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April 17, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 12: ‘Teen Ambitions’

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Mary O`Hanlon has a happy family and is at the top of her career, but she’s clueless as to her husband, Derek’s, involvement in the local crime ring. The twins, Marla and Julie, are on the cusp of teenhood–how will their individual personalities develop? Gina carries the weight of her brother’s secret, how long can she keep quiet?

Lady dies

Mary was distraught over the loss of her pet, Lady. She remembered the day that her mother, Eileen, had bought her. Now Eileen was gone and so was Lady. It was a difficult pill to swallow–Mary suddenly felt very alone. She barely knew her half-siblings and the only thing that tied their family together had been Eileen. She began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to keep her own family together.

Julie and Marla hang out with Katarina

Julie and Marla brought home Katarina Anderson on a whim. She lived right next door, but they had never met, as Katarina was always kept quite busy. The three got along okay, though Julie’s oddball personality wasn’t to Katarina’s immediate liking. She was more at ease with Marla, who had a similar disposition–they were both very girly and enjoyed discussing girl things. Julie talked about space and taking things apart. Not very thrilling.

Gina reads her latest novel

Gina’s birthday crept on her so suddenly that it barely registered. She didn’t feel old, but the white in her hair made her look distinguished, so she didn’t bother dyeing it. She was working on her last installment of Dramatica. More than the others, she found herself pouring real life situations into it. In particular, the situation with her brother, Derek. She still hadn’t decided what she was going to do about that tricky little problem.

Derek and Mary

Derek had his birthday a little bit before Gina’s, but he refused to acknowledge it. Sure, his hair was white, but he felt as spry and young as he always had. He had retired some time earlier from his chosen sport, preferring to be the voice of sports rather than the face. Everything was going well, he could only hope his secret would stay just that… a secret. Mary seemed to have given up, especially after the death of her mother, Eileen.

Julie is a teen

The twins soon found themselves the victims of a very dramatic growth spurt. Julie was finally able to realize her desires and quickly began working on a piece of junk car. Mary had offered to purchase a car for the twin girl’s sixteenth birthday, but Julie was adamant. She would build her own. It was dangerous, but Derek calmed Mary’s fears and Julie spent the majority of her time out in the garage, covered in oil and grease.

April 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 11: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 1′

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Shang Yu enjoys the ladies, though he’s finding that a little difficult to do with Kate Anderson constantly ‘cramping’ his style. Sara O`Hanlon is back with Nathaniel Anderson and happy. Gordon Saunders is too busy plotting his future to concern himself with the drama in the house.

Kate likes Shang

Time hadn’t caused any of Kate’s feelings for Shang to lessen. As soon as she saw him, she was instantly in love again. Shang, of course, was completely oblivious… more happy to look at himself in the mirror than notice a former flame’s adoring glances. He was used to it. The ladies loved him, and why shouldn’t they? He was all kinds of awesome, this much was true. His awesomeness was sure to aid in his quest to become a supremely famous rock star.

Shang and Kate

Of course, Shang would bid his time while he waited for the fame and fortune. There were plenty of ladies at University ready and will to adore him, as well they should. Kate was always at the front of the line, as usual. While Shang tried to make it clear he wasn’t a ‘one girl kinda guy’, she didn’t seem to buy it. Whatever. He let her know and if she wanted to ride down the river of denial, that was her choice. No one can fault him for reaping the benefits!

Sara and Nathaniel

Sara and Nathaniel, thankfully, were a lot more stable than Shang and his crazy relationships. They didn’t have any big plans–neither of them were necessarily family-oriented. Sara would graduate soon and likely join Nathaniel. Scandalous, to be sure, unwed and not even engaged!

Neither of them really cared. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t do it eventually… maybe. Sara was just happy to be accepted, finally.

Shang and Tracy

Shang wasn’t just messing around with University girls–he also called up some old acquaintances from the distant island. He even had Tracy come and stay as a ‘friend’. Right, a friend. If anything, she was a friend with benefits. Tracy had her own reasons for going along with Shang’s little charade. She knew he was seeing other people, it didn’t concern her. She didn’t necessarily like him all that much.

She just wanted off that miserable, sweltering island. She wanted to wear real clothes instead of ones made with grass! If she had to grin and bare Shang’s ridiculous ego to do it, then so be it.

Kate attacks Tracy

Unfortunately for Tracy, she didn’t know that Kate had her eyes on Shang long before she had. Kate wasn’t giving up her hold, either. She would go down fighting. She let Tracy know this one afternoon after she had come home from her yoga class. Tracy was shocked, to say the least. She knew absolutely nothing about Kate–she thought all of Shang’s women were… well, not exclusive.

This could be a problem.

Tracy meets Gordon

Tracy snuck upstairs to get in the hot tub while everyone else was asleep. She only had a few more days before she had to return to the island and her anxiety was growing. Shang had another two years before he graduated, while Sara and the other mysterious person living there graduated within the next few days. Tracy was shocked to find the hot tub was already occupied.

Shang had mentioned Gordon, Tracy remembered. He was really Tsung’s, Shang’s older brother, best friend, but Shang and Gordon were good buddies as well. Gordon was a little… strange, Tracy would admit that much. But he was certainly more agreeable than Shang… and better looking, too. Definitely. Why hadn’t she seen him before? Did he only come out at night?

Kate attacks Tracy again

After Kate attacked her again, Tracy decided that Shang was out of the question. It was apparent Kate wasn’t going anywhere. So Tracy would need a new plan. She couldn’t help but think back to Gordon–they had gotten along quite well, in fact, they had a lot in common… if she could just convince him to support her visa, she might just have a way out off that darn island.


Note from Mao: You’re probably wondering about Tracy. She appeared in the Yu update ‘Risky Business’. Her story has been slowing evolving in my mind as I watched her interact with everyone. She doesn’t have any chemistry with Shang and when she met Gordon? Two bolts, no tampering. She also spent a lot of time seeking him out, despite his reclusive nature. So, this should be interesting. And yes, Kate kept slapping Tracy around, though Tracy won more than she lost. Another side note… thinking about changing the layout, so don’t panic if things are… weird.

Oh, and apparently this is where the lamp comes from? I keep getting them now, it’s annoying.

the lamp

April 15, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 11: ‘Something Different, Pt. 4′

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Nathaniel Anderson has graduated college and moved out on his own. The hefty settlement from his sport injury allowed him a nice house, can he find happiness in a new career?

Nathaniel is nostalgic

There will never be a feeling comparable to that of winning the big game, but Nathaniel would have to find something to fill the empty hole that professional sports had left. It had been his thrill for his entire life and now it was gone. He wasn’t sure what to do except mope.

It had definitely changed his perspective on things, though. While Nathaniel had always tried to stay grounded, his own successes blinded him to the things that really mattered. He suddenly felt incredibly guilty about the whole blow-up with Sara.

Lilith tries to help smooth things over

Thankfully, his sister Lilith was always there to back him up. She somehow convinced Sara to come over with her. Sara was dubious, of course. How could she not be hurt? It seemed odd that he suddenly was interested now that his career was over. Nathaniel couldn’t deny the suspicious nature of his request, but he was truly sincere.

Lilith, Nathaniel, and Sara talk over dinner

It took a long time for Sara to calm down, to be comfortable. She was still incredibly cautious, though. Even with Lilith there, she was on edge. Nathaniel’s sincerity was obvious, yes, but entirely too convenient. He’d probably be off jet-setting with some bimbo were it not for the injury.

Nathaniel had dated, though sparingly. Most had been what one would call ‘bimbos’ and that’s why it rarely lasted past a date or an appearance or two. Sara may be a tomboy, but she was seemingly the only compatible match for Nathaniel.

Lilith ignores Sara and Nathaniel

Of course, the barriers soon melted away and Sara found that the crush she had as a child that had developed into an infatuation had gone so far as to turn to love. Regardless of what had happened and regardless of what hidden motive there might be, she couldn’t deny what she felt. Lilith ignored them and finished up her game before leaving. Her work was done!

Nathaniel's new job

Nathaniel’s education befitted him a job at the newly founded research facility just outside of the suburb. It was essentially formed to do studies on the ocean that touched against the mountain range and to reveal the secrets within the depths. Nathaniel wasn’t sure it was something he’d enjoy, but he was pleasantly surprised. His compassionate nature and unique way of problem-solving allowed him to move quickly up the ranks.

Nathaniel plays with Lilith

While he was incredibly busy with his new job, he still had time for his twin. His injury kept him from playing professionally, but there was nothing keeping him out of his own backyard! Lilith always loved a good competition, especially with her brother, so she wouldn’t turn down the chance to possibly kick his butt.


Note from Mao: Apologies for the lack of updates. Fiance and I have three days off starting today, which we will mostly spend together, as his birthday is this Saturday and we have to work. I’m still toiling through University, but I’m almost done. This is the first of another new house that will be added to Boreal Springs. Woo, growth! I’m still working on updating the DB entry for this house.

April 6, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 10: ‘Something Different, Pt. 3′

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Damien has Aiyana to keep his mind off Chuck’s death, but Lilith’s still struggling. This isn’t helped by Tsung’s bizarre behavior, Nathaniel’s flock of female followers, and her best friend’s sudden change of personality. Gordon’s arrived, but he’s keeping quiet and well away from the drama.


Sara greets Nathaniel

Sara had decided that she was going to shock everyone when she arrived at Boreal Summit University. She let her hair down, bought a dress, and squeezed her feet into a pair of casual heels. The result was an unimpressed Lilith, a shocked Damien, and a receptive Nathaniel. Gordon, who she had traveled the long distance with, just sat down with the paper.

“I heard you’re doing really well on the team, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel shrugged, “I guess. We’ll see how it goes when I’m a senior. What happened to you?”

“What are you talking about?” She smiled, taking her leave. “I’m not any different than before.”

Gordon rigs the computer

When he was sure no one was watching, Gordon crept into the room with the computer. Pulling out a tool kit his mother had gifted him, he began modifying the computer. He was too busy to bother with term papers and all that. It would be much easier just to hack his grades. He also had to drive the length between Boreal Springs and Boreal Summit University to see Thomas for his ‘mental training’. There was no time for studying.

Four in a hot tub

While Gordon was scheming, Lilith, Tsung, Nathaniel, and Sara hung out in the hot tub. It was a cool autumn night, perfect for lounging in the hot water and talking about nothing in particular. Lilith was slowly coming out of her shell, though it wasn’t for a good reason. She kept staring at Sara, her eyes squinted in distaste. She couldn’t believe Sara had actually done it. Even worse, she couldn’t believe it was actually working.

Tsung noticed her preoccupation with her best friend and realized that while it may bring Lilith out, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Gordon and Tsung chat

Despite their glaring differences and the distance that had been between them, Tsung Yu and Gordon Saunders were still best friends. Tsung was studying early into the morning when Gordon woke up for breakfast.

“It’s always been obvious, you know,” Gordon said suddenly, grinning. “So what’s holding you back?”

Tsung didn’t bother looking up from his book, “I’ve been meaning to ask, Gordon… where did you get all that hair?”

“I’ll tell you when you finally confront Lilith,” Gordon replied, taking a bite of his cereal.

Tsung talks to Lilith

Tsung tried to take Gordon’s advice, he really did, but it was difficult. He approached her later that afternoon to no effect.

“What do you want, Tsung?” Lilith snapped, glaring at him. “Can’t you see I’m busy trying to save Sara from the pod people that stole her brain?”

Tsung sighed, muttering under his breath as she breezed past, “yes, but who will save you from that stick you’ve got rammed so far up your–”

“What?!” She snapped, turning to face him again.

“Nothing,” he replied, walking off. “Go save Sara from herself.”

March 29, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 10: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 6′

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Derek and Mary O`Hanlon finally have their happy little family, but how long until Mary realizes what it took to get it? Sara is ready to go off to University, Gina is busy with her novels, and the twins, Marla and Julie, just like causing trouble. Can this busy house keep its head above water?


Mary and Derek care for Marla and Julie

Marla and Julie were truly a handful. They had their poor parents up at all hours, trying to care for them. It was especially hard because Mary and Derek were so close to the tops of their careers, they could nearly taste it. Being as Fortune-minded as they were, they sometimes asked Gina to step in. She was sitting pretty on her new job as Media Magnate and spent most of her time writing novels.

They hated leaving their children in the care of someone else, but one last promotion! Then they could spend all the time in the world with them.

Sara holds Marla

Surprisingly, Sara helped out quite often. She’d gotten over her whole ‘I want to be an only child’ phase and accepted that the twins weren’t going anywhere. They were kinda cute, too, and she could play with them! She wasn’t quite sure if she ever wanted her own kids, though. All the messes and the feeding and the waking up… blegh!

Gina reads her newest novel

Gina was quite pleased with her life. She was a successful owner of a magazine and she was becoming quite the prolific author. Her series, Dramatica: Life in the Suburbs, was such a hit she wrote a second one and deemed it would be a series. Deals were flying all over the place–people wanted to put it into TV form and even make a movie out of it.

Yes, Gina was very pleased. Now if only she could get rid of the nagging sensation that something was wrong with her brother, Derek.

Sara talks to Damien

Sara often called University and spoke to her half-brother, Damien. She couldn’t talk to Lilith because Lilith wasn’t talking, and she wasn’t about to ask for Nathaniel. Damien kept her up-to-date on all the latest. She was happy she had found someone to take his mind off Chuck’s unfortunate death, but she was worried about what he said in regards to Nathaniel. Several times he had mentioned his annoyance at the girls that refused to leave or followed the alien boy home.

It made Sara feel incredibly ill at ease.

Derek reads the paper

Derek’s daughter wasn’t the only one feeling ill. He had taken to reading the paper every morning, mostly out of fear. There were numerous police reports about the criminal organization that had taken hold of the nearby city. He knew exactly who was at the helm. In fact, all he had to do was visit his father to see the mastermind.

If anyone were to ask Derek why he got involved in it now, he would say he didn’t know. He really wasn’t a cruel person… but Katy hadn’t really given him a choice. She downright refused to give him a divorce and she tricked him into the whole ‘marriage’ as it was. Out of her own love, yes, but still.

Sara goes to University

Sara graduated high school and was fully prepared to join her friends at University. Mary was a bit skeptical, as Sara proposed that she would go early instead of relaxing during summer break.

“But mom,” Sara protested. “The house is so full now… and Aunt G is here to help with the twins!”

Mary sighed, “Sara, are you sure you’re ready? I don’t want you rushing for a boy–”

“Oh, whatever,” Sara stormed off to pack her bags. “I’m going! I’m eighteen now, I can make my own decisions.”

Sara had never yelled at Mary. It was incredibly worrying. Her moods had been especially erratic lately. Mary was worried that she would go off to University, realize it wasn’t the happy world she imagined, and then find herself broken. She desperately hoped Lilith snapped out of her trance soon–she was the only one who could get through to Sara.

The twins are children

Julie and Marla quickly grew into self-sufficient children, much to their parents pleasure. They were quite cute, but they couldn’t have looked anymore different. Marla had a love for cuisine while Julie enjoyed tinkering around. Mary was worried Julie was going to be another tomboy, so she made sure to put her in a cute dress in an effort to dissuade her. It wasn’t that Mary didn’t like tomboys, it just had caused her poor daughter Sara too much trouble as it was.

Derek is fulfilled

Derek finally hammered his way to the top and he was quite pleased about bit. Mary had beat him when it came to reaching the top of their respective careers, but she didn’t get the same joy from it that Derek did. Now he could sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Well, provided that Mary never found out about his connection to Katy’s death.


Note from Mao: For those of you curious, I moved Sara into Uni and she grew up into a dress. Wow. Okay, so maybe she’s thinking of going girly now? ;) The twins are adorable.

Oh, and Samantha, Lilith’s Teen Outfit didn’t have a tooltip on it… so I don’t know where it is from. I tried looking around for it, but I didn’t have any luck. Sorry!

March 25, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 9: ‘Every You, Every Me, Pt. 3′

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Florence Anderson is happily oblivious to the confusion her significant other of many years, Shaniqua Saunders, is experiencing. Of the twin aliens, Lilith finds herself having issue coping with both the death of her boyfriend and witnessing the entire sordid thing. Nathaniel is a little more easy-going, though admittedly, is worried about his sibling. Kate is about the only normal one in the family.


Florence and Shaniqua talk to Lilith

After the incident that occurred at the Saunders house resulting in the death of Chuck Saunders, Florence and Shaniqua sat Lilith down. She had spent a week at an institution an hour away in the city in hopes of helping her deal with the situation. It didn’t seem to work very well. When she returned, she didn’t say a word to anyone.

Florence and Shaniqua tried to be reassuring, but it was of no use. Lilith just looked at them. Every now and again, she’d nod. Eventually they gave up and let her go off to her room.

Sara hangs out with Nathaniel

Even Sara found that talking to Lilith was useless. She never talked back and she just looked annoyed. It was quite difficult for Sara, as Lilith was her best friend… her only real friend, actually. One day, as she left Lilith’s room defeated, Nathaniel stopped her. Apparently Lilith had been doing this to everyone and he told her not to take it too badly. It wasn’t personal, Lilith was just dealing.

He asked Sara to help him practice (Lilith usually did), and of course, she agreed.

Nathaniel and Sara talk

It became a daily thing after that, Sara coming over and helping Nathaniel out. She had gotten better and was actually able to block a few of his kicks and make him work for goals. Lilith still refused to talk, so Sara found she spent a lot of time with Nathaniel. While she didn’t fool herself into thinking he saw her as anything but ‘one of the guys’, she still enjoyed being around him.

He was nice to her, too. Well, more so than usual. Likely because she was helping him out. Nathaniel was never mean, no. But he paid more attention to Sara. It made it more difficult to deal with the fact that Nathaniel and Lilith would be going to University without her.

Lilith ponders

Meanwhile, Lilith spent a lot of time in quiet contemplation. What she had seen had really jarred her. How many people could say they stood face-to-face with death? No one, probably. It made Lilith think about things she’d never thought about before–life, death, the paranormal. What other things were out there, waiting to be discovered?

She also thought about Damien and what it might be like to lose your twin. While Nathaniel annoyed her, she couldn’t imagine being without him. He was her twin, they were two halves to the same whole. She felt bad for ignoring everyone, especially him and Sara, but she just needed time to think and ponder and question.

Lilith seeks the stars

When she was sure everyone was asleep, she would sneak outside and gaze up at the stars. She often wondered where she came from. She was an alien, after all, and not completely of this world. What was her true purpose? Maybe she saw things others didn’t because she was an alien. She wished Nathaniel took his differences a bit more seriously, so they could talk about it, but he didn’t. He preferred to be normal and blend in and not question.

Shaniqua is fulfilled

Shaniqua came home one day feeling completely fulfilled. She had completed her life’s goal and she couldn’t have felt better. It was almost as if she was walking on air. In fact, she felt so amazing that she dared to do what she had been thinking about for days.

March 23, 2008

Yu – Round 9: ‘Something Different, Pt. 2′

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Eileen Yu was left to raise her two sons, Tsung and Shang, after the death of her husband, Sun-Tzu. Though she hasn’t quite recovered from the loss, she’s tried her best for her boys.


Tsung and Gordon play

Though their interests were quite different, Tsung and Gordon remained good friends. They were both a bit more reserved and quiet than the others in their age group. It was something that helped further the bond between them. Of course, Tsung had no idea about Gordon’s mother or Gordon’s own ambitions, but it was for the best.

“You call that a punch?” Gordon joked, giving Tsung a look. “C’mon, try again, violin boy!”

Tsung rolled his eyes, “we can’t all enjoy jogging every morning, Gordon.”

Tsung talks to Lilith

While Tsung had never really liked Chuck Saunders–especially not after he began dating Lilith Anderson–he was sorry to hear about what happened. Even more painful was the fact that Lilith refused to talk to anyone and basically just hid away in her room. She wouldn’t even talk to her twin Nathaniel. So when she called Tsung, he was quite shocked.

Gordon, who was plunking clumsily away at the piano next to the phone, looked up with interest, “what’s she saying?”

“She’s asking me questions,” Tsung replied, covering the phone receiver. “About… paranormal stuff.”

“Weird,” Gordon said, never abandoning his quest to make quite possibly the most awful noises with a piano ever.

“You suck.” Tsung said absently, hanging up the phone.

Gordon smiled, “thanks!”

Shang charms the headmaster

Meanwhile, Shang found that he was quite the convincing sort and managed to finagle his way into the local private academy. Eileen had done the cooking, sure, but it was Shang who had chatted up the crotchety old headmaster. The man looked like he had swallowed something sour and never recovered. Still, he was no match for Shang’s persuasiveness.

Eileen talks to Tsung

“Instead of allowing Gordon to make that awful racket with the piano, you should try playing it,” Eileen advised to Tsung, whose adeptness with instruments was becoming quite well-known. “You might like it. The strings are just hidden, but they’re there.”

Tsung sighed, “I think I’ll stick to the violin, mom. I have enough trouble tuning the piano everytime Gordon leaves anyway.”

Shang is a teen

Shang’s birthday came surprisingly quick. He realized that his persuasive nature was an asset and decided that he really liked people. In fact, he wouldn’t mind being surrounded by people for the rest of his days. Though, he’d prefer if they were adoring fans who quivered at his every word.

Yes, Shang Yu wanted desperately to be a ‘rock star’.

Shang and Tsung play together

Unlike most rock stars, however, Shang preferred percussion. Beating the hell out of the drums was more fun than strumming or singing. He was quite good at it, too. He even convinced Tsung to help him practice. The guitar was like a big violin, only you didn’t use a bow, you used your fingers. It wasn’t a surprise when Tsung picked it up quickly. It became their way to bond.

Eileen, however, didn’t quite agree that their noise equaled music. It was due to this that she had a small shack built in the back yard to house the instruments.

Tsung leaves for Uni

Tsung managed to get an early admission into college, thanks to his gifted ways with music. He was originally going to wait and attend with Gordon, but he couldn’t help but be worried about Lilith. She had asked him many, many odd questions–some that not even he could answer. There was no telling what was going on in that head of hers. She’d been acting oddly ever since she returned from the institution.

Sara O`Hanlon was passing by as Tsung left. The jealousy was obvious, but Sara wasn’t allowed to go early, as all the spots had filled up. She, too, was worried about Lilith.


Note from Mao: I think the Yu boys turned out well, though they look nothing alike. Tsung looks like Sun-Tzu while Shang is almost a direct copy of Eileen. I sent Tsung to Uni because there was a space left empty by Chuck and he was the closest to admission status. Also, I am currently uploading the DB updates, so those should be live soon enough.

March 20, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 9: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 5′

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Mary O`Hanlon and Derek are finally together. Can they help their daughter Sara deal with the two siblings she’s about to receive and how will this affect Gina Saunders?


Sara’s discomfort regarding the impending birth of her twin siblings did not go unnoticed by her parents. Both Mary and Derek had spoken at length over what to do with Sara. It wasn’t until she got accepted onto the girl’s basketball team that they had an idea.

“Are you serious? That’s great!” Sara chirped happily, clapping her hands together.

“It’ll take a few days to install, Sara, but you’ll be able to practice anytime you want.” Derek smiled.

“My own personal basketball ‘court’! How awesome!”

Mary talks to Sara

Mary sat with Sara sometime before the twins were due. She had wanted to have a talk with her daughter and make sure everything was all right. It was true, the twins would be a lot of work and she wanted to make sure Sara understood it didn’t mean they would forget all about her.

“I’m not twelve,” Sara sighed, rolling her eyes.

“No, you’re not,” Mary replied, turning a page in her book. “But it’s obvious you’re not happy. I want you to enjoy being an older sister.”

Sara shrugged, “I just don’t get the whole ‘baby thing’.”

“Someday, hopefully, you will. Until then… just know that your father and I still love you and we won’t stop just because you have to share us. They’re going to be your family, too, Sara. Maybe you’ll find it fun to have some younger siblings.”

“Babies, crying, diaper changing… blegh. I can’t wait to go to University.”

Gina finishes her novel

Amidst all the chaos, Gina managed to finish her first novel. The first copy arrived at her door and she spent a long time looking over the finished product. It had been a labor of love, an entire book dedicated to the twisted drama that sprouted from a seemingly normal suburb. There was mystery, suspense, murder, and all the sorts of things that sold a book.

Mary gardens

Mary spent the last part of her pregnancy gardening. She hated not being able to go to work and found herself bored by sitting around the house all day. It was a small garden, but enough to keep her occupied. Having a fresh supply of strawberries for cakes and desserts was certainly a plus, too.

In fact, she even went into labor out in her garden. Luckily, Derek was off work and was able to take her to the hospital.

Julie O`Hanlon


Marla O`Hanlon

Julie and Marla were born several hours later, both healthy and hearty. It was surprising to have two more girls, but Derek had two boys already, so he wasn’t disappointed. Perhaps even more surprising was how different the twins looked. Marla had her father’s coloring and Mary’s eyes while Julie had her mother’s coloring and her grandfather, Henry’s, eyes.

Sara talks to Lilith

Sara tried her best to adjust to being a big sister. Thankfully, her parents respected her wishes and didn’t try to make her change diapers. She was expected to help with the feedings, though. That wasn’t so bad. The babies were even kind of cute… in a weird, squishy way. When she wasn’t caring for her siblings, she was hanging out with Lilith.

“I could never wear heels,” Sara protested, frowning. “Isn’t there another way?”

Lilith shrugged, “sure, just accept who you are and deal with it. What’s so bad about that?”

“You don’t understand, Lilith! No one confuses you with ‘one of the guys’… you have guys hitting on you while I just have guys hitting me. You know? That stupid knuckle to the arm thing they do?”

“Maybe you’ll be like a swan or something,” Lilith laughed. “You can sprout pretty, girly wings at University!”

“That’s not funny, Lilith.” Sara sighed, feeling defeated. “This is hopeless…”

Marla and Julie are toddlers

Julie and Marla soon left behind their diapers and became precocious toddlers. They looked even more different, though they shared the same brunette locks of hair. They were adorable and demanded the attention of everyone in the house, even Sara.

Sara found they were a bit more enjoyable now that they didn’t require diaper changes and didn’t have squishy heads.


Note from Mao: I’m so glad Julie got the O`Hanlon skintone! Now I have my successor for this house. It’s a shame that Sara can’t join Lilith at Uni, but technically, Lilith is older.

March 16, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 8: ‘Something Different, Pt. 2′

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Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders have an… interesting relationship. Can their daughter Kate keep Shaniqua from straying? Will the alien twins, Nathaniel and Lilith, find their way amidst the neighborhood drama?


Lilith and Sara play video games

Lilith and Sara sat in the Anderson living room enjoying their daily, after-school gaming session. Sara couldn’t concentrate and it was obvious. She usually put up more of a fight and Lilith was quite disappointed.

“Pay attention, Sara!”

“Sorry,” Sara shifted nervously against the cushion. “Where’s Nathaniel at, anyway?”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “like I care. Hey, HEY! What are you doing? Pay attention!”

“Sorry, maybe we should quit for now. I can’t focus.”

“Fine,” Lilith relented, giving her friend an odd look. “And why do you keep asking about my stupid brother? Do you have a crush on him or something? That’s stupid and gross. He only likes girls who actually look like girls, Sara.”

It was meant as a good-natured barb, but it stung a bit more than Sara could vocalize.

Sara is alone

Nathaniel entered not long after their abandoned game with Damien Saunders in toe. Damien had come to see Lilith, of course. The two were fiercely devoted rivals when it came to video games. They went off to chat, leaving Sara alone. While she pretended not to notice, she knew that Nathaniel had moved from the door and to the couch. He was staring absently at the TV while Sara shut off the game console.

Talking to Nathaniel when they were kids was easy, but now? Sara wanted to run away and hide. She’d say something stupid or not-girly… like always.

Nathaniel challenges Sara

Unfortunately for Sara, Nathaniel had other plans. He approached Sara when she moved to leave and stopped her.

“Lilith says you’re going to try out for the girl’s soccer team,” he began, grinning. “Since when can girls play sports?”

At this, Sara forgot all about her nervousness. Instead, her pride took over and she replied confidently, “excuse me? Women can do anything that a man can, and sometimes better. Maybe I’m better than you at soccer, huh?”

That was a really, really stupid thing to say. Nathaniel was extremely good at sports and in just about every team he had time for amidst his academics. There was absolutely no way Sara was better.

“Hollow threats, hollow threats,” he laughed, waving her off. Just like he would ‘one of the guys’… Sara hated that. She did have boobs… somewhere beneath her clothing. Hidden, quite well, too. But they were there! She was female!

Nathaniel continues to challenge Sara

The conversation continued at dinner the next day. Sara spent a lot of time at Lilith’s house–she hated being around all the baby insanity at her own. Her mother and father finally revealed it wasn’t going to be one baby… but two. The thought made her want to crawl in a hole and disappear. The Saunders twins were visiting, too. Chuck seemed to be coming around a lot lately…

“Hey, sis,” Nathaniel called out as Lilith passed by. “What are you teaching Sara? She says she can beat me at soccer, but she won’t put her money where her mouth is.”

Lilith ignore his charismatic and good-natured grin, countering with a sneer from the depths of the darkest reaches, “leave Sara alone or I’ll smear this spaghetti all over your pretty girl face.”

Sara fidgeted nervously, “no… no… it’s okay. I’ll do it.”

Lilith was shocked, but Nathaniel just smiled: “Good! We’ve got a net outback… tomorrow is Saturday. Come over at lunch.”

Nathaniel beats Sara

Sara did as Nathaniel said and was over at the Anderson house at exactly noon. Unfortunately for her, Nathaniel was ready and they were off to the net. It was simple enough–get a ball past him and he’d accept that maybe a girl could play sports past waving pom-poms around.

He caught everything she kicked. It didn’t even look like he was struggling, really. Which just infuriated her all the more. He smiled the entire time–smug and amused. If he saw her as a real girl, he’d probably be apologetic or mess up on purpose. But no, Sara was ‘one of the guys’. Well, fine then, Sara thought.

Sara summoned all her strength and sent the ball hurdling forward. Nathaniel caught it all right, with his skull. He was knocked out for five minutes. Sara was mortified! She had missed completely and given him a concussion.

Lilith gives Chuck a noogie

Sara looked to Lilith for comfort, but Lilith was too busy abusing Chuck. Sara wasn’t quite sure why her half-brother seemed to be so intent on ‘getting’ Lilith. She wasn’t exactly what you’d called a ‘good catch’ when it came to a womanizer like Chuck. Maybe it was the thrill of the chase? Whatever it was, it meant someone saw Lilith as a real girl… and Sara was still just ‘one of the guys’.

She left quietly and decided not to try out for soccer after all. Maybe basketball would be less dangerous?

Shaniqua cares for Kate

Meanwhile, Shaniqua tried to distract herself by caring for Kate. She’d been having thoughts of giving her new friend a call. Seeing Kate and holding her seemed to make the temptation go away. What would happen to little Kate if Florence caught Shaniqua? She remembered what happened when her mother ran off…

For now, Shaniqua would resist the temptation. She just hoped Florence didn’t suspect anything.

Kaye is a child

Despite the weirdness that surrounded her on a daily basis, Kate’s birthday went by easily. She was a cute and creative toddler. She enjoyed drawing pictures, catching butterflies, and just being a kid. She didn’t really notice any of the tension that surrounded her.

March 11, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 8: ‘Little Secrets, Pt. 4′

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Mary O`Hanlon is finally set to marry Derek Saunders. Will Gina Saunders remain and how will Sara handle her family finally coming together?


Derek and Mary's wedding

Derek and Mary didn’t waste much time preparing for their nuptials. When the time came, nearly the entire neighborhood was in attendance–due to the fact the Saunders line is spread far and wide. Even Eileen Yu, Mary’s mother, came out of her widowing sorrow to see her daughter married. Unfortunately, she’s missing from her seat in this picture. (she’s off to the side with a lampshade on her head, sigh)

Derek and Mary's wedding 2

It had certainly been a long time coming, and while Mary was happy to finally be with Derek, she couldn’t help but feel something tugging at the back of her mind. The situation was just too ideal. She was a logical minded woman and she found it incredibly hard to believe Katy would just ‘drop over’. Something was definitely strange.

However, she also couldn’t convince herself that Derek would ever do something like that. Maybe it was just nervousness that caused these thoughts.

Derek and Mary leave for honeymoon

After the festivities, Derek and Mary headed off for their short honeymoon in the islands. With all the snow that had accumulated, it would definitely be a nice break. Sara was left to the care of her aunt Gina and both Derek and Mary were convinced to take off work long enough to enjoy newly-wedded bliss. While Derek had moved into Mary’s house, the twin boys hadn’t come with them.

It had been Henry’s decision to keep them there. One of them would eventually inherit the house, since Derek forfeited this when he married Mary. The twins were closer to Henry than their own father, so it wasn’t much of a sad separation.

Mary gets sunburned

Derek and Mary’s honeymoon went on like most honeymoons. Unfortunately, Mary managed to turn into a human tomato while trying to bronze her skin a little. This made certain newly-wedded activities a bit difficult, but she tried not to let it ruin their get away.

Business as usual

When they returned, it was business as usual. Mary was working a little later now and Derek had more time off, so he spent it with Sara. While he likely wasn’t the best candidate to help with her homework, he obliged. Gina was kept constantly busy by her new job as editor for the magazine she had been writing for. She still worked on her column, but was now also working on a book that was inspired by it.

The house was definitely filled with successful people–a magazine editor, a sport’s star, and a big-wig lawyer.

Mary tells Derek

While the sunburn may have hampered their honeymoon a little, it didn’t prevent… certain things. Mary had been feeling ill lately and went to see the doctor. She wanted to be sure before she told anyone.

“I just got the results back today,” she said, trying to decide whether to smile or faint.

Derek paused, “…results? For what? Are you sick?”

“No, no,” Mary said, waving her hand in the air. “I’m… pregnant. With twins.”

Derek wasn’t quite sure what to say. He was definitely happy, yes, but his financially-driven mind immediately began to calculate the cost of tearing down walls and building new ones. He could see Mary was thinking the same thing. Twins… again.

Mary is showing, Sara's a teen

Sara’s birthday came not long after the news. She was dubious about the new would-be family member. She didn’t really have much experience with babies and she wasn’t sure she had that maternal instinct that her mother said existed within all females. Sara was a ‘bit’ of a tomboy and enjoyed sports and rough-housing more than doing her hair or thinking about babies.

She tried to keep her own concerns quiet, though, as Mary and Derek were quite happy. Even Gina didn’t mind the thought of changing more dirty diapers.

Sara talks to Lilith

Sara and Lilith were closer than ever as teens. Lilith wasn’t very girly either and while she was definitely domineering, Sara liked that. She needed some direction and Lilith was always more than happy to give it. They definitely weren’t in the ‘popular’ crowd, but they didn’t really care. As long as they were together, they didn’t need anyone else.

Lilith was the only one Sara confided in about her worries when it came to the new baby. Florence, Lilith’s mother, had just given birth to little Kate, so Lilith could relate. She tried to ease Sara’s fears, but found she wasn’t able to… because they were true. Babies did demand a lot of attention.

Sara plays with Derek

It worried Sara because she finally had a father. They really bonded, especially over sports, and Sara was worried the baby would take that away. Derek hadn’t been around for the majority of Sara’s childhood, so maybe he’d have more of a connection to the new baby and toss her aside. It was a depressing thought and Sara tried not to think about it as the months passed and Mary’s belly grew larger and she eventually went on maternity leave.

For now, Sara would just have to enjoy their nightly sessions of catch and hope the baby wasn’t a boy.


Note from Mao: Derek and Mary are finally together, but I have a feeling the bliss won’t last. ;) Poor Sara. She really does seem standoffish about the baby! Anytime someone talks about it, she has an ‘X’ over her reply! Also, a little note: I’m going to WV/Ohio with my fiance and while I have one update left… I may not get to play for a few days until we’re all settled. So don’t panic if I go a few days without updating–I haven’t abandoned the drama!

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