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January 1, 2010

B.S.U. Campus – Round 27: ‘Caught Up’

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Francis O`Hanlon is joined by his cousin, Grace Saunders, at University.  Will Grace’s unique outlook make Francis rethink his own life choices?

“Wow, Grace,” Francis said, finding his cousin looking at her new look in the mirror.  They’d never been close, but her drastic makeover still managed to shock him.  “Do your parents know about this?”

“No,” she snapped.  “And who cares?  I’m an adult now.”

He chuckled, “ahh, rebellion… so, you’re really into this whole black thing?”


“Well, at least it’s a skirt.  I mean, for you, that’s a huge step.”

“Watch it, pretty boy.  I’ll rearrange your face, cousin or not.”

Grace’s adjustment to college was made difficult by the introduction of boys her own age who didn’t mind her abrasive nature.  In fact, they seemed to delight in it, much to Grace’s chagrin.  She wasn’t brash and aggressive to get boys.  Even worse, when she shouted and berated them, they enjoyed it!

Getting hit on college boys, much less ones with inferiority-complexes who dressed in llama outfits, was not her idea of a good time.

Grace was just beginning her sophomore year at Boreal Summit University when she ran into Fujin Yu.  Finding him on campus was quite startling, as he certainly wasn’t a student.  Approaching him without some sort of malice would be suspect, so she put on her best face and walked forward.  As if feeling her shadow on him, he slowly looked up, unable to hide his shock at her drastic change.


“You,” she replied stonily.  “What are you doing here?  This is the university library.”

Fujin stood up and put his book back on the shelf, “I was just checking out an architecture lecture.  It was open to the public.”

“If you’d just gone to college, you wouldn’t have this issue.”

He rolled his eyes, “yes, because college makes everything better.  It’s turned you very… black, I see.”

“Got a problem?”

“No, uh… mesh suits you?”

She quirked a dark eyebrow, ignoring his comment, “the lecture is over, obviously, so why are you still here?”

“I don’t know, the library looked big and I wanted to check it out,” he shrugged easily.  “Why are you here?  I thought you learned by osmosis, making studying unnecessary.”

“Business class, I need some books for research,” she sniffed, head held high.  “I’m surprised you’re able to breathe so easily without Rosa nearby.”

“She… uh, she’s actually visiting Francis, I think.”

“That figures, you guys can’t separate for five seconds, can you?” Grace said as a way of dismissal.  She walked away without another word, the books she needed located on the second floor.

Fujin was too stunned by the acidity of her tone to bother responding.  He didn’t even have a chance to be offended at the rude way she’d left.

Francis, meanwhile, occupied his time with Emma.  It was surprisingly monogamous of him, to spend so much time on a single girl.  Since the whole blow-up with Rosa, he’d found himself treading a bit more carefully.  He still saw Rosa, but it was always platonic.  He met Emma downtown on one fateful Saturday night, as was their ritual.  He knew something was up when he sat down and she looked… weird.

“You feeling okay?  You look a little… pale.”

“I… met someone,” she said quickly, startling him.

“That’s nice?  There’s all kinds of people out there to meet.”

“I went on a date… and I slept with someone,” Emma said in-between hurried sips of clear liquid.  It was clear she’d had a glass or two of courage before his arrival.  “Two… different people, one for the date… one for the whole, sleeping with thing.”

Francis blinked, completely caught offguard.  To be honest, he was a little surprised by his mind and body’s reaction.  He felt warm and cold at the same time, his hearing seem to tunnel out, losing Emma’s voice.  All that remain was a high-pitched screeching noise that made him cringe.

“Did you hear me?  I said I don’t think we can keep doing this.  I mean, no strings, right?  But… I just, I think it’s better if we see other people and just, well, not each other.  Anymore.”

“You’re serious?  What the hell happened to you?”

She stood up with a long sigh, taking a moment to find her balance before speaking, “it’s not like there was anything serious, right?  I mean, you made that pretty clear.  So… maybe I want to look for something serious.  I don’t want to be another Rosa.”

“Emma, how much have you drank?  You can barely walk–”

“I’ll be fine, the apartment isn’t far… we’re good, right?”

He was still a little too shocked to completely fathom what was happening, “uh, I don’t know.  I’m still kind of in shock.”

“It’s not like you haven’t done it, right?  So… yeah… see you around.”

“Yeah… right.”

“Why are we here again?” Grace asked, taking her third drink for the night.  Francis had come home in a bit of a mood and demanded that he needed drinks, many of them, and that Grace was coming along for the ride.  At least he was paying.

“Because life is a confusing little b–”

“Is this about Emma?  I thought you guys had a ‘deal’, you know, with your whole ‘casual rule’ thing.  I mean, I commend your honesty, way to not go all Uncle Patrick, but still.  So what?  Now you’re free to mess around even more–look, the bartender is into it.”

Francis sighed, “I couldn’t be my father if I tried, I don’t know how he did it.  To be honest, I thought it’d be cool, but it’s not.  It sucks.  Like, angry sucks… the type that makes me want an address so I know where to send you.”

Grace laughed, “great, I’ll let grandpa Gordon know that he can sign me up as muscle for his organization.  I mean, he’ll be offended if I don’t let him know what’s up and everything.”

“Is that Rosa?” Francis asked, ignoring Grace’s last statement.

“…and of course, Fujin.  She would drag him out, wouldn’t she?  Hey!  Where are you going?” Grace’s voice fell on deaf ears as Francis wondered over to his old friend.  She sighed, hand on her face.

“Francis?  What are you doing out here?” Rosa asked, surprised to see him so far from Boreal Summit University.  “Aren’t finals coming up?”

“Meh, I’m a senior.  It’s not like they’re going to kick me out when they’re so close to being rid of me forever.”

She smiled, “if I had known that’s how it worked, maybe I would have gone…”

Fujin found Grace on the dance floor.  He tried to ignore the fact that she was dancing, figuring she’d probably punch him if he made any comments.  Instead, he got right to the point, trying to shout over the loud music.

“Hey!  Have you seen Rosa?”

“I think she went over there… with Francis.”

Fujin’s face looked panicked, “…Francis?”

Rosa and Francis had gotten reacquainted rather quickly in the not-so-privacy of the couches behind the dance floor.  Of course, this amorous encounter quickly escalated, given the blood to alcohol ratio currently present in their systems.  Without telling either of their companions, they spirited off to a cab for a nice of illict and regrettable ‘hooking up’.

“I can’t believe you’re still following her around like a stupid puppy,” Grace said as they searched for the missing couple.  “It’s obvious she’s run off with Francis, despite knowing that he’s totally into Emma… without any thought as to you.”

“What is your problem?  Rosa is my friend, that’s it.  I’m all she has when it comes to looking out for her.  You could’ve done us both a favor and kept a leash on your stupid cousin!” Fujin shot back angrily, startling Grace.  She’d never seen him get angry.  “Why are you even still here?  Shouldn’t you be off beating someone up or something?”

Grace, for the first time in her life, found herself slightly speechless.  It took her a moment to muster a response, “it’s a shame your backbone only shows itself for Rosa.”

With that, she left, feeling a little more confused and frustrated than she’d been originally.

The next morning Grace, nursing her slight hangover, sat down with a bowl of cereal.  She had barely managed to dip her spoon into the mixture of sugared cornflakes and milk when she heard the front door open and close.  A haggard looking Francis stepped in and took a seat next to her.

“Oh, look who it is.  Where the hell did you go last night?”

“I’m an idiot, I thought we agreed you were my stupid decision wall??”

“Kind of hard when you run off and disappear into the night!  Please tell me you didn’t hook up with Rosa and run out before she woke up.”

Francis didn’t reply, but his guilty look said it all.  He sighed deeply.

“Well, at least you guys went to her place.  None of that public stuff,” Grace said, shaking her head.  “What are you going to do now?  Rosa is obviously going to know something happened.  You can’t avoid her forever.”

“My mind wasn’t made for this kind of stress,” Francis lamented, hands clasping his head tightly.  “I’m still reeling from the hangover!  I can’t think about this now!  It’s bad enough that I almost fell down the stairs and broke my neck as I was trying to leave while also yanking on my pants.  She’s a light sleeper, you know.”

“You’re an idiot, Francis.”

Francis went through the rest of his senior year considerably stressed and frenzied.  It was difficult, trying to both avoid Rosa and Emma at the same time.  Rosa had tried calling and Grace had covered for him.  Unfortunately, graduation meant he’d be returning to Boreal Springs and Rosa knew where he lived.  Worse yet, there was Emma.  That whole thing still had him messed up and confused–he seriously thought that he wanted casual without commitment, but the thought of Emma just… going after any guy out there, it wasn’t something he relished.

Grace was having her own inner-turmoil and vowed to stay on campus.  She had less chance of running into Fujin and making an idiot out of herself.  Francis, Rosa, and Fujin could have their messed up triangle of disaster.  Relationships were for stupid people who enjoyed pain.


Note from Mao: Poor Francis.  All his wants involved Emma!  It wasn’t until after a few dates that he wanted to talk to Rosa.  Francis is a Romance sim, but I’m seriously thinking he’s not the same as Shang Yu, Katarina Anderson, or Patrick O`Hanlon.  We’ll see if I’m right.  The whole thing with Rosa was an accident.  She happened to be at the same community lot Grace and Francis were at, and they had public woohoo on the couch on their own, LOL!  Of course, that makes NO SENSE, only insane people have sex on a couch in public view, so I changed those details in the text.

Grace also developed a crush on Fujin at the same lot… I have no idea.  I heard the chimes and looked–pink heart.  Oh boy.  I initially only did the library thing to see what their chemistry was.  Two bolts.  Grace seems conflicted.  ;)

Also, first post of the New Year AND the end of round 27!

December 18, 2009

Anderson 4 – Round 27: ‘White Wedding’

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Roman and Cara Anderson are happy their son is finally getting married.  Gregory and Lydia have come a long, hard way.  Can they keep it together or will everything just continue to unravel?

“I’m going to be sick,” Lydia said, trying not shake.  “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Attractive.  Just make sure you aim away from me.”

“Can’t we just elope?”

“I think they’d notice if we left now.”

Despite her inherent cold feet and sheepishness at going in front of all the people Gregory’s family seemed to know, Lydia made it to the altar.  Marriage was big, it was huge and you don’t really figure that out until your knee-deep in rose petals and covered in so much lace you look like one of your grandma’s old curtains.

Still, Lydia was pretty sure she was okay with her decision.  It wasn’t as if she liked anyone else.  It was just… big.

The ceremony proceeded without a hitch and the further along it got the more at ease Lydia felt.  It was just stage fright, there were people everywhere, all watching.  It was unnerving.

“Dad, are you crying?”

“N-no… there’s confetti in my eye.”

The vows and rings were exchanged, bird-friendly petals thrown in lieu of rice.

Rosa was quick to congratulation her flaky sister, happy to finally see her happy and out of the house.

“Make sure you don’t come running back, okay?”

“Rosa, stop,” Kenya scolded, shaking her head as she walked by.

“I’m just kidding,” Rosa said, pulling back from the hug.  “You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I know.  Thanks, Rosa.”

“This place is amazing, I don’t see why you’d ever want to come home.  Makes our house look like a closet!”

“To be honest, I’m a little afraid I’m going to get lost…”

Outside, Hugh caught Lydia after the party had ended.

“I’m so proud of you,” he said, squeezing her shoulder.  “Be good, okay?”

“I’ll try,” she hugged him tightly.  “Bye, daddy.”

“See you, baby.”

“You survived,” Gregory laughed once everyone was gone and they were again able to relax.  “See?  Like pulling off a band-aid, it’s all over and never to be repeated again.”

“I guess so, I mean… if anything, I know I won’t be getting married again.”

“Oh, wow, thanks.  That’s a comfort.”

She smacked him on the arm, “you know what I mean!

Adjusting to life in her new home was a bit difficult at first for Lydia.  First, the house was huge and second, they had a butler.  Lydia didn’t even know that people had butlers anymore.  He made their meals, answered the phone and the door, and would even take their dry cleaner.  Perhaps what seemed most odd about it all was Gregory’s complete acceptance of it.  He’d been around it all his life and so to him, it was completely normal to have some strange, older man cowing down to your every whim.

Then, of course, there was the transportation thing.  Lydia had gotten a job with an architecture firm as a designer thanks to Roman.  Since the firm was in Aperture, the commute was ridiculous.  What she didn’t realize was that Roman took a helicopter to work and since their schedules synced up, so did she.  Talk about surreal.

Gregory didn’t have a day job like the rest of him.  His father’s ambition was for him to take over the family businesses.  So while they went to Aperture in a helicopter, he was stuck trying to remember everything his father had tried to teach him over the years.  The businesses still belonged to Roman but eventually, they’d be his.  His father insisted he learn every part of how a business works, including being a cashier.  Gregory hated this position most of all… he just wasn’t very good at it.

Gregory and Lydia’s honeymoon was delayed due to the construction of the vacation home Roman had recently purchased in the islands.  When it was finally done, the newlyweds headed off for some much-needed ‘alone time’.  It’s sort of hard to really enjoy one another’s company with nosy in-laws following you around.

The house was definitely worth the wait, almost as grand as the one they lived in.  Truth be told, all of this opulence was a little overwhelming for Lydia.  Her family had never been hard-up, but she came from a humble house and humble people.  All this money flying around was a bit dizzying.

Unfortunately, their honeymoon was cut short by a freak hail storm that refused to quit.  It rained golfballs and soon, soccerballs and they were forced to evacuate.  It was an unfortunate setback, but at least they managed to get some time to themselves…


Note from Mao: Sorry this entry is all over the place.  I accidentally played this lot awhile back and did the whole wedding thing before I realized I’d messed up the order.  Oops.  Anyway, when I went to the lot I had forgotten that they had a honeymoon scheduled.  It hailed almost the ENTIRE time.  It actually accumulated on the ground!  I’ve had Seasons since release and I’ve never seen this before.  Insanity!   I sent them home.

They both have the baby want, so we’ll see what happens… they certainly got busy enough!

Hope you enjoyed the wedding shots, I don’t usually do very elaborate weddings, but I figured after everything these two kind of deserved it.

November 30, 2009

Anderson 2 – Round 27: ‘Say Something’

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Hugh and Kenya Anderson are happily in their retirement years.  Their eldest, Lydia, is married off and Rosa is now ‘head of the house’.  Can Rosa keep things together or will the issue with Francis and Emma send her off the deep end?

It had been awhile since the awkward visit to Francis and Emma at University.  Emma was now safely in Aperture, a long way off from Boreal Summit University, but Rosa couldn’t shake the feeling she had.  Francis had been a bit standoffish and Emma… she just seemed so frightened.  Rosa yawned, sleep not coming easily as her mind wandered into territories she’d prefer it didn’t.  She climbed out of bed and prepared herself for the day.

Emma had called late last night saying she wanted to meet Rosa at lunch in Aperture.  If she was going to make it, she needed to get going.

She found Emma at the darkest corner of the bar, a drink set out before her.  It wasn’t even noon yet and Rosa had never really known Emma to be the sort to drink.  She scooted into the bar stool next to her.

“A little early for that, isn’t it?”

Emma sighed, tossing a stray hair from her eyes, “unfortunately, no.  We need to talk, Rosa.”

“What, no ‘how have you been’ or ‘sorry for avoiding you’?  All right, what is it?”

The tension was so thick that the space between them acted as a barrier.  Emma said nothing, gathering her thoughts, trying to figure out how best to go about it.  Rosa watched her, but said nothing.  She simply waited, her anxiety growing with every passing second.

“It’s about Francis,” Emma began.

“Of course,” Rosa said, trying to sound cool, but failing miserably.

“We slept together,” she said suddenly, in a rush of words.

Rosa blinked, not completely surprised but unable to hide in denial any longer.  Her fingers twisted into small fists as her anger grew.  She hopped out of her bar stool, Emma following her.  She was speaking, but Rosa wasn’t listening.

“What is wrong with you?!  First, you try to destroy my sister’s engagement… now you sleep with the only guy I’ve ever even remotely liked?” Rosa raged, drawing the attention of the other patrons but not caring.  She made a frustrated sound, hands cutting through the air.  “Do you have some sort of sick vendetta against my family or something?!”

“This has nothing to do with that!” Emma shot back, trying to remain calm.  “It was only once and I haven’t seen him since.  I felt bad, really bad… so bad that I had to tell you!  Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“No, it doesn’t, because it’s you.  This is what you do.  You destroy things.”

“That is way out of line, Rosa,” Emma stiffened, becoming angry.  That one hit a bit too close to home.  “I didn’t pursue him!  I like him, sure, but I kept my distance… it happened because it was mutual, not one-sided.  Why are you just blaming me?  Why don’t you talk to him!”

Rosa crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at Emma, “I’m supposed to believe that you did nothing? I’ve seen you work, Emma.  I’m not stupid!”

“Whatever, Rosa.  Believe what you want,” she hissed, throwing her arms up in frustration.  “The fact of the matter is I had enough consideration to actually tell you.  Francis hasn’t said a word, has he?  Go figure.”  She walked away, washing her hands of the situation.  She’d done her part.

“Augh!  You’re such a tramp!”

As if on cue, Francis called her the next day.  He must have heard through the ‘grapevine’ about Emma and Rosa’s little confrontation.  Of course, it was quite the talk of the town, having taken place in a completely public area with many people watching.  She sighed, picking up the phone, not really wanting to talk.  She still felt hungover from her previous night spent hiding in a bottle of very dark, murky liquid.

“You should have told me,” she said into the receiver, not bothering to listen for a response.  She hung up the phone and walked away.

Hugh’s concern for his youngest was growing.  She’d spent the better part of the weekend drinking and staying out late.  It had never been like Rosa to be so careless.  She was brash, yes, and rebellious, too, but she rarely did something so stupid it made him want to treat her like a five-year-old.  She wandered down to breakfast in a complete daze.

“Spending your days partying and drinking is not going to help your problems go away,” Hugh lectured, ignoring her throaty groan.  “What is it with you two girls?  Always running away.  You need to confront them.”

“Ugh, dad, stop talking,” Rosa mumbled, staring down at her pancakes.  “My head hurts too much.”

Kenya sighed, “we’re worried about you, Rosa.  This isn’t like you at all.”

“Whatever, I need to go… do stuff,” she grumbled, getting up from the table and heading towards the bathroom.  Her stomach hadn’t quite been ready for pancakes.

Rosa followed her parents advice, begrudgingly, and stayed in instead of going out.  Unfortunately, her sobriety only brought back angry thoughts.  She needed to vent her rage.  She walked outside and kicked the soccer ball around until she heard someone approach.  She was surprised to hear Francis’ voice.

“Avoiding me, Rosa?  I do know where you live,” he said, stopping short of her as she kicked another ball forcefully into the net.

“Maybe I have a good reason, maybe I was worried that if I saw you, I’d want to punch your big nose in.”

“Ouch,” he replied, feigning offense.  “That’s not very nice–you know my nose is a family heirloom.”

“Can’t you be serious for once?” Rosa growled, turning to face him.  “I’m not really in the mood for your little ‘charm’, okay?  I seriously want to punch you.  Your face is in jeopardy.”

“I think I can handle myself, but if you’d like, I’ll try and keep a bit of distance.  There, how about that?  You’d need arms made of rubber to reach me now,” he said, taking a step back and gesturing with his hands.  “Now we can talk, right?”

She sighed, shaking her head, “I don’t want to talk.  I already know everything I need to–you suck.”

“That’s great, Rosa.  I’m glad you’ve figured everything out.  I, however, doubt your ability to see the four corners of every square, so I’m just going to go ahead and talk anyway.  I understand why you’re upset, but in all reality, we were never an item.  We never made any promises when I left for University.  I was under the impression that we were friends and everything was okay between us like that.”

“This hasn’t changed my mind any, you still suck,” she frowned.  She didn’t fight when he took her hand, her sadness overwhelming her anger.  “Why Emma?”

“Why anyone?  And who is to say it means anything big, anyway?  You know me, Rosa.  I don’t make big decisions on a whim, it takes me a lifetime.  There’s no need to burn bridges, not when everything is still so… up in the air.”

She closed her eyes, “you’re going to follow your father’s example, then?”

He shrugged, letting her hand fall to her side, “we can’t change who we are, Rosa.  Even if I wanted to be that guy that could say I was totally going to get married and have a billion kids… I couldn’t.  Then I would be my dad.”

“Are you going to see Emma?” She asked, watching his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Rosa,” he said, ignoring her question.  He turned and left without another word, Rosa not moving to stop him.

Her talk with Francis had helped her more than Rosa had initially thought.  She had been sad at first, moping and loafing around the house.  It had been a foolish notion, to expect someone like Francis to share her dreams and hopes.  She had been stupid to put him there, in that place in her mind where he obviously didn’t belong.  She didn’t want that relationship, one with lies and cheating.

Hugh still worried for her, but she continually assured him that she was better now and doing okay.  Lydia called a lot.  Sometimes, she would even visit, but she was pretty busy over there and so was Gregory.

Rosa gathered her plate from the table and took it into the kitchen, not happy, but content.  It was enough, it was better than the alternative.  Her mother called after her:

“Lydia says hi!”

“Hi, Lydia,” she replied, a small smile creeping onto her lips.

Kenya had sent Rosa out on an errand, but Rosa had wandered off and ended up at the cafe.  It was a breezy winter day, the sky clear enough so that it was actually warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.  She walked to the patio, intent on some coffee.  She as surprised to run into Fujin.  She hadn’t seen him during all of this mess, wanting to keep her issues private and to herself.  Besides, she realized how stupid it was to fall for a guy like Francis.  She didn’t need him rubbing it in.

“Wow, you’re outside,” Fujin said, looking her over.  “Looks like it’s been awhile.”

“That’s mean, Fujin.  You don’t know what I’ve been through.  You can make it up to me with coffee.”

“So, you look less brooding than usual.  Did I miss something?” Fujin asked after they took a seat with their coffees in hand.

“It isn’t important, just some silly soap opera stuff.  You’d probably slap me for telling you about it,” she said, taking a long sip.  The coffee felt good going down her throat, the warmth spreading throughout her body.  “I can’t say I’ve come out of it any smarter.  I’m still thinking about it.”

Fujin shrugged, “you never really were that quick to pick up on things, anyway.  It’ll take some time.”

She gave him a look and he laughed.  “You should be careful what you say, I could totally beat you up.”

“You talk about your relationship troubles?  All the women I know want to beat me up.  I never did anything to Grace Saunders except exist and yet, she tortured me throughout school…  I’m still watching over my shoulder!”

“Ha!  I had forgotten about that,” Rosa said, leaning in.  “I saw her the other day, you better watch out, her arms are pretty beefy.”

He shook his head, closing his eyes, “don’t I know it.  I’m the one she toned them on!”

“I would’ve helped you out, but I’m not stupid enough to go after a Saunders.  That’s just pure suicide.”

“Yeah, geeze.  I saw Gordon once and I’ll be thankful if I never see him again.  Scary.”

Rosa smiled, leaning back in her chair, “thanks, Fujin.”

“Hey, what’s the use of misfortune if it can’t cheer someone up?”


Note from Mao: In regards to the top image, SimPE is still messed up and I’m too lazy to re-install it right now, so I just did a placeholder image of Rosa, LOL!  It’ll work for now.

This is a big old crazy mind-screw of a situation here.  Rosa and Fujin flirt, but it never amounts to anything.  Rosa rolls wants for Francis, Francis rolls wants for her, but then when he’s done, goes right back to Emma.  Emma rolls friendship wants for Rosa that conflict with her wants for Francis.  It’s crazy, it is.  These sims are driving me up the wall.

Also, Grace Saunders is now stalking poor Fujin.  I keep seeing her at lots where he pops up.  LOL!

November 23, 2009

Yu – Round 27: ‘Edge of Seventeen’

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Zhou and River Yu have their only son to inherit the house.  Fujin feels the press of the weight, but still seems intent on finding a way to do what he wishes.

It had always been assumed that with Fujin’s natural capabilities, he would go to University.  It was the natural progression of things.  Fujin, however, was having second thoughts.  He was smart, yes, but he was so much more than that.  He didn’t want to be one of those people pigeon-holed into some old stereotype.  He wanted to be who he was, Fujin, without any binds or confines forcing him into some little, rigid box.

He had contemplated many ways of telling his parents.  So far, he was still too chicken.

Fujin knew that passing up on University would really slim down his chances of meeting that one, special person.  His parents had gotten together in college, after all.  A long, rough road paved with stubbornness and adversity.  Still, they seemed pretty happy now, something that further fueled Fujin’s own desire to have that someday.

Fujin sat alone at the old playground, lost in his thoughts.  Rain poured down around him, tapping against the plastic roof over his head.  He was much too old to play on the equipment, but he often came here for some quiet when the kids were all still in school.  He was surprised, then, when he heard someone climbing the other side.

“Hey,” a female voice said rather rudely, “you’re in my spot.”

“It doesn’t have your name on it,” Fujin joked.

Grace Saunders climbed the rest of the way up and sat down on the plastic floor.  She looked over at Fujin, regarding him apprehensively.

“You’re Fujin Yu.  I give you noogies all the time.”

“Yes, yes you do,” Fujin replied, giving her a wary look.  “You’re not going to try it in here, right?  It’s a little cramped.”

“No,” she replied, leaning against the plastic wall behind her.  “You’re safe, for now.”

“Great, I’m relieved.”

“You’re not your usual annoying and cheery self,” Grace noted, eyes closed.  She leaned forward on her legs, toned arms still slightly slick from the rain.  All that noogie giving really gave the girl a good work out.  “Shouldn’t you be home with your happy, empty house?”

Fujin quirked a curious eyebrow, “I’m not sure my parents would be to happy if they found out I didn’t want to go to University.”

“Oh, please.  It’s not like you’re all that smart, anyway,” Grace shook her head, waving her hand dismissively in the air.  “Big deal.  You don’t want to go be a stupid frat boy.  Whatever.  At least your house is quiet and your not constantly compared to your statuesque mother who refuses to get old, wrinkle, or do anything normal like normal parents.”

“I’m plenty smart,” Fujin quickly replied, slightly offended.

“You’re more weird than smart.  I’m smarter than you.  I’m two grades behind you and not only can I beat you up, I’m in one of your AP classes.”

Fujin was pressed to argue, but there was no point.  She was right.  He sighed, “it’s just expected of me, that’s all.  Can’t you understand that?”

“Sure I can, but can you?  People can expect all they want, doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Look, you should go home.  This is my spot and my house sucks more than yours.  I deserve this spot, you don’t.  It’s for meaningful moping, not your… silly moping.”

“The rain’s stopped, I guess I can go,” he said, rising from his spot slowly.  He glanced at her as he moved to the edge.  “You’re not going to follow me down and noogie me, are you?”

“Not today.  I just want you out of my spot.”

“Good, and hey, Grace?”


“That’s a nice tan,” he said, pausing at the ladder.  She looked up at him a smiled, a genuine combination of lips and eyes.  “See you.”

She watched him climb away, her voice barely audible as she spoke, “…thanks.”

Fujin returned home, determined.  He was going to sit down and talk to his parents, he just needed to figure out what he was going to say.  It was on the eve of his high school graduation before he decided to come out with it.  He had sent out University papers, just in case, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t going anywhere.

“So, I was thinking…”

River looked up from her plate, “what’s on your mind?  Are you nervous about university?”

“Er, not exactly,” he fumbled.  “I don’t really want to go.”

River nearly choked.  She put down her fork and stared at her son in complete horror, “w-what?!”

“I… I don’t want to go to university.”

Zhou was quick to mediate, stepping into the middle of the fray, “now, hold on, River.  Let him speak.”

“Speak?  Are you insane, Zhou?  He doesn’t want to go university!”

“It’s not because I’m lazy,” Fujin offered, his voice quiet and careful.  “I… I just, I don’t think it fits me.”

“Fits you?  Do you realize what kind of opportunity you’re passing up?  You won’t get the chance to even remotely follow in your grandfather’s footsteps with a decision like this!”

That hurt, but Fujin was adamant.  He wasn’t giving in, this is what he wanted and he’d thought long and hard about it, “I… I know.  I’ll figure something out, I will.  I just, I’m not going.  I’m not going to University.”

After the travesty that was his “university” speech, things settled down.  His mother eventually resumed speaking to him and his father was sure to reassure him.  Zhou had never really cared for University, he only went for River.  At first, Fujin had been uncomfortable about his decision, but as time passed and his birthday approached, it felt right.

Rosa still came over.  She didn’t talk about what had happened with Francis or Emma, but Fujin was sure it wasn’t good.  She just seemed down, but he wasn’t going to press the issue.  Dealing her all emotional and angry wasn’t exactly something he enjoyed.

“You’re cheating!”  Rosa snapped, shaking her controller in an angry fit.

“I don’t cheat,” Fujin replied calmly.  “You just need to focus.”

“You’re such a cheat, Fujin.  I’ll catch you someday.”

He sighed, “maybe you’ll pick up how to be calm and focus in the process?”

She smacked him on the arm, causing him to recoil in pain, followed by a laugh.  Even as an adult, Rosa was the same.  She would never change.

Fujin may not have been able to follow in his grandfather Tsung’s footsteps, but he was still able to mess around with drafting and architectual ideas on his downtime.  The room with Tsung’s old drafting room was his favorite and he spent countless hours in there.  He knew he should be trying to find a special lady, but Fujin moved at his own pace.  Right now, his mistress was the drafting board and that was just fine with him.


Note from Mao: Another update, yay.  Fujin is so laid-back, he’s a nice breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the hood.  I had him relaxing at the playground when Grace popped up, prompting that scene.  Grace is the type to get moodier as she gets older, she takes after her father, after all.  Rosa came over on her own, just as she used to come home with Fujin from school when they were teens.  She always seems to get angry when they play video games, lol.

If you didn’t get the noogie comment Grace made, it’s mentioned at the end of the Saunders, Round 26 entry.

October 23, 2009

B.S.U. Campus – Round 26: ‘Love Song’

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Emma Davis is completing her final two years at University while Francis O`Hanlon is just starting his four year venture.

Emma smiled, greeting Francis as he walked in.  She knew him, but they were never very close.  The most she knew about him came from her friend, Rosa Anderson, who had dated him in high school.  He certainly grew up well.  He looked almost exactly like his father, only blond and with dark, foreign eyes.

“So, it’s just us.  Hope that’s okay.”

“That’s fine,” Francis said, looking around.  “This place shaped up nicely.”

“Yeah, it turned out great.”

When she had initially found out that she would be spending her last two years with Francis, Emma hadn’t thought anything of it.  Unfortunately, she had underestimated the tension that can grow when two attractive people are stuck in a house together.  She didn’t like him like that, that’s impossible.  He was like his father, a womanizer.  Emma wasn’t one of those girls.  She didn’t go for guys like that.

She liked to be the one in control.

Emma was surprised when her adoptive grandfather, Gordon, stopped by one night for a visit.  She let him in, feeling suddenly nervous.  This wasn’t a pleasure call, she could tell by the way he was standing.  He was tense.  He had come to yell at her.  She tried to let on as if she were clueless.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were coming over.”

“Hello, Emma.  I hear you’re falling behind with your scholarship.”

“My parents sent you, didn’t they?  Why can’t everyone just leave me alone, it isn’t like I’ve done anything wrong…”

“Messing with people’s lives is wrong, Emma.  You can’t just hurt someone because they’re ‘in the way’, especially when the person you’re after… doesn’t feel the same.”

Emma rolled her eyes, “Lydia has no business!  She’s not like us.”

At this, Gordon’s eyebrows quirked upward, “What is this us you speak of, Emma?”

“What?  You’re going to deny me now?  I’m not your biological granddaughter, whatever… but I might as well be!”

“I wasn’t saying that at all,” Gordon snapped back, angered.  “I’m simply wondering where you get off considering yourself of higher worth than anyone else.  You’re not a special snowflake, Emma.  You’re with the rest of us.”

Her brows furrowed, “I am not on the same level as Lydia Anderson!  She’s trash!  She comes from some kind of weird… experiment.  I mean, her great grandparents were lesbians!

What happened next shocked Emma to her core.  Gordon’s hand shot out and struck her, right on the cheek.  She recoiled, the pain stinging.  She tried not to cry, but it was fruitless.  Tears formed in her eyes and fell down her cheeks unchecked.

“You are out of control!”  Gordon roared, drawing his hand back.  He didn’t usually resort to violence, but Emma was beyond talking.  “You’re in for a very hard lesson in life.  If you keep this up, you’ll find yourself in more trouble than you are now.  Remember who you’re talking to, Emma Davis.  I am not your parents and I will not tolerate your belligerent attitude!”


“Be silent!  I suppose this is my fault, you were spoiled… and look what it’s done to you.  You were such a sweet girl, but money has turned you sour.  I can fix that real quick.”

“W-what are you saying?” She sniffed.

“I am cutting you off, Emma.  I’ve given you every chance I could think of and still, you act this way.  Your money is going to be locked down and I swear, if you so much as even try to touch it, I will take it… all of it.”

“You can’t!” She wailed, hands on her hips.  The tears streaming from her eyes and the defeat written all over her face did little to help her stance.  “You can’t do that!  How will I finish college?”

“I suppose it’d be wise to keep up with your scholarship, wouldn’t it?  And don’t go to your parents, they have no control over my assets.”

“You can’t do this…”

“It’s done, Emma,” Gordon said, turning and heading out the door.  “I’ve given you enough chances.”

She fell silent, watching him walk away.  What else could she say?  There was nothing to do.  It was his, it had always been his.  Her mother and father had good jobs, true, but it was Gordon’s kindness and money that kept them comfortable.  She couldn’t run to them for help.

“And stay away from Gregory and Lydia.  If I find out you so much as look at either one, I’ll be back.”

Emma sat in her room, trying to swallow down her sorrow.  She’d brought this all on herself, but she certainly hadn’t expected this kind of reaction.  Her fingers tensed on the bed and she sucked in a big breath.  Everytime she assumed there were no more tears to cry, more came.

Suddenly, her door opened.  She didn’t bother looking, she didn’t care.  Francis stepped in, regarding her with curiosity.

“You cry really loud, you know, for a girl.”

“Leave me alone, Francis.”

“What’s wrong?”

He sat down next to her as she explained a little bit about what had happened.  He listened quietly, absorbing all the details.  He had heard some of it from Rosa, especially the bit about catching Gregory and Emma in a supposed romantic situation, which turned out to have been staged by Emma.

“So, let me get this straight, you thought this guy was perfect because you’re both rich?”

She sniffed, “well, yeah, and we’ve known one another since we were little.  Plus, our families kind of hate each other.”

“Because that makes total sense.”

“Shut up,” Emma bristled, lips pursing.  “Don’t make fun of me.”

August 5, 2009

O`Hanlon 2 – Round 26: ‘Out of Touch’

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Patrick and Viola O`Hanlon have a rather rocky marriage, thanks mostly to Patrick’s wandering eye.  Francis is following in his father’s footsteps while little Deidre innocently prefers friends to lovers (so far).  Can they hold it together?

Years down the line, the family would say, “it all began with burnt omelets”.  Because, of course, that’s where it all started.  The single event that sent a bunch of ripples outward, affecting everyone and everything in its path.  Viola was especially touchy that morning.  When questioned how she, a normally proficient cook, managed to char breakfast, she was quick and snappy.

“Sometimes, people burn things.  It happens.”

Sure, it happens–to pregnant people and those not so proficient in cooking… not to Viola, who was very much not-pregnant and a good cook.

Everyone was suitably baffled.

Despite the issue with breakfast, life continued normally for a time.  Deidre wanted to excel in school, so Patrick helped her with her homework.  He vaguely wondered how his life would be different if he’d chosen the path of knowledge as opposed to that of fame, fortune, and leading ladies.  It was a bit late for that, though.

Patrick and Francis were both there for the melt-down.  Neither of them really knew what to do or how to act.  They just stared dumbly at Viola, sitting on the floor, staring into space.  She’d lost her freaking mind.  One minute, she was fine, the next… she just collapsed and went catatonic.

It was as if something inside her just snapped, like a delayed synapse in her brain.  She realized–as she had realized several times prior, but this time, there was profound clarity–that she’d spent almost her entire adult life married to an egotistical philanderer.  Her self-esteem had been sabotaged, her integrity stomped upon.

Viola was suddenly very, very angry.

Francis was there when he saw his mother jump up and out-right clock his father.  Mentally, he made a note not to cross his mother.  She gave him a very terse look and her voice lowered to a decibel he didn’t think possible.

“Leave, Francis.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice.  Francis was gone.  He was sure that sometime later, in his young adult life, he’d recall this scene.  He’d be sitting on a plush couch across from his therapist, trying to get to the bottom of his dysfunction.

Patrick was, of course, suitably surprised.  I mean, Viola got upset, sure, but she’d never threatened his good looks.  She hit him where it hurts, in the nose, and boy did it hurt.  Where did she learn to punch like that?

“What’s gotten into you?!”

“Something that should’ve done so a long time ago,” Viola retorted angrily.  “Get out of my room.  Now.”

“Viola, what the hell?  Deidre is right outside.”

Viola took a breath, “be glad I’m not kicking you out completely!”

The days after were tense ones riddled with questions and confusion.  Patrick himself still didn’t know what the hell was going on.  Viola had snapped, she’d lost her last marble.  He was almost afraid he would go to sleep only to not wake up.  He was tempted to get a place, but worried about damaging the kids.

“Are you guys getting divorced?” Francis asked, trying to hide his sadness.

“Er, no,” Patrick said, noting that Viola was behind them, angrily washing dishes.  “Your mother just… needs… some space.  That’s all.”

Deidre was young, but not stupid.  She knew what was going on.  Her parents were being grouchy and crazy.  She was just as worried as Francis was.

“You can’t get divorced!” Deidre exclaimed to her mother.  “Are you trying to ruin my life?”

“What are you talking about?” Viola asked, startled.

“You’re fighting with daddy and Francis says that you’re the reason he was walking around with a steak on his face.”

Viola sighed, “sometimes, grown-ups fight.  Especially married ones.  No one has said anything about divorce yet…”

“Good, because I can’t come from a broken home.  I’m not even in middle school yet!”

Patrick was at a loss.  He really had no clue what to do.  He wasn’t about to run up to Viola and have a chat, he’d nearly lost his last role thanks to her number on his nose.  Broken, busted noses might work for comedians, but Patrick was a leading man–he needed his natural good looks!

Michael Saunders was wondering why he always got dragged into other people’s problems.  He wasn’t much of a problem-solver like his father.  He didn’t have the tact for it.

“You have got to tell me what the hell is up with my wife!  She’s lost her damn mind.”

“Maybe she finally came to the realization she married an egotistical cheater?  That’d bring any woman to her breaking point.”

Patrick glared at his old friend, “I didn’t have a fit when you married my sister, Michael.  You could at least feign support.”

“Fine, if you’re serious about this, I’ll get Sade to talk to her.  If it’s true that you haven’t messed around, then she’ll come around.  If you have?  You’re on your own.”

July 22, 2009

Anderson 2 – Round 26: ‘Colorblind’

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Hugh and Kenya Anderson welcome their eldest daughter, Lydia, back home while she tries to figure out what she’s going to do next.  Rosa isn’t too happy about her sister’s intrusion, fearing she plans to take her spot as heir.

Lydia wasn’t quite sure how she felt about coming back home.  She was staying in her grandmother Kate’s old room.  It was the same as it had always been, completely unchanged, right down to the crazy yellow wallpaper.  It felt weird to sit down on the bed.  She couldn’t stay in her old room, that was Rosa’s now.  She was a guest in her own home.

Absently, she glanced at the ring on her finger.  She hadn’t taken it off.  She had every intention of returning it… but until then, it was safest there.  It wouldn’t get lost if it was on her finger.

She felt bad about putting her family in the middle of her mess.  She happened upon her father dutifully screening a call from Gregory, kindly telling him that Lydia wasn’t home.  Of course she was home, she didn’t leave for fear of running into him.  She was a big old coward, to be honest.  Everyone told her she was an idiot, that nothing happened, but they hadn’t seen what she had.  She opened herself up and got smacked in the face, now she had lost her best friend.

Maybe it would have been better if she’d just let Emma win in the first place.  At least then they could still be friends and she wouldn’t feel so empty.

Rosa wasn’t very welcoming, Lydia hadn’t anticipated she would.  Word spread fast about Kit moving back home and taking Jennifer’s spot as heir.  Lydia didn’t want to stay home, she wanted to leave, to run away to some far away place, but her family refused.  She had no intention of facing it, of facing him.

“Isn’t it bad enough you’ve taken over the house?” Rosa grumbled.  “Do you have to take over the pool, too?”

Rosa wasn’t trying to be insensitive, but she wasn’t going to pussyfoot around the issue like everyone else.  Lydia was being an idiot.  Everyone knew that the situation was a huge misunderstanding, no thanks to one Emma Davis.  Gregory had been after Lydia since they were teens.  It wasn’t at all likely he’d just turn around and go with Emma the day after they get engaged.

She spoke her mind freely to everyone on the subject, much to Kenya’s chagrin.  She just wished it could remain a private matter.

“Just because you’re a college graduate doesn’t mean you can come home and boot me out,” Rosa said, glancing at her mother.  “That’s what’s going to happen, isn’t it?”

Kenya sighed, “no, it isn’t.  Stop being rude, Rosa.  You know better than that… Lydia needs her family right now and you’re not helping.  If you can’t contribute, then be silent.”

Kenya rarely, if ever, got firm with her children, but she’d had about enough of Rosa’s poor attitude.

“I’m just saying,” Rosa replied, humbled.  She ate quietly for the rest of the dinner.

Lydia just kind of stared forward and said nothing.

Instead of going to bed, Lydia often went out to the pool and watched the stars.  There was a great view of the sky from this spot and the sound of the distant ocean was relaxing.  It was a shame the old lighthouse was retired, but it definitely added to the view.

It had been long enough now for Lydia to see the situation rationally.  She knew there was a chance that it was a misunderstanding, but it still hurt.  She couldn’t wipe the image from her mind.  Emma Davis was determined, opportunistic, and spoiled.  She had her family under her thumb and she always, always got what she wanted.  Even if she hadn’t gotten Gregory this time, how long until she did?

It wasn’t as if she’d just give up.  She’d keep trying and it’d make their relationship strained and filled with suspicion.  Lydia wasn’t sure if she could handle that.

“I know this is your problem and you have to work it out on your own,” Hugh began one morning, speaking out about the issue for the first time since Lydia had arrived.  “But I don’t get it, sweetie.  You two had fun, right?  You’ve been friends a long, long time… and for awhile, you were happy together.  He’s a good kid, and Emma, well, I don’t know what to say about her.  But I know, in my gut, this isn’t what it seems.”

Lydia sighed, “I know, but that’s not the problem anymore.”

“He still hasn’t come for the ring,” Hugh said hopefully, glancing at her finger.

She quickly hid her hand under the table, “I’m sure Roman wishes he would, though.  I’m half expecting him to walk up and yank it off my hand.”  She stared down at her plate, eyes listless.  “I don’t know if I can do it.  I’m scared.”

“You should talk to him, find out the truth, and decide from there.  You can’t hide forever.”

Rosa and Emma Davis were friends, but not in the extreme sense.  Rosa wasn’t exactly surprised when her friend called and began asking her questions.  Rosa rolled her eyes.

“Look, Emma, whatever you did was really stupid, okay?  You’re messing up things for a lot of people and that’s not cool.  Worse yet, you’re messing with my sister.  So you just need to butt out.”

She hung the phone up on its cradle without waiting for a response, walking away as if nothing had happened.  Rosa was sure Emma hadn’t meant any harm, but she was sick of all this crap.

Gregory had been by, but no one knew that.  He came just before it was unseemly to visit.  He’d go towards the door, but lose his nerve at the last minute, turn around, and walk down the street back to his house.

Sometimes, Lydia would get the urge to go out onto the balcony.  She’d tiptoe quietly through her parents’ room and out onto the small little balcony that held the telescope.  She’d wander to the edge and look down.  There was no one there, the entire street hushed and quiet.  It was eerie, almost.

If she looked far enough down the street, sometimes, she’d swear she saw a figure walking the opposite direction.


Note from Mao: Emma really did call Rosa, which I thought was hilarious.  How inappropriate!  Poor Lydia.  She’s no longer angry, but I can’t see her just jumping back into the saddle, not when she was so apprehensive to begin with.  It’s like breaking a horse who is extra spooked.  One wrong move and all that work is undone.  Gregory actually did walk by several times, but he never visited.  :(

July 20, 2009

Yu – Round 26: ‘Ordinary’

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Zhou and River Yu are elders now while their son, Fujin, is just really starting his life as a teenager.

Fujin, despite his penchant for the nerdy and obscure, is amazingly good with people.  He likely inherited it from somewhere down the line.  Some would argue that Zhou had his own ‘brand’ of charm, but Fujin shared very little with his father.  The same could be said about his mother.  He was an oddball, a nerdy but social creature who thrived of the laughter of others and poking fun at his own geekery.

He was a merry spirit indeed.

Unfortunately, even good humor wouldn’t stop the Grim Reaper from coming to collect.  Chairman Mao’s time was up, she’d lived a long and fruitful cat life.  She passed to the chorus of yowling cats and the frantic sobbing of her owners.

In an effort to cheer everyone up, they adopted a new cat named Murphy.  She and Apollo got on quite well and now the family was anticipating kittens.  River was especially attentive of the expecting cat.

Fujin got a visit from his older friend, Rosa Anderson, who was quite upset about her older sister’s recent homecoming.  Rosa wasn’t known for her terribly understanding nature.

“It’s such a mess!  Her moping and just annoying attitude in general has caused me to break out… that’s just not fair!”

Fujin tried to be the voice of reason, “shouldn’t you cut her some slack?  I mean, given what happened–”

“Nothing happened!” She roared, her frustration mounting.  “That’s just it.  My sister is an indecisive idiot.  Everyone says I’m a flake, but Lydia takes that cake and leaves none for me.  It just makes me so mad!”

Fujin eventually managed to calm Rosa down enough so she could vent her rage on video games.  After mashing buttons and screaming at the pixels on the screen, Rosa took a calming breath and sat back, tossing the controller aside.

“Feel better?”

“Yeah, kinda,” she mumbled.  “I just wish she’d stop making her problems everyone else’s.”

“If nothing happened then I’m sure it’ll fix itself soon enough and she’ll be out of your hair.”

She rolled her eyes, “she’d better.  That’s my house.  She’s not pulling what Kit did to Jennifer and taking over!  Dad promised me the house, it’s mine!

Fujin laughed, “boy am I glad I don’t have any siblings…”

Murphy had two kittens, Dresden and Molly.  It had been quite some time since there had been kittens in the house and it began to dawn on River and Zhou that maybe their house was in need of a little rennovation…


Note from Mao: Nothing exciting here, just the same old, same old.  I was sad to see Chairman Mao go!  Here’s hoping Murphy and Apollo make cute babies.  Zhou kept bringing home red heads (he brought three, excluding Rosa)… yet his turn on is blonde.  I think he’s trying to tell me something?  LOL!

May 19, 2009

Anderson 2 – Round 25: ‘Growing Pains’

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(Sorry for the lack of teen Rosa.  SimPE did the “no portrait thing” again.  Sigh.)

Rosa Anderson is not exactly your average teen.  She doesn’t always get along with her parents, but she also doesn’t cringe or look disgusted when they’re being “gross” around her.  Instead she laughs and takes it in stride.  That’s the type of person Rosa is, easy-going and very laid back.  Her parents would say perhaps a bit too much.

Most of Rosa’s friends are older than her and preparing to head off to college.  One last pool party of the summer before they’re gone to campus.  Rosa isn’t envious, she doesn’t even want to go to college!  She’s quite content staying at home and painting.  Of course, her parents have other ideas…

Nothing is a downer on a pool party like a pet dying.  Poor Iorek took his last nibble of kibble before Death came calling.

Contrary to her daughter’s nature, Kenya is not that easygoing.  She’s rather worried, actually.  She wants to know who the heck keeps kicking over their trash can!  Once she finds out, she’ll wring their neck.  She bets that it’s Hugh’s coworker.  She’s never very happy when Kenya shoos her off after she follows Hugh home from work.

Perhaps Kenya should worry more about her daughter, though, who is prone to sneaking out with her older friends.  No one would think that Sage Saunders could be a bad influence, but it seems that maybe she is.  Luckily for Rosa, she manages to get home unscathed and slips under the covers just before either of her parents wakes.  Sneaking out is so much easier now that it’s just the three of them in the house.

With her friends all gone to college, Rosa is forced to make new friends.  Fujin Yu is a year younger than her, but they still hang out.  He’s strange and eccentric, too.  They get along well, even if he’s not much into painting.


Note from Mao: Fujin and Rosa have two bolts, but are both heirs to their houses.  So yeah.  They’re just friends.  Rosa brought him home from school.  Kenya won’t be getting her LTW–graduate three kids from college.  I was really hoping they’d have another kid, but no luck.  So Rosa won’t be going next round, she’ll inherit the house.

May 17, 2009

Saunders – Round 25: ‘Night and Day’

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Basil and Virginia aren’t spring chickens anymore, but they still act pretty irresponsible.  Daisy and Sage are preparing for their life in college.

Sage, who never had any problem with boys, managed to net her first kiss.  Daisy was understandably a little jealous.  She wished she had the same charisma, but she didn’t.  Not only that, boys made her feel awkward and weird.  She was much more comfortable just hanging out with their friends.

Sage and Daisy continued to get along, but Daisy wished her sister wouldn’t point out things she was pretending not to notice.  Like when Sage asked her if she’d looked in the mirror lately, because she was having a complexion malfunction.  Sage, naturally, didn’t get pimples… but Daisy?  They were next to her best friend at this point.  Life was unfair.

While Sage chatted on the phone, Daisy spent her time with the cat.  They would be leaving for college soon and everyone was excited.  Daisy wasn’t sure how to feel.  It would be the same as always.  She’d excel at the academia, but fail when it came to being social.  And let’s face it… being social is what college is all about!

Sage often had parties and invited their mutual friends over along with boys.  Daisy could only sit and watch her friends mix and mingle.  Sure, Jennifer was at her side, but only because she had recently had her own complexion malfunction and was pretending to be more interested in video games.  Even Rosa was finding her niche with boys, and Rose was definitely an odd duck.

Daisy hoped that college would give her the chance to really open up and let loose.


Note from Mao: Poor Daisy, she really does often hang out in the background.  And she really has NO luck with boys, period.  Short update.  Virginia and Basil keep autonomously going to the trainset.  I am beginning to regret bringing it back!

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