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January 17, 2009

Saunders 3 – Round 22: ‘Haunting Me, Pt. 2′

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Michael Saunders has finally accepted Sade O`Hanlon’s advances.  Talk about an ‘odd couple’–quiet, reserved, and intellectual meets vain, outgoing, and brash.

Of course, as soon as Fou-Lu vacated the premises, Sade was finally able to convince Michael to convert his room for better use and let her stay with him.  Her motives were questionable, but nevertheless, she got her way.  Still, the poor couch.  What can you expect?  Young couple, apartment, and alone time.  The couch will have to deal.

Michael gave up his former job that had him going all over and instead accepted a position his stepmother, Lauren, had offered him.  He was a principal at the local high school.  It didn’t exactly make use of his mental faculties, but he was hoping to move up to the collegiate level.  Sade, meanwhile, was busy either modeling or dancing.  Regardless, she was obsessive about being ‘thin’ to the point of demanding Fou-Lu’s former room be her little workout area.

The routine was quickly ended when Michael told her, before heading off to work early one morning, that they were going downtown and to look nice.  Not that she didn’t now, but well, formally nice.

As soon as he was gone from the apartment building, Sade called Kit and demanded she come over right now.  Kit obliged, not having anything better to do, and found Sade near hyperventilation.  She couldn’t tell if it because she was upset or happy.


“I think he’s going to propose to me!”

Kit gave her a look.  Sade, married.  It was a scary thought.  Sade married to Michael, scarier.  Michael was attractive, terribly so–smart, quiet, all of that.  Shame Kit hadn’t noticed earlier.  “Are you sure?”

“He told me to wear something nice because we are going out tonight,” Sade rambled quickly, dragging Kit into the workout room.  “I need your help.”

“What do you think?” Sade asked, having changed into her proposed ‘formal wear’.  “Too much?”

Kit blinked, “no, it looks nice, Sade, but… do you want him to propose or jump you in the restaurant?”

Sade smiled, “you think?  Nah, you know he wouldn’t.  Come on, seriously.  Is it bad?”

“No, no, it looks good.”

“Now I’m really glad I’ve been in that show where I interpratively dance wearing nothing but two ribbons.  My body is tight!”

“Does Michael know about that?”

“Okay, Kit, time to go!” Sade replied, pushing her best friend out the door, failing to answer her question.

Michael arrived home not long after and was happy to see that Sade had obliged him without question.  He knew she probably had a vague idea as to why he had thrown the hint out there, but hoped it would still be a slight surprise.  For once, Sade was relatively calm and tame.  There were no outbursts or fits and she didn’t even complain or threaten to maim the waiter when he nearly spilled water all over her.  She was entirely focused on Michael, almost too focused.  He was beginning to worry.  Bottled up Sade rage aimed at him was not something he particularly wanted.

When he finally got to proposing, she toyed with him.  She couldn’t hide the excitement that crossed her face first, but she quickly tried to push it aside.  She held up the ring, as if inspecting it.  Very nice.  But she kept her face neutral.  She slipped it onto her hand and looked at it, holding it under the light.  It was almost as if she were a jeweller scaling a diamond.  Finally, the guise dropped–along with Michael’s stomach–and she said yes, but not before nearly jumping him in the restaurant.

Michael had to practically pry her off so they could leave.  PDA of this level was not within his comfort zone, especially not when this creepy old guy at another table kept staring at Sade in an inappropriate way.

They were married outdoors, at a newly build park in Boreal Springs, with both of their family, and extended family attending.  It was one of the few times anyone would ever see evidence that Sade truly was Nathaniel’s daughter, for her pointed ears were definitely on display, even if hidden a bit by the veil.  Thankfully, the wedding was fairly quick and therefore, the awkwardness of Michael’s two mothers, was avoided.  Gordon and Claude were not present for obvious reasons.

A few months later, Sade stopped Michael before she was supposed to go to work.  Instead of being dressed in the newest couture–Kit had slipped about the ribbon job to Michael and Sade had found herself looking for another job—she was still wearing her pajamas.

“Am I getting fat?” She asked, looking down.  She looked the same as ever, though there was some weight on her stomach.  Nothing atrocious.

“Is this a trick question?” Michael asked dubiously.  “Is this one of the questions where, no matter what I say, you end up yelling at me?  I don’t like those questions, Sade.”

She growled, throwing her arms into the air and headed back into the bedroom to change, “You’re not help at all!”

Michael shuddered and quickly realized he had to go visit his stepmother.  Dealing with Sade lately had been like putting your hand in a box full of cacti.

Shortly after Michael left, Sade found she was unable to change, too overcome by the urge to, well, vomit.  She continued to do so for an hour before calling off work.  Did she have food poisoning?  Worse yet, was she puling because she was fat? She’d have to ask Kit if that was a side effect of not being incredibly thin and gorgeous…

Michael had no idea Sade was ill, nor did he know she hadn’t gone to work.  He came home to an empty house, one of his subordinates following behind.  Viola O`Hanlon was technically his sister-in-law.  He wanted to give her some help before he left to go to Boreal Summet University administration, so he had invited her so they could talk it over.

Viola, on the other hand, was wishing she had seen Michael before Patrick.  She had grown to love Patrick, but Michael was the kind of attractive where he had no idea.  And that was attractive.  Not to mention they both had the same minds when it came to education and children.

Michael was gone for a weekend, visiting Boreal Summit University and going over the finalities of his application process.  He happily accepted the job as a College Professor–with hopes of moving up to Dean of Students–and returned home only to find the TV was broke.  He wasn’t quite sure where Sade was, as she should have been home when he got there.  She finally came in sometime later, standing behind him.  He didn’t turn to look, too absorbed in trying to fix the stupid TV.  His father had a way with electronics, he had tried to teach Michael, but well, Michael wasn’t his father.

“Michael,” Sade said timidly, as startling way for her to speak after so many outbursts.

“Where were you?” He asked, still focusing on the TV.  “I’ve been home for two hours.”

“I had an appointment at the hospital,” Sade replied, hands resting suddenly on her stomach.  “I’m pregnant.”


Note from Mao: Sorry this one is so long.  I had more pictures.  :b  It’s like the Patrick and Viola update.  Too much happened, but I tried to slim it down.  I really enjoy playing these two, because Sade?  Is a horrible pregnant person to deal with.  Poor Michael.  Anytime he tries to talk to her or be all romantic she gets mad and shoos him away, LOL.  Sade does not like ‘being fat’ at all.  Viola also kept following Michael home AND Kit kept coming over when Sade wasn’t home.  They both have three bolts for him.  I also had NOT planned on Sade getting knocked up so early on ((glares at Michael)).  I even had them scheduled to go on vacation, I had to cancel it. Their wedding was also me testing a very modified King’s Park to be used for weddings.  I had to cut to one picture for length.  Tracey and Lauren shared many glares.

January 13, 2009

Knight – Round 22: ‘Moving On Up’

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Travis and Marla Knight have entered their elder years, but instead of relaxing and being grandparents, they’re still parents.  Little Jennifer is just now on the cusp of childhood.

Travis had been extremely apprehensive about being  dad to a young girl with gray hair, but the more he did it, the less of an issue it became.  Jennifer was sweet and quiet, almost as if she knew her parents couldn’t quite keep up with a rambunctious toddler.  It could also be because the house was quite small and there wasn’t much room to run around.  With his new position and a ‘security deposit’ from an unnamed source, Travis had been looking around at houses.  Marla was eager to move back to the neighborhood she grew up in–Boreal Springs.

Kit came over with Sade for one last gander at the house she grew up in.  Of course, Sade was much too busy playing with the cats to bother feeling the nostalgia.  Her response was that it was a good move for them.  After all, this was the same place Travis had cheated on Marla with Katarina.  Kit had always known about that, but she would have preferred it if her best friend kept a tighter lip about it.

They were also over for Jennifer’s birthday.  She was a big girl now, able to do things on her own.  She also seemed to have a burst of energy, running around the house, terrorizing the cats and her parents.  It was a good thing the house they had contracted to be built in Boreal Springs was ready.  Marla wasn’t sure how much longer this tiny house could hold the tornado of youth that was Jennifer.

She also admired her older, gorgeous sister quite a bit.  She told her mother often she wanted to have as many ‘best friends’ as Kit did.  Marla sighed.  She didn’t have the heart to tell Jennifer that her older sister slept around to ‘attain’ those best friends…

The new house was gorgeous and roomy.  Marla had never lived in anything like it before.  She was quite ecstatic.  Travis, too, was happy.  Finally, he had a home to reflect his wealth.  Everyone knew that the rich people moved to Boreal Springs to build big houses.  Well, except select few… those who lived in Aperture were usually tied to crime.  Travis needed to distance himself, for the sake of his family and his reputation.  Dealing with Gordon was lucrative indeed, but he needed to keep a low profile or he’d get an unpleasant night visit.

After all the furniture and everything was situated, things settled down for the family.  Jennifer had more than ample room to run around, and she had a backyard.  There were also children everywhere for her to play with.  All in all, it was a good choice.  Marla tried not to think where all the money had come from, nor how the construction had been completed so… quickly.  She just sat back and enjoyed the luxury.

Besides, she was too preoccupied trying to sort out her eldest daughter, Kit.  Kit was an anomoly.  She had a great mind, very sharp, yet she degraded herself continually by just sleeping around.  Marla worried it was the fued she had with Katarina Anderson coming back to haunt her.  Recently, she’d heard that Kit was involved with no less than three people–Claude Saunders, James Yu, and Marcus Yu.

“You need to sort out your life, Kit,” Marla warned her one evening.  “I’m worried about you.  James is a good boy, he really likes you, he always has.  Do you think he’ll stand for you dating around?  He could easily go and find someone else.”

Kit sighed.  She wasn’t in the mood.  She had just seen Claude and the fact he was a vampire still… bothered her.  “Mom, please.  I’m fine, okay?”

“But I heard you were messing with Marcus Yu now, too!  What are you thinking, Kit?”

“That was… I don’t know, but it isn’t serious.  It only happened once.  Look, mom, I’m fine, okay?  If you need anymore help with the stores, let me know, but I gotta go.  It’s a long drive back to Aperture.  Love you, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

And with that, she exited.  Marla sighed.


Note from Mao: Kit is INSANE.  I’ve never had a Knowledge sim like her.  She brought Marcus Yu with her and just, BAM.  Within seconds, steamy makeouts… WHAT?  Seriously, WHAT?  Oh boy.  This girl, I tell you.  Poor James.  And yes, I moved Marla and co to a new, extravagant house!  They needed it–they had tons of cash and that townhouse was way, way too cramped.  Jennifer scares me.  She jumps on the bed constantly.

January 10, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 22: ‘Womanizer, Pt. 3′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are happy their kids are finally accomplishing something, but, not quite so happy that something seems to be getting girls pregnant or going after questionable relations.  There’s still Cole, though, right?

Cole met his distant cousin, Adora Anderson, and heir to the Anderson estate one day at school.  He knew instantly that Shelly would hate her as much as she hated Maggie.  There was no attraction there, Cole simply enjoyed knowing the important people in Boreal Springs.  He was still fully intent on getting Shelly to re-evaluate their little ‘deal’ only this time, sans Timothy O`Hanlon.

Sara, meanwhile, had Patrick come over with his impregnated woman friend.  Patrick had come only because he knew that if he didn’t, the repercussions would be much, much worse than if he did.  So he came, sat down on the couch and tried to work his charm on his sweet old mother.

“Don’t give me that charm, Patrick O`Hanlon.  That won’t help you here!  What were you thinking, getting a girl pregnant?! I thought you had a better head on your shoulders than that…”

“Did you bring me here just to lecture me?  You could’ve done that over the phone…”

“Oh, no, my boy.  You’re not getting off that easy…”

Dinner was a tenuous affair that Cole enjoyed very much.  Seeing his older siblings get in trouble was always a good thrill.  He also couldn’t help but notice just how very pregnant Viola was.  Wow.  Sara wasted no time getting down to the dirt on things–Patrick would have to do the right thing get hitched.  Nathaniel was so shocked by the blunt statement that he accidentally burned dinner.

Patrick and Viola both were not entirely sure what to say, but Sara was adamant.  Marriage or nothing.  Patrick tried to counter with the fact that Sara and Nathaniel hadn’t married at first, but Sara was ready for it.  She got pregnant of her own volition.  Patrick is a womanizer who obviously doesn’t respect women.

Nathaniel saw them out, looking just as wearied as poor Viola.  She was definitely ready to leave–the stress of Sara’s constant prodding was almost too much.

“She’s just trying to do what’s best for the baby,” Nathaniel offered with a sigh.  “I think… she’s right, but it’s your decision.”

“Do you know how hard it is to be a married actor, dad?  Really?” Patrick tried to smile, but found it difficult.  “I can’t change who I am.  Not just because someone’s… pregnant.”

Nathaniel gave him a look, “someone, Patrick?  She’s obviously means something, because you’ve allowed her to live with you, despite your absolute need for a ‘bachelor pad’.  I think you’re in denial.”

Patrick laughed and headed to the car, calling back, “and I think you’re going senile!”

Inside, Cole was getting lectured by Sara.

“Now, remember Cole, no getting girls pregnant unless you’re married or in a relationship and decide you both, mutually, want kids, okay?”

“Yes, mom,” Cole replied mechanically, sighing.

“And no cousins!”

He rolled his eyes, “mom, come on.  You’re worse than the kids at school…”

“I’m just saying, Cole.  I’m telling you because obviously, my not telling Patrick or Sade has resulted in them doing it!”

Speaking of cousins, Michael and Sade came over to see Cole off to college.  Once again, Nathaniel burned dinner.  He claimed that all the stress of these situations was too much.  He’d rather be with his dolphins or training others how to properly feed the seals.  Not this insanity met for family sitcoms.

It wasn’t that Sara didn’t like Michael, she did, a lot.  He was Gordon’s child and therefore, she knew him better than he thought.  Heck, Sara knew Gordon better than Nathaniel knew.  She was his legal advice and she’d come to know what he actually did for a living.  Made things interesting, that’s for sure.  Michael was a good kid, Sara was just worried being with Sade would mess him up.  Not vice versa.  She loved her little girl, but Sade was something else.

The dinner went well until Sade couldn’t take it anymore.  Burnt food!  It was like when she was trying to cook.  She looked at her father and without skipping a beat, said, “dad, seriously.  Are you going senile or something?  You’re cooking like me now!”

Michael was quick to add, “no, Sade.  This is actually recognizable as food.”

Which resulted in a glare and laughter around the table.  Cole would miss his dysfunctional siblings, but University awaits.


Note from Mao: Whew, what a round.  Sara had some issues to address with her children!  Poor Nathaniel, I think he’s getting too old to cook, he kept burning everything, LOL.  The mesh that makes H&M outfits and others pregnancy morphed makes them look like whales.  Wow.

December 22, 2008

Saunders 3 – Round 21: ‘Haunting Me, Pt. 1′

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Michael Saunders is trying to keep to himself, but between Fou-Lu’s problems and Sade O`Hanlon forcing herself constantly into his life, he’s finding it incredibly hard to do so.

“A cat, really, F0u-Lu?” Michael grumbled.  “In an apartment, no less.”

“You got something against cats?”

“Not at all, but seeing as you didn’t even ask me beforehand–”

“It’s for Emma, no big deal.  It won’t be here long.  I promise.”

Behind them, Sade was already cooing over the cat, “It’s so cute!”

“Don’t even start,” Michael said quickly, looking over Fou-Lu’s shoulder at Sade.  “A cat is one thing, but you?”

“Awww, c’mon, don’t be a scrooge.  You gonna kick a cat and a girl out on the street?”

Of course, Michael was a loner, but he wasn’t heartless.  He didn’t kick Sade out or the cat.  He tolerated them both as well as anyone could hope to.  Especially when Sade refused to leave him alone.  She had a job, this much he knew, but what and when it took place, he couldn’t say.

“You can’t avoid me forever,” Sade said daringly, eyes narrowed as if plotting something devious.  “I don’t see why you even bother.”

“Some of us have a sense of decency,” Michael replied, though defeat was obvious in his voice and face.  “I don’t see why you have to be so… pushy.”

She smiled at this, “Maybe because you’re shy and I like watching you twitch.”

Meanwhile, Elena and Fou-Lu weren’t quite having the same issues.  Elena visited frequently, both with and without Emma.  While they had both tried to be as casual as they could, old habits die hard.  Elena found herself reliant on Fou-Lu constantly being there.  She began to wonder if perhaps her own doubts had just been fear.  Fou-Lu was immature, but he tried, and he’d grown, despite himself.  Keeping him away was hurting Emma.

Perhaps there was something to be said for second chances.

Sade’s techniques needed definite work.  Michael was resisting her as fervently as ever and it was frustrating.  Worse yet, when she tried to back off and attempt more subdued methods, she failed.  Burning breakfast was only the beginning.  She decided to quit before she burnt the entire apartment down around them.  Why did he have to be so stubborn? Had Sade hit on anyone else, they’d have been flattered and smitten instantly.  She was Sade, after all.  Gorgeous, and while not skilled in the culinary arts, extremely good arm candy.  What the heck was wrong with Michael?

Elena was trying to figure out just that.  In her visits, she’d noticed what was going on and decided to confront her step-brother about it.  He was reluctant to talk, but Elena knew him and his weaknesses.  He had no choice.

“If you don’t like her, just tell her so she leaves you alone,” Elena said, trying to be sisterly, but her annoyance was obvious.  “What you’re doing is just mean, Michael.”

“I’m not trying to be mean,” Michael said sadly, unsure of what else to say, really.  “I just, I mean.  I don’t get it.  I was supposed to be alone, right?  And I keep getting lost in these situations and I’m surrounded by people and I just–”

Elena rolled her eyes, “accept it.  Life isn’t what you want.  You take what you can get.  You think I wanted to get knocked up in college?  But I love Emma, and I wouldn’t go back and change it.  Who says you have to be alone?  Being weird doesn’t mean you’re not like the rest of us.  You were born that way, Michael, and we all except it.  Why can’t you?”

“…I don’t know.”

“Well, figure it out quick.  Sade may be full of herself, but you are who you are.  Girls won’t exactly fall over themselves for you forever, Michael.  Not once they figure out how truly strange you are.  Sade knows and doesn’t care.  For some reason, she likes it.  Don’t take advantage of that acceptance.”

Michael tried to take Elena’s advice to heart, but his personality was what it was.  He couldn’t change that and so he simply avoided Sade as best he could.  She eventually cornered him and instead of being annoyingly pushy, she approached him carefully.

“Will you come with me?  I want to take a walk, but it’s dark…” Her confidence was faltering, but she hid it well.  “Someone like me?  I’ll get kidnapped if I go alone.  Please?  I’ll be good, I promise.”

He sighed.  His first response was to refuse, he did have to work early in the morning and it was already nine.  Who goes for walks at nine when its cold?  But he was weird in his own way, too.

“Fine, but this better not be a trick.”

“Of course not!” She grinned suddenly, taking his hand and pulling him towards the door.  “Let’s go!”

They walked to the park, which was surprisingly populated for it being so late at night.  Sade moved instantly to the brightly colored swings, flopping down on one of the plastic seats that dangled helplessly from the chains.  It rattled beneath her weight and creaked as she moved.

“Swings, Sade?” Michael asked incredulously.  “You brought me out here to swing?”

She stuck her tongue out at him, “what’s wrong with swings?  Don’t be such an old man, Michael.  You’re barely thirty!  Everyone loves swings.”

“So says the twenty-something who dropped out of college,” Michael grumbled, giving her a small push, the creaking of the chains worrying him.  “Is this even safe?

“Don’t you ever stop?  It’s fine!  Now push harder, that last one was lame.  It’s not like I weigh a ton,” she laughed, dainty and yet mocking all the same.  “Unless you’re too weak–”

The push she receieved sent her high into the air, eliciting a sudden squeal.  She gripped the chains hard, coming back down, scuffing her feet against the dirt and digging her heels in.  As the fear dissipated, she laughed and was surprised when it intermixed with Michael’s own laughter from behind her.

As they moved to leave, Sade stopped and turned to Michael, her face twisted in mock anger.

“You tried to kill me,” she said, laughing, unable to keep up the guise.

“Obviously not hard enough,” he countered, surprising her.

She moved towards him, dangerously close, arms catching him by surprise, “ooh, that would be scary… you know, if you weren’t so meek!”

“I scared you, didn’t I?”

Instead of replying, she took the opportunity and kissed him.  It had been nearly ten years since this scenario had played itself out in the basement of Michael’s childhood home.  Of course, then it had been awkward and much shorter.  Neither had gained any experience, but adulthood tends to change things nonetheless.


Note from Mao: Sorry this is long.  Sade and Michael drive me nuts.  Seriously.  Sade is push, push, push and Michael is running away like a scared little boy.  He’s 100% shy, she’s 100% outgoing.  The mixture of the two is VOLATILE.  Sade also fails at cooking.  FAILS.  Fou-Lu is moving out to join Elena the next round, hooray.  Here’s hoping it lasts, lol.

December 20, 2008

O`Hanlon 2 – Round 21: ‘Womanizer, Pt. 2′

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Patrick O`Hanlon was enjoying his life as a bachelor, until one of his ‘friends’, Viola, came along and needed a place to stay…

The addition of Viola directly into Patrick’s life had been a hastily made decision.  He couldn’t just leave her out in the cold, but he wasn’t particularly looking for a live-in lover, either.  He enjoyed his women at arm’s length, where he decided what was done.  Now he had to deal with her everyday and sometimes, he even found himself feeling a little guilty at having other women over.  Guilt, seriously?  This was not something Patrick wanted to deal with.

Viola, however, had no qualms about the living situation.  She made herself perfectly comfortable.  It took her some time to find a job and until she did, she hung out in her pajamas and watched TV.  She wasn’t completely useless, she would cook, clean, and try to pick up some of the slack left by Patrick’s work schedule.  Viola didn’t want to be a burden.

She did eventually find work at the local elementary school, however.  It was enough to make her consider that perhaps she should looking into some sort of adult education program.  She found a love and fondness for children she hadn’t previously known of, so wrapped up in the glamorous styling of being moderately famous.

Patrick, meanwhile, had taken to waiting until Viola was either gone or sleeping to indulge his romantic ways.  He was spending more time with Viola than he cared for and so was driven to prove himself the same old womanizer he’d always been.  Virginia Saunders was an easy catch, too easy.  It was obvious he was grabbing at straws.

Alyssa would tell him to stop being and idiot and think.  He was intelligent, he could see all the signs, he just didn’t want to.  Patrick wasn’t in love, but he was becoming comfortable and comfort was dangerous.

Viola found herself feeling a similar uneasiness, though hers was not caused by confusion.  Her time with Patrick had been spent in haste and stupidity, for she showed all the signs of being pregnant.  She wasn’t sure what to do once she found out her worries were true.  Telling Patrick didn’t seem like an option… but she couldn’t hide it forever.

This was when Viola found it hard.  No friends to confide in, completely alone and forced to deal with something so sudden and unexpected.  She spent the first two months of her pregnancy lost in a fog of uncertainty and worry.

Despite his intelligence, Patrick lacked common sense.  So when he saw that Viola had put on a little weight, he thought simply that the sedentary lifestyle she led was catching up to her.  He would kindly suggest a gym membership or even some at-home pilates.  Anything, really, because the weight of her on his lap was becoming a bit painful.

“Have you gained weight?” Patrick asked pointedly, though not unkindly.  “You’re cutting off my leg circulation.”

Sade chose precisely that moment to barge in, “ugh, can’t you guys stop that?  It’s gross.  No wonder she’s pregnant!”

Viola’s face turned pale and the pain Patrick felt was no longer akin to Viola’s weighted form on his lap.  No, this one started in his chest and threatened to spread to his limbs.  In his haste to rise, he nearly threw Viola to the floor.

“What?  You didn’t know?  Idiot,” was all Sade offered, rolling her brown eyes.


Note from Mao: I really didn’t intend for Viola to get knocked up.  Why are all my sims getting knocked up, seriously, LOL.  This does not bode well for poor Patrick.  Sigh!  Oh, and Sade really did burst in on her own.  She has a tendency of doing that…

November 30, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 20: ‘Sade’s Diary, End’

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From Sade’s Online Diary, pulled from

Well, here I am, at University.  Don’t expect any great stuff because to be honest, this place is horrible! All they do is nag about books and reading!  What do I look like, a nerd? Even the campus boys can tell I’m much better than silly homework, though I kind of wish they’d stop outright whistling and trying to get my phone number.  Please, really?  I don’t think so.  Not even if any of them were the last source of a compliment on the planet!

I guess I should mention that Kit and Claude are here, too.

Not that it matters much that they are here.  They’re both too busy doing their own things.  Kit actually studies–ha!–and Claude, well, Claude does what he’s always done.  I’d really like if he’d go and do it somewhere else, though.  My gorgeous and delicate nature aren’t meant to be surrounded by silly university hormones.  Yuck.  Isn’t it bad enough they’re making me read books?!

Kit has tried to ‘help’ me, but her idea of help is telling me to do the work.  What kind of help is that?  She lectures me all the time on how I’m going to get kicked out for running off to Aperture for days on end.  So?  It’s better than being here.  She thinks I don’t know her ‘little secret’, but I do.  Everyone thinks I’m some idiot with a gorgeous face.  One part of that is true and I’ll give you no guesses–the gorgeous part!  I am not stupid and I wasn’t born yesterday.  How did they think I wouldn’t find out?

Claude and Kit think they’re being sneaky, but I know better.  Not that I want to!  I used to soak in that hot tub–ewww!  Do you know what kind of nightmares I have now?  No wonder I have to run off to Aperture!

Okay, so it’s mostly to avoid the assignments–they’re horrible!  How am I supposed to know this stuff?  I’m actually kind of glad Patrick sent me packing over to Michael’s.  At least he is smart enough to do them for me.  Sure it took awhile to convince him, but now he doesn’t even question it!  Not that it matters, I forget to hand them in anyway.  That means I have to go to class!  Ew!

See?  I told you that I soaked in that hot tub!  Gross, huh?  As you can see, the annoying boys just won’t leave me alone! Give me a break.  Gross.  Can’t they see I’mfar above them and they’ll never have any hopes of truly basking in my gorgeousness?  As if they’d know what to do with it if they ever did!

Besides, I’m pretty sure I can get Michael to see things my way.  I just need some more time… and Fou-Lu gone.  That shouldn’t be too hard.

Apparently this university can’t handle my gorgeous.  Neither can this journal.  It’s time to face facts–I’m much too gorgeous for all of this.  So it’s time to say goodbye!

But first, I have to make a phone call… there’s no way I can let my parents find out about this!


Note from Mao: Poor Sade barely made it through those first two years!  She really hates college, LOL.  She never had any college-related wants.  I made her do an assignment once and it took forever.  Can you guess where she went?  I’m sure you don’t have to. :D   The Claude and Kit thing?  Casual, completely casual.  Mutual attraction, but no basis for a relationship.  But isn’t that what college is all about?  Hahaha…

Oh and sorry there’s no portrait at the top.  I messed up and moved Sade out before I grabbed it, so her makeover was complete.  D’oh.

November 29, 2008

Saunders 3 – Round 20: ‘You Turn the Screws, Pt. 5′

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Michael Saunders is happy to be out of University, but is a little unsure about dealing with Fou-Lu and Elena’s messy situation.

Michael found an apartment quickly in Aperture.  It wasn’t hard, it seemed as if they were going up all over the place.  Fou-Lu came with him.  He felt bad about the whole thing between him and Elena and he knew that Fou-Lu deserved to know the truth, even if he was a bit immature.  So Michael took it upon himself to make things right.

Elena had called him not too long after they moved in and said she was willing to come over.

Michael passed the news onto Fou-Lu, warning him against any of his silliness.  Fou-Lu simply laughed him off, wondering what Michael was talking about.

“I’m only telling you because I don’t want you to die of shock,” Michael began, his voice taciturn, “Elena left because she was pregnant.  You have a daughter, Fou-Lu.”

Fou-Lu’s only reaction was uproarious laughter.  When he finally finished, the look he gave Michael bordered on ridiculous.  He obviously thought this was all a big joke, “very funny, Michael.  She couldn’t keep that a secret for years!”

“And yet she did,” Michael replied, not sharing in his friend’s amusement, “She’ll be over soon.  Compose yourself.  If you mess this up, I’m kicking you out.”

Just as Michael expected, Elena arrived an hour or so later with little Emma in her arms.  Michael had already seen his niece several times and so wasn’t surprised by how much she had grown.  He made sure to warn Elena, though.

“This is going to be a shock, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t react well.”

Elena sighed, “I don’t even know why I’m doing this.”

“Because it’s the right thing to do.  Come in, you can’t delay the inevitable any longer…”

Fou-Lu wasn’t nearly as shocked as Elena had anticipated, leading her to believe that her brother may have betrayed her confidences.  She let it slide and instead introduced Fou-Lu to Emma.  The resemblance was remarkable, there was no denying she was his daughter.  Elena was a little upset that little Emma didn’t seem to look anything at all like her, except for her thick hair.

Instead of being angry or upset, Fou-Lu took Emma and began to play with her.  He joked around and was casual, it put Elena at ease.  She was sure he would demand to know where they stood.  Instead, he focused on Emma.  Visits would become a common occurence.  Michael had been right, Emma needed to know her father, even if he was a child himself.

As if dealing with that situation wasn’t enough, Michael was surprised to answer his door one afternoon only to find Patrick O`Hanlon outside.  He said little to Michael before shoudlering his way in, forcing Michael to close the door and follow him, apprehension written on his face.  Patrick and Michael had always been friends… but tense ones.  Sade was a major factor in this.

“Michael, you’ve got to help me,” Patrick said, his voice low and conspiratorial.  “Sade is driving me crazy! She’s flaking out on University and staying at my place and now I’ve got a guest, and well, I need her to get lost.  She’s my sister and all, but she’s driving me insane!”

Was Patrick kidding?  Michael hoped his surprise didn’t show on his face.  He certainly didn’t want Sade here, not for all the money in the world.  That was dangerous.

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea–”

“Why not?” Patrick interrupted, clapping him on the arm, “I’ve always trusted you, Michael.  You’re the only one who can do this for me.  You and Fou-Lu can keep an eye on her while I regain my sanity.  Come on, how can you turn me down?”

He was right, how could he?  With a heavy sigh, Michael relented.

It took a weekend for Sade to pop up.  Michael had returned from running some errands to find the house empty–Fou-Lu had been spending a lot of time with Elena and Emma lately.  He walked into his room only to find Sade.  It was hard not to notice that she definitely wasn’t a teenager and while she was still a little younger than him, the gap was a lot smaller now.  She smiled, as if she was completely oblivious to the fact she was missing most of her clothes.  What had happened to him and what was she doing?

“Sade, what are you doing?” He demanded, looking past her and out the window.

She laughed and patted the bed, “Patrick told me to come here.  So I made myself comfortable!”

Michael said nothing.  He simply turned around and exited the room.  Sade watched him go, frowning.  Well, that obviously didn’t work.

Sade continued to drop in uninvited, but kept her clothes on for the most part.  Michael avoided her as often as he could, which wasn’t hard.  His job had him traveling a lot.  He spent a lot of time going to Universities and lecturing on physics and aiding with certain research.  It was pretty much nerd work, but he made quite a bit at it, which was how he could afford housing two other people who didn’t pay a single bit of rent.

He would have to call Patrick and let him know that this wasn’t going to work out.  He’d have to take care of Sade himself.  Did Patrick truly have no idea what he had done by putting her here?


Note from Mao: Oh my GOD, ACR has made my sims go crazy.  Sade on the bed?  ACR DID IT, LOL!  ACR has decreed that Michael and Sade are each one’s One True Sim… which equals hilarity and awkwardness.  Fortunately, Michael is a more shy person and so it’s usually Sade chasing him around and trying to flirt/etc.  Oh geeze.  ACR has made my sims into horny teenagers, LOL.  Don’t even ask me what happened when Elena and Fou-Lu were left alone in the apartment…

November 27, 2008

O`Hanlon 2 – Round 20: ‘Womanizer, Pt. 1′

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Patrick O`Hanlon is finally free from University and is starting his life out on the fast track to fame.  Can he keep it all together or will his meddlesome family continue to cause problems?

Everyone who knows Patrick O`Hanlon will agree that he’s quite full of himself.  His new position in the fame industry hasn’t helped that matter any.  He spends much of his time romancing his own reflection.  This isn’t to say he’s stupid, hardly so.  His manipulative and deceptive ways show he’s quite the mastermind.  He just hides it beneath his attractive exterior.

Patrick moved downtown to get away from his family once and for all.  While he loves his mother and father, he tires of their lectures.  He plans to live his life the way he wishes and knows best when it comes down to how to accomplish things.

The privacy certainly helps, of course.  His accomplishments are plenty and diverse, but he can’t deny that one of them is winning the attention of the ladies.  Shang may have lived the rockstar’s life, but Patrick prefers the more refined women and chooses his targets carefully and meticulously.  He won’t just woo any girl, he’s much too good for that.

A favorite of his was the well-traveled Viola Kalson.  She, too, was in the acting business, though she mostly danced on broadway shows.  That was how they had originally met.  She visited frequently, completely fine with their casual arrangement.

Unfortunately, Sade didn’t quite get the hint when Patrick moved downtown.  In fact, she was at his place more than she was on campus.  It was really annoying.  If their parents found out, they’d both be threatened with a lynching.  It was becoming very obvious Sade had every intention of flaking out on college, she just needed a good scapegoat.

“It sucks,” Sade whined, poking her fork violently through a leaf of lettuce.  “There isn’t anything to do there and it’s all about books and stuff.  I don’t care about any of that.”

Patrick rolled his eyes, “What did you think college was, Sade?  It’s the next step in your education.”

“I don’t need an education, Patrick,” she huffed, meeting his eyes.  “Look at me!  I can do anything I want.”

“Then why are you hiding out here and inconveniencing me?”

At this, she paused, her lips moving into a pout, “well, because, our parents don’t really see it that way…”

As if Sade busting in wasn’t enough, his mother, Sara, started doing the same.  She’d heard rumors about his rumors and also Sade staying there, so she came to put her foot down.  Unfortunately, during their visit, Viola also stopped in.  Patrick made quick work of his mother and her conversing.  He sighed.  This was more stressful than he’d ever imagined it’d be.  What happened to his carefree, worry free life?

To make matters even worse it seemed as if his neighbor was never alone.  He’d only seen the woman a few times, but never actually spoken to her.  Whoever she was, she had a gentleman caller quite frequently.  He was privy to the noises, thanks to his kitchen being right next to her bedroom.  He found that one out the hard way.

Just as Patrick was getting into a routine, Viola stopped by and threw a wrench in his plans.  He hadn’t been expecting her and that did not bode well.

“Patrick, I need your help,” she began slowly, her hesitance obvious.  “I, uh, I need somewhere to stay.”

“What happened to your place?”

She sighed, her face dropping, “I… I lost it, Patrick.  I lost everything.  Didn’t you hear?  They sued me, Patrick.  They tried to say I was all drugged up and I fell and… when I took the test, well, I mean.  I’ve had some vicadin, we all have, right?  Well, it showed up and… I’m screwed.  Please, Patrick, only for a little while.  I don’t care what you do, I know our situation… I just, I don’t have anyone else.  At least not anyone who will believe me.  I mean, you know who it was, it was that bitch Carol.  She wanted my part and now she’s got it.  She tripped me during a live show!”

“Calm down, Viola,” Patrick said once he managed to get a word in, “You can stay here.  There’s an extra room.”

Her face lit up and she moved to hug him, “Thank you!  I promise it won’t be for long.”

Now Patrick truly would have to kick Sade to the curb.  Maybe Michael and Fou-lu could deal with her for awhile?


Note from Mao: So I’ve installed ACR and am testing it out, trying to figure out how it works, and basically just trying to see how I want it to work.  I just wish I could turn off couch woohoo, because well, poor Michael’s nearly blind.  Poor guy can’t walk out of his bedroom without seeing, well, you’ll see…  As for Patrick, Sade and Sara literally dropped by every day.  It was a bit ridiculous…

September 23, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 20: ‘Sade’s Diary, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are successful and quite happy, unfortunately, their children seem intent on causing them great worry.  With Patrick out of the house and Sade preparing for University, they are left hoping Cole will manage to be relatively normal.

From Sade’s Online Diary, pulled from

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write, mostly because my brother is annoying and hogs the computer constantly! Anyway, mom is a big wig lawyer now and I guess that’s all right.  I mean, when I hit it big, it means I’ll have legal backup and that is necessary to any gorgeous starlet.  Who else will sue those creepy stalkers when they dig through my trash?!

I’ve been spending most of my time staying gorgeous, of course.  It isn’t like I have to try, but in order to make it seem like I have to work for it like everyone else, I exercise frequently.  University won’t know what hit it when I walk on the scene!

Ugh!  I just wish my parents weren’t so gross sometimes.  Who wants to see old people kiss?  Yuck!  Take that somewhere else!  This is not a geriatic Soap Opera!  My delicate sensibilities cannot handle such… nasty images!

I guess I should mention that my little brother Cole is an even more annoying teenager now.  He’s such a dork.  Why does he insist on staring at me while I’m on the phone with Kit?  Can’t he see we’re talking about important girl stuff?  What would a guy like him know about being gorgeous, anyway.

Mom has started lecturing me about University.  Come on, what is there to know?  She keeps telling me that “my looks won’t do anything for me there”.  Says who? When you’re this gorgeous, your looks always work!  That’s common knowledge!  But don’t think of me as some sort of easy Romance sim, because I’m not.  Only those deemed worthy get to partake in this aura of gorgeous that is me!

As I was leaving for University, I saw my brother talking to Isolde Anderson! Ewww, can you say social faux paus?  Is he trying to destroy his reputation before he even has one?  That unfortunate wreck looks like a twenty-four seven version of Halloween!

Sigh.  But what can I do?  Let him destroy himself.  It isn’t my problem.  I’m off to University!


Note from Mao: Sade is too much sometimes, even for me, LOL!  Let’s see if she changes a little in college.  Can you say ‘reality check’?  She’ll be there with Claude and Kit.  Also, SimPE isn’t updated for AL yet and I got impatient and installed it anyway… so I can’t update the DB or the family pictures until it is.  :(

August 30, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 19: ‘Sade’s Diary, Pt. 1′

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Nathaniel and Sara are happily married, but their children give them cause for worry. Sade has grown into a lovely young lady, but she seems a little too aware of it. Cole, too, is older, but still a bit… odd.

From Sade’s Online Diary, pulled from

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you know I’m a teenager now and fully independent in the most awesome of ways. That’s right, world, you better watch out… because one look at me and you’ll drop dead! I’m just that gorgeous.

Unfortunately, gorgeous people like myself have problems, too… like my parents…

They are all… old now. Like, really old. They look like they should be grandparents! I doubt that will ever happen. My big brother Patrick is a total jerk when it comes to women. But I guess not having grandchildren doesn’t keep you from looking like an old person. Ew. I hope they don’t like, suddenly starting going to bingo or anything now. That’s just… ew.

Enough about them, though. Back to ME! Of course, all the boys at school are dying to take me out, and why shouldn’t they? But I have no interest in high school boys. They’re such losers, seriously. I’m not your average teenage girl, I’ve got class… more than most of my peers will ever have in their lifetimes! So, yeah, no thanks. And stop staring, seriously, you’re drooling and that’s disgusting.

I’m not an idiot, I know it’s totally wrong but Michael Saunders is just so… I don’t know. Not hot, that’s just… that’s like calling me hot, and I’m not hot, I’m drop dead gorgeous. He’s just… well, he’s the only one who matches me, you know? We’re too pretty for everyone else. He came home with Patrick one evening and… I haven’t seen him since we found out we were related.

He’s a couple of years older than me, but age isn’t anything but a number! Look at him! I mean, are second cousins really that related? Don’t give me that look! You’d feel the same way, too, if you such a hot second cousin. His half-brother Claude is just the same way… but not like Michael. College guys are so much more appealing.

I hate my life. Why am I related to all the pretty guys?!

Enough about that, I guess. I mentioned it once to mom and she got this horrified look on her face. Then she gave me this long lecture on incest and what it is and bla bla. I KNOW what it is, gosh. Anyway, she is all upset because Patrick is spending his days at college sleeping with all the girls. What did she expect? I told you he was a jerk!

Cole isn’t a jerk like Patrick, but he sure is annoying! All he talks about are video games and silly kid stuff. Does he seriously think I’m interested? Please. He and Patrick think they are just so special because they have the purple skin, but special isn’t nearly as good as gorgeous, which is what I am. I would change my name to that if it weren’t so cheesy.

At least I have my cousin Kit to keep me sane. Like I said, I am related to all the pretty people. Kit and I are on the same level, we understand one another, and what our status in this place entitles us to. Of course, she’s a bit of a tomboy and I totally do not understand why. I’ve tried to help her, but it’s just so hopeless. Oh well, maybe she can get married and have babies! Haha, and I’ll be living the life of starlet!

Cole is being such a brat! He keeps reading over my shoulder, so it looks like have to go. Ugh! My parents need to just give me a computer in my room. Like I would be so crass as to post stupid videos of me dancing half naked to hip hop music. Like I said, I have class. Oh well. Until next time.



Note from Mao: Sade cracks me up so much and yes, Michael and Patrick came over for a visit. I completely forgot that Sade and Michael still had the crush flag (they flirted and kissed as teens before I realized they were related). Such a shame!

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