Boreal Springs

May 22, 2008

Anderson – Round 14: ‘Happy?, Pt. 3′

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Thomas Anderson’s days are coming to an end; will it be a natural end or something more dastardly? Alyssa and Ryu’s marriage is quickly crumbling beneath the weight of his case against the former Janine Anderson and now Derek Saunders. Roman remains quiet and studious, but Nevio finds himself unable to cope with the familial distress.

Thomas Anderson watched as his young grandchild Nevio slept. He would never be ready in time. With all the chaos in the house, it was nearly impossible to teach him anything. Had Thomas mad the wrong choice in an heir to his fortune and notoriety?

His days were numbered and he knew it was only a matter of time before the natural processes of life called him to the other side. What he wasn’t too sure of is whether or not Gordon would have a hand in it. The student outdoing the teacher is a common theme.

Alyssa, meanwhile, found herself bored with her life. She was tired of arguing with Ryu and she was even more tired of all the political backlash. She refused to believe that her mother was a Criminal Mastermind! There was just no possible way. Ryu was creating mountains out of mole hills, as seemed to be his thing now.

She was also bothered by the fact that he was always talking to Tracey Saunders. Tracey was young and exotic, but also very much married to Gordon Saunders. Of course, in this day and age, that really didn’t matter. The more Alyssa thought about it, the angrier she got.

Alyssa had no way of knowing that Tracey was just a part of Ryu’s plan to bring down the entire criminal empire. He had suspected Gordon for sometime, but with what Tracey told him, he was even more sure of it. Of course, he didn’t tell her this. He simply comforted her as a friend would and told her she was doing a good job. He felt bad, but Tracey had dug her own grave, really. She wanted off the island bad enough to marry the first person she came across!

Meanwhile, the twins did their best to stay away from all the familial strife. They built snowmen and spent a lot of time together. Poor Roman lost a bet to his brother and was forced to wear their mother’s old snow clothing. It wasn’t so bad, except for the daisy pockets and the pink scarf. It seemed to cheer Nevio up, though, and so Roman suffered through.

He did take advantage of Nevio walking away to put the carrot nose as something else, though.

Ryu also spent a lot of time communicating with Lilith Yu through the computer. It would be best if their connections in this upcoming trial were left secret until the final revealing. Ryu was certain that with Katy Saunders as his star witness, nothing could go wrong. He felt bad for his brother, but he couldn’t forgive murder. This was his job and it had quickly become his passion, too.

Luckily for Ryu, Lilith came through and was ready to do the ceremony. She just had to know ahead of time so she could make sure Tsung wasn’t home.

The twins grew up into hardy teens. The result of all the dysfunction caused Nevio to have pre-conceived notions of relationships. He found them stifling and frightening. People who ended up in steady relationships were guaranteed to be miserable and he swore that’d never be him. Nevio idealized love, though, and so by not tying himself down, he was free to enjoy it without it shattering his ideal. (Romance Sim)

Nevio ended up looking a lot like his mother, Alyssa.

Roman was a little too serious and introverted for such endeavors. Instead, he found that he enjoyed the life his parents and grandfather had provided for him. He was determined to make as much, if not more, than their family had accumulated. Even if he wasn’t heir, he was going to live a life of luxury. Finding a female that felt the same would truly be ideal. (Fortune sim)

Roman took more after his father’s side of the family.

May 18, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 13: ‘Lies, Lies, Lies, Pt. 2′

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Asia Ternynck joins the hood as Julie O`Hanlon’s secret girlfriend. Marla O`Hanlon drags her best friend and cousin, Katarina Anderson, to University with her. Can this diverse group of girls get along?

Katarina Anderson had been hesitant when her mother insisted she go to University. The deciding factor for her had been the freedom and, of course, Marla. Katarina was a bit of a wild child, so she didn’t get along with many people. Marla was her one true friend and though she felt bad for dragging her into all her misdeeds, she knew she couldn’t do it alone.

She wasn’t surprised to find out that Julie brought her girlfriend with her. Katarina had always suspected her cousin walked to the beat of her own drum.

Katarina stilled had plenty of fun with Shang Yu. When he was out with his band, he would drop by. Of course, they both knew that it was risky. Any one of the girls in the house could rat them out. Then Katarina would be forced to face the wrath of both her mother and Aunt Florence. It was a scary thought, but not scary enough to keep them from seeing each other on a regular basis. They were birds of a feather, they had to ‘flock’ together…

Despite the unsavoriness of the situation, the girls did their best not to say anything. That is, until Shang brought up the unthinkable.

“So, you’re a lesbian, right?” Shang said, looking at Julie. “You know, if you ever need a silent observer–”

Julie glared at him, “get real, Shang!”

“Shang,” Katarina interrupted. “They’re lesbians, that means they have zero interest in men sexually! The last thing they want is you watching.”

Shang laughed, obviously joking, “who cares what they want–this is all about me, baby.”

“I think we’ll pass, Shang. Thanks.” Asia said, shaking her head.

Asia wasn’t a native of Boreal Springs, but she knew enough about Shang to fill an almanac. He was a womanizing fool who spent his days playing guitar and wooing women. She had seen him get burned, too. That was always the best part. She did her best not to pay attention, but it was hard. Sometimes, men like Shang needed a good slap. It would be the only time Asia would ever cheer for a cheerleader.

Of course, Julie and Asia furthered their relationship without Shang’s perverse eyes. They were quite happy together and Julie was certain she had made the right decision in asking Asia to come to University with her. She just wished she could share her happiness with her family. They expected her to carry on the family name and that wasn’t something you could do easily without some way to procreate. Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders had managed it, though, and Julie was convinced she didn’t have to give up her claim on the family name just because of her life choice.

Besides, it wasn’t like Marla wanted it, anyway. Julie was the only option.

Asia wasn’t as happy parading around in secret. She wanted to meet Julie’s family and get it all over and done with. She was certain it wouldn’t be as big a deal as Julie was making it.

“I just can’t, not now,” Julie sighed, wishing Asia would understand. “Everything is a mess; my dad is on trial for murder and my older sister, Sara, just had a baby… unwed. Mom is livid right now. It’s just bad timing.”

Asia wasn’t giving up, “so what will be good timing, then? We’re nearly two years into University, Julie. They have to find out eventually. The sooner, the better. They’re your family, if they love you, they’ll accept you.”

“It just isn’t that easy. I wish it was, but it wasn’t. Just a little more time, please? I promise, I’ll tell them… just not now.”

“Okay, but I’m holding you to that promise.”

Katarina wasn’t a smart girl, this much had been proven throughout her years in public and private schooling. Even tutors found themselves at a loss when it came to getting information through that thick skull of hers. So, to survive University, Katarina had to find an alternative option. Lucky for her, a lot of her professors were perverts with tenures. Katarina Anderson found she was getting A’s for the first time in her life. She even made the Dean’s List!

Who knew the Dean was a perv, too?


Note from Mao: Who better to sleep their way through Uni than Katarina? Seriously! I know Marla wasn’t in this one much, but she hasn’t done anything interesting yet. Maybe she’ll find love next round. I need to update the database, but I feel lazy today.

May 9, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 13: ‘Polyamorous, Pt. 2′

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Florence Anderson still hasn’t confronted Shaniqua Saunders about her infidelity.  She’s too busy worrying about her daughter, Kate, and her good-for-nothing fiance, Shang Yu.  Kate dropped out her senior year at B.S.U. when she got pregnant and Shang joined the house after he graduated.

Shang wasn’t thrilled at the idea of being stuck in a house with two old biddies and a very pregnant Kate.  He was quite open about it, too.  He expressed his desire to travel and be famous to Shaniqua, who was surprisingly receptive to the idea.

Florence shut him down quickly, though.  She was going to be the mother-in-law from hell.

“Travel? Don’t be stupid!” Florence growled, cornering the unsuspecting Shang.  “You’ve got a child to raise!”

Nathaniel, who had been visiting, witnessed the entire confrontation.  He wasn’t quite happy about what Shang had done to his little sister, but he didn’t envy anyone forced to take on his mother’s wrath, either.  Shaniqua remained quiet as well, knowing better than to step into the fray.

“You’ll learn a thing or two about being an irresponsible adult.” Florence finished, storming off.

Despite Florence saying otherwise, Shang wasn’t completely awful.  He was just promiscuous.  He made sure that Kate didn’t feel too badly about leaving University.

“I don’t care, Shang,” Kate smiled.  “I can still be a nurse.  I’ll just have to take some classes, that’s all.  Mom just makes a big deal out of everything.”

Despite being forced into fatherhood and servitude to a crazy mother-in-law, Shang didn’t give up his dreams of music and fame.  He practiced often and was even working as a roadie for a local band.  Soon he’d have to go out and travel.  He knew Florence wouldn’t be keen on the idea, but she’d deal.  He wasn’t about to give up his life’s ambition!  Kate likely wouldn’t be happy, either, but she’d be preoccupied with the baby when it came.

Kate gave birth to a single baby boy named Hugh.  He had all of Shang’s coloring, much to Florence’s chagrin.  Kate was over the moon and she coddled and cared for the infant constantly.  Shang had more than enough time on his hands with his wife-to-be distracted!

It helped that Florence wouldn’t let him near Hugh alone.  Anytime he had a random paternal instinct, Florence was there to sweep Hugh away.  He wasn’t going to complain.  It took the burden off of him and just made her look bad.  He wouldn’t have any issue traveling on the road now, and it was a good thing.  They didn’t just want him as a roadie, they needed a guitarist!

Kate barely noticed Shang’s absence.  She was too busy caring for Hugh.  He made everything all right and she quickly forgot about how easily Shang was swayed by the female gender.  She had even forgotten all about the lamp she had.  Hugh was her world now.

Of course, Florence was beginning to ask when they planned on getting married, as she wouldn’t let the baby be raised in a broken home.  Not a willingly broken one, that is.

When Shang was home, he took advantage of Katarina Anderson’s recent move to University.  They usually tried to meet up there, but sometimes she stopped by while she was visiting home.  Nathaniel caught them going at it on the sidewalk, for everyone to see!  He wasn’t pleased.

He broke them up and read Shang the riot act.  It was better than Florence or Kate finding out.  He warned Shang to watch his steps, he was treading on thin ice.  Florence wasn’t kidding when she said she’d make his life hell!

Hugh’s birthday came quickly and soon he was a capable toddler.  Kate was thrilled, now she could teach him things!  They were both completely oblivious to the fact that Shang was making regular visits to Katarina Anderson while also trying to wear down her mother, Alyssa.


Note from Mao:  Shang will never change and it amuses me greatly.  Katarina strolled by the lot often, so it was only a matter of time before their side-project was rekindled!  I was greatly amused when Nathaniel was walking by and caught them.

May 4, 2008

Anderson – Round 13: ‘Happy?, Pt. 2′

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Thomas Anderson is beginning to feel control slip away from him while his son-in-law Ryu is beginning to feel more empowered. Too bad Alyssa is so angry at him she’s threatening divorce. Katarina could care less about her parent’s problems, instead focusing on University and all the boys there. Roman is too quiet to say anything, but Nevio bares the brunt of their familial discord.

‘That little, worthless piece of Saunders trash,’ Thomas mused angrily, his eyes narrowing. ‘Who does he think he is?’

After Janine’s passing and all the insanity that flared up, Gordon cut himself off from Thomas. He had taken everything Thomas had taught him and brought it back against him tenfold. Gordon was working in a way opposite of Thomas, though. Instead of badgering or blackmailing people onto his side, he was using his existing friendships and charming ways. It was madness. Thomas couldn’t believe this! He never should have let that little rat into his confidence…

Meals in the Anderson household were a tense affair, when everyone managed to gather together. Thomas put on a brave face, but he was too busy with concern to bother interacting. Ryu tried to keep things upbeat, but Alyssa shut him down, hard. The kids usually pretended not to notice, but Nevio found it made him feel sick and queasy when they fought.

Ryu was investigating Derek Saunders and Janine Saunders. Janine had been Alyssa’s mother, and so, Alyssa was not happy that he was dragging her dead mother’s name through the dirt. She felt betrayed and hurt. Of course, Ryu hadn’t really handled it the best of ways, either.

Neither of them had a clue what their teenage daughter was up to, or what she was plotting. She finally gave in to her mother’s demands that she go to University. Her true reasoning, however, she shared with her best friend and cousin Marla O`Hanlon.

“You did what?” Marla gaped. “That’s illegal!”

“I consented,” Katarina huffed in reply. “That’s not important, what is important is what happens when we get to University. Twenty-four-seven party, baby! Can you feel the excitement?”

“I… I kind of want to graduate, you know, Katarina.”

“Oh, whatever. You will. Your mom has clout. We gotta enjoy our youth while we got it!”

Meanwhile, the twins had their own ways of coping. Roman was generally quiet and withdrawn, so he preferred to spend his hours playing chess… against himself. It was challenging to him, he claimed, to try and beat himself at his own game. Nevio preferred to flex his creative muscles and spent time painting. It was a calming activity and it helped him take his mind off the strife between his parents.

May 1, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 12: ‘Polyamorous, Pt. 1′

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Shang Yu enjoys being a swinging bachelor while Kate seems to think they have an exclusive ‘relationship’. Unfortunately for Shang, he doesn’t quite know how far Kate is willing to go to ensure that her belief is made truth.

Alyssa Anderson and her daughter, Katarina, stopped by the house during their tour of the University. Alyssa was trying to get Katarina interested in furthering her education. Sure, she wasn’t the brightest, but anyone could get into college with the right amount of money. Alyssa was determined that Katarina have a bright future ahead of her.

Shang was more than happy to welcome to the two women. Kate was out, much to Alyssa’s chagrin, but Katarina could have cared less. She was much more interested in Shang.

Alyssa, having been a previous resident of the house, went upstairs to revisit one of her favorite spots–the hot tub. Shang took this as his opportunity to make nice with the mayor of Boreal Springs. Alyssa was older, yes, but she was hot. Her marriage was on the rocks, too, so that meant she was vulnerable. Vulnerable women are always easy to jump up on. Unfortunately for Shang, Alyssa didn’t seem to be as weak and timid as he expected.

“Are you hitting on me, Shang?” She said, her voice tinged with motherly reproach.

“Hey, if that’s what you’re seeing–”

She shook her head, “no. Just no. Don’t think I don’t know about you, Shang Yu. You can take your supposed ‘charm’ and go elsewhere. I’m not some stupid little college girl.”

Shang shrugged and gave her a sheepish look, “who said I thought you were? Maybe I like them older and smart.”

She rolled her eyes, “thanks, but no thanks.”

Shang wasn’t giving up on Alyssa, he was incredibly persistent. However, Katarina was all kinds of hot, too, so he couldn’t resist making some moves on her. Sure, she was young–hell, she was illegal–but it wasn’t like it would lead to anything. Teenage girls were all big teases. When she went to University, though, all bets would be off.

Surprisingly, Katarina didn’t brush him off. She flirted right back, putting forth her own innuendo. The resident campus casanova was pleasantly stunned.

Meanwhile, Kate pondered over the item that Lilith had given her. She was hesitant to use it, but after hearing about Alyssa and Katarina’s visit and the way Shang spoke about them… she knew she didn’t have a choice. He was just confused and needed guidance. Kate was sure this would work. She rubbed the lamp and stifled her scream as the room was engulfed in purple smoke.

“You have need of me, master?”

Kate blinked, still startled, “um… y-yes…”

“I can see what your heart desires…” He grinned, his eyes narrowing. “What do you wish for, master?”

Without asking what the catch was, Kate blurted out, “I want Shang just for me, no one else!”

“As you wish it, master.”

It worked like a charm. Suddenly, all of Shang’s attentions fell on Kate and any outside interests seemed to fade away. It was almost like a dream. Kate never really thought about the repercussions of her actions, nor did she consider that there would be any consequences. She soaked up the attention, unknowing of the battle going on in Shang’s own mind. He felt like he was being controlled and was very much aware of how… out-of-character his actions were.

It eventually faded and Shang was back to his old tricks. Kate was depressed. Wasn’t it supposed to last forever? She contemplated getting the lamp out again.

April 30, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 12: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 2′

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Gordon Saunders is the next criminal mastermind, but everyone’s too focused on Henry’s confession to realize it. Tracey Royce is just happy to be off the island, unknowing of her part in his criminal workings.

Tracey was incredibly surprised at how pliable Gordon was. They had spoken a little during University, but it was only after graduation that they had dated–very mildly. When the issue of her being chained to the island came up, Gordon offered to help her without so much as a second thought. Tracey was too overjoyed to realize that Gordon had his own agenda for marrying her. He was laying low in the wake of all the controversy his father had stirred up and being married would take even more attention off him.

It was a quick and effortless ceremony, as neither of them were much into show boating.

Tracey did feel bad about not being completely honest with Gordon, but she felt that it was only proper. He would never have agreed if he knew she still hadn’t ‘cut things off’ Shang. In fact, he didn’t even know she had been dating Gordon, as she had been seeing Shang all the while, too. She didn’t really care about Shang like that, though. Why she continued to see him, she wasn’t sure. Maybe guilt?

Either way, it was worth it. She was off that dreadful island and able to embrace her freedom. She tossed out her grass skirt and leaves, trading them for heels and more modern dress.

Gordon had retrieved his dog, Lord Snow, from his nephew Damien. He had missed his pet quite a bit, as it was his only reminder of Janine that wasn’t tied to criminal behavior. Lord Snow was just as happy to see him, thankful to get away from the crazy hippies that now inhabited the Saunders house. Lord Snow didn’t take very kindly to Tracey, though.

Shang stopped by one day while Gordon was at work to confront Tracey. Sure, it was a bit hypocritical… but Gordon was his friend. That just was not cool. It also didn’t help that Shang realized what Tracey had been up to all the while.

“You’re a damned whore,” he hissed, jabbing his finger into the air, threatening Tracey. “You’re using him? That’s low, Tracey, even for you.”

“Shut up, Shang,” Tracey shot back, eyes narrowed. “I actually like Gordon, and I have since I started visiting you at Uni. It was you I was planning to use, but you’re the biggest whore of them all! You use everyone you come into contact with!”

“That’s shit and you know it. I’m telling Gordon.”

“Get out of my house, Shang. Now.”

Tracey actually did care about Gordon and being around him daily made those feelings develop into love. She had been initially attracted to him, of course, but he was very sweet and charismatic, it was difficult not to become attached in a deeper way. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it made the marriage less of a farce and certainly helped rid of some of the guilt Tracey felt.

Despite her feelings, Tracey couldn’t help but feel like there was some sort of invisible wall there in Gordon’s head. He was very distant, regardless of his smiles or jokes or attempts at being light-hearted. The more time she spent with him, the more she realized how hollow all those things she had grown to love were. It seemed like an act, but why? Was he still saddened over his mother’s death and his relatives raking her over the coals, even in death?

She knew it was best not to question it and just pretended not to notice. She was certain he had some genuine sort of character to him, he just kept it hidden.

What Tracey didn’t know is that Shang was good on his threat and stopped by one day to talk to Gordon. He told Gordon everything, but surprisingly, his friend simply smiled.

“I know.”


“I know, Shang. It’s all right. Tracey is no longer your problem.”

“Uuh, dude, did you hear me? She’s usin–”

Gordon placed one of his large hands on Shang’s shoulder, gently guiding him towards the stairs, “don’t worry about it anymore, all right? Thanks for telling me. Visit when you’ve graduated, won’t you?”

Shang left feeling completely baffled. Something about Gordon’s cool demeanor put him on edge, but he tried to ignore it. Tracey wasn’t his problem anymore, this was true. Let Gordon deal with her…

Tracey had a surprise visitor of her own. Late one night, just as she was finishing up dinner, a knock came at the door. Hesitantly, she peeked out and was surprised to see Gordon’s half-brother, Ryu Anderson, at her door. He was one of the top dogs on the case against Janine Saunders. She opened the door, not wanting any trouble with the law. Gordon was at work.

“Don’t be so afraid, Tracey. I’m not here to interrogate you.” Ryu said, laughing. “We’re family.”

“O-Oh, yes, right… what… what did you need then? If you don’t mind me asking? Gordon is at work–”

“I know, that’s why I came.” Ryu interrupted, his tone suddenly becoming serious. “I have an offer for you, Tracey. You’ve been here a year, haven’t you… and you still haven’t found work? What if I were to say we needed some good people on the force?”

“I… I don’t know what to say… but I’m, well, not qualified.”

“Sure you are. Why don’t you come by tomorrow and we’ll talk? Mrs. O`Hanlon is quite interested in meeting you, too.”

“T-The… district attorney??” Tracey replied, baffled. “but–”

“Shh, just come by, okay? See you tomorrow.” He said, turning towards the door. Before he left, he half turned and put his finger to his lips. “Uh, keep this quiet, won’t you? With everything going on, we need to not cause anymore chaos.”


Note from Mao: Ahh, the plot thickens. I was so happy when Shang KEPT VISITING. It was cracking me up so bad. Silly Shang. I had no idea Uni kids would visit by themselves… as for Ryu visiting Tracey… lets just say Tracey’s LTW is to be head of the SCIA… HOW FITTING, RIGHT? OHNOES GORDON.

For those of you curious, here’s the hood at the end of all the houses of round 12. Next up, Uni.

April 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 11: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 1′

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Shang Yu enjoys the ladies, though he’s finding that a little difficult to do with Kate Anderson constantly ‘cramping’ his style. Sara O`Hanlon is back with Nathaniel Anderson and happy. Gordon Saunders is too busy plotting his future to concern himself with the drama in the house.

Kate likes Shang

Time hadn’t caused any of Kate’s feelings for Shang to lessen. As soon as she saw him, she was instantly in love again. Shang, of course, was completely oblivious… more happy to look at himself in the mirror than notice a former flame’s adoring glances. He was used to it. The ladies loved him, and why shouldn’t they? He was all kinds of awesome, this much was true. His awesomeness was sure to aid in his quest to become a supremely famous rock star.

Shang and Kate

Of course, Shang would bid his time while he waited for the fame and fortune. There were plenty of ladies at University ready and will to adore him, as well they should. Kate was always at the front of the line, as usual. While Shang tried to make it clear he wasn’t a ‘one girl kinda guy’, she didn’t seem to buy it. Whatever. He let her know and if she wanted to ride down the river of denial, that was her choice. No one can fault him for reaping the benefits!

Sara and Nathaniel

Sara and Nathaniel, thankfully, were a lot more stable than Shang and his crazy relationships. They didn’t have any big plans–neither of them were necessarily family-oriented. Sara would graduate soon and likely join Nathaniel. Scandalous, to be sure, unwed and not even engaged!

Neither of them really cared. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t do it eventually… maybe. Sara was just happy to be accepted, finally.

Shang and Tracy

Shang wasn’t just messing around with University girls–he also called up some old acquaintances from the distant island. He even had Tracy come and stay as a ‘friend’. Right, a friend. If anything, she was a friend with benefits. Tracy had her own reasons for going along with Shang’s little charade. She knew he was seeing other people, it didn’t concern her. She didn’t necessarily like him all that much.

She just wanted off that miserable, sweltering island. She wanted to wear real clothes instead of ones made with grass! If she had to grin and bare Shang’s ridiculous ego to do it, then so be it.

Kate attacks Tracy

Unfortunately for Tracy, she didn’t know that Kate had her eyes on Shang long before she had. Kate wasn’t giving up her hold, either. She would go down fighting. She let Tracy know this one afternoon after she had come home from her yoga class. Tracy was shocked, to say the least. She knew absolutely nothing about Kate–she thought all of Shang’s women were… well, not exclusive.

This could be a problem.

Tracy meets Gordon

Tracy snuck upstairs to get in the hot tub while everyone else was asleep. She only had a few more days before she had to return to the island and her anxiety was growing. Shang had another two years before he graduated, while Sara and the other mysterious person living there graduated within the next few days. Tracy was shocked to find the hot tub was already occupied.

Shang had mentioned Gordon, Tracy remembered. He was really Tsung’s, Shang’s older brother, best friend, but Shang and Gordon were good buddies as well. Gordon was a little… strange, Tracy would admit that much. But he was certainly more agreeable than Shang… and better looking, too. Definitely. Why hadn’t she seen him before? Did he only come out at night?

Kate attacks Tracy again

After Kate attacked her again, Tracy decided that Shang was out of the question. It was apparent Kate wasn’t going anywhere. So Tracy would need a new plan. She couldn’t help but think back to Gordon–they had gotten along quite well, in fact, they had a lot in common… if she could just convince him to support her visa, she might just have a way out off that darn island.


Note from Mao: You’re probably wondering about Tracy. She appeared in the Yu update ‘Risky Business’. Her story has been slowing evolving in my mind as I watched her interact with everyone. She doesn’t have any chemistry with Shang and when she met Gordon? Two bolts, no tampering. She also spent a lot of time seeking him out, despite his reclusive nature. So, this should be interesting. And yes, Kate kept slapping Tracy around, though Tracy won more than she lost. Another side note… thinking about changing the layout, so don’t panic if things are… weird.

Oh, and apparently this is where the lamp comes from? I keep getting them now, it’s annoying.

the lamp

April 10, 2008

Yu – Round 11: ‘Returning Home’

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Eileen Yu is nearing the end of her days. Tsung is home to take over, but Shang is proving to be a difficult task to manage.

Eileen greets Tsung

Tsung was thrilled to finally be home, both because he knew his mother’s time was nearing an end and because he was looking forward to starting work. Unfortunately, architects and engineers weren’t being sought after and he found it was difficult to land his dream job.

Eileen was thrilled to have her eldest son home. Perhaps he could talk some sense into Shang?

Lilith confronts Tsung

Of course, Tsung had some unfinished business waiting for him when he arrived home in the form of a scowling Lilith at his door. She certainly wasn’t pleased with the stunt he pulled before they had all boarded their appropriate cabs for the haul home. Tsung was nonplussed by her anger.

“What’s your deal, Tsung?” Lilith began angrily, her signature glare at its highest intensity. “What the hell was that?”

He sighed and shrugged, as if it were nothing, “I like you, Lilith. I always have… even before… before Chuck. I guess it just took me awhile to act on it.”

She blinked, clearly not expecting that, but quickly regained her composure, “you’re full of it, Tsung. That isn’t even funny.”

“I’m not joking.”

Lilith witnesses Shang cheating

Tsung insisted that Lilith come inside so they could talk, unfortunately, Shang was in the middle of ‘entertaining’ one of his guests. Lilith was mortified. It was the second time she’d caught someone cheating on one of her family! She really didn’t need to deal with this. Tsung missed it, having excused himself to the rest room, and so he was surprised when he heard all the commotion.

Tsung sees Lilith angry

“…stay away from him! He has a girlfriend, you skank!” Lilith hissed, giving the girl a hard slap across the face. It wasn’t the girl’s fault, but no one ever blames the one actually cheating. That would make sense.

“Lilith! What are you doing?” Tsung demanded, stepping in the middle. He shooed the girl off and shook his head at the enraged alien. “She’s just a kid and you hit her! Her parents could sue.”

“Let them try, see if I care,” Lilith snarled, her brown eyes narrowed. “That’s what they get for raising a little skank.”

Tsung fell quiet, knowing better than to argue with Lilith over this. Even if she was wrong, she would fight to the very end, insisting that she was right. Tsung, meanwhile, made a note to have a little chat with his brother.

Tsung tries to talk to Shang

Unfortunately, getting through to Shang wasn’t as easy as Tsung had hoped. While he went on about the necessities of being a decent human being, Shang concentrated on beating his latest high score. That wasn’t the only score he was contemplating while his brother droned on.

“Shang, are you even listening? You can’t treat people like that,” Tsung was growing aggravated with his brother’s absolute disregard. “Shang!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Shang replied, rolling his blue eyes. “They’re just high school chicks, dude. Chill. I never made a commitment to anyone. That alien chick is just bonkers.”

“Lilith is a bit extreme, yes, but she has a point… have you been seeing Kate?”

“No more than any other chick,” Shang replied, pausing the game and turning to his brother. “Look, this is kinda important, so yeah. I need to focus. Right? Great. Nice talkin’ to ya, bro.”

Tsung sighed, defeated.

Tsung and Lilith kiss

Tsung was quite surprised when, a few days later, Lilith stopped by. Somehow they had gone from talking, to arguing, to well… not talking or arguing. Mouths were involved, yes, but certainly not for talking. It was an odd situation, but Tsung wasn’t going to question it. Lilith was an oddity, an unknown variable. Trying to figure her out would give even the most renowned scholars a massive headache. She was a contradiction wrapped up in impossibility.

April 2, 2008

Yu – Round 10: ‘Risky Business’

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Eileen Yu is determined to bond with her younger son Shang.  Will a vacation help?


Shang likes older women

Shang Yu wasn’t too excited when his mother yanked him out of school to take an impromptu vacation to the tropics.  They had to stay in a hotel off the beach because Eileen made a hasty decision at work that lost her 11,000 simoleons.


Once they arrived, however, Shang’s mind was changed.  The local women were hot!  Older, sure, but smokin’.  Of course, they dismissed him as a ‘cute kid’… but hey, he would be going to University soon…

Shang lieks them young, too

 Shang didn’t limit himself to the unavailable older natives, there were plenty of fish in the sea his own age.  Shang was too young to settle down, but he certainly didn’t mind playing the field.  His brother and Gordon were off at University, so he had to find some way to amuse himself!


What better way then the faces and adorations of women he’d never have to see again?

Shang makes it look easy

The girls really didn’t make it hard for him, either.  They were clamoring for his attentions, most of them being small-town girls out on family outings.  Shang didn’t mind if they had a bit of twang or drawl, they were female all the same.  He’d be talking to one girl, only for another to check him out.  He made sure to remember their faces.

Shang's first kiss

Shang was careful, too.  He knew which girls were in his hotel and which ones could be found roaming the island at random intervals.  He dated them all separately and discreetly.  It was a vacation fling, you know.  There’s no promises made!


Eileen certainly wasn’t happy about him treating the young girls like a deck of cards to be played, but there wasn’t much she could do, either.

Eileen lazes in the sun

Eileen Yu was beginning to feel her age.  Her eldest daughter had a successful family,  hereldest son was an adult and her second son was well on his way.  She knew her time was coming to an end, but she hoped she’d be able to see a grandchild, or at least a wedding, before that happened.


She hated to think of leaving her boys, but she also missed Sun-Tzu terribly.  She had raised three fantastic kids and had a great life.  That was enough.

Shang continues

Shang continued his way of life even after returning home from vacation.  Hey, if the ladies wanted to give him attention, who was he to say know?  They knew the score, he wasn’t ready to ‘settle down’ yet.  He wanted to live life and enjoy it.  He planned to be a rock star and they didn’t have time for families.


Note from Mao: This was my first experience with the cheap hotel.  It was amusing, to say the least.  Shang really likes the ladies, but he is a Popularity sim with Romance as his secondary aspiration.  He’s quite good at it, too!

March 23, 2008

Yu – Round 9: ‘Something Different, Pt. 2′

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Eileen Yu was left to raise her two sons, Tsung and Shang, after the death of her husband, Sun-Tzu. Though she hasn’t quite recovered from the loss, she’s tried her best for her boys.


Tsung and Gordon play

Though their interests were quite different, Tsung and Gordon remained good friends. They were both a bit more reserved and quiet than the others in their age group. It was something that helped further the bond between them. Of course, Tsung had no idea about Gordon’s mother or Gordon’s own ambitions, but it was for the best.

“You call that a punch?” Gordon joked, giving Tsung a look. “C’mon, try again, violin boy!”

Tsung rolled his eyes, “we can’t all enjoy jogging every morning, Gordon.”

Tsung talks to Lilith

While Tsung had never really liked Chuck Saunders–especially not after he began dating Lilith Anderson–he was sorry to hear about what happened. Even more painful was the fact that Lilith refused to talk to anyone and basically just hid away in her room. She wouldn’t even talk to her twin Nathaniel. So when she called Tsung, he was quite shocked.

Gordon, who was plunking clumsily away at the piano next to the phone, looked up with interest, “what’s she saying?”

“She’s asking me questions,” Tsung replied, covering the phone receiver. “About… paranormal stuff.”

“Weird,” Gordon said, never abandoning his quest to make quite possibly the most awful noises with a piano ever.

“You suck.” Tsung said absently, hanging up the phone.

Gordon smiled, “thanks!”

Shang charms the headmaster

Meanwhile, Shang found that he was quite the convincing sort and managed to finagle his way into the local private academy. Eileen had done the cooking, sure, but it was Shang who had chatted up the crotchety old headmaster. The man looked like he had swallowed something sour and never recovered. Still, he was no match for Shang’s persuasiveness.

Eileen talks to Tsung

“Instead of allowing Gordon to make that awful racket with the piano, you should try playing it,” Eileen advised to Tsung, whose adeptness with instruments was becoming quite well-known. “You might like it. The strings are just hidden, but they’re there.”

Tsung sighed, “I think I’ll stick to the violin, mom. I have enough trouble tuning the piano everytime Gordon leaves anyway.”

Shang is a teen

Shang’s birthday came surprisingly quick. He realized that his persuasive nature was an asset and decided that he really liked people. In fact, he wouldn’t mind being surrounded by people for the rest of his days. Though, he’d prefer if they were adoring fans who quivered at his every word.

Yes, Shang Yu wanted desperately to be a ‘rock star’.

Shang and Tsung play together

Unlike most rock stars, however, Shang preferred percussion. Beating the hell out of the drums was more fun than strumming or singing. He was quite good at it, too. He even convinced Tsung to help him practice. The guitar was like a big violin, only you didn’t use a bow, you used your fingers. It wasn’t a surprise when Tsung picked it up quickly. It became their way to bond.

Eileen, however, didn’t quite agree that their noise equaled music. It was due to this that she had a small shack built in the back yard to house the instruments.

Tsung leaves for Uni

Tsung managed to get an early admission into college, thanks to his gifted ways with music. He was originally going to wait and attend with Gordon, but he couldn’t help but be worried about Lilith. She had asked him many, many odd questions–some that not even he could answer. There was no telling what was going on in that head of hers. She’d been acting oddly ever since she returned from the institution.

Sara O`Hanlon was passing by as Tsung left. The jealousy was obvious, but Sara wasn’t allowed to go early, as all the spots had filled up. She, too, was worried about Lilith.


Note from Mao: I think the Yu boys turned out well, though they look nothing alike. Tsung looks like Sun-Tzu while Shang is almost a direct copy of Eileen. I sent Tsung to Uni because there was a space left empty by Chuck and he was the closest to admission status. Also, I am currently uploading the DB updates, so those should be live soon enough.

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