were children.  River took it in stride, laughing along with them, while Zhou wasn’t nearly as amused.

“C’mon, dad,” he whined, looking mortified.  “Can the nostalgia.  That stuff is just embarassing!”

Zhou was happy to be in his old home, though, even if his parents were annoying.  He was also pleased that River had come to terms with whatever it was that had kept her from acknowledging her feelings.  He could be a bit of a brute, this was true, and his mouth was quite possibly rated R most of the time… but River brought out the softer side and it just didn’t feel right when she wasn’t there.

River enjoyed cuddling Chairman Mao and she was happy to see that Tsung had bought Tigh from her parents.  It only helped the familiarity of it all.  She wondered if it would be possible to bring a female cat into the mix… as kittens would be quite nice.

When she wasn’t playing with the cats, River was working with Tsung at his architecture firm.  She was just biding her time until a position in the Science field opened up.

Zhou spent most of his off-time enjoying the outdoors and working on his fitness.  He wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do yet, to be honest.  He dabbled a bit in the Entertainment field, but being a smiling, happy work out person just wasn’t in him.  So, instead, he just waited for something that looked interesting to pop up and strike his fancy.

One night, Zhou dragged River out of the house and they went on a date to a somewhat fancy restaurant.  River felt a little out of place, but was more distracted by the mischevious look in her partner’s eye.  He was up to something, a fact made clear when he pulled out an obvious black box and nearly shocked her into a heart attack.

She said yes, of course, after she regained her ability to breathe.

“Where did you get this from?” She couldn’t help but asking, knowing he had given up his job a month prior.

“They’ll pay anyone insane amounts to look buff and smile on camera, River.” He laughed.  “You think I gave up my dignity for nothin’?”

It was River’s turn to laugh, “no, but I had no idea you were planning this.”

“Exactly.  See?  You don’t have to be a genius to be spontaneous.”


Note from Mao: And so Zhou and River are engaged.  Awww…

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