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February 5, 2009

Yu 3 – Round 23: ‘Addicted to Love, Pt. 5′

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Shang Yu and Katarina Anderson have an understanding, one that’s gotten them through a rather long time together.

Of course, it’s business as usual at the Yu-Anderson household.  Katarina really enjoys the hot tub, really.  She takes most of her lovers down there to enjoy the seclusion.  Of course, things aren’t always so private… not that she minds.

That isn’t to say that Katarina and Shang don’t spend an ample amount of time together.  They have their own brand of love, one that isn’t limited by barriers and jealousy.  They have a lifestyle, a need to do things that other couples scoff at.  But they’re still together and those other couples?  Well, divorce rates have skyrocketed, haven’t they?  Though, there’s no speculation in the fact that the rest of the community would appreciate it if they kept their amorous ways behind closed doors.

Katarina isn’t one for privacy, though.  She loves hot tubs and she loves the public just as much.  She doesn’t even care when cranky old Mrs. Crumplebottom shoots her a look that could kill.  Katarina is just happy to give the old, prudish coot a heartattack!  How funny would that be?

Shang has his own conquests, though he’s slowed down as of late.  Katarina started late in life while Shang has been wooing his way through women for most of his.  He can see the end now and so he’s slowed down considerably.  It’s hard to believe he’s younger than Tsung, but he is.  Still, he knows Tsung will outlive him.  Shang’s life has been riddled with women, stress, and travel.  He’s put his body through more things than most can ever hope to.  He’s been lucky to keep going this long…

So when Death comes calling, Shang doesn’t fight him.  He’s lived a good life, an awesome life.  His sons will preserve, Katarina will live through his death, and life will go on.  Shang, meanwhile, has some hula girls in the afterlife to attend to.


Note from Mao: R.I.P., Shang!  You were a thorn in my side, but I’ll miss you anyway…

January 13, 2009

Yu 3 – Round 22: ‘Addicted to Love, Pt. 3′

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Shang Yu and Katarina Anderson have a good relationship and setup.  They’re also quite happy that their son, James, is excelling in University.

Katarina, despite the addition of gray hair and some wrinkles, aged well.  It certainly didn’t stop her from her romancing ways.  In fact, it helped her, in some cases.  Not every man likes a young, innocent thing.  Katarina knew exactly what she was doing and that, in and of itself, was quite the commodity…

Upon the death of her mother, Alyssa Anderson, Katarina decided to work hard at getting Distinguished Designs to rank 10.  She did it, with a lot of hard work and effort by both herself and the manager.  Of course, running the place also led to awkward situations, like running into Travis Knight.  He and Marla had recently moved back to Boreal Springs, where Distinguished Designs was located.

James also stopped by as frequently as he could.  Sure, his parents were weird, but they were his parents.  He had his own life and ideals.  He was always happy to see his dad, especially since they both shared a major love of music.  James was smart, but he had the uncanny ability to also be intensely creative.

Katarina wasn’t too sure James knew what he was getting himself into, though, with Kit Knight.  They had all heard about her, being involved in the romancing world as they were, and tried to warn James.  He wouldn’t hear any of it.  It was a phase, it would change.  She was just acting out because her family had tension because of cheating.  He looked pointedly at his mother, causing her to laugh.  Good times, good times…

Shang was still dating, but he had also taken up a new hobby–people watching through the telescope.  Unfortunately, he had been looking a little too long at the pregnant Viola Kalson and she called him out.  She was scary!  It must have been the crazy pregnant hormones or something.  After that, Shang stayed away from the telescope for awhile…


Note from Mao: Poor Viola!  She’s Boreal Spring’s selected ‘spy’ person.  Anytime someone looks through the telescope during the day, Viola comes over and beats on them, LOL.

December 19, 2008

Yu 3 – Round 21: ‘Addicted to Love, Pt. 2′

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Shang and Katarina’s open relationship has served them well, but James is looking for a more closed type of love.

James was seriously getting tired of hearing all the news of University.  Supposedly, Kit was with Claude, but not with Claude.  Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Seriously?  James could barely contain himself.  It seemed futile, his hopes and dreams threatening to be flushed with just the simple utterance of a name.  Not just any name, though, Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Michael and Claude won out on the genetic lottery and while Michael was a recluse, Claude was not.  Every woman knew his name, even the married ones and especially the cougars.

Claude freakin’ Saunders had Kit.  That just was not right.

James was a smart kid, incredibly so, actually.  He excelled in most things he did.  Unfortunately, those small victories meant little.  He couldn’t take his mind off Claude freakin’ Saunders.  He wasn’t a chick, yet his moments of thought were occupied with images he’d sooner forget.  Kit was the same as him–a smart, driven, and with a good head on her shoulders.  Why in the heck was she with Claude freakin’ Saunders?  He was like Patrick O`Hanlon, sans the intelligence.

Did Claude even know what a brain was?  Probably not.  It isn’t like he used his that often.  Grrr, Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Couldn’t it have been anyone else?  James could scarcely wait for his early admission.

Katarina was oblivious to her son’s love woes, for her own love life was blossoming as good as ever.  It was unfortunate that James hadn’t inherited either of his parent’s finesse or ways with the opposite gender.  Katarina was getting up there as far as age was concerned, yet the men kept coming.  They always would, Katarina was magnetic.

Unfortunately, her love train was derailed one evening when she received a call from her mother.  She had know her father had passed and while she was sad, Katarina wasn’t one for mourning.  Alyssa wanted to come over, immediately.  Katarina was worried.  What on Earth did she want?  Was she going to croak, too?

Alyssa was concerned about her own remaining days and so she felt the need to pass on her business, Distinguished Designs, to Katarina.  Katarina was hardly impressed.

“What am I going to do with a business?”

“Whatever you want,” Alyssa replied, adamant.  “I’m giving this to you, Katarina, whether you want it or not.  The boys will get their own things, but I wanted you to have something, too.  I think you’ll do well with it.”

“You’re crazy,” Katarina snapped.  “Does it look like I have time for this?”

Alyssa gave her a stern look, “Don’t be impish, Katarina.  I know full well you’ve got too much time on your hands.  Maybe this will occupy you.”

Katarina went to Distinguished Designs as soon as she could.  It was obvious Alyssa wasn’t taking no for an answer and so she decided to give it a try.  Her first impression was that she was never meant to run a business.  It was already established and made quite a bit of money, it even had a capable manager.  Still, Katarina found herself falling terribly short of her mother.  She wasn’t like her or Roman, she didn’t have any natural business finesse.  Besides, that cash register is pure evil.

Unfortunately, James wouldn’t be around to help Katarina.  He was off to University finally.  He was going to confront the whole Claude freakin’ Saunders and Kit Knight situation head on.  Maggie O`Hanlon was there to see him off, she had tagged along with her brother, Timothy.  It was obvious she has a small crush, but she was too young and not Kit.  James had tunnel vision when it came to this sort of thing.


Note from Mao: Poor James!  Claude and Kit have two bolts.  Lets see if Kit and James hit it off better.  We’ll have to wait until the end of this round, though.  ;)   As for Katarina, Alyssa had to give her business to someone and the other two are boys.  Not really into the whole ‘clothing scene’, I’d wager.  Plus, Nevio with a business?  No thanks!  If you’re wondering where Shang was during all of this, he was chilling and avoiding my camera, apparently.

December 12, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 21: ‘You Turn the Screws, Pt. 6′

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Gordon may be a vampire and the current head of the criminal element that plagues Aperture and Boreal Springs, but that doesn’t mean he’s heartless.  He’s taken in his adoptive daughter after her surprise pregnancy.  Can Elena get back on her feet and find a place of her own with Emma?

Elena felt like a large weight had been lifted from her shoulders.  She had been apprehensive about introducing Emma to her father, Fou-Lu Yu, but her step-brother Michael had insisted.  Now, things were easier.  She didn’t have to tip-toe around or worry about him finding out.  He knew, he visited, and that was that.  Emma had her father in her life and Elena didn’t have to feel guilty or pressured into anything serious with Fou-Lu.  She still wasn’t sure what she wanted, only that she needed to get out of her parents house.

Fou-Lu was still Fou-Lu, but he had grown up… a little.  At least, enough to consider Elena’s feelings and thoughts on the matter.  They discussed her recent climb to fame and how close she was getting to the top.  It was important to her to fulfill her dream, but only if it didn’t take away from Emma.  Elena’s eyes had seriously been opened by motherhood and it made her all the more protective of her situation.

Of course, Fou-Lu had to be a typical male and suggest something Elena was never, ever considering.

“Be serious, Lu, you can’t even take care of yourself.  You’re living with Michael and Sade.  Willingly.” Elena snapped, but her tone softened as she realized this wasn’t the way to go about it.  She cleared her throat and continued.  “We’ll always have what we did, but we both know it won’t go down that road.  I’ve got Emma to consider and as far as I can see… you’re just not ready for the full responsibility.”

“You’re not really giving me a chance to be,” Fou-Lu countered, surprising her.  “Visiting is nice, but how can I prove anything to you when you’re always over my shoulder?  She’s my daughter, too, Elena.  It’s one thing for you to keep her from me and never plan to tell me she existed… but to act like I’d hurt her because I’m such an idiot?  That’s cold, even for you.”

Elena thought about it as Fou-Lu left and realized he was right.

Despite their constant arguments, they still fell into the trap they’d always been victim to, even as teens.  There was nothing serious there, Elena made that much clear.  They were simply adults being adults.  They just happened to have a mutual interest–Emma.  Aside from that, no one owed anyone anything.

A big reason for that was Elena’s new gig…

She was working directly with Shang Yu.  He was still heavily in the business, but he was stepping out of the limelight and going into producing and funding.  It was a natural progression for someone of his talents.  It was only a matter of time before the two came across one another, as they thrived in the same circle.  Elena was dancing for one the bands Shang had endorsed and so they rekindled their easy friendship.  He was a good man to know, and very wise, despite his womanizing and casual way of speaking.

Elena was delighted when Emma showed an apititude for music.  It was in her blood, though mostly from Fou-Lu’s side.  The Yus were quite well-known for their natural affinity for music.  It had been that way for a long, long while.  Elena did her best to encourage her daughter and Fou-Lu helped, having more training with instruments than Elena.  Emma took over Elena’s old violin and enjoyed it quite profusely, though she desperately wanted a piano.  Gordon was set to indulge her, but Elena put a cut on that.  She wouldn’t have Emma spoiled by her vampiric grandfather.

It was true, Gordon was quick to take care of Emma just as he was Elena when he’d taken in with Lauren.  He wasn’t quite sure what it was about girls, only that they were much easier to deal with than boys.  He didn’t even want to think about Claude.  Last he had heard from Michael–thanks to Sade–Claude was sleeping his way through college.  He didn’t have the heart to tell Lauren.

So he focused his attention on Emma and while he knew Elena wanted to leave, he’d much rather them stay.  They would be safe and provided for here.

Unfortunately, Elena had found a place.  She was excited and quick to share the news at breakfast.  Lauren was happy for her, but just as apprehensive as Gordon.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?  I mean, by yourself, in the city…”

“Don’t be so old-fashioned,” Elena chided, looking to Emma.  “Won’t it be fun, Emma?  A house of our own!”

“Will it have a yard?” She asked excitedly.

Elena laughed, “probably not, but there’s a park!”

“Can we get a pet??”

“Maybe, but we’ll have to see…”

Despite his thoughts against it, Gordon had ensured the place was safe.  He even ‘got to know’ the landlord in case there were any problems.  Elena and Emma were oblivious to his shady insurances and were instead quite pleased with themselves.  Girl power, and all that mumbo-jumbo.  Elena was just happy to be with Emma and Emma was happy to have her mom.  She wasn’t like other moms, she was the cool mom, and she danced!  How much cooler could you get?

She did wish her dad was coming, too, though.  Now that she was a kid, she had even more fun with Fou-Lu.


Note from Mao: Elena and Emma are happily residing in a not-so-apartment building in Aperture now.  Hooray!  I felt really bad separating Emma and Gordon, though.  They had a high relationship.  He would always tuck her in as soon as she went to bed and would read to her as she fell asleep.  I’ve never seen the interaction before, has anyone else?

I caught a picture, but forgot to select him so the icon showed.  He sat next to the bed with a book and read aloud while she slept.  SO CUTE.

December 1, 2008

O`Hanlon Round 21 Outakes

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I just had to post these because they are HILARIOUS and they fit nowhere else.  While I was playing O`Hanlon round 21, I sent Timothy and Isolde on a date to the park.  That’s all we need to know about them… Shang and Zhou stole the show.  Those Yu men are such divas.

I’m not really sure how or why the Unsavory Charlatan is in Boreal Springs.  I thought he was Vacation lot only?  Guess he got bored and decided to harass the suburb.  Shang is clearly not cool with this creepy pervert getting all up in his business.  He just came for the hot dogs!

Shang’s face cracks me up.  He looks like a little kid.  I was half expecting him to yell, “bad touch!” and run away, LOL.

Again with the face, LOL.  Now you know how all those women felt, Shang!  Though I will give it to you, this guy is super creepy…  Shang did eventually escape and had his hot dogs.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if the Unsavory Charlatan swindled him or not.

The next set of images involve Zhou Yu.  He walked by shortly afterwards.  The rain stopped and suddenly, this ridiculous sparkly light emerged from the background and was just vomitting sparklies everywhere.  Zhou decided to bask in the radiance of the sparkles.

“Worry not, for your sim savior has arrived!”

WTF, Apartment Life, seriously?  There was NO good witch around, either.

Okay, Zhou, really… that’s enough basking.  You’re freaking me out.  I seriously want to know what’s up with the random shimmery light and sparkles.  It was a bit ridiculous, even if it did look cool against the lighthouse, LOL.

And those are my random shots.  Expect an actual update tomorrow.  I have off until the weekend, woo.

November 4, 2008

Yu 3 – Round 20: ‘Addicted to Love, Pt. 1′

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Shang and Katarina have a happy, open relationship.  What will this mean for their teenage son, James and his own future with the ladies?

Shang, who had always had incredible luck with the ladies, was finding that his mojo was failing him.  A hot young co-ed usually would go crazy just to be in his presence, but this little lady was a cold fish.  No matter what he tried, she refused him.  It wasn’t as if they were strangers, either!

Poor Shang felt defeated by the very love that had fueled him all these years.  Were his grays showing?

Luckily, Katarina was there to comfort him.  She tried to tell him that everyone had ‘off’ days, though she had yet to actually experience one.  It didn’t exactly work until they went to the hot tub, but Shang still found himself doubting his abilities.  Was he actually losing it?

James, meanwhile, was far more interested in his academics than his love life.  He happily greeted the headmaster and after a night of staring at Katarina, the headmaster allowed him into their prestigious academy.  For once, James was thankful for his mother’s ways with men.  He was smart, sure, but most people would look down on the fact he didn’t live in a huge mansion and was born out of wedlock.

Shang, on the other hand, was beginning to feel his age.  He was a retired rocker now, not wanting to be like the Stones who just didn’t know when to quit.  He looked at his reflection in the mirror.  He’d had a long life of womanizing, could it really be coming to an end?  He sighed.

With his academics in check, James began to work on his own love life.  He definitely had a thing for Kit Knight, even if she was in college.  He was younger, sure, but if he worked hard… maybe he could get an early entrance into college.  Maybe that would impress her.  Until then, he’d have to hit the books hard.

Katarina’s abilities hadn’t cooled at all.  She was still young and enjoying her femininely wiles.  The addition of the hot tub in the basement had definitely made things a bit more interesting.  She felt bad for Shang’s plight, but worried that it would soon happen to her, as well.  So until then, she was going to live it up like never before.  Watch out, guys!


Note from Mao: I’m updating for Elecy.  Today is her birthday, happy birthday, Elecy!  :D   Thanks for being such a fervent supporter of Boreal Springs.  Hopefully you enjoy this little visit with the Yus.  Now, back to my NaNoWriMo writing.

September 7, 2008

Yu 3 – Round 19: ‘Polyamorous, End’

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Shang Yu and Katarina Anderson have an ‘open’ relationship that suits them just fine, but how will this affect James’ development into a teenager?

It hadn’t taken long for Shang to coax Elena back into his presence.  She was hot, he was hot, and their mutual hotness was enough so that two consenting adults might enjoy one another’s attractiveness.  Of course, Elena wasn’t thinking clearly at all when she got into her little ‘fling’ with Shang, but those sort of concerns weren’t something Shang dwelled on.

He preferred to dwell on more pleasant things like making out and well, you know.    Just because he and Katarina had an open relationship didn’t mean they were distant.  No, instead, they were closer than ever.  There was a mutual sort of love and understanding that neither found anywhere else and it helped strengthen that bond.  They didn’t love the other people they messed around with, so that was a good enough justification not to stop their anti-monogamy.

Shang wasn’t the only one enjoying himself, Katarina also enjoyed her share of males.  She didn’t always go nearly as far as Shang, though.  Only with select few.  Fou-Lu was a fun distraction, but she mostly felt bad for his situation and offered to help cheer him up.  It was one of those instances where she used her wiles to help another.  They didn’t do anything serious, just a little messing around.  She didn’t have the heart to tell him Elena had been visiting frequently.

Despite their amorous lifestyles, Katarina and Shang were still capable of domestic moments such as dinner.  It was one of the few times that James actually found his family life normal.  He wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the different people he saw or met, but he did know that his parents didn’t argue or fight like many others.

Still, it was a little weird.  Especially when he saw people he knew were his friend’s or relative’s parents.

Shang was especially proud of his ability to sway Cara Anderson away from her riches and pleasantries and into a world of debauchery.  It was dangerous messing with her, this was true, but who wouldn’t?  She was the epitome of hot, she was the new Alyssa.  And so it was that she fell into the destructive trap…

Cara was more than a little bothered by Katarina walking in directly afterwards.  She was worried a scene would be started or worse, she’d tell her brother.  Instead, Katarina acted as if nothing was amiss and called out to Shang.

“James wants you then, when you’ve got a moment.”

“Just finishing up here, babe.  Tell ‘em I’ll be up in a minute.”

As he had and still did with Hugh, Shang spent time with James.  It was easy to balance love and family with his current lifestyle.  It was easy-going and carefree, the way he had always dreamed of living.  His age was catching up with him, so he was thankful for this degree of pleasantness.

James would be a teen soon and Shang was preparing himself for the onslaught of questions…

James became a teen that showed no signs of his Anderson heritage, but instead, favored the Yu’s.  In fact, he looked so similar to Zhou Yu it was a little disturbing.  Thankfully, he was nothing like his love struck parents and preferred more practical things in life, like knowledge.

He, as with the rest of the Yu’s, had an natural ability with music.


Mao edit: Things might be a little slow around here, sorry.  Still not feeling too great and I’ve been messing around with Spore.  Anyway, I played this several days ago, so I actually don’t remember James’ aspiration!  Oops.  I think it was Knowledge.  :P

August 29, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 19: ‘The Look of Love, Pt. 1′

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Kate is a single mother, but her son Hugh has turned out to be a good kid, even if he ignored going to University.  Better yet, he seems to have a pretty nice girlfriend, too.

Kenya was elated when Hugh visited her at the grocery store.  She ignored the looks from her boss and allowed him to embrace her in the middle of her shift.  They had met a year or two prior and had kept their relationship quiet due to the fact that she had been in college.  She left University and moved to Boreal Springs just to be closer to him.

Now he was an adult and he wanted her to come and live with him.

While she was busy giggling over his childhood room, Hugh surprised her with a ring.  She said yes, of course.  It was what she had been waiting for!  She was happy to find out that he had an actual adult bedroom he had been staying in, though.  She moved in without another thought and met his mother, Kate, who was startled by all of this, but happy for her son.

Kenya was happy to finally have the money to update her wardrobe and let her hair hang freely.  She was a lovely girl, something Hugh reminded her of constantly.  He was so sweet, who wouldn’t have waited?  She had heard stories of his lothario father, but saw no hints of that in her beloved Hugh and so never gave it another thought.  She was too busy planning their wedding and thinking of what to name their children.  She dreamed for her kids to complete college.

She brought with her a black lab named Lyra.  Thankfully, Iorek and Lyra got along famously and everything within the household was harmonius.  Kate’s head was still spinning with how rapidly everything was happening, but what could she say?  She couldn’t deny her son the love he so desperately sought.

Hugh and Kenya were married in the afternoon, under a clear, cloudless sky and in the company of close friends and family.  Hugh was glad to have his father there, and was surprised when his mother even made casual conversation with him.  It was all for his sake, he knew, but he appreciated the effort.

Most of all, he was happy to finally have Kenya.

Hugh was sure he wouldn’t be like his father, he couldn’t possibly love anyone the way he did Kenya.  Ignoring the tension of the guests (Fou-Lu was present and Elena was ignoring him, instead sitting with Michael, her half-brother and getting looks from Shang), the two enjoyed their first married moments together.

Of course, the fact that it was his son’s wedding did nothing to hamper Shang’s romantic pursuits.  Elena Davis had grown considerably since he’d seen her and he had to admit, she was one smoking hot co-ed!  His nephew, Fou-Lu, had been her beau for a long time… but they were broken up now.  There was no harm in a little flirting, something Elena did not decline.


Note from Mao: And so the mysterious blonde’s purpose is revealed!  And Shang, you dog.  What are you thinking?  And Elena, seriously?  SHANG?  Let me tell you that this was purely autonomous and these two were heart farting all over the place.  Poor Fou-Lu, LOL!

August 22, 2008

Yu 3 – Round 18: ‘Polyamorous, Pt. 7′

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Shang Yu is happily divorced and has drug his long-time-lover Katarina Anderson and his 2nd son, James, along with him to his new home in Downtown.

Despite their difference in age, Shang and Katarina had always gotten along famously. They even understood one another to the point of neither so much as blinking an eye at the other’s indiscretions. Granted, Shang took the cake when it came to things like that, but Katarina was no angel herself.

Now they were together in an ‘open’ relationship. Shang was home from his tour for awhile and Katarina spent a lot of time helping him tweak certain songs.

“Tweak that one a bit, babe,” he said, strumming lightly, listening. “A little more, that should do it.”

Shang was well-known for his exploits with women and while most men of his ilk were horrible fathers, Shang was not. He cared deeply for both of his sons and made sure that they were taken care of. Hugh knew of his father’s ways and wasn’t dismayed when he saw him out with women, but James had quite awhile to go before he’d be able to understand.

Of course, with Hugh, it was easy. It was only his father, not both of his parents. Poor little James…

Cara Anderson came by to interview him for one of her columns–she was working her way up in the media–and he had to admit, that prim-and-proper bit was hot. He knew she was very married to Roman Anderson, but what could he say? Those Anderson women, he had a weakness!

He made a few little jokes and did his usual bit with the charm. He was surprised when she almost seemed responsive, but then suddenly, she drew away. Oh, this would be fun… even Kat would get a kick out of this!

James became a child and looked quite a bit like his father, though he certainly looked more like a Yu than anything. He had his father’s charm and seemed to be rather easy-going. Only time would tell if he turned out anything like his parents or not…

Shang and Lacie had a bit of an affair in the hottub and even while she was pregnant, Shang continued to charm her. He didn’t much like to hear her talk, but she couldn’t deny that she was smokin’ hot. He kind of pitied Nevio, though. He was Kat’s brother and well, he wasn’t a bad guy… just not too bright.

No one in their right mind would mess around with Lacie on a serious level. That woman should have been born with green eyes!

Being Downtown had definitely helped Katarina’s career. She was at the top of the party scene now–there wasn’t a huge event that she wasn’t invited to. Of course, she made sure she still had time for James. She was usually gone while he was asleep, anyway. She spent a better part of the day with him, helping him with his homework, and trying to embrace her maternal instincts.

James brought his Uncle Marcus home from school one day. He was quite surprised to find out that his friend was technically his uncle.

“It’s true, you know,” Marcus said in a sagely tone. “I’m technically your mother’s half-brother.”

“That’s… just weird.” James remarked, making a face.

Marcus laughed, “have you met your older brother yet? He’s technically my cousin!”


Note from Mao: Man, talk about twisted family trees! Poor James, I worry for his future. This house needs revolving doors. One scene I laughed too hard at to get a picture of was Katarina teaching James to do his homework near the stairs and front door. Two women came up in their underwear and immediately went to leave. Seconds later, Shang comes walking up the stairs in his underwear and makes a whistle motion at Katarina while walking by.

August 16, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 18: ‘Moving On, Pt. 2′

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Newly divorced, Kate isn’t quite sure how to handle being alone and Hugh’s recent decision not to attend University has her doubting her decision.

It would be a lie to say that Hugh wasn’t upset about his parents’ divorce, but what could he do? It wasn’t his fault or anyone’s, really. He had a brain enough (thanks to Florence) to see that, it was just a bad situation that went too far.

Most of all, he missed his grandma Florence. She had taught him so much and it was because of her that he was able to handle this all in stride. At least he still had Iorek.

He still saw his father–he would visit when Kate was at work. She preferred not to see him and that was fine. Hugh wasn’t angry at Shang, he understood better than anyone you couldn’t deny who you were. He was just certain he wouldn’t be the same.

“Are you happier now, with Katarina?” Hugh asked, surprising him.

“I know it’s kind of weird and hard for you to understand, but yeah,” Shang confided, shrugging. “I’m not the marriage type, I’m not even the monogamy type. We understand each other, we’re the same.”

Hugh sighed, “you’re right, I really don’t get it. I couldn’t imagine sharing someone I loved with anyone.”

“That’s probably a good thing,” Shang laughed. “Your mother would have a heart attack if you turned out like me!”

Kate meanwhile, wasn’t dealing with the transition as easily as her son. She was worried and more than ever, she missed her parents. She had isolated herself from her siblings in her mad attempt to get and keep Shang and now she was alone. It was a crappy feeling. Hugh would leave her soon, too. She was depressing to be around.

She was surprised when Lilith stopped over. She wasn’t quite sure what to say, all she could do was apologize.

“Don’t apologize to me,” Lilith said, rolling her eyes. “You didn’t do anything to me, you did it to yourself, Kate. Did you honestly think the lamp would make everything right forever? Doesn’t work that way.”

“I know, I was stupid,” Kate frowned, ashamed. “I’m just sorry for using you and not listening to you.”

“Eh, it happens, you know? But don’t think you’ll be getting anymore lamps from me!”

Kate laughed, “no, I don’t think I ever want to see another lamp again…”

After her talk with Lilith, Kate was convinced she needed to stop wallowing and confront the issues facing her. She couldn’t let Hugh throw his life away, not with the amount of work he and Florence had put into his education.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Hugh said, looking her straight in the eye. “It just isn’t an option, I know I could go, easily… but I don’t want to.”

“Why?” Kate demanded. “This is your future, Hugh! Not going to college could hurt you for the rest of your life.”

Hugh shook his head, “you just don’t understand, mom. It’s my choice and I’ve made it. You can kick me out if you’d like, but I won’t go. No matter what.”

Kate frowned, “I would never kick you out, Hugh. I just want what’s best for you…”

“Then let me make my own decisions.” He said, leaving to catch the bus. He couldn’t tell her he didn’t want to go because then she would be alone and he knew that was what she feared most. She was his mom, through better or worse, and he couldn’t put her through that.


Note from Mao: Hugh actually has no interest in college. The want stopped popping up after Florence died. And Shang stops by constantly, he doesn’t even ring the bell, just drops in and makes himself at home, lol.

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